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Lining Silver

Anyone with half an eye on markets has noticed that gold, silver and platinum have shot through the roof.  In fact, all commodities are running for the Moon since they are priced on world markets in US dollars, and the dollar is dying a slow and public death.

The death of the dollar is not the whole story, though.  Especially when it comes to silver, there is a much deeper and darker secret that is driving prices faster than the PTB/W can beat them down.

Around the world, there are things called 'bullion banks.'  These are basically secure warehouses where gold and silver money is stored to back various things, like currency and futures trades.  In a perfect world, if I buy 100oz of silver on contract, then some bullion bank accepts and stores 100oz of silver with your name on it.  It's the oldest form of banking on Earth.

The way paper money came into being was as treasury warrants or certificates that showed that I had an amount of gold or silver stored in a vault, and if I gave you my warrant, you could go to that bank and claim your metal.  All US paper money used to be gold or silver certificates, and if you went into a bullion bank, you could claim the equivalent in metal coins.

The oldest banking scam became playing the odds.  The banksters noticed that people liked to leave the metal in the bank and carry the lighter and more convenient paper.  Because of this statistical trick, they could lend out a chunk of your metal for interest while you weren't looking.  If you came into the bank to claim your metal, they played the odds that they could cover with other people's metal, thus making it look like all your metal was there.  Thus was born fractional reserve banking.  The banksters only needed to keep a small amount of real metal on hand to cover for withdrawals, and the rest they could farm out and make money on interest from your money.

The only real danger was if the customers of the bank lost 'confidence' and showed up in significant numbers to claim their metal.  If the bank couldn't cover the claims, the owner was marched out and hung.for fraud and theft.  Of course, it's all 'legal' now (Federal Reserve), but they still need to measure Consumer Confidence to make sure you aren't getting ready to hang them.

So anyway, back to the bullion banks.  They've been running a scam for decades now.  Let's say you buy 100oz of silver on long-term contract.  You take delivery of the metal at a bullion bank and they issue you a certificate and charge you a storage fee, either monthly or yearly.  Here's the trick.  Of your 100oz, they only really put 1oz in storage and lease the other 99 from another bank or owner.  The bullion bank makes money for storing something that isn't there, and the lessor of the 99oz makes money by leasing his metal to several other banks, as well.

Now comes the Perfect Storm.  Inflation has driven the nominal price of metals up very fast.  This made people sit up and take notice.  Gold being very expensive put it out of reach of most people, but silver was still at reasonable levels.  So a lot of folks started buying.  What's worse, those who had metal in the bullion banks wanted to take delivery of the physical metal.  That put an immediate strain on the system.

As sales increased, the price rose, more people got interested, which drove up prices even more, which made more people interested, which drove sales, and the whole thing became a self-perpetuating cycle.

The banks are desperate.  They are scouring the Earth to collect all the silver they can get their hands on.  The are so desperate they falsely convicted Bernard von NotHaus, of Liberty Dollar, on trumped-up charges so they could confiscate his $7 million worth of silver, even though that amount is just piss in a bucket to save the system.

One solution they are trying is massive short buying on COMEX.  This has the effect of driving the price down, albeit slightly and temporarily.  It also has the effect of digging their accounting hole even deeper.  They are still playing averages, statistics and 'confidence' in a world that is quickly only trusting the real thing in hand.

When this thing unwinds, the price of silver will shoot through the roof.  When it does, probably sooner than later, then gold and platinum will unwind, as well.  In short order, the prices of the Big Three will soar to levels that are most likely double, if not more, of today's prices.

The math doesn't lie.  It can't end any other way.  It is written in stone and is as unavoidable as tomorrow's sunrise.  The first victim will be JPMorgan, which has a massive short exposure to silver.  When Morgan collapses, most of the major banking houses worldwide will follow, because they all have short exposure to metals.

This scan has been perpetuated for decades by playing a game where the financial world poo-pooed gold and silver, and played down the investment value of the metals.  They had to maintain this stance in order to keep people for looking too closely at the shell game they were running.  On top of that, they were making massive profits renting empty storage, and leasing the same pile of metal over and over again.  It's a great living, if you can keep it going.

Many people are becoming aware of the scam.  Many more don't know about the game, but they see the nominal value of the metal running away, while the purchasing value of their paper drops precipitously on a daily basis.  Even the Wally Mart CEO is saying publically that inflation is killing his business.  And Wally Mart made its fortune selling cheap goods at low prices to people with no money.  Now, even their market is drying up.

The death throes are obvious.  The whole system is collapsing.  And really, the value of the metals is not rising.  They have been the same for thousands of years.  It's the amount of paper it takes to hold some of that metal that is changing.  One ounce of gold has bought a fine, custom-tailored suit for hundreds of years.  But, the price of the suit in paper bux has risen dramatically, especially in the past decade.

The real interesting thing to watch is what will happen when JPMorgan starts to catch fire.  They've already raided the Treasury (your pocket), and there's not much left to take.  They'll be piles of 'too-big-to-fail' talk coming from the mass mind control.

The Big Question is how much shit will the American people put up with?  Do they have any fight left, or are they completely fluoridated and Xanaxed into submission?
By July, most of us won't recognize the world as we've come to know it.  The PTB/W, in the guise of corporations (their current sheep's clothing), are making a play to take it all off the table.  But, they are teetering on the edge.  Their current actions belie a sense of desperation.  They have lost control in some key area(s).  They are flailing around trying to keep people from looking behind the curtain and see that having the whole system is NOT the end of the world, but actually the beginning of global peace and liberty.

They can't stand to have that happen.

It's a very important moment.  It's one of the pivotal points of history.  What remains to be seen is if they can pile enough weight on the backside of the Titanic to keep it afloat, or will the ship snap in two and sink despite their greatest efforts?

If you love liberty and want to live like a free person with the ability to amass real wealth and pursue happiness in your own way, then you have a very simple and readily available weapon against tyranny.

Buy silver.  Buy lots of it.  And only accept real, physical metal in your hand.  (oh, and this is NOT financial advice...just telling what I like to do for a hobby).

The Big Crash is not the end of the world, it's the beginning of a new one.


Birth Of A Nation

Not to take anything away from one of the first feature films ever made (D. W. Griffith's Birth of a Nation), but the whole 'birther/certer' issue is a ruse.

For those just waking up from a coma, Obama's birthplace has been an issue since before the election in 2008.  A great number of people have questioned whether he fulfills the stipulation in Article 2 of the US Constitution, to be a 'natural born citizen.'  There have been numerous lawsuits and attempts to force Obama to release his actual birth certificate, which he has spent millions of dollars to prevent.

Millions of dollars in legal fees to prevent the release of a $20 legal form, which all US Presidents have provided as a matter of course.

Obama's 'adversary,' one John McCain even had to go through Congressional hearings because he was born in Panama.  The Congress cleared him, since both his parents were US citizens, and he was born in a US hospital in what was then US territory.

"Natural born citizen," as it appears in the US Constitution, has a specific meaning.  The term was taken from a concept of international law that predated the Constitution by a few decades.  According to the Federalist Papers and the Congressional Record, the term was to have the meaning that a person had two parents with citizenship, and that the person was to have been born on a nation's territory.

Since Hawaii, Obama's purported birthplace, had been made a State a few years before his birth, there doesn't seem to be an issue there.  But where a lot of folks get derailed is the fact that his purported father was a British subject, being a citizen of British East Africa (Kenya wasn't around then, except maybe in local parlance).

In addition, Obama lost any claim to citizenship when he was adopted by an Indonesian man, becoming Barry Soetoro and taking Indonesian citizenship.  So, regardless of what citizenship he had at birth, he lost it when his mother married an Indonesian and moved to this country.

