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Start The Revolution Without Me

Federal judge killed.
Congresswoman wounded.
Bombs mailed to Homeland Security overlord.
Bombs sent to Maryland governor.
Reid says Obamacare repeal not going to happen.
Illinois devates reaising income tax 75%.
Obama wants online ID for all Americans.

And in one of those ironic messages from Dreamtime: the shooting takes place in a store called Safeway.

This is just a sample of the headlines on as I write this. It would seem that the States are entering a new period of deep and antagonistic relations between 'We The People,' and those who purport to 'lead' them.

I have to tip the hat to Clif over at A couple of years ago, he began publishing web bot reports about a massive release of emotional language about now. Several months ago, he refined the timeline to say that the 'tipping point' would begin in early December, with an accelleration around January 7 and 12. The first round was marked by the release of Suu Kyi, and it would appear that the second wave is crashing on the metaphysical shore as we talk.

I find it highly curious that a man named "Loughner," who naturally posted a few videos on YouTube, has been fingered as the 'lone nut.' He also seems to have had a thing about lucid dreaming and mind control.

It's like a sequel to the same tired movie franchise. Crazy, paranoid, government-hating 'loner' goes nuts and shoots up (pick a venue). Throw in some mail bombs, which is a rehash of the post-911 anthrax plot (which was tied to strains registered to the US military, by the way). The whole thing is just too convenient.

The usual follow-up will be gun-control laws and increased security, only the new target of the witch-hunt will be the American people. Not that it hasn't been all along, but now it will be in the open.

Wasn't it just a few months ago that Obama's puppetmasters were saying that his presidency would benefit greatly from some terrorist action? Gee, right on cue. Couldn't ask for better. I'm willing to bet that the script calls for the Congresswoman to hang on by a thread for a few days, but when the news cycle is just right, she'll pass on. Always happens that way.

These types of things have become so predictable, one almost doesn't need web bots to see them coming. I can bet that there'll be a copycat attack and more military-style mail bombs come Monday morning, when everyone flips on the babbleheads while they are getting ready for work (those who still have a job, that is). In fact, Clif's second dats of January 12 would be a good bet.

In short order, the fascist take-over of America will be pretty much complete. The government, in order to protect itself from the people who created it, will throw its masters into FEMA camps and lock down the entire country. Electronic ID tags will be required over every single person in order to fight 'terror,' even though the 'terror' is completely manufactured by those who claim to protect us.

It's as old as Macchiavelli, at least in writing. The technique has been used throughout history. Hitler used it to take over power in Germany, with the Reichstag fire. Every successful dictator creates his own enemies in order to look 'leader-ish' and usurp power by having the people hand it to them out of fear.

Don't get me wrong. The shootings are a tragedy. Every man's death dimishes me. If a clod be washed away by the sea, is Europe not the less? But to carry on the paraphrase, as the bell begins to toll, we should realize is tolls for us. (If you are not familiar with John Dunne's 'Meditation 17, then you are probably a product of the American public school system)

We should mourn the loss of life. We should pause and take stock of how fragile it is. We should also realize that no one is a 'loughner.' To continue with Dunne, no man is an island. We should begin looking behind the scenes for the real culprit, the one pulling the strings, the one who will use this tragedy to gain political advantage. The whole 'lone nut' thing with attacks on Congress, judges and other political offices is a red herring. The real culprits sit in corporate board rooms and the Federal Reserve building.

And no, I'm not recommending anyone shoot or blow them up. Use the judicial system for what it was designed to do...protect the individual from predators. Don't take your eyes off of those who are really causing the problems. All this other news are distractions and camoflage to hide the true evil that is eating the nation alive.

I'm reminded of that great scene in 'Men In Black,' where Will Smith and his fellow recruits are on the firing range. Everyone opens up at the obvious monsters, while Will holds back and then pops a little girl in the head. When asked why, he says something like, "A white girl, in the ghetto, in the middle of the night. And she's got books on physics and chemistry. Something ain't right."

We have to have the same sort of discernment. There are the obvious monsters of 'Loughner' gunmen and mail bombers, but who's pushing the buttons? Who's driving people to extreme action? Who's the real culprit?

It could be the answer will surprise you.

Clif High's work with the web bots is remarkable. Granted, most of the time it is hard to foresee particular events, but certainly knowing that major shifts in emotional impacts are coming and having a pretty good idea when they will come is pretty handy. You come to expect the news rather than react to it. It's surprising how much difference that can make.

You can find Clif's work over at (link in the sidebar). His 'Shape of Things to Come' (SOTC) reports cost $10, and come out a few times a year. You can also follow the exploits of the web bots with George Ure over at, also linked on the sidebar.

I highly recommend the ounce of prevention versus the pound of cure.

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