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Q The God-Emperor

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The Qniverse has become lively again.  For those not playing along at home, Q vanished on 13 January 2019, and reappeared on 1 February 2019.  The interim found many of the Commentators that I watch convincing themselves that they really didn't need Q, that they could carry on without the Fearless Leader in the restless pursuit of Truth and Justice without leaving the comfort of their screens.

It strikes me as a bit unusual that the Qvians claim to be building a "Q Army," yet none dare rally to show strength and reveal actual numbers.  Subscriber numbers on Commentator outlets are once again on the rise, but we should be aware at this point how these numbers can be manipulated.  If Q is what it claims to be - military intelligence using sophisticated digital surveillance - then it would be a minor effort to pad subscriber numbers across the various "social" media.

As a side note, I take umbrage at the term "social media," since the people who use it the most are in fact the most anti-social people one could meet.  Even in the most social settings, they are too engaged with their screens to have the most rudimentary interactions with real people in the real world.  But, I digress.

As we review the past month in Qniverse, it seems that almost everything the Qvians predicted about current events using "Qlues" from Q was wrong.  We should remind ourselves here that Q rarely posts anything original.  Most Q Drops consist of jingoistic mantras, mass media or Twitter links, or widely available photos.

Occasionally, we are treated to some surveillance stills - with no interpretation - or shots of Donald Trump's Oval Office desk with a signed document just peeking out of a portfolio, a mobile phone sitting on a desk (widely interpreted as Air Force One from reflections on the phone) or a wristwatch set at 3:15, or is it 3:14?

This kind of open-ended information bombing lets Qvians free-associate on the data and eventually come to a consensus, usually with the "Anons," known here as the Apostles and Acolytes, leading the way.

In other words, this is classic Dialectic Conformity in action.  A group of people are presented a vague issue, planted leaders emerge from within the group, predetermined solutions are proposed, and ultimately the group settles on a conclusion they've surreptitiously been led to.  All the while, the group fervently believes it has been acting independently and exercising free choice.

As I have shown before, Q also uses a psychological technique called "transference".  Q uses emotional triggers to transfer religious, militaristic, political, and cultural fervor to itself, and thus to Trump's presidency and support.

A perfect example of this has just dropped in the past few minutes, in which Q quotes several passages from the Christian Bible that encourages Qvians to view their Quest as part of a metaphysical battle between Good and Evil.  This is in keeping with the wide-spread view among Trump supporters that his election was Divine Providence.  This places the recent depiction of Trump as a god-emperor in Italy into perspective, but also raises some disturbing connections to Julius Caesar or Emperor Hirohito.

When Q returned this month, one of its first drops was a stock photo of two F-15 fighter jets with after-burners ablaze against a rising sun.  The photo was not accompanied by any text, even the ubiquitous "Q" normally affixed to most Drops.  The Qvians, of course, immediately began free-associating on the image, while the Apostles and Acolytes began scouring the net for the source of the photo.  As it turns out, the photo was taken over Iraq in the early morning at the end of a bombing run.

Interpretations variously targeted February 15 as a significant date, the rising sun as symbolic of the Q Mantra "dark to light," and military superiority as the means of America's implied greatness.  I rather saw it as a reference to the occult maxim of "dawn of a new day," which I have written about quite a bit in the past few years, as well as an intimidating image of American hegemony within the global political arena.

Donald Trump signed a massive spending bill on Friday, February 15, and moments later, signed an Executive Order (EO) declaring a National Emergency over border security, ostensibly to secure funding for the border wall - an issue Trump has hammered on since the beginning of his presidential campaign.  The EO was issued at 3:14pm.  Thus, the Qvians are beside themselves discussing the symbolism of the F-15 jets and the timing of the EO in relation to the photo of the watch.  The implication here is that Q gave us a peek at the future, and that the Q/Trump Plan - a key feature of Qniverse - includes the exact times and dates of significant pieces of legislation and executive actions.

Considering Trump declared February 15 a deadline to achieve a budget deal that included his wall, and had the ability to sign the EO at any time he chose, and that the deadline was set BEFORE Q dropped the F-15 image, there is no fulfillment of prophesy despite all the wishful thinking of the Qvians.  As Dr. Joseph Farrell has so eloquently stated, if you control both a prophesy and its interpretation, it is quite easy to control its fulfillment, as well.

Not only was Q/Trump able to manipulate events to specific dates and times, it has done nothing to disabuse followers of the notion of Trump's god-emperor status as being able to predict future events.  This Q Prophesy is so obviously planned and manipulated that it is difficult for rational folks to understand how Qvians can be so deceived by these cheap carnival antics.  The power of faith to cause self-deception knows few bounds, be it political, religious, or that dangerous variety that is a hybrid of both.

