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Q Tips And The Quislings

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Bernard will appear on Rense Radio Network at 9p PDT, Friday, December 7, 2018, to discuss Q-Anon and related topics.

There's an old Texas expression that seems rather apropos at this point:
"If'n ye allus do wut ye allus done, ye allus git wut ye allus got."
Only works in the original dialect, so you'll have to decipher it yourself. We suggest starting with Uncle Eph.

So where do things stand at this seemingly crucial moment?  Readers have been checking in to find out why I've gone silent on Q and the Anons.

Quite simply, Q went silent for most of October, ostensibly due to Hatch Act restrictions, and even faded in and out during November, but after a period of damage control the fun seems to be ramping up again.

From this point on, I am assuming that readers know about Q and the Anons.  If you are new to the game, please check the previous stories linked at the top.  I use as the source of Q Drops, which is the generally accepted and official conpendium of Q Utterances.

To summarize my Q-Theory:

  • Q is real and may be a function of military intelligence operations;
  • Q is at least partially an AI that is tracking information dissemination through social networks, called q-analysis;
  • Q is a psy-op that is primarily focused on activating the Disenfranchised Masses in the US, and possibly the UK and EU, as well;
  • Q's primary purpose is to market Donald Trump's presidency, but also to subvert mass media gate-keeping and re-direct the narrative via Q  Drops and memes;
  • Q achieves its goals by making followers feel like privileged insiders who know the "real news" before it happens.
Starting in September 2018, the Q Network (or Qniverse, as I call it) began predicting the demise of the Democrats and the so-called "Blue Wave," and promoting a "Red Tsunami" in its place.  Unless you slept through the US mid-term elections back on November 6th, then you realize that neither the Reds nor the Blues came out on top.  In fact, the results were rigorously status quo.

Despite Qvian apologists crowing about keeping the Senate, very tenuously, the results clearly showed the US divided pretty much straight down the middle.

The Blues retook the House and immediately took a giant step backwards by renominating the Ancient Crone Nancy Pelosi as Speaker (again).  The Reds kept the Senate (barely) and like a dog that finally catches the car, are trying to figure out what to do with it.

When the Red Tsunami failed to materialize, the Qvians suffered a major set-back.  Indeed, subscriptions at the various YouTube commentator channels fell precipitously and viewers' comments were not flattering in the least.

So, to catch us all up, let's jump back to the death of John McCain.  Q stated that every dog has its day, and McCain died the day before National Dog Day.  This will become clearer in a moment (and see previous articles for extended discussion).

Then, Q spent most of August and September rallying the Qvians with voter registration pushes and "get out the vote" sermons.  It predicted a major "Red Tsunami" that would sweep Washington, DC, leaving the Republicans in charge of everything.

Then, Q vanished on October 10th, only to reappear on November 2nd, just days before the mid-term elections, still predicting the Red Tsunami, but tempered with accusations of "election fraud."  This is a marketing trick called "salting".  You hedge your bets by establishing and controlling an anti-narrative before the competition has a chance to get theirs rolling.

Q warned there would be massive fraud as a means of stealing the promised victories, and thus softening the blow of reality on the fragile psyches of its followers.  "Don't worry," was the message, if the Red Tsunami doesn't materialize we can write it off as fraud at the polls.

The Anti-Narrative expanded quickly into "we had to LET them commit voter fraud so we could catch them."  This flew in the face of several Q Assurances that the voting was under careful protection of military intel and all would be well.

No word yet on what Q will do with the car now that it has actually caught one.  No worries, though, Q and the Acolytes have already moved on and forgotten about voter fraud.

As I have proposed before, Q is using "q-analysis" to track social networks and information dissemination.  I can safely assume, therefore, that Q knew well in advance that the Red Tsunami was little more than a high tide.  However, encouraging Qvians to meme was a great way to fully flesh out demographic maps and find "hot spots" or "hubs" that were prolific gatekeepers and "thought leaders" - a valuable bit of market information for 2020, and completely proprietary.

The post-election narrative shifted to "We Won Because We Kept The Senate!"  Q carefully manipulated the narrative to point out that the all-important committee chairmanships and nominating process were still in Republican hands,, Republicans good (can you say "marketing"?).

This brings us firmly up to the minute.  Q has, if nothing else, long promised "DECLAS" of vital documents, such as the FISA Warrant, that will finally throw the crooks under the bus.

Whatever one thinks is in those documents and what damage they will do to which characters and organizations, Q's Prophesies of "full disclosure" have steadfastly refused to materialize.  This leaves even the most ardent Qvian scratching his patriotic head, wondering why these death blows aren't landing.

Q assures us, though, that Mr. Trump - in his infinite wisdom and knowledge - will deliver the goods at exactly the right moment to do one of those Mortal Kombat dramatic secret death moves.

Since May 11, 2018, Q has been dropping the term "D5".  There has been endless speculation on what this means, from the highest level of avalanche warning, to a reference to the 5-Eyes (US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand), to the deepest recesses of gematria (D is the fifth letter of the alphabet, so 55, which is 5+5,, forget it).