Furthermore, the purported birth certificate released the other day has a number of problems with it.  Folks have pointed out that it lists his father's race as African.  In 1961, the common term was Negro.  It lists the hospital by a name that didn't come into use until the late 70s.  It appears to have been manipulated in some form of graphic software.  The certificate number is higher than two twins who were born in the same hospital the day after Obama.  It doesn't resemble any certificates that were issued at the time (they are, like mine, black with white text...I was born two weeks before Obama).  And finally, it lists his father as being a citizen of Kenya, which didn't exist at the time.

That Obama is an illegitimate president is without question.  He failed to take the Oath of Office using the exact words proscribed in the Constitution, he has done almost nothing Constitutional, he has been seated on UN councils illegally, and he has prosecuted wars without the approval of Congress.  In other words, he is acting far outside the powers granted to his office, and is thus illegitimate.

What's really going on here?  Congress could impeach him if it acted according to law and the Constitution that empowers it.  The Supreme Court could have heard any of a number of challenges to his legitimacy.  But none of the Fools on the Hill have done their job.  So why, all of a sudden, is he releasing his birth certificate? He was secure in his position of disdain for the law, since no one was able to effectively challenge him.

Easy.  Donal Trump.

You see, the PTB/W have this thing where they steer voters to choose their darlings.  Not that any of the choices have the interests of the American people at heart, with the possible exception of Ron Paul, but they have one boy who is their favorite.  In this case, it's Obama.

Now with the current economic and social situation in the States, it's easy to see that Obama should be picking his retirement home about now.  However, the PTB/W like him.  He does what he's told and does it with flare and aplomb.  So, in order to coral the masses and make them 'choose' their man, they have to muddy the waters around him, thus making their boy the only logical choice.

Along comes Donald Trump.  The man is useless, as far as statesmen go.  But, he is very visible and has good name recognition.  On top of that, Ron Paul, whose followers created the Tea Party, and who are gaining political strength, is making a third run, and could have a good chance at the seat, which would be a PTB/W disaster.  So, they put up The Don.  And to buy him some credibility, he is told to hammer the 'birther' issue.  Lo and behold!  Obama releases the certificate!

Wow!  The Don really has some stroke!  He could do what hundreds of others could not do using the system.  He could scare Obama into releasing the certificate!  The Don is great and powerful!  Instant legitimacy.  See how that works?

Now, what will likely happen is that The Don will start to collect a large following, then some scandal will break later on, on cue of course.  His followers, cut loose and dangling will grab on to whatever 'front runner' the media have selected for the masses, and the vote will split giving Obama a clear lead, as well as disillusioning voters who were looking to the Republicrats as an alternative.

The masses, who love the idea of backing a winner, will thus flock back to the Obama camp.  By then, the media will have whipped up the 'Obama mystique' again, presenting him with halos and showing swooning females crying in the audience.  Obama wins a second term and no one remembers that he wasn't a legitimate president to begin with.

It's all really elementary mass mind control.  It's akin to the way TV preachers hypnotize their minions.  The music and lights operate at a certain rhythm, with emotional triggers being pulled and released in a certain pattern.  People are built up to an emotional peak, and then released so that they feel as if they've had some sort of mystical experience.  It's so obvious and so easy to do, as long as folks don't catch on to what you are doing to them.  They have to maintain 'willing suspension of disbelief.'

Really, media consumption classes should be mandatory in all schools.  Learning the tricks and methods of media manipulation should be basic information, like adding and subtracting numbers. We now live in a virtual flood of media, yet almost no one knows how or why it works.  The media have an incredible amount of power, as long as you don't look behind the curtain or think about whose pulling the strings.

I have many non-media friends who won't watch movies with me any more.  They say I have completely ruined the experience for them.  Now, when they watch movies, all they think about is where the camera is, whether the dialog was looped, and how much of the frame is 'live' and how much is computer generated.  They also look at the visual language.  What is the camera angle saying?  What is the composition saying?  What are the other things included in the frame saying?

It's all symbols, and all of it is manipulating you all day, every day.

It's like I keep saying...turn OFF the TV now.  Do NOT consume mass media.  You are probably not savvy enough to know when you are being manipulated.  Then, pull out some books about media and mass comm theory.  Do enough reading first, then flip it back on.  Bet you will never watch it the same again.

The whole charade around the birth certificate is Grand Theater.  It's an opera in real life.  The symbols and events are being staged and carefully managed to steer your mind exactly the way THEY want it to go.  If you really stop watching TV right now, within a week you will notice a distinct change in the way you think and perceive the world.  After a couple of months, you won't be able to watch much at all.  You'll see how insipid and crass is all is.  And if you do enough reading on media theory in the meantime, you'll be able to pull the curtain away and see the wizard for what he is.  I know.  I worked in media all my life and won awards for manipulating people's minds and emotions.

Yeah, Obama is illegitimately on the throne.  Yeah, the whole damn thing is a circus.  Yeah, Donald Trump is a spoiler to split the opposition.

The best way to fight back is not participate.  It's all a lie.  If they can't get enough people to vote, they no longer have any claim to power.  All of this is to whip up a frenzy over the next two years so that it climaxes with you in the voting booth.  Take away their climax and you can REALLY change the world.


Mithras and the Lamb

The image may be a relief, or free-standing, and side details may be present or omitted. The centre-piece is Mithras clothed in Anatolian costume and wearing a Phrygian cap; who is kneeling on the exhausted [20] bull, holding it by the nostrils [20] with his left hand, and stabbing it with his right. As he does so, he looks over his shoulder towards the figure of Sol. A dog and a snake reach up towards the blood. A scorpion seizes the bull's genitals. The two torch-bearers are on either side, dressed like Mithras, Cautes with his torch pointing up and Cautopates with his torch pointing down.[21][22]Sometimes Cautes and Cautopates carry shepherds' crooks instead of torches.
He had a miraculous birth.  He had twelve followers and was co-ruler of the Cosmos with God.  He died and was resurrected.  His cult began over 2,000 years ago.  His followers met in secret underground caverns and celebrated with ritual meals.  The followers were also persecuted by Caesar in public displays of horrific cruelty.

His name was Mithras.

Just about everything about Mithras matches the christian legends.  There are a few minor differeces.  Mithras conquered the Bull, while Jesus conquered the Lamb.  Mithras drew water from a rock, while Jesus turned it into wine.  But, the outlines are there, just the colors change.

Few people think about the symbolism involved in the story of Jesus, nor are they familiar with why things are they way they are.  Those of us of an age all sang the words, "This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius," but almost no one knew what they were saying.

Jesus and the Apostles represent the 12 signs of the zodiac, while Jesus himself is Ophuicus, who sits about and watches over the others.  That magical number 13.  The images of serpents are representations of the constellation Draco (the dragon).  Bulls, rams and fish all have specific meanings.

But, I get ahead of myself.  First, let's talk a little science.

If you spin a top and place it on the ground, within a few seconds it will start to wobble, so that the stem draws a circle at both ends.  In the same way, the Earth wobbles around on its axis.  It's called precession.  To complete one cycle takes about 26,000 years, which is called a Platonic year.  The current pole star, Polaris, is only temporary.  There are five of them: Polaris, al Deramin, Deneb, Vega, and alpha Draconis.

As the Earth precesses, the Spring Equinox (in the northern hemisphere) aligns with the Sun so that over time, the Sun appears to enter different signs of the zodiac.  About 7,000 years ago, it was in Taurus the Bull, then Aries the Ram, and now it's in Pisces the Fish.  Next stop, in about 400 years will be Aquarius the Water Bearer.  Each sign corresponds to an Age (e.g.- Taurus, Aries, Pisces, and Aquarius), and each Age has certain characteristics, or 'flavors,' which belong to each sign.  Pisces is said to mark the dominance of art and religion, and it's hard to argue with that.

At the end of each Age is a time called the Messianic era, in which a special king is born, who brings with him the new rituals and signs that mark the new Age.  For Pisces, it is all things water: baptism, ritual washing, water miracles, etc.  The king must also vanquish the old Age in order to start the new one.  The problems come from those who don't want to let the old ways go.

