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Notre Dame Du Q

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READER NOTE: updates appear below the article.

On 17 March 2019, a fire broke out at the Saint Sulpice du Paris church, but was extinguished before major damage was done.  On 14 April 2019, a fire broke out at Saint John the Divine cathedral in New York City, but was contained in the crypt under the structure.  On 16 April 2019, a major fire destroyed a significant amount of the world-famous Notre Dame du Paris cathedral, but "miraculously" spared the stained-glass windows, and much of the interior was reportedly not badly damaged, which contains priceless art and artifacts.

At nearly the same moment that Notre Dame was burning, a fire broke out at one of the structures at the al-Aqsa mosque, commonly called the Dome of the Rock, on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

We should note that all but one of the fires occurred during Holy Week, and that the Notre Dame cathedral houses the reputed Crown of Thorns worn by Jesus himself during the Passion and Crucifixion.  It should also be noted that Saint Sulpice du Paris was a central location in the Dan Brown novel, The Da Vinci Code.

We'll also note, as an outlier data point, that the only other church fires in the news this year have been in St. Landry Parish, Louisiana, and were supposedly racially motivated.  These fires occurred on 26 March, 2 April and 4 April 2019.

To this already simmering stew, we will add the Christchurch, New Zealand mosque shootings, which occurred on 15 March 2019.

All of these incidents occurred within one month of each other and all involved religious structures.  They also seemingly target structures of the three primary Yahwisms - Christian/Catholic, Islam, and by virtue of the Temple Mount, Judaism.

All of these relationships set my news feelers to "tingle" mode.  There is a story buried deep under the surface that is not being discussed in the general chatter of Mainstream Media nor the Twittersphere.  However, the Qniverse is drawing lines between some of these incidents as distractions from significant Trump Administration events, to make the whole picture even stranger.

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Q has implied that at least one of these events - the New Zealand shootings - was an attempt to distract the news stream from the upcoming completion of the Mueller investigation.  The shootings took place on 15 March 2019, and Attorney General William Barr sent a summary report to Congress on 24 March 2019.

As of this writing, Q has been relatively quiet since 29 March 2019, with only two Drops from then until this date.  However, the Qvians have already concluded that the Notre Dame fire was an intentional distraction from the 18 April 2019 release of the complete (though redacted) Mueller investigation report.  The assumption is that the report will not be favorable to the Russia Collusion narrative, and so the Deep State had to usurp the headlines with a distraction.
  • 15 March 2019 - New Zealand attacks
  • 24 March 2019 - Barr Summary sent to Congress
  • 16 April 2019 - Notre Dame fire
  • 18 April 2019 (presumed) - complete Mueller Report released

Within the Qniverse, the narrative is that Q teases the Deep State with announced dates for significant news events.  The Deep State reacts by staging headline-stealing events to cover the news.  Q/Trump then release the news later after the Deep State has used its "ammunition".

This narrative also includes the 5 December 2018 funeral of George H. W. Bush, which was supposedly staged to distract/cancel the scheduled testimony of John Huber to Congress.

If the reader has not closely followed Q, Huber is a US attorney in Utah who is supposedly investigating the Clinton Foundation.  According to Qvians, Huber has over 400 investigators at his disposal and is a primary source of the legendary 90,000 Sealed Indictments - that never seem to get unsealed.

Huber has been scheduled to testify several times before Congress, however the 5 December 2018 date was cancelled, and he had failed to appear for various reasons at least two times on subsequent dates.

In fact, Huber seems to be doing almost nothing to those who have been watching him.  Some Q Commentators have assumed that Huber is a red herring to distract from DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz' investigation of FISA court abuse under the Obama administration.

In addition to the New Zealand shootings and the Notre Dame fire, it seems that GHW Bush was either killed or put on ice until the funeral was needed as a distraction.  It also seems that Q knew that teasing dates for release of significant information would draw out the Deep State to do "something" to bury the headlines.

And let us not forget that Q seemingly predicted the day, hour and minute of Senator John McCain's death 30 days in advance.  There are many implications here, not the least of which is that Q was a part of the execution of John McCain, which many Qvians believe.  At a minimum, it implies that John McCain had chosen a date and time to kill himself, and that Q was privy to that information but did nothing to stop him.

