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GO100, the GEC And Queuing Up

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UPDATE: 4 August 2020 - the Mainstream Medium continues to push the idea that QAnon is a popular conspiracy theory that has sprung up from basements across America, rather than a sophisticated psy-op being promulgated by intelligence services to groom and channel popular dissent.  Interesting to note the undertone of fear and urgency, confirming that they know the truth.

Americans have been trained by the Bernaysian school of public relations, for well over a century, to think in sound bites and tag lines.

Ron Paul was an intellectual who could not give quippy answers to complex questions, because he knew the issues were deep and broad, with many interconnected issues.  He appealed to those who had taken the time to ponder the profound problems with the world and US governance, but he couldn't reach a wide audience, in part due to the media literally hiding him, but also because the well-trained audience tuned out as soon as he started sounding like a history teacher.

When Paul ran for president in 2012, he exposed a vast group of disaffected voters who had given up on the System as being intractable and monolithic.  Both major political parties were, as many people knew but seldom articulated, two sides of the same coin.

It was clear to the ruling class that this group had to be defused or deflected, or they would eventually win and cause irreparable harm to elites' now-centuries old control apparatus we commonly call government.

Cue Donald Trump.

In stepped Donald Trump.  He is a marketing genius, regardless of one's opinions of him.  He was able to tap into the Paul brigade with his blatant and gruff attacks on the Establishment and his appeal to broadly popular issues like crime, immigration and economy.  He was able to do it in a pithy and entertaining manner that attracted a large base of voters, including Paul's base, who had otherwise given up on affecting any meaningful change in government.

With his intimate knowledge of the inner workings of Main Stream Media (MSM), Trump circumvented the usual circuit breakers that defeated Paul.  Combined with Trump's celebrity status and sound bites that were irresistible to the MSM, he was able to steal the spotlight from all the other candidates in both parties and keep the cameras focused on him.  Trump fed the MSM's insatiable hunger for something to talk about, and he was rewarded with a steady stream of free - and priceless - air time.

In order to solidify and expand this loyal base, Trump - or at least his handlers - needed to speak directly to that base, confirm their worst fears, even installing new ones.  The media were ensconced in their ideological roles as gatekeepers, but Trump has spent a lifetime creating new markets and being the first to serve them.  Exploiting markets is what the MSM's raison d'être, and Trump was a gold mine of fresh eyeballs.

When I say Trump's handlers, many supporters with immediately bristle, for it is an object of faith that Trump is fully independent, unbeholden to the Establishment.  However, the Qvians will readily agree that Trump was recruited by military intelligence types precisely to lead the current Culture War.

As they say in politics, you gotta dance with who brung you, and if Trump was recruited and carefully managed by military intel (admitted by all interested parties), then his loyalty is primarily to them above all others.

Enter the Q Operation.

Four years ago, a broad segment of the population would have gone berserk if you had told them that thousands of secret warrants had been issued for political crimes, and that after the mass round-up of opposition had taken place, they would be shipped off to Guantanamo Bay, where military tribunals would pass judgement, and that both National Guard and military regulars would be sent onto the streets of America to perform law enforcement.  After nearly three years of Q, these same people are cheering, even clamoring for it.

If Q is the script, then Trump is the Stage Manager.  Trump is powerless to change the script, but he can time the entrances and exits for maximum effect.

The complexity of the Q Phenomenon has increased exponentially since its humble beginnings.  In an environment where all information is weaponized on all sides, we regular folks spend a lot of time trying to discern which source is least full of cow dung.

When it comes to Q, there are only two parties - those who preach it like a new religion, and those who dismiss it as a ridiculous LARP or conspiracy theory.  The latter group is fully entranced by the MSM and cannot or will not break out of the spell to investigate for themselves.

I take a third line.  I believe Q is real and is a military and/or intelligence service function.  Where I depart from the other parties is that I see Q for what it is - a weaponized marketing plan, where the product is winning hearts and minds.

