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Right On Q?

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It seems that we are in interesting territory after events of the past day.

Trump has agreed to reopen the government for 21 days pending an agreement on The Wall.  Roger Stone has been arrested at his home with CNN cameras rolling.  The Covington kids story is a massive tar baby trapping a lot of flies.  And through all of it, Q has been mysteriously silent, providing no insight, context or prophesy of these events.

Donald Trump agreed to reopen the parts of the federal government that have been shut since December, in a showdown with the Chuck and Nancy Show over his Wall funding.  The emergency funding is only for 21 days, and is contingent on Chuck and Nancy coming to the negotiation table.  (Next shutdown set for 15 February 2019)

I have to admit this is a brilliant strategic move on Trump's part, if he actually planned it.  It leaves him with all the (ahem) trump cards and puts a public wall around the Chuck and Nancy Show.

First, Congress is now in the hot seat to solve the issue, and few can disagree that 21 days should be enough to tackle a couple of sticking points.  Trump has walled in Chuck and Nancy, who have repeatedly said that reopening the government would bring them to the table, and that events such as the State of the Union Address could only take place if the government were operating at full, um...capacity?  At any rate, Chuck and Nancy have now publicly painted themselves into a corner and they must put up or shut up going forward.

If Chuck and Nancy weasel out of this one, a second shut down would provide the necessary legal basis to RIF one-third of the federal payroll.

As mentioned in my last article, the Qniverse has been abuzz with speculation that the shutdown would lead to a clearing of The Swamp, however there were significant legal and procedural barriers to this kind of mass clean-out.  By bringing everyone back to the office, then laying them off again in less than a month, it seems to me this would make the barriers evaporate and Trump could in fact begin RIFs.

In fact, the 21-day time limit also buys a little breathing room for the Exec Branch to polish up their re-organization plans, as required by the IPO (gov-speak for Human Resources) to start cutting.

Furthermore, Trump still holds the Ace of Spades, in that he still has the ability to call a National Emergency and mobilize money and manpower to the Mexico border.  Hanging out there like the Sword of Damocles, this power given to the President decades ago gives Trump carte blanche to do whatever necessary in times of crisis.  Basically, no matter what happens, Trump wins.  The only question at this point is how big the pot will be.

The next bit of fun was the raid on and arrest of Roger Stone.  This fits nicely with my contention in Jonesing for Q that Alex Jones and crew were given an ultimatum to play well with others or attract some unwanted and very expensive trouble - government wins court cases by bleeding its victims to the point of not being abble to fight back.  BUT...and this is a Big But, it also sets up a tar baby for the political left.

The political left has stood by and applauded the raids, arrests and convictions of Gen. Mike Flynn, Paul Manafort, Michael Cohen, and now Roger Stone, for little more than inconsistent testimony under oath (i.e. perjury).  This sets up a precedent whereby when raids and arrests come for high-profile leftist leaders - read Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, et al. - they cannot speak against it because they are already complicit in it and agreed to the premise of lying to investigators.

Of course, this scenario is completely contingent on whether there are really any "sealed indictments," which are an Article of Faith in Qniverse.  It is a plausible scenario with a nice twist to it, assuming that Q/Trump actually had this in mind when they threw the gentlemen listed above into the firing line.  It would stand as a significant confirmation of Q Prophesy, but let's not hold our breath for it just yet.

It is necessary to note also that CNN was oh-so-conveniently positioned at Roger Stone's house to capture the drama from start to finish.  This is obviously the result of a tip from Robert Mueller's office of Special Prosecutor and has all the earmarks of throwing a bone to the Fake Media in an effort to help them regain some scrap of credibility, especially just days after the following story.

The CNN reporter on the scene, David Shortell, said it was his "instincts" that led him to be so well positioned.  If this is true, then Shortell is on the short list to be CEO of CNN, since he apparently is the only person on staff who has any news sense whatsoever.

Speaking of news, the Covington Catholic High School Fiasco cannot be said by anyone to have been set up.  It is far too intricate and fortuitous for any side to be anything other than strictly opportunistic.  Some have speculated that the Black Hebrew Israelites, a cult, were asked to confront some white by-standers and start a "race war," but Nick Sandmann happened, and the bomb exploded in the GeezerMedia's face.

