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The Q Genesis

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READER NOTE: Updates appear at the end of this article.

Two questions I frequently receive from readers are, "How did Q start," and "Is it true Q recruited Trump?"

These are difficult questions, because the answers have been so muddied with myth and legend by now.  It is still possible, however, to get very close to how this all began, and to answer the question of recruitment.  The answer to this latter question is very disturbing and is one of the principle reasons I turned negative on Q.

First, how did Q begin?

As far as anyone knows, Q's first generally recognized post was on 4chan on 28 October 2017, at 15:44 EST.  This post claimed that Hillary Clinton would be arrested on the morning of 30 October 2017, and that the military was tasked with the arrest, while the National Guard (State unspecified) was on alert for both social unrest/riots and to apprehend running perpetrators.  We were told Clinton's passport had been flagged and that extradition processes had already been initiated with several countries.

We should note several details here.  Firstly, the entity posting this message is "Anonymous" without the now-ubiquitous "Q" signature; and secondly, there are 50 National Guards - one in each State - and that some were indeed activated to assist with the devastation in Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria.

To trace this all back to the deepest roots requires going back  a full year before Q's first post.  Around 30 October 2016, a series of mysterious tweets appeared on the verified FBI Document Vault account.  The account itself is quite fascinating, but some of the original tweets appear to have been deleted, though there are a number of independent references to them (dead links).

In the middle of the night, 17 tweets appeared that detailed investigations of Donald Trump's father and uncle, who apparently had FBI connections.  They also released copies of the Hillary Clinton and Gen. David Petaeus investigations, as well as a copy of the FBI investigation manual.  What this ostensibly showed was the profound lack of depth in the Clinton investigation and the violations of procedure, and thus the corruption evident within the FBI.

We note the number 17, as this is a significant number in the Qniverse, because Q is the 17th letter of the English alphabet.  Also note in the linked video, Trump mentions McDill AFB, which we have connected to Q in Who Is Q?

Interestingly, one of the claims by this series of tweets was that social media and viral news had made it possible to skirt media gatekeepers and allow "insiders" to get information directly to the masses.  As with Q, this was considered a confirmed post by the time stamp of precisely 11am and including "coded" messages.

The "coded" messages were in the form of several FBI manuals, whose order and topics were said to tell a story.  For instance, the posting of the FBI's manual on health regimens was said to indicate Hillary Clinton's health issues.

In fact, the exact same language of "it's all over" and the "house of cards collapsed" used by Q appears in these tweets a full year before Q arrived.  Based on this information, little has changed in more than two years, yet the Qvians are constantly crowing how the end is nigh!

All the pieces of Q were extant a full year before Q "officially" appeared.  This implies that the Q psy-op has been modifying its message and techniques for some time, beginning during the Obama administration.  This gives us a clue that Q did not just "appear" on the scene, but was the fruit of a long process of testing how to use social media effectively to deliver propaganda.

One item I note with great interest is that these tweets appear to be the origin of the Hillary Health narrative.

This was followed by the appearance of several "government insiders" on 4chan, such as "FBIanon" and WhiteHouseAnon" and others, who reportedly had leaked information as well as specific predictions of future events.  FBIanon was generally considered credible, but for some reason, the entity that would become Q was given the most attention despite having made the above prediction that was so obviously wrong.

In any event, this series of tweets implied that Trump was recruited by FBI insiders concerned with the level of government corruption and undue influence of George Soros in militarizing police departments around the country.  It averred that Trump's uncle was well respected in the FBI and that his father was considered a patriot - and that Donald Trump was "clean".  We'll come back to that last item shortly.

This entity was said to have called itself a "Q Clearance Patriot," implying that it had top-level secret clearance (Q Clearance).  A search reveals that the only known all-access Q-Clearance in the US federal government is in the Department of Energy, which hardly seems related to military intelligence operations, though energy is certainly a highly strategic resource.

What is curious is that there are no references to "Q Clearance Patriot" in any of the 3312 Q Drops to date.  This term seems to have appeared either in posts by other "insiders" on 4chan, or in Reddit commentary well outside the preferred Q Domain.

The earliest reference I can find to the moniker "Q" being applied to this entity is in the article linked here.  The writer says, "Now let's get back to this new alleged insider, who calls himself "Q Clearance Patriot" (I'll use "Q")."  This is the earliest reference to using "Q" as short for "Q Clearance Patriot" that I can ascertain.