What sets my spider sense to tingling is the fact that people who used to view government intervention, neighborhood military patrols and star chambers as patently unAmerican, now view these things as utterly necessary and patriotic.  That is a profound change in Weltanschauung, and says to me that the Q Operation is wildly powerful and effective.  Imagine if Joe Biden or Hillary Clinton were to espouse these same ideas.

To get a handle on what is happening in the US, let's turn to the chess metaphor.  In this metaphor, government consists of the back row of pieces, while the electorate are the pawns.  The opposing side is China, or Russia, or the EU, with minor players constituting the Southern Hemisphere.  The two major political parties are the knights.  They are powerful and maneuverable, able to leap obstacles.  They are close to the real power of the King and Queen, but they serve, they do not lead.

In chess, it is a common tactic to sacrifice a piece to achieve a strategic goal.  For example, I may use a rook to capture the Queen, even though I know I will lose it the next round.  I sacrifice a powerful piece in order to neutralize a more powerful one.

In the trenches, it makes little or no sense that the Democrats would nominate a man who is clearly incompetent, and adopt issues that are anathema to American sensibilities.  It is unthinkable that a major US political party would espouse positions like the wildly absurd Green New Deal, or defunding/disbanding police, or supporting Marxist violence, and so on.  It is political suicide to adopt all of those issues in the same critical election.

Unless the Player is sacrificing a knight to take out a more powerful piece.

As I have stated many times before, the current geopolitical environment is one of competing mafiosos.  One of these gangs, a powerful one, supports the dissolution of nation-states and the unification of the world under a single global government.  Another of the gangs has enjoyed profit and success under the status quo, and is vehemently opposed to significant change.  These are the two dominant factions, though there are quite a few others who serve at the pleasure of the top bosses.  They are the bishops, knights and rooks in our chess metaphor.

The Nation-State Player needs to unify the pawns (us) under its banner to defeat the opposing gang.  It cannot afford to split its loyalties and has chosen the Republican knight as its champion.  It must therefore have the Democrat knight fall on its sword to achieve its strategic goals.  Thus, the Democrat knight has been ordered to do everything offensive to the pawns' sensibilities to drive mass support to one side of the board.

Trump is one of the bishops, and Q is the other.  Together, they are guiding the pieces in defense of the King and Queen.  Who the latter two pieces represent we don't know.  Us mere mortals are not privy to that information.  Our job is to clear a path for the power pieces to advance.

Now that we have a clear picture of the global situation, we can take a closer look at the relationship between Q and Trump.  As noted, they are the bishops in our chess metaphor.  They are close to the Ultimate Mafioso, but they are not him or her.

Trump is, to switch metaphors, a carnival barker.  He cannot perform the tricks that the freaks inside can, but he has a commanding presence and the ability to convince the rubes to part with a few shekels.  Q is the freak show.  It performs all the parts and entertains the audience, and leaves them feeling like they got their money's worth.  Trump is doing his job to fill the house, and Q's Bearded Lady, Human Serpent and Contortionist have filled the bill.

A common question is, if Q is real, then who/what is it?

Here, we come to the GEC.

The Global Engagement Center, or GEC, is a little-known department of the US Department of State.  It is run by Lea Gabrielle, whom you've probably never heard of.  The GEC's Mission and Vision statement is:
"Core Mission: To direct, lead, synchronize, integrate, and coordinate efforts of the Federal Government to recognize, understand, expose, and counter foreign state and non-state propaganda and disinformation efforts aimed at undermining or influencing the policies, security, or stability of the United States, its allies, and partner nations.
"Vision: A data-driven Mission Center leading U.S. inter-agency efforts to proactively address foreign adversaries’ attempts to use disinformation and propaganda to undermine U.S. interests."
That's about as concise a statement of Q's modus operandi as we are likely to find.  Going further, the GEC utilizes its Technology Engagement Team, or TET, in the following way:
"The Technology Engagement Team’s Mission: To defend against foreign disinformation and propaganda by transitioning technologies from concept to application at scale and in support of smart policies and operations. TET leads U.S. Government innovation efforts by convening technology experts and programmatic authorities from the public and private sectors, and pushes innovation against this key problem. TET has developed a dedicated effort for the U.S. Government to identify, assess, test and implement technologies against the problems of foreign propaganda and disinformation, in cooperation with foreign partners, private industry and academia."