The story did turn out to be yet another classic tar baby for the Fake Media and the Celebrity Chorus.  No matter what they do, the Fake Media cannot spin this in their favor, and the event was purely fortuitous for the political right, so who can blame them for running with it.

Nothing about this story works in the favor of the Progressivists.  The supposed protagonist, Nathan Phillips was not a Vietnam veteran, was not accosted by a bunch of white teenage males in MAGA hats, and the real antagonists were a bunch of young black men who are members of a cult.  No matter which way the GeezerMedia try to spin this, it just blows back in their faces.  It's rather amusing to watch, really.

One half expects any moment now the Omaha Nation will throw Phillips to the dogs and say he isn't an "elder" either.  It would certainly fit with the real Phillips using an assumed name, sitting out the last year of the Vietnam War in Nebraska fixing refrigerators, going AWOL three times, being a recovering alcoholic, being the aggressor - not the victim - in the incident, et cetera ad nauseum.

If the reader has not followed all the developments in the Covington kids story, then one is missing out on what may be the most significant libel case to come along since, well...New York Times v. Sullivan in 1964.  If the pro bono attorney is worth his weight in litigation, then this story could indict dozens of media outlets and busy-body celebrities and pundits.

Any lawyer would salivate at the potential pay-out and the chance to immortalize his or her name in US legal history, and in fact as fast as I can write it, it seems the kids are assembling a "dream team" of legal eagles.

Now, can we wrap all of this up in a Q bow?

The Wall Fiasco shows evidence of military-grade strategy, but the basic concepts are as old as Sun Tzu and Niccolo Machiavelli - maneuver the enemy into a suicide trap.  I believe Trump is smart enough to do this on his own.  Regardless of what your opinion of him is otherwise, Trump is a master manipulator.  He extracted public promises - in writing no less - from the other side that they must now live up to or expose their weaknesses.  Any good chess player saw this coming, while the political left is still playing Indian poker (pun intended).

One cannot say that this maneuver required Q or military intelligence, just regular old intelligence.  There are no detectable covert movements or information.  The strategy is easily concocted by anyone with a mental facility capable of thinking 10 moves ahead, which doesn't say much for the Democrats, since they left no escape route.

While The Wall Fiasco is political maneuvering at its finest, one cannot clearly ascribe the Hand of Q to this situation.  To do so would put Q at the center of every political game since George Washington took the throne.

With regard to Roger Stone, one might be able to detect the Hand of Q here, if one accepts many premises and conditionals within the Qniverse.  IF this turns out to be part of a long-term plan...IF high-level political figures start getting arrested...IF the 73,090 "sealed indictments" actually exist...IF Q has a Plan to Take Down the Deep State...a lot of very big IFs.

There is simply no way to assess this event in terms of a larger picture without a lot more information.  If Q/Trump are holding some big cards, we need to see a couple played or the psy-op will cease to function.

As for the Covington kids, this is strictly an opportunistic play.  Neither Trump nor Q could have engineered this.  It is a case of the Progressive Left taking a giant bite of a huge shit sandwich, and now they have to swallow or spit and admit their guilt.  Since they can never admit guilt, both for legal and ideological reasons, the path forward is inevitable.

We are going to see a magnificent Supreme Court case come out of this, with a stacked Court, that clips the GeezerMedia's wings down to the nubs.  It may also do irrevocable damage to Google, Twitter and other social media giants, since they claim to have rules and algorithms that prevent such baseless hate speech.

In conclusion, we are left with a Mighty Maybe, as far as Q is concerned.  The only one of these events that could possibly be attributed to Q is the Roger Stone case, and that relies on a lot of squinting and playing with gematria, subtext and interpretation.  Q cannot take credit, nor can the Qvians assign credit for the high-profile political events of the last few days.

Trump might be able to take credit for some brilliant strategy in the Shutdown Fiasco, but he will have to produce an unequivocal endgame  to convince us.  The same with the Roger Stone event.

Otherwise, we are forced to conclude that everything in Washington, DC, is operating on seat-of-the-pants opportunism, which is not a very distant leap of logic.  It is quite easy for this writer to believe that the whole thing - including Q - is just a sophisticated effort to take credit for anything good and explain away anything bad.  Successes are part of The Plan, and failures are just part of war.

