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Spe-Q-lating On Q

We want to express our sincerest thanks to Jeff Rense and his team for their invaluable support.  If this topic interests you, please keep an eye on the Rense Radio Network for exclusive content and updates as we ferret out the Q.

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For the reader wishing to investigate Q further, we recommend Serial Brain 2 posts and/or War Drummer videos.

Keep in mind that Q posts in EDT, and I post in WIB, which is roughly 11 hours ahead.  This will become important.

In the month of July, I have posted five articles on Q, with the first being published on 4 July 2018, my time.  This would have been during the night of 3 July 2018 EDT.  Q published a "drop" on 4 July 2018, then went silent.

My post just prior to this one was published on 24 July 2018, again during the night of 23 July 2018 EDT. Q began publishing again on 24 July 2018, but at a time that would have been 25 July 2018, my time, which was officially my birthday.

Given the internal logic and rules used by the Anons to interpret and decode Q drops, this would mean Q is communicating directly with or about me.  Do I believe this?  No.  Is this a curios coincidence?  Yes.

Q has frequently said, "There are no coincidences," and "Everything has meaning."  These are generalizations that are not true.  Therefore, on a purely objective, logic-based analysis, Q presented untrue statements as tautologies.  Therefore, Q is not always truthful.

If you are a Q-vian, turn off your emotions for a moment and look at the naked facts using logic, which Q commands that followers always do.  We have thus proved that Q is not always truthful, QED.

I think Q is real, not a LARP.  I think Q is part of a larger operation, known as a psy-op, to modify the thoughts and actions of a mass audience.  I think Q is working closely with Donald Trump, but I am unsure of the agenda and desired outcomes.  I have shown in previous articles that Q is highly sophisticated and operating on multiple levels of meaning in order to attract as many people to the psy-op as possible, for whatever ultimate reasons it has.

Q claims to want transparency, yet it operates in a completely opaque manner, not revealing who or what it is, not openly stating that it is working with Trump, using multi-layered codes and ciphers, and using symbols, which are powerful things.  Ask any religious person how they feel about the menorah, the cross or the crescent.  This is hardly transparent behavior.

Q purports to be US military intelligence, and that "Q" is the highest level of security clearance, yet according to public sources, Q is only used by the Department of Energy.  The military uses TS-SCI.

Q always uses the first-person plural "we" to refer to itself.  This could be implying that it is the work of a team of people, or it could be the "royal we," a collective pronoun that includes the reader or listener.  At this point, we don't even have conclusive proof that Q is human, and there are plenty of reasons to suspect it isn't (artificial intelligence, not aliens).

Given this lack of clarity on the issue of Q, we are left to speculate on who/what Q is and what its agenda is.  As wide open as that may sound, we do have some constraints, even in light of the fact that we cannot trust anything Q says, since we just proved it isn't always truthful.

Regardless of what your emotional response to Donald Trump is, we must admit he is a marketing genius.  He has built a sizable empire selling little more than his name.  None of his products are particularly innovative, but his techniques are.  In Texas, we would say he can sell ears to a mule, and he has according to observation.

Trump is also a master at reading people and trends.  This is why he excels in negotiating, since he is able to quickly ascertain what someone wants and what they are willing to do to get it, and he uses that very effectively for his profit.  I make no value judgement on this aspect, I simply note it as a fact.

We must ask, then, would Trump be capable of creating a mass marketing effort using resources that are free or nearly so, to create a plan that would appeal to a vast number of disaffected and disenfranchised people, and cement them into a solid voting base?  I must conclude yes.

I suspect, therefore, that Q is a marketing operation - a very sophisticated and powerful one, no doubt - but a marketing plan nonetheless.  I have demonstrated in previous articles how Q works as marketing, and that it is a psy-op by its very nature.  All marketing plans are.  Given that Trump has built a career on associating his name with quality, and thus imbuing anything with his name on it with an air of quality shows that he is more than capable of designing Q.

Like all good leaders, though, Trump knows that he cannot execute every aspect of his plan without the input of a great number of experts in various fields creating the operational aspects of the plan.

For this reason, I suspect a large and diverse team is operating Q.  I have no doubt that military intelligence is involved, but there are likely many others working on the many functional parts of Q.  There are researchers and coders and writers all adding their talents and skills to the effort.  Trump would certainly have access to such people, given his background in real estate and media.  There is no reason to doubt that he could assemble such a team.

Alternatively, Q might just as easily be an artificial intelligence able to perform most of these functions through a well-constructed series of algorithms.  It could research, compose, post, and analyze distribution and effectiveness (Q-analysis, see The Name of the Q).  If the system is well designed, it would likely take fewer than two or three humans to monitor it and manipulate the target results desired.  It would also be programmed with a set of rules for "speaking" that would make it sound as if it is a single person, in other words have a personality.

It is here that the reader may point out that Q speaks with a single voice.  It always uses the same grammar and syntax and vocabulary.  It almost never varies in the way it "sounds".

It is at this point that we introduce the concept of "corporate voicing".  For those who do not work in media, marketing and PR, you may be unfamiliar with this concept.  In simple terms, corporate voicing is a common practice of designing a "voice" for a corporation.  It is carefully crafted by committee to use the same syntax, vocabulary and grammar so that all public communications - press releases, publications, etc. - sound as if a single person is speaking to the reader/listener.

It is a well established practice in corporate marketing to develop a "voice book," key phrases, vocabulary, etc., that the marketing department uses to present the public "face" of the corporation.  This is most apparent in brands like Gorton's or Mrs. Smith's or Sara Lee, but most large corporations use this for annual reports, white papers, internal and external memos, and even automated email responses.  The reader can easily collect a variety of publications from any major corporation and notice that they all "sound" as if they are coming from a single person.

Using corporate voicing for Q is a major requirement for it to be as effective as it has been.  All the drops sound like they are written by one person.  Posted photos look like they are taken by one individual (lens height, perspective, etc.).  Even seemingly extemporaneous responses to Anon inquires follow the same tonal rules so that it sounds as if the same person is writing.  Simply, this is a very sophisticated chat bot.

If I were designing Q, the voice would be at the top of the list of things to do starting up.  Q must sound to the reader as if he is getting personal information from a single insider, much like a reporter meeting a source.  To my eye, the frequent repetition of key phrases is a dead give-away in this regard.

The voice is also important in giving Q authority.  It must sound confident, in charge, military, and plausibly connected to inside information to be believable.  Q's voice must project an image that engenders loyalty in the followers.  If at any time Q sounded unsure or insecure, it would break the illusion and cause doubt among the flock.  I cannot believe that any Q post is extemporaneous.  They are all carefully composed and ordered to maintain an image.

In our speculation, we need to decide what Q is in order to proceed.  This might evolve over time, given more information, however we need a working model.  So let's apply a test to see what we can tease out of Q.

If we apply the classic test of means, motive and opportunity to Q and, by extension, Donald Trump, then we can conclude that Q could certainly be a new kind of marketing design initiated by Trump.

Does Trump have the means?  He has a long career of very successful marketing efforts.  He has turned his own name into a luxury brand.  He created a very successful television show, by any measure.  He would most certainly understand all of the key features of a successful marketing plan, and be able to weaponize it in practice.  He has the people, experience and ability to create, fund, staff, and execute an effort as sophisticated as Q is.

Does Trump have the motive?  He wants to be elected to a second term, as well as populate Congress with sympathetic politicians, both to protect himself and to advance his agenda.  Having a tool like Q at his disposal would be a powerful ally in achieving his goals.  It builds and cements a solid voting base, by-passes the hostile mass media and social platforms, and communicates directly with voters, and presents an image of quiet power and authority necessary for a leader in his position.

