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Novus Ordo Saeclorum

There’s nothing new under the sun.

Ultima Cumaei venit iam carminis ætas
Magnus ab integro sæclorum nascitur ordo
iam redit et Virgo, redeunt Saturnia regna
iam nova progenies cælo demittitur alto

The avenging Sybil comes, an immediate prediction for the era
Great numbers, because of the age of perfection, are born in turn
immediate reward and Virgin, honorable Saturn reign
now the new blood-line of heaven descendant from the Father

Though many people are finally waking up to something called the “New World Order,” it is, in fact, a very old idea.  It is not New, it does not encompass the World, and it has little to do with Order.

The words, “Novus Ordo Saeclorum,” or ‘new way of things for all time,’ were first recorded by Publius Vergilius Maro, or simply Virgil, a Roman poet and historian, who lived from 70BC to 19BC.  He wrote the words in reference to the Roman Empire, which controlled most of Europe, the Near East and North Africa at the time.

Notice that the words, novus ordo saeclorum, don’t actually appear that way in the orginal poem.  That is important to understanding what is meant by this term.  More on that in a minute.

The term 'novus ordo saeclorum' has popped up in various places, most notoriously on the back of the US $1 note and Great Seal, as well as the title of Adolph Hitler’s second unpublished book, the sequel to “Mein Kampf” (My Suffering).

US Great Seal - Reverse
The “New World Order,” has been applied to a number of Western empires that have all notably had quasi-religious, esoteric foundations, such as the Holy Roman Empire and the Third Reich.  The quest to dominate the world is as old as ambition itself, and since the time of Virgil, it has had a name throughout Western history.

Every major empire that has come and gone in the West has had, at its root, the desire for a “New World Order.”  Whether it was Rome, Spain, Britannia, Autria-Hungary, the Third Reich, or the Catholic Chruch, they have all sought to enslave all of humanity under a single iron fist…and they have all seen themselves as the new order of all things.

The fact of the matter is it is all the same old clap-trap, and it all collapses under its own weight.  With the possible exception of Rome, which has changed its marketing plan several times over the last 3,000 years, they have all gone into the trash bin of history.

Basically, the New World Order is the same old bunch of crack-pot monarchs who keep trying to resurrect a long-failed blood-line ruling class that the masses have long since disregarded and disposed.

It’s important that we re-translate not only the poem, but the line ‘novus ordo saeclorum,’ because the real meanings have been obscured by accident and purpose to keep us ignorant of what’s really going on.  The lines from the poem, and the commonly translated “New World Order” actually refer to the rise of a blood-line king that will rule the world for all eternity.

The problem with a lot of translations out there is that Latin didn’t have punctuation, so things like dependent clauses, and adjectival and adverbial phrases must be carefully inferred from the endings on the words and the word order in the sentence.  In my translation, I have added appropriate commas to give a clearer rendition into English.

The poem contains two important symbols that are frequently translated as “justice” and “rules” (the noun form).  These are shallow interpretations.  The words Virgo and Saturn are very rich symbols with much greater significance.

Remember that poetry, even in English, uses connotation, allusion and subtext to communicate deeper meanings and images.

Let’s first look at Virgo.  Among the many allusions for this word are the Aqua Virgo aquaduct, the astrological sign Virgo, and the symbol of the virgin, which is part of the reason early Christians considered this poem prophetic.  In fact, many read the poem as prophesying the rise of a catholic (universal) Christian empire.

Virgo is the goddess of justice, who was forced to flee Earth because of the lawlessness of Man.  If this sounds a bit like something from the tale of Noah’s flood, you would be on the right track.  She is sometimes shown with scales, because Libra is the sign that follows Virgo.

Aqua Virgo
Originally, Virgo was pictured holding two sheeves of wheat, an asterism that followed the ancient Babylonian constellation of “The Furrow.”  Of course, if you read the Far Side column called Dawn of a New Day, then you know that a bundle of wheat with an ax buried in it is called a ‘fascia,’ from which we get the word, ‘fascism.’  The meaning of the symbol is ‘one strength from many parts,’ which Lo and Behold, is the national motto of the US.  Hmmmm…interesting connection.  The connotations of bundles of wheat, justice and laws, and the female form, which implies life and creation, are what we are after here.

Saturn is even more interesting.  Saturn is a key symbol in so many parts of our culture.  The most familiar, of course, is that it is Lord of the Rings, but it goes much deeper than that.  The ancient Babylonian symbol for Saturn is a six-pointed star, or what we commonly call the Star of David or Solomon's Key.  That it is a hexagram is even more interesting, in that it wasn’t until the past few years that we have been able to see that the poles of Saturn are surrounded by hexagonal rings.

A side note...the Babylonians knew that Saturn had rings, and the Hindus knew the diameter of Saturn to within a few hundred miles.

Saturn's Hexagon
Saturn traditionally is associated with long-term planning, and its 30-year orbit shows up in vast amounts of obscure and occult symbolism.  The common image of the god Saturn is what we know today as Father Time, the old man with a scythe who represents the passing year in New Year’s celebrations. 

Saturn was the Roman god of harvest, thus a close association with Virgo, who is holding the harvested wheat sheaves that Saturn has cut.  

Saturn was known to the Greeks as Cronus, the god of time, and the origin of the English word ‘chronology’ and its related forms.

In Hebrew tradition, Saturn is called Shabbathai, which is the origin of the word ‘sabbath,’ thus those observing the Sabbath are Saturn worshippers, who go to the temple on Saturn-day..

Ancient Babylonian symbol for Saturn
The Roman festival of Saturnalia began on December 17th, and ended on December 23rd, when the sun died for three days before being resurrected again on December 25th.  This symbolism is based on the fact that the sun moves approximately 1-degree per day across the sky throughout the year, as the Earth wobbles back and forth in its orbit.  The exception is December 23 to 25, when the sun appears to stay in the same location for three days, before beginning to climb again into the northern tropic zone.

Saturn/Cronus is also the father of the gods.  He is the progenitor of Jupiter/Zeus, and is the son of Terra and Caelus (Earth and Sky).  Do you see the word caelo in the poem at the top?  The Latin word for ‘heaven’ is caelis.  Are the pieces starting to fall together?