In this article, we note that there are references to "FBIanon" and "White House Anon," who are credited with accurate predictions of upcoming events. Reddit links are provided in the article and I will leave that judgement to the reader.

So it seems that Q was just one of several "anonymous insiders" who were posting leaks on Twitter and 4chan in the early days.

Within the scope of the model I proposed in Who Is Q?, we might think of these as separate teams working on the same goals with different approaches to see which one resonated most with the general public on the "chans".

This same article also seems to be one of the earliest references to the now-common Q Myth that Donald Trump was recruited by military intelligence to run for president in 2016.  His primary goal, it says, would be to "drain the swamp" with special focus on "pizzagate/child trafficking".  Note:
"B. Q'a [sic] overall theory (that Trump was recruited by military intelligence to stage a quiet coup to restore government integrity) fits with several things we know about the military.
"First of all, the military has a very low rate of Jewish people. For some mysterious reason, Jewish people rose to disproportionate levels of power in finance, lobbying, Hollywood, and media, but not in the military. If you look at the picture of Trump with his military team ("calm before the storm"), you see virtually no Jewish people there. FBIanon, who is widely regarded as the most credible of the 4chan insiders, said that the deep state corruption has a heavy Jewish influence."

The article header says that it was posted "1.4 years ago," as of the date of this writing,  which would place it about Novermber-December 2017, or within a month or two of Q's first appearing.  This would be confirmed by the author's reference to "Snoop Dogg's new album cover," which was released in November 2017.

We note that the article cites both Q and Anon (Apostles and Acolytes) sources as saying Trump was recruited for a "coup" against The Swamp, and that the military had pledged to protect Trump leading to his appearance of being "cool, calm and collected" in the face of widespread threats and near-constant media attacks.

By April 2018, another article avers that Dr. Jerome Corsi was approached by a group of generals in 2015, and told that the military had recruited Trump to run for president and lead the "coup" against The Swamp:
"According to veteran investigative reporter and best selling author, Dr. Jerome Corsi, he was approached three years ago by a group of generals and told that Donald Trump had been recruited by U.S. military intelligence to run in the 2016 Presidential elections, and subsequently help remove corrupt Deep State officials from positions of power. Corsi claims that QAnon represents the same group of senior military intelligence officials who are exposing the Deep State corruption and officials involved in a history of treasonous actions against the U.S. Republic."
Corsi and Alex Jones were later disavowed by Q, and not long after that, Corsi was arrested as part of Robert Mueller's Special Counsel investigation into Russian influence in the 2016 election.  The reader should see my article Jonesing For Q for extended discussion of these events.

To summarize the Q Legend so far, we have military intelligence - or was it FBI insiders? - formulating a "coup" against select groups within the US federal government, referred to as The Swamp.  The favorable status of Trump's uncle and father within the FBI is given as part of the reason he was selected.  Child trafficking and police militarization (Soros influence) were cited as two primary motivations for the coup.

Among the issues that alarmed the military was the undue influence of Jewish interests within the various agencies of government, and in external industries like media, finance and lobbying.

Thus, Q is a function of military intelligence designed to provide "insider" information to the general public and sway opinion against The Swamp, as well as provide updates on efforts to "drain the swamp" as part of an operation popularly referred to as The Storm and/or The Plan.

If we take these assumptions to be true, then some disturbing inferences fall out of them.

If Trump was indeed recruited to be the front man for a military coup within the federal government, then there must have been some means by which they could have ensured that Trump would win.  After all, Trump was probably the least likely candidate to beat Hillary Clinton, and would explain why the media and the the Clinton campaign gave so much time and attention to the Trump campaign.  They had selected Trump as their preferred opponent, thinking he would be a sure loser.  Thus, the near-absolute assurance in the media that Clinton would win the election.

This implies that somehow the Clinton campaign and the media were swayed to choose Trump as the preferred opponent.  The only other possible explanation was that Trump was selected by a "higher power," and the campaign was choreographed, with or without Clinton's knowledge and approval.  If Clinton knew, then everything we have witnesses since 2015 has been a kabuki theater to achieve some goal that we are not yet aware of.

This implies that the military had some way to "steer" the election and guarantee their selected front man would win.  In other words, it was not Russian influence that defeated Clinton, but the US military itself by manipulating the election.

If we assume that Q represents an advanced propaganda technology, as I have argued extensively in previous articles, then it is no far reach to conclude that the Q technology was used to influence voters via social media and targeted messages.

