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Thank You, Jussie!

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In all the recent hubbub over the Jussie Smollett Incident, we have forgotten one important civil duty: to thank him for his public service.

While he has done his job with great aplomb - entertaining the masses - and there has been a great amount of focus placed on his Emergency PR efforts and his Surgical Legal Team, no one has done this one simple act of politeness.

So let me be the first.  Thank you, Jussie, for making complete buffoons out of the elite.

If I were being paid (well) by Jussie to formulate his PR revival, I would have a much different take on things, and one that would likely work if handled properly (as only I can).

To place my disclaimer up front, I want to let Jussie know that I am available for consultation.  My contact information is at the top of this page.  My fees are far more reasonable than his current clueless PR Masseuses, and I am a lot better at it than they apparently are.

You see, Jussie did us all an enormous public service.  He exposed the GeezerMedia bias and the idiocy of the Nattering Celebrity Nay-bobs far better than Trump has done in the past three years, and Jussie did it in one night.

On a winter's night at well below zero in Chicago (a.k.a. the Windy City), Jussie had to have been bundled up like an Eskimo on night watch.  Any part of his flesh exposed to that kind of cold would have been frost bitten before he got to the Subway shop several blocks away, much less on the return trip to his apartment.  If you spit at that temperature, you can hear it crackle as it freezes before it hits the ground.

Furthermore, his sandwich would have been frozen solid within minutes of stepping outside, making it a formidable weapon, not to mention that the "bleach" the assailants carried would have been a solid block of ice, making it a far better assault weapon than naked hands (remember the scratches?) in sub-zero temps.

That anyone would have been waiting around at 2am on a night like that on the off chance that a gay black male would be trundling to the sandwich shop stretches credulity far beyond the breaking point.  That they would have been wearing exposed MAGA hats without an enormous fur-lined hood over them further seals the absurdity of the situation.  That they would say, "This is MAGA country," in Deep Blue Chicago is but the frozen cherry on top.  That they would have been prepared with a rope tied in a noose for just such an occasion is laughably ridiculous.

As if to add that extra touch that turns comedy into sublime satire, Jussie even wrote a check in the precise amount of $3,500 to pay the two men for their star turns as type-cast muggers.  If I were advising Jussie, I would even have put "hate crime services" on the memo line of the check.

The more of these preposterous details one adds up, the more this whole thing sounds like a Buster Keaton skit, or given the number of people involved, perhaps the Three Stooges.

Here at the Grover & Assoc. Spin Doctors and White Wash Specialists, we would have immediately jumped on these details and turned the narrative around.

Jussie, in fact, had set out to spoof the Geezer Media and troll the Nattering Celebrity Nay-bobs.  He had set up a scenario so blazingly farcical that only a gaggle of hypocritical, unthinking drones would fall for it - and they did with great fury!  Jussie's sole purpose was to show how uncritical and reactionary these over-paid, stuffed-shirt waggle-tongues are.

In fact, Jussie had contacted his manager a few weeks before to outline the plan (quick, get the manager on the phone to align the story), though to his credit, the manager said it might go wrong.  Jussie should have listened to him.

Yes, Jussie was trying to send a message to the whole country that the Progressive SJW Busybodies had gone 'round the bend.  They needed to be exposed, and Jussie, with his profound sense of public duty, had concocted a plan to do just that.

Perhaps Jussie went a bit too far with the waterworks on national TeeVee.  Perhaps he should have brought Chicago police in on the spoof a bit earlier.  But Jussie throws himself on the mercy of the Court of Public Opinion, and is willing to suffer any indignity as a Supeme Act of Selflessness for having done such a valuable service to society.

I don't know where Jussie found his PR team, but they aren't worth a frog's fart in a hurricane.  They certainly know nothing about spinning a good story out of bad cloth.  I'm here for you, Jussie, like a Bernays-inspired ambulance chaser!  Not only can I salvage your reputation, but I can make you the victim once again, this time of the Geezer Media with their deep, deep pockets.  Just ask the Covington Teens.

It is a sad statement on the American political environment that a man of highly average intelligence with a fairly average career could and would conjure up such a laughably obnoxious story such as this to earn SJW Brownie Points.

It's even sadder that this perfectly average man of perfectly average intelligence didn't have a back-up plan - so sure was he that this cockamamie story would actually fly.

He couldn't have waited another two months for more temperate climate?  He couldn't have hired two actual white guys wearing actual MAGA hats...better yet - KKK hoods with MAGA scribbled on them with Magic Market?  Hell, if Jussie had engaged us beforehand, we would have at LEAST put the assailants in whiteface to complete the utter insanity.