So the deal is back to the House, in both politics and poker.  Without some big plays forthcoming, we cannot conclude anything other than Q being a bluff of cosmic proportions.  In chess terms, we better see the American Beauty being set up soon, or we may see the King's Indian take the board away.

By the way, did anyone notice that Comet Ping Pong (and Pizza) burned in a suspected arson fire?


Q The Endgame

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The Q Treason

Q, for all intents and purposes, has not posted anything of consequence since 6 January 2019, when it claimed that Ted Cruz was also surveilled during the 2016 campaign cycle, when he and Trump were battling down the home stretch towards the nomination.

Q, as it is wont, fails to provide any evidence other than a handful of MSM links talking about how the CIA spied on the Senate Intelligence Committee.  Such a bombshell Drop should have riled up the Qniverse, since it would provide strong substantiation for the Trump Surveillance narrative, but the revelation has gone largely ignored by anyone, much less the Qvians.

Since that time, Q has primarily re-posted past Drops or quoted Trump Tweets or simply given long lists of MSM links.  As usual, there is never any affirmative interpretation given by Q, that is left to the Apostles and Acolytes whose job it is to generate consensus in the classic Hegelian Dialectic style.

It is interesting to note that throughout last December and into early January, the Qniverse was a cacophony of rumors about impending unsealing of indictments, martial law and military tribunals.  One could hardly find a moment of Q Commentary that didn't mention these topics and crow excitedly about the possibility.

Then I wrote my last article called The Q Treason, and spent a subsequent hour with Jeff Rense on topic, where I dissected the US laws, regulations and court decisions regarding both martial law and the tribunals.  Curiously - though no one in the Qniverse that I have found has directly addressed my research - the topics vanished from the running commentary.  Can I make a cause-and-effect case here?  Without further information, no, but the coincidence leads to interesting inferences.

When I say vanished, I mean I have only heard the word "tribunal" mentioned once in passing, and not a single other reference for the past three weeks across the dozen or so commentators I monitor regularly.

The topics of martial law and military tribunals have floated around the Qniverse since nearly the moment Q appeared on 4Chan (later 8Chan).  The idea was that the thousands of "sealed indictments" of high-ranking US officials and the impending arrests would lead to mass unrest and violence, and that the perpetrators would be tried by military tribunals because the civilian courts were so corrupt - and the perps masters of the process - that they would escape justice on technicalities not available in military courts.

The issues came to a head in late December, with Q Interpreters seeing imminent arrests around the beginning of January 2019.

Much discussion centered around a widely circulated video by someone called "Law Johnston".  Several searches of YouTube show that the video was circulated through third-party channels, as there doesn't seem to be any channel overtly operated by someone named "Law Johnston," though there is a channel called "ManOfChanges," operated by a Lawrence Johnston, who promotes himself as a fine artist.

The video in question does not appear on the ManOfChanges channel, but at least one of the videos on the channel appears to be hosted by a man looking similar to "Law Johnston" and this man has a similar Sam-Elliott drawl and breathy delivery.  Some of the videos on the channel also deal with various conspiracies, so it would be reasonable to link the two on circumstantial evidence.

Moving on, the imminent arrests and trials have now been replaced with speculation on Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the Government Shut-Down.

On the topic of Justice Ginsburg, the Qniverse has decided that she is going to exit the Supreme Court any day now.  There is quite a bit of speculation that she is already dead. 

There is an obvious political problem here.  President Trump has already appointed two justices, and a third would presumably put the conservative balance heavily on its side, with at least one more justice needing to be replaced in the next six years, assuming Trump is re-elected.

Obviously, the radical Marxist/Socialist elements within the federal government are in a panic over Ginsburg's imminent departure.  Ginsburg is an iconic emblem of this political faction and her exit represents the end of any overt presence of this ideology on the Supreme Court bench.

Being well into her 80s, and having just gone through a double lobectomy to remove cancerous nodules from her lung, it is hardly a secret that she is on the way out

The excitement in the Qniverse centers around the fact that Republicans kept the leadership of the Senate, which is solely responsible for confirming presidential appointments, particularly Supreme Court justices.

The Democrats have a vested interest in hiding Ginsburg's condition, and it would be quite apparent at the annual State of the Union Address normally given to the collected branches of the federal government by the president around the 20th of January each year.  It therefore stands to reason, among a number of other issues, that Speaker Nancy Pelosi would want to cancel the Address, using the shut-down as an excuse.  The missing justice would overshadow any other message the Democrats would want to deliver in their post-address rebuttal.

