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Warm This, Baby!

When the doctrine of allegiance to party can utterly up-end a man's moral constitution and make a temporary fool of him besides, what excuse are you going to offer for preaching it, teaching it, extending it, perpetuating it? Shall you say, the best good of the country demands allegiance to party? Shall you also say it demands that a man kick his truth and his conscience into the gutter, and become a mouthing lunatic, besides?
-Mark Twain

A frequently overlooked bullet in the head of global warming theories is Mars. The Martian atmosphere is 95% carbon dioxide, yet no one would argue that the planet is in any danger of overheating. By comparason, Venus has around 98% carbon dioxide, while the Earth has only 0.04%.

That's right, look at those numbers again. Our two nearest neighbors have in excess of 90% CO2 in their atmospheres, while Earth has one-half of one percent. If Earth is in any danger of a run-away greenhouse effect, like that found on Venus, then we only need to add SEVERAL HUNDRED TIMES MORE CO2 to achieve it!

In fact, Earth's most dangerous greenhouse gas is...are you ready? Water vapor. So, we need to ban water immediately in order to control the imaginary overheating of the atmosphere!

The overheating is imaginary, since the mean global temperature of Earth has not risen significantly in over 15 years. In fact, in some places it has dropped. If you are currently in the Northern Hemisphere, you are probably shivvering, up to your keister in snow, praying for some global warming about now.

None of these facts even contemplates the events of ClimateGate, which the media have effectively buried. Here in Indonesia, almost no one has heard of it, which is why I take the time to educate anyone who will listen. In fact, the whole thing is a scam, perpetrated by factions who would charge us money to breathe.

The scam is so horrible and so evil that those involved should be tried as traitors to the entire planet and summarily hung, if found guilty of their crime.

The crime has affected the lives and property of people worldwide. It has been used to justify some of the most draconian and pernicious social manipulation ever conceived. It has also been used to create massive financial fraud and has destroyed the integrity and validity of scientific inquiry itself.

Because people have been trained by poor educational systems and media propaganda to accept wholesale the word of 'authorities' and to not pursue their own lines of inquiry, or even believe their own senses, the entire planet has been led down this path without hesitation. To paraphrase Hermann Goebbels, the lie repeated often enough becomes 'truth.'

I've had people argue that global warming may be a myth, but its aims are good and the anticipated results are necessary. To which I reply, NOTHING founded on falsehood can achieve a good result. Once peole awaken to the fact that they have been lied to, they typically react with an even greater swing to the opposite behavior.

If the goal is to reduce pollution and to clean up the environment, then that is sufficient in itself. It does not require the use of enormous lies and legal manipulations to achieve it, because the goal is valid in and of itself. Certainly, the efforts of people to reduce acid rain, lower emissions and prevent toxic wastes from entering the eco-system, begun in the US in the 70s, has resulted in better air quality, cleaner environments and less free toxins (fluoride in the water aside) for all.

However, the extreme to which this initial effort has been carried has resulted in an evil effort to control entire populations and manipulate people into giving away their wealth in order to achieve something that is not true. It is no more valid than snake-oil salesmen or Brooklyn bridge contracts. Under any set of law, fraud invalidates an agreement.

Global warming hysteria is tantamount to 'the boy who cried wolf.' By using the veil of 'science' to perpetrate this fraud, the validity and integrity of all scientific inquiry has been called into question. If this is false, then what else has been manufactured for the same purposes? Should we now throw out all results and begin afresh? Which parts of scientific research has not been manipulated to some occult end?

No apologies have been forthcoming for such rubbish as the British Met office posting on its website back in October that this would be one of the warmest winters on record, and that Britian has seen the 'end of snow,' at least for the memories of those now living.

No apologies for fear mongoring, such as shrinking Himalaian glaciers (false), melting ice caps (false) and austerity measures under the color of law that have caused immeasurable suffering on whole populations.

No apologies from Al Gore, who won Academy Awards and Nobel Peace prizes under false and misleading pretenses. Nor has he aplogized for his own personal enoumous 'carbon footprint' in the name of raising the false alarm. A classic example of 'do as I say,' if there every was one.

We have been had. We have been manipulated and cowed into accepting a falsehood with the promise of a utopia that can not and never will exist. The Earth is more than capable of regulating its temperatures and atmospheric contents, as it has done for eons, without Mankind raising so much as a fuss.

That we, as a species, could possibly have such a massive effect on a planetary scale while pursuing our daily lives is hubris at its most outrageous extreme. While the burning of hydrocarbons can have unpleasant local effects, such as smelly air and environmental toxins, it can not reach the scale of planetary disaster. Yes, the world has 'shrunk' in the past 100 years, but not THAT much.

It seems to me the best thing we, as a species, could do now would be to pause and take inventory. How much of what we think we know has been manipulated for some covert purpose, and how much is real knowledge? It seems that after 200 years of breathless scientific and technological advance, we owe it to ourselves and our progeny to step back for a time and review.

If such a massive fraud as 'global warming' could be perpetrated in such a relatively short time, then how much of physics, history and biology have also been manufactured out of whole cloth? This singlualr incident calls into question that whole thing, and if information is power, then who has the real information, because it belongs to all of us, not the select few.

The Greek mathmatician Eratothenes measured the distance to the Sun and Moon very accurately around 2,500 years ago. He was off precisely 10%, in fact. The reason was he used Egyptian surveys to determine the radius of the Earth, and thus the distances to Sun and Moon. The Egyptian government had manipulated their surveys with a 10% error in order to collect more taxes, thus is wasn't until Lelande nearly 2,000 years later that an accurate measurement was obtained.

In other words, science was set back two millennia by the greed and lies of governments and 'authorities.' Where would our civilization be now had the Egyptians provided true and accurate measurements of their lands? The Catholic church suppressed Galileo's work demonstrating the Earth was not the center of the Universe, but meerly another insignificant rock in space, thus setting back scientific inquiry on the grounds of religious dogma.

How much might was have achieved in the past 25 years, if we had not wasted so much time and effort on a lie? How many advancements were quashed because of misguided grant funding going to a massive fraud? How many more resources will be wasted on perpetuating this fraud, before we can resume real scientific inquiry?

The emails exposed in ClimateGate demonstrate that the actors within this fraud were well aware of what they were doing. Their comments show that they purposefully manipulated data, hid facts and outright lied, in order to obtain funding and support occult purposes.

There needs to be a Nurmberg trial on a global scale to try and punish the perpetrators of this fraud. The punishments must be severe enough to discourage future efforts to repeat this sort of evil. And the inquiries must reach to every level of the fraud, not just the useful idiots at the forefront in the media, but at the highest levels of society.

Myths, legends and religious dogma are fine for those who willfully adhere to them, but to enforce at the point of a gun those fairy tales on every living soul on the planet rises to the level of crime never before seen in history.

We are being charged for water, which covers 75% of the planet. We are being charged for food, which grows just about anywhere. We are being charged for breeding (marriage licenses and taxes). And they are trying to charge us for air through the auspices of 'global warming.' How many more natual and free functions of life will we pay for before we tire of this rubbish?

The time has come to stop believing and adhering to these vile lies. People should throw down their gauntlets and stare down the perveyors of this garbage heap of lies and falsehoods. Its time to take back our birthrights, which are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, unhindered and unfettered by the greed and averice of controlling interests.

There are a thousand untried solutions to every problem, but we have been hoodwinked into accepting only those which line the pockets of vested interests. The solutions which keep the power and rights in the hands of the individual have been buried under mountains of steaming lies.

We have only to remove the hood over our eyes. We are complicite in keeping it in place. We are willfully following the false leaders, though we have been manipulated from birth to do so. However, that is no excuse to continue. We have the right and the duty to throw off the yoke of tyranny, no matter in what form it comes. Civilizations will remain intact, even if the paradigm by which we measure it changes.

The only 'authority' we should acknowledge is that of the Universe itself, for it is the immutable Laws of Nature that created all that we know, and which will determine the time when it will cease to exist. All else is a mirage.

'Global warming' and 'climate change' are brands which are sold to us through media and manipulation. Simply by recognizing it for what it is takes its power away. Demand real information and truthful dialogue. There are far more pressing issues to deal with and we should be applying our energy and resources to those things, and not to chasing phantoms.

Think free, be free.


Ghost Of Nixon Comes A'Callin'

Over at George Ure's UrbanSurvival site (link on sidebar), there's a couple of reader email from folks down in my old stompin' grounds of Houston, Texas, bemoaning the appearance of The China Daily newspaper on their lawns every morning. They are spooked by this and as a matter of pride, dump the paper in the recycling bin.

Ugh! Americans are so xenophobic and narrow-minded.

Here, these folks are getting a free gift from the Universe: a tool to learn about their greatest economic rival in the world today. What do they do? Treat it like nuclear waste and cry about how the Chinese own the country.

Get over it. Every since Nixon went to China in the 70s, America has been losing the War of Money. Now they just want to roll over and die while complaining that the ammo they need to fight back keeps falling on their grass.

No wonder America is losing...

Little Bammy offspring has the right idea. She's learning Mandarin and practicing with every Chinese Premier she meets. If there's one example that the Obamas have set that is worth following, it's that one. Go down right this minute and enroll in Mandarin class. It will be the best investment in your personal competitiveness toolbox you could possibly make.

You see, after Nixon went to China and 'opened' the doors to commerce, the Chinese embarked on a nationwide (even Asia-wide) campaign to learn English and study western capitalism. There was no whining about how the Americans were so far ahead of the game and owned the bases and ball. There was only the idea of learning everything they could about the adversary and then using it against them.

Classic Sun Tsu, if you ask me, which you didn't, but I told you so anyway. It's all in the Art of War, a fine book that every American should be devouring, along with their Mandarin classes.