He couldn't have withdrawn cash over a period of several weeks rather than write a check for the assailants' services?

Given the overwhelming preponderance of goofs, gaffs and giggles in this story, who wouldn't believe that Jussie was staging a send-up to expose America's tender underbelly?  In fact, if Jussie were to hire me as his PR Savior, I would have every MAGA-loving red-stater on his side in about 10 minutes.  He would be assured of fame and fortune.  He'd likely be hired as a Fox News commentator by the end of next week.

Instead, Jussie has doubled, tripled and even quadrupled down on his story, and it's sinking faster than a cement-covered granite block.  It seems that his Ace Legal Team and PR Patchers are so ideologically hide-bound that they too can't find the right angle on this.  Instead, Jussie is paying them to dig him deeper into the morass.

Regardless of how Jussie spins this story, though, or what his ultimate fate will be, we do owe him a debt of gratitude.  He not only made monkeys of the Geezer Media, but he got the Glitterati of Hollywood and the Sour Creme of Washington scrambling to scrub their Tweets and add the word "alleged" to their pitifully limited vocabularies.

This has been one of the finest Circuses of Unintended Consequences ever devised by Mankind, and the tickets were absolutely FREE!

Jussie, I hear ANTIFA is looking for a Poster Child.  License your image and likeness now, before you hit the Gray-Bar Hotel for the next few years.  That way you'll be getting paid while you rot.

I know you are at the end of your rope, Jussie, but hang in there.  Don't beat yourself up over this.  It will all come out in the wash.  Just pick up the phone and we'll make it all go away.

Otherwise, enjoy the rent-controlled room and three free squares.  I hear the exercise yard is lovely this time of year.

Such a deal I have for you!  Operators are standing by!


Who Is Q?

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READER NOTE: Updates appear at the end of the article.

We believe that we can now reveal who/what Q is, who operates it, what its goals are, how it intends to achieve those goals, and what the legal basis is for justifying its operation.  These are bold claims, given the muddy waters around Q's genesis and identity, but we submit that the public information available backs up our contentions in as factual a manner as is possible in the current situation.

In April 1980, then-president Jimmy Carter approved Operation Eagle Claw, a failed Army rescue attempt to free the captive US embassy staff in Iran.  This event was widely seen as a catalyst for the Ronald Reagan campaign, and internally as the impetus to merge the intelligence operations of the US military branches.

The failure was attributed to a lack of coordination between the various military branches, and this eventually led to the creation of the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) in 1987, which is headquartered at McDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida, USA.

In March of 2015, Lt. Gen. Kenneth E. Tovo, then commander of the United States Army Special Operations Command (USASOC), submitted a written statement to the Congressional Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, delivered by Gen. John F. Kelly.  This is the same Gen. Kelly who served as Donald Trump's White House Chief of Staff until January 2019 (Gen. Kelly may also be the origin of the GENERAL voice of Q - see our article on topic).

This Statement is interesting for the brief insight it brings to the current situation in Venezuela, as well as the Drug War justifications for the infamous Trump Wall.  However, we will focus here on statements regarding the use of psy-ops to sway public opinion, ostensibly in foreign countries, but there is no reason to limit the scope.

In the statement, Tovo detailed some of the USSOCOM operations in Latin America, including its psy-op efforts now called MISOs, or Military Information Support Operations.  To quote Tovo:
"Military Information Support Operations: SOCSOUTH maintained military information support teams in six key partner nations supporting Colombia’s Demobilization and Counter-Recruitment Programs, Guatemalan Interagency Task Forces, Panamanian security services’ outreach programs in the Darien border region, the DoD Rewards Program, U.S. Government Anti-Trafficking in Persons efforts, and expanded active tip lines to under-governed spaces. These activities supported a broad range of efforts against transnational organized criminal and violent extremist organizations.
"Intelligence Analytical Support to US Country Teams: SOCSOUTH provides intelligence and counter-thrupport [sic] to U.S. Country Teams focusing on terrorism, human smuggling networks, and transnational organized crime. In Belize, the Dominican Republic, and Honduras, SOCSOUTH helped develop host nation capabilities and country team support through a number of subject matter exchanges, and mentored them in institutionalizing intelligence pipelines."

The 2018 budget overview for US military operations and maintenance lists a budget of US$160 million for MISOs, which are defined as:
“operations to convey selected information and indicators to foreign audiences to influence their emotions, motives, objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of foreign governments, organizations, groups, and individuals.” [bold emphasis added]
This clearly establishes MISOs (psy-ops) as factual and extant, describes precisely what Q is doing, and provides strong evidence that human and drug trafficking are legal justifications for using MISOs on a population, or in other words, the "legal basis" for these types of operations.

