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Fear And Loathing In Madrid

I was backpacking around the world at the tender age of 18, back in 1980.  As was the custom among backpackers at the time (dumbphones have completely replaced such antiquated pastimes), folks would trade books at campsites while trading war stories of the road and hard-learned tips for survival.

It was during this adventure that I was introduced to such great works of literature as The Women's Room, The Other Side of Midnight and The Way to Dusty Death.  Though I occasionally lucked into the rare bit of Poe or Kant, for the most part my reading list was uninspired and uninspiring.

At one point, I was en route to Spain, mostly to experience the brand-new French TGV, but also because I spoke fluent Spanish and wanted to go somewhere other than an Anglophone country where I could communicate effectively.

At that time, the French trains stopped at the northern side of the Pyrenees mountains, and one had to board a coal-burning relic of a previous century for the arduous crossing.  This turned out to be one of the most memorable legs on my European trip.

Imagine the Hogwart's train after 20 years of ill-repair.  The wood used to finish out the interior had petrified in place.  Each car had a line of 4-person cabins lining one side and a narrow walkway down the other.  You could not pass another person in the walkway without one of you ducking into one of the cabins to allow the other to pass.

Along the outer edge of the walkway was a gutter, of sorts.  In this gutter, urine from the overflowing toilets would run first one way going uphill, then the other going down.

There was six of us backpackers crammed into my cabin (did I mention they were designed for 4?).  One of them, Tim, turned out to be the first fellow Texan I had met in nearly a year.  He was a student at Baylor University studying literature and on summer walk-about in Europe.  He also had the first peanut butter I had seen since leaving the US nine months before.

We became instant friends, partly because I had La Vache Qui Rit cheese and a baguette with olives and a few precious slices of luncheon (mystery) meat.  He happily traded a generous portion of his peanut butter for a quarter of my rations.

We both learned valuable lessons on that journey, such as don't open windows for a breath of unurinated air when riding on a train with a coal-burning locomotive.  We spent several minutes clearing out the thick, acrid smoke, then shared a crushed, filterless Gauloise cigarette from my dwindling supply.

The subject in the room eventually turned to books, as it always did.  A Swede, a German, two Spaniards and two Texans began the complicated ritual of swapping our libraries.  I don't recall what I had to offer, but it attracted the German's attention, and the book he offered attrated Tim's, who in turn gave me one of the most influential books I have ever read.

Up to this point, I had lived a fairly sheltered life.  I was blissfully unaware of Gonzo journalism and this guy - Hunter S. Thompson - peering at me with aviator glasses and a foot-long cigarette holder looked vaguely dangerous.  Despite my naivete, I had read Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. (another profound moment in my life), and Time said that if I liked Breakfast of Champions, I would love this book.

This was a mighty big claim, but I took it on faith from my fellow Texan and dutifully stashed the book in my pack.  Attractive German girls were far more appealing at the moment.

As is the custom in Spanish culture, the entire nation shuts down mid-afternoon for siesta.  As luck would have it, there was a tavern a short walk from the hostel that stayed open, primarily preying on journeyers who were unused to a relaxed lifestyle.  Tim and I quickly became regulars, bringing our books and ordering copious amounts of lukewarm cervesa to while away the lugubrious afternoons.

No more than three pages into the well-worn paperback, I was hooked.

Here was a journalist, a profession I associated with Walter Croncite, being sent to the Kentucky Derby, the Superbowl, political conventions, and never actually making it to the assigned events.  Instead, he and his Polynesian lawyer sidekick were transporting suitcases full of booze, pills and weed, and trashing hotel rooms during paranoid hallucinations of bats and narcs, while occasionally watching moments of the events on television - at least until the TV was destroyed.

I gobbled down the yellowing pulp like Mother's Milk, while single-handedly expanding the marketshare of Estrella Galicia one liter at a time.  I vaguely recall one such day sitting down at around 2 in the afternoon and being asked to go home at closing time some 12 hours later.

During that week that Tim and I wandered around Madrid, discussing the finer points of Thomspson's symbolism, we stumbled into a medieval castle with the massive wooden doors slightly ajar.  There was just enough room for us to sidle into the empty courtyard.  Tim, being still partially tourist, took out his camera and began snapping away.  I, being a journeyer, began committing various still images to my long-term memory.

I don't know how long we stood there, but it couldn't have been more than a couple of minutes.  At some point, Tim and I both heard the unmistakable (to any real Texan) sound of a hammer being pulled back.  Michelangelo would have been inspired by our poses as we froze solid in mid-action.

As we stood there, a man in the uniform of a guardia civil strolled slowly around in front of us.  He was about six feet tall, wearing aviator glasses and sporting a foot-long cigarette holder clenched in his brown teeth.

At that precise moment, Tim and I both simultaneously burst into hysterical laughter.  Within seconds, tears were streaming down our faces, as a bizarre mixture of terror and irony tightened its grip on our funny bones.  Though one of the most terrifying sights in all of post-Fascist Spain was yelling at us and waving a .45-caliber pistol, locked and loaded, in our faces, we couldn't stop laughing.  Trying only made it worse, and as anyone who knows Thompson will tell you, having a man in uniform who looks like Hunter Thompson waving a gun in your face and yelling incomprehensibly only served to push us further to our certain doom, laughing uncontrollably every step of the way.

As I write this, I am stroking the scar on my left temple where the generalissimo struck me with the gun sight on the business end of his cocked and loaded .45-caliber pistol.  The warm, sticky feeling running down the side of my face sobered me up, but only slightly.  I still had a powerful sensation of someone poking my long thoracic nerve, causing my abdomen to convulse involuntarily.

I held my hand up...slowly.  "Wait, wait," I pleaded.  "May I show you something?"

