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To Q Or Not To Q

We want to express our sincerest thanks to Jeff Rense and his team for their invaluable support.  If this topic interests you, please keep an eye on the Rense Radio Network for exclusive content and updates as we ferret out the Q.

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Note that this article was posted on 8 September, or 8/9, or 8+9=17=Q.  Coincidence?

Just when I think I can get away from Q for a time and think about something else for a bit, Q starts dropping over a hundred new posts that require some attention, because it seems that Q is determined to put on a show for the masses.

First, there was some weird activity on this site, where there were thousands of hits in a regular pattern averaging roughly 300 an hour.  Was this an attempt to mount a DDoS attack?  Or was it a White Knight trying to drive up search engine visibility?  Maybe Q was sending me a message?

Secondly, Q twice posted a Google search for "Qanon," which showed 3.8 million hits.  Of course, the Q-vians crowed about the Rise of Q and the mythical public awareness growing.

Being the curious guy that I am, I did a search on "Bernard Grover," and guess what?  I got over 5 million hits.  I can only conclude that I am bigger than Q - at least for now; just putting some perspective on the matter.

I suspect that most of what we are seeing in the MSM (i.e. GeezerMedia) right now is all part of an elaborate multi-pronged trolling psy-op that includes Q's drops, Trump's histrionics and a number of humiliating events for the media boys in the Mockingbird press.

The media, the pundits, the Democrats and the masses are all being set up for what appears to be some enormous crescendo in October, just before the mid-term elections.  Q has alluded to this by referring to "Red October" (e.g. Q1957), in the sense of a wave of revelations beneficial to Republicans just prior to the polls opening.

Somewhat more interesting is that all of this seems to be heating up in the wake of John McCain's death, which Q strongly implies was forced on him - with the Q-vians suspecting everything from a mandatory suicide (the Rommel Option) to the death sentence from a secret military tribunal and court martial.

In fact, Q went silent a few days before McCain's exit, and then went absolutely ballistic immediately following, dropping over 200 posts in the past two weeks.  Read that as you will, but the Q-vians see it as McCain's death having removed some kind of block or hinderance allowing Q much greater latitude.

For more information on the whole McCain event, please see the bottom of my previous post, The Q Prophesy.  This includes a video clip of Governor John Kasich saying plainly that McCain was "put to death".  I take this with a grain of salts, as it may be part of the grand misdirection around the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings for the US Supreme Court - more on that in a moment.

What happened next is positively spectactular, or at least it would be if it were in any way verifiable and true.

Q claimed to have taken down several CIA servers, collectively called Snow White, and killed an entire fleet of CIA and MI-6 (British) spy satellites.  Snow White is an array of seven super-computers used by the CIA, each with the name of one of the Seven Dwarves from the fairy tale (Sleepy, Grumpy, Doc, etc.).

Q also claimed to have disabled the KH-9 HEXAGON satellite, also known as "Big Bird," as well as several of the Corona constellation.

See Q2008 - Q2018.

Q concludes the series of posts with the somewhat cryptic note (Q2021):

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: d9f30e No.2807228

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: d9f30e No.2807174

Main frequency bands TERMINATED.
This is an extraordinary set of claims that, as Carl Sagan would say, requires extraordinary proof.  It may not shock readers here to know that "proof" is notably missing in this case.

There is no way for us lowly civilians to verify the incapacitation or destruction of CIA servers.  By definition, spook servers are not going to show up on global Net maps, nor is the CIA likely to put out a press release announcing that Q has shut down their Net operations.  Neither would GCHQ nor MI-6, for that matter.

Q simply states these things as true, and in keeping with the religious nature of the Q-vian Movement, they take the whole thing on faith and crow about how wonderful this all is, despite the fact that it would seem a significant part of national security has been compromised.

Then there's the issue of the satellites.  Aye, there's the rub.

Some Q-vians say that the satellites were literally destroyed.  Apparently, they have no clue about orbital dynamics and the careful navigation required to keep things from bumping into each other "up there".  Nor do they seem to consider that disabled/destroyed satellites pose a lethal danger to humans and other assets on orbit.  The reader may want to re-watch the film Gravity.

