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The Q Prophesy

We want to express our sincerest thanks to Jeff Rense and his team for their invaluable support.  If this topic interests you, please keep an eye on the Rense Radio Network for exclusive content and updates as we ferret out the Q.

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After I post this article, I am tempted to vanish from the face of the internet, leaving folks to spend years speculating whether there is symbolism in the 13th article on Q Prophesy having some obscure relationship to the 13 Illuminati bloodlines, but alas - and much to the chagrin of the critics - my encodings are much more subtle than that.

Having peeled away a half-dozen layers of the Q Phenomenon, examining the nuts and bolts of how it works, and speculating on why it is being deployed, we turn now to the ever-morphing prophesies of Q.

This would be as simple as shooting fish in a barrel but that so many people have fallen for this simple trick - used by carnival "mind readers" for centuries.  I highly recommend Steve Martin's greatest film performance in Leap of Faith, co-starring fellow Texan Meat Loaf, as a primer for what follows.

As author and researcher Joseph P. Farrell has often said, when you control both the prophesy and its interpretation, it is easy to control its fulfillment, as well.

Keep in mind that my Q source is, the widely accepted resource for Q-vians, and that Q is allowed to speak for itself.  I have not edited or amended the Drops in any way on the screenshots, and only noted a grammatical error on the copied text.

Also please note that the and SerialBrain2 sites attempted to extract potentially identifying information from my computer without the use of cookies (screen canvas information).  If the reader is concerned, you are advised to use VPN or TOR to access these sites.

Let's begin, as all good stories do, at the beginning.

Q first posted on 4chan on 28 October 2017, with some very specific "predictions":
Anonymous ID: gb953qGI No.147005381 
Oct 28 2017 14:33:50 (EST)
Hillary Clinton will be arrested between 7:45 AM - 8:30 AM EST on Monday - the morning on [sic] Oct 30, 2017.
HRC extradition already in motion effective yesterday with several countries in case of cross border run. Passport approved to be flagged effective 10/30 @ 12:01am. Expect massive riots organized in defiance and others fleeing the US to occur. US M’s will conduct the operation while NG activated. Proof check: Locate a [sic] NG member and ask if activated for duty 10/30 across most major cities. [Ed. - HRC is Hillary Rodham Clinton, NG is national guard, M is military, according to Q interpreters]

This post precedes Q taking on its current name, but subsequent "drops" have referred back to this and other early posts, so we can assume that this is the actual Q writing.

Every internet search, and I am fairly proficient at Boolean search strings, has turned up circular references to this drop.  There are exactly zero "mainstream" references to Clinton being arrested on 30 October 2017.  There are zero references to National Guard and military deployments at that time (though they were activated in the wake of Hurricane Maria).  There are zero references to rioting in the streets.  There are zero reports of Clinton's travel being restricted, and in fact she subsequently went to India and New Zealand, among others.

Both Q and its supporters will point to Clinton wearing a surgical boot in December of 2017, as proof that she was arrested and tagged to prevent flight.  They further point to Clinton wearing an arm cast in March of 2018, saying both these incidents show she was hiding a GPS tracking bracelet as part of her arrest and arraignment.

It could also be that the Q social network model (see The Silence of the Q) thought that this post would be the best way to gain attention quickly, then it could switch from 4chan to 8chan claiming to have been hacked, thus distancing itself from this early, and apparently wildly wrong prediction if it became a liability.

While I admit that Boot & Cast is a plausible scenario, it is much more likely that the US narrowly avoided electing a president who is quite sick and has trouble navigating independently.

I, for one, would be gratified to see Clinton arrested and tried for her crimes, but I am far more likely to believe court dockets and orange jumpsuits, than anonymous posters in usenet groups with unfounded speculation on medical devices.  We will call this one a FAIL for Q.

Q then moved to 8chan, or InfinityChan however you please, and began its meteoric rise through the internet Blab-o-sphere.  It has since made all sorts of claims and predictions (1,931 posts as of this writing), usually ex post facto, regarding a great number of events.

I call this the "shotgun approach," in which a carnie makes a slurry of predictions hoping one will hit something.  Generally, people will remember the hits and gloss over the misses because of the seemingly sensational nature of the hit.  There are numerous expositions of this technique at work, some of the best of which were done by Harry Houdini and James Randi.

Let's now turn to a recent "prediction" by Q.  Keep in mind that as of the moment I write this, Q has "dropped" an average of 214 messages per month, or roughly 7 per day, many of which contain explicit or implicit predictions about future events.  Like a carnie mind-reader, Q puts these "predictions" in the form of questions, allowing the reader to supply the answers

Q tells us that "future proves past," thus any occurrence that fits the parameters of the predictions can be said to "fulfill" them and so be a "proof" that Q has inside knowledge of events.  It's the same thing as a carnie saying, "My spirit guide tells me that someone lost a close relative in the past few months."  The woman leaping out of her chair yelling, "That's me!" becomes the "mark".

Most of the predictions, unlike the one we previously reviewed, do not contain specific dates and times, nor even specific details.  This is akin to me saying that on some day in the near future, the Sun will rise, and when it does I claim that it is proof of my paranormal ability to "see" future events.  The way I word predictions can lead the observer to infuse meaning into supposed fulfillment, which is a common technique used by Q.

Q Drop 1919
The reader will recall that on 16 August 2018, three, four or was it nine planes were forced to make emergency landings in South America due to bomb threats.

Immediately, we have a problem in that there are three different versions of the story, with three different counts of the number of flights affected (3, 4, 9).

The same day (16 Aug), Q drops #1919.  Q claims that it was four planes and the event happened within a week of it posting four "BOOM"s with the note [next week] (QDrop 1846, see below).

There was no mention of Russian media reporting nine, nor of Fox initially reporting four, but the next day dropping the count to three.

Furthermore, QDrop 1846 appears to be referencing the stolen Q-400 at Seattle's SeaTac airport and makes no mention of bomb threats, airplanes (other than a photo of the stolen craft) or South America.

The post says something about "next week," which could possibly be interpreted as a reference, though it was six days prior, not seven or more.  It was posted on Saturday, 11 August 2018, and Thursday, 16 August 2018, was technically "next week," though the word "boom" to me implies actual explosions and not threats.

Q Drop 1846
In addition, a ten-year-old with a voice synthesizer could phone in bomb threats, much less the NSA and Q.  If we suppose Q needed a "proof" at that particular moment in order to have the most impact on its network model, who's to say it wouldn't take care of the matter itself?  We have absolutely no idea what Q is capable of doing in order to achieve its ends, since we know absolutely nothing about Q outside of what we have been told by Q itself.

There was also no mention in subsequent Q Drops about the shifting number of planes affected, nor have any of the apologists made mention of this fact.  It was dutifully reported as a "proof" and everyone moved on.

This is generally referred to as "confirmation bias," and we all suffer from it to one degree or another.  If we believe that Q is an insider, then anything - no matter how vague - that confirms our belief is enough, especially if our peers also confirm this belief.

To be sure, there are no other Q Drops up to two weeks prior to the planes being forced to land that had four "BOOM"s in them, so we must assume that 1846 is the correct reference.  This is also the post that the Q-vian apologists referred to, so we have two confirmations - one from Q and one from the accolytes.