He appeared to gaze intently at me, though it was hard to tell behind the limousine-tinted aviator glasses.  "What is it?" he demanded.

"A book, here in my pack.  I think you will understand when you see it," I said in a voice verging on fresh paroxysms of laughter.

The generalissimo yanked the day pack from my hand and gave it to a subordinate who had mysteriously appeared at his side, while the pistol never strayed far from the centers of Tim's and my chests.

The subordinate opened the bad, looked inside, then reached in and pulled out the slowly disintegrating copy of The Great Shark Hunt.  He showed it to the boss man, who glanced quickly at it then back at us.  "So what?" he growled like a pit bull on crack.

"Turn it around, please," I said.

The subordinate looked down at the back of the book, then started laughing.  The generalissimo snatched the book, thankfully dropping the ugly end of his pistol down to the ground.  He flipped the book over and stared silently for what seemd like minutes

"Who is this?" he demanded.  At that point, he flipped the back of the book towards Tim and me, and held it out to us.  From our perspective, there on the left was a mean, nasty, armed holdover from Spain's Fascist past, and on the right was Hunter S. Thompson's visage staring at us from the liner notes on the book.  The two of them were posed almost identically.

Tim tried so hard to stifle a guffaw that he blew a week's worth of snot down the front of his face and shirt.  I was on the verge of fainting, working so hard to stifle a fresh wave of hysteria while standing in Madrid's legendary summer heat.

"His name is Hunter Thompson," I managed.  "He is a famous American writer."  A week before, I wouldn't have known who Thompson was, but I figured the "famous" part couldn't hurt and might stroke the generalissimo's ego a bit.

The generalissimo turned the book around again and stared at the image.  After a moment, he tossed the book at the subordinate, who grappled with it then shoved it back in the bag.  He rummaged around a bit and took out my passport.  He opened it and held it up for the Big Guy to see.

The generalissimo grunted and said, "Americano."

After a moment's pause, he looked at us again.  "What are you doing here?"

"We were walking around and saw this castle.  The gate was open, so we came in to look around," Tim said through strands of drying snot - he hadn't moved his hands in several minutes now.

The generalissimo barked something at the subordinate having to do with puerta and abierta.  The subordinate stuffed my passport bach in the bag and tossed it on the ground, then ran off towards the entrance where Tim and I had come in.

The gneralissimo appeared to glance over our shoulders at the subordinate, though it was hard to tell behind the inscrutable eyewear.  After a moment, he holstered his pistol and took the camera from Tim's hands.  He opened the camera and pulled the film out, exposing its entire length, which he threw on the ground.  He motioned me to pick up my bag and waved towards the massive wooden doors.

"Go," he barked.

We didn't stop running till we were back at our tavern.  We drank heavily the rest of that day, and tossed uneasily that night while visions of bats and narcs haunted our dreams.


Doublethink In The Days Of The Comet

The very nature of being social is coming together as a physical group.  The concept of "social distancing" is thus one of the most Orwellian Doublethink terms I have ever seen.  It's right up there with "peacekeeper missile".

Social distancing, to my mind, is even more distasteful than the term "social media," in which no one has physical proximity, and thus cannot be "social" in any normal sense of the word.

While I find the term "herd immunity" disgustingly distasteful when referring to human beings, I nevertheless can't help but see the inherent contradiction of promoting group shared immunity while forcing people to avoid groups.  More of that wonderful Doublethink.

For those dwindling few who still have not read George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four, the Google oracle defines Doublethink as "the acceptance of or mental capacity to accept contrary opinions or beliefs at the same time, especially as a result of political indoctrination."  If the current Fauci Flu Plandemic isn't a glaring example of this phenomenon, then none can be found.

Even as recently as when I was parenting, the practice of putting all the kids in a room with one who had chicken pox or mumps was a common practice.  The children would thus exchange the viruses and develop life-long immunity to those relatively common childhood maladies.  This was also done with influenza and other seasonal discomforts.

Many people are under the mistaken belief that the practice of immunology began with the creation of the polio vaccine by Jonas Salk, in the 1950s.  The concept of inoculation has a long and storied history using some distasteful methods to our modern minds, but effective nevertheless.

The practice of inoculation, or variolation as it is referred to now, came to the attention of the Anglosphere in the 1800s, when British doctors brought the practice back from India, and added it to Edward Jenner's own work in this area.

Inoculation involved rubbing the pus from smallpox sores into pin pricks in the skin of healthy people to generate antibodies to the disease.  Louis Pasteur had the bright idea of using a relatively harmless virus called cowpox to achieve the same result.  To Westerners, the concept is just 200 years old, but in India, the practice had been used for at least a millennium, and not just for smallpox.

The idea of "herd immunity," or what I prefer to call "community immunity," is an ancient idea.  One imagines the practice evolving out of animal husbandry and inoculating one's farm animals by placing them all in the same barn and letting Darwinism run its course.

What was new to the 19th century was the idea of microbes being the cause of disease.  Humans intuitively understood that proximity spread disease, but thanks to Aristotle, could not conceive of an unseen creature jumping person to person.  It wasn't until Zacharias Janssen developed the microscope in the 16th century that humans could conceive of anything smaller than the width of a hair.

Janssen's fellow Dutchman Antonie van Leeuwenhoek ran with the microscope's new revelations and created the entire science of microbiology.  He was the first to posit that these tiny creatures were the culprits in spreading disease, and not the mythical unbalanced humours that required bleeding out patients.  It seemed logical, he thought, that inoculating healthy people with the pus of sick people was in fact using these tiny creatures against themselves.