Anyone who has kept up with the Qniverse knows that organized crime, and human and drug trafficking are common themes throughout Q Drops and Qvian commentary.  We thus conclude that Q has a "legal basis" for operating, at least as far as its internal logic would provide.

According to Congressional testimony in 2015, the US military had 1,050 officers on active MISO/psy-op duty, which includes propaganda, counterintelligence and related operations.

The Epoch Times quoted Green Beret Chris Ericksen (ret) as saying, “[You have to] understand your populace, what resonates with them, and how best, effectively, to deliver the message to them and counter the messaging of the opposition."

Once again, this would accurately describe Q's activities.

In April of 2018, Lt. Gen. Tovo told the US Senate Armed Services Committee, “We have invested fairly heavily in our psy-op operators, developing new capabilities, particularly to deal in the digital space, social media analysis and a variety of different tools that have been fielded by SOCOM that allow us to evaluate the social media space, evaluate the cyber domain, see trend analysis, where opinion is moving, and then how to potentially influence that environment with our own products." [bold emphasis added]

It should be noted here that Tovo has just defined Q-Analysis, which we have covered extensively in previous posts.

This brings us to the US State Department's Global Engagement Center (GEC).  Established by the Defense Authoriation Act of 2017, the GEC's stated goals on its website are to “lead, synchronize, and coordinate efforts of the Federal Government to recognize, understand, expose, and counter foreign state and non-state propaganda and disinformation efforts aimed at undermining United States national security interests.”

In other words, GEC's goals are to control the narrative and establish counter-narratives.  This is, by Q's own statements, what it is doing.  We might also recall at this point Trump's often-repeated jab at the US media, "You are the enemy of the people."  That statement becomes multi-layered in this context.

We must also note that the Act was passed in 2017, just shortly before Q first appeared on 4chan.  As the Center became established and operations commenced, it is reasonable to assume that Q then matured and moved to 8chan, taking the moniker of "Q".  This indicates a parallel evolution between a real-world government agency and the entity known as Q.

The Epoch Times article quotes an unnamed State Department source as saying:
“This funding is supporting a variety of efforts to counter Russian, Iranian, and Chinese disinformation directed to foreign audiences,” the official said.
The center conducts audience analysis, employs online targeted advertising, deploys “technology to provide early warnings of foreign disinformation,” analyzes foreign audiences that are “most susceptible to disinformation,” develops partnerships with “key social media influencers abroad to produce content to reach critical audiences,” and trains civil society organizations, NGOs, local influencers, and journalists “to shed light on and help build audience resilience to the spread of disinformation."

This statement reiterates almost to the letter what elements of the US federal government have spent the last two years accusing Russia of doing: ad buys from Facebook and Google, fake Twitter accounts, Russian bots and trolls, etc.

That the GEC is a function of the State Department places it in direct command and control of the White House, and though it is a civilian agency, it has deep ties by its charter to military intelligence agencies, including USSOCOM, and is apparently independent of the NSA and CIA, which are the more "traditional" agencies involved in intel gathering and propaganda, as well as in direct chain of command to the White House.

We now turn to Q, which has claimed on numerous occasions to be aligned with military intelligence, and has established an adversarial relationship with the CIA, which it refers to as "the Clowns" and the "C_A," which we interpret to be a slight against the "intelligence" of the agency.

Q has also gone to great lengths to establish "Q Proofs".  These are various links widely interpreted by Qvians as proving that Q and Trump are closely aligned and working together.

Q Proofs include "zero delta" time stamps between Q Drops and Trump Tweets.  The implication among Qvians is that when Q and Trump post related messages with near-simultaneous time stamps, it is "proof" that Q and Trump coordinate messaging across 8chan and Twitter.

Q uses two outlets in 8chan, one that it exclusively posts to and is considered the "official" Q Drop location, and the other that allows "Anons" and "Bakers" to add their comments and research.  The Proofs use only Q's exclusive board on 8chan, and @realDonaldTrump for time-stamp comparison.

We should pause to mark the term "Baker," which we haven't mentioned in some time, as it has all but vanished from the Q Lexicon until recently.  Early in Q's run, the Drops were referred to "as Crumbs," as in the Hansel and Gretel fairy tale.  Presumably, the individuals responsible for collecting the data for the Crumbs would be the Bakers.  This term surfaced again on 22 February 2019, in Q2758.

