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The Qult Ascendant

UPDATE 11SEP20: taken offline after webmaster doxxed and report stalks him. Why so much establishment fear of QAnon?

UPDATE 14SEP20: It appears Q is going viral, with significant Q groups in 70 countries.

In March of 2019, I identified the Q Phenomenon as a cult, or as I called it, The Qult.  I did not create this label as a hyperbolic hook, but rather based on history and psychological studies of the topic of Personality Cults.  The Q Phenomenon meets all the standards for a Personality Cult, which uses next-generation technology and techniques to create, maintain and promote the Qult.

We should note that the Qult refers to itself as QAnon, or increasingly as digital soldiers.  Members vehemently deny being part of a cult, but as we will see, they meet all the criteria.

The corporate media apparently read my articles and about a month ago picked up on the cult theme, but not the reasoning and proofs behind it.  They did so without attribution as usual.  They are throwing labels at "QAnon," but they have not read the Q Drops and have not studied the Phenomenon, thus their articles come off as hollow and hysterical.  They don't cite the methods Q uses, or the psychology, or the history to show how and why the Q Phenomenon has become The Qult.

Let's begin by defining the primary characteristics of a Personality Cult.  Keep in mind that different researchers use different terms and markers, but the following is a fair summary of the most often cited studies:

  1. Personality Cults appeal primarily to males, 
  2. they seek to indoctrinate the entire population and not isolated segments, 
  3. they employ and dominate mass media,
  4. they employ a persecution complex to enhance unity and cohesion, and
  5. have a central figure or leader with god-like status.
Historically, Julius Caesar was probably the first modern-style Personality Cult.  The Caesar Cult meets all the above criteria if we assume public art was essentially the mass media of the pre-electric age.  We also know that Julius Caesar was deified, and the entire population of Rome was encouraged to worship him.

In the past century, Adolph Hitler is an obvious example of a Personality Cult.  In recent US history, Ronald Reagan fits the bill as a Personality Cult.  He has even achieved a form of secular sainthood among some political factions.  Reagan was a master of image and media manipulation.  His folksy wit, patriotic platitudes and his prim media image attracted millions worldwide, and his name is still spoken in reverent tones.

Similar Personality Cults were attempted around William Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama, but the men at the center of these efforts failed morally, intellectually and behaviorally to live up to the image that was manufactured.

Obama came closest to achieving a cult.  Early in his administration, he was constantly photographed with a halo of light.  He was given the Nobel Peace Prize before he had achieved anything worthy of the trophy.  Schools forbade speaking his name in vane.  Had he not quickly gained a reputation killing and corruption, his cult might have succeeded.

With Reagan, the image that was created and sold to the masses was that of the Great Communicator.  Only he could dominate the global stage and bring the evil USSR to heel.  Only he could repair the damage to the American Image inflicted by Richard Nixon and James Carter.  Reagan's "sainthood" was assured because he essentially achieved the goals of rebuilding the US economy, subduing the USSR, and bringing peace and plenty to the world.  We could argue actual results for hours, but the image survives 40 years later.

In contrast, no one believed that Clinton told the truth, that G. W. Bush was intelligent, or that Obama had America's interests at heart.  Not only did the personal foibles of these men prevent their cults from succeeding, but they were not media savvy and didn't understand the power of the technology.

Marketing is all about perceptions and manipulating them to create desired and predictable outcomes in mass populations.

This brings us to Donald Trump and the Q Psy-Op.

To briefly recap the Q Mythology, Trump was recruited by US military intelligence services (chosen by God) to root out corruption and "drain the swamp" (bring Salvation), and re-establish American cultural, economic and military dominance on the world stage (bring forth the Kingdom of Heaven), while inserting Judeo-Christian morality back into public life (hand down the Law).

