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Q d'Etat

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NeoNationalism + Kung Flu + Social Distancing + Q = Brave New World

Like it or not, folks, the world has/is changed before our very eyes, and in what amounts to a flash in historical contexts.  There is no return to "normal," whatever that is.  From here on, we are writing the rules as we go.

Nearly 700 years ago, the bubonic plague struck Europe and Asia, killing by most accounts 25% of the population.  To this day, Westerners reflexively say "bless you" when someone sneezes because of that event.  Children, too, still play Ring Around the Rosie, which details the signs, symptoms and preventative for bubonic plague.  We will likely see similar multi-generational fall-out from the current event.

As I have tried to outline over the past two years or so, Q was a harbinger of change.  It doesn't matter what our "feelings" were about this psyop.  Feelings don't matter in the great scheme of things.

Q has been warning us of great upheaval in our future, but it was up to us to choose whether we wanted it.  Because we were blinded by the Geezer Media, or hatred of Trump, or normalcy bias, or a combination of all of them, the New World Order is upon us and we must adapt or die.

In ways we have yet to begin to fathom, Donald Trump has become the de facto King of the World, and we are now completely dependent on his personal integrity.  Humans, when in possession of this kind of power, rarely relinquish it.

Trump's activation of certain war powers has made himself effectively a dictator.  It is interesting to note how his most vocal critics, both political and social, have suddenly begun falling in line.  Entire swaths of the planet are following his lead.  At will, he can completely restructure the US economy, and the world will have little choice but to follow.  The US market drives most global commerce in one form or another.

If the corona virus epidemic causes political and social structures to break down, at least in the US but I imagine most countries have similar provisions, then the Lieber Code (a.k.a. General Order 100) will kick in.  If you wend your way through all the legal intricacies, you will see that martial law has been invoked and the first steps have been taken.

Friend or foe, the Q Phenomenon has spent the better part of three years creating a global following of die-hard believers, whose quasi-religious fundamentalism unquestioningly accepts and rationalizes every utterance and action on the part of the Trump administration.

Furthermore, according to Q Drops and "research," Q is composed of "less than 10 people, 6 of whom are military intelligence."  This is widely interpreted by Qvians to be why Trump has asked for restrictions on gatherings of 10 or more people - in other words a Q Proof.

The Qvians have already gamed out the current situation and see it all as part of The Plan.  World events have been scripted.  Believers are to unquestioningly accept it all as Patriots taking back the reigns of power from evil Globaists and Deep Staters.  The Storm is upon us!  Enjoy the show!

In other words, we are powerless to stop current events. It has been planned and ordained since before the 2016 election, and Trump is the key to activation.

If all goes according to Qvian beliefs, the Federal Reserve will be disbanded, hundreds of thousands will be arrested, the military will be/has been activated to control social unrest, and a New Day will dawn that will appear to be a quasi-theocracy, restoring Christianity as the rightful center of public and private life.

In any classic coup d'etat, it is absolutely vital to control all movement of people and goods, silence opposition and create enough chaos that any potential push-back can be neutralized, both effectively and in the sphere of public opinion.  We saw this with the Kennedy assassination and 9/11, though the scale of the current coup is unprecedented in human history.

What was missing in the Kennedy and 9/11 events was a multi-year quiet campaign to not only soften potential blow-back, but to actually enlist it as an ally.  In the extant case, we have witnessed the Q Phenomenon do just that.

Whether you adhere to Globalism or Nationalism, a hybrid of the two, or neither, we now have no choice in the matter.  In the case of the former, it was a relentless march over decades to centralize power and eliminate national identity and cohesion.  In the latter, a simple virus in the span of three months has resurrected militant nationalism, though the centralization of power seems to be proceeding.  Regardless of which side you or I think is right, the choice has been made for us, and for the most part, the world has rallied out of fear and anxiety, not out of rational and deliberate thought and action.

Within the Qniverse, there is an overwhelming sense of relief and excitement.  Everything they have been waiting for is here.  Q, Q+ (POTUS) and the Patriots are in control and the world is being remade into their image and likeness.  Alarmingly, none of them can say with any certainly what the result will be, only that it is all good and right and we must fall in line because, um...reasons.

The entire Q Movement is wholly faith-based.  There is nothing more than speculation and consensus informing its adherents.  They have only their unshakable hope that Q and Trump are real, benign and as in control as they must be to pull off the supposed Plan.

Whether one views this situation as good or bad depends strongly on one's political alignment, which for the most part falls on an artificial left-right paradigm.  As I have mentioned in previous articles, my personal views are not limited to one dimension, but rather I see political systems and beliefs as a 3-D bubble graph, with left-right, up-down and in-out components.  There are oppositions, overlaps (left-right), degrees of expressed and repressed views (in-out), as well as strength of convictions (up-down).

Combined with my profound distrust of all governmental systems of any kind, in any place and at all times, I am prone to see the negatives behind every system and movement.

Thus, I reveal my personal bias in all this.  No matter how many positive aspects one amasses in favor of this or any other movement, there are a whole list of dangers arrayed against it, not the least of which is human nature.

Think for a moment what rights have been suspended in the past few weeks just in the US alone, and with cheering from the right wing, no less.