The Hindus call Saturn Shani, the judge of souls after death, a symbolism certainly known to Virgil.  The combination of Virgo, sometimes called the goddess of justice, with Saturn, whose Hindu function was to judge the dead, and who was credited by the Romans for originating law, make for an interesting play on meanings and symbols.

Cronus kills Uranus, his father
Virgil would have also included the mythology of Saturn, whose reign over Earth was a Golden Age, a time of great wealth, peace and cultural advancement.  This Golden Age appears in almost all mythology on Earth.  According to the Roman story, Jupiter eventually overthrew his father Saturn, and cast down all the Titans, thus ending the Golden Age, and beginning the Age of Man.

The layers and layers of mythology surrounding Saturn are both deep and broad.  I’ve barely touched the Eastern symbols.  But, I think we have enough now to get a handle on Novus Ordo Saeclorum, and tackle the poem’s riddle.

The avenging Sybil comes, an immediate prediction for the era
Great numbers, because of the age of perfection, are born in turn
immediate reward and the Virgin, honorable Saturn rule
now the new blood-line of heaven descendant from the Father

Sybils were soothsayers in Roman times.  They were the fortune-tellers.  In this case, the prediction is that Saturn would be overthrown by one of his children.  Thus, the reference to ‘avenging’ or revenge.

The Age of Perfection, or Golden Age, returns in a rebirth or resurrection.
Because of the rebirth, there is a return to justice, bounty and all the perceived wonders of the Golden Age.  The Virgin Implies innocence, as well as harvest and plenty.  Saturn brings justice and gathers the many together into one, like wheat at harvest.

Saturn is reborn, the blood-line of Heaven and Earth (Caelus and Terra).  The ancient rulers return and a Second Golden Age comes.

If we draw all the strings together, what we see is that the novus ordo saeclorum is an occult reference to a new golden age, that will supposedly be based on a legendary blood-line, which will rule over the whole world.  The fascis and e pluribus unum are all part of this secret symbolism.  Just as the whole design of Washington, D.C. as the New Rome is part of the rebirth of the Second Golden Age.

Everything we see going on around the world right now is because a group of occult ‘fascists,’ who call themselves the 'illuminati,' or enlightened one, are trying to breed a new king from an (supposedly) ancient blood-line, and bring all the pieces (harvest) together to bring Saturn back to life and recreate the Golden Age.

The problem is, who will this Golden Age benefit?  Who is the blood-line?  And why are we normal folk considered so much meat to waste in order to create this legendary Golden Age?  And why is this all such a big, damn secret?

We are at the mercy of a bunch of in-bred, Saturn-worshipping, believers in ancient legends, and they are willing to destroy anyone and anything to get their way in re-creating some musty old myth about a Golden Age.

The Illuminated Ones, who worship Saturn, in the guise of Lucifer the Light-bearer (all-seeing eye), are trying to re-establish a 'Golden Age' (gold being a symbol of Saturn) in which their chosen blood-line will be the supreme rulers of all Mankind for all eternity.

Makes you feel nice and comfy, doesn’t it?  Because we are in the way of their maniacal lust for ultimate power.

By the way, does any of this sound like a plot from a 'Star Wars' sequel?  Saturn, the dark father (Darth Vader) is killed by his son Luke/Jupiter, and ushers in a new Golden Age for the galaxy.

Stay tuned…

Our motto here on the Far Side, is and ever shall be:
Panton est fimum bovis.  It’s all BS.


Mark Twain, Where Are You Now?!

Samuel Clements, a.k.a. Mark Twain, is in my estimation the greatest of all American writers.  He was a brilliant satirist, humorist and teller of tales.
In 1899, the Phillipines were in the midst of a war for independence from Spain.  The US, always ready, willing and able to slaughter anyone they damn well feel like, jumped in to the fray so it could take the Phillipines away from Spain and make it a personal colony.  To this day, it's still under US control as a US colony in the South Pacific.

Intending to point out the very absurdity and insanity of war, Mark Twain wrote 'The War Prayer' towards the end of that war, but it wasn't published for another couple of decades.

