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A Black Hole In Reason

One of the joyfully idiotic science stories of late is the "imaging" of a black hole in the center of a distant galaxy.  The authors breathlessly note the equatorial "dust" ring and the stunning nothingness in the middle.  Furthermore, follow-on articles note the polar jets soaring in opposite directions from the center of the object.

There are so many things wrong with this article, it is difficult to select a starting point.  But let's give it a shot, shall we?

First off, it is not a photograph of a "black hole".  It is a computer-generated image using algorithms to interpret terabytes of data, almost none of which are photographs in visible light.

Algorithms are mathematical formulae that process data according to a set of proscribed rules.  As such, they reflect the biases of the individuals who create them.  Thus, the image is created by math formulae that manipulate the available data to give the result the researcher is looking for, and ignores the rest.  In other words, scientidiots have preconceived notions of what a black hole should look like, and they assume that a black hole exists in the center of the imaged galaxy, thus the algorithms search for data that conforms to their a priori assumptions.

To put it country simple, we are looking at a picture of some people's imagination, using cherry-picked real data.

Look again at the above image, and note the box on the top right.  This purports to show a plasma jet shooting out of one of the poles of the "black hole".

According to Official Scientidiot Mythology, black holes are regions of infinitely dense matter with gravitational fields so mighty that not even light can escape - even though the escape velocity of an "event horizon" is noted to be the speed of light.

Here on Earth, we have two poles - north and south.  Those poles are designated both by the spin axis of the planet, and by the Earth's magnetic field.  Nowhere in any of the literature I have ever found does anyone claim that gravity is weaker - nay, repulsive - at Earth's poles.  The theory of gravity holds that gravity should be equal and relative to the mass of the central object.  If the object is round, gravity should be equal at all points around it, and that is what we find, with minor variations due to "mascons".

If gravity does not have poles, but magnetism does, then the black hole jets are magnetic phenomena.  The Laws of Physics state that one cannot have magnetism without electricity, nor visa versa.  Therefore, the jets are created by amazingly strong magnetic fields, not gravity, which is many orders of magnitude weaker than electro-magnetism (something like 20 quintillion times weaker).

There is no known mechanism that allows for gravity, even produced by "infinitely dense" objects, to create polar jets moving at relativistic speeds.  We will ignore, for now, the issue of infinity not being a number, and therefore unable to exist in a physical universe.

Particle accelerators, such as the one at CERN, use powerful electro-magnets to push plasma to incredible speeds.  Rail guns use electro-magnets to accelerate metal projectiles.  Electro-magnets are used to levitate and accelerate maglev trains.  None of these technologies uses concentrated gravity.

Yet, we are told that gravity alone concentrates plasma and ejects it preferentially at the poles of an imaginary object.  I suppose if you are creating imaginary objects, though, you can make up any rules you want, and the scientidiots apparently do.

We then move to the lower right box, which purports to show a "dust ring" around the equator of the black hole.

First off, it is not a "ring" like Saturn's rings - nearly two-dimensional.  Instead, it shows a three-dimensional torus at a great distance from the dark center.  This is identical, though vastly larger, to the plasma streams created in any particle accelerator using electro-magnets.  But that's not the only problem.

Back to the issue of gravity not having poles: if gravity does not have poles, then it does not have an equator.  An equator is an artifact of polarized fields, which is why the Earth has Van Allen belts or a particle accelerator creates a cohesive plasma stream.

If the black hole were dreated by gravity, there would be no "ring".  The dust and gas would be pulled equally towards the center of mass in all directions.  There is no mechanism that could create a ring.

What we actually have in the above image is an imaginary object created by algorithms that selectively edit data according to the preconceived ideas of a select group of individuals who all believe the same myth.  This image shows a dark area we are told is an infinitely dense object that doesn't exist in our universe, which is creating polar jets and an equatorial torus using gravity, even though gravity has no mechanism that allows it to do either of those things.

In fact, despite the bias of the researchers, every thing in the image matches known electro-magnetic effects that are regularly produced in laboratories and particle accelerators every day right here on Earth - something no one seems able to do with black holes, thank Einstein.

It is a crying shame that our educational systems cannot produce rational human beings either in the general public, who so gullibely believe and fund this nonsense, nor among the exaulted lab-coat brigades whose lives and careers are funded by the hard-earned money of the gullible public.

For more than a century, we have compounded error with error until we have created a system that produces imaginary pictures from computer algorithms and pawns them off on an unsuspecting audience as plausible reality.

I won't even go into the fact that decades of studies of SigA* at the center of our own galaxy have proved beyond all doubt that a black hole does not exist there, despite the insistence of over-paid labcoaters to the contrary.

It's high time to #StopTheFunding.


The Q Genesis

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READER NOTE: Updates appear at the end of this article.

Two questions I frequently receive from readers are, "How did Q start," and "Is it true Q recruited Trump?"

These are difficult questions, because the answers have been so muddied with myth and legend by now.  It is still possible, however, to get very close to how this all began, and to answer the question of recruitment.  The answer to this latter question is very disturbing and is one of the principle reasons I turned negative on Q.

First, how did Q begin?

As far as anyone knows, Q's first generally recognized post was on 4chan on 28 October 2017, at 15:44 EST.  This post claimed that Hillary Clinton would be arrested on the morning of 30 October 2017, and that the military was tasked with the arrest, while the National Guard (State unspecified) was on alert for both social unrest/riots and to apprehend running perpetrators.  We were told Clinton's passport had been flagged and that extradition processes had already been initiated with several countries.

We should note several details here.  Firstly, the entity posting this message is "Anonymous" without the now-ubiquitous "Q" signature; and secondly, there are 50 National Guards - one in each State - and that some were indeed activated to assist with the devastation in Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria.

To trace this all back to the deepest roots requires going back  a full year before Q's first post.  Around 30 October 2016, a series of mysterious tweets appeared on the verified FBI Document Vault account.  The account itself is quite fascinating, but some of the original tweets appear to have been deleted, though there are a number of independent references to them (dead links).

In the middle of the night, 17 tweets appeared that detailed investigations of Donald Trump's father and uncle, who apparently had FBI connections.  They also released copies of the Hillary Clinton and Gen. David Petaeus investigations, as well as a copy of the FBI investigation manual.  What this ostensibly showed was the profound lack of depth in the Clinton investigation and the violations of procedure, and thus the corruption evident within the FBI.

We note the number 17, as this is a significant number in the Qniverse, because Q is the 17th letter of the English alphabet.  Also note in the linked video, Trump mentions McDill AFB, which we have connected to Q in Who Is Q?

Interestingly, one of the claims by this series of tweets was that social media and viral news had made it possible to skirt media gatekeepers and allow "insiders" to get information directly to the masses.  As with Q, this was considered a confirmed post by the time stamp of precisely 11am and including "coded" messages.

The "coded" messages were in the form of several FBI manuals, whose order and topics were said to tell a story.  For instance, the posting of the FBI's manual on health regimens was said to indicate Hillary Clinton's health issues.

In fact, the exact same language of "it's all over" and the "house of cards collapsed" used by Q appears in these tweets a full year before Q arrived.  Based on this information, little has changed in more than two years, yet the Qvians are constantly crowing how the end is nigh!

All the pieces of Q were extant a full year before Q "officially" appeared.  This implies that the Q psy-op has been modifying its message and techniques for some time, beginning during the Obama administration.  This gives us a clue that Q did not just "appear" on the scene, but was the fruit of a long process of testing how to use social media effectively to deliver propaganda.

