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Q The Revolution

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As of the moment I write this, Q has posted 1,039 Drops since 26 February 2020, with a total of 4,426 since 27 October 2017.  I mention this by way of saying I have 5 or 6 abandoned articles on this topic, because things are changing and evolving so fast that it is a full-time job keeping up with it.  I invite the good reader to go to QMAP if one has the time and interest to keep up with the deluge.

The time investment is multiplied because Q has implied, and the Qvians have asserted, that the earliest Drops on 4chan (before Q was Q) are now in play.  In other words, as the Qvians put it, Q posted the end at the beginning.

There is also a significant number of Commentators on YouTube to report, parse and interpret every linguistic nuance for you if you are not into reading.  I will only recommend In Pursuit of Truth (IPOT), since creator Patrick Mack is rather level-headed and produces excellent documentaries on non-Q topics.

If you are new to the Q PsyOp, allow me to very briefly sum up the situation:

Q is ostensibly (no one has confirmed anything beyond speculation - see Q Proofs) a group of loyalist members of military intelligence, who recruited Donald Trump to run as president to aid their effort within the Executive branch to clean out corruption and insurgency within the United States federal, state and local governments, as well as destroy an international cabal that controls the power structures of governments worldwide through the use of blackmail and Satanic rituals.

For my research on the identity of the Q, I recommend the reader see Who Is Q?

The Q hierarchy looks like this:

  • God - use of religious symbolism and faith as the authority for all Q Ops;
  • Q - military intelligence/NSA using a sophisticated set of information tools and weapons to by-pass typical communication channels and control perceptions;
  • Q+ - POTUS, aka Donald Trump;
  • Autists - aka Anons, or the Apostles using my nomenclature, who "decode" Q Drops and distribute the "official" meaning and message of Q to the Qvians;
  • Qvians - my term for the Commentators, or hard-core true believers (think pastors), who spread The Gospel According to Q;
  • Qniverse - my term for the followers of Q, the parishioners if you will.
I should note for new readers that I refer to Q in the 3rd Person Singular Neuter (it), rather than the Masculine preferred by many Autists and Commentators, because I believe it to be a group of people using advanced technology to manipulate perceptions for a desired outcome.  I have over two dozen articles outlining my research and thoughts on the Q Phenomenon.

With the background now established, where do we stand with this PsyOp?

As one can imagine, Q has been quite busy framing the Corona virus pandemic (DEMpanic) and the current riots in a way favorable to Q+ (POTUS), and which casts events as being thoroughly under control of military intel.

If at the back of your mind, you are hearing Psalm 23, you are getting the hang of this.

"We are at war, the war is real" is the consistent message Q has put out in the nearly three years it has been operating.  Trump has been fighting a war of wills against an insurgent cabal of both foreign and domestic enemies.  Trump is the only person strong enough and clean (scrubbed) enough to lead this war.  He is the only True Patriot smart enough to run a 4-D chess match against the enemy as the front man for NSA-based intel officers still loyal to God and Constitution.

Q began as one of several anonymous posters on 4chan in late 2017, all claiming to be government insiders in one department or agency, or another.  The one we now call Q seems to have been the one that people latched onto as being "authentic," though I suspect any of them would have led to the same place, perhaps with small modifications to the narrative.

A legitimate question at this point, for the objective observer, is whether current events were fomented by Q's messaging, or did Q accurately predict an inevitable or predetermined outcome.  It's a "chicken or egg" argument that could each consume a full-length book.  I suspect the forces Q and POTUS are up against had several scenarios planned, and it was the words and actions of Q/POTUS that made the current situation inevitable, perhaps desirable in their view.

Q frequently posts the statement, "optics are everything."  This implies to my mind that events are allowed to progress, no matter how destructive, until the popular mind has sufficiently framed those events in a way favorable to Q/POTUS.  Once the framing is achieved, Q/POTUS can act in a way that increases favorable marketing/poll results.  Favorable results increase the spread and esteem of Q/POTUS, thus forming a perfect feedback loop, with a nice shot of dopamine to reward the Qvians.

As friend and colleague Joseph P. Farrell likes to say, he who controls the interpretation of prophesy, controls its fulfillment.  We need to keep this in mind going forward.

One of the mantras of the Qniverse is "future proves the past."  Q has frequently said that its Drops and Prophesies (a word actually used in the Qniverse) can only be interpreted in the light of future events.  Here's how Q Prophesy works:

We will focus on Drop #14, from 1 November 2017, when Q was still posting as "Anonymous" on 4chan.  Note that the post begins with a famous painting of Washington crossing the Delaware in a Durham boat.

Attorney John Durham was brought into the Department of Justice on 27 October 2017, the day Q first began posting.  This is widely interpreted as signalling the long awaited Durham Report will carry POTUS to victory.

As you read the text, notice that nearly every line is a question that is not answered.  The questions are phrased in such a way as to allow multiple correct answers.  Whenever it is expedient, Q can point to any of the questions it has posted and say that current events have proved that question to be prescient.

This technique is equivalent to a carnival side-show mentalist saying, "I'm picking up a message for Mike.  Is there a Mike in here?"  If, in the unlikely event there are no Mikes, then he can say, "Maybe Mark?  The message is a little garbled."

