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Melting Pot Or Melting Down?

A new law taking effect in Belgium in October, and later in Flanders, highlights one of the fundamental problems with the concept of cultural melting pots and integration.  The fact of the matter is that most people want to be around others like themselves.  It is a primary instinct of the human condition and no amount of force will make oil and water bind to each other.

The law bans Kosher and Halal animal slaughter, which involves slitting the throats and bleeding out the animals.  The Belgium and Flanders laws require that the animals be electrocuted before killing, in a manner considered more humane.  This, however, violates the strict food codes of Judaism and Islam.

Throughout history, when two opposing philosophical systems (religions) come into direct contact, conflict always follows.  Primarily Catholic/Christian Europe has profound conflicts with both Judaism and Islam, regardless of how much happy talk one slathers over the situation.  The contact point between the two philosophies ultimately boils over into pogroms, with the indigenous group usually winning.  It is a fact that can not be erased by wishful thinking.  History is clear on the subject.

When it comes to examples of cultural blending, many commentators point to the US as an example of the "melting pot".  This ignores one of the most poorly hidden secrets of America, though.  As waves of immigrants came to North America, they settled into ghettos, towns and even entire regions of cultural identity.  In Texas alone, there are German (Groene, New Braunsfelds), Czech (Moulton, Moravia, Praha), Spanish (San Antonio, Laredo, El Paso), Scotch-Irish (New Dublin, Shannon), British (New London, Derry) areas that can be clearly defined by culture, architecture, and even climate (just like home).

Around the country, there are the Pennsylvania Dutch, the Irish cops of Boston and New York, the Welsh miners in West Virginia and Montana, the Minnesota and Dakota Swedes, the Louisiana Cajuns, and so on.  People tend to congregate in groups and in regions where they feel most comfortable, and where the ethnic, cultural and physical environment match their fundamental values.

There is a basic and profound reason why Chinatowns spring up, Jewish ghettos exist, New York City Burroughs were delineated, and so forth.  There is a gut-level reason why even those groups that successfully integrate with existing cultures tend to congregate around ethnic restaurants, bars, places of worship, and community centers.

Even in my hometown of Houston, a thoroughly modern American city, there are entire sections of town with signs in Vietnamese and Mandarin.  There are entire neighborhoods where nearly every house has a mezuzah nailed to the doorpost.

Historically, all efforts to force people to integrate will fail, and often violently.  Only when clear lines of demarcation are mutually established does peace and harmony reign once again.  Whether the forced integration is an invasion, or the result of political policy, eventually the two opposing groups will repel each other with a force commensurate with the amount of force pushing them together.

Prejudice, bias and racism are at the core of the human condition.  Over time, groups organically integrate out of necessity or relaxing standards.  This can be clearly seen in the US, where immigrants ultimately show their willingness to pitch in and build a better community.  The Irish invasion of the late 1800s brought strife and violence with it.  Over time, the Irish became accepted and integral parts of the community and now St. Patrick's Day is one of the most celebrated holidays in the country.

There are many voices who promote racial, ethnic and religious integration, and preach loudly of the ideal humanity living in well-mixed bliss.  This is a lofty goal and no one can deny making it a reality is a long-term target for the human race.  To be sure, modern cities are "melting pots" where ethnic, racial and philosophical groups slowly blend over time through intermarriage and cultural blending.  It is a slow and tedious process, and any attempt to force it is met with equal and opposite force, frequently breaking out in bloody conflict.

The Belgian and Flemmish laws, along with others that will likely follow, represent the bow shock of backlash.  Conflicitng religious, philosophical and ethnic needs between the predominantly Catholic/Christian Europe and the Islamic invasion over the past few years will inevitably lead to conflict.  The needs and sensibilities of the two groups are fundamentally at odds.  The resistance to Halal slaughter techniques must overflow into the long-established Kosher industry, since the two are basically the same thing. 

Though Jews have been established for centuries in Europe, the revulsion against Halal slaughter must perforce include Kosher, as these types of backlash inevitably try to return to a perceived starting or neutral position and the integration process resets.

Society after society, culture after culture, from Sumeria to the present day have seen this type of rejection.  When integration is gradual, cultures blend and create new ones.  When integration is overwhelming and rapid, the invading culture makes too many sudden demands, and the extant culture slams the door.

