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Futrure Past

Ah...end of the month, pay day, the bar and apothecary are restocked, the pain is subsiding, and we're ready to file a dispatch from the Far Side.

Today is a useless day.  See, we've already lived it.  All those quarter days that we used for the past four years?  Well, they threw an extra day in this month to cover them.  So this is literally a used day.  You already got the time, now you have to do it.  Twenty twelve resumes tomorrow...with a bang.

Thank God the bar is restocked!  Not only have we found one of the first 'liquor stores" in Jakarta, they sell Gilbey's products distilled in Bali, so they're half the price of imports.  See, in Indonesia, they put a 100% luxury tax on things like booze, which I consider a necessity, but the locals don't see it that way.  Anyway, things like Tanqueray gin cost $70, but Gilbey's homebrew run about $35.  My house is like a Henry Ford Model can have any color, as long as it's black.  Here, you can have any booze, as long as it's Gilbey's.  I have made a life-long habit out of paying as little tax as I can get away with.

I also like to end sentences with a preposition, because I can.  People who make a living as writers/editors/teachers are allowed to do that sort of thing.  You aren't.  Well, except maybe on 'throw-away day'.  Today is 'throw-away day'.

Friday isn't.  Fridau is Texas Independece Day, and that is a solemn holiday in my house, doesn't matter where I live.  On Friday, we'll have a special update to commemorate my ancestors who died to make a people free.  Screw the Feds and Carpetbaggers (Bush family) who came and stole it.  Thanks Prez Polk.  Hope your grave is full of worms.


The gin and tonics are going down smooth.  The knee pain, which has been my constant companion for 20-some-odd years, is subsiding.  Damn it all...we won't be put down!  Thars work to be done here.

What can we say about a throw-away day?  Scanning the headlines, gold is up, dollar is down, rupiah is trash, the Middle East is stompin' grounds, antiquities are toys for the reesh, and cats still think they are superior to humans.

If you were born today in 1960, you're only 13 years old.  What a great thing to be born on a left-over day!  Every thing you have a birthday, they hold olympics and presidencial elections to celebrate.

At any rate, we try to post one article every other day...on average.  So, this one is a bonus.  Take it and enoy it for what it is...

What were you expecting when you came here?  Wisom?  The answers to Life, the Universe and Everything?  well what you got was nothing.  Just another drunk rambling posted to the world, just like Christopher Hitchins.  Only we're a lot more itelligent than he ever was.

Eat drink and be merry for tomorrow you may be Pippin.  Hahahaha!

Remember the old Freddy Fender classic/?  Wasted days and wasted nights...  Well, welcome to wasted days.  We're just marking time until the world changes for the...better?  We shall see.

Catch ya on the other side....

As they say in Indonesian, "Ya udah!"


Meet The New Boss, Same As The Old Boss

You know, when you think about it, the whole UFO thing is just religion left-overs re-heated and served with different side dishes.  But the basic menu is the same, and the desired outcome is not different from the centuries of religious dogma that has kept Mankind under the spell of a self-appointed elite.

Since records began, there has been something called religion.  Fundamentally, this is a program used by a select few to control the masses.  It involves a priest class that is indoctrinated into a set of mysteries that are encoded in rather dense and indecipherable text.  The priest class is specially empowered to interpret the message for the masses, and thus have power over the masses, since they alone can bring the message of some god to them.

For centuries, this worked.  In fact, the State and religion were inseparable.  In the case of Rome, Caesar was god.  There isn't much difference between that concept and a pope who is hand-picked to be a god's personal proxy while the god is engaged elsewhere.  But make no mistake, that god will return to clean up our mess and finally finish the work of establishing a utopia of eternal worship and slavery.

So you better be good, for goodness sake.

In every case, the god(s) created the Earth and Man, and established a set of guidelines to make sure everyone behaved right.  At one time, the god(s) walked among us, but at some point had to take off for a while.  In every case, the god(s) worked a little magic to show off his/her/its power, just to make sure everyone got the point that he/she/it was in charge.

That all worked fine for a long time, until this guy Gutenberg invented the press and was able to mass produce cheap copies of a book that was the key to a priest class' power.  People started reading it for themselves and realized that it wasn't all that mysterious, and in fact, there was a bunch of stuff the priests never told them.

Because folks could read the book for themselves, they were suddenly empowered to the same extent of the priest class.  The masses realized that they could be independent and even sovereign, just like the king/pope.  They didn't need all those cathedrals and castles and regalia.  They could perform their own magic at home.

Monarchies fell.  The Age of Enlightenment dawned.  The concept of the sovereign individual developed.  A place called the united States of America came along that posited that these many sovereigns could relinquish a little of their individual power to a government that was completely seperate and divorced from religious trappings.

The elite were out of a job, for a while.  But they figured out a new way to package the deal that would again empower the State and give them control over the masses without resorting to the old religions.  They would market something new and fresh.


Suddenly, there was a new force from the sky, one which was far superior to humankind.  It was mysterious and inexplicable.  Certain members of the masses were 'abducted' and given a message of peace and love to take to the masses (prophets).

Over time, folks came to believe that the government had special knowledge of what this phenomenon was.  Folks turned to government for answers and interpretation, thus empowering government.  The government bestowed grants on scientists, who became the new priest class, specially chosen and indoctrinated into the mysteries of the Universe.  Only they could understand and interpret the signs in the heavens.

This new priest class performed secret rituals called 'research', and manipulated mysterious symbols called 'mathematics'.  They were able to understand great things about the Universe, but somehow could never make it quite simple enough for the unenlightened masses.

We were told that the gods found an empty planet and terra-formed it into a magnificent garden.  They genetically engineered Man to be servants and to praise and worship the all-powerful aliens.  The new god, called ET, was able to perform feats of magic that our priests could hardly understand.  But all of it had been specially revealed to the government through captured 'angels' and secret meetings with the pope-presidents.

Suddenly, everyone was looking to the 'authorities/priests' for answers.  They were clamoring for the government/church to reveal the truth.  Instead of Revelations, we had Disclosure.  Instead of Second Comings, we had Contact.  Regardless of whether it was the old religion or the new, the Revelation and Second Coming were always 'just around the corner'.  They could happen at any time, and only the god(s) knew when that time would come.

In the meantime, Mankind was to follow the 'authorities,' and behave according to the Divine Law, which had expanded from 10 to 20,000 special dictates of moral and social goodness.

Tithing to the church became taxes to the state.  The temple money changers became the banksters.  God became greys.  Satan became reptilians.  The angels became nordics.  Miraculous chariots became flying saucers.  And the masses started looking to ET to come and rescue us from ourselves.  In either case, humans were neutered and disenfranchised, because we didn't have the power ourselves.  It always comes from 'up there'.  And the only way humans could every understand the mysteries was to follow the priest class/authorities/scientists.

When it comes right down to it, there is a one-for-one correlation between religion and UFO cults.  In either case, power is bestowed upon a ruling elite who are the only ones capable of manipulating the sacred symbols and revealing the hidden knowledge to the world.  Only through blind obedience to the elite can we mere sheeple hope to achieve enlightenment.

It's all a rather sick and cynical charade, really.  It's sick because it makes humans feel insignificant and powerless.  It burdens the masses with guilt and feelings of insufficiency.  It forces people down into a mire of self-loathing and false hope.

It's cynical because the elite toy with humanity like their personal pets.  They change the course of history for their entertainment.  They are drunk with their power to make the masses dance like marionettes on their personal stages.

Now they are playing both religions to the hilt.  The old regionists are seeing seas turn to blood and loud sounds like trumpets coming from everywhere and nowhere.  They see the rise of something called Israel and the artificial persecution of those called 'christian'.  So they wait breathlessly for the return of their god.

The UFO cults report increasing sightings of alien craft.  Planet X is on its way.  More and more people are being abducted.  The government is on the verge of revealing the existence of ancient and current contact.

In either case, the majority of the masses are immobilized.  No one dare take action because at any moment their god(s) will return and restore the world to the way it should be (in their opinion).  In the meantime, the elite are free to do whatever they want without a peep of resistance from the sheeple.  They cause a few signs over here and reveal a little info over there, and we are paralyzed with fear and anticipation.  No one will stop the elite, because that may interrupt the process of revelation, whether that may be Second Comings or Contact.

