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Surfing The Q-Wave

We want to express our sincerest thanks to Jeff Rense and his team for their invaluable support.  If this topic interests you, please keep an eye on the Rense Radio Network for exclusive content and updates as we ferret out the Q.

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A Quantum Of Q-Bit

Making the rounds of late has been the curious story of the U.S. National Solar Observatory closing in Sunspot, New Mexico, and the strange goings-on surrounding that two-week long mystery.  It appears to be resolved now, but like any good spy thriller, things are rarely what they appear to be.

I should note up front that just about everything that follows is purely speculative, though based on the noted facts at hand.  When one steps into the world of spooks, codes and anti-coup, one necessarily enters the realm of intuition and instinct, where up is down and black is white.

What we know is this:
1) On 30 August 2018, Q claimed to have neutralized/offlined/disrupted/destroyed all or part of the CIA's Snow White computer array, and the UK's Big Bird satellite along with several of the CIA's Corona-class satellites (Q2008 to Q2021); and
2) On 6 September 2018, the National Solar Observatory (NSO) and the local post office in Sunspot, New Mexico, USA, were reportedly shut down, and FBI personnel and Black Hawk helicopters were seen in the area; and
3) On 16 September 2018, it was announced that the observatory would re-open on the 17th, and that the whole thing was due to a "suspect in a criminal investigation," later changing to suspicion that a janitor (!) was using the WiFi to send and receive child pornagraphy; and
4) The observatory has advanced laser and communications arrays used in various scientific investigations related to space; and
5) Sunspot, NM is located adjacent to the White Sands Proving Grounds and Holloman Air Force Base, with line-of-sight views to the important military facilities; and
6) The CIA was founded in part on the use of Nazi spy networks belonging to Gen. Reinhard Gehlen; and
7) White Sands was home to a number of Operation Paperclip Nazis during the nascent phases of the US space program.

It should also be noted that a number of respected researchers and authors, including Joseph Farrell, Peter Levenda and Jim Marrs, have found numerous circumstantial ties between post-war Nazi networks and the assassination of JFK.  This comes into play because of the strange meme among the Q-vians regarding the supposed role of John F. Kennedy, Jr., in all of this.  And certainly let us not forget that from the air, JFK's gravesite forms the letter "Q".

In order to set up the speculative conclusions I will draw, we must first examine microwave and laser (also called Free Space Optical) transmission technology.

The two most common communication media that requires line of sight are microwave, which has an extremely narrow beam angle and a high-frequency waveform that can carry large amounts of information over vast distances without the need for repeaters, as long as one maintains line-of-sight, and laser, which can be used in a strictly binary, on/off mode (blinking), or modulated to carry large amounts of data with a carrier wave.

Microwave transmitters are small, cheap and can be run off of a car battery or similar power source, all of which can be carried by one person.  Microwaves can also be bounced off of shiny, smooth surfaces, a technique often used by remote news trucks in cities bouncing signals off of glass-skinned buildings.  The beams are difficult to detect unless you are directly in their path, making for ideal covert signalling with either terrestrial targets, or orbiting geostationary ones.

Similarly, laser transmissions are very narrow and cohesive over large distances.  In fact, the National Solar Observatory (NSO) - note the logo - has quite a few powerful lasers used for various "science" applications, such as laser altimetry (LIDAR) of the Moon, so hitting geo-synch assets would be little problem for such technology.

In fact, I suspect that when communications are "lost" with Mars rovers, they are in fact transmitting covert data to Earth via LIDAR lasers on the various orbiting craft, but that's another story (or is it?).

Both of these media are very difficult to detect and intercept,  It would be quite easy to set up loops that would shut down communications as soon as the beam were disrupted, meaning that even if they were found, trying to tap into the beams be nearly impossible.

Both systems are also highly portable and ground stations could easily be transported by a team of two or three people in a car or light aircraft.  They set up in minutes and could be moved around at will, meaning the teams would never be in one place for very long.

Once set up, the team would send out a military-grade GPS signal, allowing the orbital assets to target the receivers.  Large amounts of data could be sent quickly, and the whole thing packed up and gone in half an hour or less, depending on how well coordinated the operation was.

The only limitations would be the footprints of the orbiting assets.  A geo-sync satellite would have about 120-degree longitudinal coverage range, while low-orbiting (LEO) assets would be considerably less.  LEO assets would also have roughly 10-minute windows every 90 minutes in which to send and receive.  In both cases, though, the orbiting assets could easily bounce signals to other satellites for global coverage; however, every bounce would increase risk of detection or signal interruption.

What is interesting to me is that the take-over of the NSO occurs fairly close in time to the claim by the entity Q that it had disabled US/UK intelligence/espionage assets both terrestrially (Snow White) and in orbit (Corona and Big Bird).  Q claimed to disrupt the network on 30 August 2018, and seven days later the NSO was shut down and evacuated for ten days.

It is thus reasonable to assume that the take-over was an attempt to communicate either outside Q's surveillance modes, or among Q's network without outside interception.  Given that the FBI was involved without the local authorities, it would likely be the former than the latter, since the FBI and CIA have been established in the Qniverse as targets of Q's clean-up efforts.