They should also be sucking up every resource on Chinese astrology and superstitions. You see, the Chinese have two major weaknesses: they are superstitious as hell, and they love to gamble. Why is that important? Because they always make major business decisions based on the horoscope, and they occasionally bite off a little more risk than is wise because they love the challenge of sheer luck.

When it comes to football, Joe Sixpack can tell you every nuance of the QB's game, what his strengths and weaknesses are, how fast he gets tired, what risks he's likely to take.

But when it comes to the culture that is jacking his job, buying up his food and energy supplies, and taking over his country? All he can tell you is whether or not he likes egg rolls, which aren't even Chinese food.

If you want to beat an adversary, you learn how they think, what they are likely to do in any situation, and how they make decisions. You learn what motivates them and what frightens them. In short, you do to them what they have been doing to you for decades.

Back in the 70s, it was the Japanese who were hijacking our economy. There were 'Buy American' stickers on cars and movies about the Japanese taking over Joe Sixpack's factory (remember 'Take This Job and Shove It'?).

Now people are whining about getting free copies of The China Daily on their porch in the morning. They can't 'Buy American' because they shipped everything overseas, lock, stock and barrel. They willingly handed the adversary everything they needed to kick our butts, and now they are crying in their soup. C'mon.

If you were to face down a Chinese businessman to compete for a contract, don't you think it would be handy to know that he is deathly afraid of the number 4? Wouldn't it be helpful if you knew that he wouldn't make a move until a certain date while he waited for the stars to line up, thus giving you some wiggle room? Wouldn't it be nice to know that he wasn't going to do anything major between the dates of February 3rd and 12th?

And most of all, even if you couldn't speak Mandarin (which I can sympathize with), wouldn't it be helpful if he couldn't talk to his associates in another language and shut you out? What advantage would it give you to be able to understand what they are talking about, especially if they thought you had no idea what they were saying?

Take some of your unemployment money down to the bookstore and pick up a Mandarin textbook. The spoken language is fairly easy, as far as grammar goes. The pronunciation is problematic, but you only need to understand, not speak. Seems to me that would be a tactical advantage for the ambitious entrepreneur.

Studying the culture, one would discover that this New Year (Chun Jie or 春节) is the Year of the Pig/Boar, which denotes fertility and virility. It is an auspicious sign to your adversary, and thus he might be willing to take more risks, feeling lucky and all. Certainly, that would offer opportunties to the aware businessman across the table.

You might also learn about 'angpao' and the colors denoting 'luck' and 'properity.' Knowing this information, you could manipulate your adversary by using the colors red and gold on things which you want them to chose, such as your application or bid. You would also know when your adversary is trying to manipulate you, or at least the Fates.

I could go on and on. Certainly, you don't need to take my advice. You're American and you know everything, right? You are owed properity because of your citizenship, right? The world is required to hand you the bankbook and the reigns of power simply because you were born in North America, right? You have no other responsibility for your success, right?

Hell, if for no other reason, knowing a few key phrases in Mandarin, like, "Do you want more tea, Sir," would at least curry favor with your new boss next year. You might get his attention and rise quickly to be his personal servant in the office, thus gaining you better 'angpao.'

Up to you. But, if the Universe was throwing a free lesson on how my adversary is thinking and what he finds important, on my front doorstep every morning, I sure as hell wouldn't be burning it.

The McCarthy-ist acolyte, Richard M. Nixon, became the ambassador who unlocked what was then a closed and mysterious society in the opposite hemisphere. As Spock famously said in Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country, "Only Nixon could go to China." Well, those doors swung open and unleashed a behemoth that now owns your job and your wealth.

What are you going to do about it? Whine and complain because the kid down the street bought better bases and balls, and now everyone wants to play with him?


You're gong to beat him at his own game.

Now get off your bleassed assurance and get out there and learn some Mandarin, some Chinese culture (and I'm not talking about the local buffet here), and learn whatever it takes to get the jump on them.

First order of business: buy a copy of Sun Tsu's The Art of War, or just read it online. You can bet that your adversary has.

Khrushchev said that the west would sell Communism the rope by which they would hang us. He was right, only the Chinese figured out how to do it. That's why the Russians are cozying up with them right now.

Oh, the the Chinese custom has the family name first, so when addressing your new boss, be sure to say, "早晨好, 先生," using the first name.

Might want to learn the Mandarin keyboard, while you're at it.

Student Becomes The Teacher

I call them my kids, but they are young adults with college degrees embarking on their first big job.

This group was all computer whizzes in the field of IT. They've been hired by a major international oil company in the support services, and the company wants them to have above-average skills with the English language. To that end, they are enrolled into an intensive class, one month long, five days a week, eight hours a day. In that time, they do nothing but read, write and speak English.

The part that is important to me is that I develop a relationship with my students. I am able to gain a good insight into their strengths and weaknesses. I am able to adjust the materials to suit their learning styles. Hopefully, I am successful in transferring what I know about the langhuage to them, many of whom have never been taught by a native speaker.

For me, it is one of the most gratifying experiences of my life. To give a key to someone that unlocks new avenues of learning and experience is something beyong ability to express. It can only be experienced.

Nearly all of the most influential teachers in my life have been my English teachers. Joe Zarantonello, Lou Swilley, Pat Schereib, and most importantly, my mother.

My mother was a task-master. I had to read constantly. When I wrote papers, they had to be perfect not only in structure, but also in penmanship, which is nearly a dead art these days. Oh the tears I cried, wathcing my papers get torn up and having to start again. The endless re-writes. The late nights trying to ensure that every letter on two pages of writing was perfectly formed, not to mention the grammar and spelling.

These days, my mother would be considered a monster. The current paradigm is to accept whatever a child does as being 'their personal best,' so that we don't damage their fragile self-esteem. Rubbish. Though the work was formidable, I have gained a skill for life that I have made a good sum of money from using. I have written articles, stories, scripts, manuals, and presentations in my professional career. I have won awards for my wordcraft. And the skill has served me well throughout the world, not the least of which is my exant situation.

I am not a vocational teacher. I have had a full career in media. In the latter half of my life, however, I have settled into teaching both as a means of eating, and as a way of transferring my experience to people who can use it to further their own aspirations. Hopefully, their skill will increase their earning power and open opportunities to them, as well.

I have never taken any 'education' clasees. My certification only means that I have been trained in the various standard techniques for teaching English as a second language. However, I have found most of the 'standard' approaches to be nothing better than jumping off points. They are a place to start, but the individual student determines what will best open the door of learning.

My teachers were as different as night and day. Joe Z was the poet, Swilley the reader of ancient texts, Schereib enjoyed old and middle English epics. But, Stan Norman taught me to interpret the word to the stage, thus bringing it alive. At the base of all that was my mother who gave me the desire to read, the skill to write and a large and useful vocabulary.

I use everything they taught me every day. In my classes, we practice the techniques, we read the literature. We imagine ourselves in real life situations and role-play them in improvisational skits.

And one last teacher who influences me: my father. He was a history teacher, and that gave him a passion for the etimology of words and the precision of language. He ensured that I studied Latin in high school. I hated every minute of it, but it has served me well over the years. Not only has it deeply influenced my writing, but it has opened ancient texts and the impenatrable fortress of 'the law' to my prying mind.

So, I got misty today as we wrapped up our month-long course. I made the students read the daily paper, so they made hats out of folded newspapers. I spent time playing with language, not only English but Indonesian. I told them about the Indonesian word I made up, memberlihat-lihatkanilah. I said that it means, "Been there, done that, got the T-shirt," though in Indonesian it is pretty much unintelligable. Never-the-less, they gave me a T-shirt with my imaginary word on it. They also gave me a photo, a LARGE photo, framed behind glass, of our group together outside on the campus.

I was floored. I wanted depereately to make a quick escape before I let loose too much emotion. They, of course, wouldn't let me go that fast. I was overwhelmed by the gratitude and thoughtfulness of their gifts. I wish that I could extend that moment, but I can only cherish it: the feeling that I did something for a group of people that opened some locks. And that they were so moved as to invest time, effort and money to show their gratitude.

So, as I write this, wearing my T-shirt emblazoned with 'memberlihat-lihatkanilah,' I am in the presence of the ghosts of teachers past. Perhaps I can never tell them personally (though I have already told my mother) how grateful I am for what they gave me, but I can take those tools and pass them on to others. I can use them to open doors and offer some measure of what those tools have done for me to another generation.

With any luck, they will use the tools to make their part of the world a better place. Hopefully, something I did will lead to greater understanding and new insights. But, if nothing else, I hope they will be enriched both financially and spiritually by something they learned in my class.

The key word there is 'hope.' Hope is such a strong motivator and powerful weapon. The greatest gift anyone can give, is hope. And in my case, I was the recipient. It strengthens my spirit and empowers me to hope that the future is better than the past. I teach not just to give hope, but to get it.

By the way, who made the British the arbiters of the English language, anyway? Most of them can barely speak it themselves! Half of English is Latin, which means a Roman would be just as qualified to teach English as a Brit.

I'm just sayin'.


The State Of The States

P. T. Barnum famlusly said,
"There's a sucker born every minute."

Listening to Obama put on our rose colored glasses, it sounds as if he thinks there are 300 million suckers currently living in North Anerica.

To which I reply,
You can fool all of the people most of the time, but you can't fool some of the people all of the time.

Not sure what that has to do with anything, but I said it, at any rate.

First, there was the voodoo economics parts, like lowering corporate taxes without raising the deficit. Yeah right...tell me another! I mean, any corporation over a certain size has so many offshore accounts and shell corporations that they never earn a profit, as far as the tax calcs go. Heck, if you jigger and jive enough, you can show a loss while making billions in profits and handing out bonus checks like they're going out of style. Just look at the banksters in New York.

