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Stirring The Hornet's Nest

Video link is here.

I have frequently been criticized for not giving equal time to Qvians in my explorations of the phenoomenon.  Truth be told, I have invited a few of the more popular commentators to debate, and I have either been declined or no answer was forthcoming. A response from an apparent Qvian came across my desk following the outstanding 2.5-hour marathon discussion I recently published on the Radio Far Side YouTube and BitChute channels.  I believe this response encapsulates many of the issues with Q I have had over the past couple of years.

In the following, all text in bold italics are from the correspondent, and what follows it is my response.  I have only edited the writer to remove identifying information  When/if I cite Q directly, the reference will be from, one of the Drop aggregators generally accepted by most Qvians.

I would like to put forward my reasons why I believe you are being a little over dramatic with the intentions of the Q movement.

I believe that, when compared to the writings and recordings of Qvians, I have been far more measured and circumspect, but that is for the reader/viewer to decide.

1. The host made a stupid statement saying that the only thing we all knew for sure about Q was that it stated Hillery Clinton was going to be arrested in the next 48 hours, October 2017 and Q drops were posted on 8 chan, By his own admission it was not Q that posted Killery was going to be arrested. That post was made well before Q started posting. He just speculated that it was Q.

This statement is notable in that Q Drop #1, by all accounts, detailed the arrest of Hillary Clinton.  I did not make that up, nor is it speculation.  It is widely accepted by Qvians as fact, and that Drop is listed by all aggregators as the first.  As for what I claimed to be known facts about Q, the following comes directly from my show notes and were said more or less verbatim:

  • An unsigned post on 28 October 2017, using 4Chan, is generally identified as Q’s first comm (later self-identified as “Q Clearance Patriot”)
  • Initial claim was that Hillary Clinton would be arrested within hours and that extradition proceedings had begun with several countries if she tried to leave the US
  • Began identifying/signing as “Q” with post #64, on 3 Nov 2017
  • Q moved to 8Chan in April 2018(?), a site owned and operated by Jim Watkins out of the Philippines, claiming 4Chan had been compromised
  • Due to an association with the Christchurch mass shooting at a mosque, 8Chan shut down operations in August 2019, for 90 days, then re-launched as 8Kun in November 2019
For reference, here is Q1 (note Drop # in upper right corner), cited by and every other aggregator I can find:

If the writer insists that this is not a Q Drop, then he or she is the first and only that I know of.  The first mention of "Q Level" was Drop 48, on 2 November 2017, and later that same say, began using the "Q" signature.  On Drop 128, 9 November 2017, Q added the trip code and began posting under the handle "Q":

All of the posts are internally consistent and self-referential, so there is little wiggle room to say Q1 is not the same actor as Q128.

All of you thenwent [sic] on to say that Q followers were brainwashed and were wasting their lives being in a religious fervor following the movement. This is simply not true. Most of the Q people I know see Q as just one part of their news source and research. Many like myself rarely look at Q posts any more because they are largely repetitive. The repetition is necessary for new followers to the movement to get an idea about the real world they are living in.

From the start, Q made remarks like, "God Bless," "God Wins," and similar lines, and from Q35, 1 November 2017, it has made extensive use of Biblical quotes:
These references are a direct appeal to Christians only.  There is no attempt to include other faiths in the US.  Q is making use of Christian Millennialism as a means to ensnare the greatest number of people, and to use both fear and anticipation of End Times mythology to pacify followers.  Using these psychological tricks, such as mantra-like repetition is by definition, brainwashing.  Q is using faith-based triggers to entrain followers and ensure receptivity and compliance.  Call it what you will - I call it brainwashing.

Repetition is a mainstay of brainwashing techniques.  It is a fundamental aspect of advertising and marketing, the corporate media use it to great effect, and political systems have made it a fundamental tool throughout history.  Oft-repeated phrases such as, "The Plan," "The Storm," and "Where we go one, we go all," are prime examples of Q using this technique.  Q virtually admits this with the phrase, "Look here, don't look there."  The Qvians interpret it for their own purposes, but from a neutral viewpoint, it is a clear statement of method.  In a sense, it is hiding truth in plain sight.