The idea of quarantining sick people is far older.  The use of leper colonies dates back thousands of years, and was also used for a number of diseases in both farm animals and humans.  Isolating the sick is probaably one of the oldest forms of medical practices and seems almost intuitive or instinctual.

All this being said, the idea of isolating the entire population of the planet to fight what amounts to a severe cold or flu was developed in AD2020.  Never in the history of humanity has anyone thought to quarantine every single human being on Earth in order to fight a disease.  In fact, the very idea flies in the face of common sense - though certainly no one ever accused the political classes of possessing such innate reasoning capabilities.

First off, someone needs to produce the necessities that maintain both the sick and the well in society - an idea that seems to have escaped the Powers That Were.

Furthermore, having those individuals who aren't sick roaming around would seem to spread whatever immunity they naturally possess, even if that immunity is little more than good fortune.  After all, they are apparently doing something right and should be emulated, insofar as they don't later become ill themselves.  Either way, it's a learning experience for all of us.

The very idea of global social and economic shutdown as a means to fight an illness is itself the most vile example of Doublethink ever devised.  The whole concept places the entire human race at risk of starvation and economic ruin in order to prevent some small fraction of humanity from getting sick.

Even more absurd is the notion that isolating those who have survived the virus, thus depriving the rest of us from sharing their immunity.

Immune systems develop and harden through contact with the outer world.  We pick up viruses and bacteria by the millions in just an average day, rubbing them into our eyes, sinuses and mouths with completely automatic motions.  It's almost as if our deeper minds are trying to ingest as many pathogens as possible for target practice.

Those of us who still consume the Geezer Media are literally being conditioned to deny our common sense and thousands of years of human experience.  We are being told that vaccines are cures, which they most definitely are not.  We are being told that we must wait in isolation for community immunity to kick in, which defies logic.  We are being flooded with insane ideas that we know are wrong, but that we must believe at the point of a gun.

Classic Doublethink.

When what we instinctively know to be true is contradicted by the politically motivated messaging of our supposed authorities, it is our sacred duty - both to ourselves and our species - to ignore those edicts en masse and get back to the business of living.

We are each given a finite time in this life and we are literally being robbed of it by actors who are self-serving liars.  We know that in our hearts, but we must elevate that knowledge to our conscious minds and take action based on it.

If one prefers to live in fear and huddle in one's cave until madness or starvation takes the only real possession we have, then so be it.  But to inflict fear on others in order to rob them of their lives is a crime so heinous, so despicable, so egregious that to not fight back is itself a crime - one of acquiescence to evil.

Doublethink is a cognitive virus that has infected us all at some level.  Like any other virus, we must isolate it  and mobilize antibodies against it.

The real threat to our health is in our minds, not our bodies.


In The Days Of The Comet

UPDATE: Almost forgot Comet 2I/Borisov

Well, here we are in the thick of a global shutdown over a virus that appears to be less virulent than the annual flu.  The world, to speak in gross generalities, seems to have gone completely off the reservation.  It looks to me, from my little perch under the stairs somewhere in the middle of one of the largest cities in Asia, that the whole thing is a case of fear porn gone viral, to indulge in a pun.

In a supreme, perhaps divine irony, it seems now that cigarette smokers may be among the least infected demographic groups.  As if we are living out Woody Allen's Sleeper, the French are distributing nicotine patches to reduce infection rates.  A big middle finger to all you shamers.

Some folks have inquired as to why I refer to this situation as "the days of the comet."  As with most things I write, there are multiple layers of meaning and intent, not the least of which is I happen to like comets.

At the most superficial layer, there are several comets making a run at the inner solar system just now.  2019 Y4 ATLAS is on a hyperbolic orbit, imlying it has come from outside our realm.  It has also crumbled to dust on approach to the Sun and may vanish altogether.  Then, there's 2017 T2 PanSTARRS, which was discovered when it flared up around the orbit of Saturn - an unusual behavior for a supposed dirty ice ball, but expected for a negatively charged body hitting the Sun's proton "wind".  Then, there's our old friend Enke, which hangs out around the inner solar system and appears every few years.  There's also a number of others still out beyond Jupiter that should arrive later in the year.

None of this is unusual.  There are roughly a dozen comets making runs at any given time.

At the next layer, we encounter one of my favorite authors, H. G. Wells.  Wells published a book in 1906 called, "In The Days of the Comet," in which the Earth is affected by a huge passing comet.  the interaction causes all the nitrogen in the atmosphere to convert to a breathable gas that in turn leads to a new Golden Age on the planet, called the Great Change.  I fancy we may be seeing something like that going on now, as 7 billion people slowly get angry enough to lamp-post the presumptive Masters.

It is curious to note at this point that Uranus entered Taurus last year, which has signaled massive changes on Earth when it happened in the 1770s, 1850s and 1930s.

Comets have long been considered omens of great events.  Whether the omens or good or bad is completely subjective, of course.  In 1066, Halley's Comet (700 years before Halley named it) made a particularly notable run through the inner solar system.  The British came to see it as a particularly bad omen, while the French saw it as a harbinger of great tidings.  This probably has a lot to do with William the Conqueror taking over the British Isles and beheading Harold II in London.

The Chinese, too, came to see the 1066 comet as a bad omen, since it kicked off a particularly rough period during the Song Dynasty.

On the next layer, I have a memory implanted by my great aunt Laetitia, or Tish as everyone called her.  In 1910, she was 12 years old when the Great Halley's Panic occured.  For those unaware, the Earth passed through Halley's Comet's tail in 1910.  A French (of course) astronomer noticed that spectragraphs of the tail revealed a fair amount of cyanogen gas, a deadly poison.  Well, as you can imagine, this set off a worldwide panic, with snake-oil salesmen peddling anti-comet pills and folks building bunkers against the end of times.  At the critical moment, my great aunt's mother dragged her daughter under the bed to hide, and told Tish to, "Pray, Laetitia, pray We're all going to die!"  To which my great aunt replied, "Why do we need to pray if we're all going to die?"

