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Running Rings Around Big Science

I don't know if this comes through in my musings here, but I'm one of those people who looks in the opposite direction if someone calling themselves an "authority" tells me to look in a certain direction.  I'm not a complete contrarian, in that I think "authorities" usually include some truth in their pronouncements in order to buy credibility.

For that reason, when I was told that "all credible scientists" agree on Global Warming and anyone who goes against the pronouncement ought to be strung up, I figured there was some kind of significant climate event coming, but that it wasn't warming.  Sure enough, years of research on solar cycles, weather patterns and the like have led me to conclude that we are heading straight into a Mini Ice Age, not unlike the various solar minima that have come and gone just in recorded history.

When the "authorities" told us that a "lone gunman" killed JFK, I immediately figured there was more to see.  A lot of smart people have come to that conclusion, as well, as they did a far more thorough job of investigating than the Warren Commission did.

When the "authorities" told me that 19 Arabs hi-jacked four planes and flew them into buildings, and that those buildings could be reduced to rubble by the event, I was more than a bit skeptical.  Most certainly, the Building 7 collapse should have clued in most conscious people, though I certainly know some otherwise smart people who just can't bring themselves to see that fact.

So when "authorities" tell me that evolution is true and a stable Universe is the norm, I immediately start looking into the matters myself.  Of course, evolution is quite easy to disprove, but not many people try.  Instead, they repeat it as if gospel truth without even scratching the surface for themselves.

And speaking of gospels, I don't have much time for religion, either.

So it was that I began investigating the Asteroid Belt.  I'll assume this audience is smart enough to at least know what and where the Asteroid Belt is, but it may not know some of the fascinating theories out there, nor the compelling proofs for its origin.

The Standard Model says that the Solar System congealed out of a thin disk of dust and gas, much like Saturn's Rings, but much larger and orbiting the Sun.  Over time, the dust and gas clumped together to form planets, the same way snow balls grow larger as they roll downhill.  Naturally, the "authorities" hide the fact that they can't make the model work, even with the largest supercomputers because, for one thing, there hasn't been enough time in the hypothetical 4,5 billion years to form the outermost planets.  Nor do they tell us that there are piles of data that don't fit the model and are just dismissed as "anomalies."  Anomaly is a code word for, "Oops, that doesn't fit our preconceived ideas."

The Standard Model says that the asteroids are bits of debris that never formed a planet because Jupiter's gravity kept mixing them up.  The "authorities" expect that you won't look too closely at this pronouncement, and do something stupid like calculate Jupiter's gravitational pull at the asteroid belt, since gravity drops off rather quickly as a function of the distance from an object, making the planet's effect on the asteroids rather negligible.  Hell, if it were that great, Jupiter would have vacuumed up the Asteroid Belt a long time ago.

Anyway, a fellow by the name of Thomas van Flandern many years ago came up with the Exploded Planet Hypothesis (EPH).  The idea of an exploded planet wasn't new.  It had been proposed before, but van Flandern did an amazing amount of calculating and found that if you roll back the orbits of the asteroids and several of the short-period comets, they all converged on a single point at 3.2 million years ago, and again at 65 million years ago.  Coincidentally, those two dates line up nicely with two mass extinctions on Earth.

That's just the beginning.

There are four basic types of asteroids, according to the Tholen Taxonomy, based on their compositions as determined from their light spectra: C, S, X and M, with a number of sub-types depending on amounts of various minerals.  One can think of these four groups simply as coal, rock, ice, and "not sure" respectively.  In other words, chunks of all the stuff that make up the four inner rocky planets, just in small, discrete packages rather than a big ball.  Pretty much what you'd expect if you blew up a planet - chunks of carbon, chunks of rock, chunks of ice, and some mixed up pieces.

The reason they all had to come from a planet already formed is that the chunks (i.e. asteroids) are differentiated.  If they were all left-overs that never formed a planet, thanks to Jupiter, we wouldn't expect to find nice balls of separated minerals, but rather a mish-mash of stuff that never quite formed up.

Next, the asteroids aren't scattered evenly around their orbital plane.  Instead, they are primarily clumped together on one side, with a somewhat smaller scattering of pieces on the other side.

The asteroids form four distinct "rings," separated by the so-called Kirkwood Gaps, with larger pieces closer in and smaller ones further out.  This leads some researchers to speculate that there might have been two, even three planets that exploded, with the largest - sometimes called Planet V/5 - being closest to Mars.  Just so you know, the second one is called Planet K (Krypton).

All of this only includes what is known as the Main Belt of asteroids.  There are several others, like the Centaurs and the Kuipers that spread out across the entire Solar System.

Anyway, back to the EPH.  If a planet exploded, we would expect to find evidence of a shock wave in the Solar System, right?  Well, we do.

Our Moon's far side looks like it was hit by a shotgun blast.  One hemisphere of Mars is rough and cratered and 2 kilometers higher than the other (splatter effect).  Saturn's moon Iapetus is black as coal on one side and white as snow on the other.  In fact, many Solar System objects show hemispheric dichotomy that can easily be explained by a shock wave spreading rocks and carbon from a central point.

There are also the Early (EHB) and Late Heavy Bombardments (LHB).  These theories propose a cataclysmic events that caused the heavy cratering seen on the Moon's far side, among other things.  The LHB is thought to have occurred around 4.1 million years ago to 3.8 million years ago.  This corresponds fairly well with van Falndern's Planet V explosion around 3.2 million years ago.  This event aligns fairly well with the Pliocene–Pleistocene mass extinction.

So what's the point of this exercise?

Authoritative Science tells us we have it all figured out.  We understand how life arose, we know how the Solar System evolved.  We know how long our Sun has been around and how long it will live.  We even know how long ago the entire Universe started, though how it will end is still up for debate.  In other words, there is little more to understand and learn.  The frontiers are closing and humans have nothing more than some minor details to iron out.

Not only are these pronouncements patently false, they make for a very boring Universe in which there is nothing left to learn.

In fact, all Authoritative Science has done is take Biblical scripts and modernized them, with some fancy frilly stuff to make it all look very modern and high-techy.  The truth is we know nothing, especially for certain, and that the Universe is still wide open for discovery.  The Standard Model and Evolution Theories are full of irreparable holes that are constantly being patched with black holes, multi-dimensional strings and dark energy/matter, not to mention that evolution cannot get past Irreducible Complexity.

The Universe is far more mysterious and interesting when we toss out the mythological rewrites of ancient texts and look with fresh eyes at the space around us.  It is high time to realize that Authoritative Science is doing little more than spinning comforting tales that make us feel like we are still the center of the Universe and can control our environment.

When we tame our egos and our childish need for bedtime stories, suddenly the Universe opens again to curiosity and our innate desire to learn.


Beating Plowshares Into Swords

DISCLAIMER: The following report is assimilated from "official" media, social media and conversations with various individuals.  I have no idea how much of it is true, because I don't trust ANY media or politicians, and people's opinions are protected by Free Speech.  The reader is cautioned to take this information with a long shot of one's favorite libation.

Apparently, Islam has failed to learn from history.  Militant religious crusades do not turn out well in the long run.  I suppose, though, like everyone in this world, we need to learn from experience.  Failure to control its most radical fringes will only result in marginalization and eventual decline in influence.

On the other side of the argument, Islam is being used by various groups for political ends.  Granted, most of the cannon fodder being thrown around are seriously deluded and uneducated people who are easily steered, but the people pulling their strings and radicalizing those mindless robots are cynical forces trying to effect political upsets using religious zeal as a weapon.

Take, for instance, the Jakarta riots earlier this month, and threatened again for later this week.

Former Jakarta governor and now Indonesian president Joko (Jokowi) Widodo came to Jakarta as a Trump-like populist reformer.  He brought with him long-time ally and deputy governor Basuku Tjahaja (Ahok) Purnama, who became governor of Jakarta when Jokowi was elected president.

Both Jokowi and Ahok have reputations for being tough on corruption and strong on reform.  Their administrations have been known for enforcing laws that were previously passed just to assuage various factions and interests, but which were ignored with a couple of well-placed payments.  This has not made a lot of friends in government circles, since bureaucrats here have made small fortunes from graft and kickbacks over the decades.  Jokowi also beat a figure named Prabowo, who in many ways is similar to Hillary Clinton, in that he has been a background power-broker and political force who thought he, too, deserved the presidency for his years of service.

This potent brew of interests has been seething just outside the spotlight for the past few years, particularly since Ahok is the first Christian and ethnic Chinese to hold such high office in Indonesia.  Powerful offices here have been primarily the domain of Javanese Muslims since the founding of the country.

The icing on the cake is that Jokowi has initiated a number of major infrastructure projects that in times past would have been gold mines of graft, corruption and kickbacks, but which are now being managed by foreign corporations who are focused on completing the projects on-time and on-budget - something unheard of here.  This has upset the so-called "mafia" here, who aren't getting their usual cuts of anything and everything that goes on in Indonesia.