I have repeated stated that Q represents a novel form of weaponize information and it would fit neatly within the TET's described mission to develop and launch new technologies to create counter-narratives and undermine efforts to steer the pawns in the wrong direction.  It seems clear to me that the primary target of both the GEC and the entities (state, non-state) it goes against is the American people. All other targets are secondary.

The GEC was authorized by Executive Order 13721, signed by Barack Obama in March 2016.  It was funded by Congress in Fiscal Year 2017, which began 1 October of that year.  Q first appeared on 27 October 2017.  We now have an agency, a funding mechanism and creation date, and a Mission and Vision statement that all coincide with the appearance of Q.

We now have at least two factions, or Players - the Globalists and the Nationalists.  They each have entrenched ideologies that are mutually exclusive.  They are both using weaponized information, with Player One using the so-called Main Stream Media and censored social media, while the other is using Q and possibly other similar weapons we are yet unaware of.

We have Donald Trump and Q working in concert as bishops in the grand chess game.  Trump is both the carnival barker drawing the rubes in, and the lightning rod, keeping focus off of other things.

We have Q, which one might think of as an arsenal of information weapons,  It disseminates a narrative, counters other narratives, and listens to the global chatter to determine where the information bombs are coming from and what effect they are having on the general populace, which is Q's so-called "dark" phases when it ceases posting.  During the dark periods, it gathers and assimilates information, as well as develops and launches strategies.

The final piece in this proposed scenario is what happens if the war goes hot, which it may be doing as I write, with riots and chaos in various American cities (and globally).  Up to this point, we have seen a war of words between the various factions, but we cannot depend on that remaining the case.

What happens if police departments in major cities cease to function (under way now) and the judicial system no longer functions (see Michael Flynn case).  Suppose Law and Order break down on a mass scale?

We now come to the Lieber Code, or General Orders 100.  What follows may be dry and tedious to many readers, but the legal provisions for martial law in the United States is an action with very real prospects at this moment.

Since the Petition of Right of 1628, English Common Law has clearly not recognized the concept or practice of martial law.  This is little comfort, since the southern States have already experienced it at the end of the Civil War, and the abilities and constraints of it are enshrined in US law.

In Luther v. Borden the US Supreme Court decided that Rhode Island had acted legally and constitutionally in declaring martial law during a time of insurrection, and by 1863, the decision had made martial law a tool in the government's toolbox to essentially protect itself from the masses.

In the famous Milligan case, the Supreme Court ruled:
“If, in foreign invasion or civil war, the courts are actually closed, and it is impossible to administer criminal justice according to law, then, on the theater of active military operations, where war really prevails, there is a necessity to furnish a substitute for the civil authority, thus overthrown, to preserve the safety of the army and society; and as no power is left but the military, it is allowed to govern by martial rule until the laws can have their free course. As necessity creates the rule, so it limits its duration; for, if this government is continued after the courts are reinstated, it is a gross usurpation of power."

The military, at that time, were acting under Abraham Lincoln's General Orders No. 100, which established a set of rules for military justice (martical law), the treatment of prisoners, and a host of other functions to maintain society at a minimal level until the civil authority could be reconstructed.

It is notable in today's headlines that Antifa, BLM and the various "dark" groups leading them are specifically targeting courthouses and police forces.  We can interpret this as a specific agenda to disrupt the smooth functioning of the civil authorities and daring Trump to declare martial law.