I take this as a sign that critical thinking runs in my genes.

Thus, I have come to think of these times as The Days of the Comet, because there are comets, this may be the beginning of a new Golden Age, and the panic is completely contrived by fear porn peddlers.

Here in Jakarta, we've been on lock-down for a month.  To their credit, the Indonesians find ignoring laws to be great fun and a national pastime.  In fact, they have done such a wonderful job of ignoring the government, that now the president has announced that mudik is cancelled.  Mudik means "exodus" and refers to the national holiday at the end of Ramadhan, where millions of people return to their native villages for feasting and reunion, not unlike the American holiday of Thanksgiving.

To enforce the anti-mudik rule, the Prez has threatened to lock down all entry and exit from the city, using the military to barricade the exits.  Essentially, we are under martial law.  Seems rather dacronian, since the entire country of 320 million people have had just 6,000 confirmed cases and 600 deaths "reported" as COVID-19.

In any event, I expect the riots to start sooner than later.  The second most enjoyed pastime in Indonesia is rioting, especially when it's paid for by various political interests.

My neighborhood is much quieter than usual.  Except for the ubiquitous door-to-door salesmen pushing bread, noodles, and meatball soup, the only real activity are the hordes of motorcycle delivery men rushing goods hither and yon from online purchases.

We get several boxes a day, primarily my wife ordering a dizzying array of Chinese herbal remedies and vitamins, and me restocking the bar.  There's an entire ritual to it, where the delivery man drops it on the doorstep, my wife suits up in homemade PPE, soaks the package in sanitizer, opens the outer package outside, then carefully removes the contents and rushes them inside for more dousing.

Of course, if I receive the delivery, I just take it from the guy, give a small tip for braving the elements, tear open the package and leave the trash outside, then pour a big fat Gin Tonic to ward off any viruses or parasites that may be lurking within.

And yes, I firmly believe that hydroxichloroquine is worth having around the house.  No, not because Trump touts it (I heard about it a week before Trump did), but because I am a firm believer that something which may work now is worth far more than a dozen possible vaccines next year sometime.  And yes, I have enough zinc tablets and azythromycin to cure an entire army.

However, I rest assured that my intake of vast quantities of Gin Tonic will do just fine as a palliative of first resort.  Hey, if it was good enough for the British occupying forces in India in the 1800s, it's good enough for me.

In any case, I am prepared for what I consider to be the two most likely outcomes; 1) the Supreme Hoax that is the COVID Scare of 2020 will be exposed soon and the lynchings will begin shortly thereafter; or 2) this is a devilish bioweapon that will sweep the globe for years to come, killing millions if not billions.  Whichever manifests itself, I am mentally prepared to deal with it

Whether Nancy Pelosi becomes the historical echo of Marie Antoinette, or we end up living out the movie Omega Man (with me as the gin-swilling Charlton Heston character), I am prepared to observe the proceedings with all the mirth and irony of Falstaff, and the sardonic snipes of George Carlin.

In the meantime, I shall remain supremely amused at humanity's eternal quest for self-annihilation.  for some reason, our species seems grotesquely fixated on doom, and I for one cheer its impending arrival.  Whether Nature has thrown an evolutionary curve ball at us, or the Slimy Bastards have unleashed their final act on us, the outcome should be highly entertaining.

And so, in the Days of the Comet, I remain the observer of all that is insane.  The chronicler of last resort, if you will.


The Game Is Afoot

MIRANDA      Oh, wonder!
How many goodly creatures are there here!
How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world,
That has such people in ’t!
- The Tempest, Act 5 Scene 1, William Shakespeare

It is safe to say we are no longer in Kansas, Toto.  Sometime last October, the Central Communist Party of China robbed the world of its past and created a fork in the road to our future.  Whether that is for the better or worse is the question we must now address.

The China most of us have known our entire lives is finished.  Either by internal upheaval, or external shunning, or both, the Maoist regime is not long for this world.  This is certainly for the better.  China's fate is sealed and we need not waste too much time on it, but to say "good riddance."

Our primary issue now is the cause of this situation.  No, it's not a virus - that is just product of the Original Error.  No, the error we must address was committed by Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger in 1972, and perpetuated by the Bush Crime Family (BCF).

The Western corporate interests had cast their gaze upon Japan, and saw that it was good.  In the aftermath of World War 2, Japan was a smoking ruin barely out of its feudal age.  The geopolitical Chess Players saw an opportunity for cultural hegemony that would at once neutralize a powerful adversary, and offer a vast supply of cheap labor.

The Players set about building Japan in their own image.  At first, it was mini parasols for their Mai Tais on the beach, but slowly the manufacturing industry built up to cars and electronics.  In fact, the Players were so successful in rebuilding Japan that by the late 1960s, the country challenged the financial power of Western corporate elites.

Something had to be done.

The Players hatched a plan to move their operations to China.  A billion staving peasants led by a powerful and highly corrupt elite offered the perfect playground.  Here was an unending supply of cheap, mind-controlled labor and a leadership that could itself be led around by the nose with a little cash.  It also served as a buffer against the Soviet Union, and was a powerful influence in Asia.  One octopus, many tentacles.

Keep in mind that the Fascists and the Communists were mortal ideological enemies.  We should also note that China has evolved into a hybrid of Fascism and Communism.  The State owns all political and financial power, while fostering a racial superiority complex and fantasies of global domination.