One item I note with great interest is that these tweets appear to be the origin of the Hillary Health narrative.

This was followed by the appearance of several "government insiders" on 4chan, such as "FBIanon" and WhiteHouseAnon" and others, who reportedly had leaked information as well as specific predictions of future events.  FBIanon was generally considered credible, but for some reason, the entity that would become Q was given the most attention despite having made the above prediction that was so obviously wrong.

In any event, this series of tweets implied that Trump was recruited by FBI insiders concerned with the level of government corruption and undue influence of George Soros in militarizing police departments around the country.  It averred that Trump's uncle was well respected in the FBI and that his father was considered a patriot - and that Donald Trump was "clean".  We'll come back to that last item shortly.

This entity was said to have called itself a "Q Clearance Patriot," implying that it had top-level secret clearance (Q Clearance).  A search reveals that the only known all-access Q-Clearance in the US federal government is in the Department of Energy, which hardly seems related to military intelligence operations, though energy is certainly a highly strategic resource.

What is curious is that there are no references to "Q Clearance Patriot" in any of the 3312 Q Drops to date.  This term seems to have appeared either in posts by other "insiders" on 4chan, or in Reddit commentary well outside the preferred Q Domain.

The earliest reference I can find to the moniker "Q" being applied to this entity is in the article linked here.  The writer says, "Now let's get back to this new alleged insider, who calls himself "Q Clearance Patriot" (I'll use "Q")."  This is the earliest reference to using "Q" as short for "Q Clearance Patriot" that I can ascertain.

In this article, we note that there are references to "FBIanon" and "White House Anon," who are credited with accurate predictions of upcoming events. Reddit links are provided in the article and I will leave that judgement to the reader.

So it seems that Q was just one of several "anonymous insiders" who were posting leaks on Twitter and 4chan in the early days.

Within the scope of the model I proposed in Who Is Q?, we might think of these as separate teams working on the same goals with different approaches to see which one resonated most with the general public on the "chans".

This same article also seems to be one of the earliest references to the now-common Q Myth that Donald Trump was recruited by military intelligence to run for president in 2016.  His primary goal, it says, would be to "drain the swamp" with special focus on "pizzagate/child trafficking".  Note:
"B. Q'a [sic] overall theory (that Trump was recruited by military intelligence to stage a quiet coup to restore government integrity) fits with several things we know about the military.
"First of all, the military has a very low rate of Jewish people. For some mysterious reason, Jewish people rose to disproportionate levels of power in finance, lobbying, Hollywood, and media, but not in the military. If you look at the picture of Trump with his military team ("calm before the storm"), you see virtually no Jewish people there. FBIanon, who is widely regarded as the most credible of the 4chan insiders, said that the deep state corruption has a heavy Jewish influence."

The article header says that it was posted "1.4 years ago," as of the date of this writing,  which would place it about Novermber-December 2017, or within a month or two of Q's first appearing.  This would be confirmed by the author's reference to "Snoop Dogg's new album cover," which was released in November 2017.

We note that the article cites both Q and Anon (Apostles and Acolytes) sources as saying Trump was recruited for a "coup" against The Swamp, and that the military had pledged to protect Trump leading to his appearance of being "cool, calm and collected" in the face of widespread threats and near-constant media attacks.

By April 2018, another article avers that Dr. Jerome Corsi was approached by a group of generals in 2015, and told that the military had recruited Trump to run for president and lead the "coup" against The Swamp:
"According to veteran investigative reporter and best selling author, Dr. Jerome Corsi, he was approached three years ago by a group of generals and told that Donald Trump had been recruited by U.S. military intelligence to run in the 2016 Presidential elections, and subsequently help remove corrupt Deep State officials from positions of power. Corsi claims that QAnon represents the same group of senior military intelligence officials who are exposing the Deep State corruption and officials involved in a history of treasonous actions against the U.S. Republic."
Corsi and Alex Jones were later disavowed by Q, and not long after that, Corsi was arrested as part of Robert Mueller's Special Counsel investigation into Russian influence in the 2016 election.  The reader should see my article Jonesing For Q for extended discussion of these events.

To summarize the Q Legend so far, we have military intelligence - or was it FBI insiders? - formulating a "coup" against select groups within the US federal government, referred to as The Swamp.  The favorable status of Trump's uncle and father within the FBI is given as part of the reason he was selected.  Child trafficking and police militarization (Soros influence) were cited as two primary motivations for the coup.

Among the issues that alarmed the military was the undue influence of Jewish interests within the various agencies of government, and in external industries like media, finance and lobbying.

Thus, Q is a function of military intelligence designed to provide "insider" information to the general public and sway opinion against The Swamp, as well as provide updates on efforts to "drain the swamp" as part of an operation popularly referred to as The Storm and/or The Plan.

If we take these assumptions to be true, then some disturbing inferences fall out of them.

If Trump was indeed recruited to be the front man for a military coup within the federal government, then there must have been some means by which they could have ensured that Trump would win.  After all, Trump was probably the least likely candidate to beat Hillary Clinton, and would explain why the media and the the Clinton campaign gave so much time and attention to the Trump campaign.  They had selected Trump as their preferred opponent, thinking he would be a sure loser.  Thus, the near-absolute assurance in the media that Clinton would win the election.

This implies that somehow the Clinton campaign and the media were swayed to choose Trump as the preferred opponent.  The only other possible explanation was that Trump was selected by a "higher power," and the campaign was choreographed, with or without Clinton's knowledge and approval.  If Clinton knew, then everything we have witnesses since 2015 has been a kabuki theater to achieve some goal that we are not yet aware of.

This implies that the military had some way to "steer" the election and guarantee their selected front man would win.  In other words, it was not Russian influence that defeated Clinton, but the US military itself by manipulating the election.

If we assume that Q represents an advanced propaganda technology, as I have argued extensively in previous articles, then it is no far reach to conclude that the Q technology was used to influence voters via social media and targeted messages.

The Q Naratie that Trump was recruited includes the idea that the military had refrained from an open coup during the Obama administration, and that it would have no choice but to do so under a Clinton administration.  That places rather weighty stakes on the 2016 election outcome and would be sufficient reason to use every means available to ensure a favorable election outcome.

This Narrative also implies that The Swamp, The Storm and The Plan all refer to a concerted effort to rid the US federal government of "Jewish" influence.  This seemingly anti-Jewish, and by extention anti-Israel stance by Q would seem to be backed up by Q916, from 10 March 2018, where Q states, "We are saving Israel for last."

However, this flies in the face of Trump's actions to move the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, and to recognize Israel's sovereignty over the Golan Heights.

In Q137, from 12 November 2017, Q posted a list of national central banks without any other commentary.  Since "Jewish" control of Finance was established early on in the Q Narrative as being a problem, we can assume that the list of banks represents targets of some kind for The Storm/The Plan.

Another implication of all this is that military intelligence would have had to scrub Trump's background in order to leave little or no dirt for the opposition to use against him.

When one considers just how "clean" Trump has been, it seems unnatural for an individual in his position, both in public and private life.  We know that a recording was unearthed during the 2016 campaign from someone's private collection, of Trump making disparaging remarks about the behavior of women around wealthy men.  This is no secret to any worldly individual, but it did cause some momentary dust-ups in the campaign.