Q14 lists an entire cast of "bad actors" who could easily make headlines at any time in the following 3-4 years, and Q can then say that it successfully predicted this when the timing is right.

This particular Drop, along with Q19, are causing a lot of chatter in the Qniverse, because obviously Q "foresaw" current events, though actually the questions could have multiple answers that change to match current events, and the mention of ANTIFA and Muslim Brotherhood (MB) are good bets for multiple situations.

Q19, dropped the same day as Q14, deals almost exclusively with the relationship between the Democrat Party and the black American population, and leaders and spokespeople.

In this case, there is roughly 170 years of history, the comments of LBJ on passing the welfare laws in 1965, and 50 years of modus operadi to draw on.  This is nearly as safe as predicting the sun will rise tomorrow, in terms of the picture Q is painting.

Notice also that Q14 and 19 were posted almost one year to the day after the election of POTUS, giving any think tank sufficient data to predict the actions of opponents into the future.  Add to the that the ability to capture and read electronic chatter (military intel, or MI), and one has a pretty solid handle on tactics and means of an opponent.

I should mention at this point that Q's assertions of being able to pick up and use electronic chatter of opponents is exactly what the Qvians are so angrily accusing the Obama administration of doing in the so-called Obamagate spying operation.

A common exclamation among Commentators right now is, "How did Q know this three years ago?!"

Having worked in theater and side-shows most of my life and knowing the tricks, I am hardly moved by these "predictions".  If Q had said, even speculatively, that a viral epidemic would sweep the world, and it would be followed by civil unrest based on racial issues, I would be first in the believers' line.

Q has even established an out in the case that any prediction appears way off.  It's disinformation.  Of course, the enemy reads the Q Drops too, and we can't give away everything can we?  Q doesn't even have to do the dirty work.  The Qvians themselves wave off any inaccuracies as false trails for the cabal to follow.

The answer is simple for anyone that has read American history covering the last 170 years.  Nearly all episodes of civil unrest and rioting have been fomented by the political left, and in pretty much every case has led to the overwhelming election of a right-wing administration.  Note specifically Lincoln in 1860, and Nixon in 1968.  We may infer the same forces electing Trump in 2016, and current events will most likely sweep him into office with a Nixonesque landslide in 2020.

What really bakes the noodle, with this established historical pattern in mind, are the political left in America actually trying to throw the election to Trump?    After all, Trump has proven so resilient to the left's machinations, and Q's Drops seem prescient enough, that one could infer a massive operation to engineer society on the part of both sides.  Just a few short years ago, the right would have fought tooth-and-nail against a national ID - especially for voting purposes - yet they are now begging for it.

As Q itself frequently says, we are watching a movie.  There is a nagging suspicion at the back of my brain that this is all a huge game to get the right wing to demand everything they would have rebelled against less than half a decade ago.  And this is what makes me so suspicious of Q, and Trump.

Q seems to know what will happen years ahead of time.  Q claims to have recruited Trump.  Trump always seems ahead of the game.  The left seems to play right into political traps.  The left has put up a candidate that so obviously feeble and incoherent that no one could seriously vote for him, unless out of sheer spite or misguided loyalty.

Everything together smacks of a thrown election, creating a hero of such power and stature that even the most hard-boiled anti-statists would follow him right over the cliff.

Why, it's almost as if the whole thing, on all sides and in every detail, has been planned, and that Trump is not only the desired outcome of so-called white nationalists, but is in fact the product of a collusion of both sides of the aisle.  The Democrats appear to be falling on their swords to create a single-party system with all the trappings of a totalitarian regime.  And thanks to Q, the right-wing conservative resistance is waltzing right into it thinking they are patriots every step of the way.

When I am working on a puzzle, I know I am on the right track when the pieces start to form a coherent image.  In this case, all the pieces don't seem to add up until one imagines it is completely staged on all sides to herd people in a very specific direction while subverting all their normal cautions and reservations.

Q has successfully merged religion, politics, militarism, commerce, and social engineering into a tight little package.  It has people around the world spouting slogans, while deriding people who spout slogans.  I has people praising the use of logic and reason, while accepting unconditionally everything they are told.  It has framed a political leader as a quasi-religious figure appointed by God to clean up all the injustices of the world and save us from damnation.  It has gotten people who previously would have panicked over the Chief Executive threating to use the military on US soil cheering for it - even begging.

You tell me if this seems normal in the cold light of reason.

Is the revolution a left-right battle?  Or is it the final push for something much more nefarious and frightening?

Post Scriptum: A great many Qvians have whipped themselves into a froth over the possibility of Barack Obama and/or Hillary Clinton being brought up on charges of treason.  If this ever happens, and it is a Big If, there are a number of problems with it.

The US Constitution grants Congress the sole power to "declare war," however there are no formal or proscribed formats for such things.  The last time Congress actually "declared war" was 5 July 1942, when it passed a joint declaration of war against Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria.  More recently, Congress passed a joint "authorization to use military force" in the wake of 9/11, to authorize the president to use the military to fight terrorism.