After facing off against China in Korea and Vietnam, and seeing it cozy up more and more with Russia, the Players needed to control such a powerful force and sway it to their side - like a Master calling a dog to heel..

Kissinger, a crypto-fascist, was made National Security Adviser to Nixon in 1969.  In that position, he stage managed some of the most egregious violations of human rights of the 20th century across Southeast Asia and South America - no small feat in a century full of Hitlers and Stalins.  Having proved his usefulness and his complete lack of conscience to the Players, he was advanced to greater responsibility.

Nixon, a rabid anti-Communist and fresh off a re-election campaign that swept the nation out from under the Democrats, was easy to convince.  In 1972, he spent seven days touring prospective sites for new plants and discussing China's role in avoiding labor rights and workplace safety regulations that had made US products so expensive to produce.  Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai had no problem throwing his people under the bus, and even Mao Zedong gave his blessing to the rape of his nation, as long as he enjoyed plenty of perks for he and his cronies.

In the position of SecState, Kissinger was tasked with solidifying diplomatic relations with China, a country that had been virtually sealed off from the world since the Cultural Revolution in 1966.  He engineered the deals that would be consummated by the US Senate and would allow US corporations, then just emerging as global forces of their own, free rein to exploit Chinese workers with near-impunity and with almost no regulation.

And thus was born the Age of Globalism.

China's legendary corruption would allow the Players to use it as the global hub for manufacturing.  China, for its part, would farm out assembly work to Southeast Asia, while sucking up vast quantities of resources across the hemisphere.  The Players could deploy their financial tools all across the region and reap profits coming and going.

For their part, the US mega-corps would handle marketing and finance.  With innovations like Just-In-Time delivery, the products finished in China would essentially be inventoried in transit, eliminating the need for expensive warehousing, and creating an endless pipeline of gee-gaws and widgets to markets across the globe.

The US government sent out hordes of Economic Hitmen, who arranged dollar-denominated loans to emerging economies, which in turn would buy greater and greater quantities of gee-gaws and widgets, and service the debt with more dollars.  This effectively made the US dollar the global must-have currency and propelled US mega-corps into realms of profits unseen since the Dutch East Indies Company in the 1600s (exploiting the same region of the world too).

In the US, politicians became more and more corrupt themselves.  They found it expedient to sell America's research and development to China, since there were almost no labor or environmental restrictions.  The politicians grew fabulously wealthy and greedy.  Gangs like the BCF, the Clintons, the Obamas, the McCains, the Pelosis, and the Bidens fell all over themselves to sell secrets to China for a piece of the pie, while placing their spawn on boards of directors to ensure the correct amount of cash was being allocated.

They sent unsecured information to their private servers or GMail accounts, where it was easily passed off to Chinese interests.  Those interests in turn laundered profits, aid payments and grants through layers of Western banks and shell corporations, and then made sizable donations to various Foundations, where the money entered the waiting pockets of the Players.

We pause here to give credit where due.  It was the BCF who designed and implemented this intricate system, and was the reason Godfather GHW was first made CIA Director, then Vice President, then President, then head of a dynasty of presidents, governors and policy makers that would make a Kennedy green with envy.

The politicians received kick-backs from the vast piles of cash handed out in the form of aid and grants to "developing" nations.  Favored Central Party apparatchiks headed up corporations that secretly vacuumed up other companies, and themselves became fabulously wealthy.  The growing power, wealth and global influence excited the CCP elites and they pushed further and faster despite warnings from their Western Masters.

The corruption grew exponentially, and it started becoming obvious to anyone willing to look at it.  The Players used their media assets to create Conspiracy Theorists.  Anyone who saw through the thin veil covering these activities was labelled and marginalized to prevent the rubes from waking up.

At the same time, all of humanity was commoditized for the Players' amusement.  Our taxes were handed out as "aid" (USAID) and "grants" (science mega-projects like CERN and Global Warming).  Significant amounts of cash were kicked back to the Players.  Anyone useful who wanted to join the Players had to seal the deal with a heinous crime - say abusing children.  This ensured silence and allowed the Game to roll on unabated in spite of the increasingly visible corruption.

The ease with which the Players fleeced humanity, the effectiveness of their media tools and the strength of their internal bonds made them lower their guard.  They got sloppy and increasingly saw themselves as untouchable.  Their hubris made them weaker at the moment they perceived themselves to be at their peak of power.

The Players, though, needed an insurance policy against the masses.  They needed a means to hit the pause button if too many rubes started to smell the rot.  The most effective tool in the box was bioweapons, but global bans on such research made R&D problematic.  They were, however, easily transportable, almost undetectable, and if you had the cure, you were invulnerable.

So, they turned to China again.

The gross corruption and complete lack of regulation in China allowed the Players to operate bioweapon labs with impunity.  No oversight, a compliant and well-controlled population, and a national media that never asked questions presented the ideal environment to study, develop and weaponize viruses and bacteria.  Even the patents could be quietly filed and maintained without oversight, since the CCP would never bite the hand that feeds it.  China's well-established shipping and logistics as a manufacturing hub gave it nearly unlimited access to all regions of the globe.

then the unthinkable happened.

The Players lost control of the 2016 elections in the UK and US.  In the ensuing chaos, the established pecking order among the Players got tossed.  They panicked and each faction thought they had the most to lose and the best solution.  Competing crime families began jostling for greater power and control.  All the infighting led to hasty decisions and sloppy execution.  All efforts to subdue and destroy the competing factions were ineffective, and time was short.  The rubes were waking up.