The pandemic lock-down also plays into this agenda, by attempting to shut down the civil authorities.  However, at least for the time being, technology seems to have outstripped the concept of functioning courts.  Closed circuit video and online meeting applications appear to be making end-runs around the concept of "functioning courts," by removing the courts from a physical location to a virtual realm.  It remains to be seen whether a crafty lawyer and a compliant judge will challenge this practice and essentially shut down the virtual courts until the Supreme Court can rule on the practice.

In the meantime, we note that the law, the Supreme Court, international law, and history allow for martial law under circumstances very similar to what is occurring in the US right now.

With regard to international law, it is necessary to understand that the Liever Code was used as the basis for much of the body of law that constitute the Rules of War and international humanitarian laws.  It is essentially the Lieber Code which has broght thousands of refugees into Europe and is governing their resettlement there, and which is why they are more or less untouchable by local authorities.

To wrap this overlong exploration up in a tidy package, we have a global game of chess, in which the Players are dominant power factions, playing an elaborate game of information warfare, but on the verge of going "hot".

We are able to place key characters, including Trump and Q, into their respective positions and identify them with multiple lines of evidence.

We have seen that the tactics of the various actors seem to be targeting not only the perceptions of the masses (Q and the MSM), but physically attacking key civil authority in the hopes of drawing out a response (martial law), which can be further used in the information war.

In Drop Q4510, Q essentially deputized its followers into a digital public relations war  This is predicated on the understanding that perception is reality, thus what the masses "think" or "believe" is an fundamental goal of victory for all sides in this conflict.  To put it succinctly, the Globalists are using the well-established MSM as their mouthpieces, while Q is trying to yank the carpet out from under them by appealing directly to the masses.

That Q is real is no longer a question.  That Twitter found it necessary to ban or limit 157,000 accounts connected to QAnon makes it real.  This has never been done to UFO enthusiasts or JFK researchers, so Q's existence and effect are quite real and at least some factions fear its effect.

The most pressing question we must now face is not whether there is a Culture War, or a Q Anon, but which side we support, or whether we -The People - do something altogether different.

e-Books for additional reading:
Crystalizing Public Opinion by Edward Bernays
Propaganda by Edward Bernays
The Art of War by Sun Tsu
The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli


  1. Well, you are definitely an idiot (author of this poorly researched and written opinion piece). This doesn't even qualify as an "article". Q is fake, always has been. Easily researched and proven (been done many times, look it up, which because you didn't, proves you are lazy and seeking to support your own confirmation bias).

    Those the "believe" in Q don't bother with the details, the evidence, the research and become part of the connedspiracy themselves, furthering the entire Q mythology of endless bullshit and claims that never come true. They're not too bright.

    Q can be safely ignored as a movement, unless you realize that this movement is real - a movement of real idiots, connedspiracy theorists and other asshats with the ability to stir the emotions of millions of fellow idiots. That's where it becomes a problem. But this has always been a problem in this country, particularly with the rise of rabid right-wing faketriotism.

    The Q phenomenon pretends to present itself as an 'insider' with hidden knowledge that is to be drip-fed to the waiting followers like manna from heaven. This is the tactics of cults. Only those in the "know" will be allowed to hear and be able to discern the "truth". Yet actual facts and evidence are always absent and missing. Conjecture, straw arguments and fabrication replace facts, truth, history and evidence. Qanon followers do not care, having no standards of evidence or proof themselves and therefore, are swiftly and easily misled into accepting literally anything. This is yet another characteristic of a cult.

    Q is definitely not real, no matter what anyone may say or whatever the author may "believe". Belief is not evidence, nor proof, and is considered in point of fact, one of the worse credibility tests there is, because belief can be conjured up from and about anything without evidence. (continued)

  2. The whole Q phenomenon is to wrap up the followers into tight knots of constant conspiracy and fear. It is an old tactic that has been around for thousands of years - because it works, but this of course, does not make any of it true or factual either. It creates followers, disciples that live and breath for the next Q "release" for their un-satiated appetites for connedspiracy and paranoia. In a short time, it become self-sustaining as Q disciples literally infect each other, in a growing sphere of connedspiracy and fear.