For instance, in the story of Genesis, Moses leads the Hebrews out of Egypt, but they end up building a golden calf with a gold disc between its horns.  Now why would they just arbitrarily build a cow?  Well, it wasn't arbitrary.  It was the Age of Taurus moving into the Age of Aries.  The bull was, of course, Taurus and the gold disc was the Sun.  Ritual sacrifice of bulls was the order of the day.

The appearance of Jesus coincides with the end of Aries and the beginning of Pisces.  This is why he was the Lamb of God and had to be sacrificed, while his followers became Fishers of Men.  Jesus walked on water, turned water into wine, and when he was stabbed on the cross, blood and water came out.

Each of the Apostles were signs of the zodiac and their personalities matched the characteristics of their sign.  They are typically depicted with symbols that represent some aspect of their character, and some (primarily the supposed writers of the Gospels) have the actual sign of the zodiac shown with their image.

Many temples, churches and mosques typically have vaulted or domed ceilings.  This represents the Vault of the Heavens, under which we humans worship.

Back to Jesus, he was the Lamb of God (Aries).  His job was to bring in new symbols and practices for the new Age.  After giving us water rituals and symbolic sacrifice with bread and wine, he was slaughtered in order to kill the old Age and start the new.  This is the meaning of Messiah.  It's an era or a time, not a person.

What all this boils down to is that the Bible is one long, intricate mythology of the Cosmos.  It is a tale woven from asterisms and celestial patterns.  It is designed to preserve and transmit occult knowledge of the heavens, the cycles and patterns there, and the influences projected on the Earth by the movements of the Cosmos (astrology).

This astrology is not the lame, pale cousin found in the daily newspaper or touted by TV shamans, but serious business.  Serious enough that people have fought and died for centuries to preserve this knowledge and keep it as pristine as possible.

It has also been manipulated by those who know the truth to keep us in the dark and chasing ghosts.  Secret societies have sprung up with initiation rituals and priesthoods, in order to both hide and keep alive the secrets that are hidden directly in front of our eyes.  Once you learn the symbols and the code, the Bible suddenly comes alive with metaphor and sacred information.  After all, knowledge of the precession of the Earth requires daily observations and detailed records kept over thousands of years, at least for one Platonic Year. That's a lot of work, and the folks who hold that information aren't going to let it go easily.  On the other hand, they revel in the idea that they know something we don't, and they dangle in front of us as a game.

It gets a lot more interesting, and in the future we'll explore more of the pagent that is playing out on an invisible stage that is literally hidden in plain sight.  In a sense, it is transdimensional, since it exists in the same space that we all occupy, yet it is completely invisible until you have the tools to unlock it.

The only problem is, once you see it all, then you can't see anything else.


The Dawn Of A New Day

This symbol is called a fasces.  The word comes from the Latin, fascis, which simply meant 'bundle.'  It's the root of the English word 'faggot,' which in British English means a bundle of twigs, or in the slang, a cigarette.  The symbol itself means, "strength through unity," which is obvious by the ax head sticking out of a bundle of twigs.  In other words, projecting power out of a unified bundle of people.  Lest Indonesian readers think this has nothing to do with them, then they might recognize this, "Bhinneka Tunggal Ika."

Fasces also happens to be the origin of another English word, "fascist."

To really understand what you are looking at, you must also know about the 'eagle,' or 'aquila.'
Roman with fasces
Indonesia with motto
USA offering peace or war

German with phoenix elements
Notice anything?  For one thing, a lot of countries use the eagle symbol.  For another, it's been around for a long time.  Even the Babylonians used eagle's wings attached to lions with human heads as ubiquitous symbols.

Basically, the eagle represents the Sun.  As the eagle was able to fly so high, and was still able to see the smallest detail on the ground, it became a symbol of the gods.  As the Sun was the chief among the gods, that the eagle could get so close and not get burned meant is was pretty special.

Ikarus and Daedalus of Greek legend built wings of eagle feathers so that they could soar close to the Sun, as well.  Famously, Daedalus got a bit too close and he crashed into the sea.  If the eagle got too close, he would be consumed in flames, but would rise again from the ashes...the Phoenix.

Now the Sun is a big deal.  The symbolism for that thing is huge, deep and complicated.  Suffice it to say that it represents the Light of the World, knowledge, gnosis, illumination.  Those who bear the symbol of the eagle have come close to the Sun, and therefore have special knowledge.  They have been illuminated.  They are Illuminati.

The other thing to note about eagles is that they have two wings, the left wing and the right wing.  The eagle is a two-party system.  The US, of course, is two party.  Most countries that bear the symbol of the eagle are moving towards two-party systems.  Indonesia just passed legislation that will ultimately move it to a two-party system.  Singapore this year is introducing a second party, just so everyone thinks they have a choice.  You can have Communism (the left) or Fascism (the Right).  Either way, the Illuminated win, because both wings belong to them.

It's the hegelian dialectic.  You are presented false choices, then change agents steer the discussion until the masses select one of the preselected choices.  The choice is presented as concensus, though any dissent or alternatives were eliminated before you ever got the choice.

Societies are steered through the use of the hegelian dialectic, making false choices and thinking they have selected what they have.  Meantime, the true leaders, the illuminated ones, manipulate symbols, both to control the masses and to communicate to each other.

One such coded communication is something called, "The New Dawn," or "Dawn of a New Day."  These codes refer to the ultimate subjugation of the entire world under their control.  It's a new world order, in other words.  Novus Ordo Seclorum.  Out of the many, they have crafted one order for themselves, by themselves and from themselves.  E pluribus unum.  Bhinneka Tuggul Ika.  The fasces.  Power projected from the uniting of the masses into one bundle.

Perhaps you noticed GW Bush's Operation New Dawn in Iraq.  Maybe you recall Obama's promise of a New Dawn in US leadership.  In fact, a few seconds on Google searching those terms will bring up literally thousands of examples of 'leaders' and 'famous' people using them.  Go to and search the terms in movie quotes and titles.  Bet you never noticed it before.

How about this?

Gee, do you think that could be the 'dawn of a new day' in Obama's campaign logo?

But wait!  Isn't the the 'dawn of a new day' there at the bottom of the Soviet Union's coat of arms?   And aren't those symbolic eagle wings surrounding the whole thing?  The five-pointed star symbolizes Lucifer, the Morning Star, but that's a whole other can of wax, to mix a metaphor or two.
China Coat of Arms - Sun as cog wheel
Hey!  There it is again on China's seal, though they gave it a cursory disguise, of course.  And notice how the symbolic wings are also bundles, or fasces, and that they spring from the rising Sun.  The eagle's tail is disguised as a drapery, but the design elements are unmistakable.  Mistakes?  Just coincidence?  Nice graphic elements?  OK, sure.

It's really astounding once you start looking for these things.  The fasces, the eagle, the sun rising...they're everywhere!  They are coded communications among those who think they own humanity.  That includes those who, on this particular day, celebrate the "Son Rise."
The Dawn of a New Day

Oops, did that slip out?  Well, since it's already on the table, go into your church today and see how many eagles and rising suns you can find.  Should keep you busy for an hour or so.  Start with the top of the American flag, if you're in the States.  And while you're at it, see if you can figure out why the state flag has a spear head on it.  Bonus points awarded.

So, next time you wonder if your country is becoming a fascist state, all you need to do is look for the symbols.  Bet you can find a million of them.

Why, just take a look at the US House of Representatives during Obama's State of the Union address.  Notice anything?
Notice the two giant fasces on either side of the podium.  Could it be...fascists?!

Those aren't eagles and fasces, are they?  Naw, I didn't think so...

Oh, and if you want a lot more information about all this, and a whole lot more, check out Jordan Maxwell.  He's the guy that Dan Brown based his symbologist/hero on.  It's amazing stuff for those with hungry minds.