To bring the religious aspect into this, every faith uses prepetition of mantras, prayers, litanies, and creeds as a means to embed reality filters in the minds of the faithful.  Whether or not you agree with any particular faith and its filters, the objective use of repetition is an undeniable tool with a proven result.

2. Trump is very aware of everything about Q and regularly posts as Q+. We know this as fact because there have been dozens of Q+ proofs that can't be denied. For me, the 2 proofs that made me sit up and take notice were the Tip Top, Tippy Top  2018 Easter speech and then the rally where Trump called out the beautiful baby in the crowd and asked the father to hold up the baby revealing a large Q on it's back. There are many other instances I could mention and I will if you wish to know.

I am quite familiar with the Proofs, and I have dealt extensively with the Zero Delta and a technique called "front running".  As for the Q+ myth, there is nothing factual about a connection to Trump.  It is completely faith-based and circumstantial.  Yes, I know about the White House photo signed "Trump +++," the military flight call signs of "Q+," and the rest.  None of this is proof.  All is of carries plausible deniability.  It may be true or false, but at this time it is most definitely not fact.  If Trump ever signed one of his tweets with Q+, we would be obliged to revisit this item.

Trump has repeatedly denied knowing "much" about the QAnon movement, though to the best of my knowledge, no one has ever asked him directly about the nature and identity of Q itself.  If he were dodging certain admissions or revelations on semantic grounds, this would certainly indicate it.

As for the baby in a Q jumper, I will quote my dear colleague Molly Ivins, "It is part and parcel of political show business to kiss hands and shake babies."  That a baby in a rally of thousands of people might be called out by Trump AND have a Q on its back is purely circumstantial, and once again completely faith-based as a confirmation of anything but a politician's show-stopper.

3. If you actually followed Q you would realise the wild statements attributed to it by Q doubters were in fact statements made by shills and then retweeted or reposted by over zealous social media channels. A classic example of this was that Q supposedly said Hitler was Merkles [sic] Mays father. I even heard you saying Q said that.. Well Q never said that at all but did ask the Anons to research it and gave some suggestions of where to start looking. Q was simply using the massive investigative resource of the movement  to find out if it was true or not.. Like your research had already found, it ran into a dead end.

A signature of Q is the use of the rhetorical question, where the answer is self-evident or to indicate a "truth" that cannot be overtly stated (usu. Classified information).  When Q asks a question like this, then indicates a starting point to "research," it is obvious to Qvians that the answer is positive and following the indicated trail will reveal the pre-determined answer.  For example, if Q asked, "Is the Pope Catholic," then provided a link to the Vatican web site, Qvians would assume the answer is "yes" and that the web site contains at least part of the proof.

For myself, I have never repeated anything as a Q Quote without posting the actual Drop (as above).  I did not buy into the Hitler nor the JFK Jr. mythos.  All of my articles and analysis have been based solely on the actual language in the actual Drops.

4. Q has predicted many things that have come to pass. Two that come to mind were when it gave the day, hour and minute of McCaines [sic] death a month before he did die. This told me two things. Q is military because they hated No Name and the other was that McCaine was executed.under military justice 

This particular incident is one of the most disturbing in the Qniverse.  I did an extensive analysis of McCain's death in "The Qiller Q".  First, we look at the actual Drops:

It is true that Q appeared to predict Sen. John McCain's death on 25 August 2018, at 4:28pm. according the death certificate, precisely 30 days in advance.  It is also true that Q referred to McCain as "No Name," the assertion that the Senator was hated by the military is not a publicized fact, and Q is the only firm source I can find for this assertion.  While this confirmed to my mind that Q is a real entity, I found it deeply disturbing for two reasons.

First, a US Senator was either executed or committed suicide, and it was planned at least 30 days in advance.  In the former case, a US Senator was secretly executed without public trial or due process in any form I understand under American jurisprudence.  In the latter case, no attempt was made to intervene by either family or Q.  There can be no other conclusion, since predicting the date and time of someone's death a month in advance is not a routine occurrence.  In either case, Q had foreknowledge of the death of an elected official of the United States and did nothing to stop it.

