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Right On Q?

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It seems that we are in interesting territory after events of the past day.

Trump has agreed to reopen the government for 21 days pending an agreement on The Wall.  Roger Stone has been arrested at his home with CNN cameras rolling.  The Covington kids story is a massive tar baby trapping a lot of flies.  And through all of it, Q has been mysteriously silent, providing no insight, context or prophesy of these events.

Donald Trump agreed to reopen the parts of the federal government that have been shut since December, in a showdown with the Chuck and Nancy Show over his Wall funding.  The emergency funding is only for 21 days, and is contingent on Chuck and Nancy coming to the negotiation table.  (Next shutdown set for 15 February 2019)

I have to admit this is a brilliant strategic move on Trump's part, if he actually planned it.  It leaves him with all the (ahem) trump cards and puts a public wall around the Chuck and Nancy Show.

First, Congress is now in the hot seat to solve the issue, and few can disagree that 21 days should be enough to tackle a couple of sticking points.  Trump has walled in Chuck and Nancy, who have repeatedly said that reopening the government would bring them to the table, and that events such as the State of the Union Address could only take place if the government were operating at full, um...capacity?  At any rate, Chuck and Nancy have now publicly painted themselves into a corner and they must put up or shut up going forward.

If Chuck and Nancy weasel out of this one, a second shut down would provide the necessary legal basis to RIF one-third of the federal payroll.

As mentioned in my last article, the Qniverse has been abuzz with speculation that the shutdown would lead to a clearing of The Swamp, however there were significant legal and procedural barriers to this kind of mass clean-out.  By bringing everyone back to the office, then laying them off again in less than a month, it seems to me this would make the barriers evaporate and Trump could in fact begin RIFs.

In fact, the 21-day time limit also buys a little breathing room for the Exec Branch to polish up their re-organization plans, as required by the IPO (gov-speak for Human Resources) to start cutting.

Furthermore, Trump still holds the Ace of Spades, in that he still has the ability to call a National Emergency and mobilize money and manpower to the Mexico border.  Hanging out there like the Sword of Damocles, this power given to the President decades ago gives Trump carte blanche to do whatever necessary in times of crisis.  Basically, no matter what happens, Trump wins.  The only question at this point is how big the pot will be.

The next bit of fun was the raid on and arrest of Roger Stone.  This fits nicely with my contention in Jonesing for Q that Alex Jones and crew were given an ultimatum to play well with others or attract some unwanted and very expensive trouble - government wins court cases by bleeding its victims to the point of not being abble to fight back.  BUT...and this is a Big But, it also sets up a tar baby for the political left.

The political left has stood by and applauded the raids, arrests and convictions of Gen. Mike Flynn, Paul Manafort, Michael Cohen, and now Roger Stone, for little more than inconsistent testimony under oath (i.e. perjury).  This sets up a precedent whereby when raids and arrests come for high-profile leftist leaders - read Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, et al. - they cannot speak against it because they are already complicit in it and agreed to the premise of lying to investigators.

Of course, this scenario is completely contingent on whether there are really any "sealed indictments," which are an Article of Faith in Qniverse.  It is a plausible scenario with a nice twist to it, assuming that Q/Trump actually had this in mind when they threw the gentlemen listed above into the firing line.  It would stand as a significant confirmation of Q Prophesy, but let's not hold our breath for it just yet.

It is necessary to note also that CNN was oh-so-conveniently positioned at Roger Stone's house to capture the drama from start to finish.  This is obviously the result of a tip from Robert Mueller's office of Special Prosecutor and has all the earmarks of throwing a bone to the Fake Media in an effort to help them regain some scrap of credibility, especially just days after the following story.

The CNN reporter on the scene, David Shortell, said it was his "instincts" that led him to be so well positioned.  If this is true, then Shortell is on the short list to be CEO of CNN, since he apparently is the only person on staff who has any news sense whatsoever.

Speaking of news, the Covington Catholic High School Fiasco cannot be said by anyone to have been set up.  It is far too intricate and fortuitous for any side to be anything other than strictly opportunistic.  Some have speculated that the Black Hebrew Israelites, a cult, were asked to confront some white by-standers and start a "race war," but Nick Sandmann happened, and the bomb exploded in the GeezerMedia's face.

The story did turn out to be yet another classic tar baby for the Fake Media and the Celebrity Chorus.  No matter what they do, the Fake Media cannot spin this in their favor, and the event was purely fortuitous for the political right, so who can blame them for running with it.