Does Trump have the opportunity?  This question virtually answers itself.  Having the resources of the US federal government at his disposal would guarantee success in designing and launching something like Q.  There can be no doubt that he has the opportunity to operate Q.  Compartmentalized security would also afford him the opportunity to operate Q with almost no one else knowing about it.

We come, then, to some speculative conclusions about Q - what it is, how it functions, where it came from.  I caution the reader that I may be completely wrong, but given the overwhelming intersecting lines of inquiry in this matter, I think my conclusions hold up to scrutiny.

Given that Q displays all the primary - and many secondary - aspects of a marketing campaign, there can be no doubt that at least one major function of it is to market Trump's presidency, and to manipulate both the 2018 mid-term elections and the 2020 presidential election.  I make no value judgement here, as all marketing is designed to manipulate, regardless the product.  It simply is.

Q creates an image, builds trust, brands a product, and can be transferred onto any target the operator chooses.  It uses classic marketing tools, such as voicing, multi-layered sub-conscious appeal, emotional triggers, etc.  Regardless of any other consideration, Q is a marketing plan.

Given the winks and nods (a.k.a. "proofs") that Trump is said to have given Q, we can assume that he is, at the very least, aware of it.  Given his background and success in marketing, we can also assume that he played a major role in designing and implementing Q.  Since he is a primary beneficiary of Q, he would have some ownership of it, much as the CEO of a corporation would approve every aspect of a corporate branding campaign.

If we take Q's claim as true that Trump was recruited by US military intelligence to enact a counter-coup against the Deep State, then we should assume that military intelligence had some significant input on Q.  We should also assume that Trump brought his experience to the table and had at least significant input on implementation of Q, if not many of the design aspects.

Trump has stated for decades an interest in running for US president, and would have had a great amount of time to think this problem through.  It is quite likely that military intelligence presented a desire to communicate with civilians in a way similar to Q, and that Trump presented the means to do so.

When it comes to designing and launching Q, Trump meets the classic tests of means, motive and opportunity.  At least on a superficial level, Q could easily be Trump, or at least a collective of people loyal to him.  This is further reinforced by the fact that his presidency would be a primary beneficiary of a successful Q operation.

In closing, we remind the reader to go back to the beginning of this article and see that we have proved on a strictly logical and objective basis that Q is not always truthful.  Therefore, we must take any claims by Q with a healthy dose of skepticism.

We emphasize once again that we are not making a value judgement on or about Q.  We are examining the evidence, analyzing the facts, testing our conclusions, and weighing the possible outcomes.  The reader is asked only to approach Q with eyes open and be aware of what Q is, so as not to fall prey to a powerful psy-op.

There are hundreds of voices on the internet promoting Q with impassioned appeals.  To our knowledge, we are the only source of cold analysis of Q - so far - and we use the rules of the game Q itself has established.  We have not made our own mind up on what this phenomenon is, but we have presented careful arguments in favor of caution.

The choice to dive in feet first into the Q phenomenon is entirely the reader's.  We only advise testing the water before doing so.


Q The LARP Carp

UPDATE: We will appear on Rense Radio Friday, July 28, 2018, at 8p PDT.

We want to express our sincerest thanks to Jeff Rense and his team for their invaluable support.  If this topic interests you, please keep an eye on the Rense Radio Network for exclusive content and updates as we ferret out the Q.

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The Name Of The Q

At this point in the exploration of Q, it seems in order to step back and look at where we are and what reactions have been triggered by our series on Q.  There has been a lot of information put forth in our articles on the Q Phenomenon and folks need a little time to digest it all, because it gets a lot more complicated from here.

I have to say the vast majority of reactions have been negative, which is to be expected.  Those who have fallen under the Q Spell will react emotionally - usually in anger - at having their faith questioned, much as religious fanatics do.

These emotional tirades expose two main issues, 1) the poor state of American education, with folks unable to respond to a rational argument with a rational rebuttal; 2) the amazing loyalty which Q has engendered in only nine months.

Back in the old days, we learned the Trivium - grammar, logic, rhetoric - that allowed us to examine a rational argument, analyze its internal logic, and respond in an equally rational and logical way.  It is a form of discourse buried deep in the Western cultural tradition that dates back to Aristotle and Plato.  Unfortunately, US "education" (i.e. schooling) is too focused on wrapping bananas with condoms to teach such fundamental skills as these.

The second issue is practically a proof of Q's effectiveness in itself.  The speed with which Q has built up a radically loyal, unquestioning fanbase is phenomenal in every sense of the word.  Q's first post was on 28 October 2017, at 2:34p EST, and it is now the end of July 2018, as I write this.  This is an extraordinary success rate that would be the envy of any advertising agency spending millions in development costs and media buys, and Q has done it all completely free, at least in so far as we can see on this side of the veil.

One major criticism I have received is that I do not actually READ Q's drops.  Au contraire mon ami, I am not prone to sticking my neck out without some amount of protection in the form of in-depth research.

I could not criticize what I did not know and understand.  I have read all of the Q Drops (droppings?) and a fair bit of the "apostolic interpretations," and not a small amount of YouTube posts, as well.  As an example, let's take a look at Q's very first posts (on 4chan at that time):
"Anonymous ID: gb953qGI No.147005381  📁
"Oct 28 2017 14:33:50 (EST)
"Hillary Clinton will be arrested between 7:45 AM - 8:30 AM EST on Monday - the morning on Oct 30, 2017.
"HRC extradition already in motion effective yesterday with several countries in case of cross border run. Passport approved to be flagged effective 10/30 @ 12:01am. Expect massive riots organized in defiance and others fleeing the US to occur. US M’s will conduct the operation while NG activated. Proof check: Locate a NG member and ask if activated for duty 10/30 across most major cities."

Perhaps I was asleep that day, but I just don't recall "HRC" being arrested on the morning of 30 October 2017, nor do I recall her movements being restricted any time in the past nine months.  Please correct me if I am wrong.

Ignoring the grammatical mistake in the first sentence for the moment, it would seem that Q is not as omniscient and all-powerful as we have been led to believe.  The Q-vians (as we call them around here) ignore this bit and, in true irrational fashion, select only those bits that serve to confirm their pre-existing beliefs and desires.

Classic reflexive mind control manipulation.

In fact, it is a central part of Q Lore now that grammatical and spelling errors are part of the Q Code.  The mistakes can be assembled into coherent words and phrases with additional layers of meaning.  If they can't, then some element is still missing, and the Q-vians must wait for future mistakes to complete the puzzle.  Self-fulfilling prophesy and protective projections that preserve the myth over fact.

When there are factual errors, such as the Q Drop cited above, then this is rationalized as a communique to the Black Hats designed to elicit some reaction that will trip them up.

This is classic "operational correction," where mistakes are re-purposed to be part of The Plan.  One might even give a wink and a nod here and call it good enough for government work.  This is often seen in Indonesian staircases, where the rise/run calculation was incorrect and one of the steps ends up being 2 inches tall.  Oh well, lock it in and move on.

Another common criticism, not just of my articles but anyone criticizing Q, is that Q is not a LARP.  For those of us not in the know, a LARP means "live action role play."  It arose in the late 1970s, when Dungeons and Dragons fans started acting out their games in the real world.  More recently, the Pokemon fad was a classic LARP, combining fiction with reality.

