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Ass-U-Me Nothing

"The fossils that decorate our family tree are so scarce that there are still more scientists than specimens.  The remarkable fact is that all of the physical evidence we have for human evolution can still be placed, with room to spare, inside a single coffin."
-- Dr. Lyall Watson, 1982, University of London (under Desmond Morris)

A great many people still labor under the impression that evolution is a proven fact.  In point of fact, it is no such thing.  For one thing, evolution posits that the many thousands of species on Earth descended from a single cell, and that mutations gave rise to new species over billions of years.

What we have actually witnessed is that no new species has ever been proved to branch off from another species.  In other words, cats have not been seen to have puppies due to mutation.  Also, mutated offspring, at best, cannot breed a subsequent generation or do not survive at all.

There is always talk of viruses mutating, but they never become bacteria or any other species than viruses.  Bacteria adjust to new environments by evolving immunity to various medications, but they do not become amoeba.

Few, if any, people read Darwin any more.  The theory of evolution has become so convoluted and patched up that it hardly resembles what Darwin wrote in his seminal book, On the Origin of Species.  What he observed, and all he speculated on, was that various species across groups of islands were observed to have evolved various mechanisms to adapt to their environments.  He certainly never said that environmental forces could lead to the spawning of new species, only that bird beak shapes varied according to forces within the local environment.

Darwinism certainly has sufficient proof that environmental factors lead to variations within a species across geographical areas.  The famous example of the moth species with dark and light color variations meant that darker ones would be more likely to get eaten than lighter ones depending on the color of the background.

Today, Darwinism more resembles the medieval theory of spontaneous generation than actual science.  Spontaneous generation held that various creatures erupted suddenly from various other creatures that resembled each other in some way.  The well-known example is geese leaping into existence from goose barnacles.  We hold this ancient theory to be absurd now, yet we continue to elevate Darwinism as hard science.

Let's say I write a doctoral thesis with one crucial error that is accepted by the faculty board.  I then go on to an illustrious teaching career in which I pass on my single error to 1,000 students.  Of those students, let's say 10% go on to teaching careers and they pass on the error as fact.  Within 20 years, you have 100,000 people who assume that my original error was fact and never bother to check it.  Furthermore, a significant number of them have careers that are dependent on grants and such based my single error.  How likely do you think they will be to give up that error and their nice jobs by questioning the status quo?

It's amazing how many educated people believe that human males have 25 ribs, while females have 26.  This involves two crucial assumptions: 1) that there is an actual physical phenomenon that requires supernatural explanation, and 2) that cutting off a finger means that all subsequent offspring will have one less finger.  Though many of us laugh at the absurdity of this belief, some cling to it even in the face of solid physical evidence, such as dissecting a human male cadaver.

Assumptions are powerful things.  We all are guilty of them.  We assume that the stores will have food, that water will come from the tap and that life goes on pretty much as we expect day after day.

Few of us stop to consider that once people fervently believed that we lived on a tortise shell supported by elephants, or that the Earth was the center of the Universe and all else revolved around it.  People died horrible deaths for questioning those paradigms, yet we dismiss them as primitive fantasies.  In the same manner, academics can commit professional suicide for questioning evolution, the Big Bang and the gravitational constant.  There is no fundamental difference between then and now.

History tells us that the only remedy for these kinds of dogmatic thinking are violent upheavals in society.  The Reformation and the Enlightenment are prime examples of this compulsion by humans to defend their assumptions to the death, even in the face of empirical evidence.

Some argue that we cannot throw out things like evolution because we have nothing with which to replace them.  So?  Is it better to believe in fantasies than to admit we don't know something?  Are we so sure that men have 25 ribs that we are unwilling to look at an anatomical textbook?  Are we so sure that the Earth is the center of the Universe that we don't need to look through Galileo's telescope?

We don't have to become Creationists to see evolutionary theory for the cobbled up mess that it is.  After all, Creationism has even less evidence in its favor than evolution.  AT some point, we must collectively admit that scientific materialism is a failure because it is just as dogmatic and inflexible as the religious system it replaced.  It is time to allow open and serious inquiry into all aspects of human existence.  It is time to entertain ideas such as extraterrestrial genetic manipulation, or the non-local Mind, or immaterial phenomena such as ESP and remote viewing.  The only reason we cling to deeply flawed ideas like evolution is because we are afraid to admit that there may be a vast part of existence that cannot be explained by purely mechanical/material means.

If we believe, as many people do, that humans (and any other life) are much more than the sum of their parts, then we must pursue that line of inquiry wherever it leads.  Ideas such as social darwinism, which are natural conclusions of materialistic reasoning, have had a devastating effect on humanity, justifying the crumbling system of economics and finance that is this moment causing great suffering among humans globally.

If the results are any indication of the soundness of ideas, then evolution is a major failure.  It has failed to improve the human condition, and in fact has undone millennia of advances in social structure.  At least the religious paradigm gave us dignity and self-worth.  Evolution only debases the human creature and reduces us to electro-chemical impulses.

Perhaps a new paradigm would allow us to toss the medieval idea that humans are the pinnacle of creation and that maybe self-awareness and self-determination exists in many forms throughout our Universe.

Just 20 years ago, we knew of only nine planets in the entire Universe.  At this moment, there are nealy 900 cataloged planets, with 18,000 awaiting confirmation, and an estimated 400 billion just in our galaxy.  Five hundred years ago, Galileo was excommunicated and placed under house arrest until his death for even suggesting that objects could revolve around something other than Earth.

Old paradigms die hard, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't question their underlying assumptions daily, if possible.

The human species cannot reach its full potential, and might even kill itself off, if we don't base our civilization on truth and the quest for real understanding.  Our self-imposed blinders are a liability we can no longer afford.  The risk is too high, including the demise of our species.

In the ideal scientific process, if any evidence is found that contradicts the hypothesis, then the hypothesis is false and we must find a new way to understand natural phenomena.

What assumptions do you make every day?  And when was the last time you examined them closely?  If you assume that traffic is quiet on Sunday morning, then one Sunday you are going to get squashed because you didn't verify what you thought you knew.


Breeding Yourself Into A Corner

In both the Banda Aceh and Fukushima tsunamis, a great number of people didn't notice the warning signs.  If they saw the tide sucking out and beach appearing where none had been just moments before, their minds opted for normalcy and told them that this was just a weird low tide or something.  And unlike the movies, tsunamis don't look like giant waves breaking on the horizon.  Instead, the tide comes in, and in, and in, and in.  It surges higher and faster without any sign of letting up.  Most people did not recognize what was happening until they were underwater or their building was completely surrounded with alarming rapidity.

And so it is with global events.  The tide began sucking out around the turn of the 20th century and now it is surging back with unstoppable force.  And just like a tsunami, it starts with what looks like an unusual high tide, but by the time folks sit up and take notice, the water of history is rushing past and rising inexorably.  This is when fear and panic take hold.

A fascinating man by the name of Frank O'Collins, whose interview will appear on these pages in the next couple of days, has posted a remarkable blog on his Ucadia site that deserves close reading and pondering.  He describes what it looks like when the tide starts to roll in with frightening rapidity.  He perfectly captures the feeling of those who have a deep feeling about global events, but can't quite put their finger on what's going on.

Picture a group of people like those in the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind.  They have, for whatever reason, been implanted with a vision of something they have to do to prepare for some impending event.  They know the sign they are looking for, but they don't know from where or when it will come.

The difference between real life and the movie is that the signs are implanted years ahead of the events.  We look frantically for them for a while, then slowly forget about them until something happens that triggers the memory and causes us to leap into action.  The problem is, we don't know which action is the right action until we stumble upon it.

Frank started to enter the seminary and join the priesthood.  I started to join the Benedictian order and become a monk.  We both apparently figured out rather quickly that wasn't the right direction, at least for us.  Frank eventually found his path, and I found mine.

The point is, there are people all over the planet who have received these visions and it is their job to perform some function that will warn others of the coming tsunami of history about to pound our shores.

The problem is that most folks who hear the warnings continue to mindlessly collect flotsam and jetsam on the newly exposed shorelines.  Some look up at the weirdos jumping up and down and yelling their fool heads off, but hey! everything looks normal, except there are a lot of cool shells here that they didn't see yesterday.

At some point, those in the know have to abandon the beachcombers to their reverie and start running for safety themselves.  After all, they have a group of folks who are listening and who want to know what they should do next.

The signs are here.  There are a bunch of folks jumping up and down trying to get everyone's attention.  Many aren't paying attention because they've been reprogrammed with false information that overrides their own instincts.  Deep inside, they know something is wrong, but their programming says, "Don't worry.  The 'authorities' will take care of everything.  They always do."

