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Well, it took ten years and well over 1,000 articles, but we finally passed one million page views!  The YouTube channel reached a half-million views in half that time, while the Twitter and Gab accounts are slowly growing, along with BitChute, DTube and the various other outlets we use.

This milestone is due great measure to the wonderful readership here.  This blog attracts a highly intelligent group of folks who won't let me get away with unfounded speculation and baseless assertions.  I am very appreciative of this, as it has sharpened my writing skills and thought processes over the years.

And, of course, there's Mom, whose patient and tireless instruction taught me mastery of my literal Mother Tongue.  Credit also goes to dear old Dad, who forced me to learn the Latin and Greek roots, and to study Latin for two years in high school.  The benefits of a Classical Liberal Arts education can not be overstated.

A special note of thanks go to amazing folks like Jeff Rense, Joseph P. Farrell and Lew Rockwell, who have helped promote our efforts here with links and cross-posts and interviews.  Thanks to them, our readership jumps four-fold in the past few years, and for that we are deeply grateful.

Most importantly, thank you, Dear Reader, for helping me achieve this prestigious moment.  In a world driven by visual stimulation, it is gratifying to know that many of us still find the written word a valuable resource for understanding our wildly insane world.  I deeply appreciate every comment and criticism as the crucible for testing my mettle, as it were.

In an amazing stroke of luck, I have recently been hired as the General Manager of Indonesia's newest, largest and most advanced fine arts center.  This is an incredible honor and responsibility.  I have an unparalleled opportunity to help guide the development of the arts in Indonesia and I am dedicated to making the most of it.

Based on past experience, I realize my output here will slow a bit as I focus on the new challenges presented to me.  I apologize to the readers who come here frequently looking for new ideas and fresh perspectives.  I will endeavor to make each post even better in compensation for the lack of quantity.

I would like to invite regular readers to my sister blog and channel at Pure Theatrix, where we are planning some exciting content covering the arts and entertainment.  Of course, there's our Radio Far Side website, too.

To keep up with developments at the new theater, please check out the JIExpo website for upcoming announcements and details about the new venue.

Life is always exciting and unexpected on the Far Side!  Chronicling the wild twists and turns, and speculating on meaning and outcome were the prime motivations for starting this blog.  Much like life itself, it has grown and expanded, shifted and lurched, but it is still here and still fighting the Good Fight.

We sincerely hope that you, Gentle Reader, will continue on the ride with us.  As my fellow Houstonian and colleague Bill Hicks put it:
:Life goes up and down, round and round; it's got thrills and chills and it's very brightly colored, and it's very loud; don't worry, don't be afraid, it's just a ride and you can change it anytime you want; it's only choice between fear and love..." 

Thank you for your support and dedication.  We are still here and will continue describing and analyzing the ride.