And what about the housing market, which according to CaseShiller is taking anouther huge, stinking dump right on the American door-step? What about the pernicious inflation showing up in luxuries like, oh, FOOD? What about oil pushing $100 and heading non-stop to $150 or even $200 this year? Five-dollar gas is a recovery, all right, but not for us little folk on the steet. Sure makes me want to be CEO of ExxonMobil right about now.

Another knee-slapper in the dopamine-induced dream world of Washington was the goal of 80%-ish of American households getting green energy by the year 2150, or something like that. Shoulda thought about that way back when Nixon was running around slapping price caps and national speed limits all over creation. Know what I mean? Heck, on Obama's timeline, shifting it to Nixon time-frame, means we'd all be sucking up zero-point energy by now.

And what about that national high-speed rail system? Ya think we coulda done that instead of throwing away trillions on bailing out the jerk-wad a$$-holes who put us in this mess in the first place? I mean, if we took all that TArP money, and instead of giving it to Goldman Sachs, who just paid billions in bonuses to their robber barons, we gave it to AmTrack? In the past two years, instead of watching a slow-motion implosion, we might already have the first link of high-speed rail inagurated.

Heck, just putting in a line from El Paso to Houston would at least move the drug lords around faster. It would also make a handy line on the map for the newly annexed northern territories of Mexico. You know...kind of a line in the sand type thing. Wouldn't even have to buy more land. Just run it down the middle of I-10, instead of paying for all those concrete barriers that will keep us fro U-turning when the military check-points crank up later this year. Give the runners something to dodge, as well.

What a bunch of bogus horse-$hit.

This whole dog-and-pony show (to really appreciate that analogy one must have been to Nuevo Laredo's Boys' Toy on a Saturday night around pay day) was brought to us by a man who has yet to prove he is an American citizen, much less a natural-born citizen, as the Constitution requires. His best hope was the newly elected governor of the captured kingdom of Hawai'i, who swore up and down that he was going to put an end to all this 'birther' crap and give us the goods. He started out with, "Hang on, we're looking." That became, "Yup, here it is." Which morphed into, "I know it's here somewhere." And has finally settled on, "Nope. Ain't got one."

In other words, the jaw-flapper up there on the podium contributing to global warming ain't even legit. That pretty much means that anything he has done since stealing the Big Chair is illegal and has no color of law. Good news for all you anti-Obamacare folks. Didn't have to repeal it. It was a done deal when he signed it.

Oh, and while he was talking, Arizona, that last bastion of sanity, give or take an assassinatino or two, was working up a law to prevent anyone from getting on the 2012 presidential ballot without forking over the birth certificate. LOL!

And Obama talked like he really made a difference. All honey and no suckle, that one.

I really miss Reagan sometimes. There was a guy who could shove the Big One in, twist it around, and make you thankful for the experience. The only thing Obama makes you thankful for is the end of the speech.

Pre-speech, word was the Supremes were ditching to bong a little Constitution and catch the show on CNN. Over here on the Far Side, we haven't heard if they went through with it. After all, the Chief bonger himself was complicite in swearing Obama in during a private session back-stage after Barky 'botched' the oath of office (of course, he couldn't really swear the other, being a foreigner and all).

And so the charade waddles onward dragging IV tubes and iron lungs with it. The former Republic looks a little rough around the gills there. I mean, the national debt is equal to the annual GDP, the gress-full-of-cons is working up the paperwork to let states go bankrupt and the country is STILL prosecuting two wars of naked aggression against innocent nations, while secretly expanding (can you say Cambodia?) into a third and possibly a fourth.5

The kids are alright, the song says.

Hell, ole Hu popped by the White House to measure the Oval Office for a re-do and see if the kitchen was up to snuff. He even checked to see if little BammyBaby was studying her Mandarin so she'd be ready for the final take-over.

Yup, ain't nothing wrong with the old Union that a few tax cuts for the rich, some useless hot-air for the starving, and some platitudes for the immobile won't fix. If anyone survives to 2035, you'll be able to laugh about it while using 80% green energy travelling at high speed by rail from New Beijing to Hu Jintao City.

Won't that be fun kids?

Meanwhile, we got our very first ever crop circle down in Indonesia over the weekend.

Some things are MUCH more important than listening to fairy tales.


Keep Your Hand On Your Wallet

Kagen, a loud-mouthed, femi-Nazi, who represented Obama at the Supreme Court on a number of occasions to pretect his dirty secret (not an American), gets the nod for Supreme Court justice.

Thanks honey, job well done.

Immelt, former big wig with General Electric, a monsterous multi-national corporation that received bail-out money from the government, is now heading up Obama's supra-legal advisory board.

Daley, a 'former' shark with Goldman Sachs, is appointed top dog over government money.

Looks to me like the Banana Republic is alive and doing well in North America. Political croney-ism and daisy-chains of back-scratchers abound in the new fascist state once known as the Shining City on the Hill.

One other thing to notice in all this is the proliferation of banksters in top positions and unelected authority in the US government. Why is this important to notice?

Perhaps you have watched as major corporations go bankrupt. Or maybe you or someone you know has declared bankruptcy. One feature of this process is that the courts and creditors get appointed to watch over the dispostion of assets and cash. They tell the bankrupt party where and how much they can spend.

Now we shift our gaze over to the US federal government, and lo!, we see courts and overseers from banks being appointed to key financial and legal positions. you think the US is bankrupt?

What's worse, is all those poor guys, who for years have been saying things like your birth certificate and various registrations with government entities are actually guarantees against the national debt, may be right. You may now be an asset of the country's receivers and they are overseeing how you will be disposed.

It also makes sense why there is so much focus on pentions and retirement accounts. You no longer own them. You, as guarantor for the US national debt, now owe all your assets in payment thereof.

In fact, there was one judge who stood in the way of federal take-overs of private pensions. He ruled against the government in a key case that set back the effort. That judge is now dead...shot by a guy named Jared Loughner down in Arizona.

In fact, anyone who is blowing whistles or standing in the way of take-over by the banksters is being 'liquidated.' Because it doesn't suit the ruling class to be outed just yet, they are taking out anyone who threatens their timeline, whatever that may be.

If it were just announced that the US was bankrupt, there'd be blood in the streets tomorrow, and that would greatly slow the banksters' efforts to gather up their chips on the table. It is imperative that we be kept ignorant until all the 'Is' are dotted and 'Ts' are crossed on the Remerwork. Can't have the rubes taking their chips off the table first.

Using another metaphor, can't have the sheep panicking before they get sheered.

Remember back when Obama was 'inaugurated?' He 'bungled' the oath of office, which was later 're-administered' in private by the chief justice of the Supreme Court? There's a reason Obama never took the oath of office (that whole private thing was a ruse because someone caught it the first time).

You see, Obama is a foreign agent acting as the outside, disinterested party overseeing the dismantling and sell-off of USA, Inc. He has systematically appointed banksters to key positions. He has spread the wealth around among his croneys, who have protected his identity while he did his job.

Because of the rules of mediation and arbitration, you can't have a party with a vested interest overseeing the process. So we had to have a foreigner with no iron in the fire to take over the ship of state, as it sinks beneath the waves.

It's brilliant, really. If anyone accuses Obama of being a traitor, he can simply say that he's not an American, and so can't be a traitor. He's just a foreign agent, working for a foreign corporation (Federal Reserve), overseeing the sell-off of assets as the country is liquidated to pay its debt.

And since the US now has a debt equal to its annual gross domestic product, it is, by definition, bankrupt.

Since you have a Social Security number and a birth certificate (notice Obama doesn't have one of those), you are personally liable for the debt. Ipso facto, quid pro quo, summa non quoquil.

As the Joker might say, "It's all part of the plaaaaaan."

The real kicker is that all the conspiracy theories that were so carefully sidelined over the years, about 'staw man' and so forth, they're all true. In the next couple of years, you are going to see it become glaringly obvious. And for those promoting paying off your house and other non-liquid assets, it doesn't matter. As a numbered slave of the machine, you are personally liable for the national debt. No arguement.

If you know what you are looking for, the signs are everywhere, but you have to be looking for them. For those living inside the US and innundated with the media from every direction, you are constantly being misdirected, as if at the hands of a master magician. Just to be sure, you are being fluoridated and Paxiled into submission, so that you are incapable of both seeing the deception, and working up the rage necessary to do something about it.

In short, you are controlled, from head to toe, in every sense of the word.

As a back-up plan, any group who has seen through the fog has been demonized as domestic terrorists: Tea Partiers, Constitutionalists, Libertarians, etc. Those are the bad guys for pointing out the deception, not the ones promulgating it.

Remember, the original definition of terrorist, until the 1950s or so, was always a government acting to terrorize citizens as a means of control. Obviously, that's still the case.

Americans can no longer muster the political cajones to really affect change. In the last election, they were effectively herded back to the previous party of destruction. And so it has gone for decades, back and forth between the two parties of no choice.

No one seems to have figured out the game, or they are too damn scared to do anything about it. In either case, the result is the same.

Thus, receivership proceeds apace. More banksters are appointed to oversee the liquidation of America. A foreign agent is in charge of the executive office and no one is allowed dissent. The illusion is complete.

We keep getting told that some corporations are too big to fail, but apparantly the entire country is not.

You still have a moment to get you money out of the system and put it into things that can be easily hidden, but only a moment. Soon, it will all be gone and all I will be able to do is say, "I told you so."

"And on that day, I won't want to, Master Wayne," said Alfred.

Eco-Comics 101

Recovery is everywhere! Just like cow manure in the pasture.

Back in the day, we would bring our city cousins out to the farm and do things like put firecrackers in a pile of fresh (economics reports), and then position them just right to get a good spatter pattern on their backs. LOL!

Another fun thing was giving them a spoon and telling them that one of the most important jobs on the farm was separating the white chicken (economics) from the dark chicken (economics). Hoo Hoo! Great fun!

Those were the days, I tell ya.