Happy Day of Ester.  May all you have be fertile.

Your homework?
Here's the Singapore Coat of Arms.  See if you can interpret the symbols.  Hint: lions, 5-pointed stars, crescent moons, and pentagrams are just the beginning.  And is that really the Moon?  Can you think of any planets that present a crescent when viewed from Earth?  Have fun!

Oh, ok, one more hint: how many fingers do the lion and the tiger have showing at the top?  Also, be sure and look at outlines and negative spaces.  That's all.  The rest is up to you.


Pax Romanae

Ah, once again we celebrate that time-honored pagan celebration of Easter.  It began with Maundy Thursday, led into Good Friday, followed by Holy Saturday, and culminates in Easter Sunday.  If you are a Christian, then you have most likely been read (few actually actively read...) the Gospel accounts:

On Thursday, at sundown, Jesus and the Apostles gathered for the Passover meal.  Later, some of them repair to the garden for a walk and some fresh air.  Jesus gets arrested, taken before the Sanhedrin, gets condemned to death, but wait!, let's let the Romans do it so we don't get blamed for killing a major political figure.  So they haul Jesus to Pontius Pilat, who in turn interviews Jesus but doesn't get very far.  So he sends our hero half way across Palestine, to Herod, who plays around with Jesus a bit and then sends him half-way across Palestine again, to let old PP have another go.  Old PP takes our hero out back and has him whipped a little, then puts him up in front of the crowd, who naturally chooses the thieving, murdering liar Barabbas over our hero (a perfect example of democracy in action).  Thus at a loss on what to do with Jesus, PP orders him taken up the hill and crucified at the mob's request.  Finally, by noon on Friday, Jesus is hung out to dry.

That has got to be one of the fastest examples of the Wheels of Justice ever recorded!  In less than 12 hours, Jesus has a couple of trials, is hauled back and forth across Palestine, sees pretty much the entire ruling class of the region, and dies by noon the next day.  Pardon me if I have a problem with this story.  In fact, even the Gospels seem to have a bit of a problem.  Matthew, Luke and Mark pack all the action into one night, but good, old John says it a little different, giving us two days.  Hmmm...and that's the Gospel Truth.  Go read it.

So, we have this little time-line problem going.  But, that's not all...

You see, the story of God-Becomes-Man-Dies-And-Resurrects was ancient even in Jesus' time.  In fact, the story is one of the oldest in Humanity's collection of stories.  By some accounts, this story is well over 10,000 years old.

One example is the Egyptian story of Osiris.  Seems Ossy got into a battle and was hacked into 14 pieces.  His sister/wife Isis collected the pieces, all except for the phallus which disappeared, and reassembled them inside a tree trunk.  The missing phallus was replaced with a magical device that allowed Isis to impregnate herself before she sealed up the tree trunk and threw it in the Nile.  Three days later, Osiris was resurrected in his new trans-human form (with the magical phallus, we presume).

Now the whole bit with tree trunks and three days has a familiar ring to it, que no?  Not to mention the rather thinly veiled renditions of Mary and Jesus in the image of Isis and Horus.

To all this, we add the story of the Roman emperor Constantine.  He was watching the Roman Empire sliding inexorably into the history books, led in part by infighting among dozens of competing religions.  In an effort to quell the bickering and save the empire, he ordered a bunch of religious types into a room in Turkey and told them to come up with something.  Which they did.  It is called the Universal Roman Church, or Roman Catholic.

The council of Nicea blended pieces of several religions into a single amalgam that made everyone happy.  The monotheists had One God.  The polytheists had a Trinity.  The goddess worshipers were given Mary and the Osiris worshipers were given Jesus.  The Sun worshipers were given Sunday and those who just needed a pantheon and ancestor worship were given saints.

None of it really resembled Christianity, which was a whole different beast.  The Christians believed that their guy was the new Fisher King, come to establish the Kingdom of the New Age.  Their religio-political movement was an outcrop on the Essenes, who in turn had blended certain aspects of Judaism and Buddhism.  Their system postulated apotheosis, in which every man could become god through certain practices.

The whole idea of apotheosis is really central to this whole thing.  Certainly, the Buddhists believe in it, and various sects throughout Western history believe in it.  There are hints of it throughout the Old and New Testaments, even as Jesus said 'all this I do, you can do, and more.'  In the US, George Washington is assumed to has undergone apotheosis, and that moment is enshrined on the ceiling of the US capitol dome.  Some scholars argue that Jesus also went through this process, as he began by calling himself the Son of Man, but later changed to the Son of God.  Go read it.  I'm not making this up.

At any rate, Constantine (remember him?) had hit on a solution to the ills of the Roman Empire.  Now, the emperor was truly the center of the official religion, and that religion had something for everyone.  No matter what your parental belief system was, you could find the core beliefs all tied up in a neat little box in this Universal Church.

Did it work?  Well, the Catholic Church is the richest, most powerful organization on Earth...right now.  It is the single largest land owner, and the leaders of the world still come to the Emperor (now called Pope) to get their blessing and approval.  Roman Law is the core of most legal systems on Earth.  Pretty much all corporations are given their legal status as 'persons' through a complex and very well hidden link to the Vatican.  In fact, the Vatican is the only sovereign religious headquarters on Earth.  And it has survived and perpetuated the Roman Empire throughout the world for 2,000 years.

Don't know about you, but that sounds pretty darned successful to me.  In fact, few seem to realize it, but the Godfather series of books and films were really a documentary.  I avoided watching any of the films until last year.  Despite their fame and adulation, I had no desire to see them.  I knew what was in them.  I had seen it first-hand.  The scene where Michael gets absolution from the future pope...well, there you go.

The banking ills of the world are laid at the feet of the Vatican.  Its bank is the root of all evil.  All roads lead to Rome.  That's why no matter what horrible things the Church leaders do, the institution is untouchable.  No major event on Earth occurs without the blessing and approval of the Vatican.

Oh, and who killed JFK?  The Vatican, of course.  JFK signed an Executive Order creating a new, independent US currency based on silver.  Look it up.  He died not long after that.  How dare a Catholic stand up to the secular power of the Holy Roman Empire?  From that point forward, we were given the Pax Americana.  Now why do you think they'd use a 2,000 year old dead language for that term, and run everything out of a city in Virginia that is up to its gills in Graeco-Roman architecture?

And trust me, when the American Empire, and the Pax Americana falls into dust, the Romans will still be there.

Those who don't study history are doomed to repeat it.


The Texian Supremacy

Today is a very important day.  More important than March 2nd, though not by much.  Today is San Jacinto Day.

Now for those of you who are not fortunate enough to be Texians, let me explain.

Once upon a time, there was a Mexican state called Coahuila y Tejas, in the northern reaches.  Mexico had won a hard-fought battle against Spain and gained its independence.  The country was fresh with energy and encouraged settlers from North America to come take land grants in the region.  Things were happy and exciting.

Along comes President Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna.  This little gem, who shares many things in common with Barry Soetoro (a.k.a. - Barak H. Obama), decided he needed to be king, so he cancelled the Mexican Constitution, disbanded the Congress and took on dictatorial powers.

That didn't cotton too well with the good Texian people.  They just wanted to live in peace, away from the US, where they could pursue their right to happiness without the oppression of their militant neighbor to the east.  So a bunch of farmers got together and kicked a little butt on the local Mexican army/police.  Then they sat down at Washington-on-Brazos, in East Texas, and wrote up the Declaration of Independence on March 2, 1836.

Well, old Santa Anna didn't like them uppity little farmers getting so full of themselves, so he dispatched the Mexican Army to go up there and kick a little Texian tail.  He even came to join in the fun, and personally led the horrific slaughter of 250 men, women and children at the Alamo, who bravely fought off the thousands of Mexican regulars and bought time for Sam Houston and the Texas Army to gather strength and tactical position.