Basically, it's blowing smoke in the hive to keep the bees docile while the elite rob the honey.

All mystery religions function the same.  They use identical means and processes to neutralize dissent and maintain power and authority in the hands of the few.  The sooner people realize the game, the sooner we can all get on with evolution into higher states of being. 

It requires deep thought, study and courage to act on the part of us unwashed masses.  It's a lot like the moment we found out that Santa Claus didn't exist.  Once the shock wore off, we were empowered to grow up and mature, no longer deluded by childish fairy tales.  It is a painful process, but one which is necessary for our species to mature.  Once we take the power away from someone or something else, and put it back where it belongs, in ourselves, the sooner we can make our own utopia.

Yes, it means taking full responsibility for our future, good, bad or indifferent.  But think how much more powerful we would all feel individually if we had full credit for the achievements of our species.


Global Schmarming

Scientists are mystified!  They can't imagine why!  What could possibly be causing this phenomenon?

What a bunch of yutzes, is all I have to say about it.  Apparently, they are grossly overpaid and hardly smart enough to open a can of dog food.

Or, they are looking for a graceful way out of 20 years of hysterical bullshit about global warming.

Take your pick.  Personally, I'll go with option #1.

If you didn't click the link, then you may be wondering what the heck I'm going on about today.  Actually, if you google up my name, you may still find some old articles dating back to the 90s where I said, rather eloquently, that global warming was a crock.  I have never believed any of it, and have gotten into many a verbal fisticuff with true believers who thought that humans, 1) could have that great an effect on the Earth, and 2) that warming was made whole cloth out of nothing, that it was a temporary cycle in the normal weather patterns.

If you mow down every living thing and pave over the bald spot with asphalt, then stick a thermometer in the middle of it...guess what?  It's hotter!  Duh...  If you put the same thermometer in the middle of a corn field on the same day at the same lattitude...guess what?  Cooler!  Duh...

Now, these numbnutted bucketheads are using all their fancy satellites to find out that clouds, in general, are getting lower.  They are completely dumbfounded by this phenomenon.  What could possibly be causing this? How it is possible?

Listen closely, I'm only going to say this a thousand times.  The Earth is cooling.  Got it?

What does that have to do with lower clouds?  Well, it's a symptom, not a cause, as the linked article will have you believe.

Anyone who's gone up in the mountains or a helicopter can tell you that around 3,000 feet or so, it gets noticeably colder.  By the time you hit 10,000 feet, it's quite a bit colder.  Once you get to 20,000 feet, you'll need a heavy coat and gloves on the hottest day in the middle of summer.  Fact of life, that is.

So, the sun rises, heats the ground, which evaporates moisture, which causes the surface air to warm, which rises up in a convection current, carrying the evaporated moisture, until it hits the cold zone and the moisture condenses and forms what?  Oh yeah...clouds.

The lower the cold layer of air is, the lower the clouds.  As the atmosphere gets colder, the clouds will form at lower and lower levels until they become...what, kids?  Oh yeah!  FOG!

I'm tellin' ya, I should be getting millions in grant money to study these things.  For a cup of coffee and a half a pack of Oreos, I can do a damn sight better at this stuff than all those over-paid propeller heads.  Apparently, the BHP fumes from their pocket liners have eaten away their vaunted brains.

"What a moroon."
I mean, this is something they could solve with a tea kettle and A/C in their kitchen on a hot summer's day.  All the fancy gadgets and whirly-gigs are no substitute for just thinking and using common sense.  But then the readers of this site know that 'common sense' is one of the funniest oxymorons around.

What we are seeing here is the Earth's atmosphere slowing down and becoming less warm.  Because of that, the cold zone is dropping in altitude.  As a consequence, the layer at which moisture condenses out of the warm air is also getting lower.

Need further proof?  Well, if that were the case, then we would see permanent snow caps on mountains getting lower, and alpine glaciers expanding.  Guess what?  That's what the honest data is showing.  We'd also see more brutal winters.  Guess what?  Go ask a European about brutal winters.  We'd see polar ice caps not receding as much as they used to.  Guess what?  I could go on, but I think you get the point, right?

Need proof of the cold layer in the atmosphere?  Go look at clouds.  I know that not politically corrent anymore, because it causes folks to use their imagination and actually get out in nature and feel grass under foot.  But if you do, you will notice that clouds are always flat on the bottom and all start at more or less the same altitude.  The cloud bottoms show you exactly where the cold layer starts.  In fact, if you start early in the morning, you can watch clouds form at exactly that layer all day long.  Kinda cool, really (pun intended).

For those reading this who have gotten their panties all in a bunch, I will admit to believing in 'climate change.' In fact, in Texas we say, "If you don't like the climate, wait 20 minutes.  It will change."  Unless you live on the equator, like me, then all year long, the climate changes.  Yup, I'm a firm believer in climate change.  See it all the time (until I moved to Indonesia).

The other day, I was accosted on the street by a WWF fanatic.  Now, for me this is great fun, kind of like arguing with Jehovah's Witnesses who used to come to my door and try to convert me to idiocy.

Anyway, this guy asked me if I had noticed that it was gettng hotter in Jakarta the past few years.  I looked at him like he had just uttered the stupidest words ever spoken (and they were close to that).

I mentioned, somewhat politely, that this is the equator, numbnut.  It's always hot here, 365/24/7.  But no, I had not noticed it getting hotter.  In fact, the hottest I've ever seen here is 35C/95F, and a good August afternoon in Texas can hit 44C/110F.  So don't give me that 'global warming' crap.  I've seen hot that would make an Indonesian beg for mercy!  In fact, if it's hotter here at all, it's because you guys keep paving over the trees and buying more damn cars that can't go anywhere on the congested roads.  So sure, next to major arteries, it's going to be hotter, but on the scale of a planet, that doesn't even rate as a blip.

Most people go out of their way to avoid these roadside pitchmen.  This guy eventually started running to get away from me.  I will fight idiocy where ever I find it.  I will root it out and destroy it, if I can, one idiot at a time.

It's a good thing he never got a chance to bring up endangered species.

My favorite 'oops' just recently (before the clouds lowered) was that the normal mass of warm water under the Arctic ice cap, had shifted from its normal home over by Russia to northern Canada.  For this reason, they've been telling us for decades that the Arctic Sea was warming.  But now they can't figure out why the normal warm water had moved.  Hey guys!  Check the position of the water against the magnetic pole position...  Sheesh, what a bunch of moroons.

My other theory might have a better chance.  These scientific shysters have been pitching 'global warming' for decades, and have created a whole industry to try to change people trillions of dollars to eradicate the element that makes up pretty much all life on Earth (carbon).

Now they've been caught with their pants down, their e-mail shown worldwide, their theories and scare-mongering shown for what it is.  So they're looking for a graceful exit.  "Oh yeah," they say, "the sun's output has changed."  This, after years of saying the sun had nothing to do with it.  "Oh, look," they say, "the clouds are getting lower causing global cooling."  Obviously, they think we are a bunch of drooling baboons out here.

Boy, they are dancing as fast as they can to save their reputations and keep their necks out of a noose.  When you bullshit the entire world and scam trillions of dollars and make bleeding-heart numbnuts look bad, people get hurt...bad.  And by that, I refer to the 'people' who ran the scam.  Us regular folks have already been hurt...bad.

Imaging the scientidiots are cats, and they've just let loose of a mountain of poo, and now they're scratching and digging their hearts out to try and cover it up.  Live by the grant, die by the grant, I always say.

So, now that we've laid that mystery to rest, I wonder what else they will come up with?  The oceans are evaportating maybe?  NSS.


Sliding Doors

I don't know if you've been following the work of Clif High and his Web Bot Project at  I've been reading the output since 2002, and I have found them to be rather prescient, though not always as advertised.

One of the major events that have shown up repeatedly over the past several years is something Clif calls the Data Gap.  In the past year, he has narrowed the timing for this event down to this spring, with the leading edge showing up around next week or so.

In a nutshell, the Data Gap is a massive turning point in human history, after which life will not be the same for at least half a dozen years (as far as the bots can read out, in other words).  It's enough to have spooked Clif and his commentaries have taken a darker turn.