It was good practice for waching the current global economic situation, though. Even now, it's important to make sure someone else is between you and the steaming pile of cow (economics), sorting the white from dark chicken (economics). So much of it is utter rubbish, anymore.

As one scans the headlines, one sees the touts screaming about the 'recovery, the recovery is at hand!' The end is nigh, is more like it.

Housing prices are falling. The dollar index, which was 110 just a few years ago, can't get above 80 now. Bank of America just wrote off a whole pile of mortgages. Oil, the very foundation of modern society, is heading for the Moon, first to $150, then $200, by year's end. Gold and silver are absolutely in orbit (and don't talk to me about the current little drop, ten years ago it was $300/ounce).

And what about food prices? Everywhere one looks, there are articles on top of articales about shortages, natual disasters hitting supplies, rising energy prices adding to costs. Just to put a fine point on it...we're talking about FOOD.

Here in Indonesia, one of the large rice growing areas was struck by flood just as harvest time was two days away. Storms and rough seas are keeping fishermen from going out, now at 16 days and counting. Chili and fruits like rambutan have jumped in price, or just disappeared from the shves.

Interest rates in most places (some South American countries excepted) are in the toilet, which is sending hot money into the markets, which is pushing inflation into the stratosphere. And speaking of inflation...

All those bailouts a while back? Where'd that money come from? Was a couple of trillion dollars just sitting around in someone's bank account, waiting to bailout the banksters? No. It was all created with a printing press, and putting that amount of money into the markets, one way or another, will show up as massive inflation. Can't help it. It's a natural law. If folks have $10 chasing a product, and that suddenly changes to folks having $1,000 chasing the same product, if WILL cause inflation, just as sure as the Sun will rise over Greenland in January.

On top of all this, there is a rash of natural disasters going on, with huge blizzards in the northern hemisphere and biblical floods in the southern. There are earthquakes, volcanoes and typhoons all over the place. And it's just the first three weeks of the year! Oh boy, can't wait to see what happens over the next 49.

And then there's the stories about the PTB/PTW creating seed and DNA banks all over the freakin' planet. What do they know that the rest of us don't? And why don't we know it too? It's our freakin' planet, you know. Not to mention, it's our freakin' tax dollars that are paying for all the machinery flying around the nether regions. I want some freakin' answers for my money!

And then there's George Lucas. The man simply twisted off about the end of the world in 2012, and how it's all going to hell in a handbasket soon. That ran for a couple days before it became, 'oh, he was just joking.'

Oh really?

From what I know of Lucas, he had his sense of humor surgically removed years ago. He doesn't know how to tell a joke, much less about something like that. Just look at his movies, fer cryin' out loud. The dialogue is stilted and the actors are leaden, with the director's heavy hand all over it. Does that look like the work of a man who has a sense of humor?

Which brings us to the big ass rocket that the Air Force shot off from Vandenberg AFB yesterday. What in the hell is so big that they need the largest rocket in inventory to get it up? And don't forget the weirdness about the GPS system and airports needing new directional numbers on the runways.

So, doing some addtion, which I'm not very good at, but we'll give it a try, we have:
1-the PTB/W trashing the global economy,
2-and stashing seeds and DNA like squirrels on acid,
3-all kinds of natual disasters going on all over the place,
and 4-military rockets and GPS reboots.

Yup, sounds to me like a big, huge, steaming pile of cow (economics) with a baby giant firework stuck solidly in the middle of it, with the PTB/W holding a lit match, and we the people have our unsuspecting back to it.

One way or another, there's going to be a (economic) storm when the (economics) hits the fan, know what I mean?

Remember the jerk in school? Not that one, the other one. The one who, if you told him a secret, he would start dancing around yelling, "I know a secret!" You just wanted to punch the little twerp.

Well, the PTB/W are, collectively, that little jerk. They are jumping around trying to get our attention to let us know they know something we should know. They are teasing and tempting us with it. They are daring us to beat the living (economics)out of them until they tell us.

From the looks of Europe, north Africa and other places, they are getting what they deserve, but is it enough to make them part with the goods?

At any rate, seems like a good time to start storing up some seeds and DNA ourselves, before the bastards get all of it.

You know what it reminds me of? You know the movies where folks find out the world is coming to an end, so they start robbing and looting and generally going crazy. Now look at the actions of the banksters, et al. Notice a resemblance? Just looks like a bunch of rich jerks robbing and looting, trying to get the last scraps before the whole thing crashes to the ground (possibly literally).

Got your massive underground city full of food and seed and frozen DNA ready yet?

What's the hold-up? Don't have the power to steal people's money at gun point, get away with it, and then lie to everyone about what you are up to? Niether do I.

But the bastards do, and they are holding the match to the firecracker.

Just another huge, steaming, stinking, semi-liquid pile of cow (economics).


Nigger No. 40 Would Be Proud

I am sick and tired, fed up and wrung out!

Some folks may read the title of this article and immediately think of some biblical reference to anti-christs and all that bunk, but in fact it is a purely secular and accurate reference to the bastards that think they run the world.

What sets me off today is an article in The Jakarta Post, buried of course, that the goovernment is rolling out the new e-ID, and so far 1.3 million Jakartans have been marked as slaves. Well, it doesn't actually say 'slaves,' but the implication is there.

The Indo government is issuing a single-number-for-life system ID, much like the well-ensconsed Socialist Security system in the States. They want to stamp every citizen with a single ID number that will follow them around for life, tracking and tracing everything they do.

Anyone who has studied this matter already knows that organizations like the World Bank make countries, as part of the loan agreements, stamp and track all their citizens, so that a single database can be created of every human being on Earth. That way we can all be tracked everywhere we go, all our transactions can be traced and all of our family associations can be catalogued. This enables a global fascist pseudo-government, which can then tax every human being just for existing.

It's time to put an end to this f$*%ing garbage!

There are two sides to my family history. Part of it owned slaves, and the other part were active in freeing them. Rather schizo, but there it is. At any rate, there are photos of various members of the family with slaves in tow. According to family lore, the slaves were numbered. There's Nigger No. 40, Nigger No. 12 and others, whose real, human names are forgotten, but their numbers survive even to this generation.

If you, as I do, have a government issued number for life, then you are 'Nigger No.000000 (fill in your personal ID number).' That is all this whole numbering thing is. It just reduces you to a catalogue entry in the Massah's Nigger Book.

Now, I can understand, to a certain extent, the desire of Indos to run out and have their photo taken and their fingerprints recorded, and get their shiny new e-ID card. Indos have a certain inferiority complex, in that they have been slaves so long to foreign powers who came here and exploited them. Now, they want to show that they are free and thus subscribe to a certain 'me-too-ism.' If the big countries are doing it, them we want it, too.

I'm here to tell ya, remember what your parents and grandparents told you about Dutch occupation, Japanese occupation and Chinese occupation? Well, the new e-ID is global occupation, and you should run from it as fast as you can.

I know. I am a refugee from a country that is hell-bent on making its people good little slaves, or as they say these days, human resources. I barely escaped with my life after fighting the bastards for 20 years.

If you are Indonesian, you DO NOT want this number. DO NOT get one. Loudly and vociferously fight any attempt to create a system of numbers for real, living human beings. We are NOT numbers!

Oh, trust me, they will make it seem so beneficial. If you get the number, you can join in on all these benefits, like pensions, health care and unemployment benefits. You will be cared for from birth to death.

Just like any good Massah did with his Niggers. Those slaves were expensive, so it was in the Massah's best interest to feed, clothe and car for his Niggers. In the photos, Nigger No. 40 looks plenty healthy, and is even smiling. But, he was still a slave.

If that's the life you want, then by all means, feel free. But, do NOT try to force that crap on me or anyone else who wants to live free on the Earth that God created. If I owe allegience to anyone, it is to the being who created this beautiful and free Earth, not some f#$%ing bankster!

Anyone with any sense who likes being a free human being is running as fast as they can away from the regional centers that are issuing this abomination.

If you are a good Muslim, then you are the property of Allah, not any government or bank. If you are a good Christian, or good Buddhist, or anything else, then your mark comes from a much higher source than this insiduous stamping by HUMAN institutions. Sorry, I don't remember making them my Massah.

One need only recall the Nazis, who tatooed their slaves with ID numbers, and catalogued them in thick books, with personal traits and strengths, so they could be assigned to positions were they would be most useful.

They were, in every sense of the term, human resources.

I am NOT a numan resource. That implies: 1) that I belong to someone like a thing, and 2) that they can use me up and discard me like trash when they are done.

I won't tolerate it!

Why in the hell do corporations have Human Resource Departments? Why not Employee Management, or Labor Office, or some other less-slave like name? Why are we just resources, like paper or gasoline or pencils? Why do we accept this rubbish?

It's all part of this whole pervasive mentality that somehow banks and government and corporations created everything. Why else would we need permission from do what God created us to do?

If God created the Heavens and the Earth, then why in the hell do I need permission from my government to leave one piece of that Earth, and permission from another government to go to another piece? If God created the Heavens, then why do I need permission from government to build a rocket and go out there?

What EXACTLY did governments create that I need permission from them to do anything?

On top of that, now bastards like Algore are trying to impliment a system of carbon credits that make me liable to government for BREATHING!

F$#% the whole damn bunch of them!

I know other people see this happening. I know other people are fighting this. But, why do the great numbers of people flock to the sheering centers and allow themselves to be called 'resources' and happily take their Nigger numbers? Don't they see it and understand what's happening?

Or are they just happy to have something cuddle them, feed them and tell them it's all going to be alright...until we're done with you. Then we just wad you up and throw you away, like some candy wrapper when the candy is finished.

Just exactly why are those bastards any more qualified to run the world than me? They aren't any smarter. They aren't any more powerful. They still have to shit and put their pants on one leg at a time. They don't have access to any more education than me.