Thurn und Taxis postage stamp
At this point, we need to take a quick look at the post office in Sunspot, NM, which was shut down and taken over along with the NSO.  Most people would completely miss this detail, but it is key to my suspicion that the whole thing is a military operation related to communications.

The general public is unaware that the United States Postal Service (USPS), and indeed most national postal services, are under the jurisdiction of Admiralty Law, or Law of the High Seas, due to the fact that they are involved in transferring goods and information across national borders.

This supranational jurisdiction was established by the Treaty of Bern of 1874, and currently operates under the Universal Postal Union, a UN agency.  All of this was a result of the efforts of the Thurn & Taxis company, a private German postal service operated between 1806 and 1867 (note dates relative to the Treaty).

This effectively places any address with a postal code that receives mail (and likely e-mail as well) at least partially under Admiralty Law.  Taking over the post office would then place the NSO incident outside US jurisdiction, which is quite curious indeed.

Now that we have tied in Germany via Thurn & Taxis, it's time to turn attention to the Nazi angle in all this.

It is important to establish right off the bat that the Nazi Party was a Socialist movement.  It's name translates as the National Socialist German Workers' Party.  While this is often denied by leftists who throw the term 'nazi' around, liberally at right-wing opponents, it is nonetheless true.

We need also to be mindful of Operation Paperclip (and others), in which the US brought numerous high-ranking Nazis into the US, who then were used to set up the country's space program and intelligence networks, specifically the CIA.  Note also that the USSR did the same thing for the same purposes.

Thus, by the 1950s, we have hard-core Nazis working in both the US and USSR - both sides of the Cold War - with more or less carte blanche within both countries while setting up some of the most sensitive and most high-tech operations in both countries.

This position would certainly allow the Nazis to maintain global networks of spies with access to state-of-the-art technologies.  Along with ex-patriots in South America and other locations, they would operate above national levels (supranational organization) with near impunity.

The rise of the Nazi party also coincides with the rise of communist and socialist activism within the US that has persisted to the current day, and is in fact a major issue within the US at this time.  See Bernie Sanders, the Clintons, Barack Obama, and new faces like Alexdria Ocasio-Cortez.

Q has made it clear that it is opposed to these established Socialist individuals, as well as their networks within the US federal government.

Project Veritas has recently exposed quite a number of Socialists within the federal government using its facilities for their own purposes at taxpayer expense.  This is precisely what we would expect if Nazis had infiltrated and more or less taken over the US government.

The Nazis were known to utilize radical Muslim groups in their efforts to purge Jews from Europe and elsewhere.  There are numerous links between key Nazi figures and various Muslim leaders and militant elements throughout World War Two - too many to rehearse here, but which the reader should research, since this would establish a clear link between Socialist activists and radical Islam, which seems abundantly clear to many folks today.  We need only note established links between the Bush family, the Clintons and Obama, and the Muslim Brotherhood, al Qaeda, the Taliban, etc. ad nauseum.

The Bush family ties to Nazi Germany and the rise of Hitler are well established, both by documentarians and by the US Congressional Record itself.

This lands us face first on the JFK assassination.

A number of qualified researchers, including and especially the three mentioned above, have demonstrated a great many links between the assassination and Socialist/Nazi elements within and outside the US, especially among Cuban, Russian, and Ukrainian expats in Dallas, Texas, and elsewhere.

Few reasonable people are unaware of or deny the coup d'etat that occurred around the assassination and the prominent rise of the Bush family - provably Nazi sympathizers and collaborators according to Congressional testimony and censure of Prescott Bush (father of George Sr.).

We also note the ties between George Bush, Sr. and the CIA, which was founded by Paperclip Nazis using Gen. Gehlen's spy networks in Europe and the Middle East.  The CIA has also been proven to have had a significant role in the formation of al Qaeda and ISIS, while Hillary Clinton's closest aide Huma Abedin has established family ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

We now have clear links between the Nazis and US political dynasties, as well as between Nazi sympathizers and Socialist activists within the US, and to espionage/surveillance organizations, and to radical Islamic groups.  These links are both historical and current.

Assuming Q is what it says it is, then let's see where the narrative stands at this point:

In 1963, Socialist/Nazi elements had taken over a significant part of the US federal government through the CIA and the national space program, and had used those agencies to establish and maintain a global supranational network incorporating their colleagues in the former USSR, and elsewhere.

Fearing that JFK was intent on dismantling their network, they conspired to assassinate him and instituted a coup d'etat that has continued up to the current day.

Certain loyalist elements within the US military formulated a couter-coup at least as early as 2012, and likely before.  The counter-coup is represented at least in part by Q, and it recruited Donald Trump as its front man to aid in the retaking of the Executive Branch of government, which would have significant influence over the Judicial Branch through the appointment of judges to the federal circuits and the Supreme Court, thus effectively retaking two of the three branches.  This would also avoid an outright military take-over and side-step all the associated problems with that issue.

As I have previously established, Q is also a marketing plan being used to mobilize disenfranchised elements of the US populace to heavily influence Congressional elections, particularly those upcoming in November 2018.  This effectively includes the Legislative Branch in the counter-coup.