Those with false programming have relegated the Roman Church to a status of inconsequence.  They refuse to study history and see that the Roman Church has been at the center of Western history and culture for at least the past 1,000 years.  The fate of the church is the fate of an entire hemisphere of the socio-political globe.  The roots of all problems in the West right now are the result of ancient events, dismissed by most as being irrelevant in the modern world.

The rise of fascism and vulture capitalism, the collapse of monarchies, the rise of the Anglo-American empire and the Nazi Reich...all of these were planned for centuries.  The prophesy of Malachy and the interpretation of the Book of Revelations commonly held by most people were implanted as a means of controlling global events.

For instance, the prophesy of Malachy was written as part of a plan to socialize a certina mind-set in enough people across the planet to make certain events seem prophetic.  The one-line descriptions in the prophesy were a convenient way to buy credibility for Roman pontiffs.  After all, if a pope seemed to fit the 1,000-year-old prophesy, that would reinforce the validity of the prophesy, as well as make the pope look as if he was ordained by God's Plan.  It's circular logic, but billions of people have bought it.

The house built on a sandy foundation may last 50 years, but at some point, it will fall down.  Nothing based on a lie can survive forever.  And so the Roman Church is collapsing, both by design and by reason.  One group is pointing to the prophesy of end times to say, "See?  The end is coming and we were right!"  The other side is saying, "You can't build a house on a false foundation and expect it to stand."  The fact of the matter is that whoever controls definitions controls culture, and whoever controls culture controls the world.

Take a moment to think another way around.  Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands is resigning.  She is the daughter of Prince Bernhard, the founder of the Bilderberg group and a Nazi collaborator in World War 2.

Pope Benedict XVI is resigning.  He was a Hitler Youth and member of the Nazi Party, as well as a powerful figure inside the Vatican for many years, including being the Grand Inquisitor.  Update Feb 25 - Archbishop Keith Cardinal O'Brien to resign before the Conclave)

Surrounding these two events are the euro crisis and the EU itself, which was an idea hatched by high-ranking Nazis in the early 50s in Portugal.

The Knights of Malta, one of the most secretive and powerful groups in the Roman hierarchy, have taken over the Vatican Bank, which is the central economic engine of the Roman empire, which encompasses so much of Western history and current events.

All of these people and events are tied to the Bavarian Illuminati begun in (Ingolstadt, home of Victor Frankenstein) the 1800s.  That group was a branch of the Illuminati, along with many other organizations, which were a creation of the Roman Church in its effort to literally take over the world.  Remember that the Roman Church has given itself a mandate to possess and control the world in the name of Jesus until He returns (if you believe that particular interpretation of things).

The dwindling timeline and the culmination of thousands of different variables at this time is the reason that a number of writers and commentators have noted the precieved panic among the PTB. Based on a lot of dot connecting, we can even predict certain events - by reason rather than supernatural powers.

The new pope will be fairly young and charismatic.  The new William (Alexander) of Orange will take over the Netherlands.  Elizabeth II will abdicate this year, as will Charles, leaving Willie and Kate in charge.  All three of these monarchs together control most of the world's wealth and land, at least in title.  All three will pass to younger, more dynamic hands in the final push to complete their plan of global domination.

It will fail, but it won't be pretty.

It will fail because there is a tsunami coming.  This tsunami is powered by a force far more subtle and inevitable than any of those previously mentioned.  It is a force dismissed by the PTB and ignored by most people.  It is a tidal wave of Destiny.  It is programmed into our DNA and beyond the control of anything we can imagine.  There is an Awakening of something very ancient and currently invisible to most of us.

The PTB have been trying to find and eradicate it with the Human Genome Project and GMOs.  They know it's there but they can't reach it, though they think they have defeated it.

We humans are far more than we think we are.  Not unlike the Incredible Hulk, there is a massive force asleep within us...asleep because powerful magic has controlled us for a long, long time.  But like Sleeping Beauty or Rumplestiltskin or Snow White, true love will stir the Beast within and the evil plans of our supposed masters will be ultimately defeated.

In reality, there are two World Governments.  There is the one forced on us and the one which erupts from us.  The latter will win, but the former will not give up without a fight.  If you had been working for generations to build an empire - breeding your family and slowly positioning your forces - and you found an insurmountable force just as you were activating your final plan, would you just quit and go away?  Of course not.  They know, and we know at some level, that this is the final battle for control of the human race.  It will be a horrific war of attrition - a tsunami of history - which will be irresistible and inevitable.  The clash will grind mountains to dust.

All that can be done to mislead, distract and defeat humanity has been done.  Now the PTB are launching their young breedlings at us to conquer the last bit of the human psyche and pull the last of the wool over our eyes.  Prepare for D-Day.

The tsunami is coming.  See all those loons up the beach jumping up and down and yelling?  They are telling you to run.  Might want to take heed.


Weaponizing Heroes

Whatever happened to the hero?  This word 'hero' and the idea it represents have been so watered down as to be not only meaningless, but to have even negative connotations.

Joseph Campbell probably best summarized the classic hero in his book, The Hero with a Thousand Faces:
"A hero ventures forth from the world of common day into a region of supernatural wonder: fabulous forces are there encountered and a decisive victory is won: the hero comes back from this mysterious adventure with the power to bestow boons on his fellow man."
The hero was an individual to be admired and emulated in spirit.  The hero overcomes personal limitations and supernatural forces to achieve some goal that benefits the rest of us at great personal cost the hero.

In our age, the hero has been destroyed in what appears to be a deliberate and systematic manner.  The media and cultural gatekeepers throughout the 20th century and into the 21st have continually set up 'heroes', only to turn around and shoot them down.  There is an agenda to destroy the classic hero to prevent us from striving for great achievements.

One ubiquitous method of destroying the classic hero is the media-induced worship of sports figures.  These figures are constantly marched out in front of us and we are encouraged to emulate them.  Then they are shot down and their public images trashed.  This, in turn, causes those who grant these individuals hero status to question themselves and to be increasingly wary of all heroes.

In Pavlovian style,  we are trained repeatedly to reject heroes and  deride them for their personal short-comings.  In fact, the classic heroes were in part admired because they overcame their personal faults to achieve greatness.  Eventually, we are trained that humans are incapable of becoming heroes and that we should just wallow in our weaknesses and forget the idea of rising above our natures.

Three prime examples from recent pop culture are O. J. Simpson, Tiger Woods and Lance Armstrong.  First of all, none of them achieved anything approaching the classical hero status.  They did not enter supernatural realms, did not achieve amazing victories, and nothing they did gave them a special power to grant favors or blessings on others.

All three were instead set up as modern heroes by our media culture based solely on their genetic dispositions that gave them physical prowess.  After being set up, though, they were summarily trashed sending a psychological shock through those who held them in high esteem. 

Simpson was brought down by murder charges and he was shown in dramatic fashion on global TeeVee to be a coward.  His reputation as an athletic hero who braved grave physical harm to bring victory to his team was shown to be false as he ran from his greatest challenge.  Even though he was acquitted, no one would believe his innocence after that, since he showed his cowardice so publically via the media.

Woods was hardly an athlete.  Golf is not exactly the most demanding of physical activities, especially when someone else carries your bag and you use a cart to zip from one arena to the next.  Nevertheless, he was built up to hero status primarily for being a black competitor in a sport dominated by white upper-class executives.  His very public downfall was based simply on his extramarital dalliances, something hardly shocking in any age with people of wealth and influence.  Again, the same media that had created his hero status turned and devoured him.

Armstrong was another media darling.  His hero status was created not only by his prowess as a bicycler, but by his personal fight against cancer and eventual 'resurrection' to be a strong competitor once again.  Almost as fast as the media 'resurrected' him, they ate him alive for doing what any strong competitor would do: seek an edge over the competition.  This sort of thing goes on in every level of society, yet Armstrong was brought down by it.

All three of these cases highlight a pattern.  It is easy to see an agenda within the media to build up these modern heroes and then crush them as a means of implanting psychological defeatism in the minds of those who buy into this form of worship.  It is done repeatedly with athletes, movie stars, business and political leaders, and military heroes.  We are enticed to emulate then castigate these individuals over and over again.

The long-term effect of this pattern is to destroy the hero as an inspiration to achieve great deeds.  Either we are made to hopeless or to fear our impulse to rise above ourselves in altruistic fashion. 

We know this pattern exists because we can also see its opposite in the same media.  President Franklin Roosevelt was wheelchair-bound due to childhood polio, yet the media went out of their way, then and now, to hide the fact in order to not reduce the man's hero status.  President Kennedy's extramarital dalliances are somewhat legendary, though there is no attempt to bring down the man because of them.  Why?