Though open to additional information, we contend that Q has shown sufficient evidence of proximity to and coordination with Trump.  Not only do the "zero delta" time stamps provide conclusive evidence, but parallel messaging in recent weeks - especially concerning vote fraud - show a close alignment between Trump and the Q entity.

We thus dismiss claims that Q is a "live-action role play" (LARP), and other similar proposals.  We also find some of the information provided in Q Drops to be of sufficient quality to assume (for now) that Q has access to high-level, military-grade intel.

We note that the inclusion of high-quality information along with disinformation is a key feature of MISO/psy-op messaging.  The factual information must be included to build credibility and credulity, so that the disinformation is accepted without question.

It is therefore reasonable to conclude that Q/Trump are real entities performing a real psy-op/MISO on both domestic and foreign audiences.  What remains is to conclusively identify who/what is running Q and for what reasons.

Given the foregoing information, we submit that Q is a function of the GEC, working in tandem with USSOCOM to counter the narrative put out by the various mass media outlets, collectively called the MSM, which are a function of the CIA/NSA, commonly referred to as "The Deep State".

We must caution the reader not to apply value judgments, such as "good" and "bad" at this point.  There is no reason to assume that any of the players in this psy-op have the best interests of the people at heart.  Since the players are obviously toying with our thoughts, emotions and perceptions to advance agendas, and all are anonymous and opaque, we must assume a defensive stance until further data is available.

It is a matter of public record that the CIA ran Operation Mockingbird in the 1960s, to counter anti-war forces in the US that were having a detrimental effect on the Vietnam War, and other foreign entanglements.  Though Mockingbird was eventually exposed and shut down, there is no reason to assume that similar operations have not been ongoing over the years.  A variety of researchers have shown startling evidence of these operations, including Texe and Jim Marrs, and many others.

In addition, there are dozens of videos readily available on YouTube displaying the scripted messaging across local, regional, national and global media.  The news readers use the exact same titles and catch phrases repeatedly to embed the "official" narrative in the audiences' minds.  This is incontrovertible proof that the MSM receive their scripts from a central source, and the CIA/NSA is as good a suspect as any for being the source.

It is also reasonable to assume that the Trump Administration views various aspects and individuals within the US federal government as adversarial to its agenda, as well as national security.  Anyone who has paid the least bit of attention to the MSM over the past three years can easily see why this would be so.  The "Russia collusion" narrative is but the most visible of these attempts to undermine Trump's presidency, and the statements of numerous opposition figures sets a highly adversarial tone.

It therefore stands to reason that Trump would want to use every tool available to him to subvert the MSM and his opponents, and appeal directly to his presumed audiences using social media and other digital information tools.

As we have shown, the GEC is a function of the State Department, which is one of the most powerful offices in the Executive Branch, and its stated function is to manipulate information to insert its "products" into the general public consciousness.  Though it states that it targets foreign entities, there is ample reason to suspect that the term "foreign" can be legally interpretted to include domestic audiences.

The reasoning here is that the "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" is a corporation, set up in the late 1800s as a sovereign entity residing on 100 square miles of swamp land in eastern Virginia.  Through torturous legal windings, many researchers have shown that the US federal government can and does consider US citizens as foreign agents.  A careful reading of the United States Code (USC) establishes this fact, thus making it "legal" to conduct psy-ops on US citizens.  "Moral," "Lawful" and "Constitutional" are separate and very tedious arguments.

If we apply the time-honored test of Motive, Means and Opportunity, we can clearly make the case that Q is a function of the White House to engineer and control public discourse.

Trump has the Motive to clear opposition from his administration in order to effect his agenda, as articulated repeatedly in his campaign and presidential speeches.  He also wants to clear his name, which he considers to be a valuable marketing asset and a trademark of his commercial interests.

Trump clearly has the Means to do this, using the GEC and USSOCOM assets of the Executive Branch.  By deploying all the digital tools and techniques developed as part of the military's counterintelligence efforts, he would be able to steer public opinion, by-passing the MSM gatekeepers and creating a counter-narrative using "thought leaders" within the social media to disseminate his message.

That Trump has the Opportunity is implied by his position as president and various appointments to Secretary of State, the Department of Justice, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Supreme Court, not to mention the rotating door of generals that have taken important posts within the Trump Administration.  Having his picks running the GEC and interpretting the legal foundation for using such tools within the US population means that he has few barriers to deploying weaponized information tools to achieve his goals.