The blood still dripping from their swords and death in their eyes, the Mexicans marched on Goliad and a few other towns, and laid waste to them, as well.  They ruthlessly slaughtered every human in sight and hung corpses on trees as warnings to anyone who dared stand up to Santa Anna's megalomaniacal ambitions.

By the time the Mexican Army reached San Jacinto, just outside of present day Houston, they were feeling pretty full of themselves.  After all, they had soundly defeated so many poor farmers and their wives and children.  They were unstoppable now!  They camped out on a little tongue of land, under a grove of cottonwood trees, and relaxed a bit on the banks of the San Jacinto river.  Santa Anna availed himself of a young half-breed woman, known as the Yellow Rose of Texas, who had volunteered to help take down the Mexican forces.

Thus distracted, Santa Anna let his guard down and felt at the top of his game.  The rest of the army got a bath to wash off the blood of their evil, not unlike their federal counterparts to the east, when dispatching natives to the Great Beyond.

At dawn the next morning, the Texians attaacked.  A couple of thousand men under Sam Houston (my kin William Davis Durham among them) charged full on into the Mexican camps.  The Mexicans were caught completely unaware and with their pants down, literally.  They had made the fatal mistake of camping on a peninsula, so they had no where to run but to jump in the river, which Santa Anna did.

The small Texian army swept through and in 19 minutes, they had killed over 600 soldiers and captured more than 700.  In the process, the Texians lost nine good men.  This brief moment has become known as the most decisive and swiftest battle in Western history.  Shows you what happens when you Mess With Texas.

Santa Anna, who ran like a bony dog, was caught the next day, dressed in rags and making his way down was is now becoming the insulting and treasonous NAFTA highway.  He was taken to Texian headquarters near present-day Austin, where a few weeks later he signed the surrender under what is now called Treaty Oak.  The famous painting in the Texas national capitol depicts the scene, with Deaf Smith cupping his ear to the left of Sam Houston.

Santa Anna was sent home in disgrace, and thought the treaty did not stipulate Texas' nationhood, it made many key concessions to local leadership.  Later, the US, UK, Netherlands, and France would recognize Texas' nationhood by treaty.  Of course, the US only did it because they had designs on the Colorado and California gold mines.  And they could use a bunch of tough Texians to run interference for them on the southern flank while they stole the western territories.  The Bastards.

I made several attempts, as Secretary of State, to repatriate the Alamo flag, which is sitting in a drawer in the Mexican National Museum.  They won't turn loose of it.  I guess they want to gloat on the lopsided slaughter of great Texians like Bill Travis, Jim Bowie, Davy Crockett and John Wayne (grin).

It just goes to show what a small number of people, with righteousness on their side, who are defending their lives and their freedom, can do.  The Texians show be an example to us all that, even when the odds appear overwhelming, events conspire to uphold those who are true and honest to their cause.

On April 21, 1836, a miracle happened.  It happened because those men believed in what they were doing, and they were defending their rights and way of life.  People from all over the world came to the aid of Texas back then.  Imagine what would happen now, in the Age of Communications, if a few stalwart folks stood up to tyranny and said, "No more!"

Oops...don't have to imagine.  Just look at Egypt.  LOL!
Remember the Alamo!  Remember Goliad!

In other news:
DHS Launches New Alert System to Terrorize Public
Algore is on the BoD of the Least Green Company in America (LOL!!)


The Invisible Hand

Just in case you question the fact that Texans are probably some of the smartest folks around, here's proof.  The University of Texas Investment Fund is taking physical delivery of its gold holdings.  As for proof that Americans are all THAT dumb, Jerome Corsi's book supposedly proving that Obama ain't a legal president (as if you needed proof) has spun up to #2 on Amazon's best-seller list in one day -- pre-release.

There is hope, if not change.

Of course, Obama did keep his promise about "change," since that's about all folks have left in their pockets right now.  And there's plenty of 'hope' that they can find some more 'change' in the sofa cushions.

Back 13 years ago, or so, I started telling friends and family to watch out...the End of the World was coming.  At the time, the dollar index was around 111, gold was $280, silver was $5, gasoline was $1.50, the Dow was 14,000, and I was telling people to beware of Bush and Obama.  They said I was the craziest damn sunnuvabitch that ever came down the pike.

Now, the dollar index is 74, gold is $1,500, silver is $45, gasoline is $5, the Dow is below 13,000 (nominally) and not many people would disagree about Bush and Obama.  And I'm still the craziest damn sunnuvabitch because I moved to the opposite side of the world to watch the fun.

A few people are starting to ask me to help them get out, though.  Guess I'm just ahead of my time, is all.  It really does pay to read a little history once in a while.  You can learn a lot from seeing how all the previous bone-headed social experiments turned out.

Meantime, the world is going completely bonkers.  There's so much stuff happening at the micro-level that it's hard to keep up with it all.  Better to stay up at the meta-level where one can perceive trends in the Big Picture.

Trends are things like the news of Stuxnet breaking late last year, targeting Iran's nuke plants, and all the problems occurring with nuke plants worldwide right now, not just in Japan, but in Germany, the US, the EU, and Russia.  They didn't all get hit by earthquakes and tsunamis.  You think there's a connection?  Maybe Stuxnet got out of control?  LIHOP/MIHOP kind of questions.

Trends like mass die-offs occurring all over the place, that all began with the BP fiasco and GoM murder.  Now BP has revealed that it used artificial microbes on the spill.  Now, one year later, critters are dropping out of the skies and washing up on beaches, in or around coastal areas.  And do you think there's a connection between bird, bee, fish, and animal die-offs, and things like genetically-modified plants, magnetic anomalies and increased Earth rumblings?

I keep going back to pointillist painters like Georges Surat.  When you are up close to the paintings, they are just little blobs of color, but when you step back far enough, they create rich images.  Everything in life is a matter of perspective.  If you stand back far enough from history, you can perceive long-term trends and conditions.  You can also perceive the Invisible Hand that has guided events to this particular intersection.

There's no magic to seeing the future.  Once one understands how things work, and can see the omens and portends, it becomes rather easy.  On the micro-level, you can't always foresee discrete events, but on the macro-level, you can definitely follow the stream of events.  But, there is one curious part to current events.

It seems that the Invisible Hand is losing its grip.  Yes, this Hand definitely benefits from increasing chaos and entropy, but only when it contrives and controls them.  What the Hand seems to have missed is that no matter how big your perspective is, there is always a larger one.  You can stand back quite a ways, but someone else can stand back quite a ways further.

An excellent parable for times like these is "Jurassic Park," the book not the movie.  In the book, the megalomaniacal owner of the island thinks he can control and manipulate Life.  Because he has the power to bring ancient life-forms back from the grave, and even customize the genome to suit his needs, he thinks that he is, in effect, God.  What he discovers is that there is always a bigger perspective.

I get the distinct impression that Life is spiraling out of the grip of the Invisible Hand.  In its hubris and megalomania, it has forgotten that in the hierarchy of the Universe, there is always someone higher up the shit pile from you.

If anything, that is what science should have taught us.  We invent bigger telescopes and discover that what we thought was the end of the Universe was really just the beginning.  Then we invent bigger microscopes and discover that what we thought was the smallest possible thing was really made of smaller things.  Over and over, we see this progression, and over and over we see scientists pontificating as if they now know and understand everything.

Those who forget their past are doomed to repeat it.  Another way to look at it, is if you don't mark your trail, you will end up walking in circles.

It would seem that the Invisible Hand has met the Unintended Consequence.  It is discovering that all the machinations and contingencies don't conceive of every possible outcome.  No one and nothing can do that.  Thus, the Powers That Be are becoming the Powers That Were.  In the process, Mankind must suffer, because we have never been down the alternative roads.  At least not as a species, though there are some notable experiments in alternatives.