In my own experience, I emigrated to a country (Indonesia) that was wildly different from my own.  I was careful not to inject my sensibilities onto my adopted home.  Rather, I learned the lingua franca, as well as parts of three other dialects.  I observed and adopted cultural mores and habits.  One thing you will almost never heard from my lips is, "The way we do it back home..."  I am not home and I didn't come here as an invader.  I cam to learn.

For those reasons, I have been accepted into the extant culture, despite the fact that I look nothing like the inhabitants.  I am pale, with red hair and blue eyes, and stand head and shoulders above most of the locals.  I couldn't blend in if I tried.  But, I speak the language and even in my house we speak English, Indonesian and Javanese.  I am the only white person in my neighborhood.  I eat the food, observe the manners and rituals, and even sing the national anthem on demand.  I am accepted and people are not threatened or intimidated by me.  It took years of hard work to achieve.

Already, voices are howling in protest at the new laws in Belgium and Flanders.  They want everyone to make immediate concessions to an invading culture that refuses to integrate.  This is a recipe for disaster, and no amount of political correctness will ameliorate the situation.  The backlash is spilling over into a cultural reset that will include other groups that have long been established.  It is no different from the suspicion and distrust that followed German and Japanese Americans during World War 2.

Though great progress has been made, especially in the US, over the past 50 years towards racial, ethnic and philosophical harmony among disparate groups, there is still an innate reset trigger in each of us that is activated when we feel our sensibilities are offended.  Humans can no more change it than cats can stop hunting mice.  It is an integral part of our species.  We can chose to defuse it, but it is a slow and difficult process to submerge our instincts.

If our social and political leaders would stop forcing mass displacements of people for ideological purposes, the world would be a much quieter and harmonious place, where folks could chose the culture and environment in which they prefer to live.

Humanity always makes the biggest messes when it attempts to subvert Nature.


Musings On Feral Gummint

If the people of the United State of America have any sense whatsoever, then we should hear almost immediately calls for an end to the Transportation Safety Administration, loud and unending demands for the dismantling of the surveillance state and Homeland Security, and gun sales should not only hit the roof, but blow through it.


Because one of the most notorious criminals in recent decades was being held in a federal maximum security facility in New York City on suicide watch with 24-hour surveillance while in solitary confinement guarded by dozens of government agents and employees.  And, died at a moment when the round-the-clock cameras just happened to fail and somehow this person had the means to "hang" himself though completely denuded of strings, belts, sheets, or other material suitable for the job.

If the feral gummint could not protect this person - either from himself or others - with all of this security around him, then it is completely powerless to protect anyone anywhere at any time.

There is, in fact, no place that is secure under the watchful eye of omnipresent gummint.  It can not stop anyone from harming me or my family at any time in any circumstance.  The only real alternative is to arm every man, woman and child, teach them proper gun handling and use, and stop paying for police services, prisons, surveillance, spies, military, et cetera ad nauseum.  It is all completely useless and Jeffrey Epstein is the proof we all need to see.

Gummint is by definition a concentration of power and wealth initially justified as a means to protect the rights and safety of a people.  However, the very act of concentrating power and wealth attracts corruption the way sugar attracts ants.  The most vile individuals in society gravitate towards gummint and ultimately they find ever new and creative ways to bilk, rob and control humanity.

History is replete with examples of gummint gone wild.  Tale after tale demonstrate that gummint is the deadliest force ever conceived by our species.  Millions upon millions of lives have been shattered and destroyed by gummint.  There is no scenario where it remains benign.  It is a cancer that grows and spreads until it consumes the society off which it lives.  The greatest contradiction of all time is the term "good gummint".

What the Epstein example shows us is that there is no place safe, no amount of security, that comes from gummint.  It is controlled by powerful individuals who can turn its knobs, push its buttons and pull its levers to make anything they choose happen.  It is painfully plain that gummint does not exist to protect us, its sole function is to ensure "they" are safe and sound from us.

Jeffrey Epstein had the power - through corruption - to bring down the global political, financial and academic power structure.  He was a glorified pimp to those who fancy themselves masters of humanity.  In an unguarded moment, he could have uttered a handful of words that could collapse entire nations (and may yet do so).  He spent most of his adult life providing forbidden fruit to the most wealthy and powerful individuals in the world. 