With all of this, we must include the Qvian belief that Q is a function of US military intelligence operations (though they deny it is a psy-op), and that Q is either working with the NSA, or is at least friendly with it - though not with the CIA, which Q refers to as "The Clowns".  See my article Who Is Q? linked at top for extended discussion of this item.

As such, the Qvians believe that Q has access to military-grade signals intelligence via specific computer servers and computers (DNC, Clinton and Weiner), net traffic (G-Mail and XBox messages) and "sources" such as Julian Assange and possibly Imran Awan.

If Q, as the Qvians believe, has military-grade intelligence and knows that the moves it telegraphs will trigger the Deep State to react in some spectacular way to steal headlines, then we should also assume that Q has the resources to know what specific actions the Deep State will take and by whom, since their planning and execution presumably include electronic communications.  Thus, Q had advanced knowledge of the New Zealand shootings and the Notre Dame fire.

In fact, the accused New Zealand shooter posted the obligatory "mass shooter manifesto" online and live streamed the shootings on Facebook.  There is a very ligh likelihood that he would have taken a "dry run" to test his camera rig and streaming ability in order to test his gear.  Thus, an electronic fingerprint was created that an advanced operation such as Q would have picked up.

By the same reasoning, if the Notre Dame fire was planned, someone cased the location, took photos and exchanged information using electronic means.  Again, US military intel should have easily picked this up.

If not, then we must assume that all the time, money and other resources poured into the various intel operations are completely useless, and in fact they are incapable of actually protecting anyone from anything, even to the point of posting a detailed plan online along with a list of persons involved and contact information for each of them.

If we assume that Q had advanced knowledge of the day, hour and minute that John McCain would die, that G.H.W. Bush would be killed or iced to use as a distraction, that the New Zealand shootings were planned as distractions, and that Notre Dame would be torched as a distraction, then we must squarely lay the blame on Q for these events.  To have advanced knowledge of a crime and do nothing, either by way of announcing the plans or attempting to stop them, makes Q complicit in those crimes.

If a person knows the details of a planned crime - who, what, when, why and how - and does not report it to "authorities" or otherwise take action to stop the crime, then that person is considered under most bodies of law to be an accessory before the fact.  If that person comes into information on the specifics of a crime after it is committed, but does not report those details to "authorities," then that person is an accessory after the fact.  In either case, the person is culpable in some fashion for the crime, since he has done nothing to stop it, or to aid in the cature and prosecution of the criminals.

Since Q is supposed to have such high-quality intelligence, we must assume that it is at minimum an accessory after the fact to several high-profile crimes.  If not, then we must assume that Q is just guessing and occasionally gets lucky with a "prediction" that comes to pass.

We assume accessory after the fact, because given the resources claimed for Q and knowing the target and method of the crime, it should be able to piece together the presumed communications involved in planning and executing the crimes.

What is even more disturbing is the way the Qvians celebrate Q's fulfilled "predictions" without considering the full implications of such things.  If Q has enough knowledge to telegraph these crimes, then it must have information that would have aided in stopping or bringing the perpetrators to justice.  That Q has not done this in any way apparent to the Qniverse is implicitly criminal.  That the Qvians find this reason to celebrate is deeply disturbing.

The presumed existence of 90,000 Sealed Indictments dating back more than a year do not count.  Only swift justice does.  Waiting around for Trump to appoint a magic number of compliant judges, as the Qvians believe to be the case, is something called "forum shopping," it is not a valid excuse to hold back criminal prosecutions.

In this case, forum shopping is even more egregious, since the Trump administration is not just shopping for compliant courts, it is apparently waiting to appoint desirable judges before proceeding with criminal charges.  Oh, that we all had such power.

To tie all this together, we can assume (from Q's Drops and the Qniverse in general) that at least 52 people are dead and a cultural landmark of inestimable value has been nearly destroyed because Q and/or Trump knowingly goaded political enemies by announcing specific dates for the release of certain information or similar events.

Because Q "predicted" the Deep State would react in this way, then Q is responsible for these crimes, because it knowingly acted in a manner that it knew would result in criminal acts.

