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A Black Hole In Reason

One of the joyfully idiotic science stories of late is the "imaging" of a black hole in the center of a distant galaxy.  The authors breathlessly note the equatorial "dust" ring and the stunning nothingness in the middle.  Furthermore, follow-on articles note the polar jets soaring in opposite directions from the center of the object.

There are so many things wrong with this article, it is difficult to select a starting point.  But let's give it a shot, shall we?

First off, it is not a photograph of a "black hole".  It is a computer-generated image using algorithms to interpret terabytes of data, almost none of which are photographs in visible light.

Algorithms are mathematical formulae that process data according to a set of proscribed rules.  As such, they reflect the biases of the individuals who create them.  Thus, the image is created by math formulae that manipulate the available data to give the result the researcher is looking for, and ignores the rest.  In other words, scientidiots have preconceived notions of what a black hole should look like, and they assume that a black hole exists in the center of the imaged galaxy, thus the algorithms search for data that conforms to their a priori assumptions.

To put it country simple, we are looking at a picture of some people's imagination, using cherry-picked real data.

Look again at the above image, and note the box on the top right.  This purports to show a plasma jet shooting out of one of the poles of the "black hole".

According to Official Scientidiot Mythology, black holes are regions of infinitely dense matter with gravitational fields so mighty that not even light can escape - even though the escape velocity of an "event horizon" is noted to be the speed of light.

Here on Earth, we have two poles - north and south.  Those poles are designated both by the spin axis of the planet, and by the Earth's magnetic field.  Nowhere in any of the literature I have ever found does anyone claim that gravity is weaker - nay, repulsive - at Earth's poles.  The theory of gravity holds that gravity should be equal and relative to the mass of the central object.  If the object is round, gravity should be equal at all points around it, and that is what we find, with minor variations due to "mascons".

If gravity does not have poles, but magnetism does, then the black hole jets are magnetic phenomena.  The Laws of Physics state that one cannot have magnetism without electricity, nor visa versa.  Therefore, the jets are created by amazingly strong magnetic fields, not gravity, which is many orders of magnitude weaker than electro-magnetism (something like 20 quintillion times weaker).

There is no known mechanism that allows for gravity, even produced by "infinitely dense" objects, to create polar jets moving at relativistic speeds.  We will ignore, for now, the issue of infinity not being a number, and therefore unable to exist in a physical universe.

Particle accelerators, such as the one at CERN, use powerful electro-magnets to push plasma to incredible speeds.  Rail guns use electro-magnets to accelerate metal projectiles.  Electro-magnets are used to levitate and accelerate maglev trains.  None of these technologies uses concentrated gravity.

Yet, we are told that gravity alone concentrates plasma and ejects it preferentially at the poles of an imaginary object.  I suppose if you are creating imaginary objects, though, you can make up any rules you want, and the scientidiots apparently do.

We then move to the lower right box, which purports to show a "dust ring" around the equator of the black hole.

First off, it is not a "ring" like Saturn's rings - nearly two-dimensional.  Instead, it shows a three-dimensional torus at a great distance from the dark center.  This is identical, though vastly larger, to the plasma streams created in any particle accelerator using electro-magnets.  But that's not the only problem.

Back to the issue of gravity not having poles: if gravity does not have poles, then it does not have an equator.  An equator is an artifact of polarized fields, which is why the Earth has Van Allen belts or a particle accelerator creates a cohesive plasma stream.

If the black hole were dreated by gravity, there would be no "ring".  The dust and gas would be pulled equally towards the center of mass in all directions.  There is no mechanism that could create a ring.

What we actually have in the above image is an imaginary object created by algorithms that selectively edit data according to the preconceived ideas of a select group of individuals who all believe the same myth.  This image shows a dark area we are told is an infinitely dense object that doesn't exist in our universe, which is creating polar jets and an equatorial torus using gravity, even though gravity has no mechanism that allows it to do either of those things.

In fact, despite the bias of the researchers, every thing in the image matches known electro-magnetic effects that are regularly produced in laboratories and particle accelerators every day right here on Earth - something no one seems able to do with black holes, thank Einstein.

It is a crying shame that our educational systems cannot produce rational human beings either in the general public, who so gullibely believe and fund this nonsense, nor among the exaulted lab-coat brigades whose lives and careers are funded by the hard-earned money of the gullible public.

For more than a century, we have compounded error with error until we have created a system that produces imaginary pictures from computer algorithms and pawns them off on an unsuspecting audience as plausible reality.

I won't even go into the fact that decades of studies of SigA* at the center of our own galaxy have proved beyond all doubt that a black hole does not exist there, despite the insistence of over-paid labcoaters to the contrary.

It's high time to #StopTheFunding.