Other than that, the only negative information that has been uncovered by extensive Senate, House, Special Counsel, and opposition research over the past three years was the Steele Dossier, which appears to have been completely fabricated.

Are we to assume that a man who has had some very nasty and public divorces, owned a casino, owned the Miss Universe brand, dealt in highly corrupt New York real estate, and been through several bankruptcies is completely spotless?  Most of us would hardly stand up to this kind of scrutiny without some skeletons falling out of the closet.  Even Mother Teresa was not without sin.

To date, there is no unquestionable proof of shady business dealings, financial hanky-panky, nor underhanded anti-competitive practices.  The most visible accusation of sexual misconduct was from Stormy Daniels (interesting first name in this context), who lost her suit and was saddled with $300,000 in legal defense fees and her lawyer, Michael Avenatti, has recently been indicted on multiple counts of fraud, embezzlement, tax evasion and various other crimes.

It seems highly unlikely that Trump is an angel, so someone (military intel?) has scrubbed his past to ensure that nothing of any consequence could be uncovered, no matter how deeply someone might dig.  I am not attempting to sully the man, but only wish to point out his unnatural cleanliness.  It seems almost impossible to become a multi-billionaire with real estate and media empires, and not have something to hold over him.

The only other possibility that comes to mind is that the Clinton campaign, media heads and other public watchdogs have agreed not to publish anything damaging about Trump.  It seems far more likely that his past was scrubbed.

Which leads us to the question: does military intelligence have something on Trump to ensure his compliance?

It seems reasonable to assume that if military intel recruited Trump as front man, scrubbed his past, rigged an election, and is providing unprecedented protection for he and his family, then that same group must have insurance that Trump will act as needed to achieve the stated goals (The Plan).  Thus, Trump is trapped and is not making his own decisions.  He is performing a scripted function on behalf of a well shaded group whose actual identity and motives we can only guess at.

These are very disturbing inferences, and I make no secret that they are inferences and suppositions.  However, they fall naturally out of the information we have, and which I have documented extensively across a great many articles on topic.  While we have little irrefutable evidence to back up these assumptions, we also have none to allay them.

I have proven that Q is a psy-op, and argued that it is indeed a function of military intel, and have proposed who, where and how Q functions.  Given that psy-ops function in a murky world of half-truths and outright lies, we cannot - at this point - be sure of any of these data points.

However, if we take Q and the Anons (Apostles and Acolytes) at face value, then the questions raised here must be addressed, or accept that a growing social and political movement is based on highly deceptive and even frightening foundations.

It is well known and even assumed that most political leaders are controlled by special interests.  Even a cursory glance at donor lists tells us unequivocally that these leaders are beholden to private and corporate interests that don't necessarily mesh with our own.

Though the popular image is that Trump is free of influence because he used his own fortune and did not kow-tow to special interests to get elected, we can plainly see that this may not be the case.  In fact, having a leader in the nation's highest office who is literally owned and operated by the military is anathema to American ideals and simply dangerous to an open and functional republic.

It is at this point that we would do well to rehearse the words of Dwight Eisenhauer in his final speech to the nation as president:
"Now this conjunction of an immense military establishment and a large arms industry is new in the American experience. The total influence—economic, political, even spiritual—is felt in every city, every Statehouse, every office of the Federal government. We recognize the imperative need for this development. Yet, we must not fail to comprehend its grave implications."

If Q represents a group of military leaders who have become alarmed in recent years over the direction of the nation, and have just barely resisted the urge to launch an outright coup and establish a provisional junta, why now?

In the last 70 years, we have had assassinations, illegal wars and a central bank quite obviously robbing the wealth of a nation.  There has been ample reason for a military intervention to "protect and defend the Constitution."  Yet, only now has the military seen fit to intervene?  The JFK assassination alone was clearly a coup d'etat, but it was the Obama administration and the possibility of a second Clinton administration that compelled this action?

Doesn't pass the smell test.

For Q followers, it is high time to question blind allegiance to this entity.  For the rest of us, it is well past time to question what it is that claims to protect the president and to push into the open whether the Legend of Q is true and what influence does it have over political leadership.

While Qvians sincerely believe they know who/what Q is, and what the agenda behind it is, in fact they have no clue other than what a disembodied anonymous poster has told them.

The rest of us may blithely dismiss Q as a "conspiracy theory," but the fact remains that it is having a very real effect on public discourse and the decisions made by a significant number of individuals within the electorate.

As I have outlined here, the questions, assumptions and rational conclusions that fall out of the available data are disturbing and need to be addressed.  Both the responsible media (such as it is) and we, the unenthralled public, must push this issue to the front and get whatever facts we can on the table in order to make informed decisions as the next election cycle heats up.

It is reasonable to assume that Qvians and Q itself will have an influence on the 2020 elections.  Can we afford to be uncritical and uninformed on the nature and agenda of this entity?

In conclusion, we now know that Q is just the latest "version" of an effort dating to at least 2015, and possibly 2014 and before.  It was originally thought to be coming from the FBI, then later military intelligence, but in both cases, Trump was recruited to run for president.  The origins of much of the Q Legend appear pre-2017, with coded messages, synchronized time stamps, and so forth; however, it seems to be Trump's contribution to push catch phrases like "The Storm," "The Plan," and "Where we go one we go all."  I say this because Trump is an undisputed marketing genius, so he would naturally formulate tag lines and catch phrases that would stick in the mind, much like "Make America Great Again."

It appears that the original Q efforts centered around Twitter, however the use of censorship algorithms likely made this outlet untenable, so the "chans" were chosen for their non-censorship policies, with Trump using Twitter to issue companion posts, as the White House would be less likely to encounter blatant censorship there.

We have seen the origin of at least one meme that weighed heavily on the Clinton campaign - the health issue.  This implies more waiting to be found, and thus a fingerprint of efforts to steer the election in spite of the MSM constant drumbeat in favor of Clinton.  I suspect many more of these memes are waiting to be found in the vast volume of pre-election electronic chatter.

The lynch pin of the Q psy-op is the issue of pizzagate/child trafficking (see note below).  No matter how far afield one wanders in this investigation, one always stumbles over this underlying issue.  It is a matter of faith in Q that this issue will finally be exposed and the entire world power structure based on it will collapse under its weight.  This is certainly a key feature in the belief that there are 90,000+ Sealed Indictments against participants in this scandal.  To be seen...

Altogether, this reinforces my assertion that Q is a psy-op and that it has undergone a fairly extensive development process, with significant input from Trump's marketing background.  This is an emerging technology, which is still being perfected and will likely play an enormous role in the upcoming 2020 elections.

Given the history of Q, it stands to reason that it will continue to evolve and become more effective.  We would do well to keep a close eye on it going forward.

Oh, and we have now traced Q's appearance to within two years - almost to the day - that Cicada 3301 first appeared and simultaneous with Cicada's 3rd Puzzle, which also appeared on Twitter.

More to come.

In  response to reader comments, we are well aware that Wikipedia is completely untrustworthy as a primary source of information.  However, we have found the External Links section to be quite valuable on many occasions.  With regard to Pizzagate, the original, authoritative and most trustworthy source for this information is the Podesta Email released by WikiLeaks.

UPDATE 21 APRIL 2019: I've found conclusive evidence that Q Drops are edited and past Drops are deleted due to "mistakes" by Q.  The video linked here refers to several Drops from 1 Aug 18, that no longer exist on "official" Q boards.  I have archived the video to maintain a permanent record, as it will likely disappear soon, as well.