Throughout our history, there have always been kings, whether overt or covert.  The time has come to try something new.  Humans have tried every conceivable variation on the theme, and it always ends the same: Disaster.  Will we ever achieve Utopia?  Possibly, if we survive the experiments.  One thing is sure, though, we will not survive the current paradigm much longer, at the rate we are going.  We have overrun the Petri dish.

The problem has always been that when the zoo-keeper dies, so do most of the zoo's inhabitants.  But a few survive and revert to their natural state.  They adjust and adapt until they are comfortable in the new state of things.  Then they become confident and begin manipulating the new state until they grow in power and pride. Ultimately, that new paradigm dies, as well.

It is the nature of Nature.  There is no escaping All That Is.

In the meantime, it is interesting to watch, from a distance.  It is a challenge to maintain perspective when events almost demand that we drop down to the minute level to survive.  It is great theater from a dispassionate point of view.  I am gripping the arms of the chair as I wait for the next scene.  The Director is a genius!  He has telegraphed just enough that we can anticipate the plot, but not the action.  Just like Spielberg's 'mine-car scene' in the Indiana Jones series.  He found that the scene was much scarier when the camera turned and let us foresee what was coming, because it was the anticipation, not the actual events, that got our hearts racing.

And so we grab our popcorn and peanuts and a Big Gulp of sugar-water, and sit back for the ride.  Where this train is going, no one knows at this point.  But, the camera keeps panning around to let us foresee just enough that the hairs on our necks stand up.

One thing we know for certain.  At the closing credits, all the main characters will be gone.  Should be interesting to see how we get there.



It's been one year since the Gulf of Mexico was murdered.

It's over a month since the Pacific Ocean was murdered.

It's been several weeks since the West started slaughtering wholesale the citizens of Libya, Nigeria and Cote d'Ivore.

Everywhere you look, there are occult symbols being manipulated and events swirling around.  Next week, King Arthur will be resurrected and the Jacobites and the Sophians will be re-united.  The Grail descendency will be re-born and everything we are seeing is a bunch of royals behind the scenes practicing their dark arts to celebrate the rise of the House of David.

In effect, we are seeing the rise of the anti-Christ.

I know.  Your eyes just glazed over and you just tuned out, right?  Well, everything you know is wrong, so forget that.

First of all, all that is known as christianity is wrong.  It's a blend of Judaism and Roman paganism that Saul of Demascus created to, in effect, export the Hebrew religion to the Gentiles.  And unless you've spent many hourse studying to true, ancient astrology, then you may not really understand what all is going on.

Let's see if I can give a brief overview.  As the Earth spins around on a yearly basis, the Vernal Equinox ends up pointing at a certain zodiac sign.  The thing is, that as the Earth spins, it precesses ever-so-slowly, so that the north celestial pole rotates in a full circle every 26,000 years.  One result is that the Vernal Equinox progresses through the signs of the zodiac, so that every 2,300 (or so) it points to a different sign.

In Biblical times, it pointed to Taurus, which is why the Hebrews kept building bulls to worship.  In every Age (determined by the sign in which the Vernal Equinox occurs), the occultists worship the new sign.  The belief is that at the beginning of each sign, a new superking is born who will lead the New Age.

Two thousand years ago, a man was born at the end of the Age of Aries and beginning of the Age of Pieces.  He was born the Lamb of God and became the Fisher King, whose followers were fishers of men.  In about 200 years, the Vernal Equinox will shift to the sign of Aquarius, and the Age of Man will begin.  The new SuperKing will come and thus, the Second Coming will occur, which is really the umpteenth Coming, according to occult practice.

Supposedly, the Age of Man, the Age of Aquarius, will be a Golden Age, according to the occult reckoning.  The problem is that we must first go through a time of increasing chaos and entropy.  It would appear that all the forces of Stupidity are trying to control the ancient order of things, and in the process creating vast amounts of Foolishness, which is the antithesis of Lucifer, or Bringer of Light.  In fact, Yeshua called himself Lucifer.  And before you get your panties in a bunch, then count up how many times the Gospels quote Yeshua as saying, "I am the Light of the World?"  By definition, he said quite clearly that he was Lucifer.

Now we go back a little further, to Babylon.  There, we survey the ancient gods and find two, Enlil and Enki. Enlil was the chief and HNIC.  He's the one that decidedto teraform Earth and create a race of slaves called Men from some of the indigenous life-forms there.  Now, Enlil liked to be called, "I am."  "I am," tranlated to Hebrew becomes YWH, or Yaweh.

On the other hand, we have Enki, who was the prototype for Premetheus and Mercury.  He took pity on Men and decided to give them knowledge and information.  He gave Fire/Knowledge/Light to the world.  His symbol is the apple, which if you read Genesis, you won't see the word 'apple' anywhere.  But the forbidden fruit is traditionally an apple, which if you cut it the long way, has a pentagram in the center surrounded by a circle.

The Egyptians used the pentagram surrounded by a circle as a symbol for the next dimension after life.  It is the pattern that Venus makes if you plot out all the inferior conjunctions over the full course of rotations.  It is the symbol of Lucifer, the Light Bringer, the Enlightener, the Buddha, the Messiah.

So what it all comes down to is a huge war between Enlil, the Creator and Enslaver of Man, and Enki, the Englishener, Champion and Savior of Man.  In order to really confuse things, the Yahwehists have tried their damnedest to blur the lines and make Lucifer equal to Satan, which are two completely different beings and concepts.

What they are fighting over are the Stones of Destiny, which control certain technologies that are god-like in power and very, very ancient.  The Yahwehists have scoured the Middle East, the Moon and Mars, and found a lot of tech and information, but the key piece, the final Stone which can bring it all on-line, in missing.  No one knows where it is, except Enki.  The two sides are at total war to possess the final piece.

This war is why Zahi Hawass is in jail now.  It's why the US has invaded Afganistan, Iraq, Libya, and destabilized Egypt.  The time is running short, which is why they are throwing caution to the wind now.  They don't care that can start to see behind the veil.  Whatever the time-line is, they are running short of that one, true and precious commodity.  They need the final piece...the missing capstone for the pyramid of their labor. Thus, the unfinished pyramid on the back of the $1 note, and the 13s all over it, and the sayings, "God favors our work," and "Out of chaos is order."  These are the mantras of the YWHists, against whom the Luciferians/Buddhists/Messiahians have been fighting for ages unknown.

It's why I follow nothing, trust no one and believe only what I know.  I don't trust either side, really.  Anyone with great power is also capable of great danger.  Better I take a jaundiced eye towards both sides, until one or the other proves themselves.

But as I scan today's headlines, I am growing more and more convinced that the YWHists will stop at nothing to get what they want.  The question remains, where will the Enlighteners stop?

You don't have to believe me.  Just type a few of the terms I've used into Google and scroll past the first 1,000 or so hits, to the real information at the back of the internet.  Learn how to really read the Bible, so that you get the 'mean for me,' and not the 'milk for babies.'  There's a lot to learn in a short amount of time, if you haven't started already.  You may want to find a Cliff's Notes version of things to get you up and running.

The really weird part is that once you start to understand how all this works, and what the symbols are and what they mean, suddenly you start to see it everywhere.  It's spooky really.  Want an example?

Start by studying the word, 'DAWN.'  I don't mean the etymology of the word, I mean the occult meaning and uses.

Then, suddenly, you'll see the mailstrom that is raging around you, like the final scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark..

By the way, the Tablets of the Commandments, which were stored in the Ark?  Those are the Stones of Destiny.

Just so you know.


A Proper Revolution

In the US, there was Washington.  In France, there was Descartes.  In Russia there was Yeltsin.  In the Czech Republic there was Havel.  In Egypt there

In Libya there's...

In Syria there's...

In Yemen there's...

What is it with Middle East revolutions?  Why are there no media darlings?  Why are there no leaders and thinkers and writers and smart people with a plan?  What has happened to Leaders?