Therefore, we conclude that this, too, is a Q FAIL at best, and a self-fulfilling prophesy (MIHOP) at worst.

Our final example is also a recent one and is cited in comments on this blog, as well as the beginning of Q's foray into the realm of secret societies.  For background, the reader will want to brush up on the Skull & Bones society at Yale Univeristy, and note particularly the number 322 in the group's emblem.  We will also rely heavily on analysis by SerialBrain2, widely accepted as a leading decoder of Q Drops (Reddit is censored in Indonesia, and may be elsewhere; optional links are provided).

Skull & Bones is an actual secret society that has existed since 1832, at Yale.  A significant number of political and business leaders are/were members of this society.  These are facts and are not disputed by anyone, including the members.  What effect they have had on American history is a matter of volumes of research and speculation.  We will not concern ourselves with that in this article.

With all the qualifiers and disclaimers out of the way, let's take a look at the Trump Scotland Incident and the Q/SerialBrain2 interpretation of it.

On 13 July 2018, a 55-year-old man with reported connections to Greenpeace used a paraglider to fly over Trump's Turnberry resort in Scotland while Trump was there.  During the glide, the man unfurled a banner that read, "Trump well below par #resist."  The man was later arrested without further incident.

Two days later, Secret Service agent Nole E. Remagen died of a stroke while on Trump's security detail in Scotland.  This trip culminated in the Trump-Putin summit in Helsinki, Finland.

These are the facts, now for the interpretation.

As noted in my previous article, "The Twilight of the Q," the number 23 plays heavily into Q Lore, showing up in mid-June in a Q Drop where "-23" was enigmatically inserted in the header of the post.  This number was the center of much speculation among the acolytes and watching any number of YouTube videos around mid-June will bring up discussion about 23.

Later, at the Helsinki summit, Q/SB2 noted the famous chess move called "American Beauty," in which an American master beat a Russian master after sacrificing his queen (Hillary Clinton) in the 23rd move.  It should also be noted that 23 is the reverse of 32, the first two numbers in the Skull & Bones logo above.

Note further that none of the Skull & Bones material showed up, with all the 23s, until just the past couple of weeks.  Q did not mention Skull & Bones until after the acolytes broached the subject.

Nor has anyone I've found noted that in gematria, the number 23=W, the common nickname of George W. Bush, 43rd president of the US and a notorious Bonesman.  I take sole credit for this one.

A link is made by Q/SB2 based solely on ages between the Greenpeace activist (55 years old) and Jeffrey Boyd (also 55 years old), a man from Oklahoma, USA, who was arrested in Pennsylvania 1 August 2018, for threatening to kill Trump and family.

Of course, Pennsylvania is abbreviated PA, which is 16+1=17, and 17 is Q.  It would seem to me, following the rules here, that Q was responsible for Boyd's actions and signed it with its gematria.

Q/SB2 label Boyd an MK Ultra victim without any evidence that I can find.

In an earlier post, Q/SB2 claim to have uncovered something called the "5D Network."  D, of course, is the 4th letter of the alphabet, so it can be read 54 Network, with 54 being the mirror of 45, and Trump is the 45th president of the US, thus the 5Ds oppose Trump (mirror).  I leave it to the reader to take this as one will.

Boyd was arrested with a .45 caliber handgun (4+5=9) and 2 rounds (1+1), thus this incident becomes an indicator towards something having to do with 9/11 being a false flag operation.  Again, the reader will do with this as one pleases.

Please note that I am reporting, not speculating - at least on my part.  What I am relating here is the "decoding" done by Q/SB2.

At this point in SB2's post, it goes into several torturous paragraphs where comments made by Trump are added, subtracted, ignored and re-arranged following some unspecified rules of "English Ordinal Gematria," to show how Trump is confirming he is in cahoots with Q through 2 minutes of seeming gibberish during a speech (shadow language).

Then back to the para-glider in Scotland...remember him?

Through the use of gematria, SB2 derives the number 322 from the para-glider's banner, "Trump well below par #resist."  This is, according the SB2, a reference - even signature - of Skull & Bones on the demonstration.

Furthermore, the death of the Secret Service agent is seen as a calling card, much like the horse head in The Godfather movie.  It should be noted that no proof of this is given, nor is there any speculation on Q/SB2's part how this was achieved.

Assuming that Trump's rambling remarks were coded communications, SB2 tells us that 322 can also be noted as 32, and that mirrored is 23, which ties back to chess games and summits.  If you add 23+32, you get 55, which were the ages of both the para-glider and Jeffrey Boyd.  So at this point, SB2 tells us, we are to assume a "war" between Q/Trump and the Skull & Bones society.

SB2 goes on to tell us that Hitler was a Skull & Bones product to create both a war to funnel money into their pockets, and a means to take over the world.  In other words, Bonesmen started, benefitted from and ultimately won World War Two, thus initiating the Cold War.

The proof for this claim is a fair amount of fidgeting with numbers and letters, and an economist named Anthony Sutton.  Please refer to SB2's post to understand this connection.

Q, Trump and the global nationalist movement are given as the result of the collapse of the Soviet Union, the re-emergence of Orthodoxy in Russia and the election of Vladimir Putin, which brings us right back to the Helsinki summit and Russian collusion.

And finally, we come back to a Secret Service agent named Remagen who died of a stroke in Scotland.  The Battle of Remagen in March of 1945, was a key win for the Allies and allowed them to cross the Rhine river and advance on Berlin from the west n a pincer effect with Russia closing in on the east.  What are the chances?

A Greenpeace para-glider (green=money as in "no peace without our green"), an agent named Remagen (bridge to meet the Russians), a trip to meet Putin, and a dizzying amount of gematria.

The final piece is back to QDrop 1846 mentioned above.  Q/SB2 seem to imply that the theft and crash of a Horizon Airlines Q-400 is yet another threat/message to Q/Trump, or was it?

Maybe it was a response by Q/Trump and in fact there was no one on the plane.  The pilot mentions at one point having learned how to fly from "video games".  Could it be a codes reference to remotely flying the craft?  It all gets rather fuzzy after a while.

So why this long, convoluted trip through prophesies and gematria?

It is vital that the interested reader understand the vast amount of information flying around Q (pun intended).  With nearly 2,000 drops containing hundreds of explicit/implicit "predictions," Q is bound to "hit" something, and with the acolytes filling in the meaning and confirming the hits due to confirmation bias, Q can be said to have deep access to covert information and activities.

Basically, just about anything can be read into Q Drops and current events.  Throw in some gematria and shadow language for a hint of mystery, a few unfounded assumptions with scant evidence, some interesting coincidences interpreted as fulfillments, and cover it all with a blanket of religious symbolism and fervor and you end up with the Q Phenomenon.

Go to a roulette table, bet black/red, both greens and cover four corners on every number and you will hit something.

I am not here to judge the veracity of this information.  I present it as it appears in the Socio-sphere and note that there are several ways to view and achieve these results.  These are the things that have so many people flocking to the ranks of Q-vians.  Every good psy-op contains a large amount of truth, and certainly there is plenty in the Q Lore - more than enough to cover the outright lies and failures.

So many people have become so desperate to remove the boot of tyranny from their throats that they will follow anyone - or anything - that whispers hope in their ears.  We have seen this scenario played far too many times throughout history to not be alarmed when similar events take shape.