Trump responded by cancelling Pelosi's overseas junket by cancelling her Air Force transportation.

This brings up the issue of the government shut-down, which will be 30 days old on Sunday, 20 January 2019.  The 30 days is important to remember.

It has long been lamented in the Qniverse that Trump cannot advance his agenda because the federal government is stacked from the ground up with Marxist/Socialist elements that infest the so-called "Swamp".  The Qvians have long espoused the need for Trump to "drain the swamp," but no one could figure out how that would be accomplished without the mass arrests long promoted in the Qniverse.

It is no secret that in any government anywhere, the bureaucrats run the show.  These lifetime employees of government establish a kingdom within the kingdom, then proceed to make it nearly impossible to get rid of them.  Thus, in any real sense, it is these "swamp dwellers" who have the actual power, and not the elected or appointed leaders.  This is a truism that is as old as government itself, and history is replete with leaders decrying the bureaucracy.  They are represented by the classic character in history and fiction who whispers in the ear of the king, such as the Sheriff of Nottingham of Robin Hood fame, or Wormtongue in Lord of the Rings..

In the US, it is virtually impossible to reprimand an apparatchik, much less fire one.  The system was eloquently and succinctly summarized recently by an "anonymous" op-ed piece in The Daily Caller.  The writer's premise is that federal law allows employees to be "RIFed" only after a 30-day (22 working days) furlough.  Reduction In Force (RIF) is the bureaucratic euphemism for "lay-off," which has been widely adopted by corporations, as well.

This "30 days" number immediately led Qvians to refer back to two previous Q Drops:

Q1280 was dated 27 April 2018, and Q1935 was dated 28 August 2018.  Q1280 states, "Done in 30. [30]."  Q1935 states, "Think FLYNN [30]. Exactly [30]."

It should be noted that Q1280 was widely interpreted at the time to refer to an upcoming prediction about John McCain's death, that supposedly dropped exactly 30 days before his death.

Q1935 appears to reference General Mike Flynn, though the Drop does includes a long list of federal bureaucracies and implies that they are "central to operational success," and goes on to say Obama/Clinton operatives within those agencies are preventing Trump from realizing his agenda - though not in so many words.  The text does not link 30 to any of the agencies, nor does it imply RIFs as an option to clearing the agencies.

The two references to "30" are in context with Flynn and McCain, and do not appear to have larger contexts or implications.

It should also be noted that the only other reference to "30" in all the Q Drops is #1933, from 26 August 2018, in which Q appears to take credit for John McCain's suicide/murder.  This Drop is covered at length in my previous articles.

Taken at face value, it is impossible to say that either of these Drops directly implies a government shut-down extending longer than 30 days.  In both contexts, they refer specifically to two individuals, and one of the Drops (1935) mentions a number of federal agencies and says they are critical to "operational success," but says nothing about using RIFs to clear them out.  A search of Q Drops brings up no overt mention of RIFs or lay-offs, and the only mentions of "shut down" involve closing off various channels of Deep State communications.

Nothing I can find the Q Drops can be clearly interpretted to imply that the government shut-down was imminent, or that it would be used to RIF obstructing bureaucrats and clean out The Swamp.  Neither does any Q Drop hint at anything but mass arrests as part of The Plan or a means to clearing The Swamp.

I mention all of this by way of noting that the three overt references to the number "30" in the Q Drops are now being interpretted to imply that Q was telegraphing to Qvians the use of the shut-down to RIF unwanted employees.  This interpretation uses the Q mantra that "future proves past," thus this 30-day number for the shut-down must be seen as yet another Q Proof of fulfilled Q Prophesy.

To my mind, this is clearly an unwarranted conclusion.  In fact, this closely resembles the habit of many Biblical interpreters to take passages far out of context and use them as proof that the Bible clearly anticipated events thousands of years later.

In fact, US federal regulations DO allow furloughed employees to be RIFed after 30 calendar/22 working days, but there are enough catches to make any bureaucrat smirk appreciatively.

Firstly, the Furlough Rule excludes "Emergency Furloughs" related to appropriation SNAFUs.  Secondly, the rules require a re-organization plan be in place, describing how remaining employees will be shuffled around and job descriptions altered before the RIFs can take place.

