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Bubble Heads And Bubble Matrices

Most people tend to buy the Establishment model of the world, which states that you must adhere to a one-dimensional view of the world, in which there are only left and right views, and on that spectrum, we are only allowed to be center-left or center-right. Outside of that narrow range, folks are called Far-Left or Far-Right.

More complex thinkers allow a second dimension - a Y-axis if you will, where people can be up or down, depending on the intensity with which they hold their views.

This comes up because I have this secret hobby. I like to troll politically charged groups who fall solidly into the Left-Right Paradigm. The easy pickin's are the Progressive Left. They whine like spoilt children when folks don't just give up and believe in everything they espouse, without reason, argument or any mentation at all.

The Conservative Right are nearly as much fun, though occasionally they will pipe up with an argument or two, flimsy as they may be.

At some point, some one is bound to ask, "What DO you believe?" This question usually comes after I have spent some time trashing all members of the Generally Accepted Left-Right Paradigm.

My answer almost always flummoxes them: "I am an anarcho- crypto-captialist-social libertarian-fiscal conservative." And yes, I've noticed that isn't an option on most social media profiles.

If you want to visualize the world the way I do, then you need to think in three-dimensional bubble graphs. I see the world as a matrix of left-right, up-down, and in-out. Within that matrix, people have views that can fall anywhere within a given space, where some of the views overlap, while others lie will outside the spheres of other groups.

I believe that government should be almost non-existent and that what little trickle of money we allow them to have must be spent with annual GAAP-compliant annual reports and severe penalties for failure to comply, including the death penalty for government employees who fail to maintain the strict rules applied to them.

Outside of that one area, I do not believe the government should have the right to incarcerate or kill anyone. That is the people's job. If, after a fair and comprehensive trial by their peers, and a fair appeals process, a criminal is found guilty of a capital crime, they should be turned over to the mob and dealt with in a public and highly visible way.

I believe that folks should be allowed to do pretty much whatever the hell they want, provided they don't murder, steal, destroy other's property or lie about other people. This is contingent on everyone behaving in public with manners and etiquette and decency, as proscribed by the larger community.

I believe that companies, including corporations, should be able to do whatever it takes to make a decent profit and benefit their employees, provided that the registered officers of said companies are completely, wholly and individually responsible for the actions of the company, up to and including the above-described process for those convicted of capital crimes.

I especially believe that any company responsible for fouling the environment should have its officers marched out and forced to wallow in their own filth.

I believe that nations should encompass the physical area representing the dominant social, religious, traditional, and racial norms of any given group of people. Immigration would only be allowed insofar as the individual was willing to fully and completely assimilate into the dominant culture of a nation.

Places without any substantial human presence would be unincorporated and exist outside the bounds of any nations. This would include Antarctica and most of the world's great deserts. Within these unincorporated areas, anyone wishing to challenge themselves against the elements is free to do whatever they want, and if they are successful and eventually create a community of like-minded individuals, then they can incorporate and become a nation.

I believe the UN should exist, but have exactly zero political power. It should be a large, air-conditioned space with a few chairs and a stage and some basic A/V equipment maintained by donations only (as are any staff). Here, anyone from anywhere and come and say anything about any topic they so please, and the speeches should be streamed on the internet 24/7.

I believe there should be no compulsory education, especially that is mandated by government. Parents should be free to choose whatever course of education they want for their children, and buy whatever services they can afford to further their goals.

I believe there should be NO mandatory health care or government-operated scheme to distribute narrowly sanctioned care. Folks should be free to buy and use whatever treatments they damn well please, and join insurance pools (if any exist) that will assist in payment for those treatments.

Related to the health care issue, if folks want to kill themselves with drugs, that is their prerogative and the only people who have the right to interfere are their families and friends, and any experts they care to jointly employ for that purpose.

I believe there should be NO welfare. Either family groups bind together for their mutual benefit, or individuals can strike out on their own. In either care, they are fully and personally responsible for their own welfare. Any attempt to force others to donate to them should be treated as stealing.

I could go on, but the dear reader probably gets the idea that my views don't fall within the Left-Right Paradigm chosen for us by the Establishment. Nor do most people, when pressed on the matter.

If one could get the Average Joe into a serious conversation, they would likely find themselves espousing beliefs that in some part fall outside the bounds of allowed thought. At some level, we are all thought criminals, which is why fascist regimes are so brutally effective - everyone is guilty of something sometime, the rest is just choosing when to prosecute.