Even from the grave, Twain's words could not be more true...
It was a time of great and exalting excitement. The country was up in arms, the war was on, in every breast burned the holy fire of patriotism; the drums were beating, the bands playing, the toy pistols popping, the bunched firecrackers hissing and sputtering; on every hand and far down the receding and fading spreads of roofs and balconies a fluttering wilderness of flags flashed in the sun; daily the young volunteers marched down the wide avenue gay and fine in their new uniforms, the proud fathers and mothers and sisters and sweethearts cheering them with voices choked with happy emotion as they swung by; nightly the packed mass meetings listened, panting, to patriot oratory which stirred the deepest deeps of their hearts and which they interrupted at briefest intervals with cyclones of applause, the tears running down their cheeks the while; in the churches the pastors preached devotion to flag and country and invoked the God of Battles, beseeching His aid in our good cause in outpouring of fervid eloquence which moved every listener.
It was indeed a glad and gracious time, and the half dozen rash spirits that ventured to disapprove of the war and cast a doubt upon its righteousness straightway got such a stern and angry warning that for their personal safety's sake they quickly shrank out of sight and offended no more in that way.
Sunday morning came – next day the battalions would leave for the front; the church was filled; the volunteers were there, their faces alight with material dreams – visions of a stern advance, the gathering momentum, the rushing charge, the flashing sabers, the flight of the foe, the tumult, the enveloping smoke, the fierce pursuit, the surrender! – then home from the war, bronzed heros, welcomed, adored, submerged in golden seas of glory! With the volunteers sat their dear ones, proud, happy, and envied by the neighbors and friends who had no sons and brothers to send forth to the field of honor, there to win for the flag or, failing, die the noblest of noble deaths. The service proceeded; a war chapter from the Old Testament was read; the first prayer was said; it was followed by an organ burst that shook the building, and with one impulse the house rose, with glowing eyes and beating hearts, and poured out that tremendous invocation – "God the all-terrible! Thou who ordainest, Thunder thy clarion and lightning thy sword!"
Then came the "long" prayer. None could remember the like of it for passionate pleading and moving and beautiful language. The burden of its supplication was that an ever-merciful and benignant Father of us all would watch over our noble young soldiers and aid, comfort, and encourage them in their patriotic work; bless them, shield them in His mighty hand, make them strong and confident, invincible in the bloody onset; help them to crush the foe, grant to them and to their flag and country imperishable honor and glory.
An aged stranger entered and moved with slow and noiseless step up the main aisle, his eyes fixed upon the minister, his long body clothed in a robe that reached to his feet, his head bare, his white hair descending in a frothy cataract to his shoulders, his seamy face unnaturally pale, pale even to ghastliness. With all eyes following him and wondering, he made his silent way; without pausing, he ascended to the preacher's side and stood there, waiting.
With shut lids the preacher, unconscious of his presence, continued his moving prayer, and at last finished it with the words, uttered in fervent appeal," Bless our arms, grant us the victory, O Lord our God, Father and Protector of our land and flag!"
The stranger touched his arm, motioned him to step aside – which the startled minister did – and took his place. During some moments he surveyed the spellbound audience with solemn eyes in which burned an uncanny light; then in a deep voice he said
"I come from the Throne – bearing a message from Almighty God!" The words smote the house with a shock; if the stranger perceived it he gave no attention. "He has heard the prayer of His servant your shepherd and grant it if such shall be your desire after I, His messenger, shall have explained to you its import – that is to say, its full import. For it is like unto many of the prayers of men, in that it asks for more than he who utters it is aware of – except he pause and think.
"God's servant and yours has prayed his prayer. Has he paused and taken thought? Is it one prayer? No, it is two – one uttered, the other not. Both have reached the ear of His Who hearth all supplications, the spoken and the unspoken. Ponder this – keep it in mind. If you beseech a blessing upon yourself, beware! lest without intent you invoke a curse upon a neighbor at the same time. If you pray for the blessing of rain upon your crop which needs it, by that act you are possibly praying for a curse upon some neighbor's crop which may not need rain and can be injured by it.
"You have heard your servant's prayer – the uttered part of it. I am commissioned by God to put into words the other part of it – that part which the pastor, and also you in your hearts, fervently prayed silently. And ignorantly and unthinkingly? God grant that it was so! You heard these words: 'Grant us the victory, O Lord our God!' That is sufficient. The whole of the uttered prayer is compact into those pregnant words. Elaborations were not necessary. When you have prayed for victory you have prayed for many unmentioned results which follow victory – must follow it, cannot help but follow it. Upon the listening spirit of God the Father fell also the unspoken part of the prayer. He commandeth me to put it into words. Listen!
"O Lord our Father, our young patriots, idols of our hearts, go forth to battle – be Thou near them! With them, in spirit, we also go forth from the sweet peace of our beloved firesides to smite the foe. O Lord our God, help us to tear their soldiers to bloody shreds with our shells; help us to cover their smiling fields with the pale forms of their patriot dead; help us to drown the thunder of the guns with the shrieks of their wounded, writhing in pain; help us to lay waste their humble homes with a hurricane of fire; help us to wring the hearts of their unoffending widows with unavailing grief; help us to turn them out roofless with their little children to wander unfriended the wastes of their desolated land in rags and hunger and thirst, sports of the sun flames of summer and the icy winds of winter, broken in spirit, worn with travail, imploring Thee for the refuge of the grave and denied it – for our sakes who adore Thee, Lord, blast their hopes, blight their lives, protract their bitter pilgrimage, make heavy their steps, water their way with their tears, stain the white snow with the blood of their wounded feet! We ask it, in the spirit of love, of Him Who is the Source of Love, and Who is ever-faithful refuge and friend of all that are sore beset and seek His aid with humble and contrite hearts. Amen.
(After a pause)
"Ye have prayed it; if ye still desire it, speak! The messenger of the Most High waits."
It was believed afterward that the man was a lunatic, because there was no sense in what he said.-------------


Adventures In Acupuncture II

This is part 2 of an on-going series of articles about the use of acupuncture in treating the effects of multiple sclerosis, especially blindness.  See Part 1 here.  The standard Western medical approach gave no hope for recovery, and the use of life-long drugs (with distasteful side-effects) offered a ‘possible’ protection from further attacks.

For those playing along at home, here is the clinical description of the situation:

The patient is a 50-year-old, white male, presenting with profound disruption to vision and hearing, with intermittent muscle spasms in the lower legs, numbness in the middle three toes of each foot, and occasional ‘pins and needles’ in the feet and hands.  The patient describes vision loss of between 75% and 90%, with the right eye more affected.  He has some color vision in the peripheral field of view, but virtually none in the central region.  He describes his vision over-all as being dark and blurred, though the left eye has a small window of extremely acute resolution.
The patient describes significant hearing degredation and complains of persistent tinnitus, with the right ear being most affected.

The patient describes occasional and random muscle spasms that primarily occur just above the ankles in the external, lateral regions.  He describes a frequent ‘pins and needles’ sensation on the tops of the feet, and little or no sensation in the middle three toes of both feet.  Normal motor function and strength are noted in the affected digits.

The patient experienced profound fatigue and concomitant loss of vision on 1 April 2009.  He was admitted to AINI hospital and received high-dose intravenous steroids for five days, followed by one month of oral dosage on an out-patient basis.  He reports having recovered 60%-75% of his vision at that time, but has experienced a slow decline in visual acuity, as well as other effects since then. 

The patient was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis on 23 May 2009, based on MRI results of high-resolution scans of the optic nerves.  Certain foods and over-exertion/exhaustion appear to aggravate the condition.  He has maintained a strict regimen of vitamin, mineral and herbal supplements since the initial attack.

Clinical testing showed the eyes to be healthy and free of cataract or glaucoma.  However, the central area of the optic nerve appeared pale on direct inspection.  Iris response is normal and there are no appreciable physiological changes in the eye tissues.
In the interest of objectifying my results as much as possible, I have devised some tests to try and objectively quantify any improvements/declines I experience, as a result of the course of treatment.

For testing my eye-sight, I have chosen the SMPTE standard television test patterns:

·        The first is the common ‘color bars,’ which will allow me to use an objective standard for color perception and contrast.  If you are not familiar with how the chart works, it displays the three primary colors of light (red, green, blue-RGB), the secondary colors (cyan, magenta, yellow-CMY)as well as absolute black and ‘video’ black (0% and 8%), and white (100%), as measured by the NTSC-2 broadcast signal standard using a vector scope to align the signal.

