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The Unspoken Kenosha


Being the kind of person who likes to let my mind rift on certain events and themes, I started thinking about why the media went out of their way to disguise the fact that all the main characters in the Rittenhouse drama were white with German last names.  I ended up running smack into Nazis, Catholics and yes, Q itself.

The surname "Rittenhouse" (Reittighaus) comes from Austrian nobility and means "of the marsh house".  Grosskreutz is another Germanic surname meaning "Great Cross".  Rosenbaum is yet another Germanic surname, meaning "Rosebush".  Finally, Huber comes from a Germanic term meaning "landowner," and implies a wealthy individual with "huben" being an appreciable amount of land.

The casual observer might be forgiven for thinking the four central characters in the Kyle Rittenhouse drama represent roll call at the Beer Hall Putsch.  In fact, the verdict was handed down on 19 November 2021, almost 98 years to the day of the anniversary of the Nazi's attempted coup d'etat on 9 November 1923.  For the time being, I will dodge the numerology of the number 9.

On a symbolic level, Austrian nobility saved America's heartland from a Socialist coup fomented by Catholic secret societies.  The three men taken down can be associated at the meta level with the Templars (Great Cross), the Rosecrucians (Roaebush), and someone claiming ownership of the land, which could describe the Vatican via the Unam Sanctam papal bull of 1302.

Is any of this meaningful or useful to us?  Who know?  But I have always been fascinated by the way Universe appears to place patterns at the heart of human events.

Additionally, Mark Twain's observation that history never repeats, but it often rhymes has become nearly axiomatic.

By what I've found online, the Rittenhouse family in America dates back to the 1640s, in German settlements around Pennsylvania.  That makes the family one of the original European settlers in North America.  German settlements in Wisconsin began in the 1840s, and came in several waves.  German settlers across the US tended to be agricultural, with a smaller but significant number of metal smiths (Kyle's father is a machinist) and, of course, beer brewers.

 Wisconsin, according the US Census, is 87% "white," though it doesn't say which flavor of "white".  Hispanics make up a bit more than 7%, of which Kyle is partly a member.  Blacks constitute a little more than 6% of the population, and all other listed groups rate less than 3%.  Given those numbers, it's curious that the rioters chose a section of Kenosha that is predominantly minority.

With that little fact in mind, it would appear for all intents and purposes that the rioters were in fact the supremacists.  They seem to have been mostly of German descent and chose a section of the city that would inflict the most damage on minority people and businesses.  With Kyle's partial Hispanic heritage, one could conclude that he was defending minorities from violent supremacists, or in other words the exact opposite of the narrative we are having shoved down our throats.

All of this is purely speculative and circumstantial, of course, but it does raise some interesting questions to consider.

In the Manhattan Project, which developed the first atomic bombs for the US military, much of the metallurgy work took place in and around Chicago, IL (recall German settlers and metal smiths).  Kenosha is certainly part of Chicago's metropolitan area, and could be considered a suburb or bedroom community.  The state line is all but meaningless in this region.  Needless to say, the project was highly secret, and thus "subrosa".

Following World War II, a great number of scientists and other captive Nazis were brought to the US to aid in weapons development and the fledgling space program, via programs like Operation Paperclip.  Metallurgy would have been, and still is, a key component of weapon and rocket design, and Chicago and Decatur would have been natural locations to send Nazi experts.  Those Nazis and their families would have found a ready home among the large German communities in the area.

Might some nefarious entities within the US federal cabal have maintained pockets of Nazis in and around Chicago for use as Gladio-style disruptors?  Perhaps they were offered new identities and a comfortable lifestyle in exchange for maintaining readiness to deploy to hot spots.  This would take some considerable research to validate, but circumstances certain present an opportunity to create this scenario.

Even more nebulous, but there nonetheless, is the Rosenbaum name.  The rose is an ancient symbol that adorned the keystones of Roman archways, and private conversations (conspiracies) were often held under rose symbols to such an extent that the term "subrosa," or under the rose, is still an expression for keeping something quiet.  The keystone aspect also ties in with Pennsylvania - the Keystone State - and the large part that German immigrants play in that state's history.  There's also the role of "keystone" within the Q Phenomenon (see my 30+ articles on topic in the archive at right).

In Q Lore, "keystone" is a recurring theme having to do with the revelation of deep secrets (subrosa).  The name "Epstein" is also considered to be an amalgam of "epi stein," or center stone, or keystone.  This is not a tenuous connection.  All Qvians know of the epstein/keystone/secrets connections.

At this point, the reader can appreciate that the tentacles of speculation run off in many directions and deep into history and across today's headlines.  There may, of course, be nothing to any of this, but I tend to take notice when symbols begin to line up in meaningful ways.

I'll leave it to readers to ponder and research these ideas, and I will continue to look for pieces that fall into this narrative.  In any case, I perceive many deeper layers to the whole Rittenhouse drama, and the layers beg further investigation, given their interlocking meta tags and implications.

We can say with absolute certainty that the media and political players have gone out of their way to create as many false impressions of the events in Kenosha as they possibly can.  This implies that they are covering tracks and working overtime to obfuscate something, and I submit that I may have found at least a part of that something.

As a bonus for those who made it this far, at least two writers I've found say that the name "kenosha" descends from the Menominee language, meaning "the place of the long fish," a reference to the prevalence of pike in local fresh water streams.  The image of a fish brings us once again back to Catholic symbolism and the Age of Pisces, which is currently coming to an end as the Great Month of Aquarius rises.

In addition, the name "Wisconsin," according to one source, comes from the Miami language and means "a river runnin through a red place".   This is interesting for the relationship of the color red to roses, and the large body of symbolism attached to rivers, especially as it relates to the flow of time and life itself (see Mark Twain's Huckleberry Finn)

Oh, and if you get a chance to enter an old Catholic catherdral, particularly in Europe, make a point to look at the confessionals.  Above the doors, you will find the symbol of the rose.

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  1. "Hispanic" does not denote racial group. Castilian and Old Norse were the first Indo European languages spoken in the Americas.

  2. Here is a list of Jewish Rosenbaums just in Buenos Aires


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