Because it serves a greater psychological purpose to build up these men to hero status.  In FDR's case, because the media do not want to tarnish in any way the socialist reforms introduced by that administration.  In the case of JFK, it is because of the psychological shock value of assassinating a hero.  All of these cases spotlight a deeper agenda in the media's ability to create and destroy heroes.

Furthermore, we can ask how much of a role did media adulation play in creating the stresses that led to the hero's downfall?  Would Armstrong have felt the need to use steroids to gain a competitive edge if the media had not placed so much pressure on him to achieve?  Would Woods have felt empowered enough to seek the extramarital company of high-profile women without his special status?  Would Simpson have felt compelled to run if he didn't have a privileged status to protect?  Did the media attention itself actually pressure these men, or give them license, to create their own downfall?

In any case, it seems fairly obvious that there is an agenda to destroy cultural icons in order to undermine the strength and cohesiveness of social bonds.  According to Campbell, there is an understood contract between heroes and their societies that bestows benefits on everyone through the process of heroism.  These psychological benefits are severely undermined by destroying the hero.  It takes away our collective strength and feelings of goodness and righteousness.

When the hero is destroyed by his own humanity, then we all feel as if there is no point to strive for greatness.  Instead of trying to rise above our mundane existence, we instead wallow in our hopelessness.  And what could better serve the agendas of controlling elites than to take the moral high ground out from under society at large?  There would be no call to rise against injustice if we believe that our reputations would only be destroyed in the end by some personal foible.

Hero worship of any kind is a precarious thing in any case, but it is especially dangerous when the heroes are selected for us, and then destroyed in front of us, by a voracious and deeply manipulated media.  Those who control the media are able to manipulate cultural archetypes at the most profound levels of our individual and collective subconscious.

Efforts to debase the hero image, undermine the father figure, masculinize the female figure, and any number of similar exercises can be repeatedly demonstrated, especially since the dawn of TeeVee.  In destroying our cultural archetypes, the media masters destabilize society and allow them to replace the time-tested underpinnings of our civilization with those of their own creation.  Ultimately, we end up at the mercy of these manipulators without every knowing why, or even that it was done to us.

The power and subtlty of media is the reason why we must be defensive in our consumption of them, and also why we must push to maintain as much diversity in media ownership as possible.  As the media fall into closer and closer hands, so too does the power of the media.

As long as we continue to buy into the false culture created by the powerful media conglomerates, we will continue to be prey to forces most of us hardly understand.  It is up to us to recognize what is being done, how it is being done, and what we can do to counter it.  We must become our own gatekeepers and carefully guard access to our subconscious minds.


Believe Only What We Tell You

Stand by for rant..

(Washington, DC) Judicial Watch today released previously unseen USDA videos revealing a compulsory “Cultural Sensitivity Training” program. A whistleblower reported to Judicial Watch that employees were required to bang on tables, chanting in unison “The pilgrims were illegal aliens” while being instructed to no longer use the word “minorities,” but to replace it with “emerging majorities.” Judicial Watch received the videos pursuant to a May 18, 2012, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.
Are you weak-minded and insecure?  Join us!
I've had it with mealy-mouthed, touchy-feely psycho-babble mind control.  Granted, this particular incident is with US government employees, and they deserve all the psychological abuse being heaped on them for being part of the problem, but this kind of crap goes on in work places all over America, and it's spreading.

One of the most evil curses ever unleashed on humanity are these creatures called 'social workers'.  These are the 25-year-old childless busy-bodies that tell people how to raise their children because they read it in a book.  These are the mental midgets that tell us pilgrims were illegal aliens because they've never read a f*^&ing history book.  These are the people who unleash 'consensus building' and 'sensitivity training' on normal human beings.

These people need to be eradicated from the list of job types available, along with people who have 'education' degrees.  They are not only useless, they are dangerous.

You see, here's how it works...if you have to make laws and threaten paychecks to get people to adopt your point of view, then it is your opinion that is wrong, not mine.  I have the right to hold any opinion and/or prejudice I want, and you don't have the right to force me otherwise.  If your opinion is so freakin' great, then convince me with a decent argument.

Since these people are incapable of developing arguments in favor of their opinions, they must force people under color of law to adopt their beliefs.  All this 'sensitivity training' and 'cultural diversity' bullshit just smacks of fascist mind control.  What's worse, when a normal human being gets angry at these numb-nuts for forcing their namby-pamby horse-hocky on him, they start with the crap about controlling one's emotions, while at the same time telling him to 'get in touch with his emotions'.

I'm sick of it!

Every truly painful episode in my life has been at the hands of 'social workers'.  If you remember the old TeeVee series "Bewitched", these idiots are Mrs. Cravitz with licenses to forcibly enter your home and your life and start dictating how you should be living.

What's worse than these weasly pieces of human refuse feeling like they can force their point of view on people is that us normal human beings don't stand up to them en masse and heave them out the door.

You see, I have never given an inch to these a--holes, and it just sets them into a tizzy.  They can't deal with it when someone won't roll over and participate in group-think sessions.

That's when they pull out the, "Don't act like that.  You should participate like everyone else," routine.  And that just sets me off.

"Oh, so by your argument, I should have joined the Nazi party or asked for an extra helping of Jonestown Kool-Aid."

"This is just a trust-building/consensus-building exercise.  It's not the same thing."

"Yes it is.  It is training individuals to be part of the hive mentality.  Today it's your lame, useless exercises, but later it's the 'follow or die' commands from evil bastards like your employer."

Once in a while, I can get one or two others to see the light, but mostly people just 'go along to get along'.  And that is the most dangerous mentality ever adopted by the bovine masses.  It is the single most lethal thought process devised by the Controllers.  They shame and cajole people into following whadoatever unholy actions they take by 'bulding consensus'.

It's frightening when I see normally intelligent people group-think because they have deluded themselves into believing their own thoughts and opinions are wrong because they go against the majority.  They fail to see that the majority is a very dangerous thing.  They also fail to comprehend that true individuals have unique thoughts and beliefs, based on their unique set of experiences.

Just because in a group of 30 people, 28 don't agree with you does not make you wrong.  According to your past and your education, your opinions are right for you, and that's all that is needed to make you right.  If someone wants to try and change your mind by arguing a different point of view, then you have the choice to participate in the argument or not.  It does not negate your opinion when you refuse to argue it, though it may imply that you are insecure in your position.

But that's my opinion.  You don't have to adopt it.

You see, in the free marketplace of ideas, a billion people are allowed to have a billion opinions and compete to convince others of the soundness of the reasoning behind them.  If others find a certain opinion worthwhile, based on the completeness of the argument, then others may adopt that opinion, as well.

The general consensus among the masses of humanity is that walking in the rain will get you wet.  However, there are a few who believe that a person can learn to walk between the rain drops.  The few can choose to believe their view is correct, possibly based on experience.  They may also choose to teach others the trick, or not.  They can choose to demonstrate the trick, or not.  It doesn't negate their belief if they don't choose to prove it to others.  After all, do we reject a magician's illusions just because he won't tell us how he did it?

"judas" goat
The fact of the matter is that there is no single right way to think or believe.  If I choose to believe that people with plaid skin are evil low-lifes and I don't want to live or socialize around them, that is my right.  I don't have the right to force you to believe the way I do any more than you have the right to force me not to believe.  If you don't like my beliefs, then you don't have to hang around me.  It's that simple.

In the cited article, the people (granted they are useless eaters living off of others' tax money) were forced to sit around chanting, "The pilgrims were illegal aliens."

First of all, when the pilgrims came to North America, there were no immigration laws, so it is impossible for them to have been illegal immigrants.  Second, I am willing to bet not one of those bucket-heads was American Indian, so they have no logical position to believe that statement.  Third, if they truly believe that statement, then they must immediately pack their bags and return to whatever country from which their ancestors came (assuming they can comply with the immigration laws of said country).  And fourth, the group-think 'facilitators' at those meetings should be rounded up and placed in lead-lined boxes so their stupidity doesn't infect the rest of polite society.

Forcing people to change their vocabulary so that an appropriate adjective, 'minority' is replaced with the ridiculously non-sensical phrase 'emerging majority' just smacks of Orwellian fascism.  It assumes a false premise - that some group or another is becoming a majority.  A group either IS a majority, or it is a minority.  It is a logical absurdity to be an 'emerging majority'.  A group may be rising in numbers and/or influence, but it is not a majority until it has attained that status by head-count.