·        The second is a standard SMPTE alignment/sharpness chart, used to align camera tubes/chips and dislay reproduction.  Though not perfect, it should allow me to objectively measure my ability to detect fine detail across a standardized field of view.

In order to eliminate as many variables as possible, I will perform the tests on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, each week.  That will give one test 48 hours post-treatment, and two within 12 hours post-treatment.

I will perform the tests at 9pm, local time, each of the three days per week, under the same lighting conditions, and on the same display (my laptop) with the same default settings each time.  Though somewhat subjective, I will use arm’s length (approximately 1 meter/1 yard) as the standard distance from the focal plane (the retina) to the tip of my middle finger, with shoulders squared.
As for things like ‘aches and pains,’ ‘spasms’ and ‘sensory input,’ I don’t have any way, short of paying for EEG and MRI every week, to quantify these things objectively.  I can only report what I feel, by necessity.  However, if I realize significant improvement by the end of the course of treatment, I will get a second high-resolution MRI of my optic nerves to compare with the original, done six months post-attack.  That should allow me to see any physiological changes directly attributable to this modality.  I have also had three visual field tests to date, which show a slow degradation of visual sensitivity.  If I notice a marked increase in vision, I will spring for another round of tests to quantify any improvements.
Next week, I will quantify and list all herbal and supplemental modalities, including brand names where applicable.  I am standardizing the quantity, quality and timing of all these things, to the greatest extent possible.
Results – Week One
Overall, I have noticed a marked increase in color sensitivity across my full field of view.  It began with the color yellow, but now includes reds and greens, though the latter are still weak and limited to certain hues.
My sense of balance is strengthening and I am able to walk more confidently.  The numbness in my feet is slowly going away, however the result is somewhat annoying, like when your feet warm up after being extremely cold.  There is a warm sensation and slight ache or burning feeling, and the muscles tend to get tense.  On the other hand, I can feel out to the tips of the toes, which before were without sensation at all from the root of the toe to the tip, on the middle three toes of both feet.
The annoying muscle spasms in both lower legs tend to stop for about 24 hours post-treatment, though they slowly return after that, although with lower intensity.  I have not experienced any hand tremors at all in the past week.
The tinnitus (ringing in the ears) has decreased quite a bit.  The right ear was worse than the left, and the sin she has focused on the right.  The general level of tinnitus is down quite remarkably.  Consequently, I am able to hear better, especially in noisy/crowded situations.
On the second visit, the sin she noticed I was suffering from my occasional bouts of sinusitis, caused by the general low air quality in Jakarta.  She added two needles on either side of my nose, which have led to a greatly enhanced sense of smell.  This is either a blessing or a curse, given some of the lovely smells encountered here-abouts.  My sinuses have also opened rather dramatically, though the overall amount of mucous hasn’t changed much.
The most dramatic change is my night vision.  Prior to treatment, I was basically limited to seeing lights against a completely black background, at distances of more than 5-10 feet.  After the second treatment, I could see cars, people, buildings, and other details, as well as colors at night.  Before my first attack two years ago, I had very acute night vision.  I could literally read by star light.  A full moon was as good as daylight to me.  For the past two years, I have had almost no night vision at all.  Crossing streets alone at night was all but impossible.
Before receiving any treatments, I checked the color bars and sharpness chart.  I could easily make out the blue areas on the bars, as well as black and white, however the contrast chips were invisible.  The red bar appeared dark gray, and the green was light gray.  The CMY bars appeared to be off-white, perhaps bone-white or antique white, to use common descriptions.  Tonight, I can clearly see the yellow and cyan bars.  I can perceive a slight reddish color and the green appears yellowish.  Overall, color response is greatly improved.  I can also see all three contrast chips in the bottom center.
On the sharpness chart, I could make out gross detail at the 1-meter distance.  The areas containing fine lines tended to blur together and ‘shimmer.’  I don’t know how to explain it clearly, but my eyes appear to have areas that are worse than others, so that there are blind spots across the field of view.  This causes a ‘shimmering’ effect, or moiré, when I look at fine detail from a distance.  There seems to be a slight increase in ‘cloudiness,’ but at some level I am seeing more detail, because I am not stumbling as much when I walk.  Today I feel like there was a decrease in visual acuity, while at the same time an increase in other benefits.
As for the treatment itself, it is uncomfortable, and sometimes even painful.  When inserting the needles, it’s not unlike getting shots in my face.  It is made more uncomfortable because the needles are being inserted directly into the nerves, so there is a ‘pinching’ sensation that is distinctly different from hitting muscle tissue.
The electrical stimulation is annoying, but not really painful until today.  The power level was increased today, which caused my jaw to jerk spasmodically in rhythm with the jolts.  I had to literally hold my mouth open to keep from biting my tongue or clamping my teeth 10 times a minute.  So far, the electo-stimulation is only connected to the facial needles, and I can distinctly feel each one when she plugs it in.
The first treatment involved 10 needles, with six in my face, one in each hand and one in each foot.  The second used 13, and today I had 15.  In fact, today I had two in the crown of my head, one behind my right ear, and an extra one between the ring and pinky fingers of my right hand.  Also, the needles in my feet moved from between the arch and big toe, to the inside root of the big toes.
Tonight I have a slight headache centered around the area at the base of my skull and top of my neck, where two of the needles are placed.  There is another sore spot just in front of my right ear.  Otherwise, there are no lasting pains from the needles.
In general, there seems to be an immediate intense effect, with hyper-sensitivity that lasts for about 24 hours, then it slowly subsides.  The effect is something like ‘three steps forward, two steps back.’
There does seem to be an accumulative effect.  If I start each treatment at 1, then within 30 minutes of completing the treatment, I reach a level of 10, and by the time I come for the next treatment, I have retreated to maybe 3 or 4.  However, the level 1 is higher each time, as is the level 10.
There is definitely some benefit to the treatments.  The strongest results, both objectively and subjectively, have been in tactile and color responses.  There has been a subjective increase in night vision, but visual acuity has been up and down.  Each session has slight modifications, as far as needle placement and number, with the latest treatment having a significantly higher electro-stimulus component.
There seems to be a quantitative advancement with each session, though there is an initial ‘hyper’ state beginning roughly 30 minutes post-treatment and lasting about 24 hours.  After that, there is a general pull-back to a point that is generally better than the previous state.
I will continue to pursue the treatment, as there is a definite positive cost-benefit correlation.
Tune in next week for part 3.