Notre Dame Du Q

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READER NOTE: updates appear below the article.

On 17 March 2019, a fire broke out at the Saint Sulpice du Paris church, but was extinguished before major damage was done.  On 14 April 2019, a fire broke out at Saint John the Divine cathedral in New York City, but was contained in the crypt under the structure.  On 16 April 2019, a major fire destroyed a significant amount of the world-famous Notre Dame du Paris cathedral, but "miraculously" spared the stained-glass windows, and much of the interior was reportedly not badly damaged, which contains priceless art and artifacts.

At nearly the same moment that Notre Dame was burning, a fire broke out at one of the structures at the al-Aqsa mosque, commonly called the Dome of the Rock, on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

We should note that all but one of the fires occurred during Holy Week, and that the Notre Dame cathedral houses the reputed Crown of Thorns worn by Jesus himself during the Passion and Crucifixion.  It should also be noted that Saint Sulpice du Paris was a central location in the Dan Brown novel, The Da Vinci Code.

We'll also note, as an outlier data point, that the only other church fires in the news this year have been in St. Landry Parish, Louisiana, and were supposedly racially motivated.  These fires occurred on 26 March, 2 April and 4 April 2019.

To this already simmering stew, we will add the Christchurch, New Zealand mosque shootings, which occurred on 15 March 2019.

All of these incidents occurred within one month of each other and all involved religious structures.  They also seemingly target structures of the three primary Yahwisms - Christian/Catholic, Islam, and by virtue of the Temple Mount, Judaism.

All of these relationships set my news feelers to "tingle" mode.  There is a story buried deep under the surface that is not being discussed in the general chatter of Mainstream Media nor the Twittersphere.  However, the Qniverse is drawing lines between some of these incidents as distractions from significant Trump Administration events, to make the whole picture even stranger.

Add caption
Q has implied that at least one of these events - the New Zealand shootings - was an attempt to distract the news stream from the upcoming completion of the Mueller investigation.  The shootings took place on 15 March 2019, and Attorney General William Barr sent a summary report to Congress on 24 March 2019.

As of this writing, Q has been relatively quiet since 29 March 2019, with only two Drops from then until this date.  However, the Qvians have already concluded that the Notre Dame fire was an intentional distraction from the 18 April 2019 release of the complete (though redacted) Mueller investigation report.  The assumption is that the report will not be favorable to the Russia Collusion narrative, and so the Deep State had to usurp the headlines with a distraction.
  • 15 March 2019 - New Zealand attacks
  • 24 March 2019 - Barr Summary sent to Congress
  • 16 April 2019 - Notre Dame fire
  • 18 April 2019 (presumed) - complete Mueller Report released

Within the Qniverse, the narrative is that Q teases the Deep State with announced dates for significant news events.  The Deep State reacts by staging headline-stealing events to cover the news.  Q/Trump then release the news later after the Deep State has used its "ammunition".

This narrative also includes the 5 December 2018 funeral of George H. W. Bush, which was supposedly staged to distract/cancel the scheduled testimony of John Huber to Congress.

If the reader has not closely followed Q, Huber is a US attorney in Utah who is supposedly investigating the Clinton Foundation.  According to Qvians, Huber has over 400 investigators at his disposal and is a primary source of the legendary 90,000 Sealed Indictments - that never seem to get unsealed.

Huber has been scheduled to testify several times before Congress, however the 5 December 2018 date was cancelled, and he had failed to appear for various reasons at least two times on subsequent dates.

In fact, Huber seems to be doing almost nothing to those who have been watching him.  Some Q Commentators have assumed that Huber is a red herring to distract from DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz' investigation of FISA court abuse under the Obama administration.

In addition to the New Zealand shootings and the Notre Dame fire, it seems that GHW Bush was either killed or put on ice until the funeral was needed as a distraction.  It also seems that Q knew that teasing dates for release of significant information would draw out the Deep State to do "something" to bury the headlines.

And let us not forget that Q seemingly predicted the day, hour and minute of Senator John McCain's death 30 days in advance.  There are many implications here, not the least of which is that Q was a part of the execution of John McCain, which many Qvians believe.  At a minimum, it implies that John McCain had chosen a date and time to kill himself, and that Q was privy to that information but did nothing to stop him.

With all of this, we must include the Qvian belief that Q is a function of US military intelligence operations (though they deny it is a psy-op), and that Q is either working with the NSA, or is at least friendly with it - though not with the CIA, which Q refers to as "The Clowns".  See my article Who Is Q? linked at top for extended discussion of this item.

As such, the Qvians believe that Q has access to military-grade signals intelligence via specific computer servers and computers (DNC, Clinton and Weiner), net traffic (G-Mail and XBox messages) and "sources" such as Julian Assange and possibly Imran Awan.

If Q, as the Qvians believe, has military-grade intelligence and knows that the moves it telegraphs will trigger the Deep State to react in some spectacular way to steal headlines, then we should also assume that Q has the resources to know what specific actions the Deep State will take and by whom, since their planning and execution presumably include electronic communications.  Thus, Q had advanced knowledge of the New Zealand shootings and the Notre Dame fire.

In fact, the accused New Zealand shooter posted the obligatory "mass shooter manifesto" online and live streamed the shootings on Facebook.  There is a very ligh likelihood that he would have taken a "dry run" to test his camera rig and streaming ability in order to test his gear.  Thus, an electronic fingerprint was created that an advanced operation such as Q would have picked up.

By the same reasoning, if the Notre Dame fire was planned, someone cased the location, took photos and exchanged information using electronic means.  Again, US military intel should have easily picked this up.

If not, then we must assume that all the time, money and other resources poured into the various intel operations are completely useless, and in fact they are incapable of actually protecting anyone from anything, even to the point of posting a detailed plan online along with a list of persons involved and contact information for each of them.

If we assume that Q had advanced knowledge of the day, hour and minute that John McCain would die, that G.H.W. Bush would be killed or iced to use as a distraction, that the New Zealand shootings were planned as distractions, and that Notre Dame would be torched as a distraction, then we must squarely lay the blame on Q for these events.  To have advanced knowledge of a crime and do nothing, either by way of announcing the plans or attempting to stop them, makes Q complicit in those crimes.

If a person knows the details of a planned crime - who, what, when, why and how - and does not report it to "authorities" or otherwise take action to stop the crime, then that person is considered under most bodies of law to be an accessory before the fact.  If that person comes into information on the specifics of a crime after it is committed, but does not report those details to "authorities," then that person is an accessory after the fact.  In either case, the person is culpable in some fashion for the crime, since he has done nothing to stop it, or to aid in the cature and prosecution of the criminals.

Since Q is supposed to have such high-quality intelligence, we must assume that it is at minimum an accessory after the fact to several high-profile crimes.  If not, then we must assume that Q is just guessing and occasionally gets lucky with a "prediction" that comes to pass.

We assume accessory after the fact, because given the resources claimed for Q and knowing the target and method of the crime, it should be able to piece together the presumed communications involved in planning and executing the crimes.

What is even more disturbing is the way the Qvians celebrate Q's fulfilled "predictions" without considering the full implications of such things.  If Q has enough knowledge to telegraph these crimes, then it must have information that would have aided in stopping or bringing the perpetrators to justice.  That Q has not done this in any way apparent to the Qniverse is implicitly criminal.  That the Qvians find this reason to celebrate is deeply disturbing.

