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INTERVIEW: Frank O'Collins on RadioFarSide

Can anything be done to fix the current state of world affairs?  Are there alternatives to the current systems of law, education and finance?  Is anyone thinking about new sane models for our society?

Today’s guest joins us from Sydney, Australia.  His name is Frank O’Collins and he is the founder and developer of the Ucadia models for a revitalized society.

Frank has extensive experience working in politics, finance and computer technology. Though not having a formal degree after studying music and economics, he has spent his life to date reading over 15,000 books and hundreds of thousands of excerpts while researching and acquiring competence in the subjects involved in the Ucadia system.  We encourage you to surf over to any of his websites linked on the blog to begin learning about his work.

Please welcome Frank O’Collins.

Frank's website:
TalkShoe series: Frank O'Collins

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