One of the major power-brokers here is former president Susilo Bambang (SBY) Yudhoyono.  SBY is  former general and a mover-shaker type.  He has fingers in a lot of pies and has been accused of running a significant part of the drug trade in Indonesia through his son.  Under the Jokowi administration, SBY's interests have been threatened, as the old ways of "doing business" in Indonesia are slowly eroding in the reformist era.  SBY, of course, supported Probowo for president, as it would have perpetuated the 'business as usual' system.

Starting to sound familiar yet?  Prabowo also refused to accept the election results, since he was quite sure his network of vote fraud assured him the office.  Really starting to sound familiar, right?

At any rate, Ahok is a lynch-pin in Jokowi's power base.  They basically have each other's backs as they both try to reform the two most powerful governments in the country.  Because Ahok is Chinese-Christian, he is an easy target, owing to the fact that the ethnic Chinese are a generally despised group in Indonesia, and because the most powerful offices in government are (by tradition) reserved for Muslims, and specifically for Javanese Muslims.  Ahok is also outspoken and does not mince words.  In many respects, he is the personality of Trump, while Jokowi is the actions of Trump.

So, a while back Ahok made a comment about being attacked by factions that were quoting the Quran out of context.  To further the insult, his words were quoted out of context (according to a police investigation), which opened the door to those who want to undermine Jokowi's administration, and need to get rid of Ahok to do it.

These factions immediately accused Ahok of "blasphemy," a crime in Indonesia, but only enforced against those who speak against Islam.  The other four constitutionally-protected religions are pretty much fair game, as far as the Muslim-dominated government agencies are concerned.

According to most sensible people here, SBY saw the opportunity to impeach Ahok, undermine Jokowi, and set up his son for the presidency in 2020.  Further according to these reports, SBY, Prabowo and their allies put up IDR200 billion rupiah (roughly US$14 million) to stage a mass demonstration against Ahok in early November.  That demonstration, as we reported at the time, devolved into riots by sundown, leading to mobs surrounding Ahok's neighborhood and being turned away with tear gas and water cannons.

Not satisfied with the lack of effect, the same group has now put up IDR500 billion rupiah (~US$36 million) for another mass demonstration on Friday, 2 December.  All this money is used to fly in demonstrators from around the country, most of whom don't even know who Ahok is, feed them and pay them to participate - though after the demonstration they are just abandoned on the streets, their purpose served.  It should be noted that Ahok supplied buses to take the demonstrators home after the earlier protest.

The demonstrations are demanding that Ahok be arrested and jailed, pending trial for "blasphemy."  This is despite the fact that recordings were found by the police investigation showing that Ahok was completely misquoted and that the misquote has been used for nefarious purposes.

What all this boils down to is that religion is being used as a weapon.  Ahok's Christianity is being used to denigrate him, and Islam is being used to falsely accuse a man and destroy him for political purposes.  And the 'religion' of politics is a nasty business that has no place in civil society.

This is not the only example.  In India, immigration laws are being selectively enforced to get rid of Muslims.  In Europe, there is a toxic brew of culture clash caused by unassimilating Muslims.  In the US, just today, a Somali Muslim went on a rampage in Ohio, ostensibly because the university didn't have enough musholla, or prayer rooms.

It is obvious that Islam is being used, not just by outsiders, but by insiders, as a weapon for any number of reasons.  This kind of behavior will not lead to greater acceptance, but rather to a massive and violent backlash.  History is replete with examples of militant religions being squashed, and the results have rarely been pretty.

Most people have no problem with an individual worshipping whomever, whatever and however they desire, but when that religious zeal becomes militant and starts killing people, they will eventually fight back with equal or greater force.  One need only look at the Roman suppression of Judaism or the Catholic Reformation, and in many ways, even the American, French, Bolshevik and Indonesian Revolutions.

History further shows us that the most successful governments have been those that are most tolerant of religious diversity, since oppressed minorities will always rise up when the pain of oppression outweighs the pain of revolution.

No system, regardless of origin, can survive through violence and oppression.  Weaponizing systems will only lead to weaponized resistance because human nature defaults to "leave me the hell alone."  This is further reinforced by the fact that weaponized systems only benefit a tiny cabal of insiders, and do little to nothing for the general population.

Paid demonstrators are only loyal as long as the food lasts, after that, you're on your own.


Spinning Into Oblivion

Well, here we are in the last week of November 2016, and it seems like this year just started the other day.  Wasn't just yesterday that Donald Trump descended the escalator at Trump Tower to announce his campaign?  Wasn't it just hours ago that Iran captured and publicized 10 US sailors in their territorial waters? Has Turkey really been blaming ISIS for an entire year?  Didn't Denmark just pass a law to take all personal possessions from "refugees" to pay for their "resettlement?"

When you go back and scan headlines for the pat year, it's as if "news" outlets have been recycling the same stories over and over, hardly adding new details to keep them fresh.

For those of us tiring of the same ol' same ol', fear not, something BIG is coming and by this time next year, we may be fervently wishing for some o' dat ol' fashioned Same Ol'.

Here's a little fun you can have at home.  Go out and buy a couple of thousand Slinkys.  Not only will you soon have a greater understanding of Time, but you'll be doing your part to boost lagging Black Friday sales.  Take one of the Slinkys, collapse it to its smallest shape, and look at one end.  It's a complete circle, right?  Now look at it from the side and pull the ends apart.  Now its a Sine Wave, right?  Now look at it from an isometric angle (approx. 30 degrees oblique).  It's a coil, right?  You now know what Time looks like.

At this point, you'll want to connect the ends of a couple of dozen Slinkys, and then wrap them around a pipe or column so that one end overlaps the starting end.  You now know what a Year looks like.  Now take your Year loops and curve them around something so that your loops form a bigger loop.  Continue this until you run out of Slinkys.

What you have created is a Mandelbrot fractal pattern that ultimately continues in from the tiniest detail to the largest, ad infinitem.

Welcome to Time: a series of spirals forming loops, that in turn form spirals that create loops, etc.

What we have here is a constant set of changes that have similar circumstances producing slightly different outcomes until your brain is completely fried and struggling to climb out of your ears to head down to the local pub for a pint and a breather.  Speaking of which, we'll be back right after this break.

There...nothing a couple of (dozen) pints of Kilkenny at Molly Malone's couldn't cure.

Now, back to Time...

So, as you can see, Time keeps spiraling around so that from one point of view, it appears to repeat over and over again.  The Earth appears to rotate around the Sun in a circle, except that the Sun is moving too, so really the Earth is making a spiral if you look at it from a stationary point in Space, though it is impossible to be completely stationary in Space, so really...oh, damn, I need another run to Molly's.  Hang on.

Anyway, where were we?  Oh we are making all these sprials and history seems to repeat, but really that impression is only from one particular point view.  What is really happening is that events are overlapping with similar circumstances, but with completely different outcomes (e.g. looking at it from the side).  If we look at history from our oblique position, then what we see is that all these repeating events are themselves part of bigger patterns, which themselves are part of bigger...hello, Molly's?  I'll be right there.  Get those pints ready.

Once in a while, though, the spirals overlap each other and a major shift happens, as the path alters slightly to avoid hitting the previous round in the rear.  And sometimes, those slight alterations happen to synch up so that the shift happens on multiple scales.  THAT, dear reader, is where we are now.

Welcome to the Age of Shift.  We are looking at the overlap of economic, political, social, meteorological, astronomical, and cosmic cycles, with all of them taking ever so slight shifts, but the shifts are multiplied thousands of times by the "coincidental" timing of many different Slinkys all jumping slightly to avoid hitting the previous cycle in the...hoo boy...hello, Molly's?  Have you finished roping off and carving my name in that bar stool yet?  Go ahead and put a full keg on hold for me, would'ja?

All of this is not necessarily a problem, except that it is all the downward part of the cycles that are synching, and even more fun is that they, like the entire Universe, are all interconnected, so that one is part of the cause of the other...damn!  Maybe if I just took my rig down to Molly's...

OK, this is better.  With any luck, I won't slosh my precious barley water into the keyboard, at least until I finish this article.

As I was saying, we are seeing (once again) the collapse of a number of different cycles at a great many levels, and though the collapses have all happened before (the circle), they have never happened with our particular set of circumstances (the spiral).  Like alternating current from your wall socket, every +1v must be matched by a -1v in order to maintain balance and flow.  First Law of Thermal Dynamics.  Or was it Ralph's Only Law of Getting Drunk (what goes in must come out - one way or another)?

Us hardcore Time Lords have been waiting for this moment for a long time.  A lot of people have seen varying amounts of this moment for many decades.  Some predicted climate collapse, others economic collapse, and still others social collapse.  They were all right, but missed the key link that all things are dependent on all others things.