The presumed existence of 90,000 Sealed Indictments dating back more than a year do not count.  Only swift justice does.  Waiting around for Trump to appoint a magic number of compliant judges, as the Qvians believe to be the case, is something called "forum shopping," it is not a valid excuse to hold back criminal prosecutions.

In this case, forum shopping is even more egregious, since the Trump administration is not just shopping for compliant courts, it is apparently waiting to appoint desirable judges before proceeding with criminal charges.  Oh, that we all had such power.

To tie all this together, we can assume (from Q's Drops and the Qniverse in general) that at least 52 people are dead and a cultural landmark of inestimable value has been nearly destroyed because Q and/or Trump knowingly goaded political enemies by announcing specific dates for the release of certain information or similar events.

Because Q "predicted" the Deep State would react in this way, then Q is responsible for these crimes, because it knowingly acted in a manner that it knew would result in criminal acts.

Assuming Q has access to the value and depth of signals intelligence that it both claims, and which is ascribed to it, then Q most likely had/has evidence that would have stopped the crimes, or at least brought the perpetrators to justice.  This makes Q, and by extension Trump, minimally accessories after the fact, and possibly before.

Since both Q and Trump have stated their primary goal is to eliminate the Deep State/Drain The Swamp, and if they are in possession of evidence that would achieve that goal, but are holding back because of forum shopping, then they are responsible for the fact that there is a Deep State/Swamp to perpetrate such crimes in order to manipulate news cycles.  The concern for life and protecting cultural treasures should far outweigh other considerations.

Even in the absence of Q/Trump, there appears to be a religiously motivated war going on, in which "hits" are perpetrated on various places of worship worldwide, centered specifically on Christianity and Islam, but with the Temple Mount, we also have a component of Judaism, as well.

No matter how one slices the news, we perceive a deep current flowing through the major stories.

Overlaid on the news is a cult that follows a disembodied "intelligence" that claims - or is claimed - to have advanced knowledge of key events, and yet is not seen to do anything to stop these crimes or bring the perpetrators to justice.

If Q/Trump are aware that the announcement of dates for the release of certain information will likely cause other entities to react in a way that endangers life and property, and they continue to do this in order to "expose" those entities, then they are acting a vile and morally reprehensible manner.  At the very least, it is reckless endangerment.

It gets worse.

Since we have no real idea who or what Q is, we must NOT eliminate the possibility that Q is the instigator of these crimes.  Why?

If Q is committing the crimes, it would have both foreknowledge (predictions) of the crimes and a motive to not reveal information that would stop them, or bring the perpetrators to justice.  This implies that Q is either a function of the Deep State, or as I have posited in previous articles, a "goon squad" for a faction of the Deep State.

For those unfamiliar with this concept, I have argued before that the Deep State is actually composed of several factions, like "families" in the mafia, that are warring over who will rule the world and how.

In any event, there are a enough very serious questions to be answered that anyone who blindly follows Q must either approve of such behavior, or be incapable of reasoning all the implications of such an operation.

Throughout history, incalculable damage has been done to lives and property in the name of expediency.  Q is only the latest manifestation of this impulse to justifying the means by the outcomes.

Q followers must begin asking some very tough questions with potentially ugly answers, or admit that they are hopelessly indoctrinated into a political cult that has no problem with death and destruction, as long as the stated goals are met.

It's easy to be an armchair general when you don't have to confront the damage your decisions cause.

This is not a game.
UPDATE 21 APRIL 2019: Today suicide bombers attacked Christian churches and 5-star hotels in Sri Lanka and killed 150+ people, while injuring 400+.  According to Q, this is the "Deep State" trying to distract from political shenanigans in Washington DC.  Q has also intimated that DECLAS of the Steele Dosier could put all this mess to rest with the stroke of a pen.  If that's the case, then these lives are directly laid on the hands of Q/Trump.  The Mueller Report is out and there is no reason, other than showmanship, to keep the Steele Dossier hidden.  Trump even tweeted - in a now deleted post - that he has "never been happier or more content."  You, sir, are a slime bag.  Release the Steele Dossier and stop this nonsense immediately.  If DECLAS doesn't happen immediately, then both Q and Trump are frauds and deserve any amount of humiliation and legal jeopardy they get.


Behold The Qult

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READER NOTE: Updates appear at the end of the article.

Let me begin with some "B Proofs".  I have stated in several articles and interviews on Rense Radio that I suspected Q follower numbers were being inflated as rewards to the Anons and Commentators, as well as a means to control the perception of the operation's effectiveness and distribution.  The proof recently came on the "Patriots Fight" board.

For those not deeply (and wisely) initiated into this operation, Q has two boards on 8chan - one where Q exclusively posts its Drops (no other posts), and one where the Anons (Apostles and Acolytes) can post their research and comments.

The reader should also be aware that there are several sites where the Drops are automatically re-posted (based on trip codes), numbered, titled, and often share space with POTUS (President of the United States) tweets and Anon posts.  Two of the most popular of these sites are and

Qmap had a live user count at the top of the page, which consistently showed more than 200,000 online users at most times.

The screenshot here shows that the Admin of Qmap became aware of inflated user numbers via a hack of the system, and subsequently took the counter off the page.  At first, he repaired the counter, which then showed about 2,000 users at any time.  Apparently this was not a good sales point and the counter disappeared altogether.

I contend that if inflated counts are a proven fact in this case, then the probability of it happening on other outlets has increased significantly.  The reported numbers of Q Followers should be viewed with a skeptical eye.

There is also the matter of the [-21] day countdown that was to culminate on 19 March.  I clearly indicated that nothing would happen of any importance to the Spygate scandal, as many Qvians predicted (DECLAS of FISA for one).

The three events that did happen were the Christchurch mosque shootings, Trump vetoing the Senate's repeal of his Border National Emergency (BNE), and Attorney General Barr's blessing of the BNE on 15 March.  The Qvians either heralded the BNE as being the Big Event, or that the Christchurch attacks had stolen the headlines and any Trump surprises were thus put on hold.

The oft-repeated excuse for Q Fails is that the Drop was "disinformation" or a "decoy" for the Deep State to get them to expend "ammunition," and thus be rendered ineffective when the "real" news came (see Q3165)

In Q3078, Q clearly says that the Christchurch attacks were "not big enough" to pull headlines away from Trump's supposed bombshells.

This and other Drops from Q imply that it had foreknowledge of the attacks, or at minimum expected - even wanted - them to happen.  If this is the case, then why didn't Q expose the attacks before, or at least after?  Instead, it gloated in the waste of a mass killing to derail Q/POTUS plans.

This appears to be callous disregard for human life, and/or usurpation of tragedy to advance its agenda.  Either way, not a pretty picture, and one we have repeatedly seen with Q (see Q3077).  Even in the face of this tragedy, Q highlights its countdown (see Q3173).

Let us now turn to the Q Cult, or Qult.  We begin with a definition of "cult":
  • a system of religious veneration and devotion directed toward a particular figure or object. - "the cult of St. Olaf"
  • a relatively small group of people having religious beliefs or practices regarded by others as strange or sinister. - "a network of Satan-worshiping cults"
  • a misplaced or excessive admiration for a particular person or thing. - "a cult of personality surrounding the leaders"
As I have pointed out many times in previous articles, particularly "The Gospel According to Q" linked above, there is a very definite religious flavor both to Q's Drops and to the fervor with which the Qvians adhere to its pronouncements.  Religion is also a common theme in Trump's speeches and press conferences.

