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The Silence Of The Q

We want to express our sincerest thanks to Jeff Rense and his team for their invaluable support.  If this topic interests you, please keep an eye on the Rense Radio Network for exclusive content and updates as we ferret out the Q.

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At some point, it behooves me to address the critical comments and email I have received concerning my on-going analysis of the Q Phenomenon.  I must say, though, that the critics place themselves in a rather difficult position by stating emphatically what Q is not.

Considering Q repeatedly exhorts its followers to "use logic," it seems rather curious that they insist on trying to prove a negative, and then not following their statements up with any kind of argument whatsoever.  I fancy myself as someone who is very open-minded - without allowing things to fall out - and quite willing to entertain well-formulated arguments contrary to my own positions.

It is rather telling to me that the naysayers are, for the most part, monosyllabic and consist primarily of imperative statements like, "Q is real," or "Q is not a larp [sic]!"  Had they bothered to read even one or two paragraphs, they might have noticed that I did not disagree with them.  Q appears to have an uphill battle getting its followers to "use logic".

One critic took the time to email a response, which I greatly appreciated, that spoke from his past working for IBM.  The writer said, in part:
"Q is artificial intelligence trying to fool the masses ?
C'mon, that's a stretch: AI even to this day is not
able to put together complete sentences like Q
(no machine, not even a supercomputer as yet can
do this). Why don't you just "come out of the closet"
and admit you don't like president Trump ?
Q-anon followers are MUCH better informed via
the alternative media, than most of the dumbed
down americans that watch MSM." [Ed. - links added to refute claims]
First of all, I never said Q is an AI.  I said it is likely a tool being used by an individual or group to crunch huge amounts of data in real time and generate a set of possible actions ranked by probability of desired outcome.

It is my contention that an AI could perform all the functions of Q, but that humans could not without the aid of an AI doing the data mining.  The sheer quantity of humans required to manipulate the proposed amount of data would be far beyond the bounds of propriety for a project one wants to keep secret.  It would likely exceed the scale and complexity of the Manhattan Project by at least one order of magnitude.

With regard to the comment about disliking Trump, I honestly don't care about Trump.  I abhor politics and do not follow "leaders" and much prefer countries over nations.

To define my terms, a country is an organic region comprised of people with a shared culture, which includes but is not limited to, language, race, history, and aesthetics, with soft boundaries that blend into neighboring countries.  A nation is a political entity that overlays one or more countries and usually involves some form of compulsory membership (i.e. citizenship), with hard and forcefully defended borders.

In other words, Trump is just more noise in the Blab-o-sphere, though more entertaining than most.

So, how does Q work?

Social Network Map
Let's take an imaginary social network model, such as the one I posted previously.  Each of the nodes in the model is a completely populated psychological profile of an individual - political, sexual and religious preferences, shopping habits, credit card purchases and credit information, dating and marital status, daily commute, education and work history, job function, income, travel preferences, living situation and lifestyle, medical history, email and phone records, etc., as well as all of the social media connections that individual has and all the psychological profiles of those individuals.

Already, the reader should be able to grasp the volumes of data needed just to create the model, much less manipulate it.  We are in the realm of terabytes of data and teraflops of processing power.

Now, we create a meme that we want to introduce into this population.  We want it to spread quickly and stick in the general consciousness.  Our team develops several memes, finally settling on "Where We Go One We Go All."

We test our meme both for effectiveness, and to find the most efficient point in which to insert the meme in the model to get the most bang for the buck, as it were.  We identify, say, a half-dozen points to drop in our meme to get what we want based on the likelihood that any given "node" will react predictably based on past actions.  We ensure that an appropriate message pops up in that "node's" timeline or Twitter feed at just the right moment.

Viola!  Instant meme diffusion.  Suddently, WWG1WGA trends as a hashtag, shows up on T-shirts and posters at political rallies, and becomes a catch phrase for followers of the movement.

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.  Add new phrases like, "Trust The Plan," or "The Great Awakening," or "red pilled."  Pick any number of tidy phrases and let the AI model determine the best place to drop it based on probability that it will spread to the entire network.

As an added bonus of precisely deploying the meme, the project operators can monitor the Net to watch it spread, making precise maps of the "infection" and using that data to further refine the model in a carefully controlled feedback loop.  Thus, over time, the operators will get better at deploying memes, while at the same time, the targets get softer and more receptive to new ones.