Certainly, scanning the news headlines this past week would lead one to conclude that such a thing is entirely possible.  Oil and gold prices have shot up, with $6/gallon gasoline a distinct possibility in the States before long.  The saber-rattling over Iran and Syria has significantly ramped up.  The recent US presidential debate took a decidedly nasty turn, though not all that unusual in what passes as public discourse in that country.  The world in general is polarizing  Over all, we can see a fair increase in the amount of tension building at every level.

Whitney Houston died and people got rather testy over who sat where and was allowed in to the memorial service.  Sacha Baron Cohen was banned from the Oscars.  A two-bit actor admitted tooting blow at a White House function.  The Occupiers are threatening armed marches on Wall Street.  Anonymous is making its presence felt at a great number of websites.  Rense and Makow are at each other's throats.  Labor unrest is building in Indonesia.  Greek protests are getting more desperate.  Russia appears to be having some unrest in the ranks.  Germany is dealing with a neo-Nazi dust-up.

Everywhere you look, tensions are building, and this fits quite snugly with Clif's work, which shows a massive build-up to roughly March 1-9, with a blow-off top and roll into release language the likes of which our generation has never witnessed.  One can hardly debate that there are increasingly unsustainable emotional, economic, social, and political bubbles everywhere.  One can imagine them all popping more or less simultaneously, with life-changing consequences.

One thing I've learned about the Web Bots over the years is don't try to come up with a scenario to fit the language.  It is almost always wrong, even though the actual events fit perfectly with what was predicted. 

For example, they predicted a maritime disaster a few years back, and while everyone was watching the shipping lanes, the space shuttle blew up over Texas.  The language had to do with ships and naval terms, which are commonly used in reference to space hardware, as well.

A recent example was language refering to a wreck of the ship of state and hints about Italy.  The cruise ship grounding filled all the descriptors, but folks were watching governments, having wrongly interpreted the variou terms that had come through.

So what will happen in the next couple of weeks.  Well, sorry to disappoint, but as I said, I've given up trying to predict what events will fill the bill.  One thing that can be speculated upon is that the language calls for massive release of tension worldwide involving natural, economic, political, social, and emotional releases.  It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that global events are ripe for something like this to happen.

Things that are implied by the bots include changes in the seas and coastal areas, events in space, earthquakes, an "Israeli mistake," disease epidemics, and the list goes on.  I give it about a 50-50 chance of being right, first because the bots are as much wrong as right (though in all fairness they get the big stuff right), second because timing is not one of the strong points of the web bots, and third because humans can make choices.

Back in 1998, a rather interesting movie came out called "Sliding Doors," with Gweneth Paltrow.  The premise was that a woman's life splits at a key moment that's as mundane as catching a train.  From there, the story splits and shows the outcomes of both catching and not catching a certain train.

The movie points out both the choices we make, and those made for us.  There are always choices.  Often people allow others to make their choices, because they are too lazy or frightened to make their own.

If we suspect impending disaster, we can choose to prepare or not.  When governments get out of hand, we can choose to resist or not.  When personal relationships become strenuous, we can choose to stay in them or get out.

Too often, we choose the devil we know, or the status quo.  For some reason, people fight change, though it is an intricate part of life in every aspect.  We get comfortable in our routines, no matter how absurd, because we've learned to deal with that particular set of variables.  Something new requires us to learn, adapt and adjust.  Most of us don't like that.

In a week or two, we may find that none of the familiar rules apply any more.  Every aspect of our routines will have changed, regardless of whether the new situation is good, bad or indifferent, and we won't like it.  Those who thrive in this kind of situation are the ones who give up the old way of thinking the fastest and look for new opportunities in the jumble of new variables.

When you think about it, 'preppers' are really those who are working the hardest to maintain the old way of doing things.  Rather than preparing to change, they are preparing to maintain.  This can cause people to be much slower at seeing and seizing new opportunities.

When change of the magnitude predicted by the web bots comes along, nothing of the old way of doing things will help in the new paradigm.  The best way to prepare for this kind of change is to let go and detach from current habits and needs, and start thinking along whole new avenues of possibilities.  Those prepared to let go the fastest and adjust to new currents are the ones most likely to come out on top.

Most important to survival is one's mental state.  Those who fear change have already lost the battle.  It's the normalcy bias that we've discussed at length here at LFS.  Most people will cling to what they know and resist change with all their might until it takes more resources than they have to fight it.  By the time these people give up and go with the flow, those who embraced the change are miles ahead.

Regardless of web bots, it is a foregone conclusion that the world is changing rapidly.  Almost nothing in the current regime can be sustained much longer.  We have built our pyramid upside down, and it won't be long before it teeters over and crushes those who are deperately trying to hold it up.

The true 'preppers' are walking away from this losing battle and looking for fresh direction and an expanded horizon.  We have entered an era of inevitable change, and those who recognize it and go with it first will be the ones who profit first.  The Chinese word for 'disaster' is composed of two characters meaning 'chaos' and 'opportunity'. 

When it all comes crashing down, there are those who lament what has passed, and those who see raw materials for a fresh start.  The first direction leads to death, and the second to life.  Choose a path and start prepping.


I Walked, I Crawled, Iran

Hey kids!  Welcome to another exciting round of DoubleThink, the game where we train ourselves to be unthinking mules serving the evil faceless Massah!

Today's exercise:

  • 2001 Iraq - al Qaeda is our enemy, they have always been our enemy.
  • 2011 Libya- al Qaeda is our friend.  They have always been our friend.
  • 2012 Syria - al Qaeda is our enemy, they have always been our frie...enemy.  (Oops...)
OK, got that square now?  And while we're at it, China is our life-blood, I mean they want to destroy us, I mean our economic partner, I mean...  You can insert Russia in there too, since we hate them again, but we can't get to our nice little space station without them.

Sorry, I don't buy any of it.  I'm cursed with being able to remember more than two minutes ago.

Today, I keep seeing the headline that Iran wants to blow up the Statue of Liberty.  That's so much hog-wash on so many levels.  Let's look at a few.

First, the source is ex-CIA.  Now, I don't know about you, but when I see the letters 'c', 'i' and 'a' followed by the word 'says,' I immediately close out everything that follows.  That organization was founded by Nazi left-overs and has gone down hill ever since.  Every singe word, bar none, that comes out of the CIA is complete rubbish, even if they tell you the time and it agrees with the atomic clock at the Naval Observatory.

Second, the Statue of Liberty was a gift from that shining become of liberty and democracy, France.  I was meant to symbolize the freedom enjoyed by the citizens of the country over which the statue stands.  However, everything it symbolizes has been trampled under foot, shredded, burned, and shat upon.  It was a process that began in 1861, with the War of Yankee Aggression, and was completed with the passage of the USA Patriot Act in 2002.  Frankly, everything the statue was meanth to symbolize is but a distant memory, even for us old farts.

Third, assuming the US strikes first on Iran, they have every moral and legal right to strike back in any way they can.  Sorry, but that's the God's honest truth.  I don't care how much hysterical non-sense the Israelis and US lapdogs spew, if the US strikes first, Iran has the right to defend itself, including striking the US mainland if it can.  And of all the countries the US has shat on over the past century or so, Iran certainly has the ability to hit back.

That statement may shock some of the more gullible readers whose conditioning is a bit deeper than the rest.  So we should probably examine it a bit, just to make sure no one walks away thinking I am promoting the idea.  I'm simply pointing out the moral and legal right, under Natural Law and centuries of international law, for a country to attack an invader and defend itself.  In fact, it's a fundamental right recognized in US law.  Shooting a home invader in most States will not get the home owner charged with a crime.

Since the deeply conditioned readers will point to all of Iran's crimes, lets examine them for a moment to make sure we're not missing anything.

Iran is developing nukes.  OK, so what?  Both of the countries making endless noise about attcking Iran are up to their eye-teeth in nukes.  The US has actually dropped nukes on Japan, and used DU ammunition in several countries, which is just as bad, radiation-wise.  The Israelis have used DU ammo, as well as dropped burning phosphorous on innocent populations.  If I were Iran, I'd be working my ass off to get a couple of nukes by sometime tomorrow.

Iran is developing nuclear reactors.  Yo...bozo...every developed nation on Earth has them.  Even Indonesia.  In fact, Japan has poisoned the entire northern hemisphere with a couple of theirs.  If Iran wants a couple to diversify their grid, and they're willing to put up with the risks that less intelligent nations have taken, that's their business.

