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Gore'd Again!

That's it! I've had it!

I am finally, completely and entirely fed up with AlGore, Inc.

I can't even stand the sight of the lying, greedy bastard.

Here's a man who took false data, made a completely bullshit movie of his pandering lectures, that was completely self-serving, and parleyed that into an Academy Award and a Nobel Prize. Hell, between AlGore, Inc., and Obama, the Nobel thing has shown itself to be a complete scam, but that's a different article.

AlGore, Inc., comes from yet another American political dynasty, whose family made their fortune off of moonshine and fleecing taxpayers, lives in a massive mansion, owns several other huge houses, a fleet of cars, and travels around the world in private jets telling us 'little useless eaters' to stop taking hot baths. F@#% YOU!

Now he's brought his little roadshow to Jakarta for three days where, get this, he will lower himself to conduct a training session for...wait for it...TEN MINUTES. That's right, he will come down from his throne for ten whole minutes to train 300 people on what he claims is a highly complex issue. Hell, it takes me more than 10 minutes to write this scathing article about his bullshit!

I guess he will spend the rest of the three days warming up his jet while kissing and hugging a tree somewhere. If one of the space-faring nations wanted to do the world a great service, they would can this duplicitous, fear-mongering LIAR and shoot him as far into the Universe as modern rocketry will allow.

Not only is AlGore, Inc., a liar and a hypocrite, he is STILL pedaling his snake oil after being completely exposed by ClimateGate. It's truly an amazing piece of propaganda to see the way he has been carefully protected by the media and other 'interests.'

And what really gets my goat is that the poor kids in this country are still taught that humans are changing the climate to destroy the world, even though the whole GlobalWarming/ClimateChange/AlGore, Inc. farce was exposed as a complete fabrication. Even though carbon levels have been much higher long before humans could have affected the climate. Even though warm periods and ice ages are much older than our pitiful little 100 years of cars and coal-fired electric plants.

The Indonesian media have carefully hidden the whole ClimateGate issue because the government and politicians stand to make billions of dollars in bribes and pay-offs to be a 'carbon-eating' nation, due to its having a bunch of trees.

Oh, sure...AlGore, Inc., will spend a few of his precious seconds imparting his wisdom to a handfull of useful idiots, but his real mission is to meet secretly with government ministers, and possibly the president, to hand out checks and promises of vast wealth for the Chosen Few who go along with the outrageous scam. He will show them how to trade their carbon credits for huge profits.

What an enormous scam!

If humans are modifying the climate, it is being done by secret military/inductrial/banking cabals using scalar physics to weaponize the climate and weather, while at the same time finally being able to tax us to f@#%ing breathe! It has absolutely NOTHING to do with cow farts, your car and coral reefs.

It has everything to do with solar output, natural cycles and transiting the galactic ecliptic. If it had anything at all to do with carbon dioxide, then AlGore, Inc., himself would be one of the most egrigious offenders, what with his constantly flapping jawbone.

How anyone, except an elite few who stand to stuff their pockets with loot, could take AlGore, Inc., seriously is beyond me. Anyone who claims to be intelligent and agrees with AlGore, Inc., in the same breath is suffering from serious cognitive dissonance.

If AlGore, Inc., was a true believer, then he would...


But where has AlGore, Inc., been during the whole Gulf of Mexico BRITISH Petroleum fiasco? Giving 10 minute training sessions in Jakarta and meeting with ministers to show how they can stuff their pockets if they just play along with the scam. He sure as HELL hasn't gone down the the Gulf of Mexico or demanded UN hearings into the BRITISH Petroleum spill or made award-winning films exposing the truth about that little incident, has he?

No, you see AlGore, Inc., receives lots of 'grant' money from BRITISH Petroleum to shut him up. That way, BRITISH Petroleum, whose refineries have killed dozens of Texans, whose drilling has killed untold numbers of people and wiped out eco-systems across the planet, can avoid any nasty attention from such a prominent crusader for the planet.


I'm all for solving real problems with real solutions. If the current solar cycle and our transit of the galactic equator are causing problems then show real evidence and present real solutions. But taxing humans for beathing and cows for farting so that mega-corporations can trade carbon credits and make billions of dollars, while lying, duplicitous shills like AlGore, Inc., can run around selling snake oil is a load of carbon-releasing cow dung.

I am absolutely fed up with elitist arschlochs running around telling us that we, the real and productive people of the planet, are the problem. It's time to pull the plug on those jerks, and fast. AlGore, Inc., should be ashamed to show his face in public by this point, not shuttling around the world in his private transportation fleet, from mansion to mansion, telling us how we are the problem, while sharing 10 minutes of his precious time to train 300 people on what he claims is one of the biggest and most complex problems ever to face humanity.


What a load of bunkus.

And while we're at it, BRITISH Petroleum should be foreced to change its cute little green leaves and sunshine logo into a black wreath of mourning for all the damage it has done to the planet.

Back during the Mayan empire, the elite used to carve out the still-beating hearts of the little people as 'sacrifice' to the gods, but really it was just a control mechanism to keep the 'useless eaters' in line.

Apparently, things haven't changed much since then.

Have they, AlGore, Inc.?

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