Q first appeared on 4chan in October of 2017, as an anonymous poster claiming that Hillary Clinton would be arrested within 24 hours and that the military had been placed on alert to apprehend individuals fleeing arrest, among other claims.  Q later moved to 8chan, but continued making similar broad and provocative claims, such as having direct knowledge of the time and date of Sen. John McCain's death.

That Q was able to become a global phenomenon from these simple beginnings implies a coordinated effort.  Our presumption is that the Q Drops were picked up by various operatives within the GEC and USSOCOM, and propagated to key "thought leaders" on social media.

The Bakers formulate the Drops and post them on 4chan/8chan.  The Anons pick the Drops up and forward the information with additions (research) to their networks, where members of the public/audience further distribute the information through Twitter, YouTube, etc.

In our model, the GEC assets disseminating the Drops would be the Anons, or Apostles and Acolytes, as we refer to them.  Their job is to embellish Q's information with "research," and propagate the information to the public without Q's "fingerprints" on it.

The sensational nature of the Drops provokes immediate dispersion through social media and draws a willing audience to Q. Further manipulations cause the phenomenon to spread using "hubs" identified by Q-Analysis and social media mapping.  The hubs are populated by willing and receptive audiences, who further spread the information throughout their networks.

Q occasionally goes silent for as much as a month.  It is our contention that this time is used to analyze and evaluate the distribution and effect of the Drops.  By staying silent for a time, Q "clears the water" in order to refine distribution maps, re-calibrate hubs, inventory effects, and as a simple marketing tool of creating demand through absence.

Within three months of Q's first Drop, videos were appearing on YouTube and Twitter carried every word Q and the Anons put out.  Websites sprang up that listed Q Drops, and Anon research and commentary.  Other sites sprang up to track Proofs and further "interpret" and disseminate the messages.

As anyone who has attempted to make a name on the net will attest, it is not easy to generate millions of followers in less than a year, especially without a coordinated media plan that includes expensive advertising, marketing and PR efforts.

The many Commentators are rewarded with large followings (over 100,000 subs on average YouTube channels), and Q occasionally reposts or links their efforts on 8chan, providing instant celebrity within the Qniverse.  This provides a dopamine burst and positive reinforcement that helps lock in Q support networks.

Thus, it stands to reason that Q is a highly coordinated and planned effort.  The ability to create Q falls within the scope and ability of the GEC, and its proximity to the White House makes it a handy tool for the president to propagate his message and achieve certain goals and objectives at an accelerated pace, by-passing the MSM and other established gatekeepers.

Further, according to public records, there are at least 1,050 people and millions of dollars to fund and operate Q, using the latest weaponized tools available to the military for propaganda and information control.  If we conservatively estimate that 100 of those staffers (Anons) are each responsible for "running" 100 solid contacts through their hubs, and each contact has at least 100 additional contacts, then any given message reaches 1 million people in a matter of minutes to hours.  Given subscriber numbers on the various channels, we are talking about far more than that in practice.

Q is provably a MISO, or psy-op, using the definitions available from public sources, including Congressional testimony and the GEC's website.  It meets all the stated criteria and objectives to be a psy-op/MISO.  The results that Q has generated are in line with a MISO, as well, achieving the implied goals given above.  Finally, Q's own statements regarding its genesis are well within the scope and meaning of a MISO.

Whether one agrees or disagrees with the morality and legality of Q is a separate argument, which we have attempted in previous posts.  The conclusions of those arguments do not affect the Who, What and Why of Q, as we have put forth here.

We are reasonably secure in our assertion that Q is operated, at least in great part, by the GEC, and likely includes the USSOCOM, as well.  We are also reasonably convinced that Q is a MISO/psy-op by definition, and by Q's own admission that it uses disinformation as one of its tools.

It is our contention that Q is immoral, regardless of its legal basis.  Any manipulation of the individual's mind using undisclosed tools and techniques, and without full disclosure of its origin and intent, is a profound violation of the individual's right to self-determination.

There is no doubt that an Information War is raging all around us and that our senses and minds are the battle fields where Cyber Rangers duel for our attention and credulity.  Trump is a master of media and handing him a toolbox like Q must be an irresistible lure.  The jury is still out on whether Trump/Q is a benign and beneficent force, but in either 2020 or 2024, that toolbox will be placed in other hands.

What then?