On 30 August 2018, Q claims to have cut off significant communications assets belonging to the CIA and MI-6 (UK), including Snow White, the Corona constellation, and Big Bird (the reader would do well to research the connections between UK nobility and the Nazis as well).

I should also mention that the Nazi angle necessarily includes the Vatican and Q is clearly targeting that institution via the human trafficking issue, as well.  This angle is quite complex and will be the subject of future posts.

Seven days after Q claimed to shut down communications the FBI, established by Q as part of the Black Hat brigade, took over the NSO and local post office for 10 days.  The NSO has robust tools usable for microwave and laser communications both with terrestrial and on-orbit assets.  The location is well away from the dense eastern seaboard, and the inclusion of the post office would have significant legal impact on jurisdiction, making it a truly military operation under international law.

This would also explain the presence of Black Hawk helicopters at NSO.  These are hardly necessary to investigate a janitor using the WiFi to download kiddie porn.

This was a move of desperation to establish an emergency communications network outside of the ones normally monitored by the NSA/Q groups.  Whether microwave or laser, they are both robust, wideband and virtually undetectable and uninterruptible.

No credible story for the take-over has been forthcoming from "official" channels.

All of this is, of course, highly speculative.  Everything depends on how much credibility we give Q and whether we believe it is one of the White Hats.

That last statement may disturb some readers, but in fact NO ONE knows who or what Q is, possibly even including Trump himself.  The only information we have is what Q has told us, and Q has admitted several times to releasing disinformation without regard to who is reading and following the Q Drops.  Not only is this a clear admission that Q is a psy-op, but it means that we cannot trust ANYTHING Q says, since any or all of it may be disinformation.

Thus, Q may indeed be a military operation to retake the US federal government, or it may be an operation by the Black Hats to neutralize Trump supporters and prevent them from taking any real action (enjoy the show), or even questioning what Q/Trump does or says (trust The Plan, patriots are in control).

What we do know is that Q has predicted several highly visible actions that never materialized, beginning with the first drop and the arrest of Hillary Clinton, up to and including the declassification  and publication of the notorious FISA warrant and the "test" of the national emergency broadcast system, which was to have occurred 20 September 2018, but did not.

At this point, the reader may think, "If Q is fighting Socialists/Nazis in a counter-coup, that's a good thing, right?"

In a word, no.

As a gangland war among factions, Q may be no better in any respect to what we have at the moment.  We have no way of judging, since none of Q's operation is transparent and Q has admitted to lying on purpose, and Q has been wrong on a number of key predictions of impending action.

Q has admittedly used immoral, unethical and illegal methods, making it no better than the current batch of Socialist/Nazi operators running the federal government.

Q would have us believe that the System is good, but run by bad people.  In fact, it is the System which facilitated the current situation and will continue to facilitate future corruption because it is inherent IN the System.

In effect, what we have is one cancer fighting another cancer to control a larger cancer.  No matter how you slice it, you end up with a tumor.  We cannot say with any objective reason  and certainty that any of it is objectively good, nor even beneficial.

There is ample reason for thinking people to maintain arm's length with Q.  The Q-vians sound very excited and make attractive cases for following Q, but it is all based entirely on conjecture and wishful thinking.

Judging by what little evidence we have at hand, a dangerous game is afoot and despite all the rhetoric, we have no idea where the boundaries are drawn.  Coded communications, disinformation, secretive psy-ops, wild-eyed followers - none of this should make a reasonable person comfortable.

I ask all current and potential Trump supporters - were you fully informed of all this BEFORE the election?

Since Q-vians apparently have forgotten their history lessons, it should be noted that Q/Trump and followers frequently mention The Storm.  Folks should recall that Hitler often referred to The Storm in his rise to power, and that the Nazis had paramilitary troops in their early days called the Sturmabteilung, or basically Storm Troopers.

Just something to keep in mind when gleefully promoting Q.
Since I mentioned Peter Levenda as an inspiration for some of my speculations, I invited him to comment on this article.  His insights will be valuable not only to me, but the serious reader making inquiry into this topic:

Thanks for the shout-out in your article on Q.  I am not a follower of the Q phenomenon beyond knowing that it came out of the Pizzagate hoax and that it has not said anything particularly noteworthy beyond conspiracy theories it cannot prove.  I know Q has passionate (or perhaps ironic?) supporters, particularly at Trump rallies, but I regard it as a hoax and pretty much ignore it except when people send me emails and instant messages demanding that I respond to the latest Q-based fantasy.  I ignore those, as well!
That said, there are a few points I would like to make while I can still think rationally (!).
I must disagree on one point you make.  National Socialism was not and is not Socialism.  The term was appropriated by the Nazis to woo people away from the Left and Center-Left parties in Germany at the time.  A core feature of Socialism is the concept of class struggle, which the Nazis denied.  They also attacked internationalism, which is another core feature of Socialism and Communism (vide "The Internationale").  That the Nazis were authoritarian and totalitarian – like Stalin in Russia and Mao in China – cannot be denied, but there the similarity ends.  To say that the Nazis were Socialists because “Socialism” is in their name is like saying the North Koreans are Democrats and Republicans because their country is the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. 
 Then, you cite an article by Operation Veritas that “proves” that there are Socialists in the US Government.  First, there was only one person identified in that article as a Socialist, and not a whole cabal of Socialists.  Second, the US Government employs millions; there are bound to be Socialists, Communists, Nazis, Fascists, and even Catholics in that mix, as it would be if it is representative of the country’s population.  That doesn’t mean anything sinister. 
But then you miss an excellent opportunity!  You cite Thurn und Taxis, but without mentioning that the birth of the German Workers Party took place immediately after the massacre of the ruling elite of the Thule Gesellschaft on April 30, 1919 by the Reds in Munich.  One of the assassinated Thulists was Prinz Gustav von Thurn und Taxis.  That murder set off a chain reaction in Munich as the Whites battled the Reds for control of the streets and eventually the city.  The Whites – the anti-Communists – won.  The DAP grew out of that conflict, met in the same hotel rooms as the Thule and had reciprocal memberships, and eventually attracted the army spy, Adolf Hitler, whose job was to infiltrate the militia groups. (See my Unholy Alliance for a description of this event.) 
 Thus the idea that “National Socialists” are actually “Socialists” is disproven by history, by political platform, and by documentary evidence.  National Socialism arose as a response to Socialism, Communism and Marxism and, yes, even to Capitalism.  It denies the basic principles of Socialism.  Conflict is not class-based, but race-based.  The nation is the ultimate value and principle, and not the workers or capital. And membership in the nation is to be determined by race.  Nazism is a form of Fascism, and in the Fascist state the people do not own the means of production (as they do, theoretically, in Communism).  Instead, the corporations and the government work hand-in-glove to the detriment of the workers.  That was the whole idea, and it is anathema to Socialists and Communists alike, although it attracted the support of some Capitalists for obvious reasons.  (We are much closer to Fascism in this country than to Socialism, by a long shot.)
You are right to be concerned about the effect Q is having on the discourse of its followers, and it is only one more symptom of our hostility to rational thinking, careful criticism, and fact-based reasoning.   But it does represent a new paradigm in the field of investigative journalism:  the idea that anyone who can use Google can claim to be a “journalist” or a “researcher.”  I applaud the idea of citizen journalists, and recognize that real citizen journalists risk their lives and freedom every day in war zones around the world.  But if we are to set ourselves up as an alternative to the “mainstream media” then we have to be better at it, not worse.  Q is worse; not only worse, but not even in the same category.  It is satire masquerading as journalism and revelation.  It is entertainment masquerading as information.  We need less of that – a lot less – and not more.

Thus far the words of the Gospel!


The reader may be interested to know the definition of a q-wave, used notably in fluid dynamics, cardiology and communications.

Also, for an outstanding fictional treatment of Thurn & Taxis, we highly recommend the brilliant Thomas Pynchon novel, The Crying of Lot 49.


A Quantum of Q-bit

We want to express our sincerest thanks to Jeff Rense and his team for their invaluable support.  If this topic interests you, please keep an eye on the Rense Radio Network for exclusive content and updates as we ferret out the Q.

Previous posts:
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UPDATE 17 Sept 2018 (coincidence?): It seems that David Wilcock and Jordan Sather are two of the biggest promoters, if not the originators, of the "51,000 sealed indictments" meme.  Regardless of who it comes from, it can easily be proven false.  That, however, would require using logic and reason, qualities in short supply among Q-vians.

1) The 51,000 includes all sealed cases found on PACER, which includes bankruptcies (majority of cases), family/juvenile court cases and appellate cases, none of which have anything to do with Q or indicting Deep State characters; in fact, most are not indictments at all.
2) The total number is cumulative, so the list is not being purged as cases are unsealed.
3) If we assume 6 grand jurors, a judge, 2 lawyers, the clerk, the bailiff, and assorted court personnel for EACH grand jury, we are looking at well over 500,000 people involved; do you honestly think ALL those people would be silent over such explosive information?
4) There are 94 Article III US District Courts, meaning each court has convened 543 grand juries in the past 9 months, or roughly 2/day without weekends or holidays; simply put, the US federal judicial system is doing nothing but convening grand juries, right?
5) The number of ACTUAL sealed indictments is around 1,000, and that number is well within the year-over-year average at the federal level.

It appears we can safely put this meme to bed and get back to reality - another quality in short supply on this topic.  Use logic.

How many times have we been told that Q is all about research?  Would be nice to see some once in a while.

I am not so full of myself that I think Q or any of the Q-vians would specifically address any of the points I've made over the past several months of analyzing the Q Phenomenon.  I'm just a fnutty blogger in the back woods of Borneo who spends way too much time reading, watching and thinking about something a great many people think is pure lunacy to begin with.

I will say that Q has put forth a great deal of effort taking Alex Jones down.  I still maintain that Jones was offered a vital role in all this back when he was deplatformed by YouTube and Facebook (see my article Jonesing for Q).  He was given a golden litigation task with a soon-to-be-friendly Supreme Court and Jones could have made judicial history by helping take down the Tech Giants.