I have endeavored to peel away the layers of Q, back-engineer its inner workings and place it in an objective position to look critically at it.  David Copperfield made the Statue of Liberty disappear, and even though our rational minds tell us it's still there, we are still amazed.

I cannot say where it goes from here, but I can ask the reader to take a breath and think for a moment about what is becoming a serious underground political movement that claims for itself that it is a war, and wars have a way of exceeding boundaries.

And now I have said my piece with a fitting nod to the 13 bloodlines of the Illuminati.  What will you do with this information?

While you consider your answer, remember that someone this very moment is working on the Anti-Q.

P.S. - on today's analytics, I noted with curiosity item number 5, "Unknown Region."  Never seen 
this before.

P.P.S. - New development 27Aug18.  This one is rather disturbing.  Please note all details that I have listed, as well as every detail in the "drops," including dates and times of postings.  
It should be noted that McCain announced his cancer almost as soon as Trump took office, and that he never displayed any of the usual signs of cancer treatment, such as hair and weight loss, sickened appearance or any medical devices (IV ports, etc.).  In fact, he looked and acted quite well up until the family announced he would stop all treatments the day before he died.

Q suggests that McCain committed suicide and makes several references that seem to indicate that this was known to Q at least a month prior, and that the exact date and time (ref. 30 and 0:28) when it would occur.

Here are some details to keep in mind:

  • John McCain was pronounced dead at 16:28 on 25 August 2018;
  • According to the rules of gematria used by Q/SB2, 18 can mirror as 81, McCain's age at death;
  • 26 August is National Dog Day and is presented as a tie-in with "every dog has its day";
  • McCain was notorious for jumping sides on key votes;
  • The confirmation vote for Brett Kavanaugh for Supreme Court comes next month and there was speculation in Washington, DC that McCain would block the confirmation;
  • Q referred to McCain as No Name because it is widely believed by veterans that McCain was a traitor while a POW in Vietnam;
  • Ted Kennedy and John McCain died precisely 9 years apart of the same brain cancer;
  • McCain never showed signs of hair or weight loss from chemo or radiation treatment, nor any sign of serious illness;
  • The Rommel Option is the term for the choice Field Marshall Rommel was given for his role in an assassination attempt on Adolf Hitler - trial and hanging or suicide.
So?  Did McCain have a natural death, and if not, was it planned at least one month ago, and possibly one year ago?  And was Q aware of the details and perhaps involved?


The Silence Of The Q

We want to express our sincerest thanks to Jeff Rense and his team for their invaluable support.  If this topic interests you, please keep an eye on the Rense Radio Network for exclusive content and updates as we ferret out the Q.

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Analyzing Q-Analysis

At some point, it behooves me to address the critical comments and email I have received concerning my on-going analysis of the Q Phenomenon.  I must say, though, that the critics place themselves in a rather difficult position by stating emphatically what Q is not.

Considering Q repeatedly exhorts its followers to "use logic," it seems rather curious that they insist on trying to prove a negative, and then not following their statements up with any kind of argument whatsoever.  I fancy myself as someone who is very open-minded - without allowing things to fall out - and quite willing to entertain well-formulated arguments contrary to my own positions.

It is rather telling to me that the naysayers are, for the most part, monosyllabic and consist primarily of imperative statements like, "Q is real," or "Q is not a larp [sic]!"  Had they bothered to read even one or two paragraphs, they might have noticed that I did not disagree with them.  Q appears to have an uphill battle getting its followers to "use logic".

One critic took the time to email a response, which I greatly appreciated, that spoke from his past working for IBM.  The writer said, in part:
"Q is artificial intelligence trying to fool the masses ?
C'mon, that's a stretch: AI even to this day is not
able to put together complete sentences like Q
(no machine, not even a supercomputer as yet can
do this). Why don't you just "come out of the closet"
and admit you don't like president Trump ?
Q-anon followers are MUCH better informed via
the alternative media, than most of the dumbed
down americans that watch MSM." [Ed. - links added to refute claims]
First of all, I never said Q is an AI.  I said it is likely a tool being used by an individual or group to crunch huge amounts of data in real time and generate a set of possible actions ranked by probability of desired outcome.

It is my contention that an AI could perform all the functions of Q, but that humans could not without the aid of an AI doing the data mining.  The sheer quantity of humans required to manipulate the proposed amount of data would be far beyond the bounds of propriety for a project one wants to keep secret.  It would likely exceed the scale and complexity of the Manhattan Project by at least one order of magnitude.

With regard to the comment about disliking Trump, I honestly don't care about Trump.  I abhor politics and do not follow "leaders" and much prefer countries over nations.

To define my terms, a country is an organic region comprised of people with a shared culture, which includes but is not limited to, language, race, history, and aesthetics, with soft boundaries that blend into neighboring countries.  A nation is a political entity that overlays one or more countries and usually involves some form of compulsory membership (i.e. citizenship), with hard and forcefully defended borders.

In other words, Trump is just more noise in the Blab-o-sphere, though more entertaining than most.

So, how does Q work?

Social Network Map
Let's take an imaginary social network model, such as the one I posted previously.  Each of the nodes in the model is a completely populated psychological profile of an individual - political, sexual and religious preferences, shopping habits, credit card purchases and credit information, dating and marital status, daily commute, education and work history, job function, income, travel preferences, living situation and lifestyle, medical history, email and phone records, etc., as well as all of the social media connections that individual has and all the psychological profiles of those individuals.

Already, the reader should be able to grasp the volumes of data needed just to create the model, much less manipulate it.  We are in the realm of terabytes of data and teraflops of processing power.

Now, we create a meme that we want to introduce into this population.  We want it to spread quickly and stick in the general consciousness.  Our team develops several memes, finally settling on "Where We Go One We Go All."

We test our meme both for effectiveness, and to find the most efficient point in which to insert the meme in the model to get the most bang for the buck, as it were.  We identify, say, a half-dozen points to drop in our meme to get what we want based on the likelihood that any given "node" will react predictably based on past actions.  We ensure that an appropriate message pops up in that "node's" timeline or Twitter feed at just the right moment.

Viola!  Instant meme diffusion.  Suddently, WWG1WGA trends as a hashtag, shows up on T-shirts and posters at political rallies, and becomes a catch phrase for followers of the movement.

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.  Add new phrases like, "Trust The Plan," or "The Great Awakening," or "red pilled."  Pick any number of tidy phrases and let the AI model determine the best place to drop it based on probability that it will spread to the entire network.

As an added bonus of precisely deploying the meme, the project operators can monitor the Net to watch it spread, making precise maps of the "infection" and using that data to further refine the model in a carefully controlled feedback loop.  Thus, over time, the operators will get better at deploying memes, while at the same time, the targets get softer and more receptive to new ones.

Of course, this all assumes that you have vast data gathering tools that can monitor Net traffic, social media feeds, phone calls, SMSs, email, etc.  It would take, let's assume, the abilities of the NSA or similar intel operation.

And here we have Q in a nutshell.

We could even add a second team, very small - 1 or 2 people.  We could call them SerialBrain2.  We use them to ensure that the Q "Drops" are properly decoded and understood by the wider audience.  Thus, we not only control the information being injected into the Socio-sphere, but we also control what meanings are gotten from it by ostensibly acting as an "outsider" able to ingeniously "read" the hidden meanings and disseminate the proper messages.