The Q Naratie that Trump was recruited includes the idea that the military had refrained from an open coup during the Obama administration, and that it would have no choice but to do so under a Clinton administration.  That places rather weighty stakes on the 2016 election outcome and would be sufficient reason to use every means available to ensure a favorable election outcome.

This Narrative also implies that The Swamp, The Storm and The Plan all refer to a concerted effort to rid the US federal government of "Jewish" influence.  This seemingly anti-Jewish, and by extention anti-Israel stance by Q would seem to be backed up by Q916, from 10 March 2018, where Q states, "We are saving Israel for last."

However, this flies in the face of Trump's actions to move the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, and to recognize Israel's sovereignty over the Golan Heights.

In Q137, from 12 November 2017, Q posted a list of national central banks without any other commentary.  Since "Jewish" control of Finance was established early on in the Q Narrative as being a problem, we can assume that the list of banks represents targets of some kind for The Storm/The Plan.

Another implication of all this is that military intelligence would have had to scrub Trump's background in order to leave little or no dirt for the opposition to use against him.

When one considers just how "clean" Trump has been, it seems unnatural for an individual in his position, both in public and private life.  We know that a recording was unearthed during the 2016 campaign from someone's private collection, of Trump making disparaging remarks about the behavior of women around wealthy men.  This is no secret to any worldly individual, but it did cause some momentary dust-ups in the campaign.

Other than that, the only negative information that has been uncovered by extensive Senate, House, Special Counsel, and opposition research over the past three years was the Steele Dossier, which appears to have been completely fabricated.

Are we to assume that a man who has had some very nasty and public divorces, owned a casino, owned the Miss Universe brand, dealt in highly corrupt New York real estate, and been through several bankruptcies is completely spotless?  Most of us would hardly stand up to this kind of scrutiny without some skeletons falling out of the closet.  Even Mother Teresa was not without sin.

To date, there is no unquestionable proof of shady business dealings, financial hanky-panky, nor underhanded anti-competitive practices.  The most visible accusation of sexual misconduct was from Stormy Daniels (interesting first name in this context), who lost her suit and was saddled with $300,000 in legal defense fees and her lawyer, Michael Avenatti, has recently been indicted on multiple counts of fraud, embezzlement, tax evasion and various other crimes.

It seems highly unlikely that Trump is an angel, so someone (military intel?) has scrubbed his past to ensure that nothing of any consequence could be uncovered, no matter how deeply someone might dig.  I am not attempting to sully the man, but only wish to point out his unnatural cleanliness.  It seems almost impossible to become a multi-billionaire with real estate and media empires, and not have something to hold over him.

The only other possibility that comes to mind is that the Clinton campaign, media heads and other public watchdogs have agreed not to publish anything damaging about Trump.  It seems far more likely that his past was scrubbed.

Which leads us to the question: does military intelligence have something on Trump to ensure his compliance?

It seems reasonable to assume that if military intel recruited Trump as front man, scrubbed his past, rigged an election, and is providing unprecedented protection for he and his family, then that same group must have insurance that Trump will act as needed to achieve the stated goals (The Plan).  Thus, Trump is trapped and is not making his own decisions.  He is performing a scripted function on behalf of a well shaded group whose actual identity and motives we can only guess at.

These are very disturbing inferences, and I make no secret that they are inferences and suppositions.  However, they fall naturally out of the information we have, and which I have documented extensively across a great many articles on topic.  While we have little irrefutable evidence to back up these assumptions, we also have none to allay them.

I have proven that Q is a psy-op, and argued that it is indeed a function of military intel, and have proposed who, where and how Q functions.  Given that psy-ops function in a murky world of half-truths and outright lies, we cannot - at this point - be sure of any of these data points.

However, if we take Q and the Anons (Apostles and Acolytes) at face value, then the questions raised here must be addressed, or accept that a growing social and political movement is based on highly deceptive and even frightening foundations.

It is well known and even assumed that most political leaders are controlled by special interests.  Even a cursory glance at donor lists tells us unequivocally that these leaders are beholden to private and corporate interests that don't necessarily mesh with our own.

Though the popular image is that Trump is free of influence because he used his own fortune and did not kow-tow to special interests to get elected, we can plainly see that this may not be the case.  In fact, having a leader in the nation's highest office who is literally owned and operated by the military is anathema to American ideals and simply dangerous to an open and functional republic.