Instead, he blew it for ego because he knows Q is stealing his thunder and putting him out of business one way or another.  So, bye-bye Twitter too.  And Q is openly calling Jones a Mossad agent to boot (e.g. Q2088).

It should be noted that Q uses the three letters "MOS," which could have many interpretations, so Q has plenty of wiggle room if it wants to walk it back.  The Mossad interpretation is entirely on the heads of the Q-vians.

It is fascinating to me that a complete unknown, a faceless, nameless entity that showed up not even a year ago, has unseated Jones, who has worked feverishly for 20 years to build his empire.  What spell is Q creating over so many people?

All is not happy in the Qniverse (Q Universe).

I chose that term advisedly, because among its many layers, Q incorporates a kind of comic book superhero mythology - which I haven't discussed at length yet, as well as pro sports, while wrapping it up in a form similar to the excellent show Person of Interest.

Q has stated on several occasions that it will not abide anyone profiting off of the Phenomenon.  Q specifically targeted Jerome Corsi, who had new life breathed into his waning years as one of the first Q Decoders, but he was profiting nicely from the effort.  Now Corsi is receiving the tender mercies of Robert Mueller, as is Roger Stone, another Jones cohort who also spent a lot of time tearing down Q or distracting from it for money.

Perhaps that is one reason I have not been directly attacked: I sell nothing, charge nothing, advertise nothing.  I just watch, listen and learn - and report to you, the astute reader.

The Jones crew aren't the only ones.  There's some character named Micro Chip, and another named Jack Viscovich, who together claimed to have positive proof that Micro Chip was behind the "Q LARP" and had convinced Viscovich of that fact and that Chip was shutting down the enterprise - except that Q kept posting.

And one of those posts (Q2088 above) seems to have completely discredited Chip by showing that all Apple adverts for its products have the time 9:41, which coincidentally is the exact time stamp on Chip's screen shots "proving" that he created Q (see Q2122).

Blog Hit Count 16 Sept 2018
Interestingly, I have apparently been the beneficiary of someone's attempt to raise my blog to public awareness in search engines.  As mentioned in my previous article, my site received a regular set of pings over two days, averaging about 300/hour.  Once again this past week, the same thing happened, only this time it was 500/hour.  In addition, it appears to be signed.  Look at the imeage.  There are about 10 major peaks at 500, then a pause and another isolated peak at 1,000.  This might be interpreted as 10^100, or ten to the 100th power, or...a googol.  All of the hits came from, and all were directed at the home page, not any particular article.  I don't believe I am imagining things.  Other, smarter people have seen it too, and none of us have ever seen anything like it.

The reader will forgive me if all this sounds like a cross between Tom Clancy and Michael Crichton novels.  It falls out naturally from watching the Q Phenomenon for a long period of time, and is certainly not discouraged by Q itself.

So, where do we stand in all this?  What is the Qniverse (my term) leading to?  Is this Q thing real or just a distraction - a LARP if you will?

Well, as I have stated many times, I think Q is real and has a real-world agenda and that it is definitely NOT a LARP created by a bunch of basement-dwellers with too much time on their hands.

In my professional opinion, with decades of media experience behind me, Q is a vastly complex and altogether new application of a mathematical system called q-analysis, used to define and study interaction between sets, defined for our purposes as humans in the real world.  In short, it is a marketing campaign of extraordinary power and sophistication linked to high-quality, high-resolution intelligence data at the government level.

I think Q was hatched by elements within the US government as a weapon against other elements who were perceived as getting too powerful.  Q recruited a compliant front man named Donald Trump, who himself is a master of marketing and perception.  I suspect Q is operating above Trump, and not the other way around.  Trump is simply the ring master, but not the circus.

At its most basic level, Q is out to preserve itself by maintaining a favorable environment in the Executive Branch of the US government.  This requires keeping Trump in office as long as needed to achieve its goals.  Thus, Q has as its basis an election campaign, where it is influencing sympathetic voters to action, retrieving lost voters and activating them again, and converting new voters.

Q achieves this by appearing to be all things to all people:

  • For those with a sport mentality, it's the Black team versus the White team.  
  • For those with a religious bent, it is bringing wrath and vengeance to an immoral and apostic world.  
  • For the marketeers, its a self-writing story that sells to anyone and sustains merchandise sales and donations over and above just selling Trump gear and political campaigns alone.
  • To the cloak-and-dagger world, it appears as an exciting spy thriller, with plot twists galore and changing allegiances at every turn.  
  • For comic book fans, Q is the invincible yet underdog hero fighting for truth and justice and the American way.  
  • For the militarily inclined, Q is the quintessential patriot and the flag-waving True Believer defending the government and Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.  
  • For the bookish, Q is the ultimate research material, providing hours of busy work digging through archives and ancient texts for clues.
  • And to the conspiracy minded, Q is the ultimate proof that everything they've believed for so long and against waves of ridicule is absolutely true and correct.
On the one hand, Q is the ultimate liberal tool, bringing together a diverse group of people who would otherwise not seem to be natural allies.

On the other hand, Q is the ultimate conservative, unwavering in patriotic fervor and advocating traditional values.