Update 23Feb19- Q alleges that Clinton and the Deep State have targeted and are removing specific Twitter accounts they consider 'able to shift the narrative'.  In our model, these would be the hubs of "thought leaders" who disseminate targeted messaging to the wider audience.  There is also news that the internet addressing system is under attack, which would fit with our model, as well, showing that we are not the only ones who understand how all this works.  This further demonstrates that the Q Technology is a general toolbox available to anyone with the means to deploy it.  It may be the only way to combat this is to be fully aware of what it is and how it works in order to protect the mind from invasion by weaponized information.  The possibility exists that this is all completely false and designed to cause a "circle the wagons" response to solidify support and lock in messaging.  Fear is a common method of controlling masses.

Update 28Feb19 - Q has once again initiate a countdown with the promise of "BIG BIG BIG HAPPENINGS" set to take place in [-21] days, or around the second half of March.  Keep in mind that Q has done this several times before with nothing much coming of it.  From the very first post promising the imminent arrest of Hillary Clinton to the January 2019 unsealing of indictments and the ongoing expectation of the FISA reveal at any moment (for last 6 month), the presumed deadlines come and go.  When the promised fireworks fail to materialize, the Qvians write it off as "disinformation" designed to cause the "Deep State" to panic and make mistakes that will ultimately come back to haunt them.  It never seems to occur to anyone that if one wants to attack an enemy, one doesn't broadcast it to allow the enemy to prepare.  At any rate, Qvians are now predicting the demise of Michael Cohen, the North Korean summit producing "amazing" results, followed by the Mueller Report, then Declassification of the FISA warrant (again), the OIG Report (again), the Clinton Investigation being re-opened, and the final fall of the Deep State.  We note this so that everyone can watch to see what happens.  We suspect, based on past performances, that the "BOOM" will be a "POP".

Also, as noted previously, Q uses "transference," a technique in which an entity wraps itself in the trappings of something else in order to 'transfer' the latter's qualities to itself.  Politicians do this when surrounding themselves with flags and other symbols of political power.

Q has on several occasions quoted from Christian scriptures.  This is an attempt to 'transfer' religious overtones to itself - concepts such as "good," "spiritual," and so forth.  Today, Q has dropped a lengthy passage from Paul's Letter to the Ephisians, chapter 6, verse 10.  The obvious message is that Qvians should gird themselves for spiritual war.  It fits with the ongoing message of "Q's Army" and implies that the war is on a spiritual plane, which further implies that one need not leave one's armchair to participate - more passivity?  Perhaps an indication of jihad?

Update 28Feb19 - I think it's safe to call the Vietnam show a fail.  Q and all the Qvians were predicting and expecting a great victory there and it didn't happen.  In fact, Q put on quite a show in the Drops setting everyone up for Hanoi.

Update 1March2019 - As we've seen before, Q has started a countdown that ends on 19March2019 (US time zones).  Q hedges bets by implying "holds" are possible in countdowns.  With that in mind, then Hillary Clinton's pending arrest has been on hold for well over a year based on Q's statements.  Note that Q says, "Tactical nukes even are better," implying the 19th will see a massive event with deep reverberations.  Since Q has started many countdowns with most passing without any notable events, we shouldn't hold our breath for the end of the month.

Update 18Mar19:
We were promised BIG BIG BIG BIG HAPPENINGS on or before 19 March.  I predicted on the Jeff Rense show that there would be some excuse to delay or reset the countdown.  Right on Q...

If, as Q strongly implies and many Qvians believe, the New Zealand attack was a provoked reaction by the Deep State to usurp the headlines ahead of a perceived major information release, and if Q was aware of this possible reaction and did not stop it, then Q is morally culpable for those innocent lives.  

This also implies an actual "hot war," in which there is no open declaration, the combatants are hidden and unidentifiable, and we are all targets.

On another note, the Qvians are reading this drop as meaning a "6-day delay" until 27 March.  I read it as a "21-day delay," a "2-day delay," and a "4-day delay."  In other words, 3 separate events spread into April.  Frankly, if Q is what I think it is, most of the "good stuff" is being held until voting starts for 2020 primaries - perhaps a series of "October Surprises" to get Trump re-elected.


Q The God-Emperor

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The Qniverse has become lively again.  For those not playing along at home, Q vanished on 13 January 2019, and reappeared on 1 February 2019.  The interim found many of the Commentators that I watch convincing themselves that they really didn't need Q, that they could carry on without the Fearless Leader in the restless pursuit of Truth and Justice without leaving the comfort of their screens.

It strikes me as a bit unusual that the Qvians claim to be building a "Q Army," yet none dare rally to show strength and reveal actual numbers.  Subscriber numbers on Commentator outlets are once again on the rise, but we should be aware at this point how these numbers can be manipulated.  If Q is what it claims to be - military intelligence using sophisticated digital surveillance - then it would be a minor effort to pad subscriber numbers across the various "social" media.