But really, that is the point of all these 'social workers' and 'consensus builders'.  Their sole purpose in this world is to confuse clear thinking, or in fact, to shut down all thinking.  They are unleashed upon us to tell us what to think and believe so that we become incapable of gain-saying the supposed masters of this world.  In fact, the fascist change agents, a more apt description of 'social workers', are the final result of what we are to become.  We will no longer have our own ideas, we will only be capable of convincing/forcing others to believe whatever slogan is inserted in the gap where our brains used to be.

I am sick to the point of physical dis-ease with all the psycho-babble and the intellectual dishonesty and absurdity that it entails.  The sheer stupidity of things like 'sensitivity training' and 'consensus building' disgusts me.  What's worse are the thinking people who go along with this crap so that they can be thought of as 'team players'.

All of this nonsense is enforced by the implanted need for 'self-esteem'.  Apparently, we can only achieve self-esteem by being part of the group and playing well with others.  Real people, though, derive self-esteem from intellectual integrity in the face of overwhelming pressure to adopt group-think.  To stand alone against peer pressure in order to defend one's opinions is the true source of personal power.

Any idiot can be cajoled into following the crowd.  It takes real inner strength and fortitude to stand against the crowd for what one knows to be the truth.

Fascist change agents are trained in methods of shaming others into following the crowd.  It takes both a strong will and knowledge of how change agents work to fight the urge to 'go along'.  Success in fighting such things not only brings with it true self-esteem, but it strengths the one thing that the supposed masters fear the most: strong, self-assured individuals.

Every child should be shown the behavior patterns of cattle as a means of demonstrating weak-minded group-thinkers.  Cows simply stick their nose up the butt of the one in front of them and mindlessly wander in herds.  They wear paths across fields because not one will stray outside the bounds of herd action.  They will, in fact, follow a judas goat to their certain death because they cannot think beyond the butt in front of them.

And 'judas goat' is an appropriate metaphor for fascist change agents.  They are specifically trained to lead the herd to certain doom, and do it cheerfully and with certainty that they are doing the right thing.  These weak-minded, insecure vacuum-brains are the perfect tools of the supposed masters.

I hate figs.  Can't stand the sight of them, and even the word 'fig' sounds disgusting.  Nothing you say or do will get me to eat or like figs.  It is a personal prejudice I have developed from experience and I refuse to change it.

All people have prejudices developed from personal experience and there is no reason to change those prejudices except that it serves the needs of a supposed master who enjoys making people do, say or think things that they would otherwise abhor.  It's nothing more than a control mechanism for the masses and entertainment for those who fancy themselves as masters of men.

Need a real-life example?  I think the GLBT (gay/lesbian/bi/trannie) movement is populated by idiots and intellectual midgets.  I base my opinion on the fact that these people define themselves and their socio-political agendas solely on the basis of with whom they have sex.  People I choose to associate with are much more diverse in their thinking and able to define themselves based on ideas and achievements, not their sex partners.  No amount of sensitivity training will change my mind on this.

Does that mean I won't associate with homosexuals?  Of course not.  I take each individual at face value.  However, if they try to convince me of some belief based on who they have sex with, I will put up an irrefutable argument that they have a very narrow view of the world - much like a cow - in that they cannot see the world beyond the confines of their beds.

They should have more self-respect and allow themselves to be seen as more than just sex objects.

The only appropriate response to 'social workers' and 'sensitivity training' is to shun the people and events involved.  By acquiescing in any way, we empower and entertain the supposed masters who like to watch us jump through their hoops on command.  If forced to warm a chair in one of these inane 'workshops', do not participate despite any attempt to shame you.

Males are 50% of the population, but only 25% of diversity drones.
What you will find, as I have, is that others in the group feel the same as you, they just don't have the integrity and strength to act alone.  The more you resist, the more others will come to your side of the argument.  The one thing the fascist change agents cannot deal with is obstinate refusal to be bought out.  You can literally see the synapses in their brain-gaps burning out.  You will probably be asked to leave so you don't infect the rest of the herd with independent thought.

In order to save society, it is absolutely necessary to put an end to this touchy-feely crap before it destroys the last vestiges of true humanity.  Real diversity is a thriving marketplace of competing opinions, not lock-step spouting of platitudes and slogans.  In fact, if 'social workers' are made pariahs in the way smokers have been, we would see the profession die out - as well it should - because these weak, insecure individuals require social acceptance for their self-esteem.  Remove that carrot and they will quickly find something productive to do.

The next time you are confronted by a 'social worker' in a 'diversity workshop', tell them that they are being very insensitive to your diverse point of view and that they should immediately resign and seek gainful employment.


Here Comes The Son

Update: As if on cue, a UFO delivers a baby boy to the Temple Mount.  I swear I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried...and always within hours or days after I write about such things.  It's like watching a really bad movie where you can predict the whole plot from the opening credits.

Update 2:  Yup, hold on to your britches, it's going to get interesting

Update 3: Fireballs worldwide...including Belgium/Netherlands/Germany on Feb. 13, 2013...time to head for the hills?

Update 4: Time is running out...and Knights of Malta are recruiting for first time in modern history at the same time a member is appointed to head the Vatican Bank.  Can you feel the urgency?

 Back in January, I posted an essay on the rise of folk heroes who would be branded as 'anti-government', but who would, in fact, be an extension of a long line of historical characters who bucked the system when the system was seen as out of control.

Up pops this rogue LA cop named Christopher Dorner, who has already begun to amass a kind of legendary status.  There are a significant number of people who see him as fighting corruption and injustice within the power and control structure.  This is very similar to people like Capone, Bonnie and Clyde, Pretty Boy Floyd, and dozens of others.

Naturally, this led to several reader emails about 'how I knew this would happen' or 'what technology do you use'.  The answer to both questions is Jorge Agustín Nicolás Ruiz de Santayana y Borrás, whose well-known and oft misquoted admonition goes, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."  Simple quote, profound implications.  One must assume that George Orwell read Santayana extensively when formulating Nineteen Eighty Four and Animal Farm.

Next came the emails regarding my post earlier this week about Pope Benny, and my mention of 'rocks from space'.  The questions ran closely along the lines of, "Gosh, how did you see that coming?"

This time, the answer is not so simple, but just as profound.

It seems that since the 1500s, some group has been working feverishly to manipulate history to achieve a certain outcome.  This line of inquiry involves the Roman Church's sudden change in doctrine, the revelation of a number of (questionable) documents, the rise of Hasidic judaism, the creation of the Scoffield Bible and the rise of Dispensationalism, the 'finding' of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, and the script-like adherence to something called the Prophesy of St. Malachy.

What's even more interesting is that the origins of a lot of this information come from Russia, home of the Russian Orthodox Church, which is one of the few non-heretical Christian sects left.

What is especially interesting to note is the appearance of Hasidic judaism, the Protocols, the Scoffield Bible, and End-Times Dispensationalism all at the same time in the mid- to late-1800s.  The Malachy prophesy was revealed and Roman apostasy began, as well as a number of revisionist historical events, all took place in the 1500s.

I do not subscribe to coincidences, especially when they cluster around certain times in history.

Let's add the fact that many of the people we refer to as 'Jews' today are not Semitic people, but rather they originate from an area in southwestern Russia after a mass conversion to judaism in what century?  The 1500s.

Am I saying Jews are taking over the world?  Of course not.  What I am saying is that a massive plot to steer the course of history to achieve a certain outcome was hatched in the 1500s, and experienced a big push in the 1800s.  This plot involves a group of people who are hell-bent on creating the environment to fulfill a certain interpretation of the Book of Revelations.  Whether this plot is to force the hand of God into the Second Coming events, or to use the Book of Revelations as a framework to deceive the world into passive acceptance of a global socio-political take-over is a matter of personal speculation, but the tracks are fairly clear to me.

Now a lot of people used to interpret the Book of Revelations as the defeat of Jerusalem and the destruction of the temple mount in AD70.  The Beast (Roman Empire) was later cast down into the abyss and from it rose the Holy Roman Empire after the conversion of Constantinius in AD345 (or there-abouts).  The 1,000-year reign, therefore, was the HRE's iron-fisted rule of Europe.  But around 1500, some folks got nervous because the Beast had not escaped from the abyss to be cast down a final time so that the Christian empire could rule for eternity.  So it is about this time that a number of events begin occuring that appear to force the hand of God into releasing the Beast one last time so that the final chapters of Revelations could transpire.

In order to arrive at this particular point of view required a certain interpretation of Biblical prophesy.  This interpretation had to be promulgated far and wide in order to get the faithful to believe it.  This effort began in the 1500s with the release of the Malachy prophesy, among other things.  The 300-year-long education effort culminated in the 1800s with the formation of the Hasidic branch of judaism, the creation of the Scoffield Bible and the rise of the American evangelical churches, which are totally focused on End-Times and Zionism.