In short, I am just as qualified to be their master, as any other arrangement.

It's high time we go back to right thinking. It's time to start using words like 'servant' when referring to anyone working in government. The whole use of 'authority' and 'official' is done. When they get referred to with those words, they actually begin to think they are above us real people, that somehow they have higher authority than we do.

If we go back to the idea of government as servant, then a lot of these problems will start to go away fast. Not only will we real people feel more empowered, but those in goverment service will know where they stand in the pecking order. We, the people, are the 'authorities' and the 'officials.' Those non-productive sorts who lurch around the bureaocracy are the servants.

If anyone should be getting numbered, it is the servants of the people, not the people themselves.

Time to stop being cattle and start being cats.

And while we're at it, we need to change a few other things. We need to take guns out of the hands of governments and put them back into the hands of people. Governments are dangerous beasts as they are. Giving them guns and death toys only makes them more dangerous and encourages them to think of us as their servants and 'resources.'

If every man in any given country is required to own at least one gun and to be trained and certified once a year, then what enemy in its right mind would attack that country? They would have to fight door-to-door, and couldn't possibly match the overwhelming resistance. We wouldn't need armies, as their only purpose would be offensive, since the entire population would be the defense forces of a nation.

Any government that doesn't allow its people to own guns sees itself as the master of the people. It only wants to protect its monopoly on power. It only sees its people as slaves.

And thus, the need to number and stamp and track everyone.

First, take the guns. Then, treat the people like slaves. Finally, when they act like slaves, give them numbers and call them 'resources.'

With enough propaganda and a few carrots hung in front of them, the people will come to accept their lot and after a while, won't remember that they are the masters and they are the powerful ones.

Somewhere, even now, Nigger No. 40 is smiling away, because now even his Massah is a nigger, too.


Gang Xi Fat Cai!

Ujan Imlec terus properiti!/If it rains on Chinese New Year, then a prosperous year!

The countdown has begun to New Year on February 3. One of the fun parts of living in Asia is that you get about 4 or 5 new year's celebrations throughout the year. On rare occastions, you can even get two Muslim new years in one calendar year.

Beginning on Feb. 3 (Imlec or Sin Tjia), unmarried youths will run around for two weeks, clasping their hands together and saying (loudly), "Gong Xi Fat Cai!" Then they hold out their hands and expect 'angpao,' or a small cash gift from the elders.

We end the day (here) with the deliciously greusome headline from CNN: Giffords Heads To Texas. The headline writer over there should either be fired or given a raise, depending on your disposition.

Having just finished George's daily column over at, our thoughts turn to 'revolution,' and what's ahead for this New Year. Seems some of his readers are taking him to task for showing all the myriad ways we are being screwed by the PTB/PTW, but he stops short of promoting open revolution against the usurpers.

It's a rather simplistic and hot-headed view to promote open revolution. One need only to read up on Washington's time at Valley Forge to get an idea of how much fun it is. And there's always the chance you'll lose, to be forever know in history as the bad guys.

Any kind of warfare is deeply destructive. It destroys both sides. Men at war aren;t tending to matters of home and hearth. There's supply chains to worry about, and many other basic problems with the open revolution idea. Cast your eyes upon Greece, Tunisia, and soon other European countries. Even small clashes destroy businesses, homes and property, and it's not limited to the combatants; it hits every level of society.

Revolution is a dangerous hobby by any measure. The potential enemy controls the purse strings, has public perception on their side, aided and abetted by a lapdog press, and has a rather eyep-popping arscenal of weaponry. Honestly, to go head-to-head with that kind of enemy is more or less suicide.

At this point, it's time to read Sun Tsu's 'The Art of War.' In the face of overwhelming odds, it's time to use the 'passive-aggressive' maneuver. In stead of a direct clash that you will surely lose, both in physical and psychological terms, one needs to find the weaknesses of the enemy and start pushing on them repeatly.

We have only to survey history to see how these things turn out. Those who steal the power don't give it up without a big fight. Power is a drug. It is highly addictive because those who have it have anything they want. If you want to take away their power, you take away all of their addictions and decrease them to the level of the commoner. How would you react?

Even non-violent confrontation is not without pain. Ghandi and King are prime examples. One spends a lot of time cooling the heals in jail, if not being outright tortured.

In the extant situation, there are still many weapons at the disposal of the commoner that do not involve the shedding of blood on either side (though no guarantees THEY wouldn't take some). The biggest and most glaring weakness on the part of the enemy is the economy.

THEY have spent years trying to convince the rubes that there is only one game in town. Where black markets have sprung up, they were controlled to give THEM control over that, as well. THEY have spent considerable time and effort to convince the masses that investment is only done through the rigged markets, where, like Vegas, the house always wins.

The easiest and most effective way to fight back is so simple as to be almost laughable. Withdraw all funds from the stock markets and banks. Problem solved. It's that easy. At the very minimum, stop contributing to retirement accounts and write off what's in them, since you'll never actually see that money, trust us.

Instead, take that money, put it into real assets like land, gold, food, etc. Start amassing things that really pay off, things that exist in the real and physical world. Shun paper like it's going out of style, which it is.

Stop using ATMs, credit cards and any other electronic form of payment. If you can't pay cash, you don't need it. Keep one card for emergencies, of course, but pay it off and let it sit in the closet. Get some farm land and put a couple of cows on it. You might get a tax break that way, and you have a cheap weekend get-away, as well as a great investment for the future (which is sooner than you think). You can always butcher the cows later for a six-month supply of protein on the hoof.

Invest in skills, hobbies and tools that can be turned to income in the event of bad economic times (like the ones that are coming). Learning to build with wood and having a good selection of hand-tools that don't require electricity seems like a very valuable investment. Weekend smithing sounds like fun, would be quite valuable if horses become the norm again, and you'd be one of the few with the skill, making you one of the highest paid folks around.

Having a supply of non-hybridized seed and knowing things like French intensive gardening could give you ample food supplies out of a back yard. Learn canning while you're at it, so you can sock away the bounty.

Other things, like candle-making, shodding, sewing...all those skills we gave up for machines a few generations back, might end up saving the lives of you and yours. And no need to do all of them. Just pick one and get really good at it.

Spending money on things like solar power, composting and the like, seems to me to have a far greater return than a 401(k). And no one can take away what you know, and would have a hell of a time taking away things in your yard. But a stack of paper stored somewhere you have no idea where, or worse, a stream of 1s and 0s? Even safe deposit boxes ain't. THEY can lock the doors and shoot anyone who tries to get in. And remember, the bank keeps the second key. Why not jack out a hole in your foundation and drop in a safe? Sounds a helluva lot safer and more accessable to me.

What all of this does is makes you independent. Figure out where THEY have control over your life, and take steps to cut that link. THEY control the electricity you use, so make your own. THEY control the food supply lines, so grow your own. THEY control the water you drink, so find another source.

Just this week, the city water supply stopped for 24 hours. No notice, no reason, just stopped with no idea when it would come back. When it started flowing again, it was brown with dirt. Fortunately, we have about 300 gallons stored all over the house in barrels, but even that would eventually get used up.

However, there is a well directly under the dining room floor. It's bee unused for a while, but still works. On payday, we're paying the $100 to hook it back up to the house supply. With a flip of a valve, we can have the city supply or the house supply. We're also putting a manual pump option into the line.

The roof of the house is about 2/3 translucent corrugated panels, so our garden is on the third floor, safe and sound.

The upside to all this is that it removes THEIR power over you. You have voluntarily handed it over for years, now it's time to take it back. Set up co-ops, and trade and barter whenever you can. It wouldn't be long before T?HEY are panicked, because you no longer need THEM.

Is it easy? No, but it's more productive than destroying everything to make a point, and likely getting killed in the process. When THEY see what you're doing, THEY will act, but at that point, you have the moral and legal right to defend yourself. Just mobbing up and destroying stuff does not put Right on your side.

THEY are managing perceptions, and so must you. You must make sure that others looking in will be forced to conclude that you have the moral high-ground.

In fact, that gives us an idea to launch a global 'off the grid' day, in which everyone prepares to spend 24 hours without using any of THEIR services. I can't imagine a more effective and non-violent statement than to show THEM we don't need 'em.

We'll have to noodle that one. Might make a helluva pursuit.

So with that, we'll leave you with an Indonesian lullaby. We can't type the tune, but the words are fun enough. Kinds along the lines of babies crashing out of trees due to broken limbs. We always wondered why the baby was up a tree in the first place.

Mina bobo,
Mina bobo,
Kalo tidak bobo,
Gigit nyemuk.

There there sleep
There there sleep
If you don't sleep
The mosquito will bite.

If you have any ideas about "Global Off-The-Grid Day," we're happy to hear them! Viral campaigns can be so much fun!


All In Da Family

The large wooden doors swing open to reveal a massive oak and leather desk with rich curtained French doors behind them. Behind the desk is one of those leather office chairs you only find in board rooms and CEO offices. Its back is to us.

We enter and stop at the head of the desk. The chair slowly creaks around to reveal none other than Marlon Brando in character as Don Corleone, godfather of a successful mob family. He speaks to us:

Ah, Michael! Ahm glad you come to visit me like I ask you. You want a drink? I got some nice wine from Vinny when he come back from da old country.

We take the wine and sit down across from the desk as the padrino leans back in his chair and talks wistfully:

You know, Michael, back in da old dais, we knowd who was da good guys and who was the bad guys. The Fam-lease played one side a da game, and the gummint played da udder side.

It was simple den. We ran da rackets and paid da gumshoes to leave us alone. Ya miss a payment, dey show up and knock some heads. Nowadays, ya can't tell who's on what side, anymore. Da only diff-rence is dey got badges and a little respect. It's all PR Michael.

If we was smart back den, we woulda bought up some newspapers. We never tot like dat, you see. We never tink you just manage what people tink and you can run wild.