Do we really think he wouldn't have spilled the beans to save his own hide?  He figured, in his warped little mind, that either his own fortune or that of others would get him off (again) so that he could return to business as usual.  He had no reason to kill himself and thought no one else would either.  What's more, he was protected by the full force and power of the US feral gummint.

Fat lotta good it did him.

The point is one I have made repeatedly on this site: there is no reforming a broken System.  It is a self-protecting and self-perpetuating morass of evil and corruption that can not be excised, healed, repaired, or rehabilitated.  At best, people can take back their right and responsibility to protect themselves, but this cancer will only grow back more malignant than before.

The US feral gummint is a three trillion dollar per year fiasco that could not protect one individual is a maximum security facility - either from himself or others - surrounded by all the trappings of power.

This is not just true of one gummint, it is true of all of them.  This is just the most recent and blatant example.

The next time you are subjected to a phalanx of metal detectors, surveillance cameras, body pat-downs, luggage searches, interrogations, X-ray machines, safety rules and regulations, and calls for the elimination of self-defense tools, ask yourself:

What would Jeffrey Epstein think of all this?

If the goal is to save our children from predators, then let's begin with the Beast at the lowest level of Hell - the one that protects and enables all the others.


The Qiller Q

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It should be noted right off the top that InfinityChan or 8Chan has been dropped by its carrier as of this writing.  This is in spite of the fact that Q said several times that it was impossible for this to happen, since it was "in control" of the board.  I suspect that Q facilitated this move in order to foster a siege mentality, which is essential for Personality Qults to survive and flourish.  

Join me with Jeff Rense Friday night, 9 August 2019, for more discussion on this topic.  Our profound thanks to Dr. Joseph P. Farrell for posting a link on Giza Death Star!

My father, who was both an historian and a politician, taught me one important lesson that has followed me for life:

Never trust a government any time, anywhere, for any reason.

To that, I would add: most especially when the military gets involved in civilian affairs.

With the Q Phenomenon, we have an anonymous entity which claims to be part of military intelligence manipulating civilian affairs admittedly using disinformation all for the benefit of one person - the President of the United States of America - known as Donald Trump.  Taken together, these elements combined in unified action should set off enough alarm bells in a thinking person's head to drown out all other thoughts.

Q2 - military intel operation
From it's second Drop, Q has made it clear that it is a function of military intelligence and that it is supporting POTUS (Trump) in "clearing" out the "Deep State".  Just what the Deep State means in the Qnuverse is undefined by Q - though Qvians all 'know' what it is when they see it.  Q has also said the "disinformation is necessary," meaning essentially that no one can trust anything Q posts.

Yet, judging by subscription numbers on various commentator (Acolyte) channels, hundreds of thousands of people not only trust Q, but spread its pronouncements like a surreal gospel.

I am about to make the case that Q is at least partly responsible for the four mass shootings in the US (Gilroy, CA, El Paso, TX, Dayton, OH, Chicago, IL) over the past week.  I will use Q's own Drops, but interpret what I see quite a bit differently than the True Q Followers do.  Even (or especially) if you are a hard-core Qvian, you should at least hear me out and consider the alternatives to your adopted philosophy.

In my analysis, I don't care which political party, religion, social organizations, or other demographic affiliations the shooters belonged to.  I don't care what sympathies the reader has towards government or politics.  Those details can and will be argued back and forth for the rest of this news cycle, but these details have nothing to do with what I see.

Q1685 - disinformation is necessary
For many reasons, I don't trust or believe any of the information about these people or the events that are floating around the media and netsphere.  Part of what predicates my suspicions is the ongoing talk from POTUS and among the Qvians about national Voter ID and Red Flag gun registries.  Another reason is that I view all mass shootings as part of a much larger picture and not existing in a vacuum.  That can be interpreted as "flase flag," but really my view is even much wider than that - a form of mass psychosis promulgated by "They" to maintain a constant state of fear and anxiety to deflect attention from "Them".

Having established a context, let's briefly revisit the death of Senator John McCain in August 2018, almost exactly one year ago.  Q is widely believed to have accurately predicted McCain's death from brain cancer, not only to the day, but to the minute.  The reasoning behind this belief can be found in my article "The Q Prophesy".  As I noted then, in order for Q to so accurately predict McCain's death from cancer, it would have had to have a part in killing McCain.

Q3570 - August is HOT
We now find ourselves in a similar situation, only on a much larger scale.