    It's already obvious that Q has accomplished all that it set out to do - sow doubt, mistrust, disinformation and propaganda on a large scale. Even the President (who should be the most informed person on the planet by virtue of his Cabinet, advisors and experts encompassing the entire spectrum of topics) "believes" Q exists, because he too is a connedspiracy theorist himself.

    It should deeply alarm all Americans that such a phenomenon of Q has come to be, and that so many people engage in Q connedspiracies. Ignorance and denial, refusal of facts, science, evidence and all manner of actual, real proof does not make one "smart" or "informed", it is the earmark of poor study, lazy minds and widespread ignorance.

    The author unfortunately falls into this category of overall stupidity by claiming the reality of Q - based upon virtually nothing at all except the poorest standard of evidence there is - pure "belief".

    Banning Q from social media platforms does not make Q "real" - it's proof that engagement of Q and the disciples that have embraced this are real - nothing more. Thousands of self-proclaimed Q "followers" spreading connedspiracy and fear.

    Q has never revealed itself, it's so-called "sources", it's leadership or it's hierarchy - which is more proof it is just manufactured connedspiracy taking on a life of it's own, perpetuated by believers and followers who seek to personify the so-called reality of Q. Anyone that falls for this is unlearned and probably uneducated and lacks both experience, judgement and discernment. A group of people running around pretending Q "exist" is no different then any other fabrication without evidence.

    Q has been simply wrong about everything it's member have claimed (fabricated), which is another characteristic of a false movement (cult). Go back and read the very early claims of Q for yourselves. See how the narrative has been modified and changed to fit current events, they do not match up. The promoters behind the Q phenomenon (cultist / disciples of Q) have learned to change their story as the events unfold. This is another ear-mark of a false movement, and certainly not one "in the know" or dispelling any kind of "truth" or understanding.

    Q is in effect, phony as they come. I studied Q myself when it first sprang up, because like other connedspiracies, it was subject to both investigation and discrediting on my blog if proven false. And it is indeed false, 100% fabricated connedspiracy by cult-like followers that seek to create an alternative narrative that suits their own confirmation bias.

  3. "Q" promulgates the same rubbish as those two charlatans, Benjamin Fulford and David Wilcock, did 8 years ago circa 2012. The rhetoric and format differs but the scripted narrative is essentially the same. There were no mass arrests of the criminals and perverts who lord it over us back then, nor will there be now. "Q" is a Cryptocracy Psy-Op to give false hope to deluded fools. Another weapon of mass distraction.

  4. Interesting how intensely devout a non-believer could be, typing out an extensive essay on a non-thing.

  5. Anonymous10.12.20

    Since Ancient Greece, liars used false narratives to seduce their audience, Q is a clear example of sophistry, brainwashing created by right-wing extremists on the deep web, but perhaps with some real secret service collaboration that promotes American national socialism , Q is a Russian doll built by occult forces that operate in the shadows of history to create a scenario of fanatics following a savior patriarch leader, it would be like the preparation of the kingdom of Antichrist. of chasing his opponents he projects himself as reflections in a mirror in his fabricated conspiracy stories. Antichrist is here in South America killing and torturing the population, Bolsonaro is cruel just like Trump, both financed by Wall Street to build global fascism in the world.

  6. Anonymous10.12.20

    Since Ancient Greece, liars used false narratives to seduce their audience, Q is a clear example of sophistry, brainwashing created by right-wing extremists on the deep web, but perhaps with some real secret service collaboration that promotes American national socialism , Q is a Russian doll built by occult forces that operate in the shadows of history to create a scenario of fanatics following a savior patriarch leader, it would be like the preparation of the kingdom of Antichrist. of chasing his opponents he projects himself as reflections in a mirror in his fabricated conspiracy stories. Antichrist is here in South America killing and torturing the population, Bolsonaro is cruel just like Trump, both financed by Wall Street to build global fascism in the world.


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