I mean, I remember a time when, good or bad, all revolutions has leaders.  Ho Chi Min.  Pol Pot.  Sam Houston.  Whoever that Australian guy was.  There was a sellable face on the revolution.  There was a leader, a thinker, a writer.  Thomas Jefferson or Benjamin Franklin, for instance.

Now there's just military councils.  This is a good sign that corporations are behind it all.  Why?

Because the boards and execs don't want their names on it.  Plausible deniability and corporate curtains and all that balderdash.  These are all manufactured revolutions whose sole purpose is to allow the corporate greedies to come in and divide up the spoils.  That's why there are no leaders.  Just nameless, faceless people throwing rocks in the square.  That's also why revolutions are getting shorter and shorter.

It used to take years to revolt.  Now it takes a couple of weeks, and when it's done, the media consensus is that it's all settled.  Excuse me?  Whatever happened to waiting for the people to form a government and write a constitution and the existing bodies of international concern to ponder the new direction and decide whether or not they will support and recognize the result?

Look at East Timor.  They were slaughtered by the hundreds and fought for 24 years.  Finally, UNPO let them in, and then global sentiment was swayed, and then they were granted independence.

In Egypt, they hardly suffered  for their new status.  They showed up via Twitter in the main square of one city, chanted and threw rocks, and two weeks later they had a new country.  Mubarak had a heart attack just being questioned.  Hahahahaha!  Yeah, right.

Libya is a revolution.  There is one leader: Qaddafi.  He has a central bank that is not controlled by the Anglo-American empire.  He has real gold, by the tons, in his bank.  He has oil and other resources.  His enemies require the US, Britain and France to fly in and blow up the wrong tanks.  So now they all paint the tops of their vehicles PINK to distinguish them from Qaddafi's stuff.  Haahahahahahahaha!  So, Qaddafi just paints his stuff pink, too.  I learned that from the internet.  I'm sure he can read English, as well.

This is all such a con game.  It is so transparent as to be laughable.  But apparently, the world buys it because they have never read a history book.  In fact, the history books, even if they were read, are so pathetic and hollow as to be treasonous.

California is talking about making 'gay' history part of the ophishul curriculum.  No word on whether 'gay' means 'happy' or 'abhorrent to nature.'  But by golly, we can have our history written by the one, single determinant of whether or not some historical figure liked to bugger the same gender.

Gay history.

That's how stupid the whole thing is, at least as far as history is concerned.  In fact, all the crack-brains in America who enjoy free speech denigrate the 'old white men' who were cognizant enough to include free speech in the Constitution that everyone soundly ignores to this very day.

Orange revolution.  Pink revolution.  Jasmine revolution.  Lavender revolution.  This is all starting to sound like an interior decorator throwing up after a bad heroine trip.  These are NOT revolutions.  These are Big Macs. They're pre-packaged slop on a bun with good marketing.  They have nothing to do with what the people want.

Look at Egypt.  Two weeks later, they are back in the square demonstrating again because everything happened so fast they forgot one very important thing:  WTF do we do if we win?

What we need are leaders, real honest-to-God thinkers that can inspire and see results past their finger tips.  They should have an idea of history, not the BS that's Big Mac'ed into text books, but real history.

Who knows?  It's all bullshit.  It's all just pipe dreams and hope.  Maybe a real revolution willl happen.  I mean the kind of revolution that happens in people's hearts and minds, not the pre-packaged special sauce kind like we see over in the Meddle East (copyright and trademark on that one).  We need the real thing and it need to be worldwide and profound.

I'm tired of all this rubbish called revolutions.  The media and PTW have cheapened revolution and packaged it into a commodity and exported it.  No wonder everyone's jaded and reticent to get out and try to change things.  Anything they do will be Tea Partied into non-effectiveness.  The way to do it is to stop trying.

In other words, shun the bastards.  Stop voting.  Stop paying taxes.  Stop following their inane and unconstitutional laws.  Stop paying the least bit of attention to the bastards.  No shots fired.  No aggression at all.  Just stop caring about them.  They'll die in less than a year.

Turn off the TeeVee.  Turn off the radio.  Stop reading the newspapers.  Start reading real media like Rense and UrbanSurvival.  Start reading a freakin' book once in a while and learn about history and what has failed and what has succeeded before us.

Don't vote.  Don't buy anything from a corporation (not just a country, ANY corporation).  Don't listen to ANYTHING they tell you, because all of it is designed to suck your life and energy away.

Install solar power on your house.  Investigate and support people who are finding new and real ways to power your car from the garbage your household makes.

Become cats and act like cats when someone tries to herd you.

It's the only way.

And for God's sake, don't join any association that will have you for a member.  They're alreay sold out to the devil.  Just do your own thing and get the hell out of cities and find neighbors to trade with and start using anything other than dollars to buy and sell.

Now THAT'S a revolution!


TSA - Tacit Sexual Abuse

You see, here's where it's all screwed up...

If you homeschool your child and don't shove piles of poison down his throat just because some bloated drug-abuser in a white coat says so, then the SWAT teams raid your house and throw you in jail.  But!  If you wear a yellow shirt and act like some official lackey slime, then you can feel up children and grope other men's wives, and no one does a thing about it.

First They came... - Pastor Martin Niemoller
First they came for the communists,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a communist.

Then they came for the trade unionists,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a Jew.

Then they came for me
and there was no one left to speak out for me.
This is the way it always works in the end.  This is the way empires always collapse.  It starts with busy-bodies getting all up in other people's business.  They holler and complain that someone isn't behaving the way they want.  They push and push until some government agency is created to ensure that you do exactly what they want you to do.

Then the agency grows and sucks in more budget and takes more powers.  Then it becomes the very thing it was designed to fight.  This process is repeated a hundred times over, until the country goes broke eating itself alive.

It's like 'Child Protective Services.'  Pardon me while I gag.  It's populated by a bunch of do-goodie numbnuts with Social Work degrees (whatever the hell those are), who don't have kids of their own, and who want to tell you how to raise yours because they read it in a book.  Vile scum is what they are.

Or how about 'Transportation Safety Administration?'  So far they have done absolutely nothing to make anyone safer, but they hire a bunch of brainless thugs to grope and feel their way through your family.

How about the 'Internal Revenue Service?'  A bunch of mafia knuckle-busters who are used to go out and steal your money at gun-point to pay off a debt to a foreign corporation that you didn't authorize.

The list goes on: Secret Service, Central Intelligence (LOL!) Agency, Environmental Protection (hahaha!) Agency.  They're all a bunch of useless idiots who couldn't get real jobs, so they signed on for the nice pay and great bennies, courtesy of your pocket and labor.  Each one targets some group in society and preys on them until there is nothing left.  The part they never think about is that eventually everyone is in jail and they are all left investigating each other.  It's an endless, no-win scenario.

They problem is, they do absolutely nothing to the real criminals.  Instead, they go after the regular folks who can't afford to hire a 'Dream Team.'  Everyone reads about it in the papers, or watches the 30-second blips on TeeVee, and feels all justified that somehow society is getting cleaned up.

Then it happens to you.  You go about your business and don't think about the fact that the thugs are running low on real perps and you are next.  Did you EVER take a questionable deduction on your taxes?  Did you EVER exceed the speed limit?  Did you EVER take a hit off a joint in college?  Did you EVER spank you child?

You scum.  You should be in jail.  When you're rotting in Sing-Sing, then I can feel justified that my tax dollars are being effectively used to clean up America.  After all, they'll NEVER come for me.  My crimes are so small and piddling compared to YOURS.  We're busy watching each other and trying to catch each other committing little nothing crimes, that the real perps are getting away with murder...literally.

It's like the cow that used to live next to me in the States.  She was always watching out for parents doing something with their children she didn't like.  If you so much as cast a shadow over the line, she would drop a nickel on you with CPS.  Yet, her son was known as the best pot dealer in the neighborhood and her daughter was a teen-aged Matahari.  Word has it someone finally repaid her good deeds and she got bit by the same vile creatures she was always turning loose on others.