These events led to the two world wars and the Holocaust, which finally provided the impetus for the creation of a secular state of Israel, which is blindly supported by the evangelical churches in order to bring about the End Times.

Ultimately, it all converges with the Malachy prophesy which says that the new pope with be the last before the Tribulation.  The pope's symbol will be the 'rock' (petri/petrus), which coincidentally fell yesterday on where, boys and girls?  Why, Russia, of course.

Sure all this takes into account thousands of little variables and is much more complex than I can possibly enumerate here, but the broad outlines fit perfectly into a pointillist view of history.  And when you have a lot of people working myopically for 500 years to make something happen, it usually will.

Add to all this the status of the number 13.  Based on the belief that there were 13 people present at the Last Supper, the number 13 has been feared and reviled for millennia.  If you add 1,000 years (the reign of peace from Revelations) to the conversion of Constaninius, you get the mid-1300s, which is when folks were expecting the final round with the Beast.  When it didn't happen for 200 years, then the Big Plan was hatched in the 1500s.  The Big Plan got a boost in the 1800s to tie up a few loose ends so that everything could come to a head in 2013.  Throw in the Knights Templar who probably found evidence that something was afoul so that their persecution began on Friday the 13th in 1307.

Seems that, like Georges Seurat, the more dots you put on this picture, the more things start to take shape.

Shall we throw in Martin Luther and the 95 Theses in the 1500s?  How about the Black Death, Galileo, da Vinci, the fall of Venice, the Gutenberg press, the Renaissance, and dozens of other major historic events that occurred between the 1300s and 1500s?  More dots...

Something occurred in the 1500s that has changed the world as we know it today, and all those dots converge into a rather interesting picture of our Universe.  How much of our world has been manipulated by a relatively small group of folks to create an outcome based on their erroneous interpretation of a prophesy that, by all accounts, was fulfilled centuries ago?

There are literally thousands of dots to connect here, but we can boil this situation down into something tangible.  Like any good theory, it must have the ability to predict future events, so let's give it a shot, shall we?

I predict that there will be further meteorites.  Whether natural or 'caused' is not important.  What is important is how people interpret the 'signs and wonders'.

The next pope will have some connection to 'peter' and 'roman', though I am not in the camp looking at Peter Cardinal Turkson of San Liborio. Given past 'fulfillments' of Malachy's prophesy, I rather think it will be more subtle than that.

Once the new pope is elected, there will follow a series of massive social, economic and environmental upheaval the likes of which we have never seen (at least since the Black Death).  In the midst of this chaos, the PTB will offer their usual Hegelian dialectic of two or three pre-selected 'solutions', all of which will entail global governance and currency.

The people, primed by hundreds of years of 'prophesy' will accept anything, 1) in the hopes of returning to normal, whatever that is, and 2) because at least a billion or so people will see these things as the precursors to the Second Coming.  For both reasons, the vast majority of folks will roll over and become exceedingly passive, accepting whatever is thrown at them.

Ultimately, this all will be the end of the Roman Church.  If the PTB have their way (and their interpretation of Revelations), the Roman Church will be folded into a global theocracy that will lay claim to all life and property on Earth as the final and eternal Kingdom of God.

If they fail, then no one with any sense will allow these people to so much as attain the power of dog catcher ever again.  Either way, the Church dissolves.

The stakes are rather high and they are on a rigid schedule imposed on themselves to get this done.  Benny's resignation and the 'rocks from heaven' are hard to turn off again, especially when it all depends on 500-year-old prophesies and centuries of socialization.  The rest of us don't have such bindings on us.  Unfortunately, a lot of people will fervently believe in these events, while others will convert as they become swayed by the official interpretation of prophesy.  Humans are, after all, a rather superstitious bunch because of self-imposed ignorance.

I may be wrong about all of this, but there sure are a lot of dots making up the picture, and the picture is coherent when you stand back far enough.  Time will tell.  Doesn't hurt to be on the look-out anyway, and certainly if any of these predictions start coming true, then it's Katy bar the door.

So I'm way out on a limb now, but I'm pretty well convinced that I'm at least on the right track.  The fact that Russia deployed 10,000 police to collect rocks tells me that someone sees something amiss, or that they are trying to aid and abet the ongoing illusion.

Head's up, everyone.  If I am wrong, I will concede the point in a few months.  If I am right, I may not have the chance to gloat.


State Of The Feral Fascist Regime Address

We love getting email like the one to follow, not only because we are endlessly puffed up by praise, but because we are so danged proud to have such smart readers around here.

Hello Bernard Bearheart:
I hope you and your family are well. Your blogs are valuable to my wife and I. Customarily we share reading them to each other over our morning espressos, which can at times cause a double hit :-).

Not having TeeVee channels, I was reduced to listening to Obama's State of the Union on the radio last night (the first time I've ever heard him after 5 years in office). For some inexplicable reason I was reminded of a scene in the movie "Waterworld" where the captain of the Exon Valdez called his crew together to renew their hopes with the promise of finding "Dry Land" soon. He got them all hyped up with his rhetoric and at the same time an assistant was sprinkling cigarettes on the crew. Love the metaphors here. So they all ran back to their oars and started rowing. The captain turned to Kevin Costner's character and said something to the effect, "that'll keep the dumb bastards rowing for several more weeks.

So during Obama's speech I was looking for his promise of "dry land," and think I fond it by counting the repetition of unusual words, something I used to do with Bush's speeches during his build up to war,

The narrator said Obama was taking an extra long time getting to the podium because he was stopping along the way and taking pictures of the audience with an Ipod. That might be the first product placement in a State of the Union address. It was a routine opening with mention of something President Kennedy said, and immediately in his next sentence he said, "a decade of war is ending--our troops are coming home" After the lengthy applause he completely dismissed the subject for the rest of the speech and went on to his version of saving the economy.

That is where he said "middle class" on 9 occasions, often referring to a renewed promise that Americans will be able to rise to middle class by their hard work and talents.

It appears that the promise of "dry land" will be the increase of opportunities to become middle class, with the guvs help and guidance of course. In our generation we never openly spoke of an American class structure. We all knew it was there but stayed in some sort of silent denial. How things have changed.

I listened to the republican speaker afterwards and his use of the term, "middle class" went off the page. He used it in nearly every sentence, told how he came from low class and rose up. I was flabbergasted.
Did he and Obama exchange notes beforehand , have the same speech writers, or what? Or is this promise of"dry land" from an agenda directed by the elite in hidden places.

Best wishes, [a great reader]
First, yes Obama and Rubio are controlled by the same agendas, handlers and shadowy figures.  There's not a whit's worth of difference between any of them, now that Ron Paul is gone.

More on that in a moment, but first a pause so that we can all get our espressi together and start chewing on the carcass du jour.  Also, a Happy Valentine's Day to all.  May we all be so lucky as to have a spouse like our great reader with whom to share espresso and articles over the morning grapefruit.

It's also the fifth anniversary of my boarding the plane to begin my self-imposed exile from a totalitarian regime by coming to wild and wooly place called Indonesia.

On to the carcass...

The State of the Union address and the 'response' of the other half (rather than side)...what a joke it has become.  Either I am more cynical (check) or these things have truly become farcical theatrics that openly mock the intelligence of the audience (check).  It turns my stomach to listen to them any more, and like our great reader, I have hardly noticed Obama's presidency other than to duly note that he once also lived in Indonesia.  But heck, even the Indonesians don't care about that any more.

I very much appreciate the great reader's comparison to the film Waterworld.  I happen to think it is very under-rated, though Kevin Reynolds' ham-fisted directing did tend to overshadow the wonderful metaphor and simile in the script, especially the scene mentioned by our great reader.  But I have to be careful or this will turn into an examination of the film rather than a critique of the Obamanator.

Since our great reader took such pains to write a great letter, we took the time (and held back the urge to upchuck) to watch the State of the Regime address.

The first thing I always notice at these annual pep rallys were the fasces and the banner of the British East India Company that framed and provided backdrop for this theater.

Duly noted were all the references to the Middle Class, but what I noted was the repeated idea that people must be 'brought up' to such status.  This tells me that the Middle Class no longer exists, since America is no longer trying to preserve it (see Reagan's SOR speeches) and is now trying to replenish it.

Another thing I noticed was the continual appeal to 'the children'.  This is a common theme with propagandists.  People instinctively want to protect their children, so it is a common weapon of fascist states to use that instinct to get the masses to rally around the flag.  Even more than 'Middle Class', Obama kept appealing to 'the cheeren' as a means to activate emotional responses and shut down reason.