What is unfortunate for us, since we perceive the -1v part of the cycle as being painful, is that all these cycles are synching on the down-beat.  What is more unfortunate is that, I assume all the readers are alive, we happen to be living at the particular moment in history when this is happening.

Many people fail to consider that every choice we make is influenced by the sum total of all the other choices everyone else in making.  And all those choices are influenced by the natural cycles going on around us.  Thus, when a large number of people perceive negative events occurring, they react by making defensive choices that, in the conglomerate, exacerbate the negative parts of the cycles.

In other words, if an entire city of people perceive a typhoon coming their way, they all run out and clear the shelves at the local grocery store as they stock up on supplies.  This in turn causes the people who arrive late to panic because there is no food or water on the shelves, and their negative reactions cause further problems, and so on ad nauseum.  What most people fail to see is that the grocer has benefitted by selling out his stock and profitting from the increased sales.  Your negative is his positive.

Just as Molly's here has profitted mightily from my downing of the better part of a keg while I ponder these imponderables, and just like the Mandarin word for "chaos" contains the symbol for "opportunity," all cycles contain within them smaller cycles and are part of larger cycles.  Uh...bartender?  Could you just leave the tap open and give me that big piece of food-grade rubber tubing over there?

Regardless of what you think of Brexit, or Trump, or the results of coming elections in France and Germany, all of it is nothing more than the collective response of large numbers of people who perceive negative events coming from historic cycles.  These things can no more be stopped than you or I can stop Time by breaking our clocks.

The secret to a long and happy life, besides a keg or two at the local,is realizing that all things return to their origin, though not quite.  The prepared mind is the one who knows that in every black cloud is a beautiful ice crystal waiting to fall, melt and hit someone else on the head.

Learning to read the cycles requires a certain amount of resigning oneself to the process.  This, however, does not mean we are helpless.  Like the grocer, or the owner of Molly's, there is always a way to survive, and even flourish in the Natural Way of Things.  You just have to be on the right side of the equation.

Uh, bartender, what do you mean you're cutting me off?


A Far Side Thanksgiving 2016

Before launching into the usual diatribe, we want to offer our US readers (wherever you may live) a somewhat belated, but nevertheless heartfelt Happy Thanksgiving!  May your plates be full and your hearts be grateful throughout the coming year.

For our non-US readers, perhaps a bit of background on Thanksgiving, which happens to be the biggest holiday of the year here at the Far Side Global Headquarters (FSGHQ).

The legend, perhaps even myth, is that early European settlers in North America were suffering from a poor harvest and faced almost certain death in the coming winter.  They overcame their xenophobia and befriended some of the local heathens, who in turn showed them what flora and fauna were good to eat in the local food chain, including a heretofore unknown plant called "maiz" or what we call "corn."

Being saved from certain starvation, the European settlers pulled together a massive feast, inviting some of the local heathens to join in before they started the wholesale genocide.  This event went on to become a tradition known today as Thanksgiving.

The true story is a bit different.  President Abraham Lincoln in 1863, seeing that the rights and freedom of the Southern States were about to be fully and successfully trounced by the evil Union Army, declared a national holiday of Thanksgiving, to whatever god it was he worshipped, to celebrate the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of humans.

Granted our interpretation is a bit skewed, favoring the side of liberty, States' Rights and freedom, but the facts remain.

So anyway, Lincoln declared that Thanksgiving would be held every fourth Thursday in November, and in the intervening 150 years, it has become one of the most insane holidays in America.

It begins with a massive feast, traditionally involving turkey, dressing/stuffing, cranberry sauce and any number of side dishes, topped off with pumpkin (Yankee) or pecan (normal people) pie, and an on-going war between those who must have sage stuffing in the turkey, and those who prefer to foul the fowl with cornbread stuffing...or even worse, those who don't stuff but serve on the side as "dressing."

The day is marked by massive parades of commercial messages and marketing displays filled with celebrities earning kajillions of dollars to endorse various brands.  These parades are followed by sporting spectacles in which pituitary cases purchased in slave markets called "drafts," suit up in quasi-military uniforms and beat each other senseless over a ball.

Thanksgiving is immediately followed by Black Friday, in which consumers throughout the land, drunk on liquor and tryptophan, run out and max their credit cards in an orgy of consumption, ostensibly buying Christmas gifts, but really just taking advantage of the sales to fill their houses with all-new crap, like the latest giant-screen TeeVees on which to watch the sporting spectacles.  It is called Black Friday because this is typically when retailers finally pay off their taxes and regulatory expenses and actually become profitable (in the black).

This consumer orgy officially launches the "Holiday Season," which actually started after Halloween when the Xmas decorations started going up in stores.  The original "Holiday Season" included Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year celebrations, but now is further stuffed with made-up events like Kwansaa, so liberals can feel like they are being oh-so-inclusive and diverse.

Though forms of thanksgiving celebrations are held all over the world, and have been for millennia, the American version is a distinctly American holiday of commercialism, since most Americans haven't worried about things like harvests and surviving winter in generations.  The overwhelming message from American media is that each citizen has a moral, ethical and traditional obligation to spend as much money as the banks will let them have, based on income, assets and other demographics.

Here on the Far Side, things are little quieter, more dignified and more traditional.  Turkey is far too expensive, requiring a bank loan guaranteed by the title to my house and a day-long hunt to find the one store in Jakarta that sells Butterball.

Instead, we get a couple of freshly slaughtered and hand-plucked chickens from the neighborhood bazaar, steam up a mess of cauliflower and/or broccoli, whip up some sage stuffing and homemade cheese sauce, while my wife fixes some Indonesian favorites like sapi rendang and opor ayam, and we make a tank-full of tropical fruit juice spiked with tequila.

There are no parades or football games on the non-existent TeeVee.  No girding for battle at Bloomingdale's or Macy's.  No consumeristic orgy.  Just a few friends and family gathered for a feast to remind ourselves of how truly good we have it, and how great it is to have a few friends and family to share it with.

Thanksgiving is our favorite holiday, even though we don't really get a holiday here, just the regular weekend rest on which to hold our feast.  The local heathens enjoy the smorgasbord of exotic foods and flavors, and appreciate the idea behind the celebration of being thankful for the good things in our lives, even if they have never experienced winter or the possibility of starving to death for lack of food.

Although I suppose we can be grateful that another year has passed without earthquakes reducing the house to rubble or the local volcanoes roasting us in our shoes with pyroclastic clouds and searing-hot lava.

Yes, it's a wonderful holiday here on the Far Side.  We enjoy good food and great company as we remember all the blessings in our lives, even if we are just one of a handful of homes in the entire country celebrating, and even if the Krismis decorations at the copious malls studiously avoid anything having to do with Christ or Christianity, as they attempt to entice us with American Cultural Imperialism to spend ourselves into oblivion.

Oops, the chicken is burning in the tiny electric oven, so we have to run.

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all of our loyal readers out there in Cyberland.  See you on the Far Side!


Space Colonies And Other Minutae

Dr. Joseph P. Farrell has speculated for some time that the Snakes (formerly known as the PTB) have been eyeing space as the final frontier into which they can escape, and from which they can rule the Earth.

From the swamps of Venice to den Haag, to London, and on to New York, the Snakes have spent centuries outrunning major social upheavals against their looting and plundering.

Farrell's recent blog talking about Luxembourg's new law granting rights of ownership over space resources points out that this is yet another leap for the Snakes to avoid being lynched in the latest wave of indignation, as well as possibly one of the greatest scams of all time.  After all, he notes, who is going to run out and check the veracity of claims?

Recent articles don't offer much in the way of peace of mind.  Companies like SpaceX, SLA and Blue Origin are more or less public-private entities, given that they survive and grow off government launch contracts and subsidies.  It cannot be said that these are truly independent companies, since not only are their biggest customers governments, but they rely on government licenses and facilities to get clearance to operate and access to orbit.  In other words, they are little more than fronts for "sovereign" entities.

Historically, as Farrell points out, semi-sovereign multi-national corporations were fronts for colonizing and plundering the Earth.  Notably, the British and Dutch East India Companies sought out resources and commodities in foreign lands and staked claims on them, in effect extending British and Dutch sovereignty to remote areas of the world.

To see this in effect even today, take a look at the British East India Company's flag, and then scan the flags of the world for the red/white stripe motif.  It should provide an interesting revelation to those unaware of such things.

Even more apropos, Farrell points out the grand opportunity to launder money in outer space.  After all, it was somewhat exaggerated claims of gold and silver wealth that led to the European conquest of the Americas, with Britain, France and the Netherlands taking North America, while Spain and Portugal took South and Central America.

Since there were no accounting houses in the Americas for centuries during the conquests, the various crowns of Europe could claim any amount of wealth, and even extend credit and trade on it, with no one to say otherwise - and in fact they did.