If the reader would consider all of these angles and all of their permutations and possibilities, he or she should begin to see why I am so fascinated with this operation.  It is incredibly complex and designed by masterful hands.

And I have to agree with Q on one particular point - censorship equals fear.  

Q has neatly placed the MSM/GeezerMedia in a box.  If they acknowledge Q, they risk sending waves of new followers to it.  If they ignore or ban Q (as with Reddit recently), they risk doing the same thing.

You've got to stand in awe at the complexity of Q's strategy.  Damned if they do, damned if they don't.

The future of Q may well be one of the most dramatic episodes in recent history, or it may be one of the most significant let-downs of all time.  There doesn't seem to be any middle ground in this Phenomenon.

Q has clearly painted a target on some heavy hitters: the Bush/Clinton cabal, the US Deep State, the Vatican and a number of foreign nations - indeed, the nefarious underworld of the entire planet.  That's no small target.

Q has set up the Q-vians (my term for followers) to either be on the forefront of one of the most magnificent clean-up operations ever devised, or to be shamed for life as having fallen for one of the greatest hoaxes ever perpetrated.  I cannot discern any middle ground.  It is an all-or-nothing game with incredible odds and some severe outcomes in any case.

My own stance on the matter, as I have recently elucidated, is that Q claims to have taken immoral actions (death of John McCain, destruction of surveillance assets, etc.), and I cannot condone any entity that asserts its intrinsic goodness when it is no better than the enemy it purports to fight.  I must therefore count myself among the anti-Q crowd, but for an entirely different set of reasons.

I agree with the initial, stated goal of Q, but I do not agree with the means.  Controlling people's thoughts and actions using methods that they do not fully understand nor perceive is immoral.  Taking a life without a clear and public set of reasons, and endangering millions and risking war to achieve one's ends is immoral - especially when the millions are not fully informed of what is going on, and thus unable to consent.

Q's message has evolved over time, starting with the assertion that criminal suspects are facing imminent arrest, to cleaning the entire world of evil.  Q appears to be manipulating this escalation to attract as many followers as possible for the obvious goal of keeping a political candidate in office for as long as possible.  That seems to me to be rather cynical and dangerous, as similar mass movements throughout history have not ended well.

I hope that my agenda here has been made abundantly clear.  I am attempting to inform and caution anyone who will listen that Q appears to be a highly sophisticated psy-op run by secretive elements within the US government and ostensibly marketing a political candidate and a slate of partisans from the several States.

I am not hawking books, T-shirts and paywalls, which I hope demonstrates the integrity of my efforts, though admittedly I hold out my hat to those willing to encourage my efforts as any street performer at a busy intersection might.

We are now quite literally at the cross-roads.  Q has encouraged the Q-vians to expect big things in the next month leading up to the mid-term elections.  For their parts, the Q-vians have focused their attention on a circulating and growing list of fifty-thousand-plus "sealed indictments," which seems to be the Holy Grail of the Phenomenon.

It is clear to me that October is a make or break time for Q.  It must either produce publicly visible results, both in convictions and elected officials, or risk losing a great many folks who have pinned their hopes on real action.

The Put Up Or Shut Up moment is upon us.  In Q2141, Q clearly throws the gauntlet: "Shills shill; Patriots WIN."

Clearly a case of Where We Go One, We Go All, it seems.


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To Q Or Not To Q

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Note that this article was posted on 8 September, or 8/9, or 8+9=17=Q.  Coincidence?

Just when I think I can get away from Q for a time and think about something else for a bit, Q starts dropping over a hundred new posts that require some attention, because it seems that Q is determined to put on a show for the masses.

First, there was some weird activity on this site, where there were thousands of hits in a regular pattern averaging roughly 300 an hour.  Was this an attempt to mount a DDoS attack?  Or was it a White Knight trying to drive up search engine visibility?  Maybe Q was sending me a message?

Secondly, Q twice posted a Google search for "Qanon," which showed 3.8 million hits.  Of course, the Q-vians crowed about the Rise of Q and the mythical public awareness growing.

Being the curious guy that I am, I did a search on "Bernard Grover," and guess what?  I got over 5 million hits.  I can only conclude that I am bigger than Q - at least for now; just putting some perspective on the matter.

I suspect that most of what we are seeing in the MSM (i.e. GeezerMedia) right now is all part of an elaborate multi-pronged trolling psy-op that includes Q's drops, Trump's histrionics and a number of humiliating events for the media boys in the Mockingbird press.

The media, the pundits, the Democrats and the masses are all being set up for what appears to be some enormous crescendo in October, just before the mid-term elections.  Q has alluded to this by referring to "Red October" (e.g. Q1957), in the sense of a wave of revelations beneficial to Republicans just prior to the polls opening.

Somewhat more interesting is that all of this seems to be heating up in the wake of John McCain's death, which Q strongly implies was forced on him - with the Q-vians suspecting everything from a mandatory suicide (the Rommel Option) to the death sentence from a secret military tribunal and court martial.