Never mind that I have assiduously avoided the term LARP in my criticisms, this MUST be my intent, according to the critics.  This is a classic Straw Man argument.  Create an artificial target and attack it, appearing to tear down the actual argument at hand.

For the record, I do not think Q is a LARP, but I do think some of the Q-vians believe it is and act accordingly.

The Straw Man fallacy is often used when the opposing argument is too weak to confront the other side's assertions directly, so an alternative target is set up that sounds in keeping with the debate, then it is torn down in an attempt to claim victory.  Obviously, these poor folks are victims of American "education".

For the most part, the commentary on my arguments has been little more than expletive-filled rants that address none of the issues I have raised.  This is typical of what passes for rebuttal on the internet these days.  The sadly underdeveloped minds have few, if any, tools with which to fight back, and so angry monosyllabic tirades are all they can muster in their defense.  I have posted them all at the risk of offending more erudite critics for the purpose of displaying the caliber of mind Q attracts.

This is not an insult to anyone, but rather a demonstration of some of the points I am trying to make in this series.  Q appeals to its audience at an emotional level, by-passing the rational mind and going straight to the sub-conscious.  This is a key feature that I find alarming about the whole thing.

Another criticism is that I am anti-Q, yet when I reread my articles, it seems that I have taken a primarily neutral-to-skeptical approach, with a bit of tongue-in-cheek sarcasm, which I tend to level at pretty much anything in the public domain.  I have never said don't follow Q.  I have only presented cautionary arguments to hopefully inoculate the reader against a very potent psy-op.  Often, being aware of how a psy-op works is a big step toward not falling prey to it unawares.

This is precisely the reason why no one will go to the movies with me anymore.  I take all the fun out of it.

As I have stated several times, I find Q fascinating on a purely professional level.  The mastery with which it has been planned and executed - the subtle emotional triggers, the message of hope/salvation, the allure of finally achieving justice - are powerful messages and motivators, especially in a world long devoid of such things.

Nor am I immune to Q myself.  I first gained notice of Q because the message was appealing.  I wanted it to be true and projected my desire onto Q.  Being experienced in and aware of the power of the media is not a cure-all.  However, there are two quotes that help me, and perhaps might help the reader:
"The world is in a constant conspiracy against the brave. It's the age-old struggle: the roar of the crowd on the one side, and the voice of your conscience on the other." - Douglas McArthur
The other is even more powerful:
"If you follow the crowd, you will get no further than the crowd." - Mark Twain 
 These two quotes are, for me, important reality checks.  If I find myself lured by sweet-sounding words, I rehearse these quotes like mantras until I snap out of the spell.

In all honesty, I am not sure about Q.  I have thought about all of this for months.  These series of articles have been stewing in my brain for some time and are the actual arguments I give to myself, wondering if this Q is for real or a malevolent force with destructive goals.  I am constantly flipping back on forth on this issue.

One thing that keeps me on the skeptical side of the argument is the quality (or lack thereof) of responses to anything perceived as negative regarding Q.  That is a major red flag to my way of thinking.  If Q-vians cannot muster rational arguments in their favor, then they are not thinking rationally and others should be wary.

I do not purport to have all the answers.  I am observing a phenomenon, examining the evidence, formulating tests, and seeking the truth.  If Q is good, then it will withstand assault by critical inquiry.  If Q is bad, then it will become obvious at some level of inquiry.  In either case, it is the inquiry that is vital.  It is a fairly simple concept that happens to take a lot of effort, which is why few folks do it.

Until now, Q has remained a fairly obscure phenomenon among the digerati, creeping like an undiagnosed cancer across the internet's underbelly.  If the current pace keeps up, it will soon explode onto the general culture and we must be prepared for the secondary wave of Q-vians to come.

Second waves are always more worrisome, because the emotional response is even further removed from the initial impulse, and thus are more fanatical.

Jeff Rense and several other critical thinkers that I value have encouraged me to pursue this line of inquiry, because frankly no one else seems to be doing it.  Either they are repulsed by the general response to Q skepticism, or they are deeply divided on what to think of Q themselves.

I think it is imperative to examine what is a rapidly growing cultural phenomenon and provide what insights I can muster.  It is my hope that some number of folks will find this valuable and think twice before diving in.  I do not counsel any course but caution when approaching Q.  It is a powerful force, and one from which we are still teasing out motives from behind the veil.

Interestingly, to reveal what is hidden behind the veil is the precise literal meaning of apocalypse.

P.S. - I am well aware of the Clinton/McCain (no name) boot/cast theory.  The posts also mentioned travel restrictions, yet Clinton has been to Europe, India and New Zealand, among other places.  Perhpas the restriction is for off-planet or Antarctica travel?

As for the boot/cast theory, given the lack of public acknowledgement that they are under arrest, I can make an equally valid argument that they read the Q Drop and are having a bit of fun at the expense of Q-vians  At their Deep State cocktail parties, they are laughing their fool heads off at how gullible people are.

Same evidence, two wildly different conclusions.  In fact, the spoof theory would also include Clinton's ridiculous wardrobe choices over the past few months. 

In my view, there are no White or Black Hats, just grey ones.  They are ALL in on Q and the entire psy-op is designed solely to passify the masses.  Same data and evidence, radically different interpretation, and in the lack of public acknowledgements, mine is the more plausible.

Had Q been a thing under the Obama administration, the "patriots" would have been having strokes denying and fighting Q.  And for the record, a patriot defends the land, people and culture of a country, not the government of a nation.  There is no such thing as benign government.

We shall see.

And in response to the email comment, yes my headlines - like Q - have multiple layers of meaning.  "Carp" is a bottom-dwelling 'trash' fish, but it also means to find fault or complain querulously.  Good catch!  Someone is paying attention.

As for the frequent accusations of our supposed Zionist bent, if you read the 1,000 articles and 14,000 tweets in our archive, you will find rather quickly and with fair assurance that I have truck with neither Zionism, nor the nation of Israel.  But thanks for playing along.


The Name Of The Q

We want to express our sincerest thanks to Jeff Rense and his team for their invaluable support.  If this topic interests you, please keep an eye on the Rense Radio Network for exclusive content and updates as we ferret out the Q.

Previous posts:
Deep Throat v, Q
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A-Marketing We Will Q

In this ongoing series of articles, we have presented evidence that the Q Phenomenon is a sophisticated multi-layered psy-op that appeared fully conceived in late October 2017 on 4chan, later moving to 8chan.

We have shown that Q purports to impart covert information to followers in multiple dimensions, where it is not only the message, but the medium iteself that has meaning.

At its most basic level, Q functions as an "insider" source for information on Trump's promised effort to "drain the swamp."  At this level, Q resembles Deep Throat during the Watergate era, except that Q places its entire audience in the role of reporters Woodward and Bernstein, thus subverting mainstream media filters.

We have proposed that Q is a sophisticated marketing/PR campaign that uses classic design, but in a weaponized form.  The many layers of the campaign work on numerous levels to attract as diverse an audience as possible.  Q uses standard Pavlovian Response methods to "establish and associate," a technique where engendered trust is extended to include other concepts, individuals and groups.  This is the core of the psy-op aspect.

We theorize that Q operates by design with key religious elements that spread through the social media culture at amazing, if not alarming pace.  Elements such as revealed truth, hierarchical structure, occult interpretation, and prophesy all play a significant role.  Followers have developed a fanatical and even cult-like community around Q that demands strict adherence to a kind of "theology," or risk excommunication.