The narrative has finally settled on December 5th.  Here's why:

Q has told us that tomorrow (Dec. 3), James Comey will testify before the Senate Judiciary committee (again).  On Tuesday (Dec. 4), Loretta Lynch will testify before the same committee.  On Wednesday (Dec. 5th), John Huber will testify before the House Oversight Subcommittee for Government Operations concerning his months-long investigation of the Clinton Foundation and alleged massive "pay-for-play" operations.

If all of this is Greek to the reader, here's a brief summary: 
  • Former FBI Director James Comey is suspected of covering up Hillary Clinton and Clinton Foundation crimes;
  • Former DOJ head Loretta Lynch is suspected of aiding and abetting Comey, with a mysterious "tarmac meeting" with Bill Clinton during the 2016 election;
  • John Huber is a federal prosecutor from Utah who has supposedly been tasked with nailing the Clintons and their cabal to the wall, and is cast as an Eliot Ness Untouchable character.
The implication that Q has left with us is that Comey and Lynch will be compelled to spill the whole truth and nothing but the truth because Huber's testimony will finally lay all the pieces on the table.  Comey and Lynch stand to face felony perjury charges if their stories don't match Huber's.

It gets better.

Miraculously (one might think), George H. W. Bush (41st president), whose father Prescott Bush was a Nazi collaborator - and fomented a coup against the FDR administration in the 1930s stopped only by Gen. Smedley Butler - and whose political career (and that of his sons) has long been speculated to be a reward for his role in the JFK Assassination, dies on December 1st, at the ripe old age of 94.  This will initiate a state funeral spectacle during the very week of the above testimonies.

Q has not very subtly implied that Bush's death was "planned," or perhaps "caused," in order to distract from the fireworks in Congress.  Q reminds us that Bush's Secret Service code name was "Timberwolf," which is tied back to Q's earlier comment about 'every dog having its day'.

The Qvians have reminded us that Hitler's nickname was "the Grey Wolf," which is another name for the timber wolf.

This is all because Washington DC is in a complete panic, according to Q.  Q has primed its network to "see something, say something" as the criminal elements of the Deep State are likely to use false flag attacks and other distractions (like, um, state funerals) to take as much focus off the antics in Congress as possible.

Is all of this an amazing coincidence or, as Q intimates, part of an on-going operation to distract, delay, dissemble, destroy and deny (D5 anyone)?  Your guess is as good as mine, though I am prone to believe the latter.

Bush was quite old, and his wife of 74 years died earlier this year.  There are plenty of anecdotal stories of long-married couples following each other into the Great Here-after.

John McCain died of the same brain cancer that felled his hero Teddy Kennedy, on the exact anniversary of Teddy's death, which also happened to be the day before National Dog Day.

Bush's call-sign was indeed "timberwolf," an animal that shares an ancestor with the domestic dog.

The timing of both McCain's death and Bush's, along with the attendant state hoopla, is exceedingly convenient, considering what is scheduled to occur in the various Congressional committees this week, and the presumed need to keep the nattering nabobs busy.

But what stretches credulity is the Q claim that Huber and his overseer Inspector General Michael Horowitz have been working - in nearly complete secrecy - with 470 investigators (says Q) to generate the Legendary 50,000 Sealed Indictments (or is it 65,000?).

As I've noted before, this would involve over 200 Grand Juries a day, no weekends or holidays, since January 1, 2018, to achieve.  It also means that thousands of grand jurors, judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys, bailiffs, clerks, and random hangers-on would have been sworn to silence under pain of, um...something.

Q has freely admitted that it disseminates false information, supposedly to throw the "bad guys" off the scent and perhaps cause them to make mistakes that can and will be used in a court of law.

Q also has a rotten track record for predicting events.  The "predictions" are generally vague and open-ended, like a televangelist prophesy, so that just about any similar future event can be interpreted as proof of foreknowledge.

We've been hearing of pending arrests and exposure of the Deep State from Q for well over a year now, and none of it seems any closer than it was back on October 27, 2017, when Q said Hillary Clinton's arrest was imminent and that she was already prevented from leaving the country (she recently spoke to a nearly empty arena in Canada).

The Qvians diligently justify every failure as being part of a "military operation," where the theater is in constant flux and plans change and evolve.  Never mind that they actually believe in and support a military "counter-coup" taking place within the federal government of the United States, without irrefutable evidence that a "coup" has actually taken place.  Any vaporous similarity between real events and a Q Prophesy is heralded as a triumph of the Q Faith.

"Future proves past," as Q and the Anons are constantly telling us.

Like Bible-thumping Christians, the dogged refusal of the Apocalypse to materialize on schedule only pushes the prophesies into the future, but never disproves them.

For me, however, I can't shake the disturbing impression that all of this sounds entirely too much like the plot of Christopher Nolan's brilliant film The Dark Knight.

