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The Dawn Of A New Day

This symbol is called a fasces.  The word comes from the Latin, fascis, which simply meant 'bundle.'  It's the root of the English word 'faggot,' which in British English means a bundle of twigs, or in the slang, a cigarette.  The symbol itself means, "strength through unity," which is obvious by the ax head sticking out of a bundle of twigs.  In other words, projecting power out of a unified bundle of people.  Lest Indonesian readers think this has nothing to do with them, then they might recognize this, "Bhinneka Tunggal Ika."

Fasces also happens to be the origin of another English word, "fascist."

To really understand what you are looking at, you must also know about the 'eagle,' or 'aquila.'
Roman with fasces
Indonesia with motto
USA offering peace or war

German with phoenix elements
Notice anything?  For one thing, a lot of countries use the eagle symbol.  For another, it's been around for a long time.  Even the Babylonians used eagle's wings attached to lions with human heads as ubiquitous symbols.

Basically, the eagle represents the Sun.  As the eagle was able to fly so high, and was still able to see the smallest detail on the ground, it became a symbol of the gods.  As the Sun was the chief among the gods, that the eagle could get so close and not get burned meant is was pretty special.

Ikarus and Daedalus of Greek legend built wings of eagle feathers so that they could soar close to the Sun, as well.  Famously, Daedalus got a bit too close and he crashed into the sea.  If the eagle got too close, he would be consumed in flames, but would rise again from the ashes...the Phoenix.

Now the Sun is a big deal.  The symbolism for that thing is huge, deep and complicated.  Suffice it to say that it represents the Light of the World, knowledge, gnosis, illumination.  Those who bear the symbol of the eagle have come close to the Sun, and therefore have special knowledge.  They have been illuminated.  They are Illuminati.

The other thing to note about eagles is that they have two wings, the left wing and the right wing.  The eagle is a two-party system.  The US, of course, is two party.  Most countries that bear the symbol of the eagle are moving towards two-party systems.  Indonesia just passed legislation that will ultimately move it to a two-party system.  Singapore this year is introducing a second party, just so everyone thinks they have a choice.  You can have Communism (the left) or Fascism (the Right).  Either way, the Illuminated win, because both wings belong to them.

It's the hegelian dialectic.  You are presented false choices, then change agents steer the discussion until the masses select one of the preselected choices.  The choice is presented as concensus, though any dissent or alternatives were eliminated before you ever got the choice.

Societies are steered through the use of the hegelian dialectic, making false choices and thinking they have selected what they have.  Meantime, the true leaders, the illuminated ones, manipulate symbols, both to control the masses and to communicate to each other.

One such coded communication is something called, "The New Dawn," or "Dawn of a New Day."  These codes refer to the ultimate subjugation of the entire world under their control.  It's a new world order, in other words.  Novus Ordo Seclorum.  Out of the many, they have crafted one order for themselves, by themselves and from themselves.  E pluribus unum.  Bhinneka Tuggul Ika.  The fasces.  Power projected from the uniting of the masses into one bundle.

Perhaps you noticed GW Bush's Operation New Dawn in Iraq.  Maybe you recall Obama's promise of a New Dawn in US leadership.  In fact, a few seconds on Google searching those terms will bring up literally thousands of examples of 'leaders' and 'famous' people using them.  Go to and search the terms in movie quotes and titles.  Bet you never noticed it before.

How about this?

Gee, do you think that could be the 'dawn of a new day' in Obama's campaign logo?

But wait!  Isn't the the 'dawn of a new day' there at the bottom of the Soviet Union's coat of arms?   And aren't those symbolic eagle wings surrounding the whole thing?  The five-pointed star symbolizes Lucifer, the Morning Star, but that's a whole other can of wax, to mix a metaphor or two.
China Coat of Arms - Sun as cog wheel
Hey!  There it is again on China's seal, though they gave it a cursory disguise, of course.  And notice how the symbolic wings are also bundles, or fasces, and that they spring from the rising Sun.  The eagle's tail is disguised as a drapery, but the design elements are unmistakable.  Mistakes?  Just coincidence?  Nice graphic elements?  OK, sure.

It's really astounding once you start looking for these things.  The fasces, the eagle, the sun rising...they're everywhere!  They are coded communications among those who think they own humanity.  That includes those who, on this particular day, celebrate the "Son Rise."
The Dawn of a New Day

Oops, did that slip out?  Well, since it's already on the table, go into your church today and see how many eagles and rising suns you can find.  Should keep you busy for an hour or so.  Start with the top of the American flag, if you're in the States.  And while you're at it, see if you can figure out why the state flag has a spear head on it.  Bonus points awarded.

So, next time you wonder if your country is becoming a fascist state, all you need to do is look for the symbols.  Bet you can find a million of them.

Why, just take a look at the US House of Representatives during Obama's State of the Union address.  Notice anything?
Notice the two giant fasces on either side of the podium.  Could it be...fascists?!

Those aren't eagles and fasces, are they?  Naw, I didn't think so...

Oh, and if you want a lot more information about all this, and a whole lot more, check out Jordan Maxwell.  He's the guy that Dan Brown based his symbologist/hero on.  It's amazing stuff for those with hungry minds.

Happy Day of Ester.  May all you have be fertile.

Your homework?
Here's the Singapore Coat of Arms.  See if you can interpret the symbols.  Hint: lions, 5-pointed stars, crescent moons, and pentagrams are just the beginning.  And is that really the Moon?  Can you think of any planets that present a crescent when viewed from Earth?  Have fun!

Oh, ok, one more hint: how many fingers do the lion and the tiger have showing at the top?  Also, be sure and look at outlines and negative spaces.  That's all.  The rest is up to you.

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