We have already and continue to develop tests and specific predictions to establish the validity of our working hypothesis.  It stands to reason that if Q is operating on multiple levels of meaning, including symbolic, emotional, rational, and historical, then even the name "Q" should have significant meanings across various areas of interest, working in concert with the other proposed elements we have detailed.

With this in mind, we investigated various uses of the name "Q" in other areas of society.  To be significant, the use of "Q" should have appeared well before the rise of the extant phenomenon, so as to be included as an aspect of the Q design, and not be a result of it.  Previous uses of the name would ideally intersect with the various elements of our theory in a meaningful way, such that other meanings of "Q" would add insight into how the Q Phenomenon is designed, how it functions, and how the entity(ies) behind it think.

We were not disappointed.  We found no less than six distinct, superficially unrelated uses of the name "Q" in widely disparate fields that conceptually and significantly intersect with our theory.  These findings serve as a confirmation that we are looking in the right places, as well as enhance the view that Q is operating at multiple levels in a way that is sometimes referred to as "4-D thinking".

Note that we use the neutral pronoun "it" when referring to Q, because at this point, we are not sure who - or what - is behind it.  We do not want to limit our view, or the reader's, until some evidence arises regarding the nature of Q.

Q itself told us in early "drops" that the name refers to Q-level security clearance within the US federal government.  It is supposedly the highest level, allowing full knowledge of compartmentalized information, thus having access to the Big Picture when it comes to government secrets and intelligence.  Q also claims to be a function of US military intelligence, and so has access to roughly the same data, systems and techniques available to the NSA, CIA and other high-level intelligence agencies.

A couple of easy clicks led us to Wikipedia**, where Q-Clearance is indeed the highest level of security clearance, BUT only in the Department of Energy (DOE).  According to the article, Q-Clearance is equivalent to Top Secret within the military, but a distinction is clearly drawn with Q-Clearance limited to the DOE.  This is curious, as Q specifically claims to be military, but the claimed clearance only applies to the DOE.

It would be easy to dismiss Q at this point for not knowing or accurately establishing what it is talking about.  If the entity(ies) behind it are really military and in the US government, they should be well aware of this distinction.

Too easy.

If our model is correct, Q would choose a name based on a number of dimensions, rather than just a literal one.  The fact that Q-Clearance is equivalent to Top Secret (a.k.a. TS-SCI), it implies high-level access to information, while allowing for other dimensions of meaning.  It also provides a single, distinctive character to embody a complex collection of ideas in the form of a well designed and marketed "logo".

As a prediction, we believe that "energy" will play a role in Q as we continue to investigate.

Given what follows, it stands to reason that Q chose the name based on multiple intersections of meaning, rather than a strict definition of the security clearance term.

Our next stop is somewhat less spectacular, but in keeping with the overall design we propose, as well as having cultural and symbolic significance.

As we have mentioned before, Q is a character on Star Trek that has god-like powers.  Without rehearsing everything previously reported, suffice it to say this layer of reference would appeal to certain fan-type demographics, who would transfer their interest in sci-fi and humanist messages to the Q Phenomenon.  The inference of being god-like is in keeping with out model of what Q is, and what it desires to be seen as by the general audience.

In the TV series, the name Q refers to both an individual and a "race," which is also interesting in this context.  Being simultaneously one and many connotes a kind of symbolic Trinity.

It is noteworthy that the Q character is not considered trustworthy and his modus operandi is creating elaborate puzzles that the crew must decipher in order to escape some catastrophe.

Up next are two additional cultural references with varying levels of significance.  The is quite clearly related to the Q Phenomenon, where one of the main features of the operation is creating multi-leveled puzzles in order to transfer hidden meanings to the audience.  These puzzles are given ostensibly because the information is considered sensitive, and Q cannot just come out and say it.  It must be encoded and teased out by the Anons, so that Q is not actually "leaking" anything.

The first is the character Q in the James Bond series of novels and films.  Q, standing for "quartermaster," is the character responsible for designing high-tech weapons and gadgets for the Double-Oh spies in British intelligence operations.  This link is intriguing for the intersections with "British," "spy", "weapons" and "high-tech".

The "high-tech" and "weapons" aspects obviously connect with the sophisticated use of the internet and social media, and our proposed weaponization of that technology.

"British" and "spy" invoke the perceived close relationship of US and UK intelligence operations, especially GCHQ (!) and MI6, which are the UK equivalent of the NSA, CIA and other agencies.

"British" also invokes the 5-Eyes, an intelligence cooperative among the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand.  The 5-Eyes have been referenced by Q on numerous occasions, making this a significant intersection with the Q name.

Q has also specifically claimed that data from the 5-Eyes circumvents US law and allows elements within the federal government access to data on US citizens, bypassing restrictions on domestic agencies.

On an emotional level, the link with James Bond would serve to romanticize Q and give it an element of action, adventure and suspense.  It serves to transfer all the emotional connotations of Bond's long history onto Q, providing a kind of instant history or background.

This, in turn, implies a battle against a sinister global network hell-bent on dominating the world, known as SPECTRE in the Bond universe.  This, too, is in keeping with the nature and interpretation of Q's drops over the past nine months, as it purports to stand against various individuals and organizations in the real world with similar goals and ambitions.

Another cultural reference is an obscure 1982 film entitled, "Q".  It would be easy to dismiss this reference, because it is rather obscure; however, it is interesting as the film deals with a group of New York City police investigating a series of mysterious murders using Aztec rituals that have apparently unleashed the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl, a feathered serpent associated with, among other things, learning.

The initial letter "Q" in the god's name, yet another god reference, and the association with learning are all significant intersections with our model of the Q Phenomenon.  Q often states that followers must "learn our comms."  The snake image, of course, has all sorts of religious connotations.

The link with Mexico is also curious, given Trump's signature focus on the US border with that nation.  We also have in mind the Lady of Guadalupe, whose common depiction has her stepping on a snake - yet more religious symbolism.

At this point, it really starts to get interesting.

Thanks to a prompt from Joseph P. Farrell, we were led to the area of Biblical scholarship called, appropriately enough, the Q-Gospel.

Yes, the Q-Gospel!

In the early 20th century, Biblical scholars proposed a quelle (Germ., "source") for certain common elements in the Gospels of Luke and Matthew.  This "source" was theorized to stem from early Christian oral traditions composed primarily of Jesus' sayings.  The theory has fallen out of favor in recent years, but it nevertheless exists as a significant part of Biblical research and still attracts serious inquiry in the field.

We believe this reference should be obvious to the reader who saw our previous article called, "The Gospel According To Q."  That "Q" should randomly refer to an area of theological research stretches credulity, given the demonstrated multi-layered nature of the Q Phenomenon and its religious elements.

The final Q reference is the clincher, in our opinion.

In the field of mathematics, there is an area called Set Theory that examines the construction, content and relationships between sets.  Within this area, there is a sub-category called Q-Analysis.

Developed in the 1970s, Q-Analysis examines the alignments and intersections of sets in multiple dimensions.  It is used to examine "large-scale system structure, social networks and decision making," among other things.  It's function is to define how "sets" or "entities" relate and interact with each other, and how those relationships affect the internal content of the sets.

It should be immediately apparent to the reader that Q-Analysis describes almost exactly what we propose the Q Phenomenon is doing.  It is inserting itself into decision making, using and manipulating social networks, and can easily be used to measure and manipulate large-scale system structures, such as demographics and internet architecture.

Using Q-Analysis, someone could easily track the Q Phenomenon across the internet to map and quantify how information spreads and what effect it has on audiences down to fine detail.