Of course, this all assumes that you have vast data gathering tools that can monitor Net traffic, social media feeds, phone calls, SMSs, email, etc.  It would take, let's assume, the abilities of the NSA or similar intel operation.

And here we have Q in a nutshell.

We could even add a second team, very small - 1 or 2 people.  We could call them SerialBrain2.  We use them to ensure that the Q "Drops" are properly decoded and understood by the wider audience.  Thus, we not only control the information being injected into the Socio-sphere, but we also control what meanings are gotten from it by ostensibly acting as an "outsider" able to ingeniously "read" the hidden meanings and disseminate the proper messages.

And all done to the tune of Laurie Anderson's brilliant song, "Language is a Virus (from Outer Space)."  Perhaps more appropriately, Frank Zappa's Central Scrutinizer.

What I have described here is nothing new.  It's a key factor in marketing and PR, though significantly more sophisticated and powerful.  It's the kind of thing a marketing genius like Donald Trump would come up with if he had unlimited access to the tools and data, and a highly trained and motivated team able to weaponize it.

Humans are highly predictable creatures, especially en masse.  Anyone who has studied human nature knows that individual motivations and triggers tend to clump around a very small number of categories, paradigms and meta-types.  Any grifter or carnival barker can do much the same thing, though much more instinctually.  Here, we are dealing with the application of rigorous science and technology to do the same thing, but far more effectively and predictably. 

By Q's own claim, it has access to NSA-level data, which includes real-time monitoring of nearly all digital and electronic communications.

Add in all those profiles that you and I keep plastering all over the internet, plus a heaping portion of the tweets, posts, comments, photos, videos, and other information we post nearly every day, plus our constantly updated location thanks to Google and GPS, plus the ability to remotely turn on cameras and microphones on our ubiquitous devices.  Mix well with a century and a half of psychological theory and practice, and...POOF!


The beauty, or rather the danger of all this is that the followers have no inkling that they've been duped.  Regardless of whether you think Q is a White Hat or Black Hat, you cannot say that this is moral or ethical.  Whether the outcome is beneficent, benign or malignant, controlling what people think and how they act without their express knowledge and permission is a gross violation of human dignity.

I am open to any reasoned argument that this scenario is wrong.  In fact, I would welcome being convinced otherwise.  However, the more I observe and investigate Q, the more I am convinced that this scenario is at least some part of the operation.  Due to the nature of Q, we can't possibly know what the full intent is, since we know absolutely no facts about Q outside what it has said to us.  The same goes for SerialBrain2, for that matter.

Look at a short list of all the memes closely associated with Q:

  • Trust The Plan
  • Use Logic
  • Future Proves Past
  • Where We Go One We Go All
  • Enjoy the Show
  • The Storm
  • The Great Awakening
  • Red-Pilled
These terms are short and relatively unique enough that they could easily be tracked across the internet without the "Telephone Effect" (morphing of the language).  They likely showed up in a defined geographic location and/or socio-economic demographic - a group of people related by ideology or similar overlap.

It spread out from there and the connections would be apparent in a network map.  Each of the people using the terms could also be tracked to see how they disseminated the terms - social media, videos, print commands, etc. - and to whom.  Even us lowly real people can do a lot of this manually, with enough time and effort.

Imagine, if you will, an angiogram.  Radioactive barium is injected into the popliteal artery while the patient in under an MRI or similar device.  The barium spreads throughout the body causing soft tissues to be visible that are otherwise difficult to image without surgery.  This is what Q is doing with language and the Net.

The processes here are established market research and manipulation.  Nothing outlined above is speculation, other than whether Q itself is using these techniques and how they are deployed.

It seems reasonable to assume that, with the resources of the NSA available by Q's own admission, that those running the Q Phenomenon would use all these tools at a weaponized level of efficiency, and that they have tools available we have not yet considered.

To return to the reader's email at the top, we don't need an AI that is a fully formed personality that "thinks" and "acts" human.  All we need is a machine learning algorithm able to crunch huge volumes of data (data mining), assess statistical probabilities and suggest courses of action based on likelihood of outcomes.

To operate at a level that Q appears to be would require military-grade intel, a state-of-the-art supercomputer (or two) and some whiz kids pounding out code all day while stuffing Twinkies in their gullets.  Do you see anything on that list that Q would not have, given what we know?