This gets problematic when one wants to indict someone of treason.  In the US, 18USC2381 creates a criminal act called treason.  If found guilty, the perpetrator may be jailed for not less than 5 years, fined not less than $10,000, and could receive the death penalty.

Treason in the US is defined as levying war against the States, or giving aid and comfort to the enemies of the States.

It gets murky in that the US has not actually "declared war" for nearly 80 years, and knowing how attorneys love to parse words, is an "authorization to use military force" legally the same as a declaration?  If so, then the accused must be shown to be a legal combatant on behalf of a foreign power which has declared war on the US, or show that the accused knowingly gave aid and comfort to an enemy that has decalred war on the US.

A combatant is defined by the Customary IHL, Rule 3, under international law.  Combatants are only members of the Armed Forces, excepting medical and religious personnel, and thus are uniformed and identifiable as combatants.  Otherwise, we are into a really murky realm of espionage, and I don't have the energy to dive into that topic here.

Thus, to get an indictment - and ultimately a conviction - of treason, there must be a declared war, which alone would take years to sort out the legal tangle of that mess, and the accused would have to be a combatant or spy on behalf of the declared enemy, which itself is a bowl of legal spaghetti.

The chances of any of the chast of characters the Qvians salivate over being indicted, tried and convicted of treason in their lifetimes is slim to nil, given their current ages.  There are at least a half dozen Supreme Court decisions just waiting to happen, not to mention questions that are far more complex than the meaning of "is".

If any indictments and/or convictions come out of the Qniverse Fantasyland, they may well lead to new and modified legislation going forward.  At a minimum, we can expect the entire process to wend its way through the frozen molasses of government in the next 30-40 years.

I find it highly improbable that anyone of significant status within the Qniverse Fantasyland to ever see the inside of a courtroom, much less a jail cell.  Judicial Watch has been trying to haul Hillary Clinton into court for a deposition under oath, and even with court orders and piles of evidence, they can't even get her in the same State as the court.

And just to rub salt in the wound, many of the players in Qniverse Fantasyland have or had at the time sovereign immunity.  If you want to understand that term, you're on your own.  Good luck!


  1. YOU are part of the DS MSM

  2. YOU are part of the DS MSM

  3. I've had similar suspicions about Trump and who/what he is all about. Besides the fact he is evidently owned by the extremist Zionists presumably going back to when he laundered money for some of them looting Russia in the Yeltzin years, Trump was to me an odd fit as I'd always taken him for a Democrat. His support for the transgender entrant into Miss Universe was typical of him and hardly conservative.

    he was elected above all because he was not Hlllary Clinton and he even conned us on that. I can't see much she'd not have done. Business as usual in effect and that goes for the busy work at the border whilst effectively keeping the borders as porous as ever.

    The Dems on the other hand have seemingly stumbled from one poor choice to another. They have systematically selected the worst candidates and eschewed any that looked like they might have a chance. They even appear to have handicapped Biden with the lame attempt to have a crack at the Don over Ukraine. That hardly touched Trump but it brought Biden's dealings into the public sphere even if the media dutifully ignored it or explained it in orthodox terms meaning "nothing to see hear folks". yet they did it and they must have known it would besmirch their chosen candidate. I doubt there is usually more than one candidate running for the Dems at least with the rest just there for show. I'm still half expecting Clinton to be wheeled out at the last minute but presume there must be a time limit and we'd be on the verge at least by now? Even if they did I don't think she'd stink worse than Biden anyway. That is the thing though. What possesses these people to force matters down to the absolute worst choices of anyone alive in the USA who is not incarcerated for life in prison? If it is any sort of plan to win then it is dumber than no plan and nobody could accidentally suck so bad at finding a leader.

  4. Having read all the articles composed on this site involving Q, I'm irritated to see so little about Trump's actions and words that have obviously damaged our country considerably, with a faux economy facing its demise. So when there is a conclusion about a "Nixonian landslide" for the 2020 election, it seems to me more far-fetched than the Q-Crap fantasy.

  5. This is a most helpful article at a time when I begin questioning Trump's leadership. Allowing Jared Kushner to select his virus tzars, who turned out to be highly compromised and who wanted our country shut down, and then allowing them to remain in those positions, woke me up. We do, indeed, have a Zionist Occupied Government.

    Additionally, I appreciate Rabbit's reply.

    So, I had been wondering whether this is "the plan" no matter who was elected, which is what Mr. Reichel seems to be getting at: that all roads lead to the same outcome.

    The roads appear to be headed to the inevitability of a NWO, which is what Rothschild told the world will happen. Soros is a Rothschild puppet, I believe, and Kushner is in league with Soros.

    So, the question becomes, how do we un-infest our government? Or is it too late? It is confusing. The dems seem to be wanting a Bolshevik revolution, but are blaming the repubs for endangering our constitution. The repubs think of themselves as the patriots wanting to save our constitution, but have created a disaster for the constitution and for the stability of the world.

    I want to think Trump has the good of the country at heart, so I must conclude that he is compromised. Or I must conclude that I am wrong and that this has been the plan all along. Now that I take a second look at Kushner's role in Trump's administration, I am led to believe the latter, that this is the plan.









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