The name Argentina literally means "land of silver," and people are still hunting the city of El Dorado, which I daresay is a myth at best, and a grand deception at worst.

Semi-sovereign multi-national corporations are little more than colonial fronts for their home countries.  In recent times, these corporations have been integral parts of American imperialism, spreading "culture" in exchange for harvesting profits through companies like Disney, McDonald's and Microsoft, among many others.

These corporations offer a means of colonizing without being seen to colonize, yet they "mine" profits and data from nearly every nation on Earth, and funnel them - not into tax revenues for the home country - into off-shore slush funds for political bribery and favors, and other nefarious activities.

The complex web of shell corporations and off-shore accounts makes money trails nearly impossible to follow.  Yet, the ability to trace those funds also functions as a threat to keep the corporate boards in line with the Big Picture.  Just as humans worship gods as the Creators, corporations worship government for allowing them to live.

Now imagine if those money trails led out into the solar system.  With the incredibly narrow opportunity window to get into space, it would be amazingly difficult to send a team of accountants and tax specialists to the asteroid belt to check the veracity and quantify the holdings of any particular claim.  Imagine being Lloyd's of London in the 1600s, when only the hardiest and bravest of souls could/would book passage to North or South America to check the claims of vast gold and silver holdings.  Pretty much all you would have is the company's say-so and documentation to go by, and those things are easily fabricated now, much less in deep space.

Furthermore, since nations are banned from staking territorial claims in space, it only makes sense to partner with corporate entities to share the wealth, if there is any to be found, through public-private partnerships (cf Roscosmos/Russia, SpaceX/US, Virgin Galactica/UK, etc.)

By the way, public-private partnerships and Non-Governmental Organizations are the latest buzz terms for Fascism, if you haven't kept up with the world of marketing trends lately.

Space is ripe for the Snakes, who are looking to get off this rock since they have nowhere else to run at this point, and kajillions of dollars to launder, which also happens to be the book price to achieve orbit with Human Cargo (the orbital term for Human Resources).

Since these folks have a very long history of looking for ways to inflate costs and profits without being caught, what could be better than space?  After all, when the rest of the world catches up, you can always move further out.  There's infinite space, as it were, to expand your deception and stay one step ahead of the competition - i.e. Humanity.

Five hundred years seems to be one of the recurring cycles that have fascinated me for decades.  Coincidentally, or not, it has been about 500 years since Columbus publicly announced the New World - I did not use "discovered" advisedly.  It is time for yet another major convulsion in the historic timeline.  If you don't believe me, just look at the century of 1000-1100.

The primary reason I am so fascinated with the current events sweeping the world is that this is the next epoch we are living in.  We are in the birth pangs that will define Humanity for the next 500 years.  Our future is being written as you read this.  It's not about Brexit or Trump or le Pen.  It's not about the EU or BRICSA or AMERO.  It's about defining who we will be as a species for the foreseeable future and beyond.

Our distant progeny will study this era the way we study the Colonial or Enlightenment Periods.  It will be a series of dry and boring names and dates that they will have to regurgitate on tests.  How they interpret this period will depend on who wins.

We literally have the ability right now to change the course of history.  We can determine which of us will go out into the Void.  The New Realm will be known as some variant of the New World.  These steps will define the course of Humanity.  Why do you think the Snakes and the Corporate Media are fighting so hard to control the public narrative?  They know.

They know.

Students of history know.

This is it, folks.  We are writing history in stone right now.  It's not about elections or trends or - gods forbid - hashtags.  It's about the direction and freedom of Humanity from this point forward.

Stop thinking about candidates.  Stop thinking about parties.  Stop thinking about policies and procedures.  This fight is for the dialogue that will define Humanity for as long as any of us cares to ponder.

This is Big Picture kinda shit yo, to put it in the Vulgate.

Start taking things seriously.  Start thinking decades...centuries...nay millennia in advance.

You have that kind of power right now.

Awesome, isn't it?


Devil Take The Hindmost

Here lately, the Corporate Media (formerly the Main Stream Media) have been going on about so-called "Fake News."  President Obama has stated that we should beware of false or misleading stories from the Free Press that try to spin stories and influence thinking in a way that is not sanctioned by the government and "authorities."

Well, bub, I got news for you.  The US Federal government, through its Central Intelligence Agency, is on record as having done just that for decades.  Furthermore, the old ham-fisted methods have been highly refined and are far more devious.  In addition, the Corporate Media is now in full compliance with the operations, whereas in years past, they had to infiltrate the media.

I refer to something called Project Mockingbird.  Though I normally avoid doing this, I want to quote at length from Wikipedia on the topic:
Operation Mockingbird was a campaign by the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to influence media during the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s. Begun in the 1950s, it was initially organized by Cord Meyer and Allen W. Dulles, and was later led by Frank Wisner after Dulles became the head of the CIA. The organization recruited leading American journalists into a propaganda network to help present the CIA's views. It funded some student and cultural organizations and magazines as fronts. As it developed, it also worked to influence foreign media and political campaigns, in addition to activities by other operating units of the CIA. The CIA's use of journalists continued unabated until 1973, when the program was scaled back, finally coming to a halt in 1976 when George H.W. Bush took over as director.[1]"

I wanted to quote the entire paragraph because I want the reader to note that Wikipedia, which goes to great lengths to purge "conspiracy theories," or at least flag them, presents this rather amazing information as undeniable fact.  I also want the reader to note the name George H. W. Bush, also known as Bush the Elder.

For three decades, the CIA infiltrated major media outlets in order to "steer" news stories in the "proper" direction.  This is obviously "fake news," since the angle and content of the stories were modified and/or entirely fabricated to present a specific viewpoint, notably that of the US Federal government.

Project Mockingbird took place during a particularly turbulent time in US history - the 50s, 60s and 70s - which included key assassinations of political figures, a very unpopular war (Vietnam) and major disruptions in civil society (the SLA, Weather Underground, etc.).  It is difficult to separate the CIA infiltration of the mass media from the turmoil in American society at the time, and one wonders how much was influenced, even created by Project Mockingbird.

That the operation was halted under George H. W. Bush is a curious fact.  The Bush family has long been associated with covert operations.  Grandfather Prescott Bush was a major figure in supporting the Nazis during WW2 and was censured by Congress for trading with the enemy.  GHW has long been allied with certain factions of wealthy oil people who thought it would be fun to use their riches to tinker with American politics and society.

GHW became the CIA Director in 1976, then Vice President in 1980, then President in 1988, and there is a large body of evidence connecting him with the Klinton Klan and drug/gun running through Mena, Arkansas.

There is a great body of circumstantial evidence tying Bush's tenure at the CIA with the explosion of the Corporate Media. The fact that Bush, his son, his partners-in-crime the Clintons, and their hand-picked candidate Barack Obama have dominated US politics since the 1980s, when Bush served as Ronald Reagan's Vice President, shows unusual control of the narrative and ability to steer public discourse.

The Bush Dynasty coincidentally ruled over the massive mergers that have led to just six corporations controlling a major share of the mass media in the US, and even globally.  It also saw the release of the internet (ARPAnet) to the public.

This was also the period where national (and later global) news outlets sprang up, like CNN in 1980, USA Today in 1982, and the subsequent explosion of cable and radio networks that all amazingly present more or less the exact same content on a constantly repeating basis.  The growth curve of the mass media seems to coincide nicely with the Bush Dynasty rise to power.

It stands to reason that Bush oversaw, not just the end of Project Mockingbird, but a new and far more malicious form of propagandistic mind control that came to be known as the Main Stream Media.

Over the past two years, the public has been exposed to some of the most obvious and cynical attempts to control the masses ever witnessed.  It was clearly intended that yet another set of Bush/Clinton operatives were meant to be installed in the Presidency.

In June of last year, the media gushed over Jeb! Bush, another son of GHW (Ed - when he says "we," he doesn't mean "us").  In the other corner, of course, was Hillary Clinton.  Both were intended to be in the final round, and no matter who won, the Bush/Clinton Syndicate would have solidified its iron grip on power.  There is no doubt in my mind that had either of those two won, the next and final step would have been dictatorship.

All successful dictators control the media.  It is a given.  Without a means to control and feed carefully composed narratives to the masses, dictators quickly fall.  From the most inane Banana Republic to the most sophisticated oligarchies, absolute control over print and electronic media is essential to control over the masses.

Something extraordinary happened, though.  A media-savvy billionaire with no "controllers" and no political IOUs came along and tossed a wrench into the works, though I increasingly suspect Trump was a plant intended to siphon off the Ron Paul loonies and clear the path for Jeb! or Hillary.  There is no doubt that the time was right for a fight-back movement, but to watch it in progress was truly stunning.