Deez gummint boys got us licked. Day use da same tactics like we do, making people pay for protection and roughin' dem up if dey don't keep to rules we set out. I mean, dees TSA goons are more stupit dan Guido der when he's got a bottle of product, ya knows?

But here's da ting, Michael. Ah been lookin' into dis for a while now. Da key is da gumshoes made a deal wid doze Jew boys down in da City. We missed da Big Pik-cha here. Dey made a deal wid da JPMorgan and Goldman fam-lease, and now dey got da whole ting wrapped up, ya know wha I mean>?

Look at all doze Jew boys down der in Washington. Seems like every time I turn around, dey put anudder Morgan boy or Goldman boy in some office wid a lotta power, and dey are runnin' da show.

Da udder ting dey got on us, us good press. All da time, deez news boys are bowin' and scrapin' to da gummint and Jew boys. No maddah what dey do, ya can't find a bad story on 'em. All peaches 'n' cream, I tell ya.

We nod appreciatively. Il Padrino has a way of bringing complex concepts down to more managable terms.

"But Godfather, what can we do now," we ask. "They've got 50 years on us. It's going to be impossible to compete with that."

Don't worry, Michael. Dey got 50 years? We got a thousant! Ah got ya an appointment with Papa in Roma. Da Vatican Bank's gonna help us put ta-gedder a package dat will take back some of our territory, see? Id ain't gonna be easy, Michael. Deez bastuds got a good jump on da game already. But, we got a lot more punch dan dey do, capiche? When ya meet wid Papa, he's gonna lay out da plan. All weez gotta do is stick to it. I want you to run da show, here. We don't need da udder fam-lease tryin' to make a play for our bag.

Artie and Phillie, dey're too stupit to play dis big, an' da udder fam-lease don't got da stroke we do in Roma. If ya play it smart, Michael, you can built up an empire like nobuddy's ever seen.

Ahm gonna buy a newspaper chain while yer in Roma. We're gonna play by der rules, but we're gonna do it betta. Yer gonna be da padrino someday, so done screw dis up. You got da bisnis degree and ya know how da game is playt. Da best part, if ya get da badge, ya can wax 'em and no buddy ever gonna know, cause you got da authority and ya got da press to bury da bodies for ya.

You ponder the implications for a moment, then ask, "Padrino, why all of the sudden do you want to get into government? It's not our traditional market."

Simple, Michael. Youse just gotta read dat great Wop from Venucci, Macchiavelli. All gummint is violence. If somebuddy steps outta line, ya whack 'em. Ya make 'em pay protection. Ya can even make 'em pay for air and waddah. It's brilliant! On toppa dat, you're legitimate. Da people all come to you for protection, cuz dey been trained from bert to follow what-evah you say. Da best part, is you got all da guns! If somebuddy don't follow what you tell 'em, ya whack 'em. Hoos gonna tell ya 'no?'

Ya, doze Jew boys from across town, dey figgerd it out bafore we did, but dat don't mean we can't learn from 'em. We been playin' dis game all wrong. Ya see, gummint and da fam-lease is all da same. Only ting is, day got schools and da press.

When ya meet with Papa, he's gonna spell it all out. Come da next election, weez gonna change the rules a liddle. It's all perception, Michael.

If you're a mafia on the da outside, everybuddy's out ta get ya. But, if are the mafia on da INSIDE, den ya got no competition. It's all how ya look at it.

"It's brilliant, padrino. But, how do we make sure we get our people inside?"

The Godfather chuckles.

We steal der game, Michael. Dey got everybuddy using doze electronic votin' machines. Whoever runs da machines, runs da world. I already got our boys inside on dat end. You know Paulie's boy, Anthony? He got a degree in computers and went to work for one of dem big software companies that has a contract wid da gummint to make da machines. Don't worry. We got dat part in da bag already.

We sit back in our chair and sip the wine pensively. It seemed like a fool-proof plan. With the backing of Rome, it was no fail. We picture ourselves in the Oval Office with a cigar and an intern, only much better looking than 'that woman.'

Yup, the Don had outdone himself. The Jewish bankers were already losing the PR game and the market was ripe for a take-over. The pockets in Rome were the deepest in the world. And with control of the schools and the media, no one would have the brain to put up a fight, much less win it.

As we sit there dreaming, suddenly Mel Brooks pops into our thoughts. He delivers the great line from "Robin Hood: Men In Tights"- It's good ta be da king!

How true.


Like A Drowned Rat

If you haven't been keeping score at home, then you may not have noticed a little fact now making its way onto the global RADAR screen: the Flood, Part II.

It's been showing up in places like Australia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, South Africa, Brazil, and other places. In the northern hemisphere, it's been showing up in massive, repeated blizzards across the US, Europe and China.

If you're not sure how blizzards figure into floods, then wait another couple of months when it all starts to melt.

While flooding is not all that unusual (although so much happening in such diverse and unusual places is), they come at a time when the PTB are flexing their muscles and running up food prices. The floods are hitting, selectively I might add, food producing regions for large populations. Combined with the efforts of such humanitarian organizations as Monsanto, whose efforts to own the world's food are dong quite well, and you have a recipe for disadter.

Word out of British Columbia, Canada, is that people using grow lights to keep indoor gardens are being hit, as well, ostensiblly because they MIGHT be growing marijuana. How did the Nazis find out? Why, checking power usage, of course!

There is a massive global effort to starve us all into submission. Too many dots line up behind the MIHOP column: RADAR rings in Queensland, jet stream movements, Agenda 21 and home gardening control, smart electric grids, Monsanto.

Alone, those dots mean little, but piled up they sure appear to give one the impression that there is an effort to limit our calories.

Many people still poo-poo weather control and modification, though a quick search on the internet will turn up dozens of stories in the past year. China promises no rain for Olympics. Moscow holds back rain for celebrations. Australia cloud-seeding to end drought.

These simple technologies, already a century old (they used to shoot rockets with sodium chloride into the clouds to make rain in the 1800s), combined with newer ELF technologies (HAARP, et al.) that can steer storms and direct the jet stream, add up to either a war of weather, or a concerted effort to starve humanity into submission.

There are two things that humans must absolutely have to survive: food and water. Globe-encrusting corporations have already despoiled the fresh water of the Earth with polutants and legal plays. Now it's time to sew up the food supply, and heck, if the bastards can get carbon-trading implemented, then they'll own the air, as well. I mean, that's earth, wind, water, and fire right there, the four primordeal elements.

The royals are pissed. Over the past 300 to 400 years, they have been booted out as sovereigns and absolute rulers, in favor of democracy and constitutional republics. Do you think that an in-bred group of people who used to literally own the Earth is just going to sit around after thoudands of years in power, as watch as people forget about them?

Hell no!

They've banded together to form multi-national corporations that are supra-legal entities without allegiance to anyone or anything but themselves. The the corporations have slowly taken over governments and bought up our rights, until now we almost owe our very existance to them.

When the matrix is complete, the trap will spring shut and humans will once again be subjects to royals, royals who claim divene right and powers to enslave and control all human activity for their own pleasure.

Behind all of this political and legal shenanigans are groups and individuals who literally claim decendency from the 'gods!' The European royals actually say that their blood-lines come directly from Jesus Christ (the Holy Grail/Sang Real). The Freemasons claim decendency from Osiris. The list goes on, but these folks who trace their power and rights back to divine roots are certainly going to be motivated to ensure their absolute right to use that power.

Even Luciferians and Satanists (not the same thing) claim a form of divine right to own the Earth and everything in it.

Thus, we have motive and occasion. All that remains is means.

The development of exotic technologies, such as scalar physics, hyperdimensional physics and quantum machanics would certainly give the groups who possess them almost god-like powers. The Nazis were developing such radical and mystical technologies. It is ignorant and dangerous to assume that those efforts stopped when the Nazis were 'defeated.' In fact, it's been 60 years, more than long enough to perfect many exotic forms of physical manipulation, based only on looking at the speed with which 'open' technologies have advanced.

So, we have a group of people claiming divine lineage and right to rule the Earth, with the money and legal ability, through the use of multi-national corporations, to develop exotic technologies that control such things as weather.

Do you honestly think that you would be a benign dictator if you possessed that kind of power and had delusions of god-hood?

Though we may lack the smoking gun, as of yet, there is certainly a preponderance of circumstantial evidence to suggest the above is, in fact, the case. I've only glossed what evidence is out there and I'm too damn lazy to link up all the thoudands of well-thought and -written material available. Use some of the information here to start a search if you don't believe me, but be prepared to watch many hours of your time vanish as you get deeper into the 'rabbit hole.' I've been researching this material for decades, and I'm only just beginning to make sense of a good bit of it.

The bottom line of this article, though, is that your belly is under attack, and more importantly, that of your family. Even if you don't care to know all the 'whys' and 'what-fors,' it should be ovcious to the casual observer that food will be outrageously expensive and in short supply in the near future. We would all do well to start up a 'scratch' garden, at the very least.

Storing up good quality natual supplements, such as those available here, a large supply of dried beans (sprouts, fiber, protein...and fast!), and canned meats and vegetables will serve you well. You might also want to investigate food preservation using plain old salt, which is a damn sight healthier than so many chemicals found in processed foods. Don't depend on refrigeration!

A minimum three-month supply of stores is recommended, since it will take about that long to get a garden and sprout farm up and running, if you get caught without you garden in place. However, if you don't have the seeds before-hand, no amount of planning will save you.

Right here in Indonesia, food prices are already soaring for things like rice, which no Indo can go through an entire day without. Soy beans, chilis (great source of Vitamin C) and other staples are climbing precipitously. Gasoline prices are jumping, with electricity right behind them. The only solutions government can offer involve taxes, which take yet more money out of our pockets.