It seems that the existing rules exclude the current situation on two counts.  It may be that reorganization plans do exist within the Trump administration, but no hint of that has leaked out yet. 

In any case, the current shut-down was initiated by the lack of appropriation of funds, and so is exempt from the RIF rules, meaning that once the funding is in place, the employees will need to be furloughed an additional 30 days to be eligible for RIFs.  Furthermore, the rules say that employees may have a "right" to be shifted to another position, rather than laid off completely.

So where does this leave the impartial observer wishing to determine the truth behind the Q Phenomenon?

We must conclude that Q is a marketing tool for the Trump administration.  Its promotion of Republican ideals and candidates make it quite apparent that the operation has a clear political agenda.

We must also conclude that Q is being used to promote a kind of anti-narrative that countermands the Mainstream Media.  While some may see this as a good thing, controlling what people think and do without their express understanding of how it is done, for any purpose, is immoral and suspect on its face.

We must finally conclude that the Q Prophesies are in fact of little value when interpretting current events.  We have been told repeatedly about sealed indictments, but there is precious little evidence they exist.  We have been told repeatedly about The Plan, but it takes some rather strenuous mental acrobatics to extract any sign of a coherent and coordinated Plan from either Q's Drops or Trump's actions.

We have further been told repeatedly about The Storm, but there is scant evidence that this is anything more than Trump/Q reacting to the various efforts of the opposition to disrupt and possibly end his administration.  In other words, Q is an effort on the part of the Trump administration to make reactions look proactive, and thus provide the illusion that Trump/Q are firmly in control and have anticipated every possible move by the opposition.

We have no reason to conclude that Trump/Q are secretly orchestrating major political events to achieve their agenda.  Rather, we must conclude that Trump/Q are opportunistically taking advantage of situations as they arise, while attempting to project leadership and control over the situation.

In no case do we appear closer to the Qvian Holy Grail of seeing Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, or any of the other arch-villains of the Republican weltanschauung being goose-stepped to the gallows, than we were a full two years ago when Trump took office - or three years ago when he started floating the idea of jailing Clinton.

Sure, a number of high-profile bureaucratic figures have been "resigned" or outright fired, but this is nothing extraordinary.  It is par for the course in any change of administration.  Get rid of past loyalists and replace then with current loyalists.  Politics as usual - though perhaps in slower motion than most.

One might be swayed if some amazing maneuver allows Trump to RIF a full one-third of the federal work force, but that doesn't seem possible under the current rules - at least for another 30 days or more.  Some "unsealing" of indictments and a few high-profile arrests might convince one of The Plan, but there doesn't appear to be any effort to prepare the masses for such a move in any of the media, including Q Drops.

If anything, the outstanding work of WikiLeaks and Tom Fitton/Judicial Watch will be the downfall of high-profile criminals long before anything Trump/Q appear to be doing.

One prime example of the lack of predictive power within the Qniverse is Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker.  The Qvians launched a maelstrom of excited speculation around the appointment of Whittaker after the resignation of Jeff Sessions in November 2018.  The contention was that Whitaker was unbound by nearly any constraint and could quickly fire Rod Rosenstein and Bob Mueller, and then exit the scene when the new AG was confirmed by the Senate.  In fact, Whitaker has spent his time fighting a court challenge to his appointment, pushing some papers around and warming a chair until the new AG is confirmed.

The Qvians have now shifted the same narrative to William Barr, pending his confirmation as AG.  Given the track record of the Qniverse to accurately predict future events, we will not hold our breaths.  But we can say with some confidence that the Qniverse will find some way to take credit for predicting whatever does happen.

In short, Q does not have a better or worse track record than any anonymous source in the MSM.  In fact, given the gravity of Q's implied coming attractions, we can only conclude that Q is little more than a weaponized version of the Boy Who Cried Wolf at worst, and an ace PR team at best.

For their part, the Q Apostles and Acolytes never seem to follow through on any of the Events du Jour.  Instead, they seem to quickly and effortlessly shift gears and completely forget about failed Prophesies, preferring to focus on the latest current events and the newest Storm Theory.