Everything I have said about the process is available to anyone willing to pay for it through companies like Cambridge Analytica, or any fair-sized advertising/marketing/PR firm.  The reader can watch a movie like Silence of the Lambs to get an idea of how psychological profiling works.  Even movies like The Net from the 1990s dramatized this type of operation.  It is nothing new in any way other than size and power.

In fact, the only thing truly remarkable here is that so many people resist so strongly the suggestion that they are being controlled and led by a completely unknown entity towards some end that they really have no idea how to clearly define.

And no, taking down the "Deep State" and draining "The Swamp" are not clearly defined goals.

P.S. - For some weird reason, I cannot post replies on my own blog, so this will have to do.

Yes, I am aware of Peter Dale Scott's definition of "Deep State," but that has little or nothing to do with its current manifestations in Q Lore.  The definition has become so broad and fluid as to be almost meaningless.

As for "The Swamp," this is a very old term used to refer to corrupt political institutions.  My father served in the Texas Legislature in the 1960s, and on his Senate desk he kept a sign that read, "When you're up to your ass in alligators, it's hard to remember your first thought was to drain the swamp."  This may also give a good indication of why I detest politics.

I am a big fan of the first Matrix film; however, "red pilled" would still be easy enough to track because of context.  In linguistic sampling, it is common to take some amount of words before and after the key term to ensure it is the one you are seeking.


  1. You forgot "These people are stupid."

  2. Anonymous23.8.18

    Can they make a competitor to youtube and call it Q-tube?

  3. "red pilled" has been appearing on 4chan ever since the movie "The matrix" came out. Other than that, good article!

  4. Anonymous24.8.18

    Or the more simple answer in computer parlance Q= query

  5. Peter Dale Scott coined the term "deep state" which is now being often used in media to mean various different things. His original meaning explained in his book, "The American Deep State" is completely believable. I think you're right about Q, but I also think there actually is a deep state as Scott describes it.

  6. Not to toss ice water on the author, as he seems intelligible, but it would be nice if this concept made any real sense...

  7. I appreciate yr thoughtful and logical analysis

  8. HPrice25.8.18

    Some thoughts:

    AI is nowhere near the level that some people think it is at. All it is doing at the moment is "number crunching". There is no level of sentience or self-awareness. When I was at university, I wrote a program as part of a course to solve a certain problem using the PROLOG programming language. This is in 1990. My program was a rudimentary AI program, and it tried to solve the problem, itself (the course instructions didn't allow for this idea). It instead tried to figure out how to solve the problem, and it worked. The level of AI now hasn't really gone further than that. It is very good at number crunching, but that's only down to the super fast computers we have now, and the human programming. The machines are still just that, machines.

    The QAnon movement is just another alt-right fad that will disappear with time. Whether the "Q" posts are AI or not remains to be seen. The people following them for the most part are not that bright it seems. They talk about a conspiracy concerning the Democrats and Hillary (yes she is a psychopath) Clinton, and have plenty of outlets to show their evidence (Fox, the Mercer's tv stations etc) but cannot because they haven't got a leg to stand on. Therefore all they can do is go to the gutter, and name call. Very infantile people.

    You should care about Trump. He is causing chaos in the US which is causing all sorts of ructions in the Western world (Putin's plan. Putin is a psychopath too, by the way) which may take time to sort out. Not caring is not an option when you have a Russian chaos-agent like Trump. And yes, he is very guilty (he has been a mobster since the 70s), and yes, he will be going to jail.

    Beware of Jeff Rense. He is an agent provocateur. Check out, if it is still possible, the work that did years ago about him. There are loads of stories about how he is a dodgy piece of work out there as well. He is a horrible piece of work. Do your due diligence.

    Other than that ... the world is going to hell in a hand basket. Get the popcorn out when the Trumps get indicted. There are going to be fireworks!!! And yes, the Dems will win bigly in November unless the Russkies fix the election again. The US really should go to paper ballots but ... what can you do?

    1. Anonymous26.8.18

      Yes, follow H Price's advice. Do your due diligence by watching MSNBC and swallow all of their horseshit hook, line, and sinker. My God man, 5 long paragraphs of spewing brainwashed matter. Please do yourself a favor. Post exclusively on MSM sites. There are plenty of idiots there who will lop up your regurgitated BS.

  9. Anonymous26.8.18

    If the Russians fixed the election, that means they wanted Hillary Clinton to win. Hillary won the popular vote.

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