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A Quantum of Q-bit

We want to express our sincerest thanks to Jeff Rense and his team for their invaluable support.  If this topic interests you, please keep an eye on the Rense Radio Network for exclusive content and updates as we ferret out the Q.

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UPDATE 17 Sept 2018 (coincidence?): It seems that David Wilcock and Jordan Sather are two of the biggest promoters, if not the originators, of the "51,000 sealed indictments" meme.  Regardless of who it comes from, it can easily be proven false.  That, however, would require using logic and reason, qualities in short supply among Q-vians.

1) The 51,000 includes all sealed cases found on PACER, which includes bankruptcies (majority of cases), family/juvenile court cases and appellate cases, none of which have anything to do with Q or indicting Deep State characters; in fact, most are not indictments at all.
2) The total number is cumulative, so the list is not being purged as cases are unsealed.
3) If we assume 6 grand jurors, a judge, 2 lawyers, the clerk, the bailiff, and assorted court personnel for EACH grand jury, we are looking at well over 500,000 people involved; do you honestly think ALL those people would be silent over such explosive information?
4) There are 94 Article III US District Courts, meaning each court has convened 543 grand juries in the past 9 months, or roughly 2/day without weekends or holidays; simply put, the US federal judicial system is doing nothing but convening grand juries, right?
5) The number of ACTUAL sealed indictments is around 1,000, and that number is well within the year-over-year average at the federal level.

It appears we can safely put this meme to bed and get back to reality - another quality in short supply on this topic.  Use logic.

How many times have we been told that Q is all about research?  Would be nice to see some once in a while.

I am not so full of myself that I think Q or any of the Q-vians would specifically address any of the points I've made over the past several months of analyzing the Q Phenomenon.  I'm just a fnutty blogger in the back woods of Borneo who spends way too much time reading, watching and thinking about something a great many people think is pure lunacy to begin with.

I will say that Q has put forth a great deal of effort taking Alex Jones down.  I still maintain that Jones was offered a vital role in all this back when he was deplatformed by YouTube and Facebook (see my article Jonesing for Q).  He was given a golden litigation task with a soon-to-be-friendly Supreme Court and Jones could have made judicial history by helping take down the Tech Giants.

Instead, he blew it for ego because he knows Q is stealing his thunder and putting him out of business one way or another.  So, bye-bye Twitter too.  And Q is openly calling Jones a Mossad agent to boot (e.g. Q2088).

It should be noted that Q uses the three letters "MOS," which could have many interpretations, so Q has plenty of wiggle room if it wants to walk it back.  The Mossad interpretation is entirely on the heads of the Q-vians.

It is fascinating to me that a complete unknown, a faceless, nameless entity that showed up not even a year ago, has unseated Jones, who has worked feverishly for 20 years to build his empire.  What spell is Q creating over so many people?

All is not happy in the Qniverse (Q Universe).

I chose that term advisedly, because among its many layers, Q incorporates a kind of comic book superhero mythology - which I haven't discussed at length yet, as well as pro sports, while wrapping it up in a form similar to the excellent show Person of Interest.

Q has stated on several occasions that it will not abide anyone profiting off of the Phenomenon.  Q specifically targeted Jerome Corsi, who had new life breathed into his waning years as one of the first Q Decoders, but he was profiting nicely from the effort.  Now Corsi is receiving the tender mercies of Robert Mueller, as is Roger Stone, another Jones cohort who also spent a lot of time tearing down Q or distracting from it for money.

Perhaps that is one reason I have not been directly attacked: I sell nothing, charge nothing, advertise nothing.  I just watch, listen and learn - and report to you, the astute reader.

The Jones crew aren't the only ones.  There's some character named Micro Chip, and another named Jack Viscovich, who together claimed to have positive proof that Micro Chip was behind the "Q LARP" and had convinced Viscovich of that fact and that Chip was shutting down the enterprise - except that Q kept posting.

And one of those posts (Q2088 above) seems to have completely discredited Chip by showing that all Apple adverts for its products have the time 9:41, which coincidentally is the exact time stamp on Chip's screen shots "proving" that he created Q (see Q2122).

Blog Hit Count 16 Sept 2018
Interestingly, I have apparently been the beneficiary of someone's attempt to raise my blog to public awareness in search engines.  As mentioned in my previous article, my site received a regular set of pings over two days, averaging about 300/hour.  Once again this past week, the same thing happened, only this time it was 500/hour.  In addition, it appears to be signed.  Look at the imeage.  There are about 10 major peaks at 500, then a pause and another isolated peak at 1,000.  This might be interpreted as 10^100, or ten to the 100th power, or...a googol.  All of the hits came from, and all were directed at the home page, not any particular article.  I don't believe I am imagining things.  Other, smarter people have seen it too, and none of us have ever seen anything like it.

The reader will forgive me if all this sounds like a cross between Tom Clancy and Michael Crichton novels.  It falls out naturally from watching the Q Phenomenon for a long period of time, and is certainly not discouraged by Q itself.

So, where do we stand in all this?  What is the Qniverse (my term) leading to?  Is this Q thing real or just a distraction - a LARP if you will?

Well, as I have stated many times, I think Q is real and has a real-world agenda and that it is definitely NOT a LARP created by a bunch of basement-dwellers with too much time on their hands.