In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king, or in this case, the gardener is king in the land of the hungry.

Figuring out how to grow your food and protect it is another problem, but one you will have to figure out. Skylights, indoor window boxes and the like are a good start, but will it be enough?

And one other thing follows from this line of reasoning that most commentators don't mention: if there is a global famine, and people are dying right and left, and you have prepared and have food set aside, are you mentally and spiritually prepared to watch others die while you eat? I mean, literally watch them die in the street in front of your house as you wipe a bit of gravy off your chin.

That's one of those questions no one asks, but which would be a major issue should worse come to worst.

Preparation is as much what you do to store up, and what you do to steel your mind and your soul.

When will all this start happening?

The Zen answer is this: seeing begins with opening your eyes.


On Life Support

Most of the time, people feel guilty if they hope someone will die quickly, but when we see someone suffering horribly and there's nothing to be done about it, then our only wish is for release.

The global economy is our patient on life support. Right now, the body is lying there with tubes sticking out of every oriface. There are tubes pumping nutrients in and tubes sucking out waste. There are tubes pushing air in, and tubes delivering medications. There are myriad machines and monitors all around the bed, and the family has gathered on one side of the room to discuss what to do.

We see the body convulse with pain. We see the eyes flutter trying to tell us something. We hear the groans and gasps, as if the body is experiencing terror and severe pain.

It's time to pull the plug. It's time to remove all the tubes and wires, and let the body die a quick and merciful death. Keeping it alive for the sake of our unwillingness to let go is causing our dear one to die ever so slowly and miserably, and the level of care needed to maintain this horror show is outrageously expensive.

Let it die.

Another medical analogy is a patient with sever burns. The skin has literally turned to charcoal and must be debrided or massive infection will set in and the person will surely die. They are immersed in a chemical bath and stiff brushes are used to scrub away the dead skin, all the way down to muscle and sinew. The patient can't be allowed to pass out or they will slip into a coma. Stimulants are used to maintain consciousness. It is described as the most painful experience one can have outside of CIA black ops.

In the old days, economies just died when they had run their course. Nations died, people died and it was not a pretty sight. With modern technology, we can keep the lungs inflating and the heart beating, but at what price?

The organism has become so complex and entangled that it no longer threatens individuals or single nations. It now threatens the entire socio/political world, and a good chunk of the natural world, as well. But the fact remains: the old, dead flesh must be removed or growth will simply cease and the patient dies.

We have allowed, and we are all guilty of watching and not acting, a small group of astoundingly greedy people to rig our natural economy into a cyborg that makes the Few rich and powerful, and the rest of us its servants. Despite thousands of years of history to the contrary, we have allowed fiat currencies to become the norm, banks to become our leaders and our minds to cease imagining better ways to do things.

We allowed usury and corruption to infiltrate our public lives. We all looked the other way when it happened, because it appeared that we were along for the ride. The appearances were false. We were along for the ride alright, but we were the ones being ridden.

The time has come to let the patient die. If not, then we will all die with it. This grossly unfair and immoral system has left us all with a pile of cash and no wealth. Just spend a couple of minutes reading about the Weimar Republic in the years after WWI. Housewives burned money instead of wood in the kitchen, because it was cheaper. People carried bags and carts full of money to the store to buy just a loaf of bread. Restaurants didn't post prices because they would go up inth the time it took you to eat your meal. This nightmare is coming to a planet near you.

The result of crises like Weimar, or Zimbabwe, or many others, is dictatorship and slavery for the survivors. This is analogous to the burn patient in whose body infection and death have set in.

We, the people, whose natual bodies and vested self-interests do not match those in power, must take back what we gave away. We gave away our power because we were asleep, because we were tricked and because we were greedy and thought we would get a piece of the pie along with the bankers. The truth is ovviously far from that perception.

The question remains, how do we get out?

It's amazingly simple, but it will involve some fear of the unknown. We have been so conditioned to see the world from only one perspective that even when the view sours, we can't imagine looking from a different perspective.

You must sell all of your stocks and bonds, stop month payroll deductions for 401(k) and start buying hard assets, like heirloom seeds, gold and silver, and energy products. That last one is problematic, since most of us don't have a place to store oil and coal, but there are ways to go around it, such as solar and wind generators, etc.

I can hear you saying, "WHAT?! Are you NUTS?"

Well, yeah, but that's beside the point.

First of all, in 1999, I cashed out my 401(k), took the tax hit and bought gold. My money has made over 500% return. How's yours done? I have a large indoor garden under a skylight on the top floor of my house and several large barrels of water throughout the house. I could be completely locked in for more than a month without to much effort. The energy is a little more difficult. I have a generator and some gasoline stores, which will maintain communications for a time, depending on my usage. I don't own a single stock or bond of any kind.

Now here's the part where most people stop: cut up all your credit cards and burn them immediately. Even if you do nothing else, this one act will free you and put a knife deep in the heart of the Beast. The one thing the Beast most fears is that people stop borrowing from it and paying the ourrageous fees for the priviledge.

In my studies and thinking, I have come to the conclusion that the one point in history where things got off the tracks was in the 1920s, in America, with the creation of E-Z Credit and charge-a-plates. It's all been pretty much downhill from that moment, from what I can see. Usury is what feeds the Beast and makes us all servants to it. Hell, even the word 'mortgage' means 'death pledge,' in French.

We have all been hoodwinked and we need to extract ourselves. It has come to the point where we can't imagine another way of life, yet it does exist. I can personally attest to it. Yes, there is more perceived risk, but in the end, I control the risk, not some faceless bankers. My savings are not prone to some governmental or banking whim. I owe nothing to any institution (well, at least after May, but that's a minimal risk).

Try this experement: turn off the power mains to your house for one week. Not just an hour or a day, that's easy. I mean one week. It's easy here in Indonesia. Happens all the time. But, you folks in North America and Europe rarely experience such a thing.

Turn it off and then see what happens. How much of your food depends on electricity? How much time do you waste on things like TV? How much of your life depends on things like cell phones and lights? What sort of solutions and changes can you make to reduce your dependence?

Ask people in Brisbane, Sri Lanka and Brazil what they wish they had done while the sun shined.

Isn't your family's safety and well-being worth one week of effort?

Now, get on Yahoo or other financial site and compare the price of gold since 1999, to the absolute value of the stock market, where your retirement hopes have been languishing. If you had thought about it back then, would you still have stocks or would you convert it all to gold? Don't forget to figure in the inflation rate, because having a dollar then and one now are not the same.

Con artists will continue to play their games until they get caught at it. Once the mark sees through the grift, they walk away. The grifter hopefully goes to jail.

The only reason the scam keeps working is because we keep telling ourselves it's real and that we will get rich one day, or at least have enough to support us in our old age. But we need to face reality, it ain't gonna happen. Your only hedge against the inevitable is your own smarts and the support of friends and family working together.

That's it.

The end is truly nigh. The patient has been on lifesupport for decades, and it's time to let go and let it die. It's merciful not only to the patient, but to those who care for it.

Perhaps the easiest thing to do to get started in to unplug the One-Eyed Monster. The more time you waste passively 'watching,' the less time you are using for active verbs like: loving, creating, reading, working, thinking, and motivating.

The economy will collapse. That is inevitable, regardless of what all the powder-puffs and slimy bankers say. It is comeing, and soon. A leaking boat must sink unless something is done to fix the problem.

Fixing it is going to be painful. That, too, is inevitable. It will cause harm and people will suffer. There are no two ways around the problem. However, remember what you learned years ago. When you tear the bandage off, it hurts for a moment. When you peel it off, it prolongs and exacerbates the pain. It's a lesson to be applied now.

We can be pro-active and take the bull by the horns, or we can make like a bunch of Spaniards and run. Either way, it's going to hurt, but by meeting the problem head-on, we have more control over the variables.

This year looks to be a wild ride. It's only two weeks old and already the waves are growing bigger and angrier. We must either surf or drown, but for now, we have a choice. When the waters have you is not the time to look for a boat.

My uncle had an expression that always made a lot of sense to me: If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.

And now that I think about it, getting a horse wouldn't be a bad idea, either.

By the way, the real target in Arizona was the judge who had blocked an effort to nationalize 401(k)s and IRAs. All the other gore was to distract and cover up that one fact. THEY are attempting to take over all retirement accounts and pensions and replace the money (about $9 trillion) with government markers, much as they have done with Social Security.

Just another reason to cash out now and take the tax hit. Better that than lose the whole thing later.


Malam Minggu

Just flew in from Singapore, and boy are my arms tired!

It's Malam Minggu (Saturday night) in the Big Durien (hey, if New York can be the Big Apple, then Jakarta is the Big Durien) and I spent the whole day in S'pore meeting with some associates. I like to think of S'pore as the model Benign Fascist State. If you stay within the boundaries, life is pretty smooth and efficient, but if you step even one centemeter over The Line, watch out!

One advantage of going out is that I can hit the Duty Free, even though Indonesia's limits are a bit draconian. I can only bring in one liter of alcohol (liquor or wine, beer doesn't count) and 200 grams of tobacco, which means one carton of smokes, 50 cigars or 200 grams of cut leaf. Of course, I couldn't buy cigs any cheaper than Indonesia, even in North Carolina, so forget that. But I did manage a few Cubanos (eat your heart out Americans) and a liter of fine Scotch Whiskey. Altogether, my imports can't exceed US$250.

Now I haven't had a good bottle of Scotch Whiskey since I got here three years ago. When I got home, the wife couldn't sleep, even though she had a rough day at the rat races. So, I fixed her a traditional Irish lullabye: a good dram of whiskey, some sugar, some milk, and a couple of rocks. She's out like a light now. Indonesians are cheap dates. Takes about one shot of high octane to knock 'em out.

I'm going straight with two diamonds. It's good sippin' stuff, so I'm nursing it along with my cigar on the front porch.