Second, the news of McCain's death was greeted by Qvians with absolute glee.  At no time did Q publish a definitive case against McCain, rather it simply said he was a traitor and hated by all military personnel.  The joy among the Qvians was profoundly disturbing, since they accepted that Q was somehow involved, and they demanded no proof of McCain's guilt, much less question the lack of a public trial.

This incident exposes a theme of bloodlust and revenge flowing beneath the Q Movement that should make every sentient and empathetic human cringe with shock.  That the correspondent mentions this incident so casually and with an air of satisfaction proves my point in this respect.

In November last year Q stated in a drop that "we will soon have a two day cure for the Flu". In February the following year Trump made the Hydroxichloroquine statement in response to Fauche's [sic] CoronaVirus Vaccine statement. Q then went on to show us that Fauche had known about the benefits of HCL since 2004 exposing him for the Swamp Creature he really is.  

I went back and reread all of November 2019 Drops and found nothing having remotely to do with medicine, cures, flu, or any similar topics.  In fact, despite "knowing the playbook," Q provided no warning about a global pandemic, nor did it advise stocking up on any types of drugs, and has been relatively silent on the entire ordeal.  If the correspondent can provide an actual Drop # or some other unambiguous reference, it would be a great help.

With regard to hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), a drug I have used since 2009 to cure various tropical diseases and treat symptoms of MS, a search of brings up no mention of Fauci or Birx, several tangentially related to the CDC, and a handful that mention HCQ.  Perhaps the one that addresses the correspondent's remarks is Q4104, from 4 May 2020:


Q's first reference to HCQ was a full three months after Trump had closed national borders.  Trump's first mention of HCQ was in mid-April.  This Drop, the first to mention HCQ, is actually a link to an article on the One News Now site published 27 April 2020, and written by Bryan Fischer.  Q's only comment was "Reconcile".

Thus, an article on a news outlet cited 16-year-old studies in the public domain that were authored by Fauci and others, 7-10 days after Trump mentioned HCQ for the first time in a press conference, and Q then provided a link to the story eight days after publication, with the imperative to reconcile.  The correspondent would credit Q with this information, when anyone with a search engine or who read the news outlet was already well familiar with the story.

This is a common feature of the Qniverse to credit Q with exposing many "deep secrets," when in fact the information was already in the public domain and Q did nothing but link to it, like a clandestine Twitter user.  This tells me that Qvians are so busy repeating their mantras and doing their decodes that they fail to notice the world around them without Q pointing the way.

One assumes that if Q has insider knowledge, knows The Playbook of the Deep State, and wants to prove the value of following it, Q would have published the HCQ information much earlier, helping Qvians avoid misinformation and possibly contracting a disease.

5. I am of the opinion that Q did expect arrests to be made back in 2018 but soon found out it was pointless doing so while the courts were so corrupted and also realising just how deep and powerful the swamp really was. Plans needed to be reassessed and many battles had to be fought before any effective, significant arrests could be made. If you remember there  was a time in late 2017 when a number of high profile people including Killery and McCaine were wearing moon boots. You may also recall the number of international flights that were turned around in mid flight and escorted back to the US. These were the pending arrests Q was talking about. Don't forget there are still 

nearly 200,000 sealed indictments waiting to be served. 

Ah, yes, the constant apologetics and refrain of X-thousands of "sealed Indictments".

Early on, Q implanted the necessity for "disinformation," because the "enemy" read the Drops, too.  The long list of predictions by Q come with their own self-correcting mechanism.  Any time (most of the time) a prediction doesn't pan out, it was disinformation, or The Plan changed, or the Swamp is much deeper than expected.  And yet, we are told "we have it all."  Q wants us to believe all the evidence is in hand, all the players are known, and all the crimes have been cataloged.  If the crimes are as egregious as we are tol and the evidence so damningd, no amount of corrupt judges could stop the intense public scrutiny of every parliamentary move to dodge justice.

