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Behold The Qult

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READER NOTE: Updates appear at the end of the article.

Let me begin with some "B Proofs".  I have stated in several articles and interviews on Rense Radio that I suspected Q follower numbers were being inflated as rewards to the Anons and Commentators, as well as a means to control the perception of the operation's effectiveness and distribution.  The proof recently came on the "Patriots Fight" board.

For those not deeply (and wisely) initiated into this operation, Q has two boards on 8chan - one where Q exclusively posts its Drops (no other posts), and one where the Anons (Apostles and Acolytes) can post their research and comments.

The reader should also be aware that there are several sites where the Drops are automatically re-posted (based on trip codes), numbered, titled, and often share space with POTUS (President of the United States) tweets and Anon posts.  Two of the most popular of these sites are and

Qmap had a live user count at the top of the page, which consistently showed more than 200,000 online users at most times.

The screenshot here shows that the Admin of Qmap became aware of inflated user numbers via a hack of the system, and subsequently took the counter off the page.  At first, he repaired the counter, which then showed about 2,000 users at any time.  Apparently this was not a good sales point and the counter disappeared altogether.

I contend that if inflated counts are a proven fact in this case, then the probability of it happening on other outlets has increased significantly.  The reported numbers of Q Followers should be viewed with a skeptical eye.

There is also the matter of the [-21] day countdown that was to culminate on 19 March.  I clearly indicated that nothing would happen of any importance to the Spygate scandal, as many Qvians predicted (DECLAS of FISA for one).

The three events that did happen were the Christchurch mosque shootings, Trump vetoing the Senate's repeal of his Border National Emergency (BNE), and Attorney General Barr's blessing of the BNE on 15 March.  The Qvians either heralded the BNE as being the Big Event, or that the Christchurch attacks had stolen the headlines and any Trump surprises were thus put on hold.

The oft-repeated excuse for Q Fails is that the Drop was "disinformation" or a "decoy" for the Deep State to get them to expend "ammunition," and thus be rendered ineffective when the "real" news came (see Q3165)

In Q3078, Q clearly says that the Christchurch attacks were "not big enough" to pull headlines away from Trump's supposed bombshells.

This and other Drops from Q imply that it had foreknowledge of the attacks, or at minimum expected - even wanted - them to happen.  If this is the case, then why didn't Q expose the attacks before, or at least after?  Instead, it gloated in the waste of a mass killing to derail Q/POTUS plans.

This appears to be callous disregard for human life, and/or usurpation of tragedy to advance its agenda.  Either way, not a pretty picture, and one we have repeatedly seen with Q (see Q3077).  Even in the face of this tragedy, Q highlights its countdown (see Q3173).

Let us now turn to the Q Cult, or Qult.  We begin with a definition of "cult":
  • a system of religious veneration and devotion directed toward a particular figure or object. - "the cult of St. Olaf"
  • a relatively small group of people having religious beliefs or practices regarded by others as strange or sinister. - "a network of Satan-worshiping cults"
  • a misplaced or excessive admiration for a particular person or thing. - "a cult of personality surrounding the leaders"
As I have pointed out many times in previous articles, particularly "The Gospel According to Q" linked above, there is a very definite religious flavor both to Q's Drops and to the fervor with which the Qvians adhere to its pronouncements.  Religion is also a common theme in Trump's speeches and press conferences.

From Q's liberal use of Bible passages to the frequent inclusion of religious messages in much of the Qvian commentary, it is important to note this, as it is integral to my contention that Q is, or at least behaves as, a cult leader.

Not only does Q meet the first definition of "cult" above, but it also falls squarely under the third.  The combination of the two is most disconcerting.  It brings up connotations of the Queen of England, the King of Thailand, the Catholic Pope, or the Ayatollahs of Iran, who have both religious and political power.  Not a comforting image for a secular nation like the US.  These two "authorities" were purposely kept separate with good reason by the nation's founders.

That being said, the primary thrust of this article is to demonstrate how Q controls the narrative - and thus followers - within the Qniverse (my term for all things Q).  Q is obviously softening followers to be activated on command.  While it has been mostly benign to date, with 3,310 Drops, there is no reason to assume that it will remain so (see Q3077 ff.).

My thesis here is predicated on the repeated imperatives from Q to "use logic" and "use reason," or "look here, don't look there".  Despite dozens of instances of Q literally ordering followers to do something, it is surprising how few apply critical thinking to this operation, especially when it comes to examining the language that Q uses.