This seeming "hit" in Q Prophesy overshadows a slew of failures.  Q gave followers the distinct impression that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg (RBG) would soon depart the US Supreme Court, either by retirement or death.  This led to wild speculation that Judge Amy Coney Barrett, a Catholic, would be nominated to replace RBG.

This led the Qvians to interpret the Covington Catholic teen fiasco as the opening salvo in an attempt to smear Barrett's religion, since presumably sexual harassment would not work against a woman.

RBG has steadfastly refused to die on cue, thus the narrative/prophesy fell apart.  Keep in mind that the Q Prophesy was created by speculating directly on Q Drops on topic, and Q did nothing to disabuse followers of this view.  The narrative shifted then to being an amazing plan to expose Progressive Democrats and the Mainstream Media as liars and hypocrites.  None of the Q Commentators admitted that the whole fiasco was nothing more than political opportunism on both sides, using an unfortunate event involving a group of innocent teens as pawns in an ideological war.

To Q's credit, it at least admits that it uses propaganda and disinformation to deceive the enemy.  To the detriment of the Qvians, they refuse to acknowledge that THEY may be the enemy Q is referring to, or at the very least, the marks in a massive, weaponized confidence game.

For this reason, the Qvians have refused numerous times to address my series of articles, preferring instead to focus on Washington Post smear pieces and the strawman LARP argument (see my article The LARP Carp).

The reason for this is quite simple: I grant the proposition that Q is what it claims - a military intelligence operation - and that it is indeed connected to Trump, and by extension that Q is quite real.

Thus, my argument centers on the assertion that Q is a massive psy-op, utilizing sophisticated and weaponized tools to sway public opinion and sell Trump's presidency and presumed re-election campaign for 2020.

When the Qvians are flat wrong, they engage in a communal mea culpa, beating their breasts and wondering aloud how they could have misinterpreted Q's Words.  They marvel at how effectively Q uses misinformation, such that even they  are deceived.  Nothing, however, dissuades them of their faith in Q and Trump.  It is all part of The Plan (see God's Plan for Humanity).  We mere mortals cannot possibly understand the complexities of such intricate machinations, so any error must be on our part, because Q is Perfect and Omniscient.

Honestly, the more one delves into this Phenomenon, the more it takes on the trappings of religious fervor.  Since the Second Coming has not occurred in over 2,000 years, it is obviously our fault for misinterpreting Scripture, or perhaps dispensation based on the faith of a handful of devout worshippers.

Even more frightening than the religious sheen over Q is the amazing assurance that Q's military provenance will ensure victory at any cost.  In a very real sense, the Q Phenomenon is a jihad, a Holy War against metaphysical forces that have overrun the world.  Q has very carefully and subtly fostered this religious narrative to the point that people in other countries are actually creating effigies of Trump, the god-emperor.

The reader will please forgive me if I do not jump on this bandwagon.  I find this a dangerous and disturbing trend.

Given the proclivity of Qvians to couch their faith in quasi-religious terms, it is my contention that we must now take Q very seriously and start to question as a society what, if anything, we should do with this Phenomenon.  Denying it and ridiculing it only empowers it.  It was arguably the Roman Persecutions that threw gasoline on the Christian fire, and doing so again will likely have the same effect.

We must ask ourselves what is allowable in the public discourse.  Are we willing not only to let this instance go unchallenged, but in so doing, encourage others to use the same formula?  Are we willing to allow our political arenas to be dominated by highly sophisticated and unregulated use of psychological weapons?  Can we depend on Trump and the US military to use this power in a benign and beneficial way?  And even if they do, who's to say anyone else deploying these tools will do so with such beneficence?

Recall that a large number of people are being lulled into passivity by a completely anonymous entity that claims to be military intelligence, posting on non-governmental outlets while running a psy-op using admitted disinformation and plausible deniability for Trump and absolute indemnity for whomever or whatever is running Q, and that the very first post by Q was a complete and unmitigated lie. 

The so-called Proofs of Trump-Q collusion are entirely circumstantial and can be spun any number of ways.  Most of Q's Prophesies are, as yet, unfulfilled, and those few that have been can be written off as matters of interpretation or coincidence.

Faith.  Passivity.  Deniability.

Sit in your arm chairs and trust anonymous text on a screen while "researching" mainstream media links and presidential tweets, instead of taking real action to set things right.  And while you are at it, be sure to vote Republican and buy your Q Gear.  And do all of it with unquestioning faith in an entity that claims to be part of a government that is provably corrupt and evil.

