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Drinking The Qool-Aid

Note: the list of previous articles on this topic has moved to the end of the page.

UPDATE 26SEP20: Out long-standing thesis that the current global situation is an elite turf war seems to be catching on.

The title of this article is a layered allusion, including both Jim Jones' Guyana cult and the deadly Kool-Aid now known irreverently as Guyana Punch, and Tom (The Right Stuff) Wolfe's 1968 book The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test, in which Ken (One Flew Over the Cuckoos's Nest) Kesey and his band of Merry Pranksters drove across the US in a school bus, doing LSD and mushrooms while seeking enlightenment.

These are apt allusions for the Qniverse, as the three-year-old psy-op has expanded internationally.  The global spread of Q primarily encompasses Western countries, but is not limited to them.

A recent article received some play in the corporate media, likening QAnon to the spread of the COVID-19 virus.  This is not entirely disingenuous, as memetics researchers of popular culture have long equated cultural memes to viral infections.  In fact, even the term "viral" has long been used to describe certain content that suddenly receives mass attention, as with fads or pop stars.

Please note that Q and QAnon are not the same thing.  Q is a psy-op, likely based on a strange internet phenomenon years ago called Cicada 3301.  It only posts as "Q" on 8kun in the "Patriots Fight" board, of which it is the only member.

If Q is the cause, then QAnon is the effect.  QAnon is what the followers of Q call themselves, and which I call Qvians.  The world as they see it is what I refer to as the Qniverse.  Q "drops" information on 8kun, which is then interpreted by the Apostles and Acolytes, and distributed through the Priesthood to the masses.

I deliberately use religious terms and symbolism, because the Q Phenomenon resembles in many disturbing ways a religious movement and hierarchy.  I have detailed this idea in several previous posts, all linked at top.

I have also likened the Qvians to a Personality Cult, or Qult, as early as March of 2019.  This has been picked up by the corporate media in the past couple of weeks, with tones of panic and fear.  However, since they have only taken my idea and not the research behind it, they really have no clue what they are talking about.

The Qult is by no means violent or dangerous - at least not yet.  What terrifiess the Establishment and the corporate media is that Q represents a new age of information dispersal that they will never understand nor be able to participate in.  And it is effectively countering their narratives as fast as they launch them.

This is the primary appeal of Q, and its most dangerous aspect.

Like the alien message in the Jody Foster film Contact, Q data is a multi-dimensional puzzle.  Each drop is its own message, but using visual and textual cues, the drops can be arranged to form additional layers of messaging.

This is also the connection to Cicada 3301.  Multi-layered puzzles, once decoded, provide clues to other puzzles, which then are "stacked" to provide more clues or solutions to past puzzles.

Essentially, Q is a training technology for an entirely new form of communication.  Ut us not a passive medium, like radio, movies or TeeVee.  Instead, it challenges followers to think multi-contextually, much like the titles of my articles.  The "receivers" are forced to think and research to fully understand the messages being relayed by Q.

Q delivers messages in batches, much like the nearly 100 drops in the past two weeks, then it goes silent to analyze what parts of the messages have been received and how the information is being distributed.  It then formulates new drops to "steer" the conversation either to past information that was missed, or to new information for processing.

Just as with any hierarchical system, there are those privy to the inner circule, and layers of followers down to those with only the most superficial understanding.  There is an initiation phase, in which the initiate must learn the Qvian "code," read the more than 4,700 drops to date, and learn to interpret the messages

If Q was the Freemasons, most Qvians would be in the Blue Lodge of the first 3 degrees, while a select few advance to the 33rd degree, with full access to Q deepest revelations.

Q's wide appeal is based on the dopamine response, similar to computer games and social media.  Solving puzzles and announcing one's findings to the wider Qniverse provides that critical burst of pleasure and pride that is addictive.  This is evident when Q goes into "listening mode".  The Qvians quickly start wringing their hands and wondering when the next drops will come, while going back and reparsing previous drops for hidden information.

While in "listening mode," Q is mapping networks of chatter, cataloging what is being said, and predicting behavior in both the real and vitual worlds basedd on a technology similar to clif high's webbots, combined with a powerful data mining function that creates virtual "persons" with the habits and personalities of those reacting to its drops.

Q is essentially like many marketing systems used by the big firms, but vastly more powerful.  When we surf the internet, small bits of code follow us around, log our activities, measure how long our eyes are fixed on any one item, determine which ads catch our attention, aand even follow us around the real world to see where we shop, dine and entertain ourselves.  They build an avatar of us that can be manipulated to, in turn, manipulate us.

Imagine that technology, along with aspects we don't want to imagine, backed by bottomless funding, and incomprehensible processing power and infinite storage and modeling capacity.

That is Q.

What's even more fascinating, if not frightening, is that Q has convinced the Qvians that it is one man, in close proximity to Donald Trump and working in concert with him to provide "transparency" that circumvents the corporate media.  Few, if any, can conceive of Q being a vast marketing and surveillance operation that is invading and steering their thoughts.

Q is siphoning eyeballs away from the corporate media.  At a meta level, the events of 2020 have been a clash between the dying mass media, represented by the Democrats and the Left in the US, and the rise of the interactive media of the future, represented by the Republicans and the Right in the US.

Americans are generally unaware of it, but the entire world is going through the same process to varying degrees.  There is a clash of historic proportions taking place, and like all of them in history, there are those who fear and fight, and those who adapt and adopt.  Humans are merging with their technology is a way few have foreseen.  A kind of hive mind is emerging, where we are no longer independent actors, but the sum of the media we consume.

The horse became the internal combustion engine.  The blacksmith became the mechanic.  The green grocer because the grocery store, which became the mall.  Metal money became paper money, which became plastic, and now is a QR code.  Technological change seems inevitable, and the old systems will always fight the new, until the new seems indispensible to our lives.

Q is the nascent form of a wildly new and strange technology.  It is teaching followers to think a new way and manipulating the Qvians with a power few are cognizant of.  While it is clearly and increasingly manipulating popular culture in its favor, it may also be planting the seeds of its antithesis.  Herein lies the rub.

As Sun Tzu teaches us, the best way to defeat an enemy is to control every aspect of how the enemy will react.

Q manipulates the Qvians into thinking and acting in certain ways, while at the same time "predicting" how the "enemy" will react.  This technique is essentially a digital box canyon.  The "enemy" is led into a range of predictable reactions, which are easily countered since Q created the entire scenario to begin with.

The Qvians get their shot of dopamine, feeling as if they've been part of a victory.  The "enemy" is trapped by its own actions.  And Q gets the reputation of being prescient, even prophetic.

It is entirely plausible and possible that everything occurring in the US right now, and worldwide, is being orchestrated by Q to achieve whatever end it is seeking.  Q is doing this by drawing together religion, politics, media, pop culture, and technology.  It parses history and current events through the filter of human nature, then carefully calibrates what information to inject to cause predictable outcomes.

This, dear reader, is why I am both fascinated and terrified by Q - enough so to spend three years studying and writing about it.

I suspect, with good reason, that we are all being engineered, not just by Q, but by competing systems as well.

And here we arrive full circle back at the Qool-Aid.

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  1. The real psyo-op is by corporate owned, globalist monopolized MSM. Q is pulling ppl away from it long enough to fact check and investigate MSM reporting.


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