The Q-vians also seem not to realize that there are global networks of amateurs who spend unreasonable numbers of hours tracking and imaging spacecraft - especially spy satellites.  We won't even mention the foreign governments who also do this.

Refer to Q2008 to Q2021, from 5:30pm to 7:15pm 30 August 2018.  Please ignore the lack of proof.  The Q-vians certainly had no problem doing that.

If the reader is unaware, disabling a fleet of satellites, or worse, destroying them, would leave anywhere from tens to thousands of lethal projectiles in orbit that could easily destroy other valuable assets, or possibly pose a serious danger to manned flights centered around the space station.  I doubt seriously even Q wants that kind of mess on its hands, regardless of the marketing value it would bring.

I will not attempt to address the presumed list of felonies Q says it committed by hacking/disabling/destroying government intelligence assets.  Nor will I address the presumed act of war implied by attacking and disabling the intelligence network of another nation, but if anyone wanted to prosecute such acts, they are openly admitted..

At the risk of sounding crass and violating Family Hour rules, I'm going to call bullshit on this one.

Despite the obsessive nature of Q-vians listing "proofs" of Q's "reality" and actions, they glossed right over these extraordinary claims as gospel truth without a single commentator that I've heard addressing the issues critically.

Taken on its face, though, Q has now claimed intimate knowledge of a murder/suicide/execution a priori.  This may also imply having a hand in such a deed, though all of the evidence is completely circumstantial.  We have no way to independently verify whether John McCain had cancer, nor do we have an official autopsy report stating cause of death.  All of it is completely assumed by everyone at every level without some objective evidence.

We also have Q claiming to have disabled/destroyed the intelligence networks of both the US and the UK.  Again, we have no independent, objective evidence of these claims, though the implications are rather serious, both from a national security and international diplomacy standpoint.

Assuming they are true for the sake of argument, then the Q Psy-Op has reached a new level, having gone from the dissemination of information implicating public figures in serious crimes, to actual real-world activities that have taken at least one life and endangered millions more.

In my opinion, this hardly seems like the activities of a benign entity trying to expose corruption in the Deep State swamp.

If McCain was suidided/executed, then this amounts to murder, since he did not receive a public trial and the evidence against him was not presented to us for evaluation and verdict.  Any presumed trial was a secret military tribunal, and this worries the bejezuz out of me if no one else.  Secret military tribunals are not an acceptable feature of American jurisprudence.

In addition, disabling/destroying intelligence assets bought and paid for with tacpayer dollars ostensibly spent to keep the populace safe and secure implies a lack of regard for the people Q claims to be helping, not to mention that an attack on the assets of a foreign nation constitutes a clear and present danger to that nation, and thus an act of war.

Thus, the Q-vians - if they were using logic as commanded by Q - are in a conundrum.  If they reject the claims of Q in the absence of confirming evidence, then they risk calling their faith into question.  On the other hand, if they accept these actions as a true, necessary and justifiable course of action, then they are uncritically complicit in the implied crimes.

This is a bit of a tar baby for the Q Community that none of them are directly addressing.  Rather, they simply accept it on faith and move on to the next presumed event in their collective name.

To return to the issue of the Kavanaugh hearings mentioned above, it seems to me that all of these things tie in together.

The hearings began on a raucous note, with Democratic members of the committee doing everything in their power to disrupt and delay the proceedings almost from the moment the gavel struck.  Then there were the protesters in the Peanut Gallery (an apt term) chanting and yelling incoherently to also try and delay the proceedings.  This immediately made headlines all over the GeezerMedia.  The various outlets were falling all over themselves to cast the disrupters in a heroic light, trying to cash in on the spectacle for election value.

Now, if I were Q/Trump and I needed to shut down the news cycle - or at least usurp it - I might produce an anonymous op-ed for the New York Times full of sensational claims of chaos in the White House.  I might cast it as penned by a brave upper-level insider (maybe a cabinet member) and mention the 25th Amendement to get everyone chasing their tails.