In fact, Q went silent a few days before McCain's exit, and then went absolutely ballistic immediately following, dropping over 200 posts in the past two weeks.  Read that as you will, but the Q-vians see it as McCain's death having removed some kind of block or hinderance allowing Q much greater latitude.

For more information on the whole McCain event, please see the bottom of my previous post, The Q Prophesy.  This includes a video clip of Governor John Kasich saying plainly that McCain was "put to death".  I take this with a grain of salts, as it may be part of the grand misdirection around the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings for the US Supreme Court - more on that in a moment.

What happened next is positively spectactular, or at least it would be if it were in any way verifiable and true.

Q claimed to have taken down several CIA servers, collectively called Snow White, and killed an entire fleet of CIA and MI-6 (British) spy satellites.  Snow White is an array of seven super-computers used by the CIA, each with the name of one of the Seven Dwarves from the fairy tale (Sleepy, Grumpy, Doc, etc.).

Q also claimed to have disabled the KH-9 HEXAGON satellite, also known as "Big Bird," as well as several of the Corona constellation.

See Q2008 - Q2018.

Q concludes the series of posts with the somewhat cryptic note (Q2021):

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: d9f30e No.2807228

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: d9f30e No.2807174

Main frequency bands TERMINATED.
This is an extraordinary set of claims that, as Carl Sagan would say, requires extraordinary proof.  It may not shock readers here to know that "proof" is notably missing in this case.

There is no way for us lowly civilians to verify the incapacitation or destruction of CIA servers.  By definition, spook servers are not going to show up on global Net maps, nor is the CIA likely to put out a press release announcing that Q has shut down their Net operations.  Neither would GCHQ nor MI-6, for that matter.

Q simply states these things as true, and in keeping with the religious nature of the Q-vian Movement, they take the whole thing on faith and crow about how wonderful this all is, despite the fact that it would seem a significant part of national security has been compromised.

Then there's the issue of the satellites.  Aye, there's the rub.

Some Q-vians say that the satellites were literally destroyed.  Apparently, they have no clue about orbital dynamics and the careful navigation required to keep things from bumping into each other "up there".  Nor do they seem to consider that disabled/destroyed satellites pose a lethal danger to humans and other assets on orbit.  The reader may want to re-watch the film Gravity.

The Q-vians also seem not to realize that there are global networks of amateurs who spend unreasonable numbers of hours tracking and imaging spacecraft - especially spy satellites.  We won't even mention the foreign governments who also do this.

Refer to Q2008 to Q2021, from 5:30pm to 7:15pm 30 August 2018.  Please ignore the lack of proof.  The Q-vians certainly had no problem doing that.

If the reader is unaware, disabling a fleet of satellites, or worse, destroying them, would leave anywhere from tens to thousands of lethal projectiles in orbit that could easily destroy other valuable assets, or possibly pose a serious danger to manned flights centered around the space station.  I doubt seriously even Q wants that kind of mess on its hands, regardless of the marketing value it would bring.

I will not attempt to address the presumed list of felonies Q says it committed by hacking/disabling/destroying government intelligence assets.  Nor will I address the presumed act of war implied by attacking and disabling the intelligence network of another nation, but if anyone wanted to prosecute such acts, they are openly admitted..

At the risk of sounding crass and violating Family Hour rules, I'm going to call bullshit on this one.

Despite the obsessive nature of Q-vians listing "proofs" of Q's "reality" and actions, they glossed right over these extraordinary claims as gospel truth without a single commentator that I've heard addressing the issues critically.

Taken on its face, though, Q has now claimed intimate knowledge of a murder/suicide/execution a priori.  This may also imply having a hand in such a deed, though all of the evidence is completely circumstantial.  We have no way to independently verify whether John McCain had cancer, nor do we have an official autopsy report stating cause of death.  All of it is completely assumed by everyone at every level without some objective evidence.

We also have Q claiming to have disabled/destroyed the intelligence networks of both the US and the UK.  Again, we have no independent, objective evidence of these claims, though the implications are rather serious, both from a national security and international diplomacy standpoint.

Assuming they are true for the sake of argument, then the Q Psy-Op has reached a new level, having gone from the dissemination of information implicating public figures in serious crimes, to actual real-world activities that have taken at least one life and endangered millions more.

In my opinion, this hardly seems like the activities of a benign entity trying to expose corruption in the Deep State swamp.

If McCain was suidided/executed, then this amounts to murder, since he did not receive a public trial and the evidence against him was not presented to us for evaluation and verdict.  Any presumed trial was a secret military tribunal, and this worries the bejezuz out of me if no one else.  Secret military tribunals are not an acceptable feature of American jurisprudence.

In addition, disabling/destroying intelligence assets bought and paid for with tacpayer dollars ostensibly spent to keep the populace safe and secure implies a lack of regard for the people Q claims to be helping, not to mention that an attack on the assets of a foreign nation constitutes a clear and present danger to that nation, and thus an act of war.

Thus, the Q-vians - if they were using logic as commanded by Q - are in a conundrum.  If they reject the claims of Q in the absence of confirming evidence, then they risk calling their faith into question.  On the other hand, if they accept these actions as a true, necessary and justifiable course of action, then they are uncritically complicit in the implied crimes.