My Q Theory is that it is a psy-op run by a group within the Global Engagement Center (GEC) of the US State Department, which is creating a Personality Cult around Trump in order to effect changes on the political and geopolitical stage, and insert a favorable ideology to counter the Globalist regime Iturf wars).  Q has established itself as an invisible force that is all-knowing and all-powerful (God) that guides followers by clarifying current events (preaching) and foretelling future events (prophesy).  Q has enlisted a powerful set of data mining and media tools, with a media savvy spokesman (Trump) to by-pass and subvert the formidable barrier of the corporate media.

With this background, let's examine the Qult using the criteria listed at top.

The Qult does indeed appeal to males.  Qvians are predominantly male.  This is not to say that females are not involved, but they do not dominate the public discourse as the males do.  This is primarily due to the military meme used by Q as a recruiting tool, and to the manufactured image of Trump as an "alpha male" stereotype.  Tis appeals to Western males, who rightly believe they have been emasculated by the popular culture for many years.

The Qult is fixated on power, strength, cunning, and duty, which are male characteristics.  It is interesting to note that Q promotes dominance and action, while at the same time commanding followers to be "digital soldiers," "enjoy the show" and do research - passive activities, which are female characteristics.  

I am not sure why this is so, but I suspect it is a recruiting tool.  The message is that if you want to be active, join the corps, as in the actual US military.  It may also be building anger by creating a desire to act, while subverting the ability at the same time.  Certainly, anger is a powerful force when channeled at selected targets.

The Qult seeks to indoctrinate the entire population.  The Qult sees itself as not just a national, but a global movement.  The Qvians see themselves as agents for clearing out corruption everywhere, and they believe it is achievable by ending human and drug trafficking, bribery and insider trading, and money laundering.  

Q has convinced the Qult that these are achievable goals, though at no time in human history have they been realized.  Wherever power and money concentrate, corruption always follows.  The only way to achieve these goals would be to disperse power and money as thinly as possible, which sounds much like the Leftist ideology of absolute "equality".

If we apply the religious metaphor that I use, the Qult might be analogous to the Inquisition or the Protestant Reformation.

The Qult could not exist without mass media.  It depends entirely on the use of websites, video and podcast platforms, message boards, and increasingly broadcasst television, as the number of reports continues to grow, regardless of emotional content (positive, negative, indifferent).  It is this latter item that is most interesting, in that Q seems to be forcing itself into public discourse by cornering the corporate media into talking about it.  In the words of P. T. Barnum, "There's no such thing as bad publicity."

The Q Commentators provide several vital functions: fostering cohesiveness, interpreting events in light of prophesy, and re-enforcing messaging amd consensus.  These are crucial to creating a group identity and enforcing a unified message across time and space.

It is essential that individual Qvians know there are other believers in the population, that they are having similar thoughts and experiences, and share common belief systems.  This creates an esprit de corps that enhances bonds between people who would otherwise be separated by physical, social or political boundaries.

The Qult uses the various media platforms to proselytize and maintain cohesion.  Isolated individuals are rarely able to maintain unconventional views when surrounded by those with "normal" beliefs.  The media provide the vital reassurance one needs to be empowered and persevere.

The media allow the Qvians to harmonize goals and objectives, and widely distribute messaging.  Given that the Qult views itself as a global movement, the mass media are the cheapest and most effective means to focus energies over a vast geographical and cultural landscape.  Use of media can expand or narrow goals and objectives across widely dispersed elements in near real-time.

The most intriguing aspect of the Q Phenomenon, in my view, is that it is almost entirely virtual.  There are no conventions, rallies or marches in the Name of Q.  It is one of the first true digital cults that I am aware of.

The Qult maintains a seige mentality.  One of the most effective marketing tools is the "circle the wagons' effect.  When a group of people who share common bonds feel threatened, they tend to form defensive patterns, temporarily putting aside internal differences to fight an external threat.