The most sick-making parts of this display of media mind control were the 6 minutes of non-stop applause for a man who has stated his intent to kill American citizens and subvert the Constitution with fiat rulings, euphamistically called 'Executive Orders'.  Everyone who clapped at any time during this display of 'might makes right' is an accessory to heinous crimes.  The cut-aways to congress-critters listening in rapt attention should offer a definitive list of just who is the enemy of the people, and not one of them were al Qaeda or Muslim Brotherhood.

I didn't have the stomach to watch Marco Rubio's 'response'.  I will note that his name derives from "Mars" and "ruby" or "red".  Mars, of course, is the god of war and red is definitive color associated with Mars.  He is one of the top contenders for the 2016 republi-craps presidential nomination, so we should keep a wary eye on him.  He's following the same path that Obama did back in 2004, when he was an unknown senator from Illinois.

As a public service, we offer the following list of thoughts raised by the propaganda spectacle.  They are listed in the order in which they occurred while muddling through this clap-trap so the readers can follow along at home:
  • Government is the engine of the economy
  • Cutting back on government spending jeopardizes entitilements
  • Soaking the rich will save everything
  • We should drop the pretense of a two-party system
  • New jobs can only come from outside, not from innovation in new technology at home
  • 3-D printing will save America
  • The president can and will issue decrees to subvert the congress' role as the legislative body
  • Government will control the individual's consumption of energy for your own good
  • The sole purpose of education is to produce worker bees
  • No Child Left Behind is repackaged but it's still child worship\
  • There is no middle class and government's job is to try and recreate it
  • Immigration reform is needed to attract the smart people America no longer has
  • Women are still unequal (go on pull the other one) and fathers are all deadbeats
  •  America no longer needs to send troops overseas, now it can bomb civilians by remote
  • Africa is a new battleground against "terrorists"
  • Computers and the internet are evil and must be controlled
  • America reserves the right to kill its own people but will not tolerate it in other countries
  • America's military is central to American hegemony
  • Lawyers will save America's electoral process
  • Government will use children to achieve ANYTHING
  • Government doesn't like it when the populace can fight back
 A good wordsmith can couch any amount of terror and suffering in lofty language and emotional appeals, but it doesn't change the core messages.  America is in decline.  It (the government) sees military adventurism as its only recourse for survival.  Nothing, including American citizens, will stand in the way of the government's survival.  And finally, the children are the property of the state to be educated any way the state sees fit to promote itself and its corporate sponsors.

Yes, it's a disgusting state of affairs and one about which real, unbrainwashed Americans are alarmed.  Granted we've been hearing this rhetoric so much for so many years that most of us can't remember when people had a healthy suspicion about the motives and actions of their government.

And for those, including Obama, who still worship the memory of JFK, his most famous quote is pure fascist rhetoric: "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country."  Compare that to:
"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.--That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, --That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness."

I rest my case.

Thanks RF!


OK, Now You Can Panic

Update: And you thought I was kidding about the whole 'rock' thing, right?

 Can you just feel the apocalyptic frenzy building?  Indulge me for a moment in what Joseph Farrell calls "high-octane speculation".

Old Benny the Sixteenth has announced his resignation and now the speculation begins.  Who will be Petrus Romanus?  And when, exactly, will the world end?

If you've been under a rock (pun intended) for the past 500 years, the End of the World is at hand!  Finally, an apocalypse we can sink our teeth into!  This ain't no Mayan calendar thing, this one involves the credibility of the Vatican, no less.  So it has to be real, right?

OK, I'll slow down a bit and go through this one step at a time.

Back in 1139, an Irish bishop by the name of Malachy was summoned to Rome to visit with the then pope whose name was Innocent the Second (great name, eh?)  Malachy was struck with a vision while in Rome and later scribbled down a list of popes until the end of...time?  He gave the list to Innocent II, who duly filed it in the archives where it languished until 1590, and its subsequent publication.

Or this could all be bullshit.

Seems the Roman Church disavows the document, though not very strenuously, especially since it was the Roman Church who published it in the first place.  They could have let it rot in the archives, if the story is true, right?  And there does seem to be some circumstantial evidence that the Roman Church has gone out of its way to fulfill the prophesy.

At any rate, like all prophesies, it is written in a kind of code.  It never comes right out and gives definitive names or dates.  Rather it is a list of short phrases that describe some aspect of the popes.

For example, John Paul II was supposedly described as de labore solis, or 'labor of the sun'.  He was born and buried during solar eclipses.  John Paul I was called de mediatate lunae, or 'from the middle of the moon'.  He was seated when the Moon was waxing quarter and died one month later.  Benedict XVI is supposedly gloria olivae, or 'glory of the olive'.

This last one is a good place to start.  A lot of folks speculated that this pope would be a member of the Benedictine order, whose crest bears an olive branch, and who have a branch of the order called the Olivetans after the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem.  In fact, Benny was not a member of this order, yet he chose the name Benedict, who was the ffounder of the Benedictines (obviously).  Benny could have chosen any of hundreds of names, but for no particular reason picked Benedict.  Obviously, he is aware of the Malachy prophesy and probably wanted some connection to the list.

John Paul II could easily have been elected because he was born during an eclipse, and had the good sense to die during one, as well.  In fact, he could have been pushed along the road to his eternal reward in order to time things just right, since eclipses can be predicted years in advance.

John Paul I could have easily been poisoned, as many people believe he was, in order to make sure he fulfilled the prophesy, as well.

In other words, if you have a 500-year plan to collapse society and it is published in the shady language of prophesy, it is quite easy to 'steer' events to make them fulfill the prophesy.  In fact, if you go through the list of popes for the last 200 years and see how they have been interpreted to fulfill Malachy's prophesy, you will find that it would be quite easy to select popes that meet the necessary requirements.  The same is true in more distant times, but the history becomes murkier and less easy to confirm.

Now, let's take a hard turn to the side and check out some other information.

Dr. Courtney Brown (see Far Side interview) and Clif High have both popularized the idea that there may be massive geological upheavals before June 1 of this year.  Accourding to Brown's remote viewers, there are craters and tsunamis in our future.  According to High, there are global coastal events and other fun things.

Now suppose they are right.  Suppose also that these things are caused by an asteroid or meteorite.  What would you expect to see in the actions of those 'in the know'?

Well, governments would start acting with increasing abandon.  Check.  Banksters would start calling in their chips and looking for a way into or off of the planet.  Check.  The Roman Church, having a massive astronomical infrastructure, would be working overtime to fulfull prophesy on time.  Check.  The PTB would be positioning themselves to take over what's left of civilization after an incident of this nature.  Check.

Now, how do we make the leap from Malachy to remote viewing and web bots?  Good question.  Let's take a look.

Malachy's prophesy says that the last pope will be Petrus Romanus, or 'Peter of Rome'.  Now, given the past, that doesn't mean his name will be Peter, it just means that there will be some connection along that line.  So, what does the name 'Peter' mean?  Well, it means 'stone' or 'rock', like petroglyph (rock writing).  An asteroid or meteor is a stone or rock from the sky.  OK, that's a tenuous connection, but hey, it's there.

Furthermore, Malachy's prophesy says:
"Peter the Roman, who will nourish the flock in many tribulations; when they [the tribulations - ed.] are finished, the city of seven hills will be destroyed, and the dreadful judge will judge his people. The end."
The city of 'seven hill' is Rome, of course.  Rome is a port city located in the eastern Mediterranean Sea.  Brown and High both mention coastal events/tsunamis.  A water landing from a big space rock would cause massive coastal flooding.

See where I'm going with this?

Now, the Vatican has two things: a massive and very old library, and a well-respected astronomical observatory.  The former offers centuries of records, few of which are available to the public.  The latter offers round-the-clock observation of the heavens.

Could the resignation of Benny be predicated on advanced knowledge of an impact and the desire to fulfill prophesy?  Could the 'tribulations' be referring to widespread knowledge of impending doom?  Could 2012 DA14, the asteroid that is scheduled to miss Earth by a mere 15 minutes tomorrow, be a moonlet of a larger body?  Could the destruction of Rome in the prophesy be Brown's and High's coastal event, which Brown puts at or before June 1st (thus Bennys resignation two months prior)?

This is all wild-eyed speculation based on disavowed prophesies, remote viewing and web bot predicitons.  But it is rather interesting the convergence of a number of different lines of inquiry at a certain point in history.  I couldn't resist when 500-year-old prophesies, ESP research and modern linguistic algorithms all come together on a single point in time.

Benny could have chosen any other name and resigned at any other time.  Brown and High didn't have to come to very similar conclusions using very different technologies centered on very close timelines.  The world's power elite didn't have to act in such desperation at just this time in history.  And Malachy's (or whoever's) prophesy didn't have to come to a head just now.

