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Warm This, Baby!

When the doctrine of allegiance to party can utterly up-end a man's moral constitution and make a temporary fool of him besides, what excuse are you going to offer for preaching it, teaching it, extending it, perpetuating it? Shall you say, the best good of the country demands allegiance to party? Shall you also say it demands that a man kick his truth and his conscience into the gutter, and become a mouthing lunatic, besides?
-Mark Twain

A frequently overlooked bullet in the head of global warming theories is Mars. The Martian atmosphere is 95% carbon dioxide, yet no one would argue that the planet is in any danger of overheating. By comparason, Venus has around 98% carbon dioxide, while the Earth has only 0.04%.

That's right, look at those numbers again. Our two nearest neighbors have in excess of 90% CO2 in their atmospheres, while Earth has one-half of one percent. If Earth is in any danger of a run-away greenhouse effect, like that found on Venus, then we only need to add SEVERAL HUNDRED TIMES MORE CO2 to achieve it!

In fact, Earth's most dangerous greenhouse gas is...are you ready? Water vapor. So, we need to ban water immediately in order to control the imaginary overheating of the atmosphere!

The overheating is imaginary, since the mean global temperature of Earth has not risen significantly in over 15 years. In fact, in some places it has dropped. If you are currently in the Northern Hemisphere, you are probably shivvering, up to your keister in snow, praying for some global warming about now.

None of these facts even contemplates the events of ClimateGate, which the media have effectively buried. Here in Indonesia, almost no one has heard of it, which is why I take the time to educate anyone who will listen. In fact, the whole thing is a scam, perpetrated by factions who would charge us money to breathe.

The scam is so horrible and so evil that those involved should be tried as traitors to the entire planet and summarily hung, if found guilty of their crime.

The crime has affected the lives and property of people worldwide. It has been used to justify some of the most draconian and pernicious social manipulation ever conceived. It has also been used to create massive financial fraud and has destroyed the integrity and validity of scientific inquiry itself.

Because people have been trained by poor educational systems and media propaganda to accept wholesale the word of 'authorities' and to not pursue their own lines of inquiry, or even believe their own senses, the entire planet has been led down this path without hesitation. To paraphrase Hermann Goebbels, the lie repeated often enough becomes 'truth.'

I've had people argue that global warming may be a myth, but its aims are good and the anticipated results are necessary. To which I reply, NOTHING founded on falsehood can achieve a good result. Once peole awaken to the fact that they have been lied to, they typically react with an even greater swing to the opposite behavior.

If the goal is to reduce pollution and to clean up the environment, then that is sufficient in itself. It does not require the use of enormous lies and legal manipulations to achieve it, because the goal is valid in and of itself. Certainly, the efforts of people to reduce acid rain, lower emissions and prevent toxic wastes from entering the eco-system, begun in the US in the 70s, has resulted in better air quality, cleaner environments and less free toxins (fluoride in the water aside) for all.

However, the extreme to which this initial effort has been carried has resulted in an evil effort to control entire populations and manipulate people into giving away their wealth in order to achieve something that is not true. It is no more valid than snake-oil salesmen or Brooklyn bridge contracts. Under any set of law, fraud invalidates an agreement.

Global warming hysteria is tantamount to 'the boy who cried wolf.' By using the veil of 'science' to perpetrate this fraud, the validity and integrity of all scientific inquiry has been called into question. If this is false, then what else has been manufactured for the same purposes? Should we now throw out all results and begin afresh? Which parts of scientific research has not been manipulated to some occult end?

No apologies have been forthcoming for such rubbish as the British Met office posting on its website back in October that this would be one of the warmest winters on record, and that Britian has seen the 'end of snow,' at least for the memories of those now living.

No apologies for fear mongoring, such as shrinking Himalaian glaciers (false), melting ice caps (false) and austerity measures under the color of law that have caused immeasurable suffering on whole populations.

No apologies from Al Gore, who won Academy Awards and Nobel Peace prizes under false and misleading pretenses. Nor has he aplogized for his own personal enoumous 'carbon footprint' in the name of raising the false alarm. A classic example of 'do as I say,' if there every was one.

