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CQ CQ CQ --.-. --.-

Voter registration drive - marketing
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I've obviously had a lot to say about the Q Phenomenon.  Since May 2018, I've tried to build a solid and objective argument that Q is dangerous and that ALL followers of Q do so based solely on faith, which is a characteristic of religion.

At this point, it is probably more effective to let Q speak for itself.  Since it claims that the 8chan board is its only "official" outlet, I will only take Q Drops from that source to ensure these are actual Q Quotes.  

There is, of course, a lot more (over 2,300 drops as of this writing), but these are selected samples that prove my case.  The reader is encouraged to verify these and all other conclusions I've made by reading Q itself.
Propaganda and sales pitch - marketing
HRC and Saudi Arabia linked in human trafficking - conspiracy theory
Imminent HRC arrest - failed prediction and/or disinformation (psy-op)
Q makes excuses for why none of its earth-shaking predictions have come true

Admits using disinformation but is NOT a psy-op?
Attacking religious establishment w/o evidence - First Amendment?
Voter registration drive for Republicans - marketing
Making excuses for failed predictions
Using comic book graphics but not a LARP
Failed predictions
Taking credit for shutting down US surveillance assets
Gov't conspiracy to hide UFOs and ETs

Remain passive, let the experts handle this.
Using q-analytics to track and trace IP addresses
Quoting Scriptures to attract religious audience
John McCain MIHOP (murder) or LIHOP (accomplice)

Q hawks T-shirt sales - marketing


  1. Anonymous3.10.18

    Bread and circuses... Kavanaugh led the investigation on Vince Foster & ruled it a suicide... Both sides work together to deceive... Q can go commit Q-icide

  2. Attacking freedom of religion without evidence. Are you blind? The Vatican, Washington, D.C. and the City Of London are all sovereign states. The corruption is miles high. If you can't see that, then you have no business writing a blog. You should be reading and learning from other people's blogs.


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