But they did.

And they did with 2012 DA14 and two major comets scheduled to appear in the heavens this year (see history of comets and their interpretations).  It's hard for us to remember now, but when Halley's comet came 'round in 1910, there was global panic because the Earth was going to pass through the tail of the comet.

My great aunt Laetitia was 12 years old when Halley came around in 1910.  She told the story on herself that her mother beckoned her to "pray Laetitia, pray!"  Her response was, "Well, if the world is going to end, why do we need to pray?"

I'm of the same opinion.  Nevertheless, I am intrigued by the synchronicity of these things.  Often the way to read the future is to see the connections in the present, and the headlines are full of connections.  Also, I suspect that the Y2K and Mayan calendar scares were social conditioning events.  I have always suspected that when the real thing came, there would be no advanced warning from the 'authorities', but that their actions would tell a story in themselves.

And hereby hangs a tale.

A word of advice?  Pray Laetitia, pray!

PS- Did I mention that Benny used the name Peter twice in his resignation speech?  Stick that in your speculation pipe and ponder it.


Big Wheel Keep On Turnin'

A significant amount of the email I get through this blog questions my antagonism against religion in general, and evangelical christianity [sic] in particular.  The simple answer is it is just plain wrong, even evil.  But that requires an extended answer to justify the blanket statement.  As usual, I am always up to the task of long-winded responses.

My journey to liberation from religion ironically began with a man and a book, both having to do with Christian monasticism.  At the age of 21, having completed a world tour by backpack, I felt the need to contemplate my experience and assimilate what I had learned.  It was at that point I found myself living in New Mexico, where I joined the Monaster of Christ in the Desert as a postulant in the Benedictine order.

It was in the monastery that I encountered Thomas Merton and the Philokalia, not for the first time, but in far greater depth than I had done in the past.

Monasticism has always appealed to me, even from my youngest recollections.  I refer you to my essay on solitude back in December 2012.  I love being alone, not all the time, but for extended periods for recentering my mind and spirit.

The Buddhists have a symbol for this recentering.  It is a wagon wheel.  The first layer of meaning is that the spokes are paths to Enlightenment (the hub), and there are many of them.  The important part of the metaphor is that all paths are connected to the hub.  There is no one path that is more important than another, and the hub is the same for all of them.  Furthermore, they are all connected at the outside, as well as the inside, because they all begin with the same questions.

Back to Merton.  In Merton's later life, he spent a great deal of time in dialogue with Buddhists trying to reconcile Christianity (with a big 'C') to Buddhism.  In front of Merton's hermitage in Kentucky is a simple sculpture he made with a wagon wheel at the base of a cross.  It is a profound meditation for something so simple, and it calls to mind the Celtic crosses of my ancestors, which is what first caught my eye.

Reading Merton led me to delve into Buddhism.  It is there that I came to the inescapable conclusion that true Christianity and Buddhism are inextricably linked.  There are so many parallels between the Christ and the Buddha that it begs the question, "Are they the same philosophy?"

I say "philosophy" because the two paths are, in their purest forms, more systems of thought and action, rather than 'faiths', as we commonly call them now.  Both are paths to achieve personal godhood.  Buddha clearly stated that if one follows the path, one will achieve Nirvana, or a god-like state of being.  Jesus plainly said the same thing, telling his followers that they could do everything he did and more if they follow the path.

I could go on and on about how both the Buddha and the Christ journeyed into the wilderness, met three temptations, chose 12 apostles, and preached nearly identical sermons, but I don't want to ruin your own journey into liberation.

This does, however, lead us to the Philokalia, which is a book(s).  The title means "love of beauty".  It is a collection of writings by Eastern Orthodox monks dating from AD300 to AD1400, and later assembled into a single collection in the 1700s.  Most Christians have not read these writings, since they are primarily encountered in the contemplative life of monasteries.  Many of the writings are very similar to Zen koans, short stories designed to give the student a 'eureka' moment after due reflection.  Others are long dissertations on various aspects of the Christ and what it means to be Christian.

A thorough reading of the Philokalia will leave the student with the firm conviction that christianity [sic] is a horrible bastardization of the true teachings, at best, and a vicious apostasy designed to destroy Truth, at worst.

You see, in real Christianity, there are no 'saved' and 'unsaved' souls.  The Christ came to redeem all Humanity in all places at all times.  All humans are now saved and have been for the last 2,000 years.  What we are left with are adepts and students.  There is no need to be 'reborn', that was done for all time at the point the Christ died.  The Old Testament and Original Sin were all abolished at that moment.  There is no need for a place called "Israel" because now the entire Earth IS Israel.  There is no single chosen people.  Now all Humanity is the Chosen.  The Second Coming is not some event that will happen at the end of the world, but rather the awakening of the Christ within each human on their journey to Enlightenment.

All the arguments over virgin births, resurrections and transfigurations are completely pointless.  They have nothing to do with the true message.  They are, in fact, add-ons from old mystery religions and so-called pagan faiths.  They serve no purpose but to obscure and mislead.

In fact, there is no need for 'faith' because there is no illogical non-sequitur to overcome.  Like Buddhism, Christianity is a clear path to a real outcome that uses reason and hard work to achieve.  Everyone can do it if they apply themselves and seek true teachings.  No hocus-pocus about it.  Any one of several paths will lead the student to the hub, just as the wagon wheel and Celtic cross imply.

Into this very long history of Truth, dating from 500BC to present, comes a convicted felon and roust-about by the name of Cyrus Scoffield.  Among his various money-making schemes was tent revivals, where he would fleece unsophisticated folk of their hard-earned money while preaching about Jay-zus.  At one point, he was approached by a shadowy group of lawyers and banksters to write a version of the Bible that linked Old and New Testaments in highly questionable ways using translations and interpretations that were, at best, misguided.

It is from this so-called Scoffield Bible that we get the ideas of 'dispensation' and 'rapture'.  These two ideas are completely antithetical to the thousands of years of thought and scholarship that preceded Scoffield.  How can a select group of 'believers' be saved while the rest of humanity is doomed, when the Christ sacrifice saved all Humankind for all times and in all places?

Nevertheless, these egregious heresies caught on because they appealed to that distinctly American idea of 'exceptionalism'.    This idea that America and Americans are somehow special and given of God to show the world how things are done mixed rather well with the idea of being part of a select group of 'saved' individuals.  It appealed to the ego and made adherents feel as if they were part of an exclusive club ordained by God and sent to change the world.

And change it they have.  The history of the world since the introduction of 'dispensationalism' and 'rapture' has been one of slaughter, mayhem and the destruction of civil society.  The christians who bought into this heresy felt relieved of their responsibility to act Christian.  They could now wreak havoc on the world with the idea that they would be pulled up into the sky with Jay-zus to watch the results of their handiwork from a safe distance.

The Scoffield interpretation also meant that a political state called Israel had to be called into existence and a third temple be built in order to foster in the Age of the Antichrist and the End of the World.

Stop for a minute and consider just how sick and horrifying this is.  Here you have millions of people deluded into thinking the Second Coming is an event at the end of the world, that the timing of this event can be forced by meeting certain criteria, and that no amount of bloodshed and horror should be spared to achieve it because, Hey! We're saved and will be raptured out without having to suffer the horrors we created to get here.

Sick.  Horrifying.  Disgusting.

So, what does all this have to do with why I dislike and distrust religion?  Glad you asked.

All religions everywhere are nothing more than institutions of control in which some elite, based on private revelations that can never be confirmed objectively, tell their followers what to think and how to act.  When it is benign, religion can be positive and a good thing, but throughout human history, we have seen that any time an organization gains sufficient power over enough people, in steps a nefarious group of elites willing to exploit the unquestioning 'faith' of the followers.

This sort of blind faith is dangerous in any case and at all times.  Demagoguery appeals to emotions, not reason.  It is the antithesis of the Christ and the Buddha.  It is, in point of fact, the Antichrist.

What truly amazes me is that the followers of this State Religion are warned constantly against being fooled by the Antichrist who will set up a world religion and deceive millions of believers, and yet they are the millions who have been deceived.  And they fail to see the very thing for which they are to be ever-watchful.  It is the ultimate slight-of-hand.

The purpose for all this is very simple.  A group of lawyers and banksters chose a particularly charismatic con man, dictated the appropriate translations and interpretations they wanted to him.  Then they supported, bia generous donations, any preacher and institution that promoted this heresy in order to spread it far and wide.