A Telling Moment

Obama's CowardMobile, ironically named the 'Beast,' gets stuck in Dublin.  I love Universe's sense of humor.

Congress automatically renews the worst parts of the so-callled USA Patriot Act, and Obama automatically signs it...literally.

That is such a depressing mental picture.  The US is on autopilot, automatically rolling out tyranny while the president automatically accepts it.  One gets the image of the whole country operating like a cookie-cutter operation...stamp, stamp, stamp.  One egregious assault on freedom after another, in a completely mindless assembly line.

Once upon a time, there was great oratory and debate.  Members of congress would stand up on the floor of the chambers and deliver heart-felt speeches supporting or lambasting new laws.  Those speeches have entered the public lexicon of cultural memory.

"Give me liberty or give me death!"

Now speech-writing hacks cut-and-paste the great speeches of yesteryear into less-than-memorable clap-trap that is then entered into the congressional record in the middle of the night, without a word every having been uttered in public.

Laws were then voted on by roll-call, where a member had to be present and speak the words, "yea" or "nay."  Now, junior members are given the voting keys for a dozen or so members who are too busy to attend to such mundane things, and they run around illegally casting votes for the absent reps.

If a law passed, then the president would have a ceremony in which he would sign several copies of the law using different pens, which would then be given to various VIPs as souveniers.  Now a 'signing machine' affixes a likeness of the signature to an automatically generated law that was written by lobbyists who bribed the congress-critters to send their junior members to the floor in the middle of the night to vote on it.

The whole freakin' world is on autopilot.  It's like a scene right out of Fritz Lang's "Metropolis," with semi-automaton humans operating massive machines in repeated motions that almost seem dance-like.  Perhaps its some artless Totentanz, as we mindlessly celebrate the fall of our civilization.

In a brilliant twist, Lang turned the female form, a symbol of life and vitality, into a machine, blank and lifeless.  It is a metaphor for our time.

Perhaps we deserve our fate, since we can no longer muster the passion for life and the 'animating contest of freedom.'  Like the apathetics in the film, "Zardoz," we have become walking dead who would create our own demise just so we can be released from this hellish prison called Life.

In another example, NASA spent a year and millions of dollars trying to revive a dead robot on the surface of Mars.  When you read the article, you'd think they were mourning one of God's Creatures, with the hint of a tear in their eye.  The bucket of bolts and capacitors is discussed as if it had feelings and was imbued with an immortal soul.  On the surface, it seems but a pittance, but the underlying disease that is causing these symptoms is eating the life out of our civilization.

Even the concept of sending robots to explore for us is symptomatic of this malaise that has got hold of humanity.  What has happened to the days when exploration was conducted by men going places no one had ever been, and if they lived to tell the story, they became heroes, worthy of our adulation?

It is so typical that exploration in our age has become a bunch of pin-heads sitting in a dark room watching TeeVee while their mechanized avatar does all the dirty work.

It's Obama swinging his brass cajones because he signed a piece of paper and then watched a bunch of SEALS on TeeVee killing a dead man.

I mean, if it weren't so frightening, it would almost be laughable.

One of my favorite sci-fi writers is Larry Niven.  He wrote a series of books called, "Ringworld."  One of the notable innovations I found in them was an alien character whose title was "Hindmost."  The idea was that the culture of the aliens was one of fear and only the crazy ones went exploring.  When they got into war, the leaders were the ones who stayed the farther behind, or the Hindmost.

That is so freakin true.

There is no 'joie de vivre' anymore.  Men are hollowed out shells that get vicarious thrills from watching stylized battle on TeeVee.  Women have become stylized men whose goal it is to kill unwanted life inside them.  As a society, we spend billions to send robots to do what we humans used to do, and we claim that we are on the cutting edge, when in fact we have done nothing and taken no risks.  Everything, it seems, is a mere shadow of itself.

We are sitting around the collective campfire, watching the embers slowly die out, while lamenting the cold and dark.  It we do not fan the flame, then the spark will simply fade until, in a last hurrah, it winks out.  All that we as humanity have achieved will be gone, and all the passion and danger and joy that brought us to this point will have been for nothing.

As the character Red so aptly reminded us, in the brilliant film, "The Shawshank Redemption,"

"You're either busy livin', or you're busy dyin'."

That's pretty much the shape of it.


A Public Service Announcement

David Dewhurst, Traitor
As a service to our readers, we want to show the world the face of a traitorous, slime-sucking piece of weasel shit.  His name is David Dewhurst, and he is the Lt. Governor of Texas, and if he was drowning in front of us, we'd have a hard time deciding to save him or throw him a rock.

This smelly blob of human refuse does not deserve to call himself a Texan.  In fact, the only appropriate fate for him would be to get tarred and feathered, then clapped in stocks on the grounds of the Texas capital facing the monument to the heroes.

Dewhurst is a former CIA slime-ball whose job it was to take down foreign governments.  He worked with infamous Klaus Barbie, the Butcher of Leon, whose Nazi resume can be found readily on your favorite search engine.

This wad of carpet-bagging, globalist trash brazenly committed several crimes in full view of the Texas people on the floor of the Texas Senate.  We're ashamed that our photo hangs on the wall of that very chamber, where we spent many hours of our formative years learning about politics and watching historic events while sitting at our father's desk for Senate District 15.  Even Ben Barnes in his heyday couldn't have conceived of doing what this sad excuse for a useless eater did.

Look closely at this photo.  You will want to recognize the face of US imperialism.

In case you are lost, let us fill you in a bit.

Started by George W. Shrub, and continued under the CIA impant Obama, the US is being overrun by a yellow-shirted bunch of moronic Gestapo-wanna-bes called TSA.  These slimy mental midgets, who couldn't get jobs as Wally Mart greeters, infest airports, train stations and high school proms, sexually assaulting men, women and children who want to commit the horrible crime of traveling.

Heeding the outcry of real Texans, the valiant and heroic Texas House of Representatives passed (without a single 'no' vote) a bill to outlaw the already illegal actions of the TSA scum.  While publicly mouthing words like "support," Dewhurst was secretly arm-twisting Senators behind the scenes to serve his Master and Fuerer in the Feral Gummint.  The bill, which began with 30 of 31 votes when it entered the Senate.

