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Like A Drowned Rat

If you haven't been keeping score at home, then you may not have noticed a little fact now making its way onto the global RADAR screen: the Flood, Part II.

It's been showing up in places like Australia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, South Africa, Brazil, and other places. In the northern hemisphere, it's been showing up in massive, repeated blizzards across the US, Europe and China.

If you're not sure how blizzards figure into floods, then wait another couple of months when it all starts to melt.

While flooding is not all that unusual (although so much happening in such diverse and unusual places is), they come at a time when the PTB are flexing their muscles and running up food prices. The floods are hitting, selectively I might add, food producing regions for large populations. Combined with the efforts of such humanitarian organizations as Monsanto, whose efforts to own the world's food are dong quite well, and you have a recipe for disadter.

Word out of British Columbia, Canada, is that people using grow lights to keep indoor gardens are being hit, as well, ostensiblly because they MIGHT be growing marijuana. How did the Nazis find out? Why, checking power usage, of course!

There is a massive global effort to starve us all into submission. Too many dots line up behind the MIHOP column: RADAR rings in Queensland, jet stream movements, Agenda 21 and home gardening control, smart electric grids, Monsanto.

Alone, those dots mean little, but piled up they sure appear to give one the impression that there is an effort to limit our calories.

Many people still poo-poo weather control and modification, though a quick search on the internet will turn up dozens of stories in the past year. China promises no rain for Olympics. Moscow holds back rain for celebrations. Australia cloud-seeding to end drought.

These simple technologies, already a century old (they used to shoot rockets with sodium chloride into the clouds to make rain in the 1800s), combined with newer ELF technologies (HAARP, et al.) that can steer storms and direct the jet stream, add up to either a war of weather, or a concerted effort to starve humanity into submission.

There are two things that humans must absolutely have to survive: food and water. Globe-encrusting corporations have already despoiled the fresh water of the Earth with polutants and legal plays. Now it's time to sew up the food supply, and heck, if the bastards can get carbon-trading implemented, then they'll own the air, as well. I mean, that's earth, wind, water, and fire right there, the four primordeal elements.

The royals are pissed. Over the past 300 to 400 years, they have been booted out as sovereigns and absolute rulers, in favor of democracy and constitutional republics. Do you think that an in-bred group of people who used to literally own the Earth is just going to sit around after thoudands of years in power, as watch as people forget about them?

Hell no!

They've banded together to form multi-national corporations that are supra-legal entities without allegiance to anyone or anything but themselves. The the corporations have slowly taken over governments and bought up our rights, until now we almost owe our very existance to them.

When the matrix is complete, the trap will spring shut and humans will once again be subjects to royals, royals who claim divene right and powers to enslave and control all human activity for their own pleasure.

Behind all of this political and legal shenanigans are groups and individuals who literally claim decendency from the 'gods!' The European royals actually say that their blood-lines come directly from Jesus Christ (the Holy Grail/Sang Real). The Freemasons claim decendency from Osiris. The list goes on, but these folks who trace their power and rights back to divine roots are certainly going to be motivated to ensure their absolute right to use that power.

Even Luciferians and Satanists (not the same thing) claim a form of divine right to own the Earth and everything in it.

Thus, we have motive and occasion. All that remains is means.

The development of exotic technologies, such as scalar physics, hyperdimensional physics and quantum machanics would certainly give the groups who possess them almost god-like powers. The Nazis were developing such radical and mystical technologies. It is ignorant and dangerous to assume that those efforts stopped when the Nazis were 'defeated.' In fact, it's been 60 years, more than long enough to perfect many exotic forms of physical manipulation, based only on looking at the speed with which 'open' technologies have advanced.

So, we have a group of people claiming divine lineage and right to rule the Earth, with the money and legal ability, through the use of multi-national corporations, to develop exotic technologies that control such things as weather.

Do you honestly think that you would be a benign dictator if you possessed that kind of power and had delusions of god-hood?

Though we may lack the smoking gun, as of yet, there is certainly a preponderance of circumstantial evidence to suggest the above is, in fact, the case. I've only glossed what evidence is out there and I'm too damn lazy to link up all the thoudands of well-thought and -written material available. Use some of the information here to start a search if you don't believe me, but be prepared to watch many hours of your time vanish as you get deeper into the 'rabbit hole.' I've been researching this material for decades, and I'm only just beginning to make sense of a good bit of it.

The bottom line of this article, though, is that your belly is under attack, and more importantly, that of your family. Even if you don't care to know all the 'whys' and 'what-fors,' it should be ovcious to the casual observer that food will be outrageously expensive and in short supply in the near future. We would all do well to start up a 'scratch' garden, at the very least.

Storing up good quality natual supplements, such as those available here, a large supply of dried beans (sprouts, fiber, protein...and fast!), and canned meats and vegetables will serve you well. You might also want to investigate food preservation using plain old salt, which is a damn sight healthier than so many chemicals found in processed foods. Don't depend on refrigeration!

A minimum three-month supply of stores is recommended, since it will take about that long to get a garden and sprout farm up and running, if you get caught without you garden in place. However, if you don't have the seeds before-hand, no amount of planning will save you.

Right here in Indonesia, food prices are already soaring for things like rice, which no Indo can go through an entire day without. Soy beans, chilis (great source of Vitamin C) and other staples are climbing precipitously. Gasoline prices are jumping, with electricity right behind them. The only solutions government can offer involve taxes, which take yet more money out of our pockets.

In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king, or in this case, the gardener is king in the land of the hungry.

Figuring out how to grow your food and protect it is another problem, but one you will have to figure out. Skylights, indoor window boxes and the like are a good start, but will it be enough?

And one other thing follows from this line of reasoning that most commentators don't mention: if there is a global famine, and people are dying right and left, and you have prepared and have food set aside, are you mentally and spiritually prepared to watch others die while you eat? I mean, literally watch them die in the street in front of your house as you wipe a bit of gravy off your chin.

That's one of those questions no one asks, but which would be a major issue should worse come to worst.

Preparation is as much what you do to store up, and what you do to steel your mind and your soul.

When will all this start happening?

The Zen answer is this: seeing begins with opening your eyes.

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