On 1 August 2019, Q posted Drop #3570, in which it notes, "The month of AUGUST is traditionally very HOT."  Keeping in mind that Q claims to be military intel, then "hot" in military parlance means a situation where one has been discovered and/or a fire-fight ensues.  Obviously, four mass shootings in four states in eight days would be considered "hot" situations to a group of military planners.  The emphasis on the word "hot" by placing it in all caps tells me that we are to assume it is a term and not a word.

A term is a word or phrase with a special meaning in a given context, such as in law when special terms are capitalized to indicate they have non-standard definitions within the context (four corners) of a law, contract or similar document.  The context here is that Q claims a military genesis, so we use that as context to interpret the term "HOT" as meaning live-fire situations.

Q3550-3551 - RED Hot
It is important to note that the California shootings took place on 28 July 2019, the Texas shootings took place on 3 August 2019, and the Ohio and Illinois shootings on 4 August 2019.  It's also interesting to note that the California shootings vanished from the news cycle almost as fast as they happened, and the Chicago shootings were drowned out by the almost constant mass killings in that city.  Now keep in mind Q's statement was released on 1 August.

Prior to the 1 August Drop, Q published Drops #3550-3551, on 30 July 2019.  These two Drops appear to be a code of some kind, widely interpreted by the Qvians as giving directions to the board operator (aka Code Monkey).  There are two seemingly related Drops.

The Drops mention or allude to the number "2" in several ways.  The word "Hot" appears twice with the numbers 8 and 9.  The term "RED" appears twice.  The line "Insert_key" could be a keyboard reference, or using the military context, could mean putting agents into a situation is essential.  We also note the California shooting took place before this Drop and received little attention, while the Texas and Ohio events came after and still dominate the news.  The Illinois shootings can be written off as just another day in Chicago - noise in the data.

Q3559 - watch the news this week
One could interpret these messages as activation codes for "sleepers," or agents undercover in the field.  Going "hot" may mean becoming active, and "RED" might imply blood, emergency or danger.  One could also view the numbers 8 and 9 as coded target listings or some similar notation, perhaps agent numbers like 007.

In fact, this interpretation makes more sense than some kind of computer instruction code.  Even the term "insertion" has a military connotation of putting an agent into enemy territory.

Q3568 - 24-hour warning
Also on 30 July 2019, Q posted Drop #3559, telling Qvians to "watch the news this week."  This message clearly implies foreknowledge of some major event(s) and that those events would dominate the news cycle, if not deadly.  The combination of "see something say something," "watch the news" and the next message (#3568), which clearly gives a 24-hour warning implies Q had full knowledge of something deadly or dangerous.

No amount of apologetics can wave away the clear impression that Q had foreknowledge of the mass shootings and did not use the full power of the federal government to attempt to stop the events, nor did it use any other channel but its Drops to give a warning.   There was no national warning message, no news announcements, nothing other than a few messages on its preferred 8Chan outlet.

Q3570 - August is HOT
At best, this makes Q responsible for the deaths because it did nothing to stop them (accessory after the fact), and at worst, it makes Q guilty of instigating them (first-degree murder).  No other conclusions are possible with the given data.

Q's final Drop #3570, on 1 August 2019, before being (supposedly) deplatformed again stated that "August is HOT," which I interpret using the military connotation of a live-fire operation (going hot).

Furthermore, since the message covers the entire month of August, we might assume that other events are forthcoming.

In the wake of the shootings, 8Chan was taken down - ostensibly by the provider to silence the "hate speech" on the boards.  However, Q has said repeatedly in the wake of being deplatformed last year that it is "in control" and that it had taken steps to secure 8Chan so that it could not be taken down.  In my model, this leads to yet another unsavory conclusion.

Over the past two years, Q has gone silent during the months of June and July.  I interpret this to be a process called "clearing the waters," whereby an entity that wants to measure how effectively its message is disseminating, stops posting to go into listening mode.  This is called q-analysis, a kind of data mining where networks are mapped and information is measured, including who is getting the information and what they are doing with it - emailing friends and family, tweeting Drops, making videos, etc.

Q was down for six weeks during June and July 2019, which I view as a "listening" period to see how the message is being received and interpreted.  In early July, Q started up again and posted over 200 Drops in July, vanishing again on 1 August 2019, supposedly because of deplatforming - something that was supposed to be impossible at this point.