Other than the definition and history of the actual letter "q", these are the only significant references for the "Q".  It was not necessary to make a value judgement for inclusion or exclusion of data.

That all these references should have internal elements directly related to our hypothesis, as well as conceptual relationships with each other through multiple, intersecting meanings and connotations is beyond random.

Six primary references to the letter "Q" can be found on the internet.  All six relate significantly to aspects of the Q Phenomenon.  All six have intersecting vertices in one or more dimensions.  All six match elements of our theory of Q.  And all six serve to increase and focus our understanding of the Q Phenomenon.

Since we propose that Q is messaging its audience on multiple levels in a 4-D system, it stands to reason that the name Q would also have multiple significant meanings.  That all six references have some degree of correlation with each other and with our theory of Q, it stands to reason that this serves as a confirmation of the theory, especially since they enhance and clarify aspects of our a priori speculations.

We therefore conclude that our theory withstands a major test, and that our operating assumptions about the Q Phenomenon are at least partially correct and worth pursuing.  This is by no means final and conclusive, but it is significant and instinctual, given our existing propositions.

It seems that we can now perceive some part of this real-life Matrix.  If what we have found so far is any indication, the ride is about to get a lot more interesting.

P.S. - one reader brilliantly added QED, used at the end of logical proofs, meaning quod erat demonstandum (Lat., that which was to be shown).  In quantum physics, it also means quantum electrodynamics, which also has interesting connotations.

I would also add that "Q" is shorthand frequently used by Lighting and Sound Operators, and computerized lighting and sounds boards to indicate when a change or effect is triggered - with interesting connotations.

I also forgot to mention "Max-Q," which is the point during a rocket launch where the rocket pitches over from perpendicular to the Earth's surface to parallel flight.  The rocket experiences the maximum mechanical stresses at this point.  It is the point when the shuttle Challenger exploded, and many other rockets disintegrated during the Space Age.


**We do not recommend Wikipedia as a primary source, however it often has valuable leads linked in the RESOURCE section at the bottom of every page.  These links are sometimes primary sources, or at least lead to them.


A-Marketing We Will Q

In our continuing analysis of the Q phenomenon, we have looked at similarities between Q and Deep Throat, a source that provided high-level intel to two reporters (Woodward and Bernstein) during the Watergate scandal.  In the next article, we examined some of the features of the Q phenomenon that I believe are hallmarks of a psy-op.  In the third installment, I laid out the religious aspects of Q and why they should concern rational people everywhere.

Before I launch into today's essay, I want to draw the reader's attention to something called Q-Analysis.  This is a branch of mathematics that deals with complexity among sets, and is part of Set Theory.  This is important for understanding the Q Phenomenon and the multiple layers at work within it.  The reasons should be readily apparent to anyone who reads up on it.

In this article, I want to examine the marketing and PR levels of Q, and some of the possible motivations and expected outcomes behind Q.

As a psy-op, those behind Q are trying to manipulate and manage the perceptions and belief systems of large numbers of people.  Most interestingly, Q is using free outlets and letting the converts pay for the effort to spread the information.  This shows a profound insight into how and why social media operates.

Q is using standard techniques that have been around since the end of the 19th century, but I intend to show that these techniques have been weaponized for maximum effect in the target populations or demographics.

In the early 1900s, Sigmund Freud's nephew, Edward Bernays, applied his uncle's psychological insights to the purpose of manipulating mass audiences.

Bernays tells the story of his first major success, when cigarette brand Lucky Strike hired him to increase sales by normalizing smoking in public for women - something that was taboo at that time.

Bernays organized a group of debutantes and their escorts to march in the 1929 Easter parade in New York City, holding banners that equated cigarettes with the torch of the Statue of Liberty (Torches of Freedom campaign).  Bernays links a widely known and loved symbol of freedom with an activity that was socially condemned.  It was a wild success and Lucky Strike sales took off across the US (the story ran in major publications all over the country).  By subconsciously linking freedom with the image of women smoking in public, Bernays had manipulated a mass audience with a single act.

Bernays went on to completely change the marketing and PR industry.  His theories are taught in universities and seen in things like car ads, where a manufacturer associates its product with class and affluence, while another clearly targets middle class families.  When a person chooses to buy one or the other, they are not buying the car, but the image associated with it.  The vast majority of car buyers make decisions based on whether they want the Beemer sheen, or Breeder Bus wholesome normalcy.  A perfect example was the "This is not your father's Oldsmobile" campaign, which became part of the cultural landscape.

The cars and cigarettes are examples of fairly straigh-forward, single-level manipulations.  Associate a single idea with a single product to increase sales in targeted demographics.  Textbook marketing school stuff.

Q is operating on a dozen different levels simultaneously, targeting both individuals and groups, and using the exact same information to say different things to all of them.  This is highly sophisticated, weaponized marketing/PR design.  The goal is to draw in large demographic segments who have typically felt marginalized or disenfranchised, and make them feel part of a growing movement that will inherit the Earth, to use the Biblical reference in keeping with my previous arguments.

One of the primary goals of Q is to provide enough factual information as to engender trust among the followers.  When this happens enough, the followers begin to trust uncritically, losing their skepticism, and ceasing to verify every utterance.  Then, the trust is projected onto other targets, such as "POTUS," "The Plan," and other aspects designated by Q.

In other words, "If you trust me, then you can trust these other people/things."  It is a logical fallacy, but not one which many people would pick up on.

Perhaps the reader will recall the movie Contact, with Jodie Foster.  A group of scientists receive a transmission that is definitely not of this world.  The message is encoded in a snippet of video from the 1936 Berlin Olympics.  When extracted, it appears to be pages and pages of data with little context or meaning.  Then, a billionaire recluse, played by John Hurt, informs Foster's character that if the pages are assembled in three dimensions in a certain pattern, they become a cohesive message - a design for a machine.

It is my contention that something similar to this is going on with Q.  The plain data, that which anyone sees when they first look at "Q drops," seems like a bunch of disjointed questions and statements, occasionally photos or graphics, that don't make much sense.

In one case, a certain Q drop appeared to be non-sensical until the reader turned the text upside-down and it cohered into the shape of a handgun, which itself was part of the message.  This is full 2-D messaging that requires the reader to think outside the bounds of the words within a confined space with conventional orientations.  To put it simply, think outside the box.

The next step down the rabbit hole is to start linking bits of information across multiple "drops" or layers.  This is what is known as 3-D thinking.

A series of questions, statements, elements, or images are spread over several drops spaced days or weeks apart.  By mentally "stacking and aligning" the information, suddenly they cohere into a story, once you look at the included links and find the common denominators across all the drops.

This is a very complex kind of cipher and takes a little effort, even for someone trained to see it.  This is a hook.  The average person looking at these drops sees the pattern, feels proud and elated that he was able to decode the message, gets a shot of dopamine and is ready for more.  The more one invests in successfully decoding the messages, the bigger the dopamine bump.  You're hooked.

This is classic Pavlovian response conditioning used in quite a bit of advertising - trigger, response, reward.  It is used almost constantly in mass media to get predicable responses from target demographic groups.  Think of the SJW phenomenon.

This is where it gets fun!

Once you have learn how to mentally fold and stack the drops in three dimensions and see that they form patterns - even pictures - that impart an even deeper meaning, then more difficult communications are possible.

This is 4-D thinking that links disparate, seemingly unrelated information across time and space, and there is a perfect recent example of this in the "Q Lore".

In early July 2018, known as Q1675, Q posted a close-up photo of the back of an iPhone, with a reflection of a light on it and a bit of some kind of cloth along the edge.  It was rotated so that the image was not immediately recognizable.