In English grammar, when there is assumed subject of "you" and the verb is in the Simple present aspect, it is a command or imperative, such as "sit down" or "shut up".  This is especially so when there are no modifying modals, such as would, could or should.

Q's use of syntax is combined with subtle contextual and connotative cues that are installed via repetition.  This is easily evidenced by Q's constant use of slogans, such as "where we go one, we go all."  It is also found in Q's predilection for "predicting" fairly obvious events or occurrences, then taking credit for those that come to pass while glossing over those that do not - in short, confirmation bias.

A primary reason Q - and other psy-ops - are so effective is that it subverts incredulity through the use of provable facts and "predictions" to lower resistance in the minds of followers and insert selected narratives and even false information into the individual's conscious thoughts.  The follower then perceives the world through the installed prism, where only selected points of view filter through.

An example would be the way the Nazi Party in Germany used very real cultural and economic threats to inject Final Solutions that did not address the real problems, but scapegoated segments of the population that were then widely perceived to be the cause of suffering.  Events such as the Reichtstag Fire and Kristalnacht are frequently cited examples.

We see similar currents in Trump rally crowds.  Chants of "USA," "CNN Sucks," "Fake News," and so forth are clearly the result of group-think.  Even if the individual is not disposed to violence, in a crowd of thousands, both the anonymity and the peer pressure can be overwhelming motivators.

In the case of Q, it has continually targeted media and the Democratic Party in the US.  While the nation's real problem is social, moral and cultural decay, Q has successfully laid the burden on demographic groups that are symptomatic, rather than actual causes.

The absence of invective against Republicans is telling, and there is never a third-party alternative mentioned.  Q is not a broad-spectrum movement, but one narrowly focused on getting selected Republicans in office.  Q is highly partisan and serves only to widen and deepen the left-right divide, not foster unity and common solutions.

We have seen this before far too many times.

This jingoism is evident in Q Drops and the extensive musings of the Qvians.  At no point do they see the System itself as the problem, only select groups within it.

Issues such as the wildly ballooning public debt, or the massive flooding in the Midwest US and the coming inflation in food prices, or the morality of taxation. or the federal government's involvement in public education are completely ignored, though arguably more pressing than any of the issues highlighted in the Qniverse.

Public funding of grotesque "art" through the National Endowment for the Arts, or billions of dollars in hand-outs to nations that are philosophically anathema to US ideals are never mentioned.  The rampant hiding of results from publicly-funded science and the mafia-like protection of Big Pharma and other industries don't rate a footnote with Q or among its followers.

Instead, we are treated to nearly non-stop haranguing of mass media, gleeful teasing of opposition politics, and ubiquitous flag waving and patriotic back-clapping.

In opposition to the long-standing American tradition of suspicion towards large, centralized government, Q is leading its followers to blind, unquestioning faith in it and the vainglorious hope - even faith - that the System can cure itself by administering more of what made it sick.

People who just a few years ago distrusted everything government now extol the virtues of the secret Plan to save the world and using the military to 'retake' the federal government - commonly called a "junta".  They once praised the bravery of Edward Snowden  for exposing the surveillance system, but now vilify the CIA (a.k.a. Clowns) and DARPA, while praising the NSA.  There was once a time when a "patriot" mean one who defends the land and people against any force - especially government - but now it is used to label the military operatives operating Q to 'restore' the government.

A perfect example of narrative control and redirection occurred during the government shut-down earlier this year.  There was rampant buzz among the Qvians, fostered by Q, that Trump would use the opportunity to lay off hundreds of thousands of government employees, thus reducing the size of the federal government and draining the swamp in one fell swoop.  Not only did it not materialize, not a single commentator that I monitor has mentioned it since then.  Yet, Trump is still viewed as a champion of smaller government and reduced waste, despite a complete lack of evidence for such an image.

This is a classic case of the Edward Bernays model of Public Relations: use symbols and trigger words to evoke a specific set of emotional responses, then transfer them to whatever person, product or organization one chooses; then reinforce the transference by manipulating the symbols and triggers.

In the case of Q, followers are being told they are under direct and dire threat.  Their families and property are being attacked, or will soon be.  The resulting fear and "circle the wagons" instinct is then transferred to whatever target Q chooses - in this case, the media and Democrats, used almost interchangeably.  The followers thus adhere to each other with a siege mentality for "protection" and begin to group-think.  This response shuts off critical thinking and prevents contrary information from entering conscious thought.