Dewhurst killed the bill before it could come to a vote.  On top of that, the US Feral Gummint threatened to shut down all air traffic into and out of Texas if the bill was passed.

That threat, whether real or, more likely, just hot air, is in fact the EXACT same thing the British did in the 1700s, the the Unionist bastards did at Charlottesville, SC, which precipitated the War of Yankee Agression. That threat IS economic terrorism, plain and simple.

Let's say that again...the message threatening the 23 million people of Texas sent to the Texas Legislature by US Attorneys General was an ACT OF TERRORISM.  It was a domestic version of the infamous 'economic sanctions' that the US empire uses against anyone who doesn't bow and scrape to their every whim.

The US Feral Gummint has committed an outright ACT OF TERRORISM against the people of Texas.  The imperial boot-licker known as David Dewhurst aided and abetted this ACT OF TERRORISM against the people of Texas.

If ever there was an argument that proves the case for Texas independence, this is it.  In fact, if you are interested in fighting TERRORISM and STATE SPONSORS of TERRORISM, you might want to click over to the Texas Nationalist Movement.  We're sure they can use all the support they can get, which should be easy about now.

It's Travis' line in the sand.  It's Goliad.  It's the Alamo.  It's San Jacinto.  Time to put an end to US TERRORISM, at home and abroad.

Oh, and if you're one of those folks who thinks the TSA actually protects you from anything, why not ask all the people whose lives have been destroyed by tornadoes and floods in the past month how much help the TSA was to them.  Why not ask how much Fukushima radiation the TSA has stopped.  Ask how many REAL terrorists the TSA has actually stopped.

Warning: Don't send an email to us asking how we REALLY feel.  You'll just get an obscenity-laced tirade.

Thanks and have a nice day.


My Mouth's Watering!

Holy Cow

We frequently hear folks say, “You have to have an open mind.”

There’s a lot of talk about open minds and opening your mind, but few people seem to want or try to explain just what an open mind is.  Perhaps it is because they don’t really understand it themselves.  It is not easy to have an open mind.  It is the very nature of our upbringing that closes our minds, and we must make a conscious effort to pry open the boundaries that have been artificially placed on our thinking.

It begins with the most basic sensory input.  You are hungry, so you eat.  Certain feelings, sounds, smells, and sights become associated with specific automatic responses.  When it’s dark, you automatically think you can’t see, so you are not open to the possibility that you may be able to see with other means.  People who become blind late in life describe how their other senses take over and become enhanced.  That’s not strictly true.  They’ve always been there, we just haven’t paid attention to them.

If you are raised to believe that the sky is green, then you will resist, possibly violently, anyone who tells you differently.  You are quite sure the sky is green because it has been green all your life.  Now this other guy is telling you, “No, it’s blue.  Everyone knows its blue.”  Your mind automatically shuts out the new information and you actively try to distance yourself from anyone who tells you the sky is blue.

These automatic responses are not necessarily bad.  Certainly, when you are hungry, your mind begins to envision foods that would satisfy the craving.  What foods you imagine are strictly cultural, of course.  

A Texan might picture a thick T-bone steak, medium rare, flame grilled and served with a baked potato all the way.  A Texan can hardly imagine a decent meal that doesn’t include a healthy serving of beef.  

An Hindu Indian will starve to death surrounded by cattle, and never have a single thought that they are looking at food.  An Indonesian, on the other hand, will immediately picture rice.  Whatever else goes with it is not nearly as important as the rice itself.  In fact, Indonesians have a difficult time imagining how anyone can be satisfied by a meal that doesn’t include a good-sized portion of rice.

It’s all in our conditioning and training.  We associate good feelings and experiences with certain sensory input, and when we receive that input, our minds and bodies respond accordingly.  

To me, the smell of cooking bacon is the very essence of a hearty breakfast, but I daresay my Muslim friends here would be appalled.  Training and conditioning.

As I said, these responses are not intrinsically bad, but there are two key problems with them.  One is that they close our minds to new possibilities, experiences and learning.  The other is that they can be turned against us, and used to control us by external means.

Not long after I arrived in Indonesia, I was treated to a completely new experience.  Some friends next door had prepared a special meal that was a cultural favorite.  It happened to be dog.  Of course, I ate it, but it was interesting that I had to battle my body’s automatic revulsion, which was based solely on my cultural programming.  In fact, the food was very good and quite spicy, which I love.  But my mind kept rejecting the experience because I was trained that dogs are pets, not food.  I was finally able to uninstall the automatic response by examining it and controlling my unconscious reaction.  It took an effort, but was not impossible.

In the same way, we must first make ourselves aware of our automated responses to input.  That involves not only knowing when it happens, but exploring when and why that response was programmed.  At that point, we can begin to uninstall the reaction and start to learn and grow.

The second problem is the use of our automated responses against us.  

All our lives, we are shown flags and logos and symbols of power, and those items are carefully associated with natural responses to protect and defend our homes.

By carefully manipulating how and where those symbols are shown, we are trained with Pavlovian responses to have certain reactions to certain stimuli.  

For instance, the World Trade Center was a symbol of American power and wealth.  It was used in media all the time, in certain contexts, to install particular subconscious responses of pride and nationalism.  After they were destroyed, there was a famous photo that made the rounds of firefighterz standing on a pile of rubble with the US flag amidst the destruction.  

Gut Reaction
There is not one American who didn’t have some visceral reaction.  The majority were angered and dismayed.  They wanted revenge, even though the symbols being used had nothing to do with their daily lives, and in fact most Americans were not the least bit personally affected by the event.  After all, the targets were the banksters and the military/industrial complex, both anathema to true American values.

As a consequence of the emotional manipulation, people are completely close-minded to any information that challenges their pre-installed reactions, and thus their beliefs.  They find it impossible to even entertain over-whelming evidence that the money in their pockets and the nationalistic emotions installed since their youth could possibly be used as weapons against them.

Most will react angrily, even violently, to any suggestion that the official story is anything less than the unvarnished truth.  Their mental conditioning actively filters any information that contradicts the programming they have received.  These folks will not analyze their feelings and reactions, instead they will fight anything that goes against them.

Just watch commercials.  Those are the easiest codes to see.

