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Some Quick Q

Just a quick little post to update those playing along at home.

Let's start back on 1 March 2018.  Donald Trump issued an Executive Order that effectively labels American citizens on American soil as Enemy Combatants under certain conditions, and thus subject to military Courts Martial.

This EO is said to have modified certain parts of Annex 1 and 2 of the Military Regulations Manual concerning Courts Martial.

Note that these changes are set to take effect on 1 January 2019.

We then turn to the 21 December 2018, Q post number 2637:
Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 28b403 No.4400956
Rogers departure. Intel.
Sessions departure. Law.
Kelly departure. Warfare/MIL
Mattis departure. Warfare/MIL 
Notice a pattern?

The implication we are meant to take away from this post is that the gentlemen named above have resigned their posts in order to take on special roles in the upcoming Courts Martial, to be held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, where renovations have reportedly been on-going for some time in order to accommodate the so-called 65,000 Sealed Indictment prisoners.

Former Attorney General and head of the Department of Justice under Trump, Jeff Sessions is a lawyer who has also served 20 years in the US Senate from Alabama.  He will ostensibly provide legal guidance, likely as the head Prosecutor for the Courts Martial.  During his DOJ tenure, he is supposed to have used his time preparing for this role quietly in the background, while everyone thought he was just ineffectual and allowing the Mueller investigation to go on with little oversight.

Admiral Mike Rogers is former second-in-command of US Cyber Command and was the head of the NSA for a time.  He supposedly alerted Trump to spying at Trump Tower, causing then president-elect Trump to move his transition operations to New Jersey.  He apparently will provide signals intelligence to the Courts Martial in the form of evidence against the 65,000 perpetrators.

General John Kelly is the recently resigned White House Chief of Staff.  He was a general in the US Marine Corps and supposedly his service in the White House and his exemplary military career places him beyond reproach as one of the military brass overseeing the Courts Martial, as well as a top commander on hand should the mass arrests require martial law within the US.

General Jim Mattis is a former Marine Corps general and recently announced his resignation as Trump's Secretary of Defense.  Presumably, his resignation frees him up to assume command of Homeland Security should the need for Martial Law arise during the round-up.

In addition, the recently announced US pull-out of Syria is to free up troops to rotate back home and prepare for anticipated civil unrest and Martial Law during the 65,000 arrests, and to secure the borders during this time of great upheaval within the US.

Why Courts Martial?

The story goes that civilian courts and judges can't be trusted to fairly apply the law to powerful political figures (such as the Clintons and Obamas, and possibly the Bushes).  Military justice also removes many of the loopholes these figures could use to weasel out of trials and convictions, as well as severely limits the appeals process.

The models for all this are the trials of conspirators in the Abraham Lincoln assassination, as well as the Nuremberg trials of Nazis after the end of World War 2.  It is also the reason Senator Lindsay Graham grilled Brett Kavanaugh on the application of military justice for American citizens during the hearing fiasco.

This is also the justification for the US spending $40 million to renovate Guantanamo Bay Naval prison, the Trump EO and regulations update on Courts Martial that take effect in January 2019, and the battle over border security and the rotation of troops back home from Syria.  And don't forget resignations of key Trump administration figures whose curricula vitae seem well suited for this type of operation.

The expectation within the Qniverse is that all of these machinations are preparation for the upcoming mass arrests and trials of thousands of human traffickers, traitors and political operatives.

The question remains, why would Q telegraph all this - even in code?  If this writer is smart enough to figure out what is supposedly going on, then the "Black Hats" are too, and they are thus prepared for all of this.

It also implies that all of the Congressional hearings of late into the Clinton Foundation and email servers are nothing more than window dressing to keep the topics in the news, and thus the public aware of them, in order to make the mass arrests more acceptable and head off civil unrest.  That would certainly lend credence to the assertion that Q is a weaponized psy-op.

Sure, it makes a picture if you line up the pieces in a certain way.  Two generals, an admiral and the former Attorney General do indeed constitute a Tribunal and a prosecutor.  By all accounts, Guantanamo Bay is being renovated instead of shut down.  And pretty much anything Congress does is little more than dust bunnies in the breeze in any case.  But the Big Question sitting out there is would something like this ever really happen?

A reading of history, especially of the 19th and 20th centuries, does not inspire confidence in government of any kind anywhere, much less government willing to clean up its own mess.  Also, something this big and nasty would effectively undermine any faith in the US government, which would take down the dollar and pretty much all institutions of control.

And if, as the Qvians suspect, this whole charade is aiming to take down the global human trafficking networks and pedophila rings, there pretty much won't be one brick left standing on another anywhere.

Are Trump and the US military really prepared to go that far?  Does The Plan really contemplate the end of nearly all social institutions on the planet?  Are the Qvians and Acolytes really mindful of the full and unclouded implications of what they are wishing for?