As noted above, the issues of impending Martial Law and Military Tribunals have simply vanished into the ether, with the Qniverse now focused on Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the RIFs.  In fact, even the "73,090 "sealed indictments" (as of 31 December 2018) have simply slid into the memory hole.  I have not heard any of the commentators mention them since early January.  I attribute all of this to the fact that these items represent wildly failed predictions. 

Granted, Q never overtly makes the predictions, but they are extracted by "code breaking" from Q Drops, and Q does nothing to disabuse Qvians of those conclusions, nor does it openly confirm them, which allows for significant wiggle room.

For their part, the Apostles and Acolytes wave off the failures with a kind of "the Lord works in mysterious ways" dismissal.  "Future proves past," they always say.

Interestingly, none of this seems to dissuade the Qvians in the least.  They easily switch from one focus to another, based on whatever issue the Trump/Q team  command, without even so much as a wave back to the dying memes.  They are consumed with "confirmation bias" and refuse to acknowledge past failures and re-directions, instead focusing laser-like on the latest Q Theory.

For the student of marketing and mass media, the Q Phenomenon is a magnificent case study in the power of the medium when one has unlimited resources to throw at it.  It behooves all of us to study this Phenomenon and learn how to identify it and inoculate ourselves from it, lest we fall prey to a significant new form of propaganda.

Even if the Q Phenomenon turns out to be completely innocuous and benign, at some point someone will land on the formula and use it for far worse ends.

Cue Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.


The Q Treason

READER NOTE: Last Update 12 Jan 2019

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Some Quick Q

My hope in having produced this rather lengthy series of articles on the Q Phenomenon is to "red pill" the Red Pillers, as it were.  A significantly large group of people in the US have been completely and alarmingly duped by a faceless, nameless self-admitted psy-op called Q, and in so doing they have been commanded (literally) to "do the research," yet not a single one of them has done so.

Instead of thinking critically and being wary, the Qvians have allowed themselves, admittedly out of desperation, to be drawn into a mind-game of staggering sophistication and proportions that ultimately has them giddy with excitement over the prospect of martial law and military tribunals, without a single one of the Apostles or Acolytes doing REAL research and coming to a full understanding of what they are cheering for.

I can shoot the whole thing down with a few links and a little reading, which I despair none of them will do, but I must discharge my duty to inform them of their error to the best of my ability before something truly awful happens.

Let us begin on 24 April 1863.  Abraham Lincoln, a supposed hero and worshipful figure (and Republican) during American's Civil War, signed General Order No. 100, also known as the Lieber Code, and titled "Instructions for the Government of Armies of the United States in the Field."

This rather long and detailed document is a complete set of rules for how the US Army should go about invading and occupying the Confederacy, and includes rules for Martial Law and Military Tribunals - two topics near and dear to so many Qvians these days.

The Lieber Code, or parts of it, have been incorporated into international law and has been used in the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan most recently.

The first three Articles of the Code should put a chill down any true Patriot's spine:
Article 1.
A place, district, or country occupied by an enemy stands, in consequence of the occupation, under the Martial Law of the invading or occupying army, whether any proclamation declaring Martial Law, or any public warning to the inhabitants, has been issued or not. Martial Law is the immediate and direct effect and consequence of occupation or conquest.
The presence of a hostile army proclaims its Martial Law.
Art. 2.
Martial Law does not cease during the hostile occupation, except by special proclamation, ordered by the commander in chief; or by special mention in the treaty of peace concluding the war, when the occupation of a place or territory continues beyond the conclusion of peace as one of the conditions of the same.
Art. 3.
Martial Law in a hostile country consists in the suspension, by the occupying military authority, of the criminal and civil law, and of the domestic administration and government in the occupied place or territory, and in the substitution of military rule and force for the same, as well as in the dictation of general laws, as far as military necessity requires this suspension, substitution, or dictation. 

This is just the beginning of pages and pages of hair-curling details concerning the summary executions of civilians, firing squads, suspension of all civil and criminal law, and the literal establishment of a military dictatorship.

To the latter point, the reader should carefully note that Martial Law "consists in the suspension, by the occupying military authority, of the criminal and civil law, and of the domestic administration and government."  This will become integral to my argument shortly.

If nothing else, the reader may now understand why "Yankees" and "Carpetbaggers" are so hated in the southern United States, even to this day.