Instead, the two people most responsible for bringing the corruption to light are Julian Assange/WikiLeaks and Tom Fitton/Judicial Watch.  Assange has been rotting for years because of his heroism, but he was taken out of the Ecuadorian embassy and thrown into prison (still with no crime) because the United States (under Trump) guaranteed an IMF loan to that country to allow police to go into the embassy and seize Assange.

Recently, Trump made noises about appointing Fitton to a judicial overview commission.  This is a toothless position that has never achieved anything of note and is likely a carrot to keep Fitton busy and away from Hillary.  One hopes fervently that he does not accept.

We shall mention in passing the ordeal of Michael Flynn, fired by Trump two weeks into the administration, and now rotting four years under the blatant and very public corruption of Emmett Sullivan.  Oh, and not a word in support of the McCloskys or Rittenhouse, or the many others actually fighting evil and dying in cold blood on the streets.

As for the now more than 200,000 "sealed indictments," anyone who believes that a significant proportion of the entire population of the United States is under indictment for treason and related crimes needs a reality check.  Furthermore, the only person in four years to have faced any proceedings was Kevin Clinesmith, and he was slapped on the wrist and sent on his way.

Based only on what Assange and Fitton have made public, real patriots should be storming Washington, demanding justice.  Instead, the people who really care and would do something about it are busy eating popcorn and enjoying the show, because of Q.

5. I read the comments at the end of your Far Side interview and one comment made the very valid point that for the discussion to be balanced there should have been a Q advocate included. The host replied that he tried to get such a person but everyone declined. I simply call bullshit to that statement.

As you wish, but I invited six of the most-followed commentators on YouTube.  Two declined to be interviewed and four never answered.  With three of the individuals, I have made multiple attempts, including after their channels were vanished by Google.

He also said Q had nothing new to contribute that people like yourself had not already exposed and it never gave credit where credit was due. I have suspected for some time that there is a certain amount of jealous push back to Q from established alternate researchers and this Far Side guy seems to have confirmed my suspicions.

Jealous push-back?  Interesting that the desire to save lives that has gone on for generations would make me or anyone else jealous.  Even more curious is the idea that tracking and rescuing people from human trafficking rings would be considered "alternative".

The use of children for sex slaves and forced labor is one of humanity's oldest secrets.  Along trade routes from Africa to Asia, this practice has been documented for centuries.  I suppose one could call Marco Polo an alternative researcher, since his tales include vivid descriptions.  Polo's description of how male children were prepared from birth to be sex slaves by inserting a device in their anuses is particularly memorable.  I don't recall Q mentioning that.

There was a group in the 1970s and 1980s called the Seekers, who did heroic work rescuing trafficked humans in the United States.  There was a group who uncovered a stash point in Arizona just a couple of years ago that got a few headlines, but faded fast.  Nary a mention from Q.

The use of blackmail, particularly using honeypots, is another ancient practice.  One recalls Matahari during World War I, but that is probably the most famous in recent history.  The Egytians, Greeks and Romans all documented this practice.  I suppose we could classify them as alternative researchers.

The term "conspiracy theory" originated in the wake of Kennedy's assassination.  The work of dozens of brilliant researchers over the past 50 years comes to mind in this context.  All the theories mentioned and/or espoused by Q and the Qvians all predate Q, but one could be forgiven thinking that these theories were all discovered after Octrober 2017, because none of them mention or credit the hard work all of the researchers have put into documenting such things for posterity.

Come to think of it, Q has never added a single fact or tidbit to any of the theories, just blessed them for Qvian consumption.  Jealousy?  No, just integrity.  Truth be told, I make no pretention to being a researcher of the caliber that has illuminated so many crimes.  I just happen to recognize Q for what it is and want to help others see it so they are not suckered into something under false pretenses.

6. Whether Q is a psyop or not it has awakened millions of people worldwide to the fact that evil has control of the planet. Thousands of children have been rescued from sex slavery. Hollywood has been exposed, MSM has been exposed, the corrupt political system has been exposed and more recently Gates vaccination plans have been exposed to millions as a direct result of Q posts. Where is the harm in that? 

