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Random Thoughts On Shrubbery

There is some next-level weirdness going on right now and it's going to take a little explanation to see it, so please bear with me as I put all the pieces together.

Osiris, Isis and Horus were ancient Egyptian deities.  Osiris and Isis were brother and sister, as well as husband and wife.  Together, they produced Horus, their son.  Even the shallowest of efforts will demonstrate the similarities between this Holy Family and the one commonly revered in Christianity.  In fact, their story has numerous parallels with central elements of the Christian faith, particularly death/resurrection.

To make an incredibly long and complex story as concise as possible, Osiris got into a huge fight with his brother Set, and Osiris was hacked into 14 pieces.  Isis collected the pieces and sealed them inside a tree trunk, except for the penis.  Isis was a virgin, you see, and hadn't yet borne a child with Osiris.

Isis tossed the tree trunk into the Nile river and impregnated herself with the severed penis.  After three days, Osiris was reborn as the constellation we call Orion, while Isis gave birth to Horus.  Horus went on to take revenge on Set for killing his father.

The reader may, at this point, appreciate the similarities to Disney's The Lion King, as well.

At this point, Horus becomes Mars, red with anger and wrath.  During the battle, Horus receives an horrific wound to the face and loses his eye, though he ultimately vanquishes Set.

Millennia later, Mariner 9 (1970s) revealed to the world (for the first time?) that Mars did indeed have a immense scar across its face (Valles Marinaris).

Jumping around, we come to another ancient Egyptian deity called Bennu.

Bennu is symbolized by the Nile stork, a large ungainly looking bird.  The Bennu was said to have created itself before the world, and was intimately involved in the First Creation.  The Bennu is often cited as the prototype for the Western phoenix bird which, at the end of its life is consumed in flames and then resurrects itself from the ashes.

We should also make a side note of NASA's Phoenix lander, a billion-dollar shovel that landed on Mars in 2008.

Those are the pertinent mythological points.  Now for the next-level weirdness.

On 26 November 2018, NASA's InSight, a billion-dollar drill, landed on Mars at Elysium Planitia, or Elysian Fields.  Interestingly, the Elysian Fields were the ancient Greek vision of Heaven, where good and heroic souls were rewarded with fair skies and boundless harvests.

On 1 December 2018, George H. W. Bush (41st president) dies at the age of 94.  Bush was the son of a Nazi collaborator, Prescott Bush, and initiated the First Iraq War on his former business partner, Saddam Hussein, though he never finished the war.  His son, Geoge W. Bush (43rd president) finished the job with the Second Iraq War, in which Hussein was finally put to death, thus vanquishing his father's enemy - though the war drags on for decades even as we speak.

A sealed box (tree trunk) ostensibly containing the remains of G. H. W. Bush was placed in the center of the US capitol for three days (!) before a taxpayer-funded orgy of political wailing and gnashing of teeth took place on 5 December 2018.

GHW Bush is only one of 31 individuals to be so honored in the history of the US, despite having a seemingly undistinguished career as an carpetbagging oil man who ran the world's most infamous spy agency for two years, then became a nearly invisible Vice President, then a caretaker President whose biggest achievement was starting a war.  An awful lot of hoopla for someone who did so little - apparently - for the world.

Three days later, on 3 December 2018, NASA's OSIRIS-REx craft (literally "King Osiris") arrived at asteroid 101955 Bennu - I shit you not.  The asteroid is almost perfectly cube-shaped and it stretches credulity that this object is natural.  The craft is currently preparing to perform several touch-and-go maneuvers to sample the object's surface and return the material to Earth.

Curiously, the OSIRIS-REx will wait until 4 July 2020, to begin sampling the surface of Bennu.  Note the date and year.

G. H. W. Bush has been long suspected of being a CIA asset, and possibly even involved in the JFK Assassination, which was itself a highly ritualistic murder of a god-king.  Bush also served as head of the CIA before becoming Vice President under Ronald Reagan in 1980.

Speaking of Ronald Reagan, the 40th president was shot on 30 March 1981, by John W. Hinkley, Jr., in an attempted assassination attempt.  Hinkley Sr. was president of the Vanderbilt Energy Corporation and the Hinkleys were an oil family who were close associates of the Bush family, and top contributors to GHW Bush's campaign in 1980.  Hinkley's brother Scott was set to have dinner with Neil Bush in Colorado the night of the shooting.  Neil was a central figure in the Silverado Savings & Loan scandal.

O what tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.

The CIA was formed out of the original spy organization called OSS.  It incorporated significant elements of the Nazi spy network after World War 2 - a symbolic rising from the ashes, one might say - specifically the Gladio network formed under the infamous Gen. Reinhard Gehlen.

The Nazis were well-known for their dabblings in the occult and mystic symbolism.  Notably, captured Nazis were folded into the CIA and...wait for it...NASA, under Project Paperclip and similar operations.