And all done to the tune of Laurie Anderson's brilliant song, "Language is a Virus (from Outer Space)."  Perhaps more appropriately, Frank Zappa's Central Scrutinizer.

What I have described here is nothing new.  It's a key factor in marketing and PR, though significantly more sophisticated and powerful.  It's the kind of thing a marketing genius like Donald Trump would come up with if he had unlimited access to the tools and data, and a highly trained and motivated team able to weaponize it.

Humans are highly predictable creatures, especially en masse.  Anyone who has studied human nature knows that individual motivations and triggers tend to clump around a very small number of categories, paradigms and meta-types.  Any grifter or carnival barker can do much the same thing, though much more instinctually.  Here, we are dealing with the application of rigorous science and technology to do the same thing, but far more effectively and predictably. 

By Q's own claim, it has access to NSA-level data, which includes real-time monitoring of nearly all digital and electronic communications.

Add in all those profiles that you and I keep plastering all over the internet, plus a heaping portion of the tweets, posts, comments, photos, videos, and other information we post nearly every day, plus our constantly updated location thanks to Google and GPS, plus the ability to remotely turn on cameras and microphones on our ubiquitous devices.  Mix well with a century and a half of psychological theory and practice, and...POOF!


The beauty, or rather the danger of all this is that the followers have no inkling that they've been duped.  Regardless of whether you think Q is a White Hat or Black Hat, you cannot say that this is moral or ethical.  Whether the outcome is beneficent, benign or malignant, controlling what people think and how they act without their express knowledge and permission is a gross violation of human dignity.

I am open to any reasoned argument that this scenario is wrong.  In fact, I would welcome being convinced otherwise.  However, the more I observe and investigate Q, the more I am convinced that this scenario is at least some part of the operation.  Due to the nature of Q, we can't possibly know what the full intent is, since we know absolutely no facts about Q outside what it has said to us.  The same goes for SerialBrain2, for that matter.

Look at a short list of all the memes closely associated with Q:

  • Trust The Plan
  • Use Logic
  • Future Proves Past
  • Where We Go One We Go All
  • Enjoy the Show
  • The Storm
  • The Great Awakening
  • Red-Pilled
These terms are short and relatively unique enough that they could easily be tracked across the internet without the "Telephone Effect" (morphing of the language).  They likely showed up in a defined geographic location and/or socio-economic demographic - a group of people related by ideology or similar overlap.

It spread out from there and the connections would be apparent in a network map.  Each of the people using the terms could also be tracked to see how they disseminated the terms - social media, videos, print commands, etc. - and to whom.  Even us lowly real people can do a lot of this manually, with enough time and effort.

Imagine, if you will, an angiogram.  Radioactive barium is injected into the popliteal artery while the patient in under an MRI or similar device.  The barium spreads throughout the body causing soft tissues to be visible that are otherwise difficult to image without surgery.  This is what Q is doing with language and the Net.

The processes here are established market research and manipulation.  Nothing outlined above is speculation, other than whether Q itself is using these techniques and how they are deployed.

It seems reasonable to assume that, with the resources of the NSA available by Q's own admission, that those running the Q Phenomenon would use all these tools at a weaponized level of efficiency, and that they have tools available we have not yet considered.

To return to the reader's email at the top, we don't need an AI that is a fully formed personality that "thinks" and "acts" human.  All we need is a machine learning algorithm able to crunch huge volumes of data (data mining), assess statistical probabilities and suggest courses of action based on likelihood of outcomes.

To operate at a level that Q appears to be would require military-grade intel, a state-of-the-art supercomputer (or two) and some whiz kids pounding out code all day while stuffing Twinkies in their gullets.  Do you see anything on that list that Q would not have, given what we know?

Everything I have said about the process is available to anyone willing to pay for it through companies like Cambridge Analytica, or any fair-sized advertising/marketing/PR firm.  The reader can watch a movie like Silence of the Lambs to get an idea of how psychological profiling works.  Even movies like The Net from the 1990s dramatized this type of operation.  It is nothing new in any way other than size and power.

In fact, the only thing truly remarkable here is that so many people resist so strongly the suggestion that they are being controlled and led by a completely unknown entity towards some end that they really have no idea how to clearly define.

And no, taking down the "Deep State" and draining "The Swamp" are not clearly defined goals.

P.S. - For some weird reason, I cannot post replies on my own blog, so this will have to do.

Yes, I am aware of Peter Dale Scott's definition of "Deep State," but that has little or nothing to do with its current manifestations in Q Lore.  The definition has become so broad and fluid as to be almost meaningless.

As for "The Swamp," this is a very old term used to refer to corrupt political institutions.  My father served in the Texas Legislature in the 1960s, and on his Senate desk he kept a sign that read, "When you're up to your ass in alligators, it's hard to remember your first thought was to drain the swamp."  This may also give a good indication of why I detest politics.

I am a big fan of the first Matrix film; however, "red pilled" would still be easy enough to track because of context.  In linguistic sampling, it is common to take some amount of words before and after the key term to ensure it is the one you are seeking.


Analyzing Q Analysis

We want to express our sincerest thanks to Jeff Rense and his team for their invaluable support.  If this topic interests you, please keep an eye on the Rense Radio Network for exclusive content and updates as we ferret out the Q.

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Jonesing For Q

If the reader is like me, the mere mention of the word "mathematics" puts us in a catatonic state that may lead to an instinctual flight reflex to our safe spaces if the subject continues to force its way onto our consciousness.

In the process of researching the Q Phenomenon, I uncovered the realm of q-analysis, which is an algebraic framework used to analyze (among other things) market research, social networks, decision making, urban structures and planning, game theory, and artificial intelligence.

If the reader has been keeping up with my voyage into the twilight world of Q Anon, then at least two of these uses for q-analysis should make your ears perk up.

In my article, "The Name Of The Q," I dropped the bomb that q-analysis is a branch of set theory that seeks to quantify and qualify interactions between members of single sets, and between sets in complex interactions.  At great personal pain and sacrifice, I have endeavored to research and understand this rather oblique form of math in order to report to the reader what I suspect is at the core of the Q Phenomenon.

Q-analysis was developed in the 1970s, by British mathematician Ronald Atkin to model complex social interactions and how they affected everything from market research and decision-making to urban layouts and playing chess.

The latter forms a major part of game theory and can be seen at work in the occasional chess and Go matches between human masters and machines.  It has also become a major tool in modeling and predicting changes to social networks when new information is injected at some point in the network.

Using q-analysis allows those with the tools to visualize complex interactions within and between large groups of people, but more importantly, it allows them to test the diffusion of and reaction to the introduction of new information - say an ad campaign - at different points in the network.  This is used to predict how fast a certain meme will propagate withing in complex network of individuals and what actions/reactions they will take based on it.

Social Network Map
This tool would allow an organization like Cambridge Analytica, for instance, to build a working model of the links that you and I have to other people, how fast a political ad of a particular type would propagate through our networks, predict whether you or I would moderate our political activities based on that meme, and even how much time would be needed before and after the ad hit to get the desired effect.

This is, as one can clearly see, a very powerful tool when manipulating large groups of people, where their connections and behaviors are known.