If all of this is true, and it is successful (a very huge "if"), there will be nothing left.  This will crash nations, institutions and corporations.  It will lay bare some of the nastiest secrets of the past few centuries.  Trump and Q could just as easily go down in history as the folks who destroyed the world, as much as the biggest heroes of all time.

That's an enormous pile of IFs and there are precious few folks willing to take that kind of responsibility on their shoulders, and frankly Trump doesn't strike me as such a man.

There is an alarming lack of introspection on the part of Qvians.  As I ponder all of this, the terms "mission creep" and "unintended consequences" keep floating into consciousness.  The Qvians seem blissfully unaware of the implications, and Q seems unwilling to address these issues in any meaningful way.  And if The Plan goes completely FUBAR, who do we hold responsible?

So what's the real game?

Stay tuned...

UPDATE 9 Jan 2019:
Probably noting, but IBM just announced the first commercially available quantum computer, called Q System One.  I can't help make a connection between the name and my contention that there is a supercomputer/AI at the center of the Q Phenomenon.

UPDATE 23 Dec 18:
Trump has accelerated Gen. Mattis' plan to exit in February 2019, to 1 January 2019.  This can be seen as Trump clearing out dead wood, as some employers do when a resigning employee is in a sensitive position.

Given the information above, however, this will be spun in the Qniverse in the following way:
1) Trump's selection of 1 January 2019 coincides with the effective date of the 1 March 2018 EO on Courts Martial; 
2) Trump is attempting to establish an adversarial position against the four men in order to make it seem they are not friendly, so when they are brought back in, Trump and the men can claim to be unbiased since they are not friendly or "colluding" in any way;3) Mattis can wave off any claim that this is all part of some plan, since HIS plan was to leave in February.
Word is also spreading that Utah District Attorney John W. Huber, who was supposed to have spent the last year investigating FBI and DOJ abuse of power under the Obama administration may have done absolutely nothing.

Q has implied in recent weeks that Huber was not alone in investigating corruption.  The Qniverse is coming around to the theory that Huber was a decoy, purposely made public to have the Black Hats watch him and think that they had things fully under control.

Keep in mind that these theories are ad hoc as things develop, and defy everything the Qvians have believed for months.

We can either believe that Q has failed miserably yet again in its mission to keep We The People informed, or we can see this as "disinformation" to keep the Black Hats off the scent and chasing their tails.

In the latter case, Trump would be presented as a 4-D chess master and Q as a strategic genius and The Plan as the greatest military feint of all time.

Or the whole thing is complete BS and is just being used to create a public image, map social networks and keep Trump's hard-core base on the hook for 2020.

Take your pick.


  1. Anonymous23.12.18

    Don't understand what the fuss is all about.
    Every single American is DEAD. It says so on your Birth Certificate.
    Can't you people wake up and learn to read correctly?

  2. Excellent information, just what I conclude after considerable study of this Q-meme. Well done!

  3. Anonymous24.12.18

    If nothing happens trump will loses 2020, we will walk away!

  4. Anonymous24.12.18


  5. Anonymous26.12.18

    Stop focusing on the predictive aspect of Q's posts. That's not the purpose. It is a propaganda campaign that is designed to radicalize the average American against as many American institutions as possible by creating a pantheon of "enemies of the people" that "must be destroyed". It's all about enemy creation and outrage maintenance because that's the primary driver of Trump's popularity. The more people this campaign reaches, the greater Trump support will be. I'm doubtful it can be stopped as a political force. These people see themselves as an army of Patriots. Consider too that many Trump followers have been conditioned from birth to have faith in a savior and to be willing to wait a lifetime if necessary for vindication. If there aren't mass arrests of high officials and whatever else they're hoping for by 2020, they'll just say it will take a little longer and throw the lever for Trump.

  6. If I was analyzing Q, one of the things that would interest me would be, of course a brief bulleted summary (i.e., Some Quick Q), but also a breakdown of the number of predictions & a measurement of their "hit rate", as to the percentage of individual predictions that actually came to being, including those that were accurately predicted. That would tell us right then in there, if Q is worth of following w/ any seriousness. I could be wrong, but from following Q from the sidelines, I'm under the impression that Q's predictability ratio is "not impressive". I also find most of the Q analysis, of Q drops, so damn boring & such a waste of my time, I only last but a few seconds listening before I have to eject into something more productive. I want to see "America Great Again", but I don't want to follow this very "sick circus of lying & deceiving, mediocre, treasonous clowns", in the hope that they are going to face their master, for a few years w/o results, & all because these "analysts" were religiously "pushing hopium" all along, while unknowingly possessed by their self deceived fervor, & cult like faith in this "Q Phenomenon".


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