For several years now, a number of commentators in the Free Press have noted a particular sense of panic on the part of the oligarchy.  It is clear that the "authorities" were cognizant of a new rising force of citizen journalists who were becoming real bugbears to the ruling class.

The "authorities" were quickly losing control of the Official Narrative as the new journalists were expanding their audiences by doing nothing more than proving the falsehoods put out by the Corporate Media.

It seems rather obvious now, but the so-called Conspiracy Theorists were winning the War of Hearts and Minds.  The legion of bloggers, vloggers and more sophisticated operations like Alex Jones were eating away at the control mechanisms.  In retrospect, it didn't matter whether they were right, so long as they could create enough doubt in the minds of the masses to undermine the Official Narrative.

The perceived panic on the part of the oligarchs was due almost entirely to their eroding control of the narrative.  What we witnessed this past year was a last-ditch effort that included the complete unmasking of the media control system.

It became so obvious that even a great many people sitting on the fence, or in complete denial, over the issue were ultimately pushed to the side of the Free Press.  The volumes of falsified polls, the obvious planting of smear pieces and the open hatred and disgust displayed by the Corporate Media ultimately was their undoing.

It was a race against the clock, and they lost.  In fact, the first shot across the bow was the spat between Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly during the primary debates.  That single event displayed both Trump's mastery of social media, and the Corporate Media's willingness to throw anyone they could get their hands on under the proverbial bus.

It is remarkable to see just how desperate the oligarchs have been to complete their take-over.  They have literally cashed in all their chips on this bet.  They will never recover.  GHW's "thousand points of light" have been snuffed out for good.

This is far from the end, though.  Behind the Bush-Clinton Dynasties are far more evil and powerful forces, and they have only begun to fight.

We need only look at the Millennial generation, those kids raised on non-stop diets of video games, cable news, smart phones and social media.  They are completely incapable of thinking independently, and as they grow older - eventually taking power - they will be a zombified force to be reckoned with in the next couple of decades.  They are a mindless army just waiting for instructions from the Hindmost.

It is difficult to overstate the significance of recent events.  That the Corporate Media has had its comeuppance is a satisfying moment, but it is only a battle in the greater war.  Few people are ready for what is coming, and it will be a major shock to a great number of people who are hardly prepared for it.

An enemy is not vanquished until it is utterly crushed, and the enemy here is hardly crushed - badly wounded and vulnerable, yes, but that is when wild beasts are most unpredictable and dangerous.

Enjoy the victory, Free Thinkers, but brace yourselves - the worst is yet to come.


Dear Millennials/Snowflakes/SJWs/Numbnuts

Among the copious flaws in the...well, for lack of a better term let's call it thinking of Millennials, Snowflakes and so-called Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) is that they appear to believe that Human Rights are a limited resource, and in order to hand some to one group, they must take it from another.  Sorry kids, that is not the way it works.

Human Rights apply to everyone, no matter what set of divisions you care to place on them.  In order for you to enjoy your rights, you must allow every other belief system the same courtesy.  Additionally, there is no such thing as special rights from some "protected" groups.  We all get the same rights, be they expression, speech, religion, or lack thereof.

For instance, the right to practice any religion you want means that you must also respect the right of atheists to reject all of them.  The right to free speech means not only that you must allow everyone to express their opinions, but you must allow those who so choose to be silent, as well.

Diversity is a thing.  It refers to a broad spectrum of creatures, races, colors, and beliefs.  Diversity means that a great number of possibilities exist, whether one chooses to like it or not.  Diverse ecosystems refer to areas where a great many species co-exist in an interdependent balance.  It doesn't mean that lions are favored over gazelles by legal barriers and regulations that favor the lions.  Lions have as much right to chase gazelles, as the gazelles have to run, kick and hide from the lions.  Neither is right, neither is wrong.  It just is.

Tolerance is the acceptance that life is diverse.  Some societies are male-dominated, and some are female-dominated.  Some societies like to eat pigs, others don't.  Some societies worship one god, while others worship another.  Tolerance is the ability to realize that all societies, regardless of their core beliefs, have the right to exist unmolested, provided they recognize the right of all other societies to exist, as well.  I can no more force someone to be blue-eyed, left-handed and red-headed,any more than someone can force me to get a suntan.  Tolerance is realizing that diverse organisms have an equal right to exist.

Where the United States when horribly wrong was that it allowed the Federal government to take control over the States.  The original concept was that the States would be allowed to have whatever societies they each desired, and would only hand over certain common functions to the central government.  By losing sight of the founding concept, the world has had to endure a nation hell-bent on tellig the rest of the world how it must live, while at the same time screaming words like "diversity" and "tolerance" in the world's face.

I am all for gay marriage.  The right of individuals to seek happiness in whatever manner they choose is their right.  But tolerance states that these people must accept that some communities find this abhorrent, and the gay couples are free to find places that are more accepting.  The government is wrong on two counts 1) it offered a package of special benefits to heterosexual couples who are married, and 2) it forced the entire nation to accept gay marriage, thus violating the concepts of tolerance and diversity.  Had individual communities allowed gay marriage, the rest of the country would likely have changed organically over time, as diverse groups grew more tolerant.

So now the US finds itself being torn apart, because one set of beliefs was in power for a while, and forced its agenda on the rest of the country.  Naturally, the rest of the country reacted by swinging hard to the other extreme and will likely force its values on the first group.  Since the US no longer allows the States to freely chose their own course, there is no alternative.  Once the People demanded sweeping control over all the States and individual communities, they set themselves up to alternately force and be forced, especially since there are only two parties, and so only two likely outcomes.

The lack of tolerance and diversity in the US has finally come to a boil, and one which now the entire world must tolerate, since the US has a habit of forcing itself militarily upon those with diverse points of view.

The fact is, Mister and Miss Millennial/Snowflake/SWJ/numbnut, your lack of thought and study have brought the US to this point.  I don't blame you entirely, my generation and those before me are just as guilty.  However, you must now realize the result of your error, just as the rest of us did.  In a world where people come in all sizes and widths, one size does not fit all.  That is, in fact, the meaning of diversity.  Your job is to tolerate it as much as you can, and change wherever possible.

I highly recommend that you look into the Freeper Project.  Gather all your Millennial/Snowflake/SJW/numbnut buddies together and move to...oh, I don't know, Oregon maybe.  Take over the State and make it into your anti-diverse, anti-tolerant paradise.  Allow other groups to do the same in other States.  Start electing Presidents who respect the right of States to do whatever they want within the borders of the State.  Then work to dismantle the entire Federal infrastructure and return to the Founding ideals.  Start practicing real tolerance and allow real diversity, and stop whining and trying to force everyone else to adopt your goals and agenda.

The beauty of it is that, even if you were successful in crating your paradise, it wouldn't be long before you were all arguing amongst each other over who is more diverse and tolerant.

The fact of the matter is, human only like to live one way - leave me the hell alone and I'll do the same for you.

People Of Intelligence

PS: I bet it never occurred to you that when you fight for RIGHTS, you are discriminating against us LEFTIES.  We hereby demand to be included and that you fight for Human Lefts, too.


A Spooner-Fed Radical

Take a moment, if you will, to ponder these two propositions:

  • Compulsory membership in any organization is, in fact, slavery;
  • The US Constitution offers citizens only two choices: ballots or bullets.
Interestingly, the anti-Trump riots in the US at this time are legitimate reactions, because there is no other remedy allowed by design of the US political system, according to these two propositions.

These are extraordinary statements to many people.  If you live in a country that has a constitution, as the US and Indonesia do, then you are a slave, and your only options are to support slavery by voting, or start shooting if you are a US citizen.  The Indonesian constitution offers no such choice.

These are the propositions of a rather extraordinary political thinker named Lysander Spooner.  To most people, his name is completely unfamiliar, but his writings are the foundation of my own political reasoning.  He lived in the US from 1808 to 1887, and is probably one of the great anarchists of all time.  He is also the spiritual father of UPS, FedEx and DHL, but that's a different issue.

Spooner is probably as close as I get to having a "hero." His thinking was so far off the beaten path as to make him one of the few truly free thinkers of all time.  He influenced writers like Henry David Thoreau and Ralph Waldo Emerson, and his essays form the basis for much of modern libertarian thinking.

I first encountered Spooner at a place called Patriot Oil in Midland, Texas in the early 1990s.  Patriot Oil was the most underground of underground bookstores anywhere in the country.  Located off the interstate in a remote part of West Texas, it was owned and run by a man who had turned his independent gasoline station into an outlet for any and all materials generally considered subversive - meaning they successfully opened people's minds to the tyranny all around them.

By the way, you could also buy surplus ordinance obtained from a near-by military base.  Everything from hard-to-get caliber rounds to mortars and small rockets were arranged in displays around the property.