From Q's liberal use of Bible passages to the frequent inclusion of religious messages in much of the Qvian commentary, it is important to note this, as it is integral to my contention that Q is, or at least behaves as, a cult leader.

Not only does Q meet the first definition of "cult" above, but it also falls squarely under the third.  The combination of the two is most disconcerting.  It brings up connotations of the Queen of England, the King of Thailand, the Catholic Pope, or the Ayatollahs of Iran, who have both religious and political power.  Not a comforting image for a secular nation like the US.  These two "authorities" were purposely kept separate with good reason by the nation's founders.

That being said, the primary thrust of this article is to demonstrate how Q controls the narrative - and thus followers - within the Qniverse (my term for all things Q).  Q is obviously softening followers to be activated on command.  While it has been mostly benign to date, with 3,310 Drops, there is no reason to assume that it will remain so (see Q3077 ff.).

My thesis here is predicated on the repeated imperatives from Q to "use logic" and "use reason," or "look here, don't look there".  Despite dozens of instances of Q literally ordering followers to do something, it is surprising how few apply critical thinking to this operation, especially when it comes to examining the language that Q uses.

In English grammar, when there is assumed subject of "you" and the verb is in the Simple present aspect, it is a command or imperative, such as "sit down" or "shut up".  This is especially so when there are no modifying modals, such as would, could or should.

Q's use of syntax is combined with subtle contextual and connotative cues that are installed via repetition.  This is easily evidenced by Q's constant use of slogans, such as "where we go one, we go all."  It is also found in Q's predilection for "predicting" fairly obvious events or occurrences, then taking credit for those that come to pass while glossing over those that do not - in short, confirmation bias.

A primary reason Q - and other psy-ops - are so effective is that it subverts incredulity through the use of provable facts and "predictions" to lower resistance in the minds of followers and insert selected narratives and even false information into the individual's conscious thoughts.  The follower then perceives the world through the installed prism, where only selected points of view filter through.

An example would be the way the Nazi Party in Germany used very real cultural and economic threats to inject Final Solutions that did not address the real problems, but scapegoated segments of the population that were then widely perceived to be the cause of suffering.  Events such as the Reichtstag Fire and Kristalnacht are frequently cited examples.

We see similar currents in Trump rally crowds.  Chants of "USA," "CNN Sucks," "Fake News," and so forth are clearly the result of group-think.  Even if the individual is not disposed to violence, in a crowd of thousands, both the anonymity and the peer pressure can be overwhelming motivators.

In the case of Q, it has continually targeted media and the Democratic Party in the US.  While the nation's real problem is social, moral and cultural decay, Q has successfully laid the burden on demographic groups that are symptomatic, rather than actual causes.

The absence of invective against Republicans is telling, and there is never a third-party alternative mentioned.  Q is not a broad-spectrum movement, but one narrowly focused on getting selected Republicans in office.  Q is highly partisan and serves only to widen and deepen the left-right divide, not foster unity and common solutions.

We have seen this before far too many times.

This jingoism is evident in Q Drops and the extensive musings of the Qvians.  At no point do they see the System itself as the problem, only select groups within it.

Issues such as the wildly ballooning public debt, or the massive flooding in the Midwest US and the coming inflation in food prices, or the morality of taxation. or the federal government's involvement in public education are completely ignored, though arguably more pressing than any of the issues highlighted in the Qniverse.

Public funding of grotesque "art" through the National Endowment for the Arts, or billions of dollars in hand-outs to nations that are philosophically anathema to US ideals are never mentioned.  The rampant hiding of results from publicly-funded science and the mafia-like protection of Big Pharma and other industries don't rate a footnote with Q or among its followers.

Instead, we are treated to nearly non-stop haranguing of mass media, gleeful teasing of opposition politics, and ubiquitous flag waving and patriotic back-clapping.

In opposition to the long-standing American tradition of suspicion towards large, centralized government, Q is leading its followers to blind, unquestioning faith in it and the vainglorious hope - even faith - that the System can cure itself by administering more of what made it sick.

People who just a few years ago distrusted everything government now extol the virtues of the secret Plan to save the world and using the military to 'retake' the federal government - commonly called a "junta".  They once praised the bravery of Edward Snowden  for exposing the surveillance system, but now vilify the CIA (a.k.a. Clowns) and DARPA, while praising the NSA.  There was once a time when a "patriot" mean one who defends the land and people against any force - especially government - but now it is used to label the military operatives operating Q to 'restore' the government.

A perfect example of narrative control and redirection occurred during the government shut-down earlier this year.  There was rampant buzz among the Qvians, fostered by Q, that Trump would use the opportunity to lay off hundreds of thousands of government employees, thus reducing the size of the federal government and draining the swamp in one fell swoop.  Not only did it not materialize, not a single commentator that I monitor has mentioned it since then.  Yet, Trump is still viewed as a champion of smaller government and reduced waste, despite a complete lack of evidence for such an image.

This is a classic case of the Edward Bernays model of Public Relations: use symbols and trigger words to evoke a specific set of emotional responses, then transfer them to whatever person, product or organization one chooses; then reinforce the transference by manipulating the symbols and triggers.

In the case of Q, followers are being told they are under direct and dire threat.  Their families and property are being attacked, or will soon be.  The resulting fear and "circle the wagons" instinct is then transferred to whatever target Q chooses - in this case, the media and Democrats, used almost interchangeably.  The followers thus adhere to each other with a siege mentality for "protection" and begin to group-think.  This response shuts off critical thinking and prevents contrary information from entering conscious thought.

While the threats may or may not be real, the emotional responses are real, and those responses are targeted wherever the central cult figure points its finger.  We need look no further than Trump's Wall to see this in action.

Q has done nothing that any dedicated individual could not do.  Q has published hundreds of links to articles, photos and videos in the public domain, something many of us regularly do on social media. The difference is that the links and messages are strung together with a provided context to form a narrative with a particular viewpoint.

In fact, all of the heavy lifting to reveal hidden documents and conspiracies has been done by Tom Fitton and Judicial Watch, by Julian Assange and WikiLeaks, and by dozens of nameless, faceless people who risked their well-being to get those documents into the public domain.  Yet, the Qvians place all the glory at Q's feet, and Q does nothing to disabuse them of this undeserved adulation.  It is my contention that this is exactly what Q's intention is.

By taking the glory for uncovering the corruption at the core of the System, Q not only disenfranchises those dong the real work, it also controls the context and interpretation of the information.  In addition, through the Q Proofs and the Q+ entity, all of the goodwill is transferred to the military and Donald Trump, while blame is shunted onto the various enemies. (see Q791 ff)

The process works like this: first, gain the attention and trust of a large number of followers; next, transfer that trust onto Donald Trump; finally, take credit for all positive developments and ignore the rest.  No matter what happens, Trump is personally responsible for the perceived good, and the failures are shunted off on the Deep State, the Swamp and other shadowy enemies.  Think Orwell's Goldstein in Nineteen Eighty-Four.

As I have clearly demonstrated in prior articles, Q is a technology - a particularly powerful one at that - which is in the possession of government agencies, specifically USOCOM and the GEC.  We must ask ourselves, if Trump is re-elected and the pressure of campaigning is no longer a factor, what then?  Furthermore, if Trump loses in 2020, or leaves in 2024, and someone else assumes the office, what will that person do with this technology?  Control is only a matter of firing the right people and installing cronies.