The world is far more complex than most of us are willing to contemplate on a regular basis. In fact, the reason we tend to buy into the Establishment boundaries is because it reduced the burden of thinking we are faced with. If everything is left-right, black-white, rich-poor, then we can make decisions with coin tosses and move on with our business.

True freedom, real liberty, is a lot of work, just like those great marriages we all envy. Sure, to the world they are a happy, bubbly couple full of life and love, but behind the scenes, there is a lot of discussion, pondering and compromise.

One -dimensional thinkers are easy targets and deserve to be trolled. If they are so willfully blind and eager to wear their hearts on their sleeves, then let the games begin!

i prefer to revel in the glorious complexities that are human existence.


The Russians Are Hacking! The Russians Are Hacking!

Putin Authored Brexit
Italy Election Interference
US Elections 2016
Russia Election Warfare Worldwide

If you look at the above-linked articles, you'll start to notice a pattern. The pattern falls out like a rock. Wherever nationalism, populism and culture win out over globalism and progressivism, Russia is there tampering with the levers of power.

True or not, the accusation that Russia is promoting anti-globalism and a multi-lateral geopolitical world is only bad if you are a globalism swine.

For perspective, the US has provably and admittedly interfered in other nations' elections since at least 1948, in Italy, and most likely long before that. The US used to justify this interference as bringing "democracy" to the downtrodden masses and rescuing the world from "communism," whether those nations wanted it or not.

What makes the Russian situation rather comical is not only the fact that she is accused of destroying globalism - without actually ever saying that, but that Vlad Putin appears to be the busiest man in the world. On top of that, Putin is probably the greatest intellect ever in the history of everything and never makes a mistake or loses a contest.

When you pull back a get a little perspective on things, you realize that neither Russia nor Putin are capable of doing everything they have been accused of. We are asked to believe that Russia has the time, resources and desire to deeply penetrate the media, social movements and politics of just about every Western nation - and a few others - in the world. There must literally be a huge, dark, subterranean chamber in Siberia full of thousands of Russian hackers and advertisers working literally around the clock hacking every existing mind-control system out there.

Not only are the Russians capable of this, but they are master manipulators, insidiously guiding the though patterns of millions of people, particularly in the moments leading up to a vote.

In a plot worthy of the best Bond villain ever, Russia cleverly deploys RT articles and Facebook ads at just the right moment, using carefully selected trigger words to make you vote the way they want you to. Like a zombie, your mind has been taken over with anti-globalism thoughts because Russia, masters of the most subtle aspects of every Western language on Earth, can carefully craft messages that slide right past all your psychological and rational defenses and induce you to pull the voting lever against your will.

The whole thing is patently absurd, if not downright preposterous.

The underlying assumption in all this is that you and I are completely mindless idiots susceptible to anyone with a mastery of advertising and social media.

In short, it is good if we all blindly follow Uncle Sam's mental manipulations, but it is a crime bordering on genocide if any other entity is able to override and undo it. That is basically what Russia is being accused of.

The thing is, if Russia is wrong for doing it, then everyone is wrong - including a corporation or government near you. It doesn't matter how altruistic and noble the cause is, if any entity attempts to override an individual's thought processes, it is wrong.

That all media outlets everywhere are attempting to manipulate our dreams, desires and beliefs is a given. For more than a century, the mass media has been used to steer the populace this way and that - whether it is inducing us to buy products and images, or William Randolph Hearst taking the nation to war. The marketing and PR machine has infused itself into our most private and secure realm - our minds.

The wailing indictment of Russia in the Western mediasphere is equally an indictment of itself. The only real difference is the degree to which one side or the other is controlling our minds.

None of this absolves us from individual responsibility. We must be eternally vigilant against the invasion of our most sacred inner spaces. We must educate ourselves, recognize the manipulations and repulse the attacks, whether it is Russians trying to control our voting fingers, or the Western media-industrial empire trying to make us believe that our conscious choices are not ours.

And therein lies the crux of the matter. The Western political media and the corporations that own them are scared spitless by the huge wave of nationalism and the wholesale rejection of globalism and unbridled immigration, and the resulting destruction of national and cultural identity. The only way they have to fight it is to convince us that our decisions are not ours, but are the result of insidious manipulation by the evil Russians.