The dominant Players decided it was time to hit the pause button.  A plague was distributed during the military games in southern China:
"The 2019 Military World Games, officially known as the 7th CISM Military World Games and commonly known as Wuhan 2019, was held from October 18–27, 2019 in Wuhan, Hubei, China."
During the Games, the various blocs would receive vials of the virus that could be easily stashed in all the gear they were shipping around with no customs interference.  The virus was to be released simultaneously throughout the world, thus obfuscating the source.

It appears to the keen observer that something went terribly wrong.  The virus was released too early and practically on the doorstep of the Wuhan Virology Lab.

Even worse, the world (us rubes) did not respond as expected.  A global population, increasingly distrustful of standard authority systems, and wary of the media mind-control, did not respond to the installed triggers.  No one panicked, and instead began questioning and researching.  The non-standard information outlets that had developed over the years became the trusted sources.

The early release in Wuhan and failed attempts to hide or dismiss it allowed the world to react quickly by shutting borders and setting up medical responses.

The infection pattern clearly implicated Wuhan as the epicenter and citizen journalists began digging before the cover-up could be effected.  The Players hastily triggered Iran, Italy and New York to deflect attention.  It was too late, though.  All the pieces weren't in place yet and the Plan was exposed.

And let's not forget that the US and other navies have been particularly hard hit, while the Chinese navy seems unscathed.  Seems the PLA ordered heavy doses of Vitamin C in the early going, knowing that the chemical is a strong anti-viral and is what brought the COVID-19 virus to the lab's attention in the first place.

Additionally, it appears that the use of hydroxychloroquine as a remedy, negating the need for expensive and protracted vaccine development, was not supposed to get out.  The cheap, tested and easily available drug was for the Players, not the rubes.  We were supposed to wait, pay and die while the Players lollygagged around "developing a vaccine."  Someone in the chain had let the cat out of the bag and the Players have been scrambling around trying to distract the rubes from this simple cure, but it's too late.  The honest doctors picked up on the cure and have been administering it with surprising success, given the way these things normally progress.  The cure went out in weeks, not years.

So here we are.  The Old World has passed away.  That was the intention all along - crash the global economy and cause the rubes to cling to authority out of sheer dread.  What has upset the apple cart is that there is at least one, possibly more, factions looking to use the chaos to take over the Family Business.

The power struggle within the ranks of the Players is a primary issue, but what complicates things is that the rubes aren't panicking - well, except for the toilet paper bandits.  We quietly retreated to our homes, pulled our kids out of the indoctrination centers, stopped listening to the Mockingbird Programming, and picked up some hydroxychloroquine on the way home.

The Weapon was triggered before the Plan had been fully implemented.  At that point, the Players were playing catch-up with the rubes, trying desperately to distract the rubes and get them back in the corral.  The Geezer Media has adopted a policy of contradicting everything.  They are recycling carefully staged video segments of death and destruction.  The Players are constantly hammering their "vaccine" cure.  They are constantly floating their "track and trace" programs.  Every conceiveable tool has been pressed into service to stuff the genie back in the bottle.

It's not working.

The world has two clear paths from here.  The end of globalism will lead either to a new cultural nationalism that rejects the Players and adheres to real community and self-reliance, or it will lead to a new feudalism of competing warlords and their herds of serfs.  The former seems very bright and promises what may be a new Golden Age, while the latter is dark and foreboding and dooms humanity to servitude for centuries.

Whither from here?


The Wasteland (w/ salute to t.s. eliot)

If you are one of those people who believes your government is a benign and righteous entity out to serve you and your best interests, stop here, because what follows is a thorough trashing of anything remotely resembling a government.

Most militaries are functions of governments.  They are the thugs that enforce the government's will on perceived enemies, both foreign and domestic.  At a local level, the military is usually called "police," at a state level its the "national guard" or "state police," and at a national level its called "army" or some variant thereof depending on medium over which it seeks dominance (the elements of earth, air, water, space, etc.).

Sometimes, the military serves the public interest, be it good, bad or indifferent.  Most of the time it is out of control and either covertly or overtly runs the civilian powers.  In the covert function, we commonly call it the Military Industrial Complex.  Overtly, we call it "junta" or "martial law," or similar epithet.

Most people think the military serves a valuable function.  They have been trained since birth to "support the troops" or "bend the knee," but in any case they bow to force of any kind.  This is because people think of "life" as a limited commodity, thus they will cower behind any entity that promises more of it.

A military runs on strategy.  If you've ever programmed in the archaic FORTRAN language, then you have a deep understanding of how military thinking works.  Everything in the world is an IF>THEN statement or a DOLOOP.  You either respond and advance/retreat, or you get bogged down in a morass.

To game out these situations, militaries create War Colleges.  This is a collection of a nation's best strategists, who pull out a piece of paper, make two columns (OFFENSE and DEFENSE) and proceed to think of every possible scenario and how to respond to it with any given set of resources.

I assure you, the current global situation has been gamed to the Nth degree for decades, down to air pressure and wind direction.  The creation of AI and supercomputers has made it all the more complex, adding dimensions of timing, stellar alignments and (based on your Amazon buying habits) the projected behavior of billions of people at any moment.

What it boils down to, is that we are being gamed by someone.  Our collective response is already known.  The headlines are written to extract the exact reaction from a precise demographic.  Every news outlet knows who is watching and what they want to hear, and the information put out is tuned to their sensitivities.

No matter how smart you think you are, you are susceptible to this Beast.  Even though I know how it works and why, I fight a continuous battle to break out of the programming and think clearly.  When you know precisely how an atomic clock works, it doesn't stop you from being amazed by the unerring vibration of Strontium-50.

In our modern world, everything has been gamed.  Information has been weaponized.  The human condition has been modeled down to being able to predict your behavior by your purchases.  If you have any social or economic habits of any kind, someone can predict how you will behave in any given situation with a fair degree of accuracy.  There are a finite number of personality types, and you are one of them.