This is a bit of a tar baby for the Q Community that none of them are directly addressing.  Rather, they simply accept it on faith and move on to the next presumed event in their collective name.

To return to the issue of the Kavanaugh hearings mentioned above, it seems to me that all of these things tie in together.

The hearings began on a raucous note, with Democratic members of the committee doing everything in their power to disrupt and delay the proceedings almost from the moment the gavel struck.  Then there were the protesters in the Peanut Gallery (an apt term) chanting and yelling incoherently to also try and delay the proceedings.  This immediately made headlines all over the GeezerMedia.  The various outlets were falling all over themselves to cast the disrupters in a heroic light, trying to cash in on the spectacle for election value.

Now, if I were Q/Trump and I needed to shut down the news cycle - or at least usurp it - I might produce an anonymous op-ed for the New York Times full of sensational claims of chaos in the White House.  I might cast it as penned by a brave upper-level insider (maybe a cabinet member) and mention the 25th Amendement to get everyone chasing their tails.

And sure enough, the Kavanaugh hearings virtually vanished from the front pages and lead stories.  Suddenly, there was no story but the anonymous op-ed.

As a bonus, I might later reveal that it was a planted scam just to punk the GeezerMedia and create a huge cloud of doubt over anything they said or published.

Classic psy-op, achieving multiple beneficial goals with one simple action - a multi-layered nuanced operation of incredible simplicity that elevated the White Hats, shot huge holes in the Black Hats, and ensured the selection of the chosen nominee and electoral victory at the polls, while silencing an adversarial media.

In any event, Q seems to have entered a new and dangerous phase in which it is now acting in the real world on real people and things.  This is no longer an "educational" effort, but a true war in every sense of the word.

It is vital for the Q-vians to ask themselves critically whether they accept these premises on faith, or whether they will ask some serious and probing questions about the entity they are following so patriotically and blindly.

Whether empty claims or real, I am now moving solidly into the anti-Q camp on principle alone.  Either Q has committed real acts that demand objective evidence in support, or Q is outright lying in order to garner support among its followers.  In either case, I cannot justify or condone such things, as they are no better than the presumed actions of the Deep State actors Q claims to be fighting.

One cannot surrender one's principles and ethics in order to fight an enemy that supposedly lacks such principles and ethics.  Doing so puts both sides at fault without justification.

"For in that sleep of death what dreams may come, when we have shuffled off this mortal coil, must give us pause."

These beg for replies:

You are using lots of virtue signaling to dismiss Q. Must a satellite be destroyed physically to be 'destroyed'? Q talks a lot of things that we never heard before and that we cannot verify. Does that mean that they're lies? Q is another resource for patriots in their fight against the Deep State. That fight will go on with Q's help or without it. You are clearly not seeing that the focus is on the Patriots not Q. In a sense, we are all Q.

Morals are objective, not subjective as Progressive virtue signaling requires.  I have taken a moral stance and presented my reasoning.  That is far from the emotional rants that highlight virtue signaling.

Destroyed or inactivated, the satellites are uncontrollable and thus present a danger to orbiting humans and assets, as well as folks on the ground should they de-orbit.  Furthermore, presumably shutting down the satellites endangers millions because the intel is lost and the "bad guys" can't be tracked.

Maybe you have not heard of the things Q mentions, but they have been thoroughly researched by real people for decades, with hundreds of books and real evidence, and they have all been labeled as kooks and "conspiracy theorists" for their efforts.  

I have met Jim Marrs and talked with him face-to-face.  I have seen his evidence and read and listened to his arguments, and have concluded he was at least on the right track.  Q is (ahem) anonymous and neither you nor I have any clue what it is, and hundreds of links to articles and tweets does not evidence make.  There is no way to assess the veracity, integrity or sincerity of Q.  If given the choice to believe Jim Marrs or Q, I would choose Jim every time.

And who are the Patriots (besides a football team)?  Every commentator has a different operating definition.  I consider a patriot to be one who defends his home, family and possessions from ANY enemy, including and especially governments.

300 hits to your website in an hour does not a DDoS make. Maybe 300/second is a low level DDoS.

Second, you are not more popular than Qanon in terms of google hits because your search was without double quotes, which means google returned results for "Brendan" or "Grover", to get the search hits on yourself, double quote the search term "Brendan Grover", comes out to 11,300.

I know what a DDoS attack is, which is why I dismissed that possibility.  In the interest, I list it as a possibility for the sake of completeness.

You apparently don't understand satire, but to reiterate, I know I am not more famous than Q.  However, the Q posts that listed the results did not specify double quotes, and so anyone following this without knowledge of Boolean search strings would be misled due to lack of clear information, which is one of my primary gripes against Q.  Also, "Bernard Grover" is not the only way I am listed across the internet, so who knows what the true count is?  I've never bothered to check.

As for those who say that Trump indeed signed an EO declassifying the FISA warrant, please provide a link to the publicly published text.  Cannot?  Coincidence?  All I have seen are excuses why it is still not released now 1 full week after the EO was supposedly issued.  Q predicted its release, and it hasn't been released.  Plain, simple observation and another fail for Q.