[This response was rewritten to clarify the argument -BG] Here we have another formal fallacy: the ends justify the means.  It is a common style of argument that dismisses moral and ethical issues by saying, "You have to crack a few eggs to make an omelet."  

Let us assume for the sake of argument that Jesus never existed, but Christianity has brought comfort to millions for centuries, and look at all the great art it has spawned.  The entire New Testament was fabricated to modify and control human behavior.  Does the good that Christianity has done justify the Inquisition, to select but one incident?  Are political actors allowed to wrap themselves in Christianity when subjugating people "for their own good"?  Furthermore, does inducing humans to behave a certain way under false pretenses justify the lack of candor?  Would the reader prefer good results when the motives of a controlling entity are unclear or obfuscated?

For a pop culture reference that is particularly apropos, I suggest the Star Trek TOS episode, "The Return of the Archons."  Is society's peace and tranquility justified by the utter lack of Free Will and individuality?

Neither Q nor any Qvian rescued children, nor am I aware that Q or any Qvians did research that led to the rescue of any children.  As mentioned above, child sex trade has been known for centuries and rescues have been ongoing for all or some of that time.  Q did nothing to expose it, and the Qvias have done nothing but talk about it.  To my knowlege, none have discovered names, dates, routes, storage, costs, fact, nothing.

I could have told you about the corruption of the MSM back in 1981, when footage I shot of a family feud in Transvaal was used on one of the Big Three nets in the US as images of race riots in South Africa.  William Randolph Hearst and his Spanish-American War to sell papers comes to mind.  The movie "Broadcast News" comes to mind.  Nothing new there.

Hollywood was founded by the mob and the place itself started as a land swindle (see Hollywoodland).  The amount of crime and corruption in show business is the stuff of legend, dating back centuries (again).  The first major sex scandal that I can think of was Fatty Arbuckle in the 1920s.  The recent Tarantino film "Once Upon A Time In Hollywood" fictionalizes one of the biggest murder scandals of the 1960s, in Hollywood.  Sex, drugs, murder, scams...those crimes are synonymous with Hollywood.  Nothing new there.

As for political corruption, I suggest you read or see William Shakespeare's brilliant play, "Julius Caesar".  Wherever money and power have aggregated throughout human history, corruption quickly follows.  I believe it was Lord Acton who observed that, "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely."  Christ Himself was tempted with worldly kingdoms and wealth beyond imagining.  Nothing new there.

As for Gates, one need only scratch around a bit to find evidence that his organization killed, maimed and sterilized hundreds of thousands across Africa and India.  A bit harder to find, but still known for years.  Nothing new there.

For any of the above to be a surprise or revelation to anyone means they would have to be willfully ignorant and certainly unable to crack a history book.  It is rather hard for me to imagine anyone being that ignorant or naive without willful intent.  I certainly didn't need Q when a library would suffice.

Catherine and Joseph are speculating that Trump is simply a creature from another swamp. So in reality people who follow your reasoning are  just as brainwashed as Q followers. It can be speculated that Catherine is under the control of the deep state in return for her being protected from further persecution from it. After all she did go through hell trying to defend herself. Joseph has admitted that he has been contacted by people trying to bribe him for his silence. What speculation can we derive from that?

I observe that Catherine is still fighting for truth and Joseph is not silent, thus they appear to have not taken the bait.

As for my own persecution, I paid a heavy price for not giving in, and I can tell you with frightening assurance that Satanism does exist.  If, however, someone wants me to shut up, I have a number in mind and it's not much in the Great Scheme of Things, but it would sure do my right.  Just sayin'.  I have the greatest respect for anyone who can resist that one.

  I see no harm in people having their views as long as people can advocate their positions in a balanced discussion not a one sided beat up.

I did not intend a beat up and I apologize if that is how you took it.  In my thought processes to arrive at my opinion, I argued both sides of the equation and came up with the solution that I have expressed here and elsewhere.  Perhaps my background in media and marketing makes me less susceptible to manipulation, or perhaps it was the amazing teachers who have come through my life and gifted me with critical thinking skills.