Iran is a threat.  Iran hasn't invaded another nation in over 300 years.  It's last war was against Iraq, who invaded them, and were supported by the US who gave Saddam Hussein illegal chemical and biological weapons to use on the Iranians who were lawfully defending their nation.  The only overt threats Iran has made are to retaliate against any aggressor.  Fair enough.

Iran destroyed the US embassy and took prisoners back in 1980.  A bit late to get 'em for that, don't you think?  Besides, they were rather upset at having been manipulated by the US and UK for a century, and having rather unpleasant dictators installed over them and supported by same.  Frankly, any flatulent red-neck arm-chair general in Podunk, USA would have done the same...or at least sent the neightbor's kid to do it.

Iran's navy just docked in Syria and they are building up their military.  Well, duh.  Siryah's president invited them and the Russians.  They didn't invite the US, which is hovering offshore like a swarm of killer bees, but which docks itself in other nations' ports all the time.  Of course, the US calls it goodwill missions, but I hardly think having nuclear-capable ships loaded with all kinds of weapons as a hearty show of good faith.  On the other hand, this is the first time I can remember ever hearing about Iran's navy going anywhere outside of their territorial waters.

Iran cut off oil to the UK and France.  And...your point is?  Those two have done far worse to Iran, and for far longer.  Besides, how smart would it be to sell fuel to a bunch of jerks who are going to turn around and shoot it back at you?  The US has been kicking its collective ass for doing that with Japan for 60 years.  I call that rather intelligent on the part of the Iranians.

Iran wants to take gold and other currency, instead of dollars, for their oil.  Yup, it's THEIR oil, and given the general state of the US dollar right now, I don't blame them.  I don't accept dollars, either.  I always lose money on the exchange rates.  I prefer rupiah or yuan, myself.  Can't fault the Iranians there.  And since it's THEIR oil, they can accept dirt clods and cow pies for it, if they wanted.

Any other points?  As far as I can see, Iran has been more than patient in the face of a global campaign to smear them.  They have shown remarkable poise and restraint in the face of highly aggressive sanctions and military build-ups off their coast, not to mention the dozens of US military bases that surround them.

They have held their hand even though the US has amitted that Israel has been conducting covert acts of war on Iranian soil, going as far as outright murder of Iranians worldwide.

The point of all this is, if the US attacks Iran unprovoked and based solely on the shabby excuses enumerated here, then Iran has every right to fight back.  That includes bombing US cities and cultural (albeit useless) icons.  Anyone who gets upset by that is a hardcore idiot, or evil, or both.

For too long, the US has attacked other nations with impunity, partly because they have selected poor, unarmed countries, and partly because those countries haven't had the ability to project force at a distance.  However, as the US becomes more and more aggressive, and attacks more nations unprovoked, eventually it will run afoul of a nation who can strike back, and who might have bigger friends willing to help.

Bullies can go on for a long time, but they never go on forever.  Eventually, someone gets tired enough and has nothing to lose by hitting back.  The bully is rarely ready for it, and he usually run away in terror when it finally happens.

The US is already showing signs of fear.  The development of unmanned drones and robotic soldiers is a sure sign that someone in the Pentagram is getting cold feet.  They are sending machines to do a man's job, because they know they are wrong and aren't willing to show their faces.

The good people of the US had better stand up to their rogue government and shut down its Death Squads before one of the kids on the block gets tired and starts punching back.  Americans aren't ready for that.  No living American has seen war on their own streets.  They've never walked past bombed out houses next door or stepped over shredded bodies on the way to the grocery store.

American will scream bloody murder (literally and metaphorically) when it happens.  They will hop up and down wanting revenge, not remembering the death and destruction on their own hands.  It has all been sanitized and packaged for them on the evening propaganda.  It's all very theoretical and far away from them. But what happens when it's your neighborhood and your neighbors?  What happens when Joe Sixpack is kneeling in the rubble of his house holding the torn body of his oldest child?

It's all scenes that the US has caused in other countries countless numbers of times over the past 60 years.  Are Americans ready to live what they have doled out?

I seriously doubt it.

Americans need to seriously consider these facts when they are pulling the voting levers over the next couple of months.  They need to ponder these scenes when writing their checks to the IRS not long after that.  They are playing with fire and not questioning the consequences.

Go read up on the sacking of Rome.  Without a severe change of course, it can and will come to your home soon enough.  As the US economy falters and it weakens from the inside, the wolves at the door are growing in number.  They are pacing, watching and waiting.  Eventually, the US will make a mistake or show a weakness, and the wolves will pounce.

All those Bible-thumping presidential candidates seem to have forgotten one of the best-known lines in the whole book, "He who lives by the sword shall die by it."

It's all fine and good when the Home Team is winning, but the streak will end and it will be nasty.  Might want to prepare youself.  Kids who play with matches get burned.


Tidbits: Apology, Discernment and Observation

Because of the sheer volume of information washing over the world, I find it difficult to focus on a single aspect or story that defines the moment.  All of it is important in some way or another to understanding the currents behind the news.  Like Fukushima flotsam, the headlines are but the detritus that floats on top.  The mass of the junk lies hidden under the surface, like an iceberg of events waiting to deal the fatal blow to the Titanic of civilization.

The first thing on my mind just now is the rather inflammatory events taking place between and owners.  As far as their row goes, I really don't have a horse in that race.  I am deeply grateful to both for having published my work in the past.  I hold the work of both men in high regard.  I have learned much from their efforts, and have gained some amount of wisdom as a consequence of their efforts.

It seems that Dr. Makow was attempting to publish an article promoting the idea that US nukes had caused the tectonic shift that destroyed Fukushima and environs.  Mr. Rense didn't buy the idea and refused to publish the article.  This led to a week-long and rather dramatic flare-up between the two titans of alternative news sources.

I can't say who's right or wrong, because I don't know.  I have read the tit-for-tat and frankly can't really understand the dynamics at play here.  From my vantage point, I see a familiar scenario playing out, one that I have experienced frequently throughout my efforts to change the world.

In just about any group with whom I've ever been involved, invariably there comes a time when the internal politics overwhelm the greater goals of the group.  It is a sad and ultimately pointless process, in which egos become deeply involved in proving one's self right and the other wrong.  There are aspersions cast about, usually that one or the other is a 'fed' or 'an agent' of the group's villain.  The group invariably forms factions, sides up and a power-play ensues.  It is precisely what I see going on here.  Same rhetoric, same process, same outcome.

At the heart of the matter is usually an issure on which no one will compromise.  Focus gets turned away from the bigger goals to argue over a minor stepping stone.  That Dr. Makow wanted to publish an article by another author is his right.  That Mr. Rense did not is his right.  Both are correct.

That Dr. Makow decided the article was so important as to cast aspersions at Mr. Rense seems to be the crux of the matter.  If we must find fault, then it is that among people working towards a common goal, especially one as important as what these two men are doing, passions will flare.  Everyone who thinks deeply enough and works hard enough to achieve a goal believes that their's is the best and only way to achieve it.  When others disagree, it can be very difficult to let go and keep working, or find alternative outlets and parallel channels.

When one is passionate about one's work, it is but a short step over the line when one perceives allies as hindering the effort.  Dr. Makow was at fault escalating into ad hominem attacks, but Mr. Rense was wrong to follow suit.  Sometimes the best response is silence.  But again, when passions are involved...
Richard Santroum - Powerful Saints
It is not often that I find myself defending Bammy, but in the name of intellectual honesty, I must point out things when I see them.  The artilce that caught my eye was Santorum accusing Bammy of a non-Biblical agenda.

This is a thinly veiled code meaning that Bammy isn't backing Israel to the hilt so that we can push the world into a convulsion of death and destruction and force Jesus into his Second Coming and prove that Christians were right all along, as we stand on the smoking pile of rubble that was once Western civilization.

Basically, what Santorum has accused Bammy of doing is not unquestioningly supporting a nation which has no lawful right to exist.  Furthermore, Bammy is not pushing global events to match the 'interpreted' script of Revelations.  This is absurd on its face, since Bammy has done his fair share of meting out death and destruction.  But obviously, he is not supporting supporting Israel's hell-bent agenda to wipe out the Middle East.