I had made a pilgrimage to this isolated gas station for the express reason of obtaining materials that could not be had anywhere else (the internet had not yet become what it is now).  Many of the titles in this other-worldly bookstore in the middle of nowhere were photocopied texts of public domain pamphlets, books, essays and letters.  They were arranged haphazardly on shelves in the office, outside and scattered across the garage, where spattered motor oil and tire black smudges had made the top pages unreadable in many cases.

Here. one could obtain copies of The Anarchist's Cookbook and The Poor Man's James Bond, as well as Lysander Spooner and Ludwig von Mises.  This was radical stuff, and my heart was pounding as I scanned the saddle-stitched volumes.  I was in the presence of words that had put men in jail and even gotten them killed.  This was heady stuff for a fledgling radical.

I purchased enough reading material to fill a carry-on bag, since the 36-hour round-trip to remote West Texas was not something one wanted nor could afford to do on a regular basis.  Among those materials was a rather short book called No Treason, by Lysander Spooner.  I had no idea at the time, but it was destined to heavily influence my thinking up to this point.

Spooner is the radical's Radical.  He presents some of the most insightful and erudite arguments against government of all kinds, and especially constitutional governments, that I have ever encountered.  He makes the case that the individual is, for the most part, self-governing and doesn't need massive institutions full of blowhards making lofty speeches about unobtainable concepts.  Humans merely need a judiciary to mediate contract disputes among themselves.  The rest is complete bunk.  And when you finish reading his arguments, it is hard not to agree.

Writing at the time of the American Civil War, Spooner argues that any union from which the members cannot extract themselves is, in point of fact, slavery.  Thus, the Civil War did not end slavery, but rather expanded it to all citizens.  By denying the States the right to leave the Union, the federal government was basically stating that the Union was a compulsory thing, much like prison for felons, and therefore was not dedicated to liberty and freedom.

Furthermore, Spooner argues that the Constitution has no authority.  The phrase often used is the "social contract," in which the Constitution forms a contract between the People and the government, noting the powers granted and the structure desired.  However, as he points out, the Constitution does not contain several of the parts of a contract, such as Warranty and Performance, nor does it have a place for the Parties to signify their compliance.  In other words, it is not a contract and the government is not bound to behave in any particular way.  The only means by which the People can indicate their complicity is by voting, so that voting becomes not a right but a binding agreement to follow whatever they are told.

After reading Spooner, one is convinced that, instead of the People agreeing to a form of government, they have instead volunteered for slavery, because the government has no penalty for non-performance and it has the force of grievous bodily harm to force the People to comply.  Voting is simply a voluntary submission to this one-sided arrangement, since the individual is forced by threat of death to submit to government without the means or right to force government to heel.

In the case of the US Constitution, the only two remedies that the individual is given are either to vote, or to shoot.  There is no middle ground, since the government reserves the right to reject any law suit brought against it, and protest and petition - as has been shown again and again - is completely useless.  Even when one refuses to vote, one is still compelled to submit to the System, even though one has clearly demonstrated a lack of willingness.  

In polite circles, this is known as slavery.

As Spooner so adroitly points out, this is the fundamental flaw in Enlightenment thinking.  Just because an elite few draft a Constitution that becomes the Supreme Law of the Land does not compel the individual to comply with it if he or she does not sign the "social contract."  When any of the Parties to a Contract are forbidden under pain of death to withdraw from the agreement, it is no longer a Contract, it is servitude.  Since the masses are generally inculcated from birth with submission to the government, none of the People freely choose their slavery and none have any means to extract themselves from it, short of the use of arms.

Not only is it vital for the thinking person to read the Enlightenment writers to understand just how revolutionary and profound that philosophy was - and what the Illuminati were really trying to achieve - but it is equally important to read Lysander Spooner to understand exactly how the Snakes have usurped that amazing awakening, and turned humanity's greatest attempt at liberty and freedom into a tool for even deeper enslavement.

Spooner is a sobering read for the conservative and liberal alike.  He demonstrates clearly and succinctly the basic flaw in the thinking of both sides.  He also makes a solid case for enlightened anarchy and why we really don't need government at all.

Truly, the greatest weapon We the People possess is education.  It is the only means by which we can fight the true root of all evil: government.  As Henry David Thoreau so beautifully put it, "There are thousands striking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root."  Reading Spooner is to watch in amazement a man who is striking deep blows to the root.


The Kafwellian Dystopia

Those of us who are level-headed and clear thinking, e.g. the rest of the world, should sympathize with America right now.  That country finds itself in the unenviable position in which half the country fervently believes the Anti-Christ has just been revealed, and the other half piously believes that the Second Coming has just occurred, and both are right.  In fact, one might think of the situation as the Second Coming of the Anti-Christ.

One the one hand, the Anti-Christers are so convinced that TEOTWAWKI has arrived, that they've decided to get a head-start on the death and destruction bit.  They have spent their life savings to hire a fleet of buses to haul them around from town to town, where they can help folks get going on burning down civilization and destroying culture.

On the other hand, the Second Cominites, in their orgiastic revels, are blind to the fact that the Old Baddies they just threw out are all getting reappointed by their Savior.

It's a rather pitiable position for a nation to be in.  Not only does the left hand not know what the right hand is doing, they are both engaged in beating the living daylights out of each other, while both are wondering where the hell those attacks are coming from.  One can only assume that Kafka and Orwell have sat up in their graves and are gleefully watching the proceedings.  It is the birth of a whole new form of governance called Absurdist Kafwellian Dystopia, in which even the Elites who run the place haven't a clue what they are doing.

There was a priceless moment when Donald Trump, the Anti-Savior for lack of a better term, met with Barack Obama, the outgoing Anti-Savior.  One can only assume from the look on Trump's face that the Secrets of the Universe have just been revealed to him, and it looks nothing like the world he had planned on.  He has been handed the keys to Gringott's Wizarding Bank, only to find it stuffed to the rafters with perfectly ordinary lead ingots and not a horcrux in sight.

Suddenly, as the inebriated fog of celebratory and commiserative parties slowly wears off, both sides are beginning to realize the wisdom of P. J. O'Rouke's famous satirical invective, "Don't Vote, It Just Encourages the Bastards."  As folks stumble out into the glaring sunlight, they are dazzled both by their stupidity for both having been taken for a ride, and for not having chosen a more palatable Anti-Christ.  Even Mr. Trump seems a bit overwhelmed by his own rhetoric, if that makes the reader feel better.

Trump honestly never thought he'd get elected, which some people might find rather quizzical.  He entered the race to steer the dialogue; that's it.  What he found was that he had tapped a nerve more raw than biting one's tongue while enjoying a particularly spicy bowl of Tom Yum.  At some point, he realized he was too far in to quit, though he knows the next mouthful of Tom Yum is gonna hurt something fierce.

It's an amazing crazy quilt of interests who have all been playing a game of brinkmanship, and all of them have tumbled over the cliff.  As they all plunge inexorably towards the rocks below, they are all fighting each other to be the last ones to land, thinking the leading corpses will cushion the blow just enough to claim victory.

It is nice to think that Americans have learned their lesson now, and if they make it to another election, will choose the sane option of avoiding polls altogether.  After all, if no one participated in the circus, there wouldn't be much a circus to watch.  All shows require an audience, otherwise they are just rehearsals.

When will people realize that the only viable option is to not surrender ANY personal sovereignty to ANYONE for ANY REASON?  One need only look at history to understand that, in the end, NO ONE is ultimately happy with the outcome of any election, because it always means having to bow down to some undesirable result, no matter who claims victory.

So as we watch the absurd pageant of quasi-religious fervor unfold like the legendary Corpse Flower of Sumatera.  This is an appropriate metaphor because not only does the enormous flower smell like rotting flesh, it is also a parasite, an apt metaphor in so many ways.

If you swear allegiance to an abstraction or subscribe to a creed that you did not create, then you are part of a System that cannot be reformed from the inside.  The System is so inculcated into daily life that to change any part of it ripples out into the most insignificant parts of daily life.  Like a gangrenous limb, it must be entirely cut off.  There is no curing bit by bit.  The only way forward is to bit the bullet and get it over with.

Instead, the vast majority of people with endure any amount of absurdity and indignity, rather than suffer the momentary pain of the cure.  In fact, most will come to convince themselves that the bizarre and unwieldy System is preferable to any alternative, even liberty and individual sovereignty.  Ultimately, nothing will change until the pain of the System is so unbearable that there is no alternative but to crush it and take whatever follows, which as the people of Iceland learned is actually a far better choice.

Most people are terrified of making choices and taking responsibility for them.  They would rather play the victim and have institutions that rush to their aid, but they rarely realize the enormous price they pay for such cure, choosing to pay the price of liberty for the childlike state of eternal childhood.