Perhaps I'm completely wrong, and if so, I will eat every word I have written on the topic.  I'm rather confident that won't happen, though.

My offer is open.  If someone who can put forth a solid argument in favor of Q steps forward and wants equal time, I will happily oblige.  I have proved that by responding to this missive.  If not, then I will assume folks have taken the following commands from Q:

In conclusion, Q claims that it is a function of military intelligence that recruited Trump to run for president and is attempting a counter-coup against elements of the US government collectively known as the Deep State.  So let's examine these claims.

First, Q is military intelligence.  So, a group of spies within a military organization that has been used since the days of the Old West to expand and maintain an empire is feeding us information that we are supposed to trust.

Second, if this group indeed recruited Trump to run, then we must assume that Trump won because this group interfered with election results to ensure their chosen candidate won, and that Trump's true allegiance is to this group.

Third, a counter-coup run by military intelligence implies a covert ruling junta that has yet to prove there was indeed a previous coup to justify itself.

Despite Q's commands to "use logic" and "think for yourself," few if any Qvians do it.  If the implications of Q's assertions are run to their logical conclusions, then we should be doing everything possible to expose this operation and demand accountability.  In fact, the entire Qniverse is built on assumptions based on previous assumptions, and few if any Qvians think for themselves.

The success of the Q Phenomenon tells me that it is a highly sophisticated psy-op that is collecting, disseminating and weaponing information to fight a war few of the Qvians can clearly articulate.

We have no clear idea whether Q is friend or foe, but when it operates in the shadows and will not identify itself or its goals, we should keep far away from it and examine it in a bright and objective light.


  1. Anonymous21.10.20

    Maybe a little more about "Jesus never existed..."

    Is there a way to prove something never was? Would it be better to phrase it, "No proof exists of Jesus's existence..."?

    otherwise, keep up the work of justified skeptic!


  2. Anonymous21.10.20

    Yes, the Q-Anon phenomenon is a psyop and a much needed psyop. Pick it apart all you want but the results speak for themselves. MILLIONS are waking up and discussing very esoteric topics that were previously buried by the CIA Conspiracy Theory psyop.

    1. Millions went to sleep because of Q/Trump, Trump is openly supporting the covid1984 vaccine and Trumpers are still making excuses.

  3. Whoever this "qvian" is, he's the classic cult member making excuses for the guru who's time table, ONCE AGAIN, didn't come to pass as prophesied. God, I stopped cold turkey listening to these fools on You Tube because every week it was BOOM! Arrests coming tomorrow! Children being rescued by the zillions! And that BOOM always became a pisssst sound of air coming out of a flat tire, nothing happens. And they're all making excuses again, like lemmings, screeching WAIT TILL NEXT WEEK! It'll be BOOM again. All you damn Qvians need to go to my site here: and read the little message I have for all of you on the RED ALERT! page. I mean it. You people need to pull your heads out of your asses and start real resistance against these people.

  4. BG, you wrote (revised?) "Let us assume for the sake of argument that Jesus never existed, but Christianity has brought comfort to millions for centuries, and look at all the great art it has spawned. The entire New Testament was fabricated to modify and control human behavior...." The words following "Jesus never existed" do not seem to rescue your words revealing an extreme, unsubstantiated premise. Hell's bells, Bernard, even the Talmud has Jesus boiling in excrement for eternity!

    To assert, or to "assume" for purposes of seemingly specious argument that "Jesus never existed" -- did Buddha? did Lao Tzu? did any enLIGHTened human ever exist anywhere, anytime on this GOD-forsaken planet, according to you, BG? -- would appear to require a bit more reason and a lot less polemic.

    No, I do not count myself among "Christians" or other religious folk. I recommend Michael Hoffman's The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome to get a handle on where and when "Christianity" (or "churchianity") went off the rails -- and WHY.

  5. First, a US Senator was either executed or committed suicide, and it was planned at least 30 days in advance.

    I think he died and they put the pos on ice for the psyop


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