We know that our online, and even quite a bit of our off-line behavior is known to the likes of Google and Facebook.  Our political and consumer leanings are well exposed, especially if we are active politically and/or make a lot of online purchases.

Even more worrisome are the data possessed by organizations like the NSA, GCHQ, and all the other high-level intel gatherers.  No need to artificially limit ourselves to Russians here.

Using well-established psychological profiling, anyone is able to gather some basic data on any human being - especially one who uses the internet - plug it into a profile generator (such as those used to model mass murderers), then place that person into a profile category and plug them into a social network model also populated by thousands, even millions of profile models.

Given what I now have on our imaginary subject, I can predict how they will behave given new information, and how that information will radiate out from them into their network.  I can also predict how all the other connections in the network will react based on their models.

I know that our imaginary target does most of their socializing with e-friends between the hours of 18:30 and 20:00.  I pop my ad in front of them near the beginning of their session.  Knowing the target's political affiliations and leanings, I know they are likely to forward it to 385 of their "closest" e-friends with similar sensitivities.

I also know that they are likely to make a quick video on YouTube that night about my ad, and given the information in the ad, it will likely get 20,000 hits within the first hour after posting.  If the ad includes a call to protest, I know if my target is likely to join in and roughly how many friends they will bring.

And that's just the starting point.  We haven't even begun to consider all the e-friends that got the message from our target.

And this is just one function of q-analysis.

As readers here know, I use the third-person neuter singular pronoun when referring to Q.  I do this because no one I have found knows anything about Q.  All they have is what they interpret from Q Drops and listening to other's interpretations.  Furthermore, I suspect at least some part of Q is an artificial intelligence.

I suspect artificial intelligence because the complexity and rapidity with which Q modifies its message and encodes its riddles is beyond most of the people on the planet.  Sure, there may be a few who think like this, and they may be involved with Q at some level, but even so these folks would want to verify their encoding and add additional levels they hadn't thought of by passing it through a sophisticated machine learning algorithm.

Q-analysis provides programmers an algebraic framework that allows the algorithm to analyze decision making by third parties, make decisions itself, and ponder the wider implications of those decisions in the context of large groups of people (sets).

By looking at the points where sets align and overlap, and quantifying all possible choices available, a machine can statistically rank which decisions are most likely in any given context.  This would involve an entire boat-load of conditional statements, but with a large enough and fast enough machine, we could derive "most likely outcomes" for any given set within the model, and thus predict outcomes.

As a function of this analysis, we would also have at least one course of action that achieves the ends the user set up, as well as at least one alternative should the first not work as intended.

Forrester Diagram
The sheer number of variables required in this kind of modeling virtually assures us that some form of machine intelligence is part of Q in order to operate in real time.  It would have been used in the planning stages, as well as monitoring outcomes in real time and adjusting to actual effects.

A recent Q event confirms my suspicion that this is the case, and that the whole thing is precisely planned and timed.

On 16 August 2018, Q "dropped" #1918, then an hour or two later, went back and inserted a drop between 1917 and 1918.  The information included in the insert seems rather innocuous, but if you are using q-analysis to model a network, it may have quite a ripple effect to ensure that certain information is released in a certain order.

The reader may take me to task saying the information is already out of order, affecting the outcome.  This is a fair criticism, though without having access to the model, we can't really say for sure.

It may be that the programming is self-correcting given that the information is now in order for future reference.  It may also be that the very act of inserting is itself part of the mechanism needed to achieve the desired outcome.  We can only speculate at this point.

So, our working thesis is this:

Q-Anon is a sophisticated tool for analyzing and manipulating large-scale opinions and measuring in real time the effect of Q "drops" across social networks.  Q is not only operating on a planned roll-out schedule, but is able to react in real time to slight changes in desired outcomes.  This implies artificial intelligence running weaponized linguistics and social network modeling algorithms able to crunch large numbers of variables and rank decisions based on "most likely" results.

Thus, standing back a minute, we have an entity (unknown) operating on multiple levels - inside tipster, religious authority, marketing plan - using a wide variety of tools - sophisticated encryption and coding, gematria, twilight language, q-analysis - to manipulate a mass audience for some purpose not yet clear to the impartial observer.

Frankly, none of this sounds benign.  Manipulating mass audiences without their express knowledge and approval of the entire process and who is doing it indeed seems rather nefarious.

Using timed pre-planned information drops to encourage people to think and even behave in certain ways, when they are completely unaware that they are being toyed with is immoral, regardless of whether the desired outcomes are altruistic and benevolent.

If, as Q and Trump seem to imply, this is a project of military intelligence sanctioned by Donald Trump, then it is a clear indictment against their means and intents.

This is clearly psychological and emotional abuse on a mass scale, no matter what the justification.

If we condemn this kind of behavior on the parts of the mass media and Big Tech, then we must condemn it on the part of the "White Hats".  We cannot assume that whoeverwhatever is behind Q is acting with good intent.

This is no different than a parent whipping the tar out of a child while saying its for the child's own good.

One of the foundational philosophical premises of being human is that we have free will.  Manipulating our beliefs and actions at a subconscious level to achieve any outcome is morally indefensible.  This is especially true when we condemn this activity by someone else because we disagree with their motives, but support it when 'our" people have control.

Moral ambiguity and flexibility is a feature of Marxist/Socialist theory, and is supposedly what "patriots" are fighting against.


Jonesing For Q

We want to express our sincerest thanks to Jeff Rense and his team for their invaluable support.  If this topic interests you, please keep an eye on the Rense Radio Network for exclusive content and updates as we ferret out the Q.

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In The Twilight Of The Q

I've kept up with Alex Jones over the decades for the same reason many people watch auto racing - for the wrecks.

I have a collection of Jones' early documentaries and some of his early cablecasts because I collect underground media, as do a lot of folks in my business.  I've even crossed paths with him a few times.  If he can predict when and where a large number of media will show up, he will stick himself in the middle to get the free advertising.  Jones has turned free stuff into an empire.

In Texas many years ago, regulators passed laws requiring cable companies to provide some portion of their bandwidth to public access programming.  This usually manifested as an Access channel, where anyone who met the training criteria was allowed to use the facilities to produce 1/2-hour shows.  I used to teach production at the Access channel in Houston, so I know the system well, and one of my students then is the current mayor of Houston (Sylvester Turner).

Jones made ample use of this public gift, eventually branching into local radio, as well.  He began producing low-quality documentaries on various topics, such as the rise of the police state, 9/11, Bohemian Grove, and many others.  Over time, the videos got slicker just as folks started tuning in to his shortwave and "patriot network" shows for his wild-eyed rants and interviews that invariably turned into shouting matches (think Sasha Baron Cohen only serious).

The concept of Access channels morphed into YouTube, which became a global platform that allowed anyone to upload anything and eventually to capitalize on it.  As you can imagine, Jones was there almost instantly.  Not blaming him, understand.  Millions of us make use of the various free platforms out there to publish our work.  Few of us, however, rise to the size and complexity of Jones' operation.  One could even argue strongly that Jones helped sway the 2016 election to Trump by mobilizing his millions of followers, and that's when Jones' ego swelled to pathological proportions.