We have been had. We have been manipulated and cowed into accepting a falsehood with the promise of a utopia that can not and never will exist. The Earth is more than capable of regulating its temperatures and atmospheric contents, as it has done for eons, without Mankind raising so much as a fuss.

That we, as a species, could possibly have such a massive effect on a planetary scale while pursuing our daily lives is hubris at its most outrageous extreme. While the burning of hydrocarbons can have unpleasant local effects, such as smelly air and environmental toxins, it can not reach the scale of planetary disaster. Yes, the world has 'shrunk' in the past 100 years, but not THAT much.

It seems to me the best thing we, as a species, could do now would be to pause and take inventory. How much of what we think we know has been manipulated for some covert purpose, and how much is real knowledge? It seems that after 200 years of breathless scientific and technological advance, we owe it to ourselves and our progeny to step back for a time and review.

If such a massive fraud as 'global warming' could be perpetrated in such a relatively short time, then how much of physics, history and biology have also been manufactured out of whole cloth? This singlualr incident calls into question that whole thing, and if information is power, then who has the real information, because it belongs to all of us, not the select few.

The Greek mathmatician Eratothenes measured the distance to the Sun and Moon very accurately around 2,500 years ago. He was off precisely 10%, in fact. The reason was he used Egyptian surveys to determine the radius of the Earth, and thus the distances to Sun and Moon. The Egyptian government had manipulated their surveys with a 10% error in order to collect more taxes, thus is wasn't until Lelande nearly 2,000 years later that an accurate measurement was obtained.

In other words, science was set back two millennia by the greed and lies of governments and 'authorities.' Where would our civilization be now had the Egyptians provided true and accurate measurements of their lands? The Catholic church suppressed Galileo's work demonstrating the Earth was not the center of the Universe, but meerly another insignificant rock in space, thus setting back scientific inquiry on the grounds of religious dogma.

How much might was have achieved in the past 25 years, if we had not wasted so much time and effort on a lie? How many advancements were quashed because of misguided grant funding going to a massive fraud? How many more resources will be wasted on perpetuating this fraud, before we can resume real scientific inquiry?

The emails exposed in ClimateGate demonstrate that the actors within this fraud were well aware of what they were doing. Their comments show that they purposefully manipulated data, hid facts and outright lied, in order to obtain funding and support occult purposes.

There needs to be a Nurmberg trial on a global scale to try and punish the perpetrators of this fraud. The punishments must be severe enough to discourage future efforts to repeat this sort of evil. And the inquiries must reach to every level of the fraud, not just the useful idiots at the forefront in the media, but at the highest levels of society.

Myths, legends and religious dogma are fine for those who willfully adhere to them, but to enforce at the point of a gun those fairy tales on every living soul on the planet rises to the level of crime never before seen in history.

We are being charged for water, which covers 75% of the planet. We are being charged for food, which grows just about anywhere. We are being charged for breeding (marriage licenses and taxes). And they are trying to charge us for air through the auspices of 'global warming.' How many more natual and free functions of life will we pay for before we tire of this rubbish?

The time has come to stop believing and adhering to these vile lies. People should throw down their gauntlets and stare down the perveyors of this garbage heap of lies and falsehoods. Its time to take back our birthrights, which are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, unhindered and unfettered by the greed and averice of controlling interests.

There are a thousand untried solutions to every problem, but we have been hoodwinked into accepting only those which line the pockets of vested interests. The solutions which keep the power and rights in the hands of the individual have been buried under mountains of steaming lies.

We have only to remove the hood over our eyes. We are complicite in keeping it in place. We are willfully following the false leaders, though we have been manipulated from birth to do so. However, that is no excuse to continue. We have the right and the duty to throw off the yoke of tyranny, no matter in what form it comes. Civilizations will remain intact, even if the paradigm by which we measure it changes.

The only 'authority' we should acknowledge is that of the Universe itself, for it is the immutable Laws of Nature that created all that we know, and which will determine the time when it will cease to exist. All else is a mirage.

'Global warming' and 'climate change' are brands which are sold to us through media and manipulation. Simply by recognizing it for what it is takes its power away. Demand real information and truthful dialogue. There are far more pressing issues to deal with and we should be applying our energy and resources to those things, and not to chasing phantoms.

Think free, be free.

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