In my professional opinion, with decades of media experience behind me, Q is a vastly complex and altogether new application of a mathematical system called q-analysis, used to define and study interaction between sets, defined for our purposes as humans in the real world.  In short, it is a marketing campaign of extraordinary power and sophistication linked to high-quality, high-resolution intelligence data at the government level.

I think Q was hatched by elements within the US government as a weapon against other elements who were perceived as getting too powerful.  Q recruited a compliant front man named Donald Trump, who himself is a master of marketing and perception.  I suspect Q is operating above Trump, and not the other way around.  Trump is simply the ring master, but not the circus.

At its most basic level, Q is out to preserve itself by maintaining a favorable environment in the Executive Branch of the US government.  This requires keeping Trump in office as long as needed to achieve its goals.  Thus, Q has as its basis an election campaign, where it is influencing sympathetic voters to action, retrieving lost voters and activating them again, and converting new voters.

Q achieves this by appearing to be all things to all people:

  • For those with a sport mentality, it's the Black team versus the White team.  
  • For those with a religious bent, it is bringing wrath and vengeance to an immoral and apostic world.  
  • For the marketeers, its a self-writing story that sells to anyone and sustains merchandise sales and donations over and above just selling Trump gear and political campaigns alone.
  • To the cloak-and-dagger world, it appears as an exciting spy thriller, with plot twists galore and changing allegiances at every turn.  
  • For comic book fans, Q is the invincible yet underdog hero fighting for truth and justice and the American way.  
  • For the militarily inclined, Q is the quintessential patriot and the flag-waving True Believer defending the government and Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.  
  • For the bookish, Q is the ultimate research material, providing hours of busy work digging through archives and ancient texts for clues.
  • And to the conspiracy minded, Q is the ultimate proof that everything they've believed for so long and against waves of ridicule is absolutely true and correct.
On the one hand, Q is the ultimate liberal tool, bringing together a diverse group of people who would otherwise not seem to be natural allies.

On the other hand, Q is the ultimate conservative, unwavering in patriotic fervor and advocating traditional values.

If the reader would consider all of these angles and all of their permutations and possibilities, he or she should begin to see why I am so fascinated with this operation.  It is incredibly complex and designed by masterful hands.

And I have to agree with Q on one particular point - censorship equals fear.  

Q has neatly placed the MSM/GeezerMedia in a box.  If they acknowledge Q, they risk sending waves of new followers to it.  If they ignore or ban Q (as with Reddit recently), they risk doing the same thing.

You've got to stand in awe at the complexity of Q's strategy.  Damned if they do, damned if they don't.

The future of Q may well be one of the most dramatic episodes in recent history, or it may be one of the most significant let-downs of all time.  There doesn't seem to be any middle ground in this Phenomenon.

Q has clearly painted a target on some heavy hitters: the Bush/Clinton cabal, the US Deep State, the Vatican and a number of foreign nations - indeed, the nefarious underworld of the entire planet.  That's no small target.

Q has set up the Q-vians (my term for followers) to either be on the forefront of one of the most magnificent clean-up operations ever devised, or to be shamed for life as having fallen for one of the greatest hoaxes ever perpetrated.  I cannot discern any middle ground.  It is an all-or-nothing game with incredible odds and some severe outcomes in any case.

My own stance on the matter, as I have recently elucidated, is that Q claims to have taken immoral actions (death of John McCain, destruction of surveillance assets, etc.), and I cannot condone any entity that asserts its intrinsic goodness when it is no better than the enemy it purports to fight.  I must therefore count myself among the anti-Q crowd, but for an entirely different set of reasons.

I agree with the initial, stated goal of Q, but I do not agree with the means.  Controlling people's thoughts and actions using methods that they do not fully understand nor perceive is immoral.  Taking a life without a clear and public set of reasons, and endangering millions and risking war to achieve one's ends is immoral - especially when the millions are not fully informed of what is going on, and thus unable to consent.

Q's message has evolved over time, starting with the assertion that criminal suspects are facing imminent arrest, to cleaning the entire world of evil.  Q appears to be manipulating this escalation to attract as many followers as possible for the obvious goal of keeping a political candidate in office for as long as possible.  That seems to me to be rather cynical and dangerous, as similar mass movements throughout history have not ended well.

I hope that my agenda here has been made abundantly clear.  I am attempting to inform and caution anyone who will listen that Q appears to be a highly sophisticated psy-op run by secretive elements within the US government and ostensibly marketing a political candidate and a slate of partisans from the several States.

I am not hawking books, T-shirts and paywalls, which I hope demonstrates the integrity of my efforts, though admittedly I hold out my hat to those willing to encourage my efforts as any street performer at a busy intersection might.

We are now quite literally at the cross-roads.  Q has encouraged the Q-vians to expect big things in the next month leading up to the mid-term elections.  For their parts, the Q-vians have focused their attention on a circulating and growing list of fifty-thousand-plus "sealed indictments," which seems to be the Holy Grail of the Phenomenon.

It is clear to me that October is a make or break time for Q.  It must either produce publicly visible results, both in convictions and elected officials, or risk losing a great many folks who have pinned their hopes on real action.

The Put Up Or Shut Up moment is upon us.  In Q2141, Q clearly throws the gauntlet: "Shills shill; Patriots WIN."

Clearly a case of Where We Go One, We Go All, it seems.

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