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The Second Oldest Profession

The two oldest professions both involve screwing the customer, but the second is not quite as pleasant as the first.

A prostitute doesn't dress like a frunmpy schoolmarm and hide in church.  She exposes the goods and entices customers with a saucy walk and brazen attitude.

A restaurant doesn't vent the kitchen into the alley and hide the menu.  I displays photos of the meals and blows the kitchen smells into the street to make you hungry.

Pharmaceutical companies make money by inventing drugs to cure various ailments.  It stands to reason that they would also invest in creating new diseases and cures at the same time, so as to boost their incomes, does it not?

Here in Jakarta, tire repairmen are ubiquitous,  They populate every street corner on every main road.  On slow days, they are not adverse to throwing a few nails in the street to ensure a steady stream of customers.

Banksters don't make money by holding your hard-earned money in a safe for the day when you come to claim it.  No, they 'borrow' it from you while you don't need it and 'sell' it to others for the price of 'interest' payments.  They invest your dough while you're not looking and keep the profit, even though you were the one who took the risk.

Banksters also make money by investing in various schemes with your money.  They buy into stocks and bonds, and play craps with your scratch.  Oh, and they keep the profits and charge you with the losses.

Several hundred years ago, it occured to banksters that war was good business.  It created new industries, destroyed over-production and thinned the herd a bit, thus creating demand which they could then fund, as well.  It further occured to these parasites that one could fund both sides of a conflict and profit handily no matter who won.

By investing in all sides of war, they could loan money at interest to both sides, invest in industries that, if they survived, would both pay for losses on the other side, as well as create wealth on the winning side.  Then there was the clean up and rebuilding, from which they could also profit.

These little arrangements worked pretty well.  The interest they charged created money out of thin air and put it all in their pockets.  They inserted themselves into the middle of every business deal and took profit from every side of the deal.

They also realized that they possessed information before anyone else.  They were able to position themselves in the market to profit from large trades or deals before anyone 'outside' knew about them.  The most infamous example of this is the House of Rothschild and Waterloo.  The Rothschild's, knowing that England had defeated Napoleon before anyone else, crashed the London stock market with false rumors, bought everything in sight, then sat back and counted the money the next day when the 'official' news arrived.

This sort of thing was also evident in Dutch ports where the banksters had commissioned a 'spy glass' that would allow them to see the slags of vessels returning fully laden before anyone else knew.  They could then buy up shares in the cargo cheaply and wait for the 'official' news to arrive.  (Galileo later turned the 'spy glass' on the heavens and brought down the Catholic Church)

Over time, the banksters became fabulously wealthy.  They had used their insider networks to 'front run' investment opportunities.  They had created money out of thin air using interest payments  They had convinced people to leave their gold at home when they traveled, and gave the travelers pieces of paper with signatures that would allow the traveler to take his gold out at the destination, thus protecting his wealth from highway men.  However, the banksters soon got everyone trading the paper instead of taking the gold, and the rest is history.  (see US dollar)

At some point, the banksters became so amazingly wealthy that they became targets of 'witch hunts.'  People, realizing that they had been taken for a ride, would occasionally rise up and kill the bastards and destroy the banks.  Friday the 13th is one such example.

To protect themselves, the banksters formed secret societies and hid themselves under the cloak of darkness. They took on the personae of being 'Jewish,' using 'Jewish' names and calling everyone 'goys.'  The result was that if folks got uppity, they would attack the wrong group and the banksters would slide out the back door.  The original 'bait and switch' operation.

Eventually, the banksters bought up everything.  They owned governments, media, manufacturing, militaries, and through home-loans, they took possession of...well...everything.  They could play markets and prices to inflate markets, profit from them, then crash them at will, with nary a scratch or dent from it.  Through defaults (the losing side of the wars), the banksters could take possession of entire countries.  They didn't need military, they just dangled the coin purse in front of the leaders.

The lives and property of millions of people became mere toys for these banksters.  If they lost a trillion here or there, they made two somewhere else.  That kind of wealth made them 'untouchable.'  With advancing technology, they were able to make billions in seconds and hide anywhere in the world (and maybe even off of it by now).

In fact, they are so powerful now that if the US Congress wants to investigate some of their dealings, they can fly planes into the buildings holding all the paperwork, blame it on a country whose leaders have forgotten who owns them, invade and take over, and the whole time make money from all sides of the conflict.  And the whole time, no one knows the truth because they own the 'news' outlets and control information, just like Rothschild after Waterloo.

That's real power.

So, the next time someone says to you, "It's the CFR/Trilats/Freemasons/Jews/Rothschilds/Bilderbergs/(insert name here), they are both right and wrong.  They are right because all these groups and more are part of the problem.  They are wrong because none of them alone are the problem.

The real problem is a few self-appointed demi-gods sitting in musty old French chateaus, or Long Island greathouses, or British castles.  They are decrepit and eaten up with greed and lust for power.  They hide from the light because we would know them for what they are immediately.

They are the men behind the second oldest profession, otherwise known as BOHICA (bend over here it comes again).  It has taken them centuries to get where they are, and where they are is controlling the entire political/economic life of the world.

If you don't like it, they will just flick you like a fly with all their toys.  They won't even notice your life being snuffed out.

Whores lure customers with skin.  Tire repairmen profit from flat tires.  Drug companies only win if you are sick and dying.  And banksters dangle wealth and power in front of you.

The problem is, it's all an illusion.  They would never give up so much as an iota of their control to such as you and I  We're just fleas on the camel's rump to them: the goy, the cattle.  No matter what we do to get rid of them, they will only find new and interesting ways to stop us AND make a profit in the process.

It's a lot like the oldest profession.  When all you see is the lipstick and sultry dress, it looks so enticing.  But later, when you get it all off, it's just like the other 51% of the population, with a bit more mileage.

The only way to win is to completely renounce everything that the banksters lust for.  If money and possessions no longer hold sway, if we refuse to run after every new bauble and shiny thing, if we refuse to trade with paper that they issue, then they will wither and die.

Until then, they've already won.

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