The right to travel, gone.  The right to assemble, gone.  The right to free practice of religion, gone.  The right to free speech?  Well, it's getting harder to say certain things, since cancel culture in now a cross-spectrum phenomenon.  The right to keep and bear arms?  It's a bit difficult to purchase firearms and ammo when entire regions are on lock-down - effectively gone.

Perhaps this is why the political left is increasingly aligning with Trump.  Intentional or not, Trump has achieved most of the left's goals with nary a whimper from hard core rights activists.

If all of this goes south, there is hardly a person alive who can point the finger of blame at any member of the Q Task Force.  Outside of pure speculation, projection and supposition, no one knows who they are, and even Trump has plausible deniability.  Q is nothing more than text on a "conspiracy" website.  Trump has never overtly acknowledged Q, and all the so-called Proofs are purely coincidental and easily brushed aside, no matter how fervent the argument.

One of the strongest arguments for proximity of Trump and Q are the timing of Q Drops and Trump Tweets with Zero Delta (no time delay).  This is called front running, and trading houses have used it for years.

Assuming Q is indeed military intelligence, then they likely have the ability to monitor and control data streams.  When Trump hits send on a tweet, the Qomputer sees it and inserts a message milliseconds in front of it.  No magic.  Goldman Sachs has gotten fabulously wealthy over the past two decades doing the same thing with your buy/sell commands.

Solid cases have been made on all sides.  If the current coup operation works, Trump and Q reap the accolades.  If it all goes to hell, well, it was all a conspiracy theory with a lot of people projecting their personal biases on it.  Whether the outcome is desirable remains to be seen, but I submit that military coups are rarely beneficial to the majority.

In any case, Q and Trump dance away virtually unscathed.  After all, there is bipartisan support for all the current actions, and out of fear, the entire populace is in lock-step, so we are all to blame, right?

One has to stand in awe at the intricacy, genius and audacity of this operation, regardless of what one thinks of the outcome - and assuming it is real.

In the end, what I find interesting is that Q has never directly acknowledged the corona virus.  In fact, it has gone completely silent since 9 March, with the rather ominous message that "GOD WINS".  That phrase is absolutely packed with possible interpretations, not the least of which is summed up in the final book of the Christian Bible.

Suddenly, Trump the God-Emperor doesn't seem so ludicrous.

And hey, wasn't that God-Emperor float in...ITALY?

And isn't Italy THE global hot spot for corona virus at the moment?

Oh, and isn't the word corona Latin for "crown"?

And isn't Latin the official language of the Vatican?

And isn't the Vatican in Italy?

Just sayin'.

UPDATE: Q began posting again on 22 March and has published 22 Drops as of 8 April 2020.  Topics range from berating anyone who questions the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine, to Henry Kissinger's Evil Plan for Global Domination, to religious and patriotic messages to bolster the troops - images of flags and snippets of Scripture (Christian, of course).  There's impications that the world is run by cannibals who practice "spirit cooking," a long rationale for defunding WHO, and a number of links and statements that parallel things Trump has been saying during the daily pressers.  Click here for the latest.


  1. Bernard,you're giving Trump way too much credit.Obviously it's the central bankers who are in control.Interestingly,none of Q's predictions have become reality.Q is continuously morphing their narrative to mesh with real events.I think that I would rather believe Q's narrative than the reality behind what's happening.

  2. The glimmer of hope that Q followers hold out might prevent a few riots and suicides, at least until the day the jack boot comes through the door.

  3. mandela wins, apparently, haha! and it's not funny, nelson! put it BACK!!

  4. mandela wins, apparently, haha! and it's not funny, nelson! put it BACK!!

  5. Q said Sessions was gonna get Hillary and many other ridiculous things the Q-tards ignore. Trump aka Demented Donny DRUMPF is as EPSTEIN GUILTY as the Clintons he PRETENDS to be different from. All for Epstein RAPING / BLACKMAILING / 911 MURDERING / USS LIBERTY MURDERING ISRAHELL who is also ISIS that H0M0BAMA created and Drumpf has FUNDED, ARMED and RESCUED just like him. Then there's Jared 666 and princess INCEST kabbalist zioNUT Ivanka. BOTH huge Clinton fans he puts in charge of EVERYTHING. Now funding the ISRAELI Coronavirus VACCINE! Yeah you can have MINE!

  6. Every paradigm needs a brief designated name. I propose:
    Q the Judas Goat.

  7. Thank you for the gift and gist of another Q-post, grist for milling minds that meander about the home front, through darkened corridors, someone's homeland, waiting for a call to arms that will never sound. Our very own Paul Revere got lost in the woods, I surmise. No matter. The British ensconced themselves in our putative government well before 1800 (Treaty of Paris 1783). Martial Law has ruled the day since when, 1861? We gave away the farm in December 1913, spitting on the memory of Andrew Jackson, so we think. We cannot lose wars we refused to declare, right? We lose, many of us spelling the word loosely (pun intended), phonetically incorrectly, too. Been a trip!

  8. Anonymous9.4.20

    Very good article

  9. Well,The concept of Q has stirred up a pretty good ruckus about itself, at very least. Isn't that something?


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