We have reached a point in our collective development that most of our deepest thought processes are now algorithms.  I can determine your profile, enter it into a computer, adjust the conditions, and be fairly certain you will do anything I predict with a table of uncertainty built in.

With a big enough computer (think super or quantum), I can load in demographics for any given population, feed in a set of external conditions, and get a table of likely outcomes with their associated percentages of certainty.  And they are pretty damned accurate, with the outcomes plotted on a candlestick graph showing the likely range of reactions.

Add to that the ability to control what the individual knows in any given population, and now I can predict what you know and how you will react.  With sophisticated media, I can even control how any given group will react by sensitizing that group over time with certain views and beliefs.  In other words, by controlling how groups interpret religious beliefs, I can control how they will react to specific inputs based on their programmed worldviews.

Given that most of the world has some type of religious belief system and has been educated in a certain curriculum, I now have the ability to tailor information to get any group of people to behave a certain way.

There is nothing magical here, in the strictest sense.  These techniques have been studied for the better part of two centuries, with religious tool sets stretching back into antiquity.  These tools have been developed and refined for millennia.

With all that said, do you really think a novel virus has to be released into a global population?  How many people reading this can verify information coming out of China or Italy or Spain or New York?  How many of us just accept the infection and death tolls without calling a colleague in another country or hot spot to confirm?  How many of us choose an "authority" and just follow that without question?  Do you reject Trump but like Fauci?  Do you accept the Pope but reject the Dalai Lama?  Do you listen to the CDC but dismiss the WHO?  Does the FED have more weight than the IMF?  The UN over your personal governmental agencies?

Whichever set of "authorities" you choose will determine your outlook on the current situation.  That is predictable.  Whatever viewpoint you adopt based on those "authorities" will color your responses and activities based on the information packet you ingest.  That much is predictable.  At some level, someone can predict at a global, regional, national, and local level just how any group of people will react to any given set of headlines.

And now back to the military.

In this brave new world, there is no need to bomb, strafe, invade, or even fire a single bullet.  The most advanced war colleges have already gamed this situation.  They know what it would take to start it, what every possible response will be, and have some means to counter it.

You are not reading headlines or listening to reports.  You are being attacked by one group, and covered by another.  It makes no difference who/what you believe.  Whoever wins this war will decide what was right and what was "enemy".

At a certain level, we are all pieces on a game board being advanced and withdrawn in a game we did not sign up to play, but that we support with our undying allegiance to governments and militaries.

All of your possible responses have been modeled and anticipated.  You have been sensitized to follow certain "authorities" since birth.  There really is no way out, because even if you call bullshit on all of it, you are part of a demographic that will carry you along with it willing or not.

There is/isn't a new virus.  It is/isn't infecting/killing people.  Your "authorities" are/aren''t responding appropriately.  Civilization will/won't survive.

It doesn't matter what you or I believe/don't believe.  We are surrounded by billions of preprogrammed automatons and our habits and resources have been duly noted and modeled.

The war began before you or I were even aware of it.  The game is already well under way.  How you and I respond is inconsequential.

With that set of conditions, where do we go from here?


Q d'Etat

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NeoNationalism + Kung Flu + Social Distancing + Q = Brave New World

Like it or not, folks, the world has/is changed before our very eyes, and in what amounts to a flash in historical contexts.  There is no return to "normal," whatever that is.  From here on, we are writing the rules as we go.

Nearly 700 years ago, the bubonic plague struck Europe and Asia, killing by most accounts 25% of the population.  To this day, Westerners reflexively say "bless you" when someone sneezes because of that event.  Children, too, still play Ring Around the Rosie, which details the signs, symptoms and preventative for bubonic plague.  We will likely see similar multi-generational fall-out from the current event.

As I have tried to outline over the past two years or so, Q was a harbinger of change.  It doesn't matter what our "feelings" were about this psyop.  Feelings don't matter in the great scheme of things.

Q has been warning us of great upheaval in our future, but it was up to us to choose whether we wanted it.  Because we were blinded by the Geezer Media, or hatred of Trump, or normalcy bias, or a combination of all of them, the New World Order is upon us and we must adapt or die.

In ways we have yet to begin to fathom, Donald Trump has become the de facto King of the World, and we are now completely dependent on his personal integrity.  Humans, when in possession of this kind of power, rarely relinquish it.

Trump's activation of certain war powers has made himself effectively a dictator.  It is interesting to note how his most vocal critics, both political and social, have suddenly begun falling in line.  Entire swaths of the planet are following his lead.  At will, he can completely restructure the US economy, and the world will have little choice but to follow.  The US market drives most global commerce in one form or another.

If the corona virus epidemic causes political and social structures to break down, at least in the US but I imagine most countries have similar provisions, then the Lieber Code (a.k.a. General Order 100) will kick in.  If you wend your way through all the legal intricacies, you will see that martial law has been invoked and the first steps have been taken.

Friend or foe, the Q Phenomenon has spent the better part of three years creating a global following of die-hard believers, whose quasi-religious fundamentalism unquestioningly accepts and rationalizes every utterance and action on the part of the Trump administration.

Furthermore, according to Q Drops and "research," Q is composed of "less than 10 people, 6 of whom are military intelligence."  This is widely interpreted by Qvians to be why Trump has asked for restrictions on gatherings of 10 or more people - in other words a Q Proof.

The Qvians have already gamed out the current situation and see it all as part of The Plan.  World events have been scripted.  Believers are to unquestioningly accept it all as Patriots taking back the reigns of power from evil Globaists and Deep Staters.  The Storm is upon us!  Enjoy the show!

