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Dear Millennials/Snowflakes/SJWs/Numbnuts

Among the copious flaws in the...well, for lack of a better term let's call it thinking of Millennials, Snowflakes and so-called Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) is that they appear to believe that Human Rights are a limited resource, and in order to hand some to one group, they must take it from another.  Sorry kids, that is not the way it works.

Human Rights apply to everyone, no matter what set of divisions you care to place on them.  In order for you to enjoy your rights, you must allow every other belief system the same courtesy.  Additionally, there is no such thing as special rights from some "protected" groups.  We all get the same rights, be they expression, speech, religion, or lack thereof.

For instance, the right to practice any religion you want means that you must also respect the right of atheists to reject all of them.  The right to free speech means not only that you must allow everyone to express their opinions, but you must allow those who so choose to be silent, as well.

Diversity is a thing.  It refers to a broad spectrum of creatures, races, colors, and beliefs.  Diversity means that a great number of possibilities exist, whether one chooses to like it or not.  Diverse ecosystems refer to areas where a great many species co-exist in an interdependent balance.  It doesn't mean that lions are favored over gazelles by legal barriers and regulations that favor the lions.  Lions have as much right to chase gazelles, as the gazelles have to run, kick and hide from the lions.  Neither is right, neither is wrong.  It just is.

Tolerance is the acceptance that life is diverse.  Some societies are male-dominated, and some are female-dominated.  Some societies like to eat pigs, others don't.  Some societies worship one god, while others worship another.  Tolerance is the ability to realize that all societies, regardless of their core beliefs, have the right to exist unmolested, provided they recognize the right of all other societies to exist, as well.  I can no more force someone to be blue-eyed, left-handed and red-headed,any more than someone can force me to get a suntan.  Tolerance is realizing that diverse organisms have an equal right to exist.

Where the United States when horribly wrong was that it allowed the Federal government to take control over the States.  The original concept was that the States would be allowed to have whatever societies they each desired, and would only hand over certain common functions to the central government.  By losing sight of the founding concept, the world has had to endure a nation hell-bent on tellig the rest of the world how it must live, while at the same time screaming words like "diversity" and "tolerance" in the world's face.

I am all for gay marriage.  The right of individuals to seek happiness in whatever manner they choose is their right.  But tolerance states that these people must accept that some communities find this abhorrent, and the gay couples are free to find places that are more accepting.  The government is wrong on two counts 1) it offered a package of special benefits to heterosexual couples who are married, and 2) it forced the entire nation to accept gay marriage, thus violating the concepts of tolerance and diversity.  Had individual communities allowed gay marriage, the rest of the country would likely have changed organically over time, as diverse groups grew more tolerant.

So now the US finds itself being torn apart, because one set of beliefs was in power for a while, and forced its agenda on the rest of the country.  Naturally, the rest of the country reacted by swinging hard to the other extreme and will likely force its values on the first group.  Since the US no longer allows the States to freely chose their own course, there is no alternative.  Once the People demanded sweeping control over all the States and individual communities, they set themselves up to alternately force and be forced, especially since there are only two parties, and so only two likely outcomes.

The lack of tolerance and diversity in the US has finally come to a boil, and one which now the entire world must tolerate, since the US has a habit of forcing itself militarily upon those with diverse points of view.

The fact is, Mister and Miss Millennial/Snowflake/SWJ/numbnut, your lack of thought and study have brought the US to this point.  I don't blame you entirely, my generation and those before me are just as guilty.  However, you must now realize the result of your error, just as the rest of us did.  In a world where people come in all sizes and widths, one size does not fit all.  That is, in fact, the meaning of diversity.  Your job is to tolerate it as much as you can, and change wherever possible.

I highly recommend that you look into the Freeper Project.  Gather all your Millennial/Snowflake/SJW/numbnut buddies together and move to...oh, I don't know, Oregon maybe.  Take over the State and make it into your anti-diverse, anti-tolerant paradise.  Allow other groups to do the same in other States.  Start electing Presidents who respect the right of States to do whatever they want within the borders of the State.  Then work to dismantle the entire Federal infrastructure and return to the Founding ideals.  Start practicing real tolerance and allow real diversity, and stop whining and trying to force everyone else to adopt your goals and agenda.

The beauty of it is that, even if you were successful in crating your paradise, it wouldn't be long before you were all arguing amongst each other over who is more diverse and tolerant.

The fact of the matter is, human only like to live one way - leave me the hell alone and I'll do the same for you.

People Of Intelligence

PS: I bet it never occurred to you that when you fight for RIGHTS, you are discriminating against us LEFTIES.  We hereby demand to be included and that you fight for Human Lefts, too.

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  1. Anonymous23.11.16

    Right on Bernard! BTW Are you watching HBO's Westworld? Bernard on that series thinks he's human, but he's not.


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