This Code, as far as I can tell, is still in effect and according to some researchers, is the foundational law of the United States at this moment - as long as there is a National Emergency.  It would behoove every Qvian to look up the status of National Emergencies in the US at this very moment.  In fact, Qvians are extremely excited about the prospect of a National Emergency being called in the near future over the southern border situation.  What implication does that act have, and is the state of Martial Law the reason why Trump would have the power to use the military budget to build the wall?

, It wouldn't hurt to note the gold fringe of Admiralty Law on national flags, and the military service flags that now adorn the Oval Office.  Is this a deeper message than just a warm mutual support between the White House and the several branches of military?

At this point, we will jump to 1878, and the passage of something called the Posse Comitatus Act, currently listed as 18 USC 1385: Use of Army and Air Force as posse comitatus.

In my experience, many people do not know what "posse comitatus" is.  Simply put, it is the legal power of a county sheriff or other "authority" to conscript/draft able-bodied men and their arms as deputies in emergencies to provide law enforcement.  This is a common feature in old Westerns, where a town gives chase to a criminal.  It is also the power by which the US has called up militia during the War for Independence and the military drafts during most of the 20th century.

The law forbids the use of regular Army and Air Force personnel in a posse comitatus.  It does NOT forbid the use of the Navy, Marines or Coast Guard - and now the Space Force.

There are many theories regarding the lawfulness of a standing army under Article I, Section 8, Paragraph 12 of the US Constitution, but that is a story for another time.

Note also that 18USC1385, does NOT exclude the National Guards of the 50 States, so long as they are used under the control of the State authority and only within their home state.

There are two points to take away here:

  1. Posse Comitatus ONLY excludes two of the (now) six branches of the military from being used in domestic law enforcement; and
  2. Under the terms of General Order No. 100, the civil and criminal law is suspended during Martial Law, thus negating Posse Comitatus in any event.

The Lieber Code was so abused by the US military in the post-war Confederacy and Reconstruction Era that the Supreme Court was forced to intervene to prevent the South from becoming belligerent again at the sheer volume of abuse against human dignity as occurred at the hands of the occupying forces under Martial Law.

Three years after General Order No. 100, in 1866, the Supreme Court issued a ruling called Ex Parte Milligan, in which it 'unanimously declared that the president had no power to set up military tribunals in secure areas where civil and criminal courts were functioning.'

The decision stated in part:
There are under the Constitution three kinds of military jurisdiction: one to be exercised both in peace and war; another to be exercised in time of foreign war without the boundaries of the United States, or in time of rebellion and civil war within states or districts occupied by rebels treated [71 U.S. 2, 142] as belligerents; and a third to be exercised in time of invasion or insurrection within the limits of the US, or during rebellion within the limits of states maintaining adhesion to the National Government, when the public danger requires its exercise. The first of these may be called jurisdiction under MILITARY LAW, and is found in acts of Congress prescribing rules and articles of war, or otherwise providing for the government of the national forces; the second may be distinguished as MILITARY GOVERNMENT, superseding, as far as may be deemed expedient, the local law, and exercised by the military commander under the direction of the President, with the express or implied sanction of Congress; while the third may be denominated MARTIAL LAW PROPER, and is called into action by Congress, or temporarily, when the action of Congress cannot be invited, and in the case of justifying or excusing peril, by the President, in times of insurrection or invasion, or of civil or foreign war, within districts or localities where ordinary law no longer adequately secures public safety and private rights.

We must conclude at this point that the argument that a "state of war" exists in the United States would be a herculean task to prove at best, and a specious argument at worst.  Furthermore, without the "state of War," there is also the matter of proving that the entire US system of jurisprudence is dysfunctional and "closed" for all intents and purposes.  Frankly, I cannot see any of this happening without ultimately declaring that the entire federal government is dissolved.  Any attempt to even begin this process would be wildly resisted by millions of people and widely viewed by the world at large as the end of the United States as a viable political and legal entity.

One last point needs to be examined, as I don't intend to cover the Insurrection Act of 1807, at this time.

Finally, we turn to Guantanamo Bay Naval Base, located on the eastern tip of the island of Cuba.  Guantanamo Bay, or GITMO as it is commonly called, was leased from Cuba in 1903, and the lease was renewed and updated until 1954, when the Castro revolution took over.  Since that time, GITMO has been an occupied region inside a hostile country.  Since GITMO has no civil or criminal court system, and it is in hostile territory occupied by military forces, that would seem to fulfill the terms of General Order No. 100 and Ex Parte Milligan.  Thus, we can safely assume is fully under Martial Law jurisdiction, meaning that any combatants or prisoners held there can be tried by Military Tribunals, with all the rules and regulations found in General Order No. 100.