It is at this point that we would do well to rehearse the words of Dwight Eisenhauer in his final speech to the nation as president:
"Now this conjunction of an immense military establishment and a large arms industry is new in the American experience. The total influence—economic, political, even spiritual—is felt in every city, every Statehouse, every office of the Federal government. We recognize the imperative need for this development. Yet, we must not fail to comprehend its grave implications."

If Q represents a group of military leaders who have become alarmed in recent years over the direction of the nation, and have just barely resisted the urge to launch an outright coup and establish a provisional junta, why now?

In the last 70 years, we have had assassinations, illegal wars and a central bank quite obviously robbing the wealth of a nation.  There has been ample reason for a military intervention to "protect and defend the Constitution."  Yet, only now has the military seen fit to intervene?  The JFK assassination alone was clearly a coup d'etat, but it was the Obama administration and the possibility of a second Clinton administration that compelled this action?

Doesn't pass the smell test.

For Q followers, it is high time to question blind allegiance to this entity.  For the rest of us, it is well past time to question what it is that claims to protect the president and to push into the open whether the Legend of Q is true and what influence does it have over political leadership.

While Qvians sincerely believe they know who/what Q is, and what the agenda behind it is, in fact they have no clue other than what a disembodied anonymous poster has told them.

The rest of us may blithely dismiss Q as a "conspiracy theory," but the fact remains that it is having a very real effect on public discourse and the decisions made by a significant number of individuals within the electorate.

As I have outlined here, the questions, assumptions and rational conclusions that fall out of the available data are disturbing and need to be addressed.  Both the responsible media (such as it is) and we, the unenthralled public, must push this issue to the front and get whatever facts we can on the table in order to make informed decisions as the next election cycle heats up.

It is reasonable to assume that Qvians and Q itself will have an influence on the 2020 elections.  Can we afford to be uncritical and uninformed on the nature and agenda of this entity?

In conclusion, we now know that Q is just the latest "version" of an effort dating to at least 2015, and possibly 2014 and before.  It was originally thought to be coming from the FBI, then later military intelligence, but in both cases, Trump was recruited to run for president.  The origins of much of the Q Legend appear pre-2017, with coded messages, synchronized time stamps, and so forth; however, it seems to be Trump's contribution to push catch phrases like "The Storm," "The Plan," and "Where we go one we go all."  I say this because Trump is an undisputed marketing genius, so he would naturally formulate tag lines and catch phrases that would stick in the mind, much like "Make America Great Again."

It appears that the original Q efforts centered around Twitter, however the use of censorship algorithms likely made this outlet untenable, so the "chans" were chosen for their non-censorship policies, with Trump using Twitter to issue companion posts, as the White House would be less likely to encounter blatant censorship there.

We have seen the origin of at least one meme that weighed heavily on the Clinton campaign - the health issue.  This implies more waiting to be found, and thus a fingerprint of efforts to steer the election in spite of the MSM constant drumbeat in favor of Clinton.  I suspect many more of these memes are waiting to be found in the vast volume of pre-election electronic chatter.

The lynch pin of the Q psy-op is the issue of pizzagate/child trafficking (see note below).  No matter how far afield one wanders in this investigation, one always stumbles over this underlying issue.  It is a matter of faith in Q that this issue will finally be exposed and the entire world power structure based on it will collapse under its weight.  This is certainly a key feature in the belief that there are 90,000+ Sealed Indictments against participants in this scandal.  To be seen...

Altogether, this reinforces my assertion that Q is a psy-op and that it has undergone a fairly extensive development process, with significant input from Trump's marketing background.  This is an emerging technology, which is still being perfected and will likely play an enormous role in the upcoming 2020 elections.

Given the history of Q, it stands to reason that it will continue to evolve and become more effective.  We would do well to keep a close eye on it going forward.

Oh, and we have now traced Q's appearance to within two years - almost to the day - that Cicada 3301 first appeared and simultaneous with Cicada's 3rd Puzzle, which also appeared on Twitter.

More to come.

In  response to reader comments, we are well aware that Wikipedia is completely untrustworthy as a primary source of information.  However, we have found the External Links section to be quite valuable on many occasions.  With regard to Pizzagate, the original, authoritative and most trustworthy source for this information is the Podesta Email released by WikiLeaks.

UPDATE 21 APRIL 2019: I've found conclusive evidence that Q Drops are edited and past Drops are deleted due to "mistakes" by Q.  The video linked here refers to several Drops from 1 Aug 18, that no longer exist on "official" Q boards.  I have archived the video to maintain a permanent record, as it will likely disappear soon, as well.

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