With Donald Trump as the central figure in the Personality Cult, we don't need to look far to see ample evenidence of persecution.  The Qult has taken Trump and Q as personal saviors, and with the years-long investigations, impeachment, assassination attempts, and near-universal negative coverage of both Trump and Q in the corporate media, they interpret this as personal attacks and instinctively rally, even virtually,setting aside personal differences or grievances until the threat is eliminated.

Trump and Q have been deified.  Trump has been widely, if quietly, been given the status of god-emperor.  He is commonly said within the Qult to be as great or greater than George Washington.  One only needs to look at the rotunda of the US capitol to see what status Washington has.  Trump seems well on his way to achieving apotheosis in the Qult.

Q is quoted as a kind of Gospel, with Drops numbered and studied for occult messages and hidden wisdom.  In Qult discussions, Q is said to know everything (surveillance), be unhindered by physical or political boundaries (virtual presence), and capable of manipulating human events to achieve Its Will (legal prosecution).

Q often quotes Biblical scriptures and encourages faith in God.  In practice, the Qult has at least equated if not replaced God with Q.  The two entities share common attribues and mythologies at the meta level, and both seek the redemption of Humanity by rooting out evil in all its forms for all time (Enlightenment).

As is the case with all cults, the Qult has set up a firewall in the minds of followers that prevents them from objective self-reflection.  Because they are right and good in their self-image, there can be no internal dialog concerning the hows and whys of the Qult.  In other words, the perception of personal virtue is transferred to the whole.  

When confronted with objective analysis, some will laugh it off as absurd and others will become angrily defiant and defensive, but curiously they all repeat similar phrases in their defense, meaning the responses are programmed at some subconscious level.  It is analogous to religious apologetics that dismiss inconsistencies and incongruities with hand-waiving and rote platitudes.

This highlights the final point concerning insider language and similar identifiers.  All cults develop a "shadow language," or a kind of short-hand that identifies and separates initiates from outsiders.  Key phrases like WWG1WGA, The Storm and The Plan are simple, innocuous sounding terms that are packed with meaning - a verbal wink and a nod.  This is a common feature of religions, secret societies and revolutionary plotters.

In a sense, we are all guilty of this.  Jargon within various business sectors functions the same way.  We all use verbal short-hand and insider syntax to identify other professionals and eliminate pretenders and neophytes.  With cults, though, this tendency takes on a certain mystical flavor, with the jargon serving as a kind of sacred vocabulary.

Because Personality Cults rely on a sage mentality, they also rely on security and identifying sympathetic insiders.  They learn not to speak freely to avoid detection and persecution, and thus have coded language that lets them know when they are in "safe" company.  This is no different from the trope of spies using identifier phrases.

In an environment where Trump supporters are literally being killed, much less harassed and persecuted, the Sacred Language is truly a matter of life and death.  This has been true throughout history, and is the origin of many secret societies.

In closing, it must be pointed out that the term QAnon is the self-identifier for the Qult, and the entity they follow is known only as "Q".  When the corporate media attack QAnon, the reporter is obviously, willfully or not, ignorant of the subject they are reporting on.

In all of the mainstream reports I have seen, the reporters constantly refer  to QAnon and quote Twitter messages, Facebook posts and other social media, but they never quote Q or reference the Drops, which is the primary source.  This is essentially playing into plausible deniability, and I can't believe all reporters are this stupid - or can I?

This is akin to ridiculing Christians, while never referencing the Gospels or theology.  A term like "body of Christ" (Corpus Christi) sounds nonsensical without the context behind it, and perhaps that is what the reporters are after, though they are defeating themselves - unless it is deliberate, but that is a different article.

Without the context, no one can understand the depth and seriousness of the Qult, thus it is easily dismissed as some whacky "conspiracy theory".  One cannot appreciate the passion of Qult members unless one understands the many interwoven threads that create the tapestry.

Given Q's now-three year history and the rise of the Qult, the next Big Question we will address is: Did the appearance of the Q Psy-Op precipitate current events in the US?

Stay tuned...

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