What is actually going on here is that the Zionists are promoting an agenda that will set up the proper enviornment to cause their Messiah King to appear.  They have successfully duped the Christians into thinking that their efforts will cause the second appearance of Christ.  Meanwhile, the Muslims are unimpressed because none of it promotes the re-appearance of their Imam Muhti, so they aren't playing that game.

In the end, all three groups are trying to destroy the world in such a way as to cause their long-awaited champion to appear, and prove them right after all.  Santorum has accused Bammy of not playing by the Judeo-Christian handbook and is using coded rhetoric to say so in public forum.

Excuse me if I sit this one out.  I don't buy the line that destroying the world to force God's hand is a lofty goal by any measure.  In the first place, it is the height of hubris to think that God can be forced by us 'mere' humans to do anything.  In the second place, if all three groups are wrong, which has a 99.999% liklihood by my estimation, then all that has been achieved is the destruction of the Earth.

By the way, I have seen no one point out that santorum is the Latin plural for santo, which means 'saints.'  Richard is French for 'powerful.'  You put it together.  Frankly, nothing about Rick Santorum passes the smell test, but then I think that about pretty much every politician of any stripe anywhere at any time.

I guess those high school Latin classes were good for something...
Another article that caught my eye involves the world's pyramids shooting off beams of light into the sky.  Assuming for the sake of argument that this is not utter rubbish, I lump it into the Gabriel's Trumpet reports from around the globe, concerning loud, omnidirectional sounds blasting out across the landscape.

Let's take for granted these things are real, and mix liberally with Dr. Joseph Farrell's hypothesis that the pyramids are part of a global network or grid that attempts to engineer the Earth's space-time environment.  And just for grins, let's add Vincent DiPietro's theory of galactic superwaves.  What do we come up with?

Well, we know that the solar system is entering something called the Local Fluff.  This is a highly magnetized cloud of gas and dust discovered by the Voyager spacecraft few years back.  Coincident with this discovery was one of the deepest solar minimums ever recorded, along with a number of changes to all the planets in our solar system.

For example, Pluto's atmosphere, which should be freezing and falling to the surface at this point in its orbit, is not, and rather is expanding.  Huge new storms have appeared on all the gas giant planets.  Mars' atmosphere is warming and the ice caps are not expanding in their normal cycles.  Venus' orbit is slowing down, some 6 minutes in the last 20 or so years, and the oxygen content of its atmosphere has greatly increased.  All the planets' (those that have one) and the Sun's magnetic fields are fluctuating and weakening.

Suppose this Local Fluff were a periodic event, possibly the leading edge of one of DiPietro's Galactic Superwaves.  Suppose that our ancient ancestors knew of these events and had the mathematics and capability to engineer a global grid to harness the Earth's hyperdimensional power to create a shield, a la Farrell.  Suppose the Gabriel's Trumpet effect is an electro-magnetic process similar to an audio version of the Aurorae Borealis and Australis (damned Latin is everywhere).  Finally, suppose global events were the result of humans being hyper-stimulated by this influx of energy, for better or worse.

I know that's a long list of suppositions, but it's interesting to note the picture that emerges when you put those pieces together.  And at first blush, the pieces do seem to fit.  Of course, this all hinges on whether the reports and photos of the pyramids are real, how much of the sound blasts are actual events and not hoaxes, and whether the hypthoses of DiPietro and Farrell are correct.  The astronomical effects are observable, though, and without other considerations, are interesting to ponder in their own right.

Even these three tidbits, taken together, seem to show a pattern.  There appears to be an increasing wave of divisiveness sweeping the world.  It has set brother against brother, caused accusations of 'my destruction is better than yours,' and even appears to be modifying the otherwise sedate workings of local space.  Social and economic upheaval are the order of the day.  People seem to be increasingly at each other's throats for little or no reason.

The question is, does knowing it has a central cause allow us to defuse the situation, or even treat the symptoms?  If so, then perhaps we are on to something here.  If not, then it is all simply unconnected events that are coincident with each other.

Frankly, I have never believed in coincidence.  There is always an underlying structure, even if the actors are not aware of it.

At any rate, it behooves us to sit back and get a little perspective once in a while.  Apologies, discernment and observation are the orders of the day.  We are continuously involved in the creation of the Universe, which is at once an amazing thing to watch, and requires careful and deliberate actions to work in harmony with it.

On the other hand, I could be wrong.
For those who have survived the screed, it's time for the Sunday Funnies!

I was testing children in my Dublin Sunday school class to see if they understood the concept of getting to heaven.

I asked them, 'If I sold my house and my car, had a big jumble sale and gave all my money to the church, would that get me into heaven?'

NO!' the children answered.

'If I cleaned the church every day, mowed the garden, and kept everything tidy, would that get me into heaven?'

Again, the answer was 'No!'  By now I was starting to smile.

' Well, then, if I was kind to animals and gave sweeties to all the children, and loved my husband, would that get me into heaven?'

Again, they all answered 'No!'.  I was just bursting with pride for them.

I continued, ' Then how can I get into heaven?'

A six year-old boy shouted out " YUV GOTTA BE FUKN' DEAD!"


Love Thy Neighbor To Death

This week has been particularly difficult.  Not really sure why.

My normal day begins at 3am.  I start with a shot of Goji berry juice and a cup of ginseng coffee.  I read the news in four different languages (English, Spanish, German, Indonesian), write a column, then eat breakfast and off to the office.

For some reason, I've been going to bed at the normal time (8 or 9 pm), but waking up around 5:30a.  Granted, it's been a rather hectic week at the office.  I've edited an average of five large reports and publications a day, compared to the normal three.  But that doesn't explain it.  It's not physically exhausting work.  Just mental gymnastics.  I taught three classes, but those are more fun than work, even though I hate preparing the materials (I may produce my first textbook soon with all the stuff I've created over the past four years).

There was Valentine's Day.  Bought my wife some roses and took her to a nice steak dinner, where I enjoyed a fine wagyu sirloin that melted in my mouth, medium rare sans the usual Indonesian habit of saucing everything.  That also happened to be the fourth anniversary of my arrival in Indonesia.  We enjoyed a couple of delicious and rare gin  and tonics back at the house.  That could only explain one day, though.  And that day, I woke up at my usual 3am.

So what was it that was dragging me down?  Sleeping 10 hours a day is just not my thing, and hasn't been since my wild and wooly late teens/early tweens.

Turns out, after a major round of self-diagnostics, that I was suffering from depression.  But where was it coming from?  I haven't had any major traumas this year (yet).  I've been reasonably productive of late.  I've got my home garden going and repaired some things around the house, got a few chores knocked out, came out of a 28-article writing spree, got a large number of projects completed at the office, and got some social time in.  I even hooked the HDMI output of the computer to the LCD big screen, bought a wireless mouse and keyboard, and started kicking back on the couch to do my research.  It also allowed me to pump my Tcaichovski 1812 Overture through the surround-sound system, which is waaaaay cool!

Maybe it was burn out.  Most writers go through down time.  There comes a point where you just run out of ideas and sit in front of a blank screen.  Other times, you become physically repulsed by the idea of sitting alone in your home office for hours on end cranking out words.  I'm very familiar with this syndrome and I've developed work-arounds over the years.

But this was different.  I had hit a wall where I didn't lack the ideas, just the motivation to do...anything.

Then it struck me.  For the last couple of weeks, I've been researching apocalyptic literature and culture, studying the origin and development of end-times thinking.  The topic had depressed me and taken the wind out of my sails.  Turns out, it is the Yahwist religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) that had T-boned my intellect and left me completely uninterested in my usual quest to change the world.

Studying that stuff is rather interesting, if not eye-opening.  But getting anywhere near it will cause a spell of hopelessness and inaction to fall over you.  It's very dangerous.  I can agree with Marx on at least his point that religion is an opiate of the masses.

When you study scriptures from a dispassionate point of view, as opposed the evangelical numb-nut view, you start to figure out that the Bible was sewn together from several ancient sources.  By the Bible, I include both Old and New Testaments.  If there ever was a real people called Hebrews, they certainly aren't the Jews of today, and most definitely aren't the Zionists.

The Old Testament is a hodge-podge of Egyptian, Babylonian and Mesopotamian mythologies cherry-picked to roughly create a story of these Hebrew folks.  Nearly every word can be traced to far more ancient sources, with a few modifications and additions to hold the teetering mass together.

