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Toxic Authority And GlobalRev

If up to now, you have been unable to see social engineering in practice, then I invite you to read one of the most disgusting and gut-wrenching trends currently sweeping higher-indoctrination (universities).

Duke University offers safe space for "men" to contemplate their "toxic" masculinity
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This disgusting piece of slime-sucking social engineering wants to convince men that they are evil simply for existing and that being needy, emotional basket-cases is what the world truly demands from the male of the species.

Heave.  Barf.  Puke.

This rubbish is the culmination of the destruction of the family, cultural degeneration of fathers and the rising dominance of the true toxin: militant feminism.  All of the examples of "toxic" masculinity given in the many articles on this trend (Orlando massacre, Schwarzenegger, etc.) are actually examples of toxic ideology and have nothing to do with gender.  It's like using Lizzie Borden as an example of Toxic Femininity.

Society has, for centuries, had its own controls over excessive male puffing.  There are dozens of examples in culture of primping, preening males being brought down by their own egos and self-aggrandizement, and the process works for any gender by focusing on the personality disorder, not the "toxicity" of one's gender.

Imagine the poor men who buy into this rubbish.  They can never get better.  They will always be men.  And now they will have a life-time burden of hating themselves because a tiny segment of society wants to emasculate men in order to rid itself of competition.

There is nothing wrong with masculinity.  Women are attracted to strong, self-confident and thoughtful men.  It is a natural, genetic function based on hormones which trigger electro-chemical responses overlaid with socio-cultural mores.  It has worked for at least the duration of civilization's 12,000-year history.

What is being called "toxic" masculinity is actually a result of Western culture's decline, with its lack of of self-discipline, anti-intellectualism and a desire to conquer Nature, and is not limited to males, as Hillary Clinton and her ilk clearly demonstrate.  Society's obsession with all things physical at the expense of the intellectual and spiritual has set it on a course of self-destruction that is showing up in concepts such as "toxic masculinity."  This concept belies a deep-seated self-hatred on the part of the culture, which has completely lost its natural moral compass.

There is nothing wrong with masculinity, just as there is nothing wrong with femininity.  Both are, much to the chagrin of political correctness police, completely natural functions based on eons of genetic and social development.  Western culture, primarily through the influence of the Roman Church, has decided that Nature is inherently evil and must be subjugated to human will.  It is a logical, though perverse conclusion of the concept that Creation is corrupt and incomplete, and must be perfected.

This strange dichotomy between profession of a perfect god and the imperfection of his creation has, over centuries of development, led to the idea that Mankind is not beautiful in and of itself, but rather must be polished through the use of engineering, whether social or technological.

This deep-seated concept has been further perverted by small groups with opaque motives into the idea that somehow the feminine is perfect, while the masculine must be subverted and destroyed.  Thsi is akin to yin telling yang it is no longer needed, though the balance of the Universe depends on the juxtaposition of both.

All of this is nothing less than an alchemical working.  The ancient idea that Mankind "fell" from a state of perfection (the androgyn) to one of imperfection (the genders), and must now be "elevated" once again to its original state, has permeated and informed Western philosophy for a very long time.  Thus, the obsessive push to create technology that dominates Nature and the on-going social engineering to destroy gender identity and recreate the androgyn.

Contrast this to the Buddhist philosophy that all humans are unfinished gods that must, through introspection and good works, perfect ourselves into the deities that we truly are.  In the persons of Siddhartha and Guanyin, both genders are shown to be perfectible in themselves as expressions of Nature's duality.

West: god is a third person who created flawed Nature and is deeply disappointed with the outcome.
East: the individual is a work in progress whose goal is to attain the status of god.

This underlying assumption of flaw has led to ages of cultural finger-pointing trying to blame one part or another of ourselves for the original offense against a separate and distant god.

The fault does not lie with our Natures - male/female, man/woman, masculine/feminine.  The fault lies in the fundamental assumptions we have made in our philosophical outlook on the Universe, and we are paying for that fault by attacking our very Natures.  This is, in effect, an intellectual and spiritual cancer that is eating Western civilization from the inside out.  It doesn't help matters that certain groups are using this fundamental misconception against us for achieve whatever ends they have in mind.  Why, it's almost as if this core flaw was purposefully installed to allow manipulation of society at will - a very subtle control mechanism buried deep in the structure of civilization itself.

An unarticulated, and quite possibly unknown aspect of the current GlobalRev is likely an innate "reset" button that Nature has installed in each of us.  This worldwide movement against centralized authority and mental control is likely the thing that certain groups have tried for so long to find (through genetics) and uninstall.  Perhaps that is the real goal of vaccines and GM foods - to short-circuit the "reset" button that has stymied the "authorities" for so long now.  Humans have a default setting that has been the bane of every attempt to subjugate Humanity.  I suspect, though, that the reset button does not exist in physical reality, and so is beyond the ability to affect its function or existence.

In the end, all of these attempts to rewire Humanity are absurd, futile and ridiculous.  The Great Reset Button is ultimately beyond the physical plane and is installed in Nature itself, which can never be subjugated, because Nature cannot be forced to destroy itself.

These silly "toxic masculinity" courses may work for a while, but in the end they are doomed to fail.  Perhaps focusing on perfecting who and what we are, rather than fighting it is the true Path to Enlightenment.  The real GlobalRev is a realization of our fundamental assumptions and a mass correction of our philosophies.

As the meme says, "Question Everything," but most especially question authority of every kind.

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