Bush served one term as president from 1988-1992, when (guess who) the Clintons took over.  He was largely seen as a caretaker president continuing the Reagan Revolution policies, and the most significant moment of his presidency was the First Iraq War, in which he went after his former oil partner Saddam Hussein, who was threatening the Petro Dollar system by accepting currencies other than the dollar for Iraqi oil.

Bush's son, G. W. (aka Shrub) was elected in 2000, in a highly contentious campaign with (guess who) Al Gore (aka Mr. Global Warming).  During Bush the Second's reign, there was a major terror attack on 11 September 2001 (note the date), which precipitated the Second Iraq War in which Bush II vanquished his father's enemy.

Interestingly, 101955 Bennu was discovered on 11 September 1999 (note the date).

Now, if one were conspiracy minded, which I certainly am not, one could squint at all this in just the right lighting and see the following:

GHW Bush is the symbolic incarnation of Osiris, who was brought down by his enemy Saddam Hussein.  His son, GW Bush (Shrub) took up the mantle and finally overcame his father's mortal enemy.  Bush I approved funding for the International Space Station (ISiS), which began construction during the presidency of Bush II.

GHW Bush died just THREE days before OSIRIS-REx, NASA's asteroid mission, arrived at 101955 Bennu, thus symbolizing an offering to the god of Resurrection.  The probe will touch the 'god' on 4 July 2020, likely in close proximity to the Republican National Convention, thus ritualistically awakening the 'god' to resurrect the Bush Dynasty just in time for the 2020 presidential election.

GHW Bush is also being kept in the capitol rotunda, under the painting of George Washington achieving godhood, for THREE days.  A rare honor.

And did we mention the odd, unnatural shape of 101955 Bennu, which is almost a perfect cube?

At the same time, just days before GHW 'died', NASA's InSight mission landed in Elysian Fields on Mars - in other words, in Heaven on the symbolic manifestation of Horus.

Oh, and all of this happened at the precise moment when certain key individuals were supposed to testify regarding the Clinton Foundation and Uranium 1 scandals, and the treasonous use of national security apparati to spy on candidate Donald Trump during the 2016 election.

And two key federal agencies at the center of all this - CIA and NASA - were both formed from the ashes of the Third Reich, which was really into all this occult symbolism stuff.

Have no fear, though, all of this is just an incredible series of coincidences that have absolutely nothing to do with reality, because we are an advanced civilization now, that doesn't believe in such ritualistic nonsense.

Post Scriptum:

On 11 December 2018, just days after OSIRIS-REx entered orbit around 101955 Bennu, it was announced that the "fingerprint" of hydrated clays were found across the surface of the asteroid.  This suggests the presence of water, though the headlines make it sound as if there are literal puddles lying around.

This is significant for a number of reasons - not just the symbolic ones noted above.

First, we have been told for decades that ices present on the surface of comets is what causes the coma and tail(s) as they heat up in the sunlight and out-gas.  Bennu is located well within the range where comets should begin outgassing, yet Bennu is obviously NOT doing this.  Furthermore, almost zero water has been found on the surface of comets visited by spacecraft, yet this "asteroid" is literally awash, if we are to believe the howlings of the "science" media.

Second, the shape of Bennu combined with the presence of water makes for an interesting combination.  Bennu is almost a perfect cube, which is virtually impossible in a natural object, unless it is a massive sugar crystal.  The implication is that Bennu is artificial and if its internal atmosphere had leaked out over centuries/millennia, then it would account for the presence of moisture on the surface, as water vapor condensed after escaping the interior.

Third, we are told that Bennu is interesting for its very high carbon signature.  This brings up the Cosmic War speculation so eloquently outlined by Joseph P. Farrell and others.  If the asteroids are indeed remnants of an exploded planet (Planet V or Tiamat according to different theories), then being covered in carbon would be a signature of this explosion.

It gets much stranger, and this will likely become a mini-series of articles in the future, so stay tuned!


  1. Magick is real. It is a living language of the universe. Most of humanity remains ignorant and mute. This is by design. Whether that is god's design or man's design, or something BEYOND both of these concepts, is for the individual wizard or witch to work out. It's a fun journey, for certain!

  2. Such a delicious commentary!! Thanks for connecting these "wonderful" dots!!!

  3. Thank you for such delicious comments!! Way to go in connecting all these "wonderful" dots!!

  4. Anonymous6.12.18

    Agreed Danu, the modern view of reality is a thin veneer covering the true nature of the human experience. Ritual is the means for humanity to interact with the forces behind reality. Those who follow this language shape the world to their liking. Those who don't are only pawns in a greater game.

  5. For someone who ridicules Q, your keeping a very close eye on the situation.

  6. Throw this into the mix:

  7. Waa! What about George Scherf II ? Curious George. Aka GHW.son of Tesla's accountant! Bunch of dots there too or just another fable? *Otto Skorzani confession.
    Or did I enter an alternative timeline.

  8. GHWB aka Curious George. Son of Tesla's accountant George Scherf. Adopted by Prescott, have another dot. * Otto Skorzany confession.


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