And sure enough, the Kavanaugh hearings virtually vanished from the front pages and lead stories.  Suddenly, there was no story but the anonymous op-ed.

As a bonus, I might later reveal that it was a planted scam just to punk the GeezerMedia and create a huge cloud of doubt over anything they said or published.

Classic psy-op, achieving multiple beneficial goals with one simple action - a multi-layered nuanced operation of incredible simplicity that elevated the White Hats, shot huge holes in the Black Hats, and ensured the selection of the chosen nominee and electoral victory at the polls, while silencing an adversarial media.

In any event, Q seems to have entered a new and dangerous phase in which it is now acting in the real world on real people and things.  This is no longer an "educational" effort, but a true war in every sense of the word.

It is vital for the Q-vians to ask themselves critically whether they accept these premises on faith, or whether they will ask some serious and probing questions about the entity they are following so patriotically and blindly.

Whether empty claims or real, I am now moving solidly into the anti-Q camp on principle alone.  Either Q has committed real acts that demand objective evidence in support, or Q is outright lying in order to garner support among its followers.  In either case, I cannot justify or condone such things, as they are no better than the presumed actions of the Deep State actors Q claims to be fighting.

One cannot surrender one's principles and ethics in order to fight an enemy that supposedly lacks such principles and ethics.  Doing so puts both sides at fault without justification.

"For in that sleep of death what dreams may come, when we have shuffled off this mortal coil, must give us pause."

These beg for replies:

You are using lots of virtue signaling to dismiss Q. Must a satellite be destroyed physically to be 'destroyed'? Q talks a lot of things that we never heard before and that we cannot verify. Does that mean that they're lies? Q is another resource for patriots in their fight against the Deep State. That fight will go on with Q's help or without it. You are clearly not seeing that the focus is on the Patriots not Q. In a sense, we are all Q.

Morals are objective, not subjective as Progressive virtue signaling requires.  I have taken a moral stance and presented my reasoning.  That is far from the emotional rants that highlight virtue signaling.

Destroyed or inactivated, the satellites are uncontrollable and thus present a danger to orbiting humans and assets, as well as folks on the ground should they de-orbit.  Furthermore, presumably shutting down the satellites endangers millions because the intel is lost and the "bad guys" can't be tracked.

Maybe you have not heard of the things Q mentions, but they have been thoroughly researched by real people for decades, with hundreds of books and real evidence, and they have all been labeled as kooks and "conspiracy theorists" for their efforts.  

I have met Jim Marrs and talked with him face-to-face.  I have seen his evidence and read and listened to his arguments, and have concluded he was at least on the right track.  Q is (ahem) anonymous and neither you nor I have any clue what it is, and hundreds of links to articles and tweets does not evidence make.  There is no way to assess the veracity, integrity or sincerity of Q.  If given the choice to believe Jim Marrs or Q, I would choose Jim every time.

And who are the Patriots (besides a football team)?  Every commentator has a different operating definition.  I consider a patriot to be one who defends his home, family and possessions from ANY enemy, including and especially governments.

300 hits to your website in an hour does not a DDoS make. Maybe 300/second is a low level DDoS.

Second, you are not more popular than Qanon in terms of google hits because your search was without double quotes, which means google returned results for "Brendan" or "Grover", to get the search hits on yourself, double quote the search term "Brendan Grover", comes out to 11,300.

I know what a DDoS attack is, which is why I dismissed that possibility.  In the interest, I list it as a possibility for the sake of completeness.

You apparently don't understand satire, but to reiterate, I know I am not more famous than Q.  However, the Q posts that listed the results did not specify double quotes, and so anyone following this without knowledge of Boolean search strings would be misled due to lack of clear information, which is one of my primary gripes against Q.  Also, "Bernard Grover" is not the only way I am listed across the internet, so who knows what the true count is?  I've never bothered to check.

As for those who say that Trump indeed signed an EO declassifying the FISA warrant, please provide a link to the publicly published text.  Cannot?  Coincidence?  All I have seen are excuses why it is still not released now 1 full week after the EO was supposedly issued.  Q predicted its release, and it hasn't been released.  Plain, simple observation and another fail for Q.