At this point, I must introduce the reader to Serial Brain 2.  If this topic interests you, then you will want to read this person's materials and look at the commentary from others in the "community".Serial Brain 2 apparently "gets it" and has become a guru among Q-vians.

Back to the photo - it became known that the image was of an iPhone, when the ghostly logo was spotted beneath the shiny glass surface.

Further analysis determined that the light was a lamp in the US president's office on board Air Force One (see links for details on how this became apparent).  The phone is said to be Trump's infamous Twitter phone.

It was also noticed that the bit of material along the edge was Trump's coat draped over the back of the chair.  The lamp was one seen in photos of the office (it's an airplane, so everything is nailed down and never moves).  Later, a mug holder was spotted in front of the lamp that was "out of place".  This cued (yes) the Q-vians that something was up with the mug holder.

Moving ahead, the mug holder came to be associated with Prince al-Waleed bin Talal of the Saudi royals, who was interviewed by al-Jazeera during his imprisonment after the Las Vegas coup attempt on 1 October 2017.  In the interview, there is a segment that makes a rather big deal of him making a cup of coffee in the hotel suite that was his cell, and it set prominently in front of him during part of the interview and had an image on the mug.

All of this was interpreted to mean that he was being held hostage without cause (mugged), and the image was associated with a number of other concepts.  Eventually, an entire story was woven around the single image in Q's post that had multiple layers of meanings and broadcast "secret" knowledge to those "in the know".

This is what is known as Four Dimensional Thinking.

I could easily fill this page with just this one example, so I encourage the curious reader to follow the links and look at the story unfold in chronological order - and I choose the word "unfold" advisedly.

This is the next level of Q coming to awareness, and I strongly suspect it won't be the last.  It is also at this point that I begin to suspect the use of at least a supercomputer, if not an actual AI to help produce the puzzles.  Furthermore, it is also here that Cicada 3301 comes back into focus.

If you are unfamiliar with Cicada 3301, follow the link, as well as see my previous articles.  I mention this because I predict, based on Cicada 3301, that the next step in Q Lore will be finding messages encoded in the actual pixel arrangements of the images Q posts on 8chan.  If this happens, I will consider it a major proof that this theory is correct, at least in the broad strokes.

I have come to the conclusion that Q is quite real, and that at least some of the information being transmitted is true and accurate.  However, I caution the reader that Big Lies require some amount of truth in them in order to seem plausible and believable.  It is also necessary that the decoders find some hidden facts in order to trigger the elation of discovery/victory and the dopamine bump.

To come back to the original point, how is all this a marketing/PR effort?

Q is selling, among other things, a point of view, and if one buys that point of view, one must ultimately buy the Trump presidency and place one's trust in him individually.  If one buys the Trump presidency, then one must vote for him again in 2020, and support his policies and actions as part of "The Plan".  This also imparts a coating of legitimacy on Trump and makes the Q-vians feel like "insiders" in some major undertaking that offers dopamine bumps as rewards - Pavlovian Response.

If there is a product to sell, and obviously there is, then there is a marketing plan.  And if there is an individual or organization that needs an "image," then there is a PR plan.  These are logical and natural conclusions that must follow if we accept the premise described here and in my previous articles.

We have, 1) the linking of disparate ideas or things to create a new image, 2) a product (candidate) to sell to a market, 3) a plan to achieve the link and image by manipulating the perceptions and beliefs of individuals and/or groups, 4) a metric to measure the effectiveness of the plan(s) - polls and search results, and 5) an operation that achieves these goals that is visible to those who know what to look for.

Based on my definition of a psy-op as a means to manipulate perceptions and beliefs, we are staring directly at an effort to achieve a mass realignment of social and political memes.  It would not surprise me in this case to find that the Walk Away movement is a direct function and result of Q.

Another very surprising result of this conclusion is that there is no need for Russian hackers or collusion.  The Q operation, especially if it is linked to AI, is more than capable of achieving all of the above-stated goals, and as such may have been running in some form or another for quite some time.  It may even have been a major component in swaying the 2016 election.

If this is the case, then the Q Phenomenon is much larger and even more sophisticated than any of us imagine.

I believe the weight of the evidence and the strength of the argument's framework supports these speculations and conclusions.  They can and will be run out further to make specific predictions of what surprises lie in wait with Q.

As we SHOULD know, any theory that can accurately predict future, non-obvious events must be valid according to scientific method, and I am happy to test this theory against the Q phenomenon.

At this point, I still have not made a value judgement on the Q phenomenon, though I state explicitly that I am leery of any attempt to manipulate a mass audience when they are not aware and voluntary participants in said manipulation.  The ends never justify the means, even when the whole is benign.

That would require an open, detailed and unequivocal disclaimer posted by Q on the 8chan user group.  We are standing by...

As Marshall McLuhan would warn us, the medium IS the message.


The Gospel According To Q

UPDATE: We will be appearing on Rense Radio Thursday, 19 July 2018, at 8pm PDT, discussing Q-anon.

UPDATE 2: Joseph Farrell reminded me of the Quelle (Germ., "source") or Q-Source, or Q-Gospel theory in Biblical studies.  It was a once-popular theory that common elements of the Gospels of Luke and Matthew represented a single, possibly oral original source.  There are now seven separate, significant and meaningful references to the name "Q", some of which are listed herein, and others that are coming up in later posts.  This is in keeping with my theory of multiple layers to the Q Phenomenon, where the same information means different things to different people.  See our follow-up article.

As readers have surmised, I am intrigued if not alarmed by the Q phenomenon, which I believe to be a classic, though highly sophisticated psy-op.  My two previous articles appear here and here.

What has captured my attention with this phenomenon is not only the sophistication of it, but also that it has often been very difficult to track them back to the precise moment at which they were launched.

Additionally, there is the resemblance to and connection with religion - primarily the Big Four (Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism) - both in the message of Q and in its means of propagation through the general culture.

My working hypothesis is that Q is the operational version of a test done in 2012, called Cicada 3301.  I covered this in some detail in the last article, and will likely go deeper as I study and compare the two phenomena.  Suffice it here to say they bear a number of relationships to each other, both in form and function.

If the reader has played along at home, then you have learned how Q works: Q posts "drops" and "crumbs" on 8chan, which are then picked up and analyzed by an inner circle called the Anons, who then propagate the message to an outer circle who make (primarily) YouTube videos that mostly repeat the official party line.

This bears more than a passing resemblance to the various major religions, in which an individual or group has a direct line to God, who in turn imparts a cryptic message that is passed to the inner circle of apostles.  The apostles interpret the message and hand it to the outer circles (monks, priests, rabbis, imam, etc.), who in turn disseminate it amongst the flock.

The resemblance is rather remarkable.  The central figure (Mohammad, Jesus, Siddartha, Moses) says or writes something that is usually highly encoded.  The message requires interpretation and decoding by a close-knit group of true believers who understand the "rules" and "methods" for extracting the "true" meaning embedded in the otherwise scrambled text/mutterings.

The inner circle then hands the message off to the grass-roots leaders, whose job it is to develop followers that need to hear the message of hope/redemption/superiority in order for them to function in an otherwise insane, chaotic and meaningless world.

As noted in my previous musings, the name "Q" reminds me of a central demi-god character introduced into the Star Trek universe in the premier of The Next Generation, and which appeared in the Deep Space Nine and Voyager iterations.  The character is based on one in the original series in an episode called the "The Squire of Gothos".