As a side note, I take umbrage at the term "social media," since the people who use it the most are in fact the most anti-social people one could meet.  Even in the most social settings, they are too engaged with their screens to have the most rudimentary interactions with real people in the real world.  But, I digress.

As we review the past month in Qniverse, it seems that almost everything the Qvians predicted about current events using "Qlues" from Q was wrong.  We should remind ourselves here that Q rarely posts anything original.  Most Q Drops consist of jingoistic mantras, mass media or Twitter links, or widely available photos.

Occasionally, we are treated to some surveillance stills - with no interpretation - or shots of Donald Trump's Oval Office desk with a signed document just peeking out of a portfolio, a mobile phone sitting on a desk (widely interpreted as Air Force One from reflections on the phone) or a wristwatch set at 3:15, or is it 3:14?

This kind of open-ended information bombing lets Qvians free-associate on the data and eventually come to a consensus, usually with the "Anons," known here as the Apostles and Acolytes, leading the way.

In other words, this is classic Dialectic Conformity in action.  A group of people are presented a vague issue, planted leaders emerge from within the group, predetermined solutions are proposed, and ultimately the group settles on a conclusion they've surreptitiously been led to.  All the while, the group fervently believes it has been acting independently and exercising free choice.

As I have shown before, Q also uses a psychological technique called "transference".  Q uses emotional triggers to transfer religious, militaristic, political, and cultural fervor to itself, and thus to Trump's presidency and support.

A perfect example of this has just dropped in the past few minutes, in which Q quotes several passages from the Christian Bible that encourages Qvians to view their Quest as part of a metaphysical battle between Good and Evil.  This is in keeping with the wide-spread view among Trump supporters that his election was Divine Providence.  This places the recent depiction of Trump as a god-emperor in Italy into perspective, but also raises some disturbing connections to Julius Caesar or Emperor Hirohito.

When Q returned this month, one of its first drops was a stock photo of two F-15 fighter jets with after-burners ablaze against a rising sun.  The photo was not accompanied by any text, even the ubiquitous "Q" normally affixed to most Drops.  The Qvians, of course, immediately began free-associating on the image, while the Apostles and Acolytes began scouring the net for the source of the photo.  As it turns out, the photo was taken over Iraq in the early morning at the end of a bombing run.

Interpretations variously targeted February 15 as a significant date, the rising sun as symbolic of the Q Mantra "dark to light," and military superiority as the means of America's implied greatness.  I rather saw it as a reference to the occult maxim of "dawn of a new day," which I have written about quite a bit in the past few years, as well as an intimidating image of American hegemony within the global political arena.

Donald Trump signed a massive spending bill on Friday, February 15, and moments later, signed an Executive Order (EO) declaring a National Emergency over border security, ostensibly to secure funding for the border wall - an issue Trump has hammered on since the beginning of his presidential campaign.  The EO was issued at 3:14pm.  Thus, the Qvians are beside themselves discussing the symbolism of the F-15 jets and the timing of the EO in relation to the photo of the watch.  The implication here is that Q gave us a peek at the future, and that the Q/Trump Plan - a key feature of Qniverse - includes the exact times and dates of significant pieces of legislation and executive actions.

Considering Trump declared February 15 a deadline to achieve a budget deal that included his wall, and had the ability to sign the EO at any time he chose, and that the deadline was set BEFORE Q dropped the F-15 image, there is no fulfillment of prophesy despite all the wishful thinking of the Qvians.  As Dr. Joseph Farrell has so eloquently stated, if you control both a prophesy and its interpretation, it is quite easy to control its fulfillment, as well.

Not only was Q/Trump able to manipulate events to specific dates and times, it has done nothing to disabuse followers of the notion of Trump's god-emperor status as being able to predict future events.  This Q Prophesy is so obviously planned and manipulated that it is difficult for rational folks to understand how Qvians can be so deceived by these cheap carnival antics.  The power of faith to cause self-deception knows few bounds, be it political, religious, or that dangerous variety that is a hybrid of both.

This seeming "hit" in Q Prophesy overshadows a slew of failures.  Q gave followers the distinct impression that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg (RBG) would soon depart the US Supreme Court, either by retirement or death.  This led to wild speculation that Judge Amy Coney Barrett, a Catholic, would be nominated to replace RBG.

This led the Qvians to interpret the Covington Catholic teen fiasco as the opening salvo in an attempt to smear Barrett's religion, since presumably sexual harassment would not work against a woman.