Jones was one of the first to recognize and capitalize on the Q Phenomenon.  He went so far as to claim that he had direct access to Q through a character called Zack, who was supposedly military intel stationed in Morocco (!) to protect his family from evil forces.

Jones also co-opted Jerome Corsi, a fairly well-known author and political insider with an intel background, and set him up as one of the first Q Decoders.  Subscriber numbers jumped and the Jones-Corsi team took an early lead in the Q Analysis world.

Until around May or June 2018.

At some point, without using names, Q made it clear that anyone claiming to have direct access to it was a liar, and anyone seeking to capitalize off of it was a slimeball no better than the MSM.  I paraphrase, but the intent is the same.  The Jones-Corsi team immediately crashed and burned, as this was widely interpreted to directly imply Jones' claims were false.

A couple of months passed, and the Jones-Corsi team rose again.  This time they claimed that Q had been taken over by evil forces inside the Abici (ABC - Q term for US federal agencies).  Jones-Corsi again asserted that only they had access to the true Q, and that the 8chan Q were "bad actors" out to usurp "the movement".

Then, in August 2018, Jones was suddenly and summarily wiped off the face of the internet by four of the Big Tech monsters in the same 12-hour period.  For someone like Jones, this is akin to throwing gasoline on a raging fire.  Jones now had access to an entirely new stream of folks who backed him solely on the grounds of protecting free speech.

Not that free speech is not a serious issue, especially in this case, and neither are the new folks streaming to Jones' remaining outlets wrong for backing him in this case.  It has many of the same elements as Larry Flynt's early battles, especially if we imagine that it was the printers who were silencing Hustler magazine.

Race car drivers know the risks, and watching them walk away from horrific crashes (threat of death) is what draws a significant part of the racing audience.

We cannot assume that the Big Tech companies, and CNN (which has been running a crusade against Jones) were ignorant of what they were doing.  Given the vast and frightening tools for modelling and predicting mass audiences, including q-analysis (see my article "The Name Of The Q"), allows them to precisely model the outcome of just about anything they say and do - but that is an article for a different time.

Suffice it to say that no one was caught by surprise by the swarm of new Jones fans, or the mass public outcry against this heinous censorship.  If you want to silence someone like Jones, you completely ignore him (see Ron Paul campaign in 2012).

So why would these masters of public perception make such a move?  Let's indulge in a little, as Dr. Joseph P. Farrell likes to call it, high-octane speculation.

Let's assume that Q and Trump are basically the same, and further that Q/Trump owe a bit of loyalty to Jones for his 2016 efforts.  Let's also assume that Q is what it claims to be - an entity with access to military-grade intel.  Further, based on past run-ins, we can assume that there is an adversarial relationship between Q and Alex Jones.

The scenario here is that Q wants to punish Jones for trying to usurp the Q Movement, while at the same time, not wanting to violate the debt of gratitude for assisting in the 2016 election.  Problem: how does one punish and reward at the same time with the same action?

Suppose Q, with all that military-grade intel, had some serious dirt on the heads of Big Tech companies.  It seems rather easy and obvious that one could leverage that information to coerce YouTube, Facebook, Spotify, and Apple to deplatform Jones in a coordinated move (all within 12 hours).

It is equally curious that outlets like Twitter and others DID NOT deplatform Jones, nor were all of Jones outlets on the banned platforms shut down, as if someone wanted to leave him some means to gather and hook new audiences, while at the same time send a clear message to cease and desist.

It's also very likely that the deplatforming was a gift to fire up a lawsuit, not unlike Larry Flynt's battle against Jerry Falwell, that would lead to a (soon to be stacked) Supreme Court decision making tech corporations liable for things like free speech rights.

We must put on our 4-D thinking caps and realize that every good psy-op has muliple layers, with multiple agendas and multiple desired outcomes.  Just look at any well-crafted investigation of the JFK assassination.

For all four of the cited Big Techeries to act in unison within the same 12-hour period requires obvious coordination.  In a random or follow-on series, one might expect these events to happen organically over a few days, as one company takes the decision, and the others follow after examining the fall-out and whether it would be good for their PR efforts.

In this case, they acted together, as if having met and considered all aspects of the move before they executed the plan together.  Keep in mind that platforms like YouTube did not shutter all of Jones' channels, just the main ones bearing his name or the InfoWars brand.

This is such obvious collusion that it provides ample fodder for a lawsuit presumably heading for the Supreme Court - free speech, anti-trust, the list is boggling.

Hell, even the New York Times would be obliged to file an amicus curiae based on their Sullivan decision (1964), just as it did for Flynt.

Suppose Q, with multiple agendas, used some of its high-quality military-grade intel to basically blackmail the heads of Big Tech to deplatform Jones.  Just a flash of the cards to persuade is all that is needed.

This is not as far-fetched as it might seem.  Q wanted to punish Jones for capitalizing off the Q Phenomenon, something that was established a few months back.  At the same time, out of loyalty for the election help, Q chooses the exact kind of attack that would fuel Jones' empire, feeding both the free speech audience and the tin-foil hat audience directly to Jones' remaining outlets, as well as giving Jones a ripe trophy of being the highly visible target of a "conspiracy theory" and a heaping serving of lawsuit material.

There is no plausible way any of the parties - Big Tech, Q/Trump, Jones/Corsi) are ignorant of this scenario.  I'm just one hack with a laptop in the jungles of Indonesia, while they have unimaginable computer modelling capabilities at their fingertips.  If I can think of this, I know they did.

We can safely assume that all parties knew that deplatforming Jones would drive hordes to his defense.  We can assume that, as I have proved at length, Q is a psy-op capable of pulling off such a caper.  We can assume they all were well aware of the US v. Flynt decision.  And we can safely assume that all of them ran this plan through multiple modelscapes to find the most effective, least intensive route to achieve their ends.  And we can assume there are layers I haven't even begun to ponder yet.

Interestingly, Q's 8chan board came under supposed attack within days of the Jones Fiasco.  Ostensibly, some force (the Abici, according to Q itself) hacked its passwords and "trip codes," published them on the board, and added a manifesto of sorts pleading with folks to abandon Q, though it was hardly well crafted leading me to consider the following:

Humans are herd animals at their core.  When threatened, they will circle with men in an outer ring, women inside that, and children and vital supplies at the center.  We need only rehearse the common American idiom, "Circle the wagons."

Given this human propensity, it is easy to imagine using it to predictably model mass human behavior in various scenarios - and believe me they do, just think of how fear and threat are used constantly in media to motivate audiences to act in particular ways.  In fact, pretty much all media can be categorized as Fear, Mating and Food at their most basic levels.

Threaten Alex Jones and what happens?  The wagons circle around him - even those not in his wagon train.  Threaten Q and its supporters rally 'round, bringing even those who were not there to begin with.

"Do you mean Q hacked itself," the puzzled reader asks.  Yes, that's exactly what I mean.

Do you see the pattern here?  Problem -Reaction-Solution - the classic dialectic manipulating people's natural, instinctual proclivity to circle the wagons when threatened, whether the threat is real or perceived.  Think "Russian Threat," "North Korean nukes," "Amber Alerts," and even ads that invoke the fear of offending potential mates with one's body odor (see history of Mum deodorant).