Nothing about this story works in the favor of the Progressivists.  The supposed protagonist, Nathan Phillips was not a Vietnam veteran, was not accosted by a bunch of white teenage males in MAGA hats, and the real antagonists were a bunch of young black men who are members of a cult.  No matter which way the GeezerMedia try to spin this, it just blows back in their faces.  It's rather amusing to watch, really.

One half expects any moment now the Omaha Nation will throw Phillips to the dogs and say he isn't an "elder" either.  It would certainly fit with the real Phillips using an assumed name, sitting out the last year of the Vietnam War in Nebraska fixing refrigerators, going AWOL three times, being a recovering alcoholic, being the aggressor - not the victim - in the incident, et cetera ad nauseum.

If the reader has not followed all the developments in the Covington kids story, then one is missing out on what may be the most significant libel case to come along since, well...New York Times v. Sullivan in 1964.  If the pro bono attorney is worth his weight in litigation, then this story could indict dozens of media outlets and busy-body celebrities and pundits.

Any lawyer would salivate at the potential pay-out and the chance to immortalize his or her name in US legal history, and in fact as fast as I can write it, it seems the kids are assembling a "dream team" of legal eagles.

Now, can we wrap all of this up in a Q bow?

The Wall Fiasco shows evidence of military-grade strategy, but the basic concepts are as old as Sun Tzu and Niccolo Machiavelli - maneuver the enemy into a suicide trap.  I believe Trump is smart enough to do this on his own.  Regardless of what your opinion of him is otherwise, Trump is a master manipulator.  He extracted public promises - in writing no less - from the other side that they must now live up to or expose their weaknesses.  Any good chess player saw this coming, while the political left is still playing Indian poker (pun intended).

One cannot say that this maneuver required Q or military intelligence, just regular old intelligence.  There are no detectable covert movements or information.  The strategy is easily concocted by anyone with a mental facility capable of thinking 10 moves ahead, which doesn't say much for the Democrats, since they left no escape route.

While The Wall Fiasco is political maneuvering at its finest, one cannot clearly ascribe the Hand of Q to this situation.  To do so would put Q at the center of every political game since George Washington took the throne.

With regard to Roger Stone, one might be able to detect the Hand of Q here, if one accepts many premises and conditionals within the Qniverse.  IF this turns out to be part of a long-term plan...IF high-level political figures start getting arrested...IF the 73,090 "sealed indictments" actually exist...IF Q has a Plan to Take Down the Deep State...a lot of very big IFs.

There is simply no way to assess this event in terms of a larger picture without a lot more information.  If Q/Trump are holding some big cards, we need to see a couple played or the psy-op will cease to function.

As for the Covington kids, this is strictly an opportunistic play.  Neither Trump nor Q could have engineered this.  It is a case of the Progressive Left taking a giant bite of a huge shit sandwich, and now they have to swallow or spit and admit their guilt.  Since they can never admit guilt, both for legal and ideological reasons, the path forward is inevitable.

We are going to see a magnificent Supreme Court case come out of this, with a stacked Court, that clips the GeezerMedia's wings down to the nubs.  It may also do irrevocable damage to Google, Twitter and other social media giants, since they claim to have rules and algorithms that prevent such baseless hate speech.

In conclusion, we are left with a Mighty Maybe, as far as Q is concerned.  The only one of these events that could possibly be attributed to Q is the Roger Stone case, and that relies on a lot of squinting and playing with gematria, subtext and interpretation.  Q cannot take credit, nor can the Qvians assign credit for the high-profile political events of the last few days.

Trump might be able to take credit for some brilliant strategy in the Shutdown Fiasco, but he will have to produce an unequivocal endgame  to convince us.  The same with the Roger Stone event.

Otherwise, we are forced to conclude that everything in Washington, DC, is operating on seat-of-the-pants opportunism, which is not a very distant leap of logic.  It is quite easy for this writer to believe that the whole thing - including Q - is just a sophisticated effort to take credit for anything good and explain away anything bad.  Successes are part of The Plan, and failures are just part of war.

So the deal is back to the House, in both politics and poker.  Without some big plays forthcoming, we cannot conclude anything other than Q being a bluff of cosmic proportions.  In chess terms, we better see the American Beauty being set up soon, or we may see the King's Indian take the board away.

By the way, did anyone notice that Comet Ping Pong (and Pizza) burned in a suspected arson fire?


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  2. WaPo is saying that comet ping pong had a small fire. Not burned down.....but very interesting take on things.....Thank you.


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