Assuming Q has access to the value and depth of signals intelligence that it both claims, and which is ascribed to it, then Q most likely had/has evidence that would have stopped the crimes, or at least brought the perpetrators to justice.  This makes Q, and by extension Trump, minimally accessories after the fact, and possibly before.

Since both Q and Trump have stated their primary goal is to eliminate the Deep State/Drain The Swamp, and if they are in possession of evidence that would achieve that goal, but are holding back because of forum shopping, then they are responsible for the fact that there is a Deep State/Swamp to perpetrate such crimes in order to manipulate news cycles.  The concern for life and protecting cultural treasures should far outweigh other considerations.

Even in the absence of Q/Trump, there appears to be a religiously motivated war going on, in which "hits" are perpetrated on various places of worship worldwide, centered specifically on Christianity and Islam, but with the Temple Mount, we also have a component of Judaism, as well.

No matter how one slices the news, we perceive a deep current flowing through the major stories.

Overlaid on the news is a cult that follows a disembodied "intelligence" that claims - or is claimed - to have advanced knowledge of key events, and yet is not seen to do anything to stop these crimes or bring the perpetrators to justice.

If Q/Trump are aware that the announcement of dates for the release of certain information will likely cause other entities to react in a way that endangers life and property, and they continue to do this in order to "expose" those entities, then they are acting a vile and morally reprehensible manner.  At the very least, it is reckless endangerment.

It gets worse.

Since we have no real idea who or what Q is, we must NOT eliminate the possibility that Q is the instigator of these crimes.  Why?

If Q is committing the crimes, it would have both foreknowledge (predictions) of the crimes and a motive to not reveal information that would stop them, or bring the perpetrators to justice.  This implies that Q is either a function of the Deep State, or as I have posited in previous articles, a "goon squad" for a faction of the Deep State.

For those unfamiliar with this concept, I have argued before that the Deep State is actually composed of several factions, like "families" in the mafia, that are warring over who will rule the world and how.

In any event, there are a enough very serious questions to be answered that anyone who blindly follows Q must either approve of such behavior, or be incapable of reasoning all the implications of such an operation.

Throughout history, incalculable damage has been done to lives and property in the name of expediency.  Q is only the latest manifestation of this impulse to justifying the means by the outcomes.

Q followers must begin asking some very tough questions with potentially ugly answers, or admit that they are hopelessly indoctrinated into a political cult that has no problem with death and destruction, as long as the stated goals are met.

It's easy to be an armchair general when you don't have to confront the damage your decisions cause.

This is not a game.
UPDATE 21 APRIL 2019: Today suicide bombers attacked Christian churches and 5-star hotels in Sri Lanka and killed 150+ people, while injuring 400+.  According to Q, this is the "Deep State" trying to distract from political shenanigans in Washington DC.  Q has also intimated that DECLAS of the Steele Dosier could put all this mess to rest with the stroke of a pen.  If that's the case, then these lives are directly laid on the hands of Q/Trump.  The Mueller Report is out and there is no reason, other than showmanship, to keep the Steele Dossier hidden.  Trump even tweeted - in a now deleted post - that he has "never been happier or more content."  You, sir, are a slime bag.  Release the Steele Dossier and stop this nonsense immediately.  If DECLAS doesn't happen immediately, then both Q and Trump are frauds and deserve any amount of humiliation and legal jeopardy they get.


  1. Anonymous18.4.19

    . . . watch the TR3 crafts in the sky over Notre Dame:

  2. Just to be clear, the target at the Temple Mount was Muslim. The target had NOTHING to do with Judaism and this leaves Judaism as yet untouched. Hardly surprising because to anybody with a clue and paying attention, they are the ones doing this.

    1. I've been suspecting that, too, for quite some time, which is why, when someone actually pointed Mossad's Unit 8200 out out on Richard Dolan's YT channel and remembering how Bernard broke down the Q linguistics as well as their overall approach PLUS bearing in mind that Jared Kushner is, most likely, a Mossad asset, it's been coming together in a VERY coherent manner, especially when we know that the Mossad & the NSA are working together AND Trump being the most pro-Isra-Zio president to ever have occupied the WH...

  3. Anonymous19.4.19



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