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The Last Word

Much to the joy of many readers, I'm sure, this will be my final analysis of the election.  It has taken me some time to absorb and dissect the events of last week, and there are still a few observations left to express before I move on to more interesting things in the future.

To begin with, I believe at this point, that Trump was not part of whatever it was that got him elected.  The look on his face as he sat in the Oval Office with Obama was priceless and shown through even his best attempts to mount a poker face.

The look in his eyes said that, a) he had learned some things in his new level of intel briefings that he was wholly unprepared to know, and b) he was actually cowed by the realization that within two months, he would occupy the White House.  His conciliator tone towards the Clintons in recent days tells me that his world just exploded.

That is a major clue that the entire world has just been victim of a psy-op, but one that the players, Hillary included, were not ready for, meaning whoever pulled it off was not part of anyone's inner circle.

This is doubly true for the pundits and the general public.  I have little sympathy for the media heads.  They have knowingly and with full complicity been a part of the mass mind control that is the center of today's column.  I feel sorry for the general public, though.  They have gone through an "Awakening" without any preparation or desire on their part.

Most of the people who come here regularly are already awake, to one extent or another.  We have all been through the process of having our eyes opened to the "real" world and have powered through the shock, pain and disorientation that comes with it.  But imagine the worlds of millions of people who are literally hypnotized by the media suddenly being exploded under them.  It is no wonder there is literal wailing and gnashing of teeth.  Though they bear a significant responsibility for not having pushed themselves beyond their conditioning, it is fair to say that most do not have the tools to do so, thanks to the so-called Education System.

An Awakening is a powerful moment, when the scaffolding that has supported your worldview for however many years suddenly collapses.  Most folks are not ready for this and for the most part don't want it.  \

My Awakening was brought on by a conscious choice and effort to achieve it.  Even with the express goal, having sought out information and teachers to help me achieve it, when it actually happened, it was a truly terrifying experience.  I can only imagine what people are feeling, whose entire framework of reality is suddenly gone with no preparation or warning.

It is the reaction of the general public that intrigues me the most.  Someone set out to purposefully achieve this effect, the purpose of which remains to be seen.  Furthermore, the party or parties who pulled it off had access to the network of voting machines, had carefully orchestrated expectations and had timed events for maximum effect.  It was every bit as planned and executed as the JFK assassination or the 9/11 attack.  From a strictly objective viewpoint, it was masterfully choreographed, leaving no trail that has been uncovered so far as we know.

What is truly astounding is the global effect the election results had.  Leaders in nearly every major nation seem as stunned and mystified as everyone else.  Many rolled over and made a complete about-face almost immediately.  Canada and Mexico surrendered NAFTA.  The EU threw up its hands over TTIP.  Only China seems unfazed and is still demanding adherence to both the TPP and the Paris Climate Accords, which I find a rather interesting reaction.  Even stone-faced Putin seemed momentarily shaken, having fully prepared for and expected war with the NeoCons in the near future.

Most curious, though, was Trump himself.  I believe he had resigned himself to a loss sometime during election day.  One thing is quite certain, watching him in the days since, he was not prepared to win.  Having spent his life on the sidelines with politicians kow-towing to him for money and attending formal functions with government types had him thinking it was not all that difficult.  He obviously has had a rude awakening of his own.

One very alarming result of all this is the way so many people are going around reciting words like "misogynist," "xenophobe" and "racist," seemingly without knowing what they are doing.  It seems to be some kind of programming that has been installed that has been triggered by certain events.  Many of the people reciting these mantras strike me as not even having a clue what the words mean, they are just automatically spewing them in response to specific stimulae.  The Teens and Tweens I have seen using the words are not putting them in any kind of meaningful context, they are just reciting them in response to any unpleasant situation.

Related to this were the reports of a great many adults unable to function on an adult level.  Classes were cancelled, people didn't go to work, and a great many reports came in of university students reverting to childish behavior, part of which I blame on the self-esteem/exceptional conditioning, but there seems to be an additional dimension to it.  That they would revert to a child-like state, rather than just go into a daze or shock was very curious.

At this point, we need to ask ourselves, to what purpose was this forced Awakening done? Here we are no longer able to observe, we must speculate on the motives of a group or groups unknown.  Without further data, it is very difficult to say what the desired outcome is.  But let's try anyway.