While the threats may or may not be real, the emotional responses are real, and those responses are targeted wherever the central cult figure points its finger.  We need look no further than Trump's Wall to see this in action.

Q has done nothing that any dedicated individual could not do.  Q has published hundreds of links to articles, photos and videos in the public domain, something many of us regularly do on social media. The difference is that the links and messages are strung together with a provided context to form a narrative with a particular viewpoint.

In fact, all of the heavy lifting to reveal hidden documents and conspiracies has been done by Tom Fitton and Judicial Watch, by Julian Assange and WikiLeaks, and by dozens of nameless, faceless people who risked their well-being to get those documents into the public domain.  Yet, the Qvians place all the glory at Q's feet, and Q does nothing to disabuse them of this undeserved adulation.  It is my contention that this is exactly what Q's intention is.

By taking the glory for uncovering the corruption at the core of the System, Q not only disenfranchises those dong the real work, it also controls the context and interpretation of the information.  In addition, through the Q Proofs and the Q+ entity, all of the goodwill is transferred to the military and Donald Trump, while blame is shunted onto the various enemies. (see Q791 ff)

The process works like this: first, gain the attention and trust of a large number of followers; next, transfer that trust onto Donald Trump; finally, take credit for all positive developments and ignore the rest.  No matter what happens, Trump is personally responsible for the perceived good, and the failures are shunted off on the Deep State, the Swamp and other shadowy enemies.  Think Orwell's Goldstein in Nineteen Eighty-Four.

As I have clearly demonstrated in prior articles, Q is a technology - a particularly powerful one at that - which is in the possession of government agencies, specifically USOCOM and the GEC.  We must ask ourselves, if Trump is re-elected and the pressure of campaigning is no longer a factor, what then?  Furthermore, if Trump loses in 2020, or leaves in 2024, and someone else assumes the office, what will that person do with this technology?  Control is only a matter of firing the right people and installing cronies.

We must assume that the opposition is well aware of Q, given the large body of media hit pieces out there, and they will surely have been thinking what they could do with such a tool.  We must also assume that even if Q is publicly "revealed," we will likely not get the whole, or even true story.  It is interesting to note that speculation of Q's Revelation closely mirrors the UFO Disclosure talk.

Q has shifted its narrative several times, and the Qvians unquestioningly follow the lead with nary a glance in the rear-view mirror.  Q has already established an "infallibility doctrine" among a great many followers, and they work feverishly to prove every Q Pronouncement correct, rather than critically dissecting and examining the pieces, and especially holding Q to task for failures.

Q is by definition a cult.  Its followers offer unquestioned credulity and allegiance, assume they know the identity of Q (commonly using the pronoun "he"), and relentlessly evangelize Q's message, and the message is a blend of religious and political ideologies.  These are hallmarks of cults.

The Qvians heap unearned praise on their unseen leader and its public manifestation in Donald Trump.  They attribute all manner of victories and beneficence to Q, and wave away any failures and conflicting data with consensus apologetics.  They produce and display objects of faith, such as hundreds of hours of video, clothing, stickers, banners, and so on.  We have even seen the apotheosis of Trump as god-emperor

It is one thing to hold harmless pep rallies, and quite another to hold torchlight processions.  Can we honestly and naively assume that the movement before us will not devolve into the latter?

Behold the Qult.

Update 8 April 2019: As of this time, Q has been silent since 10am, 29 March 2019.  In our model, this means Q has entered Analysis Phase, where it stops "talking" and starts "listening".  This has a number of purposes in q-analysis (see article above by this title).  First, it is remapping the social media sphere to see how far its most recent messages have spread and where the hot-spots or "hubs" are.  It may single out particularly active hubs to steer increased traffic and for rewards such as "mentions" or higher subscriber numbers.  Second, it is quantifying which messages are getting the most "air time".  It may choose certain topics for future Drops in order to boost their visibility, or to populate them with more information.

From a political standpoint, this kind of information would be highly valuable when scheduling rallies and composing speeches in various locations.  It can also quantify how well certain messages are playing among the voters and what their emotional responses are to various topics.

Of course, there are far more possibilities of value to a political entity.  These are just the most obvious.  Regions that purchase large amounts of Q Paraphernalia would be rich grounds for targeting donors.  It also provides a comprehensive map of strengths and weaknesses, and which issues might sway those regions.

