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The Q World Order - Part 1

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Q's back.  Or is it?

To catch up, Q is a mysterious entity that began posting on 4Chan on 27 October 2017, with a message saying Hillary Clinton would be arrested the following Monday.  Nearly 5,000 posts and 3 platforms later, on 8 December 2020, Q posted a single word on 8Kun, "Durham," and with that went silent.  In the meantime, a worldwide following of thousands, who wore Q gear and showed up to every Donald Trump rally, and analyzed every utterance and gesture of the 45th POTUS (President of the United States).for cryptic messages that would belie Trump's direct connection to Q.

The Q Phenomenon, which I labelled the Qult, was centered on a small number of "Autists," or what I call the Apostles and Acolytes.  This inner circle provided the "official" interpretation of Q posts, which were generally a combination of "coded" messages, and/or links to Main Stream Media (MSM) articles and videos.

There are literally thousands of "Q Proofs," various interpreted clues that prove the existance, reality and authority of Q - assumed to be a military operation to retake the USA from covert socialist invasion, and liberate the entire world from the Bankster Cabal that has enslaved humanity for centuries if not millennia.  One of the "proofs" of this connection is the many numerical and literal references to the Military Code of Justice (especially concerning martial law), which presumably will be the law of the land in the US during the transition back to a Constitutional Republic and the military tribunals that will try and convict the conspirators.

Oh, and Q and QAnon are not the same things, the latter being wholly concocted by the MSM to divert attention from the real Q, and label the movement as a nutzo conspiracy theory.

The movement uses cryptic phrases, like Where We Go One We Go All (WWG1WGA) from the film White Squall, The Storm (a reference to the chaos during the battle of reclamation), The Plan (how the battle will be run), and Future Proves Past, implying that all the Q Posts that seemingly did not come to pass will be proven by future events.

By way of disclosure, my own view is that all government everywhere, at all times and in all places, iis inherently immoral (see Lysander Spooner and Henry David Thoreau).  Thus, it makes no difference whether Q is a "white hat" or a "black hat".  If it seeks to replace one form of government with another, especially through the use of military force, it is inherently immoral.

All of that said, and I have only scratched the surface, it seems that Q has returned after a year and a half of silence.  Note that Q's last post in 2020 was the word "Durham," presumably a reference to Special Counsel John Durham, whose extant and pending indictments of the insurgent conspirators (Globalists) have been making news of late. 

Depending on who you listen to, Mr. Durham has begun indicting various individuals associated with the 2016 Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic [sic] Nation Convention (DNC), for their role in paying for, creating and disseminating the Stelle Dossier, which implicated Donald Trump in various plots with the leaders of Russia, and led to spying on his campaign and presidency, and the first of two impeachments of Trump (commonly referred to as Russiagate).  There are anywhere from several hundred to several hundred thousand "sealed indictments" set to be released in the coming months, as The Plan unfolds and The Storm is upon us.

In the year-and-a-half since the 2020 election, the nature and crimes of the Biden family and their associates have been increasingly revealed.  The Hunter Biden "Laptop from Hell" has been acknowledged by the MSM after two years of denial.    Certainly, the administration's full reversals of Trump-era policies on border and energy security is having a profound effect.  The Afghanistan Surrender certainly made no friends.  And Biden's own lack of competency is a growing issue, both domestically and internationally.

Could these events precipitate a military intervention in US political affairs?  Perhaps, though the intricacies of this issue requires its own article.

During the Biden administration, Trump has launched a fund to buy distrassed MSM outlets and/or set up new competitors for the existing media conglomerates.  The most visible effort is the launch of Truth Social, billed as a replacement for the various Big Tech offerings, which are plagued with "narrative" bots and censorship.

In the interest of disclosure, I cannot use Truth Social yet, because foreign residents are currently excluded.  As such, I must reply on others to find the following information.

According to several of the Apostles and Acolytes, Q has returned on Truth Social, with an account labelled @q.  This account is once again posting cryptic messages that include Morse Code and obscure Caucasian (the mountains) languages, as well as the image at the top of this post.  Let's take a look at it, shall we?

Note first that it is the Queen of Spades and the letter "Q" features prominently on it (a connection that I did not make in my article The Name of the Q).  Also note that the image of the queens is flipped along the vertical axis.

The top queen has a "red line" down the side on the face, while the right eye is actually the left eye, and the left eye appears closed or winking.  There is blood on her hands.  The right eye might be interpreted as a reference to a Masonic symbol featured on the Great Seal of the United States, at the top of the unfinished pyramid.  This side of the Seal also bears the phrases ANNUIT COEPTIS, understood to mean "God approves of our effort,"  and NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM, widely translated as "New World Order," though it's a bit more nuanced than that.  We also note that the right eye is at the approximate peak of an equallateral triangle formed with the red line as one side.  The Eye on the Seal is the left eye, and in the image above, the left eye has been moved to the right at the peak of the pyramid formed graphically by the shape of the queen intersected by the red line as a side of the triangle.

On the lower queen, we note that the nose and mouth are inverted, matching the orientation of the upper image.  I read this to imfer the occultic axiom "as above so below".

Praying Medic, one of the more popular Q Commentators, has posted his interpretation of this image..  He and others read this to mean that Hillary Clinton (or Nancy Pelosi) has crossed the red line and has blood on her hands, and she has flipped - presumably assisting an investigation.  The themes of top insiders flipping, red lines being crossed and blood on hands are common in the Q Posts.  However, I have found that Hillary Clinton is generally referred to as "Alice" of Wonderland fame, not as The Queen.

This image is typical of the classic Q Posts, with multiple layers of information and/or interpretation in many of the posts.  It is also common in the original Q Posts for inferences to be made by the reader filling in partial phrases, or reading images as visual representation of text.

Is Q back?  There is reason to believe that: @q was one of the first accounts approved on Trump's Truth Social, a number of Apostles and Acolytes believe it is so, the account's various messages follow the pattern established by the original Q Posts and Cicada 3301 before that, and the tone or "voice" of the new posts is similar to the originals.  There is precedent with Cicada 3301 for multiple "games" starting a year or more after the previous one ended.

I have made the case in my previous articles (see below) that Q is real, it is or was run by a group within the Global Engagement Center (GEC) under the US Department of State, and that it uses some form of advanced computing (commonly called AI) to develop and target a network of humans to operate a counter-narrative effort, whose ultimate goal is unknown, but is widely assumed to be the overthrow and punishment of perceived foreign insurgents and their domestic facilitators in the US government.  Q is also widely understood to be seeking the exposure and downfall of the global cabal of corporate and banking interests pushing the world into a globalist-socialist dystopia.

The reader is invited to make his or her own conclusions, and to assign a value of "good" or "evil" to any of the parties in this narrative.  I have made my opinion clear, while endeavoring to analyze the facts, noting my opinion as I have gone along.

Am I right or wrong?  It seems only time will tell.  We must come to grips with the fact that Q exists and is exercising influence over a significant group of people to one extent or another.

Stay tuned...