The way I see it, Q activated sleepers to go do the shootings, while at the same time put out warnings that something "HOT" was coming.  The deplatforming, then, is an excuse to go dark again and see what happens with the information before, during and after the shootings.  Questions might include who are the distribution hubs and who are their primary, secondary and tertiary contacts (3-hop rule under FISA warrants)?  Are the interpretations favorable or unfavorable for Q/POTUS?  What actions are the Qvians taking (cross-reference credit card purchases, phone calls, etc.)?  How do these items change/evolve over the course of and in the wake of the shootings?

Had 8Chan stayed up after the shootings, Qvians would be demanding more information, but being deplatforming provided a convenient excuse to disappear for a time to perform q-analysis and the Qvians would be sympathetic rather than suspicious of the silence.

The conclusions we get from all this seem very clear and straight-forward:

1) Q is a military intelligence operation with the implied ability to monitor the internet and catch indications of mass killings before they happen;
2) Q confirms this by issuing warnings well ahead of the mass shootings that use language easily interpreted as indicating live-fire events;
3) Q posted two Drops with some kind of Qode that could be waved away as computer instructions, but could also be interpreted in a military context as activation Qodes for sleeper agents;
4) 8Chan was taken down in the wake of the shootings, which Q has said was not possible now, and which can be interpreted as going into "listening" mode for q-analysis to see what internet users/Qvians are doing with the information provided by the Drops.

Thus, Q activated two sleeper agents (RED-RED_y) to do the shootings and either noted targets (8 & 9) or indicated certain agents to do the jobs.  Q posted warning messages to "plant the seeds" that it would need to do q-analysis.  Q vanished two days before the shootings started so as not to "stir the waters" while analyzing net traffic related to Q.  The Qvians reacted as one might expect, praising Q for having predicted the events (a Proof), rather than condemning Q for being complicit in the killings.  We expect Q will reappear in the next week or so, after the full data analysis is complete.

Qvians may be able to dismiss this interpretation because it does not fit with their myopic loyalty to an invisible entity, but they can not dismiss it as impossible.  It fits the available facts and uses the exact same text they use to find a hero - where I find a villain.  It is difficult, given the death of Sen. John McCain and now these incidents, to deny that Q may in fact be acting against the national interests of the people of the USA.  For every positive item the Qvians can list, I can simply point to the need for disinformation and the distinct possibility that they are being played for a nefarious purpose.

In any case, there are multiple interpretations of the available data that are plausible and possible.  I have used the exact same data available to the Qvians and have not left out anything that could invalidate this analysis.

Beyond all this, Q has convinced its followers that they are under siege and that their Great Leader Donald Trump is being attacked by Dark Forces.  This creates and promulgates a Personality Qult.  These are classic signs of such and can not be denied, and they are just as applicable to Jim Jones or David Koresh.

We have no objective reason to believe that Donald Trump could become a megalomaniac, given the right set of circumstances and his obviously over-sized ego.  Nor do we have any objective reason to trust Q and its motives.  One could easily make the cases that Trump is using Q as a front to take full control of the government, or that he is being blackmailed and coerced into Q's dictates, or that Trump is little more than a pitchman for a sinister group of military rouges hell-bent on taking over the world.  Compelling cases can be made for any of these scenarios, given what any of us know at this point.

Furthermore, Q has convinced its followers that certain Trump policies, which are clearly and dangerously anti-Constitutional are both good and necessary.  This, however, is a topic for my next article - entitled "The Qonstitution."  Stay tuned!
UPDATE 9 August 2019- I think I need point no further than some of the responses to this article.  People who follow a literal "ghost in the machine," who have exactly zero proof of who/what Q is - an entity that claims to be military intel and admits that it spreads disinformation - and who have no more information about their "leader" than I have posted here call me delusional.  

They vehemently defend Q and call everyone that takes a cynical eye to this kind of psy-op crazy.  Sorry folks, but you are the victims of a Personality Qult.  You believe you are under siege, that you will be vindicated when all is revealed, and that your "leader" is all powerful, all on nothing more than faith.  Belief in an entity with no known corporeal existence?  Revelation when all will be laid bare and the wicked will be tossed in Hell (GITMO)?  An all-seeing Deity that knows everything about everyone?  This is a religion, plain and simple.

How can you pluck the mote from your brother's eye when you can not see the plank in your own?