The federal government has spent over $200 million renovating the base since Trump took power.  The Qvians all assume that the "biggest fish" will be taken there once the "sealed indictments" start getting unsealed.

If we assume that GITMO is indeed under Martial Law, and there is no reason I can find to assume otherwise at this moment, then it would indeed be permissible to try prisoners using Military Tribunals.  The major question hanging over us at this point is whether it is lawful to arrest US citizens on US soil and extradite them to a military base in hostile territory simply for the ability to place them under Martial Law?  It would be very instructive for the reader to view this video of Senator Graham interviewing now-Justice Kavanaugh during the infamous hearings late last year.

In conclusion, we must assume that the US is currently, or could soon be under Martial Law.  In any case, GITMO is almost certainly under Martial Law, and has been for 60 years, since the rise of Castro.

There are various law and regulations still in effect that prevent some, but not all military personnel from being used as a Posse Comitatus, and proscribe the intricate details of how Martial Law would be instituted, how it would work, what would be permissible, etc.  There is a Supreme Court ruling that limits Martial Law to hostile locations where the civil and criminal systems are "closed," however, declaring Martial Law nationwide would cause any Supreme Court rulings to be vacated since General Order No. 100 clearly says that these institutions are shut down until the military dictatorship is lifted by Executive Order.

A National Emergency is one circumstance under which Martial Law could be instituted, and Trump has threatened to issue such an emergency over the southern border in the near future.

Regardless of the arguments put forward to justify Martial Law, millions would resist, likely leading to open rebellion within the States, further justifying Martial Law.

I have saved the oldest and possibly the most insidious US law still on the books for last.  You can be forgiven for not knowing about 10USC15: MILITARY SUPPORT FOR CIVILIAN LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES.  Perhaps you remember it by its more common name from high school civics class - Insurrection Act of 1807.  It's a 210-year-old law that allows the federal government to equip, train and use civilian police forces to put down unruly populations, and to use those police forces to gather intelligence on us regular folks.

Most Americans will be at least partially aware that these programs of training and arming civilian police have been going on for years, decades and even centuries.  In fact, Donald Trump revived the program last year.  It begs the question - if civilian police are trained and equipped by and like the military, and are legally used to collect intel on the citizenry, why would the feds need Martial Law or even Posse Comitatus regulations?

This law even allows the military to "advise" police agency operations, effectively turning the police into the civilian action arm of the military, thus by-passing not only legal restrictions, but most Americans' fears of military intervention on home soil.  We saw this in action back in October 2017, when Trump ordered troops to the US-Mexico border to "support" civilian police agencies.

It is a very slippery slope these Qvians are playing with.

This, folks, is what the Qvians are so excited about.  It gives one pause.

Not only are Q and its followers gleefully promoting the utter destruction and dissolution of the US government, but the institution of a military dictatorship in its place, regardless of how short or innocuous they say it will be.

This is, in point of fact, the very treason they claim to be fighting.

Let that sink in for a moment.

 As a psy-op, Q has been wildly successful.  Not only has it neutralized a large portion of the vocal and active body politic, but it has successfully gotten them to welcome the destruction of the United States in favor of a military dictatorship all for little more than acts of revenge on a group of people who have yet to be charged with crimes, and the evidence of such crimes is so highly classified that not even the Congress can see it.

Innocent until proven guilty is a central tenet of English Common Law, which itself is the foundation of US law.  Regardless of what the Qvians or anyone else think of the various characters at the center of all this, due process and a trial by one's peers is vital to preserving both the image and fact of the US judicial system.

If I were a Clinton or a Bush or an Obama, this is exactly the outcome I would desire: get the most ravenous voices of justice completely sidetracked and even have them howling for the very thing they accuse me of, so that I can completely derail their efforts, delay any legal proceedings beyond the statute of limitations, and even have the opposition committing the same thought crimes they accuse me of promoting.

Brilliant.  Simple.  Effective.
Companion Interview with Jeff Rense: