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Nearly three years ago, Q began posting on 4chan.  This was before it had adopted the moniker of "Q," and the earliest followers somehow recognized this particular poster out of several that claimed variously to be FBI, intel and CIA insiders.  I covered the origins of Q and how I came to believe that it is a psy-op run by the Global Engagement Center (GEC) in the post titled The Q Genesis.

It is similar to a period 2,000 years ago, when a great many individuals claimed to be the Messiah, but amazingly the followers of one Yeshua bar Yosef were able to select him from the crowd and change Western civilization because of it.

As anyone who has tried to build an online following knows, one of the best ways to start is a group of "ringers" or "ropers," who "recognize " the validity of the poster's message and spread the word to their networks.  This is a tried and true grifting technique, with Q being the "inside man," the Autists/Apostles being the "ropers," and the Qvians being the "marks".

Thus, Q posts a cryptic message.  The ropers pick it up and "find" insider information buried in the meaning and pass it on to their networks.  Various individuals in the networks perceive some value in the information, and become marks, who are now encouraged to bring others in.  Classic grift.

That Q should have suddenly distinguished itself from a number of anonymous "insiders" all posting hints about what was to come tells me that it was artificially promoted early on in order to build a following quickly, by having a group of other posters vouch for the validity of the message.

As the Qult began to spread and solidify, it adopted its own terminology, belief system, and narrative.  It developed, as I have argued, a Q Gospel of core beliefs with a vocabulary that could distinguish the Faithful from Pretenders.

Among the many terms that are Articles of Faith among the Qult is the term "The Storm."  The Storm and another ubiquitous terms "Where We Go One, We Go All (WWG1WGA) were imagery borrowed from the 1996 film "White Squall".

Among the Qult, The Storm is the equivalent of the Tribulation that occurs during the reign of The Beast in the Biblical Book of Revelations (αποκάλυψη).

Essentially, The Storm involves the unsealing of indictments (seven seals) against a large number of corrupt political insiders - primarily from the Obama administration - concurrent with mass arrests and the whisking of these prisoners off to Guantanamo Bay for military tribunals.  The need for courts martial is predicated on the idea that civilian courts are corrupt and the US judicial system would allow these perpetrators to slip away by various legal finagling. 

During The Storm, it would be necessary to deploy National Guard and the Marines to maintain social order, under the assumption that some or all of society would erupt in flames due to the shock of these mass arrests.  For those who argue that the military could not be used for this type of operation, I have addressed that in previous articles, but in short:

Under a state of emergency, such as the one already declared by President Trump, the National Guard can be federalized - normally they are under the command of the 50 governors.  This has already been done, and National Guard are currently defending federal facilities across the country (courthouses, bases, etc.).

For those who argue that the Marines could not be used due to the restrictions of the Posse Comitatus Act (18USC1385), it should be noted that the Marines and Coast Guard are specifically exempted from the prohibition of using military in domestic law enforcement.  Additionally, the law has not been amended to contemplate the new branch of Space Force, which presumably could be used as well.

Furthermore, Donald Trump said he would close Guantanamo Bay if elected.  Contrary to that statement, he has overseen significant upgrades and renovation at the military base in Cuba.

All of this is by way of preamble to what follows.  First, two early Q Drops (Q22, Q55):

In the Generally Accepted Timeline, Q began posting on 27 October 2017.  The dates on these two Drops put them within the first week of Q's activities.  I mention this because the Qult currently believes that Q posted the end of the story at the very beginning.  In others words, these constitute Q Prophesy.

In Q22, the message to the Qvians is that they are anointed "insiders," and thus are charged with researching all the appropriate data in order to calm the herd when The Storm arrives.

This is essentially a Priesthood of Evangelists, whose job it is to spread the Good News that this is all part of The Plan.  The Plan, like God's Will, is the central Object of Faith among Qvians.  You cannot be counted among the Faithful unless you have fully and truly accepted The Plan into your heart.

It is a common feature of Q Drops to not actually give information, but to post questions to which the Qvians are expected to find their own answers.

As part of the Q Psy-Op, this charges followers with a seemingly important task, encouraging them to take ownership, called the "buy-in" in grifting terms.

I point this feature out because it is one of the methodologies of the Q Psy-Op that I have identified.  Q posts a question, the Qvians discuss it - with input from the Autists/Apostles - and when a consensus is reached, Q confirms the answer and rewards the Qult with praise (dopamine bump).  This creates a positive reward feedback loop that encourages Qvians to strive for more answers.

This dopamine reward cycle is highly addictive and can (obviously) keep large numbers of people hooked on the psy-op for years.  This is the same psycho-physical mechanism exploited by social media using "likes," "friends" and similar stimulae.

Noted that the answers do not necessarily have to be correct, only that the majority accept them, allowing Q to reward as many Qvians as possible with a single stroke.

Q55 is a "trigger" phrase.  This was planted early on in the psy-op and has become part of the mythology.  In Biblical terms, this would constitute "signs and wonders".  When the Qvians see this phrase on Twitter, they will shift into high gear, believing the "Second Coming" is at hand.  They will feel a rush of excitement and adrenaline, knowing that everything they have waited for is at hand.  At that point, they will no longer be acting rationally, but on pure emotion, even a form of ecstasy.

The foregoing is by way of setting up the context for the following comments from Donald Trump and why the Qult is abuzz with anticipation:

"This may be the last time you'll see me for a while," Trump says, implying that he may have to go into hiding during The Storm.  This, I believe, is a blatant allusion to the Gospel of John (NIV), Chapter 16, Verse 16: Jesus went on to say, "In a little while you will see me no more, and then after a little while you will see me."

To me, this is yet another confirmation that the Q Psy-Op is using religious symbolism as an additional layer to create an aura of deity around Trump, and to invoke subtle triggers to hook the Qvians with a seemingly divine mission.  It is no coincidence that many Qvians are devote Christians, projecting their religious faith onto a secular object - by design in my opinion.

Please note that behind Trump, there are 17 boxes stacked up as the backdrop.  This, of course, is a Sign of the Q, in that "Q" is the 17th letter of the alphabet, and the number seems to come up repeatedly around Trump or in his speeches.

All of this brings us to what the Qult is expecting to happen and when.  For that, we turn to Q34, from 2 November 2017 (the first post to mention "Q"):

It seems that Tony (or John?) Podesta is to be arrested on Election Day (11.3) this year.  Related to that is a "temporary" military take-over of the US in order to ensure the "safety" of citizens in the face of massive riots and civil unrest.  At the same time, the military is to be activated in defense against other nations/actors who may try to take advantage of the situation and attack.

According to Q Lore, Trump will be whisked away in Air Force One to a safe place to ride out The Storm while the military mops up.  This sounds suspiciously like abdication and exile to my ears.

And here we come back to Trump's comments linked above - that we may not see him again for a time.

Note that "certain laws have been pre-lifted" in order to facilitate what appears, for all intents and purposes, a military coup and junta.  It's all framed in red, white and blue, of course, but slicing through the rhetoric, Qvians are led to believe this is what is about to happen in the US, and due to careful grooming by the Q Psy-Op, they are not only ready but practically begging for it to begin.

And so we come to the moment of truth.  If Q is actually an operation to recruit a group of citizens to assist in an information war that makes the above scenario palatable to the average American, then the next few months will be one of the most interesting any of us are likely to live through.

On the other hand, if Q is some gamer in his parents' basement having us all on for a laugh, there will be thousands of angry and disillusioned people who have been strung along for years now for a LARP, and in many ways, that could be far more dangerous than anything BLM or Antifa have done of late.  \\

The Qvians have invested their lives, hopes and even their futures in a roll of the Q Dice.  If they discover they've been had, they may see only one clear option to right the wrongs they have so patiently waited to see.

There is truly a Perfect Storm brewing, and none of the possible scenarios is savory.    By the time 3 November 2020 rolls around, someone will lose and someone will win, but none may be victorious.

10AUG20 - Jeff Rense sent the following video to me.  I think it speaks for itself:


  1. Own the other hand, if Q is some gamer in his parents' basement having us all on for a laugh, there will be thousands of angry and disillusioned people who have been strung along for years now for a LARP, and in many ways, that could be far more dangerous than anything BLM or Antifa have done of late.

    If it was a guy in a basement the tptb would have shut in down long ago. It's a psyop 100%.

    After Trump wins he will make it so clear what side he is on only the sheep in the truthers movement will support him. With luck they will take the covid1984 vaccine.

  2. Bernard Grover. Sounds like a fake name to me. Now who's the LARP?

    1. yeah like your name "Pre Order Promos" is more believable?? right. Sounds like a carp..phuck me.

  3. We should do our own research .We should look into the origin of World War 2 and not go along with what we are told about it. A good book which is free and archived on the internet is The Forced War by David Hoggan I think Q is a time wasting Psy Op .

  4. Q will SAVE ME... because I don't believe in myself...:)


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