In other words, we are powerless to stop current events. It has been planned and ordained since before the 2016 election, and Trump is the key to activation.

If all goes according to Qvian beliefs, the Federal Reserve will be disbanded, hundreds of thousands will be arrested, the military will be/has been activated to control social unrest, and a New Day will dawn that will appear to be a quasi-theocracy, restoring Christianity as the rightful center of public and private life.

In any classic coup d'etat, it is absolutely vital to control all movement of people and goods, silence opposition and create enough chaos that any potential push-back can be neutralized, both effectively and in the sphere of public opinion.  We saw this with the Kennedy assassination and 9/11, though the scale of the current coup is unprecedented in human history.

What was missing in the Kennedy and 9/11 events was a multi-year quiet campaign to not only soften potential blow-back, but to actually enlist it as an ally.  In the extant case, we have witnessed the Q Phenomenon do just that.

Whether you adhere to Globalism or Nationalism, a hybrid of the two, or neither, we now have no choice in the matter.  In the case of the former, it was a relentless march over decades to centralize power and eliminate national identity and cohesion.  In the latter, a simple virus in the span of three months has resurrected militant nationalism, though the centralization of power seems to be proceeding.  Regardless of which side you or I think is right, the choice has been made for us, and for the most part, the world has rallied out of fear and anxiety, not out of rational and deliberate thought and action.

Within the Qniverse, there is an overwhelming sense of relief and excitement.  Everything they have been waiting for is here.  Q, Q+ (POTUS) and the Patriots are in control and the world is being remade into their image and likeness.  Alarmingly, none of them can say with any certainly what the result will be, only that it is all good and right and we must fall in line because, um...reasons.

The entire Q Movement is wholly faith-based.  There is nothing more than speculation and consensus informing its adherents.  They have only their unshakable hope that Q and Trump are real, benign and as in control as they must be to pull off the supposed Plan.

Whether one views this situation as good or bad depends strongly on one's political alignment, which for the most part falls on an artificial left-right paradigm.  As I have mentioned in previous articles, my personal views are not limited to one dimension, but rather I see political systems and beliefs as a 3-D bubble graph, with left-right, up-down and in-out components.  There are oppositions, overlaps (left-right), degrees of expressed and repressed views (in-out), as well as strength of convictions (up-down).

Combined with my profound distrust of all governmental systems of any kind, in any place and at all times, I am prone to see the negatives behind every system and movement.

Thus, I reveal my personal bias in all this.  No matter how many positive aspects one amasses in favor of this or any other movement, there are a whole list of dangers arrayed against it, not the least of which is human nature.

Think for a moment what rights have been suspended in the past few weeks just in the US alone, and with cheering from the right wing, no less.

The right to travel, gone.  The right to assemble, gone.  The right to free practice of religion, gone.  The right to free speech?  Well, it's getting harder to say certain things, since cancel culture in now a cross-spectrum phenomenon.  The right to keep and bear arms?  It's a bit difficult to purchase firearms and ammo when entire regions are on lock-down - effectively gone.

Perhaps this is why the political left is increasingly aligning with Trump.  Intentional or not, Trump has achieved most of the left's goals with nary a whimper from hard core rights activists.

If all of this goes south, there is hardly a person alive who can point the finger of blame at any member of the Q Task Force.  Outside of pure speculation, projection and supposition, no one knows who they are, and even Trump has plausible deniability.  Q is nothing more than text on a "conspiracy" website.  Trump has never overtly acknowledged Q, and all the so-called Proofs are purely coincidental and easily brushed aside, no matter how fervent the argument.

One of the strongest arguments for proximity of Trump and Q are the timing of Q Drops and Trump Tweets with Zero Delta (no time delay).  This is called front running, and trading houses have used it for years.

Assuming Q is indeed military intelligence, then they likely have the ability to monitor and control data streams.  When Trump hits send on a tweet, the Qomputer sees it and inserts a message milliseconds in front of it.  No magic.  Goldman Sachs has gotten fabulously wealthy over the past two decades doing the same thing with your buy/sell commands.

Solid cases have been made on all sides.  If the current coup operation works, Trump and Q reap the accolades.  If it all goes to hell, well, it was all a conspiracy theory with a lot of people projecting their personal biases on it.  Whether the outcome is desirable remains to be seen, but I submit that military coups are rarely beneficial to the majority.

In any case, Q and Trump dance away virtually unscathed.  After all, there is bipartisan support for all the current actions, and out of fear, the entire populace is in lock-step, so we are all to blame, right?

One has to stand in awe at the intricacy, genius and audacity of this operation, regardless of what one thinks of the outcome - and assuming it is real.

In the end, what I find interesting is that Q has never directly acknowledged the corona virus.  In fact, it has gone completely silent since 9 March, with the rather ominous message that "GOD WINS".  That phrase is absolutely packed with possible interpretations, not the least of which is summed up in the final book of the Christian Bible.

Suddenly, Trump the God-Emperor doesn't seem so ludicrous.

And hey, wasn't that God-Emperor float in...ITALY?

And isn't Italy THE global hot spot for corona virus at the moment?

Oh, and isn't the word corona Latin for "crown"?

And isn't Latin the official language of the Vatican?

And isn't the Vatican in Italy?

Just sayin'.

UPDATE: Q began posting again on 22 March and has published 22 Drops as of 8 April 2020.  Topics range from berating anyone who questions the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine, to Henry Kissinger's Evil Plan for Global Domination, to religious and patriotic messages to bolster the troops - images of flags and snippets of Scripture (Christian, of course).  There's impications that the world is run by cannibals who practice "spirit cooking," a long rationale for defunding WHO, and a number of links and statements that parallel things Trump has been saying during the daily pressers.  Click here for the latest.