We must assume that the opposition is well aware of Q, given the large body of media hit pieces out there, and they will surely have been thinking what they could do with such a tool.  We must also assume that even if Q is publicly "revealed," we will likely not get the whole, or even true story.  It is interesting to note that speculation of Q's Revelation closely mirrors the UFO Disclosure talk.

Q has shifted its narrative several times, and the Qvians unquestioningly follow the lead with nary a glance in the rear-view mirror.  Q has already established an "infallibility doctrine" among a great many followers, and they work feverishly to prove every Q Pronouncement correct, rather than critically dissecting and examining the pieces, and especially holding Q to task for failures.

Q is by definition a cult.  Its followers offer unquestioned credulity and allegiance, assume they know the identity of Q (commonly using the pronoun "he"), and relentlessly evangelize Q's message, and the message is a blend of religious and political ideologies.  These are hallmarks of cults.

The Qvians heap unearned praise on their unseen leader and its public manifestation in Donald Trump.  They attribute all manner of victories and beneficence to Q, and wave away any failures and conflicting data with consensus apologetics.  They produce and display objects of faith, such as hundreds of hours of video, clothing, stickers, banners, and so on.  We have even seen the apotheosis of Trump as god-emperor

It is one thing to hold harmless pep rallies, and quite another to hold torchlight processions.  Can we honestly and naively assume that the movement before us will not devolve into the latter?

Behold the Qult.

Update 8 April 2019: As of this time, Q has been silent since 10am, 29 March 2019.  In our model, this means Q has entered Analysis Phase, where it stops "talking" and starts "listening".  This has a number of purposes in q-analysis (see article above by this title).  First, it is remapping the social media sphere to see how far its most recent messages have spread and where the hot-spots or "hubs" are.  It may single out particularly active hubs to steer increased traffic and for rewards such as "mentions" or higher subscriber numbers.  Second, it is quantifying which messages are getting the most "air time".  It may choose certain topics for future Drops in order to boost their visibility, or to populate them with more information.

From a political standpoint, this kind of information would be highly valuable when scheduling rallies and composing speeches in various locations.  It can also quantify how well certain messages are playing among the voters and what their emotional responses are to various topics.

Of course, there are far more possibilities of value to a political entity.  These are just the most obvious.  Regions that purchase large amounts of Q Paraphernalia would be rich grounds for targeting donors.  It also provides a comprehensive map of strengths and weaknesses, and which issues might sway those regions.

In any event, Listening Mode has gone anywhere from days to nearly a month.  These periods allow the water to settle a bit and make the feedback clearer by not stirring the Qvians with new data, but rather seeing where things stand before launching the next phase of the project.


Vexxed By Vaxxing

A company called Ndemic Creations recently announced that it is adding anti-vaxxers to its popular game Plague Inc.  No word on how much cash Big Pharma is pumping into their stock to "help out".

From the outset, let's establish that Big Pharma is motivated solely and completely by profits.

A recent article announced that Big Pharma was "urging" governments to stockpile antibiotics in case of a major "flu outbreak."  This is absurd on its face.  Influenza is caused by any number of viruses, and antibiotics have no effect on viruses - at all.  This article has only two purposes: first, to cause fear that a flu epidemic could occur at any time, and second to sell vast quantities of a drug that is wholly ineffectual for the given reason.  Profit.

Next, why are vaccines the ONLY government-mandated health regimen?  Most of the vaccines are for childhood diseases that have vanishingly small death rates - measles, mumps, chicken pox.  They are not pleasant diseases, but per capita, the death rates are tiny.  Over the last 10 years, the measles death rate has been less than 1 per year, while the number of known cases has varied between 100 and 200.  The number of deaths from mumps and chicken pox are vanishingly small.  On a global scale, death rates don't even rise above the statistical noise level.

Why are vaccines mandated and not, say, hand washing, vitamin supplements, healthy diets, and so on ad nauseum.  Profit.

If vaccines are so effective, why are there no vaccines for the really dangerous viruses?  Could it be that infection rates and/or affected populations are too small to generate tremendous profits?  Or maybe there's no political interest in certain diseases.  In fact, there are dozens of viral diseases that primarily affect Third World populations who don't have the wealth or trust to use vaccines, and so Big Pharma ignores them.

It's also possible that vaccines don't work, and so they are only produced for diseases that are generally harmless.  If someone gets a flu vaccine, then still gets the flu, they are most likely not going to die from it and there's a convenient excuse about a strain that wasn't planned for.  If, for instance, an HIV vaccines were announced and people who got it still fell prey to the virus, it would be quite obvious that the vaccine didn't work.  Pure Profit.

In fact, there is almost no metric of vaccine efficacy that can't also be explained by better hygiene, better diets, and better overall health care when one is sick.  If vaccines were stopped altogether this moment, disease rates would likely not increase over current levels.

That the scientific cabal (scientidiots as we call them) finds the term "herd immunity" an acceptable way to describe human beings and our health is at once revolting and telling.  Revolting because these high priests of the secular religion actually view us collectively as flock animals, and telling for the same reason.

It seems that lately, Big Pharma has been on a massive campaign to scare us all into queuing up for our vaccines.  They are using every tool at their well-funded disposal to inject us with fear porn and instill guilt.  We are told, as members of the "herd," that if any one of us gets sick, then it is the fault of those who have the sense enough to question this whole vaccine regimen.

To that I reply, if vaccines actually worked as advertised, why would any vaccinated individual need to worry about the unvaccinated.  In fact, what better marketing tool than to show that vaccinated folks need not worry about outbreaks of measles, chicken pox or flu?  There would be no question of efficacy.  We could all witness the value in action.  Sign me up!

It seems to me that blaming unvaccinated individuals for disease outbreaks is a blatant admission that their products do not work.

In point of fact, do you actually know what is in any given vaccine?  I mean really know?  Sure, they are labelled, but labels lie and obfuscate.  And how many times have you asked your doctor, or been offered the container to read?  And those "drug information sheets," you need degrees in medicine, chemistry and ancient Greek to wade through the first paragraph.

Sure, your highly trained doctor promotes them, but what is he/she receiving from the pharmaceutical companies to do so?  I've witnessed first-hand the gimmies, elaborate meals and "retreats" hosted by Big Pharma, and I almost want to promote their crud because of all that.

Sure, the government mandates them, but what has government ever done to earn your implicit trust - besides murder, maim and steal, of course?  How many government-approved products have ultimately been shown to be harmful?

When you go to the doctor's office to get your jab, have you ever asked to see the vaccine packaging?  Have your ever sent samples to an independent lab to be tested and verified as to contents?  No?  So you are just taking the word of a bunch of people with vested financial interests that what is being delivered directly into your bloodstream is both composed of what is claimed, and works as advertised.

At least heroin users get immediate feedback as to the purity and efficacy of the product they inject.

And there's always an out for Big Pharma.  With the flu vaccine, when you still get the flu,'s a strain we hadn't planned on last year when we made the potions.  Or perhaps there's a new mutated form of the virus that doesn't respond to the current vaccine.  Or perhaps you came into contact with an anti-vaxxer.

This last excuse is the one that makes me most suspicious and angry.  If the potions worked as advertised, then a vaccine should allow a member of the "herd" to walk into a room full of sick people without worry.  After all, you're immune, right?  That's what they advertise, right?

