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Gangland Wars And The Status Q

We want to express our sincerest thanks to Jeff Rense and his team for their invaluable support.  If this topic interests you, please keep an eye on the Rense Radio Network for exclusive content and updates as we ferret out the Q.

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UPDATE: Here's someone who GETS it.  Well worth a moment to watch this.

What are the chances that one president in one, possibly two terms, can undo centuries of command and control by secretive groups?

Suppose every conspiracy theory you've ever heard of were suddenly proven true, and better yet, there were brave "patriot" insiders in the government who were working feverishly to dump all the proof of said conspiracy theories into the public domain, as well as arrest and imprison the perpetrators.

Suppose there was a coup d'etat at the time of the JFK assassination in 1963, headed by the Bush Clan and the CIA, and which gained complete control over the US federal government with the election of George H. W. Bush in 1988.

Suppose 9/11 were an inside job, Barack Obama was not a citizen of the US, the Bundy Ranch Uprising was part of the Uranium 1 treason, and Hillary Clinton was a master puppeteer running an international pedophile ring that gave her leverage over world leaders.

Suppose John Brennan (former CIA Director, now disgraced) were mounting a full-scale effort to retake the government, but was compromised by data on Clinton's nefarious server that linked him to serious crimes and even treason.

Suppose Kim Jong Un were nothing more than a puppet leader, being used as the front man for a Deep State operation to build and use a nuclear arsenal to justify massive military spending and more wars.

Suppose Julian Assange has already been secretly moved to Switzerland, where he can continue his efforts to expose the Deep State.

Suppose Seth Rich were murdered by the Clinton Cabal as punishment for leaking the notorious email.

Suppose Donald Trump were aligned with elements of the military to plot and execute a counter-coup to take back the country, and heck, clean up the world while they were at it.

Suppose all this were going on right now under your nose, and you could have all the insider information you could handle with a couple of clicks.

Welcome to the world of Q Anon.

I have been taken to task, crassly, and somewhat severely at times, for doubting Q.  All I have done is take a critical look, being as objective as I can be and using the same internal rules used by Q, when examining what is obviously a psy-op by any standard measure.

Do I want what Q is selling?  Of course!  Who doesn't want the global corruption cleared out and humanity freed from oppression and the actual bona fide truth about our history laid bare?

Do I think one president, using what appears to be an artificial intelligence in cahoots with military intelligence can do all this in one, perhaps two terms?

No on a dare.  I've always found it to be a pretty solid rule of thumb that if something sounds way too good to be true, it very likely is.

At its most basic level, the world is run by a mafia, an incredibly powerful and wealthy one, no doubt, but a mafia all the same.  There are some number of familia (not necessarily blood lines) headed by a bunch of capi who spend a lot of time arguing over who gets to run the world.  It's really that simple - and that complex. The Godfather series of films is basically an allegory for the way the world works.

This is nothing new.  The world has always been run by some number of groups vying for ultimate power.  In the medieval Europe, it was a dozen or so royal families who were given power by the Roman Church, which conferred legitimacy on all the capi, a.k.a. kings and queens.

Their little squabbles and power moves are called wars in the history books.  The last of the royal mafia wars we now call World War One, which destroyed the old mafia system and left the Roman Church teetering.  That left a power vacuum for them to fight over, which we now call World War Two, and which the American mafia clearly won.  Since then, world history is pretty much a series of gangland hits, some in Asia, some in Europe, some in Africa.  They've all been jockeying to take the reins and be the top dog.

Different mafias are aligned with each other to control the world, and occasionally allegiances will shift when one or more mafia think they can get a bit more leverage or a bigger slice of the pie.  This is what we are witnessing now on a global scale.

The European gangs have been dominated by the Rothschilds, the American gangs by the Rockefellers, and the Asian gangs are a bit of a mystery, but Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping seem to have solidified dominance over whatever structure is operating there.  South America and Africa are mostly pawns for whomever carries the biggest stick, with the US and Europe battling over South America, and Asia recently taking solid command over Africa.  Asia and the US are battling over the Middle East, with allegiances shifting rapidly back and forth.

It appears that Trump heads up an emerging faction that has been sidelined for quite a while.  Having secured the 2016 election, this faction is quickly solidifying control with the aid of tools like Q to gain popular support.

On the one hand are the hardcore globalists who want to wipe out the de jour governments and nations, and create a single world power structure, with themselves at the top.  On the other hand is a somewhat more benign faction that likes the old nation-states and doesn't want corporations to get too much power, though they still like globalism - just a different flavor.  My sense of it is that the latter is afraid that the globalists will squeeze the serfs too hard and ruin the entire game for everyone.

To put it simply, the rising gang likes a kind of Council of Capi, each with their own clearly defined turf, carving up the world.  The other, currently dominant gang wants one Big Cheese dictating chapter and verse to a bunch of subservient Little Cheeses.  Trump and Q are the former, while Clinton and the Servers are the latter.

Somewhere in this virulent mix are the mafias that want to end American dominance over the Big