And so the Kawellian (to coin a term) farce proceeds apace.  The Absurdist Dystopia grows unabated, sucking the life out of people like a massive parasite that the masses willingly accept out of fear of personal responsibility.  Such is the nature of insanity.

On the plus side, though, it makes for a helluva comedy.


The Last Word

Much to the joy of many readers, I'm sure, this will be my final analysis of the election.  It has taken me some time to absorb and dissect the events of last week, and there are still a few observations left to express before I move on to more interesting things in the future.

To begin with, I believe at this point, that Trump was not part of whatever it was that got him elected.  The look on his face as he sat in the Oval Office with Obama was priceless and shown through even his best attempts to mount a poker face.

The look in his eyes said that, a) he had learned some things in his new level of intel briefings that he was wholly unprepared to know, and b) he was actually cowed by the realization that within two months, he would occupy the White House.  His conciliator tone towards the Clintons in recent days tells me that his world just exploded.

That is a major clue that the entire world has just been victim of a psy-op, but one that the players, Hillary included, were not ready for, meaning whoever pulled it off was not part of anyone's inner circle.

This is doubly true for the pundits and the general public.  I have little sympathy for the media heads.  They have knowingly and with full complicity been a part of the mass mind control that is the center of today's column.  I feel sorry for the general public, though.  They have gone through an "Awakening" without any preparation or desire on their part.

Most of the people who come here regularly are already awake, to one extent or another.  We have all been through the process of having our eyes opened to the "real" world and have powered through the shock, pain and disorientation that comes with it.  But imagine the worlds of millions of people who are literally hypnotized by the media suddenly being exploded under them.  It is no wonder there is literal wailing and gnashing of teeth.  Though they bear a significant responsibility for not having pushed themselves beyond their conditioning, it is fair to say that most do not have the tools to do so, thanks to the so-called Education System.

An Awakening is a powerful moment, when the scaffolding that has supported your worldview for however many years suddenly collapses.  Most folks are not ready for this and for the most part don't want it.  \

My Awakening was brought on by a conscious choice and effort to achieve it.  Even with the express goal, having sought out information and teachers to help me achieve it, when it actually happened, it was a truly terrifying experience.  I can only imagine what people are feeling, whose entire framework of reality is suddenly gone with no preparation or warning.

It is the reaction of the general public that intrigues me the most.  Someone set out to purposefully achieve this effect, the purpose of which remains to be seen.  Furthermore, the party or parties who pulled it off had access to the network of voting machines, had carefully orchestrated expectations and had timed events for maximum effect.  It was every bit as planned and executed as the JFK assassination or the 9/11 attack.  From a strictly objective viewpoint, it was masterfully choreographed, leaving no trail that has been uncovered so far as we know.

What is truly astounding is the global effect the election results had.  Leaders in nearly every major nation seem as stunned and mystified as everyone else.  Many rolled over and made a complete about-face almost immediately.  Canada and Mexico surrendered NAFTA.  The EU threw up its hands over TTIP.  Only China seems unfazed and is still demanding adherence to both the TPP and the Paris Climate Accords, which I find a rather interesting reaction.  Even stone-faced Putin seemed momentarily shaken, having fully prepared for and expected war with the NeoCons in the near future.

Most curious, though, was Trump himself.  I believe he had resigned himself to a loss sometime during election day.  One thing is quite certain, watching him in the days since, he was not prepared to win.  Having spent his life on the sidelines with politicians kow-towing to him for money and attending formal functions with government types had him thinking it was not all that difficult.  He obviously has had a rude awakening of his own.

One very alarming result of all this is the way so many people are going around reciting words like "misogynist," "xenophobe" and "racist," seemingly without knowing what they are doing.  It seems to be some kind of programming that has been installed that has been triggered by certain events.  Many of the people reciting these mantras strike me as not even having a clue what the words mean, they are just automatically spewing them in response to specific stimulae.  The Teens and Tweens I have seen using the words are not putting them in any kind of meaningful context, they are just reciting them in response to any unpleasant situation.

Related to this were the reports of a great many adults unable to function on an adult level.  Classes were cancelled, people didn't go to work, and a great many reports came in of university students reverting to childish behavior, part of which I blame on the self-esteem/exceptional conditioning, but there seems to be an additional dimension to it.  That they would revert to a child-like state, rather than just go into a daze or shock was very curious.

At this point, we need to ask ourselves, to what purpose was this forced Awakening done? Here we are no longer able to observe, we must speculate on the motives of a group or groups unknown.  Without further data, it is very difficult to say what the desired outcome is.  But let's try anyway.

First of all, who did it?

We can safely say that there are a number of competing factions within the US deep state.  At the very least are the Industrialists and the Financiers represented by the two major candidates.  However, given that both the candidates were obviously shocked, it is safe to assume that neither of these two groups pulled this off.  Which is not say that they weren't trying to effect their own operations, but they were overridden by a third party.  To my mind, at least, that much is clear.

The obvious culprits would be Russia and China.  China had more to lose with Trump's election, since they clearly wanted certain agreements and relationships represented by the Hillary faction.  Russia, on the other hand, stood to lose quite a bit if Hillary were elected.  They would very likely end up in a real shooting war with the US, had Hillary been installed.  However, Russia also stood to lose a great deal if their tracks were ever uncovered.  They couldn't afford to give any ammunition to the war hawks that would so clearly give cause to go to war.  With so much at risk, I believe that Russia can be ruled out.  It seems to me that they had better options, such as blackmail, to control the Hillary faction.

No other countries seem to benefit from Trump being elected.  Nearly every major power had some reason to want Hillary installed, if for no other reason than to maintain the status quo.  Even Japan would stand to lose more in trade with a protectionist president, than it would have to gain in its geopolitical positions with Russia and China.  Certainly, Hillary would be far more likely to back-up Japan militarily should anything go wrong in the South China Sea or the Kuril Islands.

What we are left with is a non-state entity.  That would include multi-national corporations, private associations and other similar groups.  In this case, the corporations would seem to have an interest in Trump being elected, in the sense that they would benefit from tax cuts and reduced regulation, but that would come at the price of protectionist treaties, such as TPP and TTIP, that offer them much greater benefits, not to mention the ability to offshore jobs to low-wage countries - something that Trump has promised to curtail.

That leaves NGOs and billionaire busy-bodies like George Soros.  Nearly every entity included in this group, even Soros, benefit greatly from a globalist NeoCon environment.  It seems quite clear, at least from Trump's campaign rhetoric, that none of these groups would derive much benefit from a Trump presidency.  They would encounter significant opposition to their operations that they do not have under a Hillary administration.  In fact, they would have had nearly free rein in that case.

By process of elimination, we are left with a nationalist/patriot faction within the US deep state, or a third party that is completely hidden from the cast of usual suspects.

The nationalist/patriot faction seems plausible.  They would want a protectionist - preferably outsider - president who might even be "grateful" once he found out what had been done on his behalf.  They would also benefit from a mass awakening from media programming, so as to clear the channels for installation of new programming.  This must be confirmed by what messages start getting broadcast to the general public.  If the media or other outlets started taking on a distinctly nationalistic tone, this would serve to confirm in part this particular scenario.

The other prime option is Richard Dolan's Break-Away Civilization.  Based on well reasoned arguments put forth by Dolan, Farrell and others, it is safe to assume that there could be a new civilization, completely divorced, or nearly so, from what most of us know.  This group is reasoned based on supposed advances in technology, including the ability to traverse vast distances in space.  This technical superiority would increasingly isolate this group from the rest of us here on terra firma to the point that ultimately it would simply break off and form its own unique culture.

Due to the nature of this supposed entity, its motivations and abilities are unknown to us and any attempt to fathom them is pointless without more information.  We cannot even speculate on whether Trump's victory would be a benefit or detriment to them, since we don't know what their needs or desires are.  By necessity, we must eliminate this possibility until additional information is available.

So that leaves us with the Nationalist/Patriot faction of the deep state as the most likely culprit.  In this regard, we have several data points, including the mysterious Steve Pieczenik and his coup/counter-coup.  He has continued to update his website and frequently posts rather cryptic messages on his Twitter account aimed at a rather bizarre assortment of people, leading to further speculation that this is an ongoing psy-op.  These posts contain thinly veiled threats regarding who will and won't be allowed to join the administration.  This strongly suggests a deep state actor, but we must be careful, as that impression is likely to be a deliberate misdirection in itself.

Suffice it to say that this has been a most unnerving election on all fronts.  There are far more pieces in play than is comfortable to ponder.  Going forward, all of the players bear close examination as we try to get a handle on what happened and will happen.  Without a doubt, though, 2017 and beyond will be a most interesting experience for most of humanity.


The New Clarity

I believe that one of the most profound and long-lasting effects of this past election in the US is the complete and thorough disgrace of the anachronistic Main Stream Media.  It is plainly obvious now that they are no long the "main stream" and we need to enshrine this event in our daily language.