Thus, with two seemingly unconnected events - the Jones and Q attacks - we have these results:

  • Q punishes Jones for not following the script (The Plan);
  • Q rewards Jones with more followers for loyalty in 2016;
  • Jones is handed ample fodder for a lawsuit and a friendly Supreme Court;
  • Q and Jones both gain credit for taking flak over "the target(s)";
  • Big Tech is put on notice of what dirt Q has on them and that their power is about to be trimmed.
Five clear and apparently opposing or unrelated goals with one well-timed and coordinated event.

It would seem that Alex Jones has been sent a message: stay out of Q Business; here's a juicy lawsuit to keep you busy that will provide a valuable service at the same time.  If Jones is smart, and we have no reason to assume otherwise, he will take the bait.

Ain't 4-D chess fun!  Oh, and don't forget that 4-D chess was popularized by the original Star Trek series - can you say Q Continuum?


In The Twilight Of The Q

We want to express our sincerest thanks to Jeff Rense and his team for their invaluable support.  If this topic interests you, please keep an eye on the Rense Radio Network for exclusive content and updates as we ferret out the Q.

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Spe-Q-lating On Q

"Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public."- H. L. Mencken
In the following article, we will rely on Serial Brain 2 (SB2), rising star among the Anon decoders and commentators.  The reader should familiarize him/herself with SB2 content as background.

SB2 posts on Reddit and is just as anonymous and mysterious as Q itself.  I suspect the two may be related in some capacity, since it stretches credulity that one person could go as deep and broad into Q ciphers as SB2 seems to do.

As we warned in previous articles, we have picked the low-hanging fruit of Q analysis and must now turn into the rather deep and disconcerting aspects of the phenomenon.

The reader should note that none of the topics here are speculation - at least on this author's part.  The occult and cryptographic aspects are key features of Anon decoding and general commentary from followers, and either implicitly or explicitly acknowledged by Q itself.

With disclaimers out of the way, we will now proceed with discussion of Q's coding systems and the occult aspects of Q.  Among the many tools used to decode Q "drops" are gematria and "twilight language"..

Aerial View, JFK Grave Site
Gematria is an ancient, Babylonian coding system where letters are assigned numerical values, then coded messages are sent using numbers that are decoded by re-assigning letters.  A prominent example of this with Q is the number 17.  The letter "Q" is the 17th letter of the English alphabet, and the number 17 shows up repeatedly in Q Lore.

The number 17 shows up frequently in times, dates and numerical values of key words in Q drops.  In The Name of the Q, we showed how the name Q works on multiple levels, and the same holds true for its numeric value in gematria.  Anons such as SB2 spend a great deal of time hunting down the number 17, among others, in every drop or Donald Trump movement to find and ascribe meaning.

There are many highly complex and convoluted decodings that involve gematria, one of which we will examine shortly.  Suffice it to say that this ancient form of cipher plays heavily into Q Lore, and not just the number 17, 23 is also a prominent number with its own set of meanings.

The number 23 is said to refer to a famous chess move in a game between an American and a Russian master, which took place in Breslau, Poland [Ed.- corrected from Helsinki, Finland with link].  In the 23rd move of the game, the American sacrificed his queen and won the game.  The move has since become known as "The American Beauty".

Before and during the Trump-Putin summit, Q dropped 23 into a number of different posts.  This is said to be significant in relation to what took place behind closed doors at the Trump-Putin summit.  Q's implication is that Trump "sacrificed" Queen Hillary (Clinton) in a power move and won a great prize at the summit.

A prime example of gematria, as decoded by the "high priest" SerialBrain2 and known as the Q1734 riddle, involves a recent event where Trump changed plans at the last minute and used the motorcade instead of the traditional helicopter to go to the airbase where the presidential plane is kept.  The White House said it was due to "bad weather."  When reporters protested that the weather was clear and calm, the White House said that "fog" at Andrews Air Force Base prevented safe landing, which was provably false.

Now, have fun following this reasoning:

"1734 = [A/3][2A/3] = cloud giving 1/3 of its load to earth"
The presidential motorcade left precisely at 9:21am EDT en route to Andrews.  SerialBrain2 had written a post on John Brennan the day before, so s/he/it assumes that Trump is responding to that post with actions and words.

Using gematria with A=1, B=2...Z=26, then:
"FOG" = 28
Brennan's full name is John Owen Brennan, or JOB.
JOB = 27
JOB is one less than FOG.  Brennan's birth date is 9/22, which one more than the motorcade departure time of 9:21.  In SB2's internal logic, this establishes a relationship between this event and Brennan, and it involves a computer server because SB2's previous post featured that topic, and all of the following assumes Trump/Q are responding directly to SB2.

Through a convoluted rationalization, the -1/+1 connection between dates, times and numerical value of "BAD WEATHER" and "SERVER" means, of course, something to do with a computer server.  The gematria of "SERVER" is 87, the same as "BAD WEATHER," so naturally all of this is connected.

Therefore, Trump/Q have dirt on John Brennan from a server.  Riddle solved.  Don't pay any attention to the massive leaps in logic that all of this entails.  We are expected to believe that Trump/Q are using highly coded words and actions that must be plugged into a convoluted line of reasoning that involves both Trump and Q responding directly to a post by an anonymous blogger on Reddit.

As a code, gematria assigns letters numerical values.  As numbers, they have additional layers of meaning based on another ancient practice - that of giving meaning to numbers.  Anyone familiar with Kabbalistic Biblical interpretation will know of the use of gematria and numerology in "decoding" the Biblical texts.  The most famous of these, of course, is the Number of the Beast, or 666 (actually 6 hundred, 3 score and 6).  There is deep historical precedent for this kind of occult messaging.  It is especially prominent in Sacred Geometry and other occult practices.

Q is plainly operating on much more than an explicit, secular level.  From overt blessings to covert religious allusions, Q is purposefully drawing connections between its operation and a Judeo-Christian cultural heritage.

These are well-established coding techniques and are at least passingly familiar to most readers.  I will not spend a lot of time on them because any one of the puzzles would fill this column with analysis.  I encourage the reader to click through for further research.

What's of greater interest - to me at least - is the use of "twilight language".  This is where the Eastern Buddhist tradition enters the picture.  This will become increasingly important in future articles, given the rise of highly radicalized Buddhist monasteries - for another time.

The twilight language is a form of esoteric coding where what appears to be gibberish on the surface holds profound meaning upon meditation.  This is frequently pointed to as the basis for Trump's strange speaking style - the repetition of words, seemingly disjointed thoughts, etc.  It is proposed that he is transmitting hidden messages in this way, and Q often alludes to this, and has used this form of coding itself.

A well-known example would be Donald Trump's famous "covfefe" tweet.  This is played off in Q Lore as a secret transmission double-coded with gematria and twilight language, as well as a troll on mainstream media.

Twilight language is an ancient form of puzzle designed to lead novices to key insights.  The effectiveness of this form of puzzle is in getting the novice to come to their own realization/insight, because just telling them the answer will not have the same profound effect.  Note that even though the novice generates the answer himself, it is always the same answer for everyone.

Twilight language puzzles are usually presented in the form of nonsense questions.  Two common examples many readers will be familiar with are: what is the sound of one hand clapping, and if a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it, does it make a sound?