It's not working, but we must remain on guard, because the attack against the new nationalism will increase, and the methods and channels used to manipulate us will increase in number and strength. The globalists have spent centuries building up their command and control structures, and they will not just give up and walk away.

Today, it's Russians, but when that narrative fails - and it will sooner than later - there will be a new bogeyman. The more we, as individuals, assert control over our own thoughts and destinies, the more the attacks will increase. The only defense we have is knowledge. Learn how these systems work, and they will lose power over you.

One cannot fight an invisible enemy, and learning how it operates makes it clearly visible.

Onward through the fog...


Suit Up, Space Cadets!

On at least two occasions, Donald Trump has called for the formation of a manned fleet of military space cadets to protect deep-space commerce in the form of mining and other similar activities.

The US Congress has also called for the formation of a similar branch of the military - a Space Command - for the purposes of both protection of commerce and mounting rescue operations.

Recently, Joseph P. Farrell speculated that this mandate sounds an awful lot like the US Coast Guard, which has nearly identical mandates within the nation's territorial waters, and that adding a line or two about space would easily expand the service into low Earth orbit and beyond.

In the past couple of months, "official" video and reports have "leaked" out of the Pentagon concerning an incident with the USS Nimitz carrier group that involved UFOs, USOs and at least a week or two of observations and engagement.

Trump Calls For Space Force
House Panel Votes To Split Air Force Into Space Command
Joseph P. Farrell Speculates On Space Guard
USS Nimitz UFO Encounter
Pentagon Paper Confirms UFO Encounter

There are a number of significant issues and assumptions in play here, not the least of which are are propulsion, navigation and communication.

None of this is feasible with currently available rocket launches and chemical propellants on orbit (e.g. cryo, hypergolic, etc.). The expense, speed of launch preparations and their delicacy relating to weather, launch windows and the like, make this technology untenable for quick response to situations.

Even Musk's SpaceX Falcon requires several days turn-around - in theory, as it's never been tested at this rate of launches. Even so, at the moment NASA doesn't have a (public) functioning manned space capacity, nor does it allow Musk's fueling process for manned flight. Musk uses cryogenic hydrogen and oxygen that are loaded minutes before launch, when humans would already be atop the rocket. NASA policy forbids fueling while astronauts are on-board.

Even if the quick-launch capacity exists, it would require the ability to orbit some number of military personnel, presumably more than 3-7 armed individuals with ammo, gear and supplies for a multi-year operation (see navigation below), with sufficient fuel for whatever destination is the target and the return journey, all with a minimal 10% safety margin.

Plus, these individuals will need to stay fit in optimum fighting condition during the journey, which assumes some kind of artificial gravity, such as a spinning cylinder, which has never been built or tried outside of paper calculations and sci-fi novels.

Current Newtonian navigation means that pirates could take over a mining facility on an asteroid and be there literally for years while the Cavalry plots a circuitous intercept orbit that could take over a decade to reach the facility (see intercept orbit for comet 67P and Rosetta mission).

New Horizons, the fastest craft ever (publicly) flown by humanity, took 13 months to reach Jupiter at conjunction with an optimal flight path, and even then, it didn't carry sufficient fuel to slow itself into orbit.

The only way for a police force to be any deterrent is for it to be able to react within hours, not years.

It is completely unthinkable to have fleets of manned craft standing by for decades at strategic points throughout the Solar System. Stationing just four equidistant outposts in Mars' orbit, the asteroid belt and Jupiter's orbit (12 total), fully manned, armed and supplied using current technology is impossible. Maintaining seven personnel on the ISS just 350 kilometers above Earth is a major undertaking, much less 12 stations scattered across the Solar System with minimally 10 personnel each, requiring constant resupply with food, water, oxygen, and other necessities, with the ability to reach the stations within a year for each resupply mission is absolutely out of the question, not to mention re-crewing on rotation.

The supply lines are extremely long and vulnerable, susceptible to the very pirates this system is supposed to guard against. Furthermore, the orbital parameters (ephemera) are constantly changing, with optimal configurations being very rare - on the order of years to decades and even centuries apart.

Supply ships would have to be launched years in advance on a regular schedule with constantly changing ephemera, and if any disaster were to occur, the entire operation would shut down for several years of internal reviews and Congressional investigations, stranding a minimum of 120 personnel in deep space.