Look at the woman who comes in the door with a bag that have a loaf of bread and celery leaves sticking out of the top.  Where has she been?  What lifestyle does she have, based on the setting of her house?  Is she wearing a wedding ring?

Look at the ones with a man and women discussing a topic.  Are they wearing wedding rings?  What are the settings and implied social status of the people in the scene?  What is the color and quality of the lighting?  Is it made to look natural or artificial?  Carefully look at all the objects in the background.  They are all placed there on purpose to tell you something, whether you are aware of it or not.  

Nothing in TeeVee commercials is accidental.  You are being subtly programmed and manipulated.
One very popular technique is called the ‘opinion leader.’  This is when the advertisement uses symbols to tell us that one of the people in the scene is superior and more knowledgeable: a white frock and stethoscope…an older person and a younger one…framing that puts one person above (superior) to the other.  Through the subtle use of camera angles, lighting, costumes, and other cues, we subconsciously respond to those people as ‘opinion leaders,’ so whatever they tell us gets past certain blocks and filters in our minds.  

The relationship of a parent and child, a very strong stimulus-response in every human being, is used to control our thinking.  When we are small, we must look up to adults, so by placing the camera below eye-level of the character, we subconsciously respond as if we are children.

The way people are conditioned and respond to stimuli are well understood.  It has been intensely studied for several centuries.  Psychology, behavioral sciences and sociology have categorized and classified the way most of us respond to a given set of stimuli.

There are dozens of famous experiments, and many more classified ones, that have reduced the process of programming himans down to 'point and click' simplicity.

Madison Ave. has made an art out it.  Why, people didn't have body odor until after WWII, when advertisers convinced us that we smell.  In fact, think about how many products you use in your daily life that are really worthless.  They serve no real purpose except to separate us from our money by manipulating our desires.

Pavlov's Dog
The one experiment that is so famous, it has become an adjective, is Pavlov's dog.  Pavlov put a tube in a dog's mouth and quantified how much saliva the dog released when exposed to certain stimuli.  Then he trained the dogs that food was available when they hear a certain bell.  After a short time, the dogs would salivate just from hearing the bell, with no food anywhere near them, or even within smell range.

How often are your fears and insecurities preyed upon by corporations and government to elicit certain feelings nad reactions from you, without you even knowing it's being done?  How many Amber Alerts and 'terrorist attacks' and 'bin Ladens' will it take before you open your mind.

See...that's the thing.  An open mind doesn't mean you are suseptible to suggestion.  Just the opposite.  It means you have turned off the automated part of your psyche and freed yourself from the manipulation of those who would own you.


In The Blink Of A Pixel

Be sure to check in this weekend for what should be an interesting update on acupuncture as treatment for multiple sclerosis.

I can think of many reasons to avoid TeeVee like the plague.

Not only does it destroy the lives and minds of those who sit in front of it, it positively consumes the souls of those behind it.  Fame is a powerful drug and people will do anything for it.  The result is hollow people.  They are literally devoid of identity, empty shells filled only with the attention and adulation of others.

I have spent my life in mass media, first as a child model and political prop, later in the theatrical arts both on and off stage, and finally working in film and TeeVee.  I have seen how it eats people, and there, but for the grace of God, go I.

I spent some time working in Hollywood, watching people literally selling their souls for fame.  I was drawn down into a life of cocaine for breakfast and barbs to sleep.  When i wasn't working, I was partying, because that's what people do there.  I have met some of the glitteratti, and the experience scared me.  I woke up one day wondering what the hell I was doing, and the next morning I was hitch-hiking back to Houston.

During that time, I worked on about 27 films, including two of my own.  Yes, you've heard of them, kind of.  The concepts were stolen outright by major networks and I never received a dime.

I was working in evening news for a major network affiliate.  I was an editor and cameraman.  I would often receive assignments where I was told what angle the management wanted on the story, even before I got there to start shooting it.

I was sent to South Africa one time by a National network as a stringer (freelance cameraman).  I was supposed to gather footage of race riots.  In ten days, I never heard of one, much less saw one.  We did get a call one afternoon because some folks were yelling and throwing rocks at each other..  When we arrived, it turned out to be two black families fighting over a chicken, throwing sticks and rocks at each other across the street.  I rolled on it anyway.  Two days later, my footage was shown on National TeeVee as scenes of racial unrest in Transvaal.  I quit and never looked back.

I've done corporate and industrial media, toured with rock bands and even did a short stint with the circus.  Most of the memories are quite sad, really.  I met a lot of empty people making empty product for empty minds.  I created very effective marketing pieces for things I didn't believe in, and in some cases, actually was repulsed by.  I did my job, none-the-less.  I created hours of content for nationally syndicated shows, most of it utter bullshit.

Many of the people behind your TeeVee are really vacuous, vacant meat bags.  They have no ideas or sense of reality.  Everything they know is fake and fleeting.  They live for one thing, your attention.  And they are perfect tools for those who would eat your soul.

The people who control them, and us, are never seen or heard.  They are invisible decision-makers who know exactly what they are doing to us.  They are fully conscious and aware of the power they wield, and they know what they want from us: complete and total dependence.

One of the best films of all time, not just for its artistry and innovation, is Orson Welles' "Citizen Kane."  There is a lot of truth in it.  Though Welles swore up and down that it wasn't about Bill Hearst, it quite plainly is, as well as being autobiographical about its creator.  It is deeply critical of media, while at the same time being one of the masterpieces of it.  The decent of the main character into cynicism and pure contempt for the people who consumed the product, is not only a performance by a genius of the medium, but one of the most honest portrayals of the people behind the glitz.

The people behind the scenes despise us.  They see us as rubes to be taken for all we have.  They loathe us because they can dangle any amount of rubbish in front of us, and we make them filthy rich buying it up.  We just can't get enough.

They literally can make us do anything they want.

I have tried in various ways for years to make mass media a required subject in school.  There is nothing that affects more than media, and nothing we understand less.  Of course, with the state of education any more, we are lucky to know anything at all.

The average person really has no idea what they unleash into their homes and their minds when they turn on the TeeVee.  It is an art and a science, but it is also the highest form of magick.  It is literally true that we fall under a spell the minute we push the button.  I guarantee the one thing that would change the world is to turn off the TeeVee.