The character of Q has god-like powers and is part of a "collective" that is mostly unseen, but which is referred to on numerous occasions.  This echoes the "parents" in the original series episode that introduced the model, as well as the "Q Collective" in later iterations.  The conspiracy-minded folks among us might even think the Q character was softening us for the introduction of this phenomenon, which adds a whole extra dimension to this story.

In the extant Q phenomenon, the name ostensibly refers to Q-level security clearance, which is supposedly one of the highest in the US federal government.  Whether that is true or not doesn't matter, nor is it important to this analysis.  In my model, the important thing is the perception, more than the fact.

Q is said to be an individual, or possibly a group (collective), with god-like access to military intelligence and who is able to steer the behavior of the inner workings of the Deep State.  Q can "see the future" - report on events that will happen - as well as give followers insight into current events in the socio-political machinations of government and headline events in the news.

The reader would do well to string together the various episodes of Star Trek that have the Q character in them, while watching the Q phenomenon.  The parallels are rather interesting.

As Q drops crumbs on 8chan, the Anons - the apostles in our working model - go to work researching and free-associating on the texts, coming up with coherent narratives that reveal just how prescient, even omniscient, Q is.  Think of this as a form of prophesy that is revealed to be Truth by its fulfillment in the future, especially when it is open to numerous interpretations of meaning.

It is at this point that I can't help but hear the words of Joseph P. Farrell, when he says that those who control the interpretation of prophesy, control its fulfillment.  In fact, the similarities to religious prophesy are legion and worrisome.

The outer circle - or priesthood in my model - pick up the Anon interpretations, place them side-by-side with the Q drops, and run endless analyses along with their own insights.  In fact, there even seems to be developing certain factions within the outer circle that are analogous to denominations within religious faiths.

What I find most remarkable in this model is that Q, just like its religious counterparts, preaches passivity and disdain.

Passivity because the followers are commanded to "enjoy the show," "get popcorn" and wait for "future proves the past."  Just like the major religions, the central character will come in glory to pass judgement on the evil ones and the results will justify the means.  The followers are commanded to take no actions themselves, but rather sit back and watch in amazement as the messiah traps evil in its own filth and confines it for all eternity (convict and jail the perps).

Just like the Biblical Book of Revelations and its various counterparts among the major religions, followers will be protected by their special knowledge during the Tribulation and Great Final Battle ("The Storm" in Q terms).

Once the prosecutions and convictions are done, there will be a Golden Age of Law and Order that will reign over the Earth, but Q commands us to be patient, as it takes time for these things to run their course.

The followers of Q also feel a certain superiority over the average Joe and especially the Evil Ones, and a disdain for those too blind to see or deaf to hear.  They talk of the Great Conversion (Great Awakening a la Q) once all is revealed to the masses.  They crow over the Spreading of the Word and the swelling subscription and hit counts.  They pray fervently that folks will Get the Message (be Red Pilled), and join the passive Watch and Wait phase of The Plan.

"Trust the Plan!"  This is one of the great commandments of Q.  We are to uncritically accept that this hidden elite group of military intelligence knows what is best for all of us, and there is to be no dissension.  Anyone who strays is ostracized (excommunicated) as a heretic.

The final parallel to religion is the development of the Q Theology.  These amount primarily to "Proofs," where the Pope (Donald J. Trump) gives winks and nods to the Believers that he and Q are in direct proximity and communication in the government version of the Vatican called the White House.  Trump was hand-picked by Q to be the Great Leader, an outsider of tremendous virtue who will take humanity out of the desert and into the Promised Land, where we will dwell amidst oceans of milk and honey where all will be revealed.  One can almost hear Trump excusing himself for not being much of a public speaker and in need of his own Aaron at this point, but Q replies that the mantle is upon him and he must rise up and lead the Children of Israel.

One could easily place the Proofs in the same category as Augustine of Hippo's De Doctrina Christiana, or Thomas Aquinas' Summa Theologica.  They serve to re-enforce the existence of Q, and veracity of the Word of Q.  They also help establish the primacy of Q Theology over all preceding revelations.

It is difficult not to draw these comparisons between Q and religion, as many of the commentators include blatant religious messages as part of their faithful reporting.  One must assume that this direct link to the major religions was an intentional design of the entity(ies) that created Q.  Not only are there objective design elements between Q and successful religions, but its appeal to those with religious predispositions - or seeking a religious worldview - makes comparison inevitable.

The link between Q and Star Trek also seems intended to appeal to those with a more secular humanist - less mystical - viewpoint.  If religion is not your thing, then perhaps the more secular link to science and logic will draw you in.

More into sports?  How about Our Team versus Their Team?  Prefer creative pursuits?  How about creating your own Q merchandise?  The Q name and quotes are public domain, so create away!  Contemplative?  Retreat to your Hermitage (parents' basement) and ponder the deeper meanings of Q.

Whatever your socio-cultural-religious bent, there seems to be an element of it in the Q phenomenon.  Even if your only interest is solving puzzles like a Dan Brown character, Q is tailor-made to attract your attention.

In my view, Q is clearly "designed".  It is not an organic outcropping of the culture, but something specifically manufactured to draw in as many people as possible.  It is most certainly a psy-op - all the elements are there.  Whether it is benign or not is a matter of argument, speculation and conjecture at this point; however, I would argue that anything which manipulates people's thinking without expressly stating that it is doing so is NOT benign.

To this author's mind, the underlying assumption of Q is that government is a necessary thing, though it can be bent to Good or Evil.  For this reason, I find the whole thing suspicious, since I place no trust in government of any kind for any reason.  Any socio-cultural movement that has only two possible sides is a product of the Hegelian Dialectic, and artificially limits the conversation to a choice where the author of the dialectic is the only winner.

In the end, the Q phenomenon is clearly what it appears to be - a new type of religious-style movement designed to placate/passify the masses and prevent a mass uprising while the factions of the Deep State hash out their differences.  In other words, the Ruling Paradigm must be preserved and enforced, even as the Rulers figure out who will take the reins/reigns for the foreseeable future.

Though Q clearly labels certain elements as "White Hats," and others as "Black Hats," it is a value judgement that ultimately rests on the spectator's ability to reason critically.  I personally make no distinction between the two sides, as they are both defending the same paradigm.

I personally opt for a third alternative that is notably abscent from this operation - that of self-government and individual responsibility.  In the interest of full disclosure, my viewpoint is not a popular one, but it allows me a certain dispassion when analyzing things like Q.

That said, it does not ameliorate my suspicions, nor diffuse my curiosity and interest in watching this drama unfold.  The sophistication of the design and the effectiveness of its dissemination in just the last nine months is a marvel of modern marketing.  From a purely professional standpoint, I admire the marketing design and the fervor with which a great number of people have taken it up.  If only Leni Riefenstahl were alive to see this, she would be green with envy.

Edward Bernays would be so proud of the creature he unleashed on an unsuspecting world.


Q The Conspiracy - A Phenomenon

For background on today's rant, we recommend that you look up these YouTube channels: PrayingMedic, JustInformed Talk, SpaceShot76.

With that bit of housekeeping out of the way, time to turn our piercing eye on this Q-anon thing.  Perhaps you've seen the hashtags #Qanon or #WWG1WGA.  Maybe you're passingly familiar with this phenomenon.  If not, you're missing one of the most interesting internet memes I've ever seen, and I've been on the internet since before the web existed and there was any such thing as a browser.