The US federal government, paragon of trust and good faith that it is, has actually set up a special court system, called the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP), just for claims against vaccines and manufacturers.  In that court, the manufacturer is never liable.  The American taxpayer is.  If your claim is found to be valid, you are paid off with tax dollars and required to sign a form giving indemnity to the manufacturer and vowing silence as to the details and outcomes of cases.

Such a deal!  The government mandates vaccines, then holds the manufacturers free of blame for any injuries or damages caused by vaccines, then uses your money to pay off the injured parties and shut them up.

And we wonder why we never hear of problems with vaccines?

There are two basic kinds of vaccine.  One uses chopped up pieces of viruses - the protein coats - to bind to cell receptors and activate immune responses in the form of B and T cells.

The other uses dead or "inactivated" viruses to the do the same thing.

The first question that arises is, if biologists can't agree whether viruses are actually living creatures, then how do we know they are dead, or "inactive"?  Don't exobiologists talk about viruses and bacteria lying dormant for centuries in the harsh environment of space?  Besides, if something is never alive, how can it be dead?

A virus is simply a protein shell with various bumps and dimples on the surface that lock into receptors on a cell's "skin".  Once a virus latches onto a receptor, it dissolves and injects a set of instructions - like mRNA - into the cell to high-jack the cell's normal processes and re-task them to producing more viruses.  In other words, a virus cannot reproduce itself.  It must take over a host cell and use it to do the job.  This violates one of the basic definitions of Life.

Viruses do not reproduce themselves, they must usurp the life processes of something else.  Viruses do not metabolize food and create energy - again they must use the processes of a living cell.  Viruses cannot move themselves, they depend on a medium such as air or fluid to randomly float to the next victim.  Viruses do not respire - take in oxygen and expire CO2.

They do not meet any of the criteria for life, and in fact many don't even have complete genomes or even DNA.  No motility, no respiration, no reproduction equals no life.

So exactly how do we know something is dead that shows no signs of life in the first place?  And if it is "deactivated," how does it do anything that provides immunity?

The next big issue is how vaccines are made.

Among other methods, some vaccines are produced by incubating the virus in human fetal tissue.  There is only one source of human fetal tissue that is not in utero - aborted babies.

This is one of those little details that are not widely advertised, since most people abhor the idea of having the tissue of aborted children injected into their bloodstreams.  On a cellular level, this is hardly different from cannibalism.

Then there's the is use of adjuvants.  An adjuvant is a potion that "enhances" the body's immune response, causing the release of antigens, and thus creating immunity (supposedly).  The mixtures that different companies use as adjuvants are the primary source of patents, and thus are proprietary to each manufacturer.

If, in fact, adjuvants act as advertised, one wonders why any part of a virus is needed in the first place?  What's more, we are not privy to the exact formulae because they are company secrets.  In other words, they are the part of the trick that even a magician won't tell another magician.

The most discussed issue with vaccines are the preservatives used to give the potions shelf-life and prevent contamination.  In the US, the three approved chemicals are phenol, 2-phenoxyethanol, and thiomersal.  The latter is well known to contain mercury, which causes the brain to short-circuit.

Mercury is the suspected cause of autism, and the origin of the expression "mad as a hatter".  More in a moment.

Phenoxyethanol is an interesting substance.  It is composed of a glycol chain and an ethanol chain bound by oxygen atoms.  It is also called ethylene glycol monophenyl ether, phenoxytolarosol, Dowanol EP / EPH, and several other names.  It is used in cosmetics and perfume as a liquifier base that evaporates leaving the other ingredients behind.  It is also a commercial solvent for various materials such as cellulose and resins.  It has the property of preventing bacteria and yeast from reproducing, so it is also used as a topical (on the skin) antiseptic.  Lovely stuff to shoot in your veins, especially if you are religiously bound to avoid alcohol.

Phenol is a white crystal composed of C6H5OH, or a phenyl group bonded with a hydroxy group.  It is aromatic, meaning it readily evaporates, and volatile, meaning it readily bonds with other substances.  It is produced from petroleum.  Let's let Wikipedia tell us about it:
 "It is primarily used to synthesize plastics and related materials. Phenol and its chemical derivatives are essential for production of polycarbonates, epoxies, Bakelite, nylon, detergents, herbicides such as phenoxy herbicides, and numerous pharmaceutical drugs."

Plastic?  Epoxy?  Nylon?  Herbicide?  And they inject that crap into our veins?  Recall that phenoxyethanol is basically this stuff mixed with grain alcohol.  Double-plus good!
We should also note at this point the connection to nylon and a strange disease called Morgellon's.

Finally, there's thiomersal.   You may know this stuff as Merthiolate, which used to be a common part of every medicine cabinet until it was quietly demarketed because of the mercury content.  It is a reddish substance used topically (on the skin) to treat cuts and scratches because of its antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Put simply, mercury is highly toxic to life as we know it.  According to "scientific consensus," and regular readers here know what we think about that term, it is perfectly harmless, which is why it is used to kill a wide variety of critters and was banned from topical use.

As a vaccine consumer, you have the choice of injecting your bloodstream with a petroleum distillate used in plastics, epoxies and detergents, or a mercury compound that kills everything it touches.  How exciting!

I've only surveyed the most visible issues with vaccines.  There are many others, such as the wisdom of over-exciting the immune system and its relationship to the growing problems with allergies.  There is also scant evidence that vaccine immunity is "remembered" by the body years later, which would take an entire book to discuss thoroughly.

Suffice it to say there are dozens of important considerations to entertain when deciding whether to pump your bloodstream full of toxins and pathogens in an effort to be healthy.  The arguments are similar to the use of radiation and toxic chemicals, all of which cause cancer, in cancer treatments: how does making the body sick create health?

There is an all-out campaign to scare people into jabbing themselves with this crud.  News stories on measles, chicken pox, and influenza outbreaks, and uninhibited guilt trips on parents are among the many tactics to induce fear and panic.

Of course, vaccines are offered as the only 'reasonable" solution to these fears.  Never mind that we are all the products of millions of years of humans surviving these ailments.  They are not pleasant, to be sure, but the death rates compared to the (hidden) damage caused by vaccines is laughable.  Furthermore, those who die from these ailments are usually immune-compromised to begin with.
No one with a vested interest in selling you vaccines will tell you that a healthy diet, good hygiene and regular use of high-quality dietary supplements are as effective, if not more so, than any vaccines or combination of them.  In fact, the study of disease vectors, beginning with Pasteur and Leeuwenhoek, did more for public health than any vaccine ever has.  (Note polio infections were falling even before the introduction of the Salk vaccine in the 1950s)

If the foregoing information and links have produced any doubt in your mind about the safety and efficacy of vaccines, then it behooves you to do more investigation, especially if you are a soon-to-be parent about to be surrounded by people with a vested financial interest in pushing vaccines on your child.

Just looking at the preservatives used should make you question whether you want that crud pumped into your newborn.  Regular hand-washing, bathing your child and keeping the nursery clean will be far more effective and less dangerous.

Some final questions to ask: if you are vaccinated against, say...flu, then why do they run breathless fear-porn articles about flu outbreaks every year?  Wouldn't it be more effective to show all the healthy vaxxers who didn't get the flu this year?  Don't you want to be like them?  Or can't they show that to us?