  1. The USA has been ruled by Satan since Dec. 1913 when our Congress sold us out to the Rothschild banking cartel. The Supreme Court sold us out in January 2010 with its The Citizens United ruling. Nearly all presidents since Jimmy Carter sold us out:
    We ‘citizens of the USA no longer have a functioning republic. The USA is done!

    1. I wholeheartedly agree, the US has been ruled by Satan since Dec. 1913, when the failed quorum of Congress sold us out to the Rothschild cabal The Supreme Court sold us out in Jan. 2010 with its The Citizens United ruling; and nearly all presidents since Jimmy Carter sold us out.
      As you correctly said, we "citizens" of the US no longer have a functioning republic; it's done.

  2. Anonymous9.9.18

    I am following your posts with interest. In all fairness, if I were charged with the task of discrediting the Q phenomenon, I really can't see how I could improve on this site's efforts. On the other hand, I keep seeing the odd premise slipped into the arguments that are at best debatable and at worst dubious. Bottom line - I have not made up my mind about Q and I have not made up my mind about this site's efforts either. Presumably, given the seeming increase in the unfolding of events that we can verify, we will continue to see the obscuring veils lifting and thus may soon have a better idea of "Who's zooming who?" as Aretha once offered as only she could. Please keep posting about Q. Any poker player will tell you that the more one speaks, the more useful info is made avail. to the critically observant. :-)

  3. Anonymous10.9.18

    The following link is interesting, given your thoughts about Q being possibly or partially AI:
    "Unleash the power of disruptive technologies to facilitate sustainability in core sectors."
    Does that sound like what we are seeing here?

    1. Total tinfoil hatters who don't know a psyop in their face.

  4. Anonymous10.9.18 Lindsey Graham questions Kavanagh about military tribunals

  5. Anonymous10.9.18

    If you “believe” in Q, and all that ideological stuff, you missed the point of Q. Q is a research board, director of intel that advises people, as to what to look at.
    You don’t believe in Q. Q is not God. We may not know who Q is, but it really doesn’t matter. It is the anons that matter, the People of this country. Some of us are better informed than others. Q is the Drudge Report of people who have realized that the corporate media is a propaganda arm of this Deep state.
    This is a battle for taking back our country from a bunch of power elites who own most of everything, at this point. It is David vs Goliath, and we are David, not Q, Q is the coach, sitting on the sidelines, calling the plays.
    You should relax more. You expect miracles without any effort on your part. If you think that all you have to do is sit back and be spoon fed and everything will happen the way that you want, you are spoiled by your mother.
    It is time to get on the ball and get off your rear end. Start telling people who talk to you about what is really going on. Don’t hide your information behind a computer screen. Talk to strangers over lunch about it. It is really interesting, and people love to hear stories about it. People know 911 was a lie. They know, even the common man on the street knows. They just don’t get to talk about it much, bc it is forbidden to speak of it.
    This is a power struggle between two groups. This time, you get to chose people who have a plan, and are willing to spend money and time on it.
    That is why it is glorious to live in these times. Before, we never got a choice.

  6. You are using lots of virtue signaling to dismiss Q. Must a satellite be destroyed physically to be 'destroyed'? Q talks a lot of things that we never heard before and that we cannot verify. Does that mean that they're lies? Q is another resource for patriots in their fight against the Deep State. That fight will go on with Q's help or without it. You are clearly not seeing that the focus is on the Patriots not Q. In a sense, we are all Q.

  7. Anonymous16.9.18

    300 hits to your website in an hour does not a DDoS make. Maybe 300/second is a low level DDoS.

    Second, you are not more popular than Qanon in terms of google hits because your search was without double quotes, which means google returned results for "Brendan" or "Grover", to get the search hits on yourself, double quote the search term "Brendan Grover", comes out to 11,300.

  8. Heard you on Rense. That was a neat little dance you did avoiding the fact that Trump did indeed issue orders for the unredacted DECLAS of some of the FISA 'PsyOp'. That was days before your appearance on Rense.
    The orders were given on Monday.

    The 17th.

    Goodbye, Mr. Grover


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