I also guarantee that turning off the TeeVee is probably the least likely thing that will happen in our lifetimes.

Admit it...we're hooked.

In one of those weird little Universe jokes, Peter Fonda tells his grandkids to roll up their sleeves against Obama (we all know that's what 'bear arms' means, right?), and Dr. Paul Craig Robers comes out and says revolution is the only way out.  Now, Fonda's dad, the inestimable Henry Fonda starred in a great WWII flick called, "Mr. Roberts."  Coincidence?  We report.  You decide...


Mimpi Indah-nesia

Since many readers don't speak Indonesian, the title of this article is a play on words.  Mimpi indah means 'sweet dreams.'

A lot of people thought I was crazy when I took the decision to move here three years ago.  Of course, many Americans are woefully ignorant of the world outside their borders.  Most of what they think they know about the world comes from media.  To be fair, much of the world views America through the media, as well, and have very strange ideas about what life is like there.

I had decided to leave the US shortly after 9/11.  I could not, in good conscience, live in a country with a government that would commit such an atrocity against its own people, and also use the event as an excuse to perpetrate acts of war against innocent nations.  Being surrounded with wild-eyed, unquestioning nationalism gave me little hope of agitating for change, as well.

I know that I wanted to move to Asia, since it was the only continent, outside Antarctica, that I had not explored.  Among the many factors I considered were: language, cost of living, culture, economy, opportunity, and location.

As far as language goes, Indonesian is fairly easy to get up and running with.  It is one of the few in Asia that use the Roman alphabet.  The necessary vocabulary to get around is fairly easy to learn.  The grammar is not overly complex (compared to English, for instance).  Furthermore, the mother tongue Malay, is the root of a great number of Southeast Asian languages, so learning one gives you a strong foot in the door for a great many others, including Hindi, which is the mother tongue of Malay.  Being a language hobbyist, I was excited to learn some new ones, since my entire repetoir was Euro-centric.

The cost of living in Indonesia is amazingly low, compared with many other countries, and especially the US.  As a rule of thumb, things are about 1/10th the cost of equivalents back home.  That seems to be changing slowly, as the dollar appears destined to reach parity with the rupiah (currently 8,500:1) at some point in the near future.  There's also a pretty steep inflation rate here of 6%-7% annually, but that is dwarfed by what is currently running in the States (though the official number is about 3%).

The average home here, in the larger cities, runs between $25,000 and $50,000, depending on size, location and number of 'western'-style amenities.  Many houses here have their own water wells beneath the house, which I find not only interesting, but incredibly useful.  Most houses are fully attached, like New York brownstones, and are built out of solid brick and plaster.  Almost not wood is used to frame out houses, and precious little is used inside.

Indonesian culture is very traditional.  Families still resemble 'Leave It To Beaver,' with mom running the home and dad beating the streets.  Women are not forbidden to work, they choose to stay home and care for the family.  Many run cottage industries from the house, such as sewing, laundry, cooking, and even more modern services such as computer work.

Crime rates are comparatively low and most are non-violent.  The people are disarmed by the government, which is a big draw-back, but so are the local police, which at least makes for mutual respect.  Yes, there is a lot of official graft and corruption here, but the difference is that it is illegal and in the open, as opposed to the States, where it is legal for certain segments of the populace, and deeply covered up.

There is a rich diversity of cultures here.  There are over 300 distinct cultural groups, each with different languages and traditions, that make for very interesting observation.  Nearly every inhabited island (there are over 20,000 of them) has it's own distinct food, clothing, music, traditions, and folk lore.  You can truly spend a lifetime learning all the various cultures within the country.  The national motto is Bhinneka Tunggal Ika, or Unity From Diversity, is quite appropriate.

One of the primary factors in choosing Asia, and specifically Indonesia, was the economy.  Indonesia has a predominantly reflexive economy, and by that I mean that it produces most of what it consumes.  It is rich in raw materials and energy sources, both renewable and not.  It has a year-round growing season and is a net exporter of food, with very rich volcanic soil.  The only real limitation to food production is a very dense population and strict limits on arable land.  However, it has vast seafood options and recent years have seen better regulation and enforcement of commercial fishing.

Indonesia also has a strong manufacturing base and solid protectionist laws to maintain it.  The dominant industry is textile/apparel, with shoes and clothing forming a significant part of the local economy.  There is also a strong mining industry, which produces a great number of precious metals, rare earths and industrial metals, as well as coal.  Agriculture is a major part of the national economy, with commericial farming actually a small part of it.  Most are privately owned and operated.

In a severe global economic downturn, Indonesia is relatively insulated by these factors.  Though the events of 2008 had a marked impact here, it was not nearly as severe as other regions because of the strong internal focus of the economy.  As a consequence, the country has attracted large amounts of foreign investment in the past couple of years, leading to a forecasted 7% growth this year alone.

The final consideration was location.  Being a traveler, I wanted to be in a position to have quick access to the most number of travel destinations.  Living in Jakarta puts me roughly in the center of Southeast Asia, India and Australia.  I can be in most any part of Asia in less than five hours, with the vast majority less than three.  Airfares here are relatively cheap, though the taxes can be pretty stiff.  However, $100 will get me a round-trip ticket to roughly eight or nine other countries.  The opportunities to learn about ancient cultures and exotic lands and peoples is virtually boundless.  This is outside of the many things to see and do inside of Indonesia.  There are world-class reefs, nearly deserted islands, boating, and of course, Bali, all within a couple of hours travel time.  Round-trip air tickets within the country can be as low as $10.  There's also an extensive train and ferry network, allowing more leisurely and cheap trips to a great many places.

I have not regretted for a moment my decision to move here, and I have thrived besides.  I found a beautiful and gentle woman for my wife, unlike anyone I every met in the western world.  None of this is to say that it is easy to radically change your life.  The first couple of years were quite chaotic, but once the routine is established and you begin to blend in (such as I can here), things become a great deal easier.  It's by no means paradise, but I don't worry about secret police busting down my door and spraying everyone inside with bullets, either.  There is a great deal of freedom here that has been lost in the US.  It could all change tomorrow, but that's true anywhere...especially at home.

All it takes is a sense of adventure and the realization that, just because you are born somewhere, doesn't make it the best place on Earth, only the most familiar.  But like my grandfather alwasy told me, people are only strangers until you meet them.