Anyone who has read up on Q's drops knows that many of Q's puzzles involve questions that seemingly have no relevance to the political arena.  The Q-vians are supposed to meditate on these question, do a little research, and come to predetermined revelations.  When the Q-vians get confirmation from others that they have found the "correct" answer, they get a dopamine hit and are ready for more.

They are well on their way to Q-Enlightenment.

This is a highly effective form of mind-control in the sense that novices are steered to a certain answer or way of thinking, but they come to it on their own and thus have ownership of it.

This kind of control buries itself deep in the subconscious because of the investment the novice has made to find the answer, it is reinforced with a dopamine hit when their effort is confirmed, and now the answer will season all their thinking going forward.

It creates a perceptive framework that filters objective reality through a pre-programmed set of interpretation keys.  It is not only difficult for the individual to realize what has been done, but trying to erase them can be a greater challenge than the original puzzle.  This is how highly effective cults operate.

Used for religious enlightenment, this is arguably a good thing, but weaponized for political purposes, twilight language becomes a dangerous tool with a proven history of taking command of minds.

Here's a recent example from a Q drop:
"Why was America's wealth being distributed WW?
"Why was the American taxpayer essentially subsidizing the the rest of the world?" [Ed. - WW = world wide]

Q does not answer these questions.  Q not only asks the reader to assume these things are true, but it does not answer the questions.  The reader much ponder and research and come to some conclusion on his or her own.  The reader will then receive confirmation or denial from the larger group, based on whatever consensus conclusions the wider audience has come to.

Sometimes the answer may vary depending on which of the various denominations of Q one follows, conveniently categorizing the individual into certain sub-groups with whom he or she can identify, based on the answers one derives.

To some readers here, this may all seem obvious and a waste of time, but keep in mind that we are now seeing the Second Wave of Q-vians coming in.  These are people who have never taken conspiracy theories seriously, or have never paid attention to them at all.  They must be led gently and carefully into the world of conspiracies without turning them off immediately.

This is where the twilight language comes in.  These seemingly innocuous questions cause the novice to ponder things they would not have otherwise considered, but do it in such a way as to not openly declare the answer to be one conspiracy theory or another.  When the reader comes to their own realizations, then they "own" the answer and cannot even "unrealize" it.  They are now forced to choose between their old way of thinking, or embrace this new paradigm.

The novice then finds a Q Denomination that promotes his or her own conclusions and is neatly categorized and installed in the Q Phenomenon.

This is what the Q-vians call being "red pilled," and is part of the signature Great Awakening that Q-vians crow about with nearly every breath.

If I come out and TELL you there is a massive conspiracy that is far outside the bounds of your normal thinking, you will reject it and walk away.  If I lead you to that conclusion and you "discover" it yourself, you now own it and must decide how you will react to this new way of thinking.  Your chosen denomination will help bring you along on your journey to "enlightenment".

Gematria and twilight language are effective tools deployed by Q to coerce a mass audience into a radical new paradigm without the novice being aware of it.  They think about the puzzles, find their own answers, and then are reinforced by others who have found the same answers.  Dopamine bump.  Back for more.

Let me be clear here - I am NOT saying conspiracy theories are wrong.  In fact, conspiracy theories are inconsequential to this argument, other than to point out that Q is clearly leading followers to form certain conclusions without explicitly saying anything, which is a defining feature of twilight language specifically, and religion in general.

When Q-vians reach the desired conclusions, Q rewards them with "attaboys" (dopamine bump), which imparts the feeling of being an initiate into a secret club.  This is the exact pattern used by groups such as the Freemasons in their initiation rites - a lot of seemingly nonsensical rituals and incantations leading the candidate to predetermined realizations of some occult doctrine.  The successful initiate can take ownership of the insight because he or she came to it of their own volition - or seemingly so.

Here's a recent example of a Q "koan":

    Anonymous ID: 42fc17 No.2360166 📁
    Jul 30 2018 17:10:40 (EST)
    MA Office | The 'Feed'

    Did anons get the wrong angle on this?

    >>2340661 (Q)

    >Who is supplying feed? 
    Feed as in the Image (Camera Feed)

    Remember, the image is flipped.
    It would appear Q's guys are taking picture of a 'bad actor'. 
    Think mirror.

    What if the people in the vehicle are those Working on Sunday @ MA office.
    MAs bad actors are the one [Ed. sic] supplying the 'Feed'. 
    The images have been ripped/taken from their phones. (Like in SG/KJU photos)

    The 'Man in Black' was the operator who just went and took the 2 photos of MA office that Q posted moments earlier. (Phone in hand)

    Full black attire + shades + poor facial angle. 
    Nothing there can be used to easily identify the indivdual, even more so if hes an operator.

    The above would explain MA shitting bricks and asking the Twatterverse for help.

    Message Sent.

Who supplied the FEED?
We have it all.
U-Access KILLS.
If you are not a Q-vian, the above is likely complete gibberish.  If you are able to tease a deeper meaning out of the non-sequitur, then you have confirmation that you are an insider, an initiate into the world of Q.

In this post, you are given the dopamine bump:

    Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: 2b8bd6 No.2362968 📁
    Jul 30 2018 20:19:04 (EST)

Feel proud Autists, Anons, and Patriots.
You did this!
You are taking back control.
You have the power.
Stay the course.
I should also note that Q tends to address followers in the imperative mood.  Statements such as "stay the course," "use logic," "enjoy the show," and "feel proud" are commands in their grammatical construction.  Followers are being given orders and virtually none of them stop to consider this fact.

As demonstrated, Q uses gematria, which is a Kabbalistic form of Biblical interpretation that assigns letters numeric values and encodes "secret" messages within text, thus evoking the Judeo-Christian-Islamic traditions.  Q clearly uses twilight language, which is a form of puzzle using seemingly non-sensical questions and statements that the initiate must meditate on and "decode", thus invoking the Eastern, Buddhist tradition.  Q is unquestionably using religious tradition, if not seeking to become a religion in its own rite.

Early on in Q Lore, the "drops" were said to contain "crumbs" or "bread crumbs," which clearly evokes a trail leading to some revelation, like Handel and Gretel lost in the woods.  The primary question rational people face is whether Q is a wicked witch at the end of the trail, or a great and powerful Oz.

Either way, followers are being led.  Otherwise, they could not be "followers," by their own admissions.  One cannot follow without being led.

I leave the reader with the following as proof that Q is well aware of what it is doing:

    Anonymous ID: 0edc14 No.2363457 📁
    Jul 30 2018 20:44:42 (EST)


    REAL ANON'S are here as we follow the EVIDENCE (documented verifiable evidence), we are building the TRUTH of our HISTORY so we can expose and dismantle the corruption that has PLAGUED our world for millennia.

    I invite any publication to print this as a statement of fact from an ACTUAL ANON.  

    WE do not tell YOU what to think or how to FEEL about a topic. WE simply dig for TRUTH and then PRESENT what we find so it can be scrutinized by our PEERS and further corroborated.

    The CHOICE to KNOW what we have found, verified and presented is entirely up to YOU. 

    Presenting OUR work in a way to imply WE are some sort of cult, shows the WORLD how corrupt the MAINSTREAM MEDIA has become.

    WE are NOT about violence, subversion or control. WE are simply providing FACT based information FREE of charge to the WORLD.


    Feel FREE to SHARE


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