These are huge and pressing questions.  In this series of articles, I have endeavored to emphasize the power that is being unleashed here and to raise the alarm over the wholesale manipulation of thousands, if not millions of people worldwide.

It is high time to throw a spotlight on Q and accept that it is a real Phenomenon and that it is being used on (possibly against) all of us.  Q is NOT a conspiracy theory, it is a very real and by definition an actual conspiracy.  It must be addressed publicly, thoroughly and rationally before it gets much further.


  1. Anonymous18.2.19

    Anybody that uses, quotes, references, alleges or suggest that "Q" is anything other then a total fraud is fk'n moron. The fact that you've dedicated a post puts you into the category. You're not bright enough to realize the entire Q connedspiracy crap-fest is just propaganda, every single "word" from the ridiculously titled "Qniverse". Fuck Q, and fuck you, you're a fkn idiot.

    1. Anonymous19.2.19

      How is Q fraudulent?
      What has Q written that has been fraudulent?

    2. Anonymous20.2.19

      "Hillary Clinton has been arrested."

      "The House is safe."

  2. Qanon's latest analysis showing where Democrat controlled state houses allowing illegal immigrants to get a state drivers license which allows/encourages illegal voting.

  3. Usually, sarcasm and derogatory humor are indicators of nervousness. By this time, I would have hoped the Q novelty would have worn off of you. Or is the entire goal to maintain some pretense of superiority over Q. Let's move on with this shall we?

  4. Anonymous18.2.19


    I know your George's roving reporter and stop by his site now and then; but it sounds like you might have stopped by my site also.

    I'm giving the same warning.

    Don't worry about comments from the simpleton above. He's known in the biz as collateral damage.

  5. what exactly separates this q from robert dinero in wag the dog? it's almost as if the internet got caught bypassing the programming of the proles that is normally done through holly - wood.

  6. q is antichrist spirit working through AI. Dont follow Q "down" the rabbit hole, those aren't bunny ears, those are the bulls horns. Follow JEsus, look "up" because your redemption draweth nigh. DONT BE SELFISH, WARN OTHERS. this is part 1 of 3

  7. Usual unthought provoking article by someone probably with tds🤣

  8. Selective comments by moderator reinforces articles p.o.v., but don't reveal the fraudulency of author's JC never was, nor will be anyone's onlybeggotten 🤣

  9. If not “Q” then what? The entrenched evil that has been locked into place since JFK is – IMO - beyond the reach of voters.

    I have no idea if Q is real or not, but I also have no idea what else could displace the corruption.

    I am all ears if others have some idea.

    1. Well, Qanon says "Israel is last..."🙄

      I can hardly wait 🤣

  10. Anonymous19.7.19

    Q is one of Trump's minions, serving up placebos so his base doesn't lose faith. It's bs. Just like "Thomas Wicktor".. Throw out your hobby, the one thing you may actually know a little about, proclaim yourself an expert (because people are so stupid they'll consider it "vetting") and then play to people until you are playing them; i.e., "DT is a multilevel chess sleuth", "Trump's so many steps ahead, they can't tell where he is!"... Sure, sure... This bloviating israeli TOOL has contaminated the US with filthy. diseased illegals, has skyrocketed the nat'l debt, LIED about Hillary, the Fed, the IRS, the WALL... You name it, he lied about it. The most galling part is that his base still buys his bullshit. This s.o.b. is even worse than the fag and his ugly tranny. Disgusting. Just wait till the 5G is switched on and cooks what's left of you assholes.

    1. I get your anger...Unfortunately your anger clouds your perceptions of 'reality'⚡

      Ray Chandler and Jeffrey Epstein Used Modeling Agencies to Identify Targets for Sexual Abuse

      Q!!mG7VJxZNCI23 Jul 2019 - 5:12:14 PM📁
      Targets ('models') made to fill out an extensive background report?
      Targets ('models') asked in detail re: family?
      Targets ('models') generally 'green lit' based on 'loner' 'insecurity' 'depressed' P_eval?
      Targets ('models') generally 'green lit' based on 'humble' 'poorer' family background? [prevent possible 'legal' retaliation]
      Highest Level Security + MAX Protect

    2. I was censored here today by posting amazing 3469 from Q, so now we know who the blog owner kneels to😉

  11. Not bad...only comments I make that back your Q diatribe r allowed😂

  12. I suspect the blog would like to see Epstein murdered, too⚡


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