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Strange Gods, Foreign Altars

As a political atheist and long-time evangelist for shunning of all that is government, I must admit that I am positively giddy watching the festering pus ooze out of Washington DC this week.  One this we can be absolutely sure of at this point is that the fun will not end on 8 November.

All my hard-core Democrat friends who have brushed aside the obvious corruption not only in the Clinton crony circle, but within the party itself are suddenly silent.  For the past eight months, at least, they have bombarded us reasonable people with pro-Clinton/pro-Democrat posts on their Farcebook walls, but since last Friday, the steady stream of "me too" material has grown deathly quiet.

My quite vocal opinion has always been that all government at all levels everywhere and at all times is corrupt.  There are about seven people in the world who could maintain their integrity in the face of that much power and money.  The level of corruption increases exponentially with the degree of centralization, as well, to the point you get people like the Clintons who are so corrupt as to be like a Stage IV squamous cell carcinoma that has riddled its host with death and destruction.

If We the People can maintain the level of pressure currently coming to bear on the corruptors in power, then the next year or so could see the most shocking revelations coming forward about nearly every institution and organization with political ties.  And frankly, it's about time.

I believe that the current trend to turning over rocks, combined with the global revolutionary spirit, is a combination ripe for a huge wave of political upsets.  It continues a trend that has literally been brewing in the States since the JFK assassination, through Watergate and Iran-Contra, on into the 9/11 conspiracy.  Most folks believe there is a hidden set of rulers pulling the strings, in one form or another.  One would have to be in a stupor or willfully ignorant not to see some amount of manipulation.

However, we appear to be a a point where it will no longer be possible to "sit on the fence."  Until now, a great many people have gotten by thinking that a certain amount of corruption is just part of the game, but we will soon be faced with a depth and breadth of corruption that there will only be two kinds of people left standing: those who benefit from it, and those thoroughly disgusted by it.  There will be no gray area.

Based on what I am seeing in the "underground" media (ALT media has been co-opted by the System), what has been made public so far is just the barest scratch on the surface.  When the full disclosure begins to hit the mass mind, it will be akin to explosive swamp gas being released in a magnificent flash of realization that we have all been deeply and cynically controlled for a very long time.

What's more, the truth will be so shocking as to leave the majority of folks in a complete stupor, as they have so thoroughly convinced themselves that it's just "power and money," that the real thing will simply pop every circuit break in their minds.

The initial reaction will be a lot of people not only denying the facts, but violently opposing any further attack on their sense of reality.  This is a very dangerous point in time when the masses will turn violently against the messengers.  That would be bad enough, but the criminal class tend to take advantage of that backlash and convert it to an army in their defense.

This moment of realization that everything we have taken for granted is wrong is a particularly vulnerable moment and a shrewd elite can use it to push the mass mind even deeper under their control.  The vast majority of people don't want to be awakened and they will gladly accept a plausible means to suppress reality once again and return to their quiet desperation of willful ignorance.  I suspect this inflection point will be upon us sooner than later.

The true nature of the horrors that have gone on under our very noses is so stunning as to even cause the hardened mind to recoil from the shock.  Those of us who have studied this issue for many years have gone through it a number of times, as the rabbit hole gets deeper and deeper.

Things like "pay-for-play" and "election rigging" are so pedestrian as to be laughable to serious researchers.  However, those issues are just the lead-in to much greater horrors if the mass mind can get past the shock of actually having proof of these minor issues.

We are in the process of peeling away the covers off of strange gods.  Up to now, we have only peeked into the gloom beneath the cover and trends show that we will likely see a lot more before this process is finished.  Those of us with strong minds should not only be prepared for what is coming, but should also steel ourselves to be surrounded by millions of lost and frightened people.  Many will panic as their complacency is torn away and they are forced to gaze upon the ugliness that runs the world.  They will fight their own senses with violent recoil, and as I've noted before, panicked masses are ugly in their own right.

Ironically, in their panic, the masses will turn to the "authorities" who caused the horror for comfort and a return to "normalcy."  The "authorities" will offer soma and sitcoms to sooth the monkey mind and the hypnosis will grow even deeper.  The masses will be directed to attack those who brought out the truth as being the cause of the panic and the draconian fist will slam down hard on the perceived "threats."

This is a very dangerous intersection in history, not only for the unprecedented scope of the problem, but because of the refinement of the tools available to the "authorities" to entrance the masses.  People don't like to be pushed to make unpleasant choices and realizations, and they will fight tooth and nail to avoid it.

By the same token, the "authorities" are panicked because their precious positions of privilege are at risk, not to mention their very lives.  They, too, will fight tooth and nail to maintain their hegemony over the mass mind.

The question is the speed with which the truth will be revealed.  If it is trickled out, the masses will have time to assimilate and activate.  If it is a flood, minds will snap shut, eyes avert and the spell will get deeper.  It is a delicate balance of necessity versus practicality.  Only time will tell which will triumph.

In either case, the Clinton scandals are only the beginning.  Now that we have found the tumor, we will begin to see how far it has metastasized.  No one wants to hear they are sick, and especially that they are dying of an aggressive disease.

We are in for a really nasty ride.  Check that your seat-backs and tray tables are in their upright and locked positions.  Turbulence ahead.

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