The New Testament is a stew of Buddhist, Persian and Egyptian stories with some vivid imagination lumped on top.  The parables, miracles, names, symbols, and events all come from older sources.  Buddha, Mithras and Osiris are all strung together to create a character called Jesus, and the name is a combination of Julius (Caesar) and Zeus...Juli-Zeus...Jesus.

The truly evil part of this effort, though, is the Revelation of John the Divine, commonly called Revelations.  This is the key to the spell that has captured billions of people over the last thousand years or so (the early Christians didn't really talk about it, so it must be fairly new).

It wasn't until the last two hundred years or so that all the clap-trap about rapture and physical manifestations of God and complete and utter destruction of Earth came about.  Most of it is attributable to one man, Cyrus Scoffield.

Scoffield was a flim-flam man and convicted felon living in Kansas a while back.  At the behest and funding of a secretive group of Zionist lawyers, he wrote down a bunch of internal references in the Bible to vary events outlined in Revelations, including creating things like the rapture out of whole cloth.  You know his work is all rubbish, because the Oxford Press would never have published his mental masturbations without some high-powered backing.  He was a criminal and ne'er-do-well.  Why on Earth would Oxford give serious consideration to that rubbish without someone(s) in the backgroud green-lighting everything?

Since that point, global events have been carefully choreographed to follow the Scoffield script.  The destruction of the royal houses in WWI, the so-called Holocaust in WWII, the creation of Israel in 1948.  The introduction of bio-metrics and the police state in the latter 20th century through the use of false-flag terrorism.

The whole scenario was created and used by a group of elites to paralyze an entire chunk of the world's population while they installed their happy little global empire.

Here's how it works:

  • Get everyone to believe in a Second Coming/End of the World
  • Publish and indoctrinate a set of 'signs' that the End Times are coming
  • Manipulate world events to make the 'signs' appear
  • Make everyone believe that if they are saved, they have a free ride out
  • Watch as billions of people sit back and let them do their thing while they wait for the free ride and the appearance of 'god'
It's really diabolical, when you start thinking about it.  But that's not all!

The three Yahwist religions are people much identical.  Judaism, Chistianity and Islam follow more or less the same plot, though the names and events vary slightly.  The really crafty part is that the three are masterful creations for instilling hatred, division and separatism among a bunch of people that or more or less the same.

All three start off with one man wandering into the wilderness alone.  There he communes with some sort of Great Spirit who gives him, and only him, a Great Message for the Masses.  Furthermore, only he and his hand-picked successors have the power and ability to interpret this 'message' for mass consumption.

Now you have a tailor-made means of controlling large numbers of people.  You, the elite, need only brainwash a handful of gullible and greedy idiots, and they in turn will go out and do the dirty work, believing the whole time that they have been chosen by God's messenger to bring the One True Interpretation of some dusty of stories to the world.

The best part is that all three groups have a god that will torture and kill anyone who doesn't follow the inspired interpretation.  This god commands people to slaughter entire civilizations, wipe out cultures and baptize/convert anyone left standing.

All three stories begin with a gory murder and revolting violence.  The Jews watch as all the children in Egypt are killed and Pharoh's army drowned.  The Christians see their god brutally tortured and hung on a tree.  The Muslims follow their prophet into horrific battles to wipe out the infidels.

All three stories tell their followers that no one will believe them and everyone will hate them for their beliefs.  All three are told that once the 'signs' are fulfilled, their god will return in glory and justify everything by showing that they were right the whole time.

The scheme has been so successful, that all three groups have been at each other's throats for centuries, and when they aren't fighting each other, they are on pogroms to wipe out the heretics and blasphemers among their own ranks.  In fact, the whole thing is so devisive that the Jews, Christians and Muslims have all split themselves up into multiple sects believing that only they have the True Interpretation of the stories, and only they have direct lineage to the first man who secretly and solitarily got the first message.

It's all quite clever and humorous, as long as you don't think about all the death and destruction that has been caused by these three stories.

What you end up with are about half the world's population, who all hate each other and are suspicious of anyone not in their little sect.  All of them whole-heartedly believe that they will be proved right after the entire Earth is destroyed and their god comes back to say, "See, I told you so!"  And all three will do absolutely nothing to stop the elite from pulling off their evil plan, because the 'signs' are being fulfilled!

Oh, yeah...when atheism started taking hold back at the turn of the 20th century?  Well, those crafty elites came up with a secular version of the exact same stories, called the UFO Phenomenon.  Basically, aliens created humans and will return to destroy all the wicked ones and take the True Believers off to paradise.  In the meantime, they are kidnapping folks and giving them secret and solitary messages and empowering those folks to go out and spread it to the masses, along with their special interpretation.

Same damn story, same plot, same everything.  Only this time, we don't have something called 'god.'  Now we just have vastly superior lifeforms from 'out there.'

Once I saw through all this crap, I was fresh again.  Today, I vacuumed the window sills and cleaned the windows, re-arranged my office, wrote a column, and got some useful repairs and chores done around the house.  Amazing what can be done when you break this evil and cynical spell that's been cast over the world for so long.  I no longer feel depressed and gloomy!

For those who are still True Believers and refuse to See the Light, then try this mental exercise:  If God appeared to you right now and commanded you to go across the street and murder your neighbor, would you do it?  If the answer is an honest "no", then you are well on your way to a full and complete recovery.


Crunch And Burn


Yeah, I know.  Doing math has never been one of my favorite pastimes.  Even when I want to know the answer, I prefer to let people who like that stuff crunch the numbers and I just happily accept whatever they tell me.  But bear with me for a minute.  There's a method to my cyphering here.

The last number on the list up there represents the number of seconds in 3,000 years, give or take a few leap days and dinner at Sardi's.  Why in the hell would I want to know that?  Because I needed a little perspective on things.

If you received one dollar a second all day, every day, for 3,000 years, you'd have $94 billion bux and change.  Heck, each day, you'd wake up with $86,000 more than you went to bed with.  At that rate, you could buy a McMansion every week, for cash.

So why am I lashing you, dear reader, with all these numbers?  Why have I chosen this Valentine's Day 2012, the fourth anniversary of my Asian adventure, to torture and main with mathematics?

Well, if you look at the bottom line, you'll notice that in 3,000 years, you'd only have about one tenth of one trillion dollars, meaning it would take 30,000 years of earning one dollar every second to get one trillion dollars.  Therefore, at this rate it would take 450,000 years to pay off the US national debt, assuming no compounding interest with repayment at 86,400 buckaroos every day.

According to the US debt clock, which I have conveniently linked in the side bar for your handy reference, says that consumer debt in the US is $2.5 trillion.  Mortgage debt (again US only) is $13.4 trillion.  The number which makes my eyes fall out and my brain short circuit is the total unfunded obligations for debt and social programs and pensions is...wait for it...$118 trillion dollars.

It would take an entire geologic age to pay that off with out $86,000/day, every day, 365 days a year (with leap days off).  Don't know about you, but I've never seen $86,000 at one time in my entire life, much less every day for a couple of million years.

To put it another way, if every man, woman and child on Earth (7 billion give or take a pro football team) forked over $16,714 right this very minute, the US would just get back to 0.

I don't know about you, but that astounds me.  I mean, there are Stone Age tribes here in Indonesia whose entire life imcomes per capita will never equal that much, and we haven't even gotten to the Amazon yet, much less Africa.

John D. Rockefeller
Look how much pain and suffering Greece's mere EUR345 billion has caused.  In fact, the combined debt of the PIIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Spain) is less than a fifth of the US unfunded liabilities, and that's causing millions of people to lose everything and governments to become unstable, and riots in the streets, and the possible collapse of a currency.

The average US citizen with a bachelor's degree can expect to earn about $52,200/year.  That means with no interruptions and a 40 years career, he or she will earn roughly $2 million in their entire life.  Roughly 40% of the US population have a BA.  That ain't gonna cover it, sorry.

Even if you manage to get through your whole life and rack up a house and a car that are paid off, and stash away some cash and investments that get you through to a hole in the ground, your kids will have to sell all of it just to pay the onerous 50% death tax on your estate.  That hardly gives them a leg up on the next generation, and that's assuming lawyers and other bottom feeders don't descend on your scratchings to challenge this and claim that.  And if there's 10 cents left in your account, believe me, they will.