The plane was about half full, which is unusual, but it's post-New Year and not yet Imlec (Chinese New Year), so things are quiet.

The Indonesian government recently released its people. For the longest time, there was a $100 tax by sea and a $250 tax if by air for a citizen to leave the country, if they didn't have an NPWP, which is the Indo version of the Social Security number. As of January 1st, the tax was repealed. Combined with a metric ton of cheap air fares, there's about to be a bunch of Indos flooding the global tourism offices.

The wife went down to renew her passport the other day and the mob was, well, a mob. This has basically taken the reigns off the Indo middle class. After all, the tax raised the price of a trip to S'pore 200% for the average Indo, who didn't have an NPWP.

Now, you might ask why good little citizens don't have tax numbers. Well, most Indo don't have a Social Security number. Most don't earn enough to pay tax, anyway. The few who do, earn enough to pay for all the rest. Such is an oligarchy.

The tax was designed to rip off foreigners who were exporting Indo maids, which is a global pasttime, even if you don't know about it. US tax laws prevent Americans from enjoying the luxuries that most of the rest of the world takes for granted. Kasihan deh loe.

The tax was penalizing the middle class, though, who don't have NPWP either. Recent developments, over the past ten years, have created a very properous middle class here in Indonesia, and they want to go out and see so world, too.

Anyway, the wife and I are taking advantage of the cheap airfares and her new-found freedom, to plan a trip to Hong Kong in April. We want to visit Kowloon Island and Macau Island. The package deal, with hotel, is $200/person, airfare and 4/3 in a four-star hotel. Could be worse.

I can get more of less the same deal to Phuket, Bangkok, Singapore, Ho Chi Min, Kuala Lumpur, and Taipei. For Bali, it's even cheaper, as in rediculous.

For you folks playing at home, you may want to check out, and see if you can't combine a package to get a cheap Asian vacation to exotic locations.

Damn! Just dipped my cigar in whiskey and a cool breeze kicked up. The neighborhood kids are in the park with their guitars wooing their pacar.

The house cat, Jeruk/Orange, slung a litter of milk-suckers Monday night. Give of them to be exact. Three greys, named Kerakatau, Merapi and Bromo (local volcanoes), a calico names Campur (mix), and another orange that I call JJ (Jeruk Juga, or orange also).

God is in His Heaven and all is right with the world.

Or is it?

Just to the south of me, in Queensland, they are having the test by fire, only with water. Brazil is under water. A good part of the States stand to me inundated when the thaw comes. Europe too. The economy is tanking. The world is flying apart at the seams. For some of us, it's the calm before the storm. For others, the storm hath arrived. For yet even others, the storm hath passed. What remains is the question of the hour.

My colleague Clif High, at has posted a recent article that we Asian dwellers would do well to read.

The cigar and whiskey are working their magic. The mind is open and the tongue is loose.

And so, the words and whiskey begin to flow. Who knows what will pop out next. A word of shameless promotion: if you need a writer with award-winning skills in multiple formats, drop a line to Whether it's articles, scripts, copy, tech manuals, or really anything written, I promise to spell check before sending along. Word-smithing ain't just a job, it's a living!

And so, with that, I bid adieu. I'm going to finish my straight-two-diamonds and a fine cigar. And I'll leave you with this thought:

Cowboys are FROM Texas, but they ain't necessarily IN Texas.

Teaser: coming soon-review of "The Cosmic War," by Joseph P. Farrell, and an interview with webbot cowboys. Jack in, tune out and let the bits byte.

And while you're planning your home garden, don't forget the medicinal herbs.


That Dog Don't Hunt

'THE SCENE: A dark, smoke-filled room with a large round table in the center. The only illumination is a large fixture over the center of the table. The scene opens as the camera tracks around the table giving us head shot after head shot while the credits and music roll. All the characters are revealed to be military types or businessmen in suits. They are looking at each other as if waiting for something. Finally, the camera pauses on a two-shot with a door framed between the two men. The door opens just then and a dark figure is silouetted there. The figure speaks --

FIGURE: How trite. A smoke-filled room. At least have someone smoking so it's motivated, you know. OK, so what's the job? I don't have a lot of time here. I'm due in Cannes in two weeks for the opening of my latest feature.


STANLEY: So what is it this time? Need to get into Iran, right? Taken long enough. You guys just can't put on a good war without me, can you?

GENERAL 1: Please sit down, Mr. Motss. We have a lot of work to do.

STANLEY: Maybe it's work for you, but ideas just fall out of my head, you know. That last performance I put together for you guys was Oscar, I'm telling you. One of my best pieces. I shoulda gone public. I could be retired by now.
GENERAL 2: Mr. Motss, nothing we say here can ever see the light of day. If you so much as blog a word of this, we'll...

STANLEY: No need for threats, baby. I know the drill. I want $20 mil. Half up front, half on completion. Deal?

BUSINESSMAN 1: Already in your account, Mr. Motss. Now please, sit.

STANLEY: Oh yeah? (HE CONSULTS HIS BLACKBERRY FOR A MOMENT) I'll be damned. Wish you boys would do that with my open projects. (HE SITS) Now, what's the deal? My head is swimming wiht ideas and I need to give birth soon, before cocktail hour.

PRESIDENT: Mr. Motss, I need a crisis. My poll numbers are falling, my presidency is on the rocks, and I need the same boost as Reagan got from Challenger, or Clinton got from OKC, or my predicesssor got from 9/11. In shot, I need a miracle.

STANLEY: Miracle? Did I just hear miracle? You've come to the right guy, then. miracles are my trade, baby. I feel a couple of miracles coming on right now. I feel like Benny Hinn. Quick, give me a scenario here.

GENERAL 1: We need a domestic terror event, Mr. Motss. Are you familiar with the Northwoods Document?

STANLEY: Familiar? I practically wrote it, sweetheart. That whole false flag thing, it's just like my third film, "Lips That Lie." That one should have gotten a Globe, I'm telling ya. It was all politics...

GENERAL 2: Mr. Motss, we need s single event that can be blamed on any group we like, even opposing groups. They must be home-grown and it must achieve these goals. (HE PUSHES A PIECE OF PAPER ACROSS THE TABLE)

STANLEY (TAKING THE PAPER AND READING): want a job on a member of congress and possibly two officials. OK, I can see that. You want to trash left and right extremists, get some gun control through, kill opposition to the health care law, and cause a craxk-down on free speech and the internet. I'm with you. I'm getting a picture now. Hang on...


BUSINESSMAN 2: And one more thing, it needs to take attention off the economy so we can crash the markets and blame it on terrorism.

STANLEY: Oh, like 9/11. That was a beautiful piece of work, by the way. Who cut that one together. I want to work with him. I bet we...

GENERAL 1: Mr. Motss, can you do this?

STANLEY: Do it?! Are you kidding? I've already got your miracle, baby. Listen to this: first, we get that congresswoman down in Arizon, the one that really supported health care?

PRESIDENT: Giffords.

STANLEY: That's her! It's beautiful. She's a democrat, so we can blame it on Tea Partiers. She promoted health care, so we can use it to shut down the opposition. She's married to an astronaut, so we can use that. Nice symbolism.


GENERAL 1: Who's the trigger man?

STANLEY: Who do ya got at central casting? C'mon, we're buring daylight here.


STANLEY: You gotta be kidding, right? This is just too perfect! If I can't get DiCapprio, then this guy is my second cast. I mean, even his last name is Loughner! Where'd you get this one?

GENERAL 2: He's one of our cradle-to-gravers. Been working on him since he was 5 months old.

STANLEY: Beautiful! You guys would be geniuses if you just had my style. Know what I'm saying? OK, here's your scenario...this guy posts a couple of lame YouTube videos, but get this, Giffords is a member of his channel, right? That will keep the conspiracy nuts going for years. Now, we get her in front of the people, old fashioned, you know, a town haller, but out in the open...I've got it! We take her down in the Safeway parking lot! Safeway! Don't you love it? Now, he opens up with a Glock sub and a large capacity mag, so that gets your gun control cooking. Hunt down a sheriff for me. Arizona's full of 'em. I need a kook who likes to shoot off his mouth.

GENERAL 2: I we've got just what you're looking for.

STANLEY: Excellent! This'll be shooting fish in a barrel. Now, here's the tricky part. I need some classmates to say Loughner is a left-winger, so we can play both sides against the middle.

BUSINESSMAN 3: I'm sure we can arrange that.

STANLEY: Great! I love you guys! Better than Paramount on payday around here! Now, I need just that Stanley Motss touch. I need the cherry on my sundae...I've got it! One of the victims is a young girl, say 9 or 10, who was born, are you ready for this?, on 9/11! It's hot, I tell you! This'll ice 'em down at NBC! They'll eat it up like bums on sirloin, I tell ya.


STANLEY: Now, prez baby, you'll need to get right down there, of course. Comfort the family and take charge, that sort of thing. I'll put the A-unit with you to get some prime footage for the history books. I'm thinking a rating around 85%, maybe better. We'll see how well you play it.

PRESIDENT: I knew we could count on you.

STANLEY: You sure I can't squeeze a little Iran action out of it? Maybe some letter bombs to high-ranking officials with 'Iran' written all over them? We could kill a dozen birds with one stone here.

GENERAL 1: Do it. We'll hold that one as a hole card in case the main event goes south on us.

STANLEY: So what's the budget here? 10? 30?

BUSINESSMAN 1: Sky's the limit.

STANLEY: I love you, you know that. I wish all my gigs were this sweet. I got a property for ya. Maybe we can talk after we wrap this one?

BUSINESSMAN 2: I think we can do that.

STANLEY: Fantastic boys! So, get me a bottle of brandy, a couple of cartons of cigarettes and, oh, two slim assistants. Say 18? 19? C'mon guys! I don't have all day here.