First of all, who did it?

We can safely say that there are a number of competing factions within the US deep state.  At the very least are the Industrialists and the Financiers represented by the two major candidates.  However, given that both the candidates were obviously shocked, it is safe to assume that neither of these two groups pulled this off.  Which is not say that they weren't trying to effect their own operations, but they were overridden by a third party.  To my mind, at least, that much is clear.

The obvious culprits would be Russia and China.  China had more to lose with Trump's election, since they clearly wanted certain agreements and relationships represented by the Hillary faction.  Russia, on the other hand, stood to lose quite a bit if Hillary were elected.  They would very likely end up in a real shooting war with the US, had Hillary been installed.  However, Russia also stood to lose a great deal if their tracks were ever uncovered.  They couldn't afford to give any ammunition to the war hawks that would so clearly give cause to go to war.  With so much at risk, I believe that Russia can be ruled out.  It seems to me that they had better options, such as blackmail, to control the Hillary faction.

No other countries seem to benefit from Trump being elected.  Nearly every major power had some reason to want Hillary installed, if for no other reason than to maintain the status quo.  Even Japan would stand to lose more in trade with a protectionist president, than it would have to gain in its geopolitical positions with Russia and China.  Certainly, Hillary would be far more likely to back-up Japan militarily should anything go wrong in the South China Sea or the Kuril Islands.

What we are left with is a non-state entity.  That would include multi-national corporations, private associations and other similar groups.  In this case, the corporations would seem to have an interest in Trump being elected, in the sense that they would benefit from tax cuts and reduced regulation, but that would come at the price of protectionist treaties, such as TPP and TTIP, that offer them much greater benefits, not to mention the ability to offshore jobs to low-wage countries - something that Trump has promised to curtail.

That leaves NGOs and billionaire busy-bodies like George Soros.  Nearly every entity included in this group, even Soros, benefit greatly from a globalist NeoCon environment.  It seems quite clear, at least from Trump's campaign rhetoric, that none of these groups would derive much benefit from a Trump presidency.  They would encounter significant opposition to their operations that they do not have under a Hillary administration.  In fact, they would have had nearly free rein in that case.

By process of elimination, we are left with a nationalist/patriot faction within the US deep state, or a third party that is completely hidden from the cast of usual suspects.

The nationalist/patriot faction seems plausible.  They would want a protectionist - preferably outsider - president who might even be "grateful" once he found out what had been done on his behalf.  They would also benefit from a mass awakening from media programming, so as to clear the channels for installation of new programming.  This must be confirmed by what messages start getting broadcast to the general public.  If the media or other outlets started taking on a distinctly nationalistic tone, this would serve to confirm in part this particular scenario.

The other prime option is Richard Dolan's Break-Away Civilization.  Based on well reasoned arguments put forth by Dolan, Farrell and others, it is safe to assume that there could be a new civilization, completely divorced, or nearly so, from what most of us know.  This group is reasoned based on supposed advances in technology, including the ability to traverse vast distances in space.  This technical superiority would increasingly isolate this group from the rest of us here on terra firma to the point that ultimately it would simply break off and form its own unique culture.

Due to the nature of this supposed entity, its motivations and abilities are unknown to us and any attempt to fathom them is pointless without more information.  We cannot even speculate on whether Trump's victory would be a benefit or detriment to them, since we don't know what their needs or desires are.  By necessity, we must eliminate this possibility until additional information is available.

So that leaves us with the Nationalist/Patriot faction of the deep state as the most likely culprit.  In this regard, we have several data points, including the mysterious Steve Pieczenik and his coup/counter-coup.  He has continued to update his website and frequently posts rather cryptic messages on his Twitter account aimed at a rather bizarre assortment of people, leading to further speculation that this is an ongoing psy-op.  These posts contain thinly veiled threats regarding who will and won't be allowed to join the administration.  This strongly suggests a deep state actor, but we must be careful, as that impression is likely to be a deliberate misdirection in itself.

Suffice it to say that this has been a most unnerving election on all fronts.  There are far more pieces in play than is comfortable to ponder.  Going forward, all of the players bear close examination as we try to get a handle on what happened and will happen.  Without a doubt, though, 2017 and beyond will be a most interesting experience for most of humanity.

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