In any event, Listening Mode has gone anywhere from days to nearly a month.  These periods allow the water to settle a bit and make the feedback clearer by not stirring the Qvians with new data, but rather seeing where things stand before launching the next phase of the project.


  1. By now I have been completely disappointed w/ all of these groups or people passing as "Intel Messengers" (claiming to be in possession of specialized intelligence given to them by very high level insiders), including [Q] of course, but there are at least a few others, since none of them have, over the (many) years, delivered absolutely anything of any "real" substance, even though their followers (which are always praising & butt kissing their leaders) will argue to the contrary. All of these "Intel Messengers" have been either promising &/or predicting major incidents regarding the "mass arrests" of very high level & high visibility, bad-actor Cabal members via "Martial Law", perp walks, military tribunals, indictments, sentences & executions, the restoration of "The Republic & the Constitution",... the GCR (Global Currency Reset) / RV (Currency Revaluation),... debt forgiveness, a jubilee, the dissolution of the IRS, the adoption of a new gold-&-precious-metals-backed currency, & many other things like "free-energy" technology, advanced full-spectrum "medical beds", rejuvenation, much more advanced computer & "smart phone" technology,... etc. Milestones are typically set (in the future) for all major holidays, equinoxes or solstices, &/or seasons around the year. But of course, none of these things have ever happened. They always claim that we are almost there, or just around the corner, & that if the military does not take the appropriate action,... they,... (lol),... will. The most irritating thing is that, while they continue to claim that "we are winning", the actual real news we are getting (i.e., regarding the immigration invasion influx, anti-1st-&-2nd amendment actions & laws, other UN Agenda-21 (2030) implementations, etc.) seem to indicate we are slowly but surely going to hell in a hand-basket,... While more negativity continues to creep into our lives, I don't see how the positives are negating or neutralizing all of these "crimes against humanity" & that we are correcting the state of the planet.

  2. Not even slowly going to hell in a handbasket. The process seems to be accelerating seen from here.

  3. I was exposed to this "pattern" (of "promises" followed by "delays") early on my professional career. I was asking for an overdue pay raise from my boss, an independent business owner, & he started by making me a promise, & then, after enough time had gone by, I would ask him again, & he would make up some other excuse why he couldn't do it then, & then make another promise & so on. Well this continued on indefinitely until one day I caught him off guard, in a situation he himself had proposed, & so he ended up giving me the raise. Soon after that I was laid off. The guy was a cheap son-of-a-bitch, a narcissist, & only cared about himself. He didn't see any real value in supporting people that not only supported him, but got the work done beyond his own expectations. He had other professionals work for him, but he wasn't satisfied by their work, since they always made him dependent on them, & he hated them for that. Then I came along, & gave him exactly what he wanted plus more, & he didn't respect that either & played w/ me, & fired me, & re-hired me, & fired me again. I later realized that every time he let me go was an attempt by him to "weaken" me, in an attempt to make me dependent on him. But he didn't. He just made me reject him even more & anyone else who ever tried to use me. But the point is that, this "pattern" of "promises" followed by "delays" is a pattern used by those "control-freaks" that don't want to deliver,... When we recognize this pattern,... that means,... we are being played,... & "delivery" is not what they are "promising",...

  4. thank you. excellent analysis. has me applying same logic to other groups. russiagate, pretty much any political candidate, most religious leaders, but for sure, this one qualifies.

  5. "Who Controls The Information,... Controls The World",... My Perspective, On "The Mandela Effect" - "Congratulations,... !!!" You have just been "re-programmed". What a crock of BS,... another "PsyOp",... to confuse us & make us believe "we don't even have a grip" on reality,... that reality is fluid, & can change at anytime & w/o notice,... to keep everyone doubting everything, confused & scared,... but worst of all, "reprogrammable". In this "New Electronic World" information can & is "intercepted", & thus any evidence can be created, injected, altered, manipulated, & implanted at any time, & w/o notice & w/o your knowledge. If you believe that "the past can be changed",... you've been duped,... Just "think" about it,... If you believe the "Mandela Effect" is "real",... then, "they" can "change the facts" about anything & then (hypnotize you) & make you believe anything they want you to believe is real,... as "your new reality",... & you'll fall for it. Now they can literally change "History" & get away w/ it. What a very "convenient" tool for "brain-wash" & "manipulation" - You have just been "re-programmed".


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