Then there's the communication issue. Speed-of-light comms make any kind of centralized command structure pointless. With round-trip radio time varying from several seconds (Moon) to hours, and sometimes even impossible due to orbital configuration (e.g. when Mars is on the opposite side of the Sun from Earth), there must be some kind of "subspace" comm link for even a small fraction of the distance beyond the Moon's orbit.

Radio signals between Earth and Jupiter take anywhere from 33 minutes to 53 minutes one way, depending on whether the planets are at conjunction or opposition. If Jupiter is behind the Sun, which it is for a week or so each year, then radio links are impossible without relay satellites posted at 90-degree angles to Earth in its orbit, much like the Stereo A and B solar observatories. In any case, round-trip comms take an hour to two hours, plus consultation time at each end. Add to that the comm time between mining facilities in the asteroid belt and the nearest Space Guard outpost and the formulation of an attack plan.

The outposts could be autonomous in their decision making, but that could easily become politically sensitive, depending on the flag of attacking marauders. This could lead to Earth-bound wars if military actions are not cleared with central commands and the usual diplomatic procedures are not followed.

Any one of these issues renders a Space Guard untenable, and even farcical if not outright deadly, but all three combined are deal-killers.

Imagine a radio response to the Vesta mining facility that arrives hours after the panic button is pushed, with the reply giving instructions to "hold on while we design and construct as super-fast rescue mission that will arrive in six and a half years, assuming no catastrophes," IF orbital configurations between Earth and Vesta are optimal!

Even if the launch capacity is 'off-the-shelf,' there's still training, gearing up, acceleration, deceleration, orbit insertion, landing operations, deployment, and all in the hopes that every variable is precisely predictable and execution is flawless.

Frankly, any group of space pirates worth their salt could invade a facility, operate it for at least a couple of years, and be long gone, hiding anywhere in the vast gulf of space, and that assumes they don't just land, kill everyone, take the ready inventory and leave again in a matter of hours. With a proper plan, these pirates could hit every mining operation in the asteroid belt and vanish before Earth even mounts a military response.

All of this can only mean that exotic forms of propulsion, navigation and communication already exist in order for a Space Guard to be worth even considering, much less implementing. All three considerations must be reliably and cheaply solved for response within hours, even if the emergency occurs when the facility is at opposition to Earth behind the Sun. And every operation must pass political and diplomatic muster before it can be initiated to avoid horrific repercussions back on the home planet.

Given the time it has taken to (maybe) get Kim Jong-Un and Donald Trump to a table in Singapore, one doesn't have tremendous faith in the speed of diplomatic solutions.

I don't know if anyone keeps up with the Electric Universe folks, but the models of Birkeland Currents - counter-rotating cylinders of plasma in an electro-magnetic field - sound amazingly like the Nazi Bell described in Farrell's books, and they have both repulsive and attractive forces (so-called anti-gravity) depending on charge and spin. Additionally, Birkeland currents are scalable from lab bench to trans-galactic, and could theoretically be produced using the solar wind (plasma) as "fuel," given the ability to generate a sufficiently strong magnetic field. Top speeds would be significant fractions of the speed of light, with both acceleration and deceleration capabilities by simply reversing the polarity of the current.

Navigation is related to the drive problem, since Newtonian orbits rely on gravitational "wells" and inertia. With a Birkeland Drive (I claim copyright), gravitational considerations are irrelevant and line-of-sight flight paths are easy to achieve, sheering months to years off a flight plan.

As for comms, quantum entanglement and computing allow for instantaneous connections between devices at cosmic scales, meaning time and distance are meaningless. Data entered into one terminal are instantaneously relayed to the other. This would include navigational data, as well as live audio and video, meaning any operation is in constant, real-time communication with central command, and ground operations can be monitored in real time, as well (think Aliens here).

Given the increasing tempo of "official" acknowledgements of UFOs, and the Congressional mandates and Presidential calls for a Space Guard, we could be in for some fun in the near future. The recent "leaks" of incidents aboard the US carrier Nimitz involving multiple UFOs and USOs observed and engaged over a period of weeks is a tacit admission that exotic craft and propulsion exist in the real world.

The "official" descriptions said the craft were "tic-tac" shaped, had no visible external form of propulsion, and could hover, accelerate and maneuver at extremely high speeds. In addition, they were said to interact with "something" in the ocean, implying that they are operational in any external environment, such as water, air or space.