Donald Trump is the billionaire playboy, who by night beats Gotham's criminals to a pulp with his bare hands.  Hillary Clinton is the Joker (or is she Harley Quinn?), the psychopathic criminal mastermind with weird make-up who just wants to see the world burn.  James Comey is Harvey "Two-Face" Dent, the Boy Scout FBI head turned duplicitous criminal who randomly switches stories and sides on a coin-flip.  John Huber is Commissioner Jim Gordon, the dogged and untouchable investigator who will bring down the house (of cards).  Michael Flynn is Lucius Fox, the quiet enabler that offered all the resources of the US military intelligence complex to Trump in the fight for truth and justice.

If the Legendary 50,000 (or is it 65,000) Sealed Indictments ever see the light of day, one can even imagine a scene like The Dark Knight, in which hundreds of defendants appear in court all at once to answer the charges.  Sure, the top guys will bail out, but the little guys can't afford to be off the streets.  They'll cut a deal for shorter sentences.  Just think what Trump could do with 18 months of clean streets!

I could go on with the parallels, but I think the reader can see my line of thought.  The similarities are remarkable.

In any event, the promised Salvation of the Q keeps getting pushed into the future, like a long-awaited savior.  Trump is still the underground hero that WILL deliver on his promises to jail the some point.  The Qvians undauntedly believe that the US federal government can and should be redeemed - with the aid of The Brilliantly Conceived Plan that no one seems to be able to articulate, and which must be several iterations away from the Original Plan by now.  Subscriber numbers are slowly recovering as armchair patriots filter back to the spectacle.  

And life goes on...

Where we go one, we go all.

How true.
Post Scriptum:

The Qniverse is speculating that a James Comey tweet on Novemver 14, 2018, about his old dog dying is a veiled reference to GHW Bush actually dying on that date, rather than 1 December 2018, keeping in mind Bush's callsign "timeberwolf" and the relation to "dog".  

Presumably, the body was kept on ice just for the occasion of delaying the Congressional hearings - and perhaps for Bennu resurrection (see next article in the archives in the right column - Random Thoughts On Shrubbery.

Also, it would appear that Q has taken credit for the ULF wave that shook the Earth on 11/11.  

For some time, Q predicted a "major event" on 11/11, but when nothing political happened, a regular Q Troll taunted Q with its failure.  Q responded by nothing that the ULF frequency was a 17-second interval, with Q being the 17th letter of the alphabet, and that the event was indeed on 11/11.

The Qniverse narrative is that back in July, Q took out a number of satellites and servers being used by the Deep State in the notorious Snow White posts (see our previous articles).  This forced the Deep State to use its emergency back-up system of broadcasting ELF waves through the Earth itself (using CERN?).

Q supposedly signaled its take-over of THAT channel, as well, by broadcasting in 17-second intervals what is obviously an unnatural wave - both frequency and amplitude are controlled.  Also note the higher frequency band, called by one geologist a series of "pings," and they might well be a kind of carrier wave for additional information.

I leave it to the reader to decide what to believe here, but I am convinced the seismic event was NOT natural.  Who or what created the signal is open for debate.


  1. Gosh, by the sound of your voice I can tell you are a very clever person. So impressive!

  2. Wonderful presentation! You have managed to capture the quirky nature of the Q-Tip "crumbs" and not be insulting. I visit various sites which cover the Q phenomenon and always manage to leave comments disparaging the entire silly "plan" that never unfolds. But one thing which always impresses me is the rabid, fanatical religious element that creeps into so many of the comments left by Q followers. They literally imagine Trump as a Savior, as you make mention, but they are dead serious about it. I find that conviction disconcerting and the Q followers blood thirsty rebels. They want to hang and skin alive ALL democrats, for example, and those sentiments are shared widely, not by just a few Q followers.They foment sedition.

  3. Without Q, we would've been in dire straits, indeed. Just imagine what would've happened had Hillary Clinton won the Presidency in 2016. Q brilliantly prevented her from being elected and helped Trump instead. Q knows exactly what it's doing; so, let's sit back and watch the show.

    1. Eileen K., What you write is silly. Q did not make his first post until October 28, 2017, long after Trump won the presidency. So re-think your position, please.

  4. Just another day in the hope porn and data harvesting dep't of some mercenaries, working for the break away entities

  5. This is a well-balanced article and it reflects about 90% of my own view of #Q. I often ask myself, if #Q disappeared altogether tomorrow, what would change? Very little, I suspect. With that said, in the so-called "real world," it does appear that the tide is finally turning in the #RussiaGate investigation. Half, or more, of everything #Q has ever posted relates to the FISA declassification. IF that does happen, then I suspect that the role of #Q will mostly come to an end. To me, whether #Q is legitimate or not is a moot point. This nation needs to figure out if it wants to live by the rule of law, or not. Period, full stop, as Bongino likes to say. We've arrived at one of those multigenerational nexus points where people have two opposing, diverging future realities to choose from, and right now.


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