The question I have is: Why is anyone supporting and defending a system/paradigm that is in no way supporting and defending them?  You scramble all your life to build a family and an estate on the pittance that the banksters and government leeches leave after interest and taxes.  Then, when you die, it's all stolen at the point of a gun so that your family has to do the same for the remainder of their lives.

It's a vicious and cynical circle designed to maximize the amount of wealth stolen from you, and minimize the amount of services and benefits returned to you.  If at any point you don't pay the Syndicate's protection fees, they take it all and throw you in jail, thus likely impoverishing you for the rest of your natural born days.

Frankly, when you take a cold, hard look at this mess, why would anyone want to continue it?  Why not let it all fail and start over.  That's likely to be less painful in the long run than the endless bailouts and government buy-outs and welfare programs buying cell phones and service for those who don't deserve them using your money.  You're also paying for housing, health insurance and food for other people at the point of a gun, when you can barely (if at all) provide those things for yourself and your family.

The System is broken, at least for the vast majority of us in the Pile.  For those at the top, life's a gravy train of undeserved and unearned bonuses, holidays, vacations, and country club memberships paid for with your broken back.

Bammy's gotten in more rounds of golf in the past month than I've had in the past 20 years.  In fact, I haven't gotten in a single round since he became president.  And his rounds are paid for by us, as are his lavish family jaunts around the world on our airplane.

Congress gets rich retirement accounts, special health care and recreation facilities, tasty paychecks, and an entire phone book of other benefits paid for with our sweat and toil.

The banksters get grossly huge bonuses, Ivory Tower offices, Manhattan suites and upstate summer homes, and at least one paid day off every month for what?  Lending you a few bucks until payday and sticking you with disgusting interest rates that make pawn shop loan sharks look like upstanding members of society.

Let it fail.  It's not worth saving.  The System is corrupt and evil and is designed to benefit the very few on the backs of the decreasing number of truly productive members of this so-called society.

Athens, Greece
Since Bammy took office, the US national debt has gone from $10 trillion to $15 trillion.  The number of US families is 83 million.  They could have handed every family in the US $60,000 today.  Think what that would do for the economy.  Instead, it was all given to a bunch of vile, decrepid old men who ran the country into the dust in the first place, and then wanted us to bail them out when they screwed the pooch.  How much sense does that make, at least from the point of view of the vast majority of us.

You've seen the numbers now.  Do you really think this System is supportable?  Do you honestly think that this will all end in a bed of roses?  Do you honestly think that it can be sustained much longer?  The US debt alone is already at staggering levels, and it's only one of 190 or so countries, most of which are in the same boat to some extent or another.  And they all owe the same cabal of twisted, life-sucking greed mongers.

"Athens Burning," the headline reads.  Coming to a town near you, sooner than any of us would like to think.
Today's Bonus Economic Read-N-Weep chart stars the Baltic Dry Index...


Enemy Of My Enemy

Black Sun
It's both astounding and gratifying to see so many people waking up to the Grand Deception.  The pace is quickening.  Thanks to the internet, the amount of information available now is mind-boggling.

Back when I was waking up, most of the information was still in books, and those books were particularly hard to find.  There were 'subversive' groups and bookstores scattered far and wide where you could get your hands on The Truth, but they were like porn shops in the old days.  You had to go at night, park a couple of blocks away, and cover your face when you went in and came out.  Seriously.

I remember finding on such bookstore literally in the middle of nowhere in West Texas.  If you've ever been to west Texas, then you know that I don't exaggerate when I say 'the middle of nowhere'.  It was called the Patriot Store, and it was a thinly disguised old gas station that still ostensibly sold gasoline.  But people came from far and wide for the enormous selection of subversive literature that it sold.

A lot of the books were so rare that they had a single copy that they had permission to photocopy and sell.  I managed to find an extremely rare full series of Henry Ford's "The International Jew".  That's where I discovered The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.  Few people realize that Ford was a rabid anti-Zionist and anti-bankster.  That information has been thoroughly suppressed.  Now a-days, a quick search on the internet will bring that information to your screen.  I had to make a special trip over three days to the Middle of Nowhere to find it.

I remember distinctly the fear and loathing I felt as I absorbed that information.  I nearly gave up in sheer dread thinking there was no way out.  The Beast was so pervasive, so all-encompassing, and had invaded every aspect of western culture that there was no possible means to defeat such a monster.

Writing in the 1920s, Ford laid out the whole plan.  He used Congressional testimony, documents, archives, and just pure deductive logic to expose the whole (very old) New World Order.  This is the 1920s, mind you.  Movies didn't have sound yet.  Ford had just invented the Model T assembly line.  Oklahoma was still a territory, Hawaii was a kingdom, and Alaska was a wilderness.

Yet Ford was laying out a plan for world domination that 70 years later, as I read those books, had come shockingly to life around me.

When I first learned about the Federal Reserve Bank, that was not federal, had no reserves and was not a bank, I was stunned.  A private consortium of European and American banks had completely taken over control and issuance of the most powerful currency in the world, and by extension, the entire western economy.  People actually thought I was telling them the latest conspiracy theory when I described this gang of thugs.  Now it's nearly common knowledge.

Ford's was not the only material I read.  I devoured mountains of books, transcripts, scribblings, and spent hours listening to the Old Guard who had been fighting since before I was born: the researchers who had spent their lives uncovering the full extent of the web of lies that we generally refer to as daily life.  One old fellow in south Texas spent five hours one Saturday laying the whole thing out for me, while his pet cougar chewed on my toes.

At that point, with that information, and with the new ability to 'see' what was truly around me, I was left with two choices that were unavoidable: swallow the blue pill or the red pill.  The blue pill, I would wake up in my bed believing it was all a ghost story for a rainy night in the woods and go about my business as usual.  The red pill, I would have to fight with everything I had at my disposal.  There was no middle ground.  Having that information had created a polarization in my life.  The fence was destroyed and I could no longer sit on it.

Twenty years later, it's become a rather different world.  Many people are waking up to the world that has been pulled over our eyes.  People like Ron Paul have made some of the information main stream, after a fashion.  The media, of course, still ignore him, but he is still making huge waves despite the electronic anonymity.

NATO and the Nazis
Still, what is commonly known is merely the shallowest layer of a vastly deeper rabbit hole.  It stretches back thousands of years and involves crimes of such magnitude as to be nearly impossible to grasp with the mind.  But the satisfying part is that we awakened individuals are not alone.  We have some very large and very powerful allies.  And while they are not themselves perfect, they are nonetheless fighting the same battle we are, with far more resources than we could muster.

I'm speaking of China and Russia, of course.

These two countries have good reason to rise up against the Anglo-American empire.  The former has seen many of these empires come and go, and they know how to cut them off at the knees.  The latter is a victim of it and will not be fooled again.

China is probably the oldest, unbroken culture on Earth.  It's contiguous history stretches back some 3,000 years.  It has produced such common things as rockets, paper money, noodles, and coal for energy.  It has witnessed Genghis and Kublai Khans, the Han Dynasty and empires of such wealth and power as to rival even the current (very old) New World Order.

While Europe was wallowing around in a Medieval stupor, Genghis Khan had built an empire that had swallowed the entire eastern half of the globe and was knocking at the door of Europe (the Mongol Hoard).  He had instituted religious tolerance, national lotteries, paper money, a highly complex state banking system, and pulbic education.

China knows empires when it sees one.

Russia was nearly destroyed by the Anglo-American empire.  It's becoming more widely known that the Communist empire was created by the (very old) New World Order.  Russia and Europe have had an uneasy co-existence for the past thousand years.  European dictators have tried to take over Russia many times, most famously with Napolean Bonaparte (which created margarine, by the way).

At the turn of the century, the western banking establishment began funding the Bolsheviks to destroy the Russian empire from within, or at least hasten the process, since Nicholas was already losing control.  The problem was that men like Stalin and Lenin were not content to rule over Russia.  They wanted the entire world.

Russia is a powerhouse, make no mistake.  That is what has made it such an attractive bauble in the bankster toy box.  But they lost control of it and needed to create another monster to destroy the first.  Kind of like Frankenstein, in fact.

