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Breeding Yourself Into A Corner

In both the Banda Aceh and Fukushima tsunamis, a great number of people didn't notice the warning signs.  If they saw the tide sucking out and beach appearing where none had been just moments before, their minds opted for normalcy and told them that this was just a weird low tide or something.  And unlike the movies, tsunamis don't look like giant waves breaking on the horizon.  Instead, the tide comes in, and in, and in, and in.  It surges higher and faster without any sign of letting up.  Most people did not recognize what was happening until they were underwater or their building was completely surrounded with alarming rapidity.

And so it is with global events.  The tide began sucking out around the turn of the 20th century and now it is surging back with unstoppable force.  And just like a tsunami, it starts with what looks like an unusual high tide, but by the time folks sit up and take notice, the water of history is rushing past and rising inexorably.  This is when fear and panic take hold.

A fascinating man by the name of Frank O'Collins, whose interview will appear on these pages in the next couple of days, has posted a remarkable blog on his Ucadia site that deserves close reading and pondering.  He describes what it looks like when the tide starts to roll in with frightening rapidity.  He perfectly captures the feeling of those who have a deep feeling about global events, but can't quite put their finger on what's going on.

Picture a group of people like those in the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind.  They have, for whatever reason, been implanted with a vision of something they have to do to prepare for some impending event.  They know the sign they are looking for, but they don't know from where or when it will come.

The difference between real life and the movie is that the signs are implanted years ahead of the events.  We look frantically for them for a while, then slowly forget about them until something happens that triggers the memory and causes us to leap into action.  The problem is, we don't know which action is the right action until we stumble upon it.

Frank started to enter the seminary and join the priesthood.  I started to join the Benedictian order and become a monk.  We both apparently figured out rather quickly that wasn't the right direction, at least for us.  Frank eventually found his path, and I found mine.

The point is, there are people all over the planet who have received these visions and it is their job to perform some function that will warn others of the coming tsunami of history about to pound our shores.

The problem is that most folks who hear the warnings continue to mindlessly collect flotsam and jetsam on the newly exposed shorelines.  Some look up at the weirdos jumping up and down and yelling their fool heads off, but hey! everything looks normal, except there are a lot of cool shells here that they didn't see yesterday.

At some point, those in the know have to abandon the beachcombers to their reverie and start running for safety themselves.  After all, they have a group of folks who are listening and who want to know what they should do next.

The signs are here.  There are a bunch of folks jumping up and down trying to get everyone's attention.  Many aren't paying attention because they've been reprogrammed with false information that overrides their own instincts.  Deep inside, they know something is wrong, but their programming says, "Don't worry.  The 'authorities' will take care of everything.  They always do."

Those with false programming have relegated the Roman Church to a status of inconsequence.  They refuse to study history and see that the Roman Church has been at the center of Western history and culture for at least the past 1,000 years.  The fate of the church is the fate of an entire hemisphere of the socio-political globe.  The roots of all problems in the West right now are the result of ancient events, dismissed by most as being irrelevant in the modern world.

The rise of fascism and vulture capitalism, the collapse of monarchies, the rise of the Anglo-American empire and the Nazi Reich...all of these were planned for centuries.  The prophesy of Malachy and the interpretation of the Book of Revelations commonly held by most people were implanted as a means of controlling global events.

For instance, the prophesy of Malachy was written as part of a plan to socialize a certina mind-set in enough people across the planet to make certain events seem prophetic.  The one-line descriptions in the prophesy were a convenient way to buy credibility for Roman pontiffs.  After all, if a pope seemed to fit the 1,000-year-old prophesy, that would reinforce the validity of the prophesy, as well as make the pope look as if he was ordained by God's Plan.  It's circular logic, but billions of people have bought it.

The house built on a sandy foundation may last 50 years, but at some point, it will fall down.  Nothing based on a lie can survive forever.  And so the Roman Church is collapsing, both by design and by reason.  One group is pointing to the prophesy of end times to say, "See?  The end is coming and we were right!"  The other side is saying, "You can't build a house on a false foundation and expect it to stand."  The fact of the matter is that whoever controls definitions controls culture, and whoever controls culture controls the world.

Take a moment to think another way around.  Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands is resigning.  She is the daughter of Prince Bernhard, the founder of the Bilderberg group and a Nazi collaborator in World War 2.

Pope Benedict XVI is resigning.  He was a Hitler Youth and member of the Nazi Party, as well as a powerful figure inside the Vatican for many years, including being the Grand Inquisitor.  Update Feb 25 - Archbishop Keith Cardinal O'Brien to resign before the Conclave)

Surrounding these two events are the euro crisis and the EU itself, which was an idea hatched by high-ranking Nazis in the early 50s in Portugal.

The Knights of Malta, one of the most secretive and powerful groups in the Roman hierarchy, have taken over the Vatican Bank, which is the central economic engine of the Roman empire, which encompasses so much of Western history and current events.

All of these people and events are tied to the Bavarian Illuminati begun in (Ingolstadt, home of Victor Frankenstein) the 1800s.  That group was a branch of the Illuminati, along with many other organizations, which were a creation of the Roman Church in its effort to literally take over the world.  Remember that the Roman Church has given itself a mandate to possess and control the world in the name of Jesus until He returns (if you believe that particular interpretation of things).

The dwindling timeline and the culmination of thousands of different variables at this time is the reason that a number of writers and commentators have noted the precieved panic among the PTB. Based on a lot of dot connecting, we can even predict certain events - by reason rather than supernatural powers.

The new pope will be fairly young and charismatic.  The new William (Alexander) of Orange will take over the Netherlands.  Elizabeth II will abdicate this year, as will Charles, leaving Willie and Kate in charge.  All three of these monarchs together control most of the world's wealth and land, at least in title.  All three will pass to younger, more dynamic hands in the final push to complete their plan of global domination.

It will fail, but it won't be pretty.

It will fail because there is a tsunami coming.  This tsunami is powered by a force far more subtle and inevitable than any of those previously mentioned.  It is a force dismissed by the PTB and ignored by most people.  It is a tidal wave of Destiny.  It is programmed into our DNA and beyond the control of anything we can imagine.  There is an Awakening of something very ancient and currently invisible to most of us.

The PTB have been trying to find and eradicate it with the Human Genome Project and GMOs.  They know it's there but they can't reach it, though they think they have defeated it.

We humans are far more than we think we are.  Not unlike the Incredible Hulk, there is a massive force asleep within us...asleep because powerful magic has controlled us for a long, long time.  But like Sleeping Beauty or Rumplestiltskin or Snow White, true love will stir the Beast within and the evil plans of our supposed masters will be ultimately defeated.

In reality, there are two World Governments.  There is the one forced on us and the one which erupts from us.  The latter will win, but the former will not give up without a fight.  If you had been working for generations to build an empire - breeding your family and slowly positioning your forces - and you found an insurmountable force just as you were activating your final plan, would you just quit and go away?  Of course not.  They know, and we know at some level, that this is the final battle for control of the human race.  It will be a horrific war of attrition - a tsunami of history - which will be irresistible and inevitable.  The clash will grind mountains to dust.

All that can be done to mislead, distract and defeat humanity has been done.  Now the PTB are launching their young breedlings at us to conquer the last bit of the human psyche and pull the last of the wool over our eyes.  Prepare for D-Day.

The tsunami is coming.  See all those loons up the beach jumping up and down and yelling?  They are telling you to run.  Might want to take heed.