RBG has steadfastly refused to die on cue, thus the narrative/prophesy fell apart.  Keep in mind that the Q Prophesy was created by speculating directly on Q Drops on topic, and Q did nothing to disabuse followers of this view.  The narrative shifted then to being an amazing plan to expose Progressive Democrats and the Mainstream Media as liars and hypocrites.  None of the Q Commentators admitted that the whole fiasco was nothing more than political opportunism on both sides, using an unfortunate event involving a group of innocent teens as pawns in an ideological war.

To Q's credit, it at least admits that it uses propaganda and disinformation to deceive the enemy.  To the detriment of the Qvians, they refuse to acknowledge that THEY may be the enemy Q is referring to, or at the very least, the marks in a massive, weaponized confidence game.

For this reason, the Qvians have refused numerous times to address my series of articles, preferring instead to focus on Washington Post smear pieces and the strawman LARP argument (see my article The LARP Carp).

The reason for this is quite simple: I grant the proposition that Q is what it claims - a military intelligence operation - and that it is indeed connected to Trump, and by extension that Q is quite real.

Thus, my argument centers on the assertion that Q is a massive psy-op, utilizing sophisticated and weaponized tools to sway public opinion and sell Trump's presidency and presumed re-election campaign for 2020.

When the Qvians are flat wrong, they engage in a communal mea culpa, beating their breasts and wondering aloud how they could have misinterpreted Q's Words.  They marvel at how effectively Q uses misinformation, such that even they  are deceived.  Nothing, however, dissuades them of their faith in Q and Trump.  It is all part of The Plan (see God's Plan for Humanity).  We mere mortals cannot possibly understand the complexities of such intricate machinations, so any error must be on our part, because Q is Perfect and Omniscient.

Honestly, the more one delves into this Phenomenon, the more it takes on the trappings of religious fervor.  Since the Second Coming has not occurred in over 2,000 years, it is obviously our fault for misinterpreting Scripture, or perhaps dispensation based on the faith of a handful of devout worshippers.

Even more frightening than the religious sheen over Q is the amazing assurance that Q's military provenance will ensure victory at any cost.  In a very real sense, the Q Phenomenon is a jihad, a Holy War against metaphysical forces that have overrun the world.  Q has very carefully and subtly fostered this religious narrative to the point that people in other countries are actually creating effigies of Trump, the god-emperor.

The reader will please forgive me if I do not jump on this bandwagon.  I find this a dangerous and disturbing trend.

Given the proclivity of Qvians to couch their faith in quasi-religious terms, it is my contention that we must now take Q very seriously and start to question as a society what, if anything, we should do with this Phenomenon.  Denying it and ridiculing it only empowers it.  It was arguably the Roman Persecutions that threw gasoline on the Christian fire, and doing so again will likely have the same effect.

We must ask ourselves what is allowable in the public discourse.  Are we willing not only to let this instance go unchallenged, but in so doing, encourage others to use the same formula?  Are we willing to allow our political arenas to be dominated by highly sophisticated and unregulated use of psychological weapons?  Can we depend on Trump and the US military to use this power in a benign and beneficial way?  And even if they do, who's to say anyone else deploying these tools will do so with such beneficence?

Recall that a large number of people are being lulled into passivity by a completely anonymous entity that claims to be military intelligence, posting on non-governmental outlets while running a psy-op using admitted disinformation and plausible deniability for Trump and absolute indemnity for whomever or whatever is running Q, and that the very first post by Q was a complete and unmitigated lie. 

The so-called Proofs of Trump-Q collusion are entirely circumstantial and can be spun any number of ways.  Most of Q's Prophesies are, as yet, unfulfilled, and those few that have been can be written off as matters of interpretation or coincidence.

Faith.  Passivity.  Deniability.

Sit in your arm chairs and trust anonymous text on a screen while "researching" mainstream media links and presidential tweets, instead of taking real action to set things right.  And while you are at it, be sure to vote Republican and buy your Q Gear.  And do all of it with unquestioning faith in an entity that claims to be part of a government that is provably corrupt and evil.

These are huge and pressing questions.  In this series of articles, I have endeavored to emphasize the power that is being unleashed here and to raise the alarm over the wholesale manipulation of thousands, if not millions of people worldwide.

It is high time to throw a spotlight on Q and accept that it is a real Phenomenon and that it is being used on (possibly against) all of us.  Q is NOT a conspiracy theory, it is a very real and by definition an actual conspiracy.  It must be addressed publicly, thoroughly and rationally before it gets much further.