Here's a thought.  CPS allows anonymous tips, because all vile and filthy vermin do that.  So, start calling CPS, everywhere and all day, and report the TSA yellow shirts.  Won't that be great fun?  We can all sit back and watch as two groups of Nazi scum go after each other.

In fact, that's a great idea!  Start calling various agencies and reporting agents from other agencies.  Keep those useless scum running around in circles investigating each other.  While you're at it, throw in your local congresscritter.  After all, the most egregious violators of the law usually hide behind masks of law-makers.  Just paedophiles like to get positions of trust and authority over children (hmmm...maybe TSA agents?).  Just like child abusers becoming foster parents so that the vile CPS vermin hand them victims, under shadow of law.

It's all so...filthy.

I think it would be great theater if CPS started getting thousands of calls reporting TSA for child abuse.  If they don't investigate the reports, then why should anyone take them seriously?  After all, isn't that what they are supposed to do?  Protect children?  Hahahaha!  It would kill two agencies with one stone.

Why, it's just like the BATF killing 80 men, women and children in a church using every kind of modern weaponry, all because those folks supposedly had guns.  Or how about the DEA boys who are running drugs across the Mexican border and protecting drug lords?  Better yet!  How about the unlawful guy sitting in the White House dusting his Nobel Peace Prize while killing hundreds of thousands of people in four different wars?

And all because you willingly and fearfully hand over your money and follow anyone with a color-coded shirt and a piece of metal in their pocket with pretty designs all over it.

And people wonder how the German people could go along with the death and destruction that Hitler brought to Europe.  And all those people paid their taxes and went along with it because they were afraid of being a target.  Thus millions of people were easily controlled by hundreds of vile creatures.

It's really amazing, when you think about it.

There was an experiment a few years back, where volunteers were told that a switch in front of them was hooked to wires that would cause great pain to someone in another room.  The volunteer was to ask a series of questions, and if the other person got an answer wrong, they were to flip the switch.  All because someone in a lab coat told them to.  And they did.  Even when they thought they were inflicting severe pain on a complete stranger.  In almost every case.

It's just like a friend of mine, trundling down the six-lane interstate in his massive Ford pick-em-up full of eletric and electronic equipment, sipping on his 'fair trade' coffee that was flown in from Columbia via half a dozen middlemen, grousing about how people live resource-intensive lifestyles, on his way to make a documentary on global warming.  He honestly didn't see the irony of it.  He was doing the right thing, just like Algore in his personal Boeing 737.

Anyone that comes up to you and says you ought to be doing things their way should be immediately arrested and taken to Gitmo.  They're the ones who are supporting the Empire.  The problem is, they won't see the error of their ways until the goon-sqad comes to their door.  Until then, they are just self-righteous do-gooders who think they are being oh-so-helpful by changing the world to suit their tastes.  It never occurs to them that maybe other people like things different.

You see, the minute you want to use government force to change me, then you have created empire, and that empire will come back to eat you and everyone around you, because empires can not be constrained.  They will grow and swell until they have consumed everything around them.  Then they turn inward and start eating their own guts.

It's happened over and over and over.  And yet, we keep building more empires, because you can't stand the fact that maybe I want to live differently from you.  It's the whole fallacy of forced integration.  Why should I have to live with a bunch of people who want to mow their lawn, when I like mine a little more natural?  Then when you create a police force to make sure my lawn is just like yours, you have destroyed my world to make you happy.

The only problem with the collapse of empires is they tend to take just about everything else with them.  It's the hallmark of cowards to make others suffer their fate with them.

But certainly, the world is much better off without them.


Dateline - Singapore

One table, four people, five languages.

I love traveling.

"I noticed coming in to Singapore a lot of ships sitting out in the harbor.  Is business that good?"  I thought it was a reasonable assumption, given the 'busy' look of things.

"They're stacked," Azzam said.  He's Jordanian and has 75 ships, and a number of other big-money interests on the side.  Kind of a quiet Onasas.  "Business is way down now and there are more than 500 ships stacked off of Singapore.  It's the same everywhere."

Stacked means 'parked indefinitely,' in ship talk.

"Bulk dry is down more than 20%, petro tankers more than 30%, and container is down more than 40% from 2008.  The only reason dry bulk is holding up is because food prices keep going up, is all," Azzam said gravely.

It didn't sound encouraging, at all.  I sucked on my beer thoughtfully.  I looked over at another companion.  Tafiq is in the shoe business in Indonesia.  He is here trying to drum up some new buyers.

"How's the shoe business?" I asked, sucking beer-foam off my moustache.

"We're doing OK, but Japan hurt us and things were already slow.  America is not buying like it did a couple of years ago," he explained.

"But I was watching the news this morning.  News Channel Asia, I think it was.  One analyst was saying that America is coming back, Japan is not nearly as bad as everyone is saying, and everything will improve in the second half."

The entire table chuckles morosely, as if they just heard one of those jokes that is both repulsive and funny at the same time.

Mark is an analyst with a large accounting and audit firm.  "We're seeing a lot of M&A out of Japan.  I've got a pile of due diligence projects on my desk.  The Japs are bailing out and they're looking for just about anything to keep the supply line going.  Even the Japanese government is talking about moving out of Tokyo.  Problem is they can't think of anywhere they can go to get away from the clouds."

"Should I be worried here in Singapore?" I ask.

We all look up at the clear night sky reflexively.  No one answers that one.

I've been pondering the Fukushima thing.  Was it MIHOP, or a surprise, or did it go off too soon?  There's evidence on all sides, though arguably most of it is circumstantial.  Since HAARP's website has been down, there's no way of knowing whether it was cranked up before 3/11.  I do note the 11 in the date, as well as the 3.  Those PTW just love those number things.  I'm leaning towards the MIHOP theory.  Why?
Well, I suspect that a lot of the DU ammo the US has been dumping all over the Middle East is probably from the Japanese plant to keep the mess from being tracked back to Uncle.  But the amount that has been dumped on Iraq, and now on Libya, was starting to show up in all sorts of inconvenient food.

By blowing up the Fukushima plant, it was a perfect means to cover tracks.  Now, there's plausible deniability.  Now, when someone says, "Hey, there's radiation in my soup," Uncle can just say, "Oh, don't worry.  It's Japanese.  Here, we'll just raise the safe limit.  All better?"

Of course, we'll probably never know the truth.  The truth has been so deeply buried that us regular grunts won't be able to dig it all out in a thousand years.

A guy yelling into his cell phone in Hindi at the table behind us shakes me from my thoughts.  I lay out the idea to the table.

"Coiuld be.  Who's to say," Azzam answers.  "Only Allah knows, and He keeps many things from us sometimes."

Tariq just shugs and Mark stares at his beer.  Perhaps he's trying to catch a little glow in it.

I fly home tomorrow with my spanking fresh work visa.  What do I care if the world goes to hell in a hand basket?  I'm eating and I have all my needs met.  Who cares if my children grandchildren and great-grandchildren won't have a plaent to live on?  I got mine, right?  No worries, mate.

We all part ways after a delicious roast duck dinner and a handful of ice cold Tiger beers.  We all had that look on our faces, like "I wonder if we'll all still be here tomorrow?"

But hey!  Green shoots!  Unemployment claims are down!  The federal budget was slashed $352 million.  The BRICS are calling for an end to the dollar.  And Libya will submit to World Bank control or BURN BABY!  I all part of The Plan.  It's been published for years.  You mean you never read The Plan?  You really should.

Sometimes I wish I coud be the Joker: "I don't have a plan.  I just do!"

A great way of life, if I could achieve it.  Right now, I have to follow My Plan and get back to Jakarta.  Being on the road is tiring for us old guys.