In fact, this is the exact right moment, while the - let's call a spade a spade here - Corporate Media (CP) is in complete meltdown, We The People have a unique opportunity to take control of the language again.

It is absolutely vital that we take control of the situation before the CP have a chance to regroup.  We must wrest control of the social dialog from their bleeding hands and see to it that their disgrace is forever stamped upon their foreheads.  For too long, they have controlled the public discourse by controlling the terms we use to describe things.  We typically call this Political Correctness.

Political Correctness is a dead horse.  No sense in beating it, it's not going to pull their cart another meter.  We should now label this form of subservience what it is: Slave Talk.  You see, in a truly free society, real diversity means that everyone gets a say and should not be shamed into submission simply because the "majority" don't agree with the message.  By calling it Slave Talk, we clearly label the thing with simple and direct language, so that our thoughts can be clear and direct, as well.  Anyone using that form of language would thereby show their subservience to the control of thought and ideas.

The true champions of this past election are the formerly-labelled Alternative Media.  Anyone with any sense can go on YouTube and look at the hit counts on the CP channels, and the hit counts on the AltMedia channels, and see that people just aren't listening to the former any longer - by huge margins.  Therefore, let's now call this thing the Free Press (FP).  Not only is it simple, clear and direct, but it connotes a long tradition of dissent and unfettered communication that dates back to the pamphleteers of the Enlighrtenment and the American Revolution.  The Free Press won this election for all people, not the favored few.

This brings up the next term we need to attack.  For decades, we have referred to the "elite," the "Powers That Be," and the "Establishment."  These terms are clearly out of date now and need to be changed to reflect the New Reality.  I propose the term "Snakes."  This word has wonderfully apt connotations of "evil," "slimy" and "dangerous."  What's more, those connotations are nearly universal across languages and cultures, thus being appropriate as a global name for the bastards.

Finally, we need to get rid of any term in the public discourse that ends with the suffix -phobic.  This includes xenophobic, Islamophobic, homophobic, et cetera ad nauseum.  The fact of the matter is that these represent opinions, and opinions are like bellybuttons (to be polite), everyone has one.  It is well past time to remove the ability to demonize people for simply expressing their opinions, especially when those opinions go against Slave Talk concepts.  Even when I find someone's opinion reprehensible, I am mindful of their basic human right to hold and express that opinion.

This is not an easy task.  The Snakes have had several generations, using their Corporate Media, to install Slave Talk in the public discourse.  They have, for decades, been successful in controlling how and what We The People can think and say by using Slave Talk to demonize free expression.

We are, at this rare and highly unique moment, empowered to undo more than a century of damage to social and cultural discourse.  There is great power in controlling the names we give things in our daily lives.  Slave Talk places rigid boundaries on the scope of our thinking, and worse, on our ability to express ideas.

The terms I have chosen here are common household words that clear convey concepts.  I do not say anyone but me must use these terms, but I do encourage everyone to select their own terms to replace the now-defunct language of Slave Talk.  The Free Press will, in due course, settle upon terms that will ultimately become part of the common culture, but it is vital that we do so.

Taking the power away from the Snakes and the Corporate Media to control the public discourse is mandated by the outcome of the US election.  Replacing Slave Talk with clear and direct language once again is imperative to the long-term success of the revolution that is occurring before our eyes.

We must also realize that this is not a US phenomenon, it is global in the true sense of the word, in that it is an organic movement arising from the mass of humanity, and not something being shoved down upon us.  This wave will continue, and to be sure that the old regime is completely dismantled, we must change our terms and re-arrange our concepts.


Matriculating At The Electoral College

Most US citizens nowadays have not read the Constitution of the united States of America [sic], much less the Federalist and Anti-Federalist Papers.  For this reason, the Electoral College seems like an elitist and anachronistic vestige of a by-gone era.  Actually, the problem is that the System has been so monkeyed with, and the federal institutions completely re-tasked, since the founding of the country that the original intent of many of the country's institutions seem rather mysterious.

Thank you, American "education" system for dropping Civics classes in favor of LGBT studies.

In fact, if anyone bothered to read the US Constitution, the Senate, President and Vice President were never intended to be elected by the masses.  Only the House of Representatives was considered the People's forum, while the Senate was intended to be a deliberative body, the President's job was just to execute the laws passed by Congress, and the Supreme Court was an "untouchable" group of FIVE people who weighed laws against the Constitutional powers.

Since the original intent of the Federal government has been completely turned upside down, many of the national institutions seem bizarre by current standards, not the least of which is the Electoral College.

The Federal government was never intended to issue laws that affected the People of the States.  It was simply a body created to regulate relations between the States, issue and regulate a single currency, and unify trade regulations and foreign policy.  For this reason, most of the Federal government was NOT elected by the People, but rather by the States, which were the only entities affected by Federal law.

Originally, Senators were elected, not by general statewide elections, but by the Legislatures in each State.  The Legislatures were also tasked with selecting the Electors for each State, who in turn voted for the President.  The top vote in the Electoral College became the President, and second place became the Vice President.

Each State had a minimum of three Electors, one for each Senator (total two), and one for each Congressional seat.  The total number was based on population, determined by a decadal Census, which was only intended to count heads, not race, gender or number of toilets and flooring material in each house.

Over time, the Federal government began to insinuate more and more power over individual citizens, a function it was never intended to have.  After the Civil War, this usurpation of power was more or less cemented in place.

Let's take a minute to examine how the Electoral College was supposed to function.  The 12th Amendment, ratified in 1804, states that the Electors meet on the first Monday following the second Wednesday of December every four years.  The Electors vote separately for President and Vice President, with at least one of them being from a different State.  The Electors send a Certificate of their vote to the US Senate, where the current Vice President (President of the Senate) opens them in front of the full House and Senate and reads them aloud.  If no one gets a 2/3rds majority, then the House immediately votes for President, with a simple majority winning.  If a majority is not reached by the following March, then the current Vice President assumes the office.

No where in the Constitution does it mandate that the President and Vice President be elected by the citizenry.  That is actually a function of the party system, where popular vote selects the nominees.  Therefore, the popular vote for President is meaningless, except as allowed by law in the individual States, where all of them have locked the percentage of pledged Electors to the popular vote in some form or another.  In other words, the American public has never elected a President, either now or in the past.  They simply bind Electors to vote one way or another, with varying degrees of force (or none at all).

Basically, all the time and money spent on presidential elections in the US is really pointless.

The power (thought the Right is a contentious argument) of the Federal government to bypass the States and invade the lives of private citizens came with the creation of the Federal Reserve (Federal Reserve Act of 1913) and the Income Tax (16th Amendment).  Together, these laws removed the "power of the purse" from the people and tore down the barrier between them and the Federal government.

The next jiggering with the US System came right after the Income Tax amendment in 1913 (appropriately enough), when the 17th Amendment took the power to elect Senators away from the Legislatures and gave it to the rabble.  This further eroded the function of the Federal government as just a regulatory body among the States, and gave it more power over the individual citizens.

The Judiciary Act of 1869, combined with President Franklin Roosevelt's court stacking to ram his New Deal through Constitutional prohibitions were the final nail in the coffin of the Republic.  At this point, the Socialist agenda of the FDR administration solidified the democratic wave that had slowly overpowered the founding intent of the Federal government.  It now had the power to directly affect the lives of individual citizens, which was precisely the worry that the Founders had when they set up the system.

As it stands, the Electoral College seems like an anachronistic vestige of a bygone era because its intent has been destroyed over the past two centuries through the usurpation of States' Rights and the unbridled expansion of Federal powers.  The last remaining barriers against an all-powerful Federal beast are the 9th and 10th Amendments (Rights of the People, and the States), and the jury system, all of which have been under steady attack for decades now, in great part by the purposeful maleducation (to coin a term) instituted by the Federal government trying to centralize control over information through the school systems, in other words, the Common Core.

Since the American people no longer have any clue why and how their government works, it is becoming increasingly easy to run roughshod over the law without even bothering to change it.  Who would argue when no one understands it?  And besides, decades of maleducation have left people thinking that Democracy is pretty nifty, not realizing that these strange institutions were put in place to provide a barrier against centralize power and control over people's daily lives, which is where the US is today.

One of my biggest worries about the recent election is that neither Trump, or the people, have any clue that they have demanded from the office of the President actions and results that the office is not empowered to have.

I would be greatly encouraged if Trump's only act in office were to appoint strict constructionist justices to the Supreme Court and together begin dismantling the central power grab of the Federales.  This one act would eliminate 99% of all the problems that got people to the point of electing Trump in the first place.  The rest of his job would be dismantling the Federal Reserve and the Income Tax system and returning the country to the original form of government it was meant to have.

Unimaginable?  Yup  That's why I have never supported ANY candidate for President.