The goal was to establish a secular state called Israel that could be used to commit the most heinous acts of barbarism, and do it all with impunity with the full faith and support of millions of people.  All of it was simply a means to take over the world behind the curtain of religion using an army of true believers who would do anything to achieve the goal while believing that they would be immune both from harm and Final Judgement because they were doing the work of Jay-zus.

Truly diabolical in its simplicity.

The remedy is equally as simple: go back and read the ancient practitioners who founded the Christian philosophy.  Reading the Philokalia and early Church fathers awakens one to the truth of what the student must learn and understand.  Following the example of thinkers such as Thomas Merton, who saw the link between the Buddha and the Christ, opens one's eyes to just how far off the True Path we have wandered.

What separates humans from lower animals is our facility for abstract reasoning and our ability to rise above mindless emotion.  Once we have learned to think and control our emotions, we are ready to leave the outside of the wheel and journey inward to the hub.  Where we embark on this journey does not matter.  There are a thousand ports.  What matters is the destination - the triumph of the Mind over Matter.

If the results of our beliefs are death, destruction and the lack of guilt due to feelings of superiority, then we are most certainly on the wrong path.  Any religion that preaches immorality as a means to an end, and absolution from guilt because the ends will justify the means, is a vicious and diabolical system appealing to the emotions rather than the intellect.

Morality is absolute and does not need a vengeful and judgmental god to enforce.  We know instinctively what is right and wrong, but we derail that instinct when we follow elitist leaders who preach that our immorality will be justified in the end by the triumph of doctrine over simple, pure Truth.  This is nothing more than arguing that immorality is the path to true morality.  In fact, they are mutually exclusive and can never be reconciled under any amount of 'faith'.

The hub of the wheel is the source of Life.  A religion that promotes bloodlust, destruction and Death cannot lead to that place.  Furthermore, any belief that requires the death and suffering of billions of people in order to prove its validity is, by definition, wrong.

In the end, I cannot follow or advocate any religion that requires blind obedience to self-appointed elite whose only authority is unverifiable personal revelations.  On top of that, the True Path is the one that leads to Life, and the student cannot follow those who justify death and destruction to get there.  Therefore, I have no use for 'religion' and 'faith'.  The Path is self-evident and self-guiding.  It does not need elite leaders and preachers.  It does not require 'faith' in non-sequiturs and illogical assumptions as a means of achieving Enlightenment.

Great minds, such as the Buddha and the Christ, have shown us what we can achieve, and dared us to go even farther.  They achieved their greatness without churches and preachers and elite of any kind.  In fact, they shunned those things every chance they got.  Both advocated solitude and quiet, not loud music and lots of halleluiahs.  They rejected political states and secular organizations.  They taught that the Path was not blind obedience, but self-actualization.

Most importantly, they told us that the Path was already inside each of us.  We need only find it and start down it.  To do that, we had to be quiet and listen.

How many 'religions' do you know that promote silence and solitude?  And 'religion' that keeps you whipped up in a frenzy of emotional turmoil is leading you the wrong way.


What's The Point?

Georges Seurat
One of my favorite art movements is Pointillism, created by Georges Seurat in the late-1800s in France.  It is a perfect example of the marriage of art and science, both in its origin and in the effect it has had on all our lives.

At a time when science was discovering the nature of light and playing with photons (lit. 'pieces of light), Seurat started playing with the idea of using discrete dots of color to create images.  His most famous work, A Sunday on the Island of La Grande Jatte, is a massive canvas which exhibits a dual characteristic.  Up close, it is nothing more than a huge field of colored dots, but if the viewer stands across the hall and takes in the entire image, it resolves into a scene of people enjoying a park in mid-century France.

The reason this is significant, beside the fact that Seurat played with light and color in a way that could have only been discovered because of science, is that we view images online and in the newspaper because of the Pointillist art movement.  In other words, Seurat created pixels (lit. 'picture elements').

The Pointillist movement is itself a point in the fabric of history, which by itself is a curiosity, but when viewed in the context of world events, it resolves into a Bigger Picture.  We connect the dots of scientific inquiry with artistic interpretation and see a picture on our computer terminals.  Fascinating stuff, really.

Daniel Boorstin
One of my favorite historians is Daniel Boorstin for the same reason...he is an historical pointillist.  His work draws together seemingly insignificant dots of history into coherent pictures of events that have affected all our lives.

Very small things...such as Isaac Singer moving the eye of a sewing needle from the back end to the pointed end, or when Frank McNamara began offering charge-a-plates to customers in good standing.  Think of the bast changes to modern life that can be attributed to these seemingly humble dots.

Another interesting dot on the canvas of history is the recent discovery of Richard III's carcass underneath a parking lot in Leicester, England.  By itself, this is just one of those 'hmmm' moments as you fly past to the latest test match results.  But if you stand back just a little to take in the whole canvas, a rather interesting picture emerges.

The Plantagenet line of English kings included the Yorks (Richard III), as well as Edward III, a distant relative of Kate Middleton, current Duchess of Cambridge, who is married to William, son of Charles and Diana.  Diana was of the House of Savory under the Stuart lineage, while Charles is a Windsor of the House of Hanover.  Basically, the Tudors and the Stuarts have ruled England for the past 400 years or so, which saw a violent uprising on the part of the Jacobites, who fervently believed in the divine right of kings versus the power of Parliament to appoint kings.

All of which shines a light on the discovery of Richard III's carcass beneath a parking lot in Leicester based on "a dream" that a long-time researcher of the king had leading her to dig up the parking lot and find a skeleton with scoliosis that matches the depiction of Richard III in William Shakespeare's play by the same name, though the king's reputation has been scrubbed since Willie's time.

The identity of the skeleton was confirmed via DNA testing of a Canadian carpenter who happened to be living in London and had no idea he was a distant relative of the king.  This in turn shines the light back on William and Kate who are expecting a baby (babies) that will reunite all these competing factions back into a single individual who will be third in line for the throne of England thus drawing both the Stuarts and the Jacobites back into power and leading one to assume that the Windsors will then claim both divine and secular right to power.  And since the London Square Mile is the only piece of real estate on Earth that the Roman Church does not have title to, this could all lead to some very interesting jostling at the realm of humanity that most of us never see or think about.

It also calls into the picture the supposed prophesy of aledged St. Malachy whose vision says that the next pope (after Benedict XVI) will be the last, to be known as Peter the Roman.

So, when you stick all these little dots on the canvas and stand back about 30 feet or so, a rather interesting picture begins to emerge, a Tapestry of Time, as it were.  And when this picture is merged with all the other Pointillist portraits of Time, we start to see a most interesting view of humanity and our small place in it all.

John Donne famously said, "If a clod be washed away by the sea, is Europe not the less?"  We can extend the metaphor to Pointillism, in that if a single dot is removed, the richness of the overall image is diminished.

And thus science, art, history, and all the rest are integral parts of a Grand Image, a sort of metaphorical and metaphysical Sunday in the Park with Georges.  There is nothing in our lives that does not fit into a Big Picture.  Each dot creates the whole and the whole is inseparable from the dots that compose it.

If we expand Pointillism into three dimensions, we arrive at fractals, which are again a merging of art and science.  Here we find that each part merges to form the Big Picture, but that the Big Picture is also each part.  And like a fractal image, history swirls around in delicate designs that continually echo each other without ever repeating.

So, Rene Descartes and August Fresnel, two Frenchmen, helped develop the theory of light as a wave, rather than a particle as Newtonian science would have it.  This led French artist Georges Seurat to play with dots of color to make coherent pictures as an artistic expression of the competing theories.  Seurat's Pointillism led to the ability of print, film and video to create images using discrete dots of color and light, which in turn led to Quantum Theory because Einstein called the little packets of light quanta.  These in turn were shown to either radiate or reflect off of objects and strike cones and rods at the back of the eye, which in turn created packets of energy that traveled down the optic nerve and were reassembled as dots of information in the occipital lobe of the brain.  These images were then blended with similar images built from dots of energy that created sound, taste, smell, and feel to in turn create what we call the Known Universe.  The Known Universe then expands in spiral form like a giant fractal, and fractals are the products of very simple mathematical formulae that control everything from the formation of snail shells to the shapes of spiral galaxies.

The next time someone tells you that something is an isolated event, take a magnifying glass and tell them to look closely at the TeeVee screen or computer monitor.  Better yet, take them down to the Art Institute of Chicago and go stand in from of the 7-foot by 10-foot image of "Un dimanche après-midi à l'Ile de la Grande Jatte".  Then, for some additional fun, take a trip to Paris and the renowned L'Orangerie to have a look at Monet's Water Lillies, which fill two ovoid rooms in the basement.

Pretty amazing what a blind man can do with light and color...