I published an article a while back on the historical context of Q, and the phenomenon has gotten even more interesting since then.  What is pushing the intrigue into hyperbolic orbit are the recent "drops" from Q that promise some real July fireworks that can stand as a test of the Q's claims.

To fully appreciate this phenomenon, you will need a primer, as the insiders have developed a kind of jargon.  Many of the terms used by the Q-Anon come from a 1996 film called White Squall.  Phrases like "where we go one, we go all" (WWG1WGA), "the storm" and several others are lifted directly from the script.  Make of that what you will, but the fact remains.

Next, there are terms like "drops" (Q posts on 8chan - not 4chan), "proofs" (things Donald Trump does or says that ostensibly confirm Q's proximity to him), and "decodes" (the Anons decipher coded drops).  It is at this point that I direct the gentle reader to familiarize himself with  the Cicada 3301 phenomenon, which appears to be an early version of Q that I'll get into shortly.

The Anons are a secretive group of groupies that form a kind of priesthood.  They "decode" Q drops, do some rather interesting research in the public domain, and issue clarifications and predictions based on the drops.  A fictional allusion that would also fit the Anons are the Baker Street Irregulars who assisted Sherlock Holmes in gathering information.

A recent example of the proofs in action is the contention that on at least two occasions, Trump has spotted and acknowledged folks wearing Q t-shirts at rallies.  Another is a posted photo claiming to be a reflection off the back of Trump's iPhone of a lamp in the office on Air Force One.  Word is cryptic "proofs" like this help to avoid issues with national security laws.

So, here's the background so far:

Q began "drops" in late October of 2017, on an exclusive board on  According to legend, this appearance coincided with the Las Vegas massacre and all of the speculation over conspiracies, official and otherwise.

The legend holds that the US military was on the verge of a coup against Barack Obama and the Deep State cabal that had taken over the federal government, beginning with the Bush I presidency.  Fearing that such a move would cause more problems than were manageable, the insiders decided to recruit Donald Trump as a "clean" outsider who could come in and "drain the swamp".  Let's set aside the fact that this seems like an enormous Hail Mary pass, the thinking is that Trump was a popular icon of the American Dream - rags to riches, self-made billionaire, man of the people, etc.

The legend continues that the Hillary Clinton campaign bought into this plan - without being aware - thinking that Trump would be a cake walk opponent in the general elections.  They did everything they could to both promote Trump as a viable candidate in the primaries, and to paint him as a buffoon, thus ensuring a Clinton victory in November 2016.  The rest, as we know, is not legend.  She lost.

What has ensued since then, according to Q Canon, is a massive covert war just under the public radar with the Bush-Clinton-Obama cabal on one side, aided and abetted by the GeezerMedia [my term], and Trump and his team on the other side.  If you use your Little Orphan Annie Secret Decoder Ring found in your jar of Ovaltine, current events can certainly be interpreted to support this reading.  But then, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

Now, if you are unfamiliar with Cicada 3301, it is well worth your time to read up on it, especially in light of Q-anon.  In January 2012, a series of coded puzzles began appearing on various boards like 4chan and 8chan.  They were extremely byzantine, requiring vast historical, cryptographic, computer, linguistic, and geographic knowledge and/or exceptional research skills.  To date, no one knows (openly) who started Cicada 3301 or what the purpose was, though plenty of speculation goes to it being a recruiting tool, most likely for an alphabet organization within the 5-Eyes.

The more you learn about Cicada 3301, the more parallels you find to the Q-Anon phenomenon: encoded messages, research, a single source point, a bunch of cyber-jockeys going nuts with excitement.  If you buy the entire Q-Anon legend, then the 2012 start date wuld seem oddly coincidental with a purposed military coup during the Obama regime - particularly Round 2 - and the hatching of a plan like this one to "red-pill" the masses.

The plan would be easy to dismiss without someone in the presidency willing to throw the power of the office behind it.  Otherwise, it could be easily dismissed as just more conspiracy theory noise. Cicada 3301 recruited the Anon teams and put them in place, and Trump is certainly theatrical enough, with an appropriate poker face, to pull off a public narrative that is bread and circuses, while covertly running a massive operation to take down nefarious elements within the federal government.

All circumstantial, I grant you, but at what point does the evidence pile up high enough to be taken seriously?

So, here's where things stand at the moment:
  • Mass resignations of Congressional Representatives and Senators, as well as CEOs of major companies (think Google); 
  • thousands of arrests of child porn and sex rings (PizzaGate figures heavily into the legend, see John Podesta WekiLeaks email); 
  • ANTIFA and their ilk; 24/7 bashing of the Trump administration in the GeezerMedia; 
  • sweeping replacements of activist judges and Attorneys General across the country; 
  • complete clean-out of upper management in key federal agencies;
  • the latest hubbub over Imran Awan plea deal and what - exactly - the feds got in return (think servers and Seth Rich).
The list goes on, but you get the idea.  And it's not limited to the US, as Hungary, Austria, Italy, Germany and other countries have turned sharply to the nationalist/populist camp, as well.  These are facts.  How you interpret them is up to you.

The Q phenomenon started off quietly enough.  Q is purportedly an individual or group close to the president using 8chan to send leads to information ("crumbs") that is publicly available though ignored by the GeezerMedia.  It requires slow dissemination and grass-roots realization to initiate the "Great Awakening," also known as "red pilling," in order to side-step shock and backlash.

If you are a fan of spy novels and you aren't following the Q-Anon story, you are missing probably one of the greatest plots ever conceived.  Honestly, whether you buy into Q-Anon or not, it is addictive.  Are the Black Hats really bad?  Are the White Hats really good?  Do you know what you think you know?  Is Q real?  Does Trump sanction Q?  Will the Deep State actually be sent up the creek in public trials that will make Watergate look like a Sunday picnic?  Stay tuned...!

There are surprising plot twists, shocking revelations and nefarious characters who threaten the entire planet.  There's high technology and boots on the ground.  Answers are hiding directly in front of you, but only future revelations will make the current situation clear.  As Q likes to say, "The future proves the past."  Will the stunning predictions come to pass, or will the whole thing crumble into a footnote of internet history?

I might be tempted to dismiss the whole thing, except that I bought into Clif High's webbots years ago.  As anyone who has followed his work over the years knows, the Secrets Revealed meme has played a starring role in the ALTA reports for more than five years.  The Q phenomenon fits almost perfectly into those predictions, in a way and with language that seems to eerily presage the form and function of Q-Anon.

This is one of the most sophisticated media campaigns I have ever witnessed.  It is entirely free, using open resources on the internet.  It relies entirely on a growing underground of folk "in the know" to take the meme viral.  It appeals to a broad demographic spectrum, who come at it from many varying points of view.  People have invested vast amounts of their own time and money into promoting the phenomenon.  It is, the risk of sounding hyperbolic, one of the most amazing media phenomena I have seen in my 40+ years as a media professional.

If you are a psychologist, sociologist, demographer, marketing/PR professional, cryptographer, MBA, media specialist, or just a fan of human behavior, and you are not following the Q-Anon phenomenon, you are missing what will likely become a case study of mythic proportions that will fill textbooks for years to come.  Viral campaigns of the past only wish they had achieved this kind of interest and devotion.

If you are just joining the fun, don't worry.  The whole thing seems to be building to a huge climax in the near- to mid-term (October Surprise?), and by the time it hits the mainstream, you will have missed much of the "pure" development - before it becomes clouded with truck-loads of academic gobbledy-gook and political spin.

Looking for a great summer novel for the beach or lake house?  Just type Qanon into your favorite search engine and settle in for some fascinating clicking.