It would seem that we are being conditioned, albeit slowly, to accept that not only is there some "entity" that is not "us" operating exotic technology in the real world, but that the conditioning is concurrent with the call for establishing some kind of "space command" that militarizes space for any number of reasons, as outlined by Farrell's Coast Guard comparison.

In this scenario, "we" already possess the same capabilities that "they" do, and in order to jump-start commercial operations within the Solar System, "we" must make public both the existence of "pirates," but also the ability to defend against them.

In other words, get your popcorn ready, the main attraction is about to begin.


Sunday In The Park

Have no fear! It will get much worse before it gets better, and you and I are not likely to see the better part, if history is any judge.

This is one of those rare moments in time when everything collapses and starts afresh. It happens roughly every 500 years. The last one was the Age of Exploration, when suddenly the entire world became accessible and no longer the sole purview of the elite few. The world was mapped in its entirely and the information made available to the masses through the printing press.

Tourism was born and suddenly humans were able to see more of the world in a year than their ancestors had seen in many lifetimes.

The press led to telecommunications and the internet. One no longer had to go to the library, if one's neighborhood even had a library, but the sum total of the world's knowledge could be brought to your handheld device almost anywhere in the world.

We are on the verge of something just as magnificent and profound, though for those of us in the midst of it, it looks frightening, chaotic and dangerous.

To a villager 600 years ago, anything more than a day or two walk from home must have seemed terrifying - a realm full of monsters and spirits that only heroes and fools dared to go. Now a man born in Texas and living in Indonesia can clack away on a device and reach a global audience.

In a sense, we humans are just finishing our teenage years. As toddlers, we rarely left our backyards. As teens, we suddenly discovered a wider world and pushed our boundaries. Now we, as a species, have reached young adulthood and must leave our nest and enter the larger Universe. Those mature individuals among us remember those first tenuous steps outside the protective shell and the fear and trepidation we felt. That moment is what we are experiencing now as a species.

To a certain extent, globalism is winning, but it is not the kind the elites have been trying to foist on us. They have plotted for centuries to control and direct this inevitable movement for their benefit, but they are losing control and failing miserably. They will continue to fight and exert their errors, as they recently did in Ireland, but that is a tiny victory in a massive wave of change.

If one stands too close to a painting, one only sees the brush strokes and loses the glory of the image. Put another way, individual stitches in a tapestry are meaningless without the overall context.

From the level of the stitches, things are and will continue to get more chaotic, but from the view of the tapestry, it is an exciting time to be alive and see this natural and organic process in action. From our current perspective within the tapestry, we cannot imagine what the outcome will be, but using history as our camera, we can get a glimpse of the Big Picture and know that humanity is finally entering its long-awaited adulthood.

This is a perfectly normal and expected phase, just as parents plot and track a child's development. Just as a child comes to adulthood and no longer relies on the parents, but rather achieves independence, so too is humanity outgrowing the grasp of our controllers and expanding into a realm they (and we) have long feared.

We have outgrown the institutions of our childhood - religion, government - and must now create new institutions that serve us as adults. We are no longer told to go to bed at a certain time, or that we can't have dessert until our dinner is finished. We must make those choices for ourselves, and we are learning (even now) the consequences of making the wrong choices. At some point, we will learn the wisdom of our parents/institutions, even as we reject their foibles.

Yes, it is a time of chaos. We are going through profound changes in our collective body, mind and spirit. We are realizing that we must internalize our control structure and not depend on our parents for it.

On the plus side, we are free. We can do anything and go anywhere we choose, as long as we are willing to put in the effort to achieve it.

It is not an easy transition, but it is a necessary one. Like our metaphorical tapestry, some stitches will get dropped; it is inevitable as much as it is painful. However, from the perspective of the overall image, it is invisible and does not affect the result. Yes, the institutions of control will deceive, fight and even kill to maintain their control, but they are as doomed to fail as we are destined to grow beyond them.

Don't give up and keep working on an individual level to change things for the better. It is the death of winter that makes the spring possible.

Onward through the fog!

A note about the image at top. It is a painting called, "A Sunday Afternoon on La Grande Jatter," by Georges Seurat. It is a massive painting with the foreground characters being far larger than an average human. Up close, it is nothing but a million dots of color, a style called Pointillism pioneered by Seurat. You have to stand at least 10 meters away to see the entire picture. If you are ever in Paris, I highly recommend having a look at it. Quite amazing in its copious detail and overall simplicity.