So the banksters created Hitler and the Nazis from the only European nation powerful enough to thwart the Bolsheviks.  The problem was that Hitler had studied the American Revolution and Civil Wars, and knew that state issuance of money was the only way to restore wealth and prosperity to his country.

No sooner had the banksters propped up Hitler, than he overran pretty much all of Europe and refused to play the bankster game, just like Russia next door.

The British Empire was already dust by this time, so they made a pact with their American cousins and created Pearl Harbor to mobilize the power of the States to fight the new monster.  The US almost didn't succeed, since projecting force thousands of miles away was a mighty tall order at the time.

By the end of WWII, the Anglo-American banksters saw their opporunity to finally succeed where they had failed so many times before, at the hands of the Holy Roman empire, then Napolean, then Russia, and finally Germany.  Now there were no most barriers to their ambitions.

But, two things are thwarting their ambitions: the Sino-Russian allaince and the vast numbers of people wising up to their shenanigans.  The Chinese, of course, have seen this game played many times on the world stage, and they're not buying it.  The Russians, bitter about their own history, refuse to play along.  Within the ranks of the slave class in the West, people are starting to see their chains, and they don't like it.  The Tower of Babel is crumbling fast.

Signs that the Anglo-American empire is dying are everywhere.  The Chinese control the Panama Canal.  The Russians have a naval base in Venezuela.  The Chinese are winning the hearts and minds of so-called Third World countries by building infrastructure, rather than stealing resources by propping up tin-pot dictators.  The Middle East manipulations aren't going the way they were planned.  China refuses to issue debt-based currency and play footsie with the Rothschild-Rockefeller trusts.

The holes in the armor are showing and the (very old) New World Order don't have the economic umph nor the goodwill to make the final push.  Where this gets dangerous is that groups with the sort of ambitions and single-minded goals like the banksters don't go quietly.

The (very old) New World Order have the toys to make everyone suffer for their failures, and in their depareration are quite likely to use them.  They also have toys that we are just now beginning to know about, like Hyperdimensional physics and the incredible things possible through it.  The problem is, so do the Russians and the Chinese.  How far are they willing to go to finish their plans?  And how far with the Sino-Russian alliance go to stop them?  And what will be the effect on us 'regular' people?

Things are quickly coming to a head.  One senses that both sides are growing tired of the uneasy stalemate that has been in place for the past decade or so.  When this kind of pressure builds behind a log jam, something will give eventually, and that eventually is likely sooner than later.

Solomon's Seal
The patriot is left with a conundrum.  Sun Tsu famously said, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend."  It is tempting to root for the Sino-Russian alliance, since they are obviously aware of and capable of fighting the (very old) New World Order.  But if they win, they are just as likely to become the next world order.  It is vitally important that people read voraciously and learn all they can about real history and current events.  We must not only prepare ourselves for the clash of titans, but to take advantage of the lull to rebuild the world with true freedom and liberty, and to pass the knowledge to our future generations, so they do not fall prey to the ambitions of evil men again.

The extant war is not about commies and jews and zionists and freemasons.  It is about the evil of greed and naked aggression and the possibilities of finally liberating the human mind and body to reach its true potential.  Time is short and the polarization has begun.  We must carefully choose sides and prepare ourselves for the battle ahead.


Cigareets And Whiskey And Wild Wild Women

As an example to others, and not that I care for moderation myself, it has always been my rule never to smoke when asleep, and never to refrain from smoking when awake. - Mark Twain
For most readers, I need not list all the people in the PTB set that have said on the record that they want to wipe out a fair chunk of humanity.  There's Prince Charles and His Royal Daddy, Bill Gates, Henry Kissinger, and the Bush Gang, along with the Georgia Guide Stones.  It's hardly a secret.

They stage wars to kill off thousands of the future leaders and thinkers.  They LOVE cars that burn all that delicious petroleum.  They fill up our drinking water with God knows how many nasty chemicals.  They promote drug addiction, as long as a doctor scribbles on a piece of paper.  They pump us to the hilt with vile, dangerous and killer vaccines.  In fact, they promote just about everything that will kill you while making money for them.

So what's the big deal with cigarettes?  Why the decades-long war on tobacco?  Why the brainwashing and laws and draconian efforts to rid the planet of this self-promoting cash crop?

It's but a vague memory now.  I live in Indonesia where cigarette smoking is still a right, a net exporter of tobacco and one of the few places left on Earth that still allows cigarette ads in print and on TeeVee (just can't show anyone actually smoking).  But I do remember the way people thought they had every right to treat you like a social deviant if you so much as mentioned Marlboro.

So, if the PTB/W are so damned hot to kill everyone while making a profit, why are they pushing this whole anti-smoking craze?

Adolf Hitler was a rabid anti-smoker and vegetarian.  Look what that got the world.  On the flip-side, nearly every artist I know is a closet smoker.

Sure, it causes all kinds of nasty things, but Xanax makes you suicidal, and they push that crap like it's going out of style.  Sure, stale smoke is not one of the more pleasant smells, but the BPA in nearly every plastic food container in your house is a really nasty little molecule.  Sure cigarettes are dirty, what with all that ash and the filters, but BP killed the Gulf of Mexico with its oil and Fukishima is killing all the rest of the world.

One could say that they really have a heart after all.  One could say that they need to have something they can point to for credibility in the 'caring and sharing' department.  I don't buy for a Jogjakarta minute.

The other day, I was listening to one of the dozens of interviews I peruse every week.  Someone said something that piqued my interest.  She said that some evidence pointed to cigarettes protecting the pineal gland from certain chemicals like fluoride.  If you don't know, fluoride makes people docile and open to suggestion, and since the pineal gland (also called the third eye) is associated in vastly different cultures with insight, intuition and wisdom, it makes a weird sort of sense.

It did get me to thinking.  Why would such murderous, evil bastards, who love making money and majik off of killing people, want to eradicate cigarettes that hook the smoker into a lifelong money-spending habit, and which has been a major cash crop for centuries?

And while we're at it, we could say the same thing about marijuana.

It does lead me to conclude that there is something about tobacco that they don't like.  Yet many of them are fierce smokers themselves.  I can't imagine they don't want us all riddled with cancer and shot-out lungs and heart attacks.  They love that stuff.  Packs hospitals, sells drugs and gets spiteful health care legislation passed.

Let's say the pineal gland does have a sort of metaphysical function.  It is, after all, the only part of the brain that doesn't come in a pair.  Suppose it does aid and abet things like insight and higher wisdom.  We know that fluoride has a negative effect on the gland, and Lord only knows what other chemicals the bastards are pumping into us and the effects they have on the little peanut-sized lump of flesh.

In my mind, I connect things like creativity and smoking.  Certainly, being a smoker causes you to take at least a couple of breaks a day just to stare into space while you enjoy sucking plant smoke into your lungs.  They sure don't like people sitting around thinking.  That's why they keep inventing all the Asian gee-gaws to keep our monkey minds occupied.

Cigarettes have seemingly always been associated with tough, independent and rebellious spirts.  Look at James Dean, Humphrey Bogart and the Marlboro Man.  How many times have you seen the image of the rough and tumble cowpoke plopping down by the fire after a long day in the saddle and sparking up a butt?

Could there be something to this?  Could cigarettes be the bane of Them?  Do cigarettes somehow neutralize some effort on their part to neutalize us?

It's an interesting idea to noodle on.  When you think about it, it really doesn't make sense that they would zero in on cigarettes with all the far greater threats to health out there.  Hell, most of the rabid anti-smokers I know think nothing of going jogging next to a busy street at rush hour.  There they are pumping gobs of nasties into their lungs and raising their heart rate to really get all the crud well circulated, while they're at it.

Certainly anyone who's read this site long enough knows that I'm rather independent and have no hesitation thinking outside the box.  I've also had a long, illustrious career in the performing arts.  And I've been a pack-a-day guy since I was about 13.

Hell, even Bammy is a heavy huffer.  If nothing else, you gotta give him credit for being creative.  He spins some good ones.  Got him the presidency, after all.

So it's just one of those ponders.  You have to sit up and take notice when evil murderous bastards seem to care about people's health.  It's not in character, and when people do things out of character, there's usually an ulterior motive.  It usually belies a weakness, too.

Next time you spark up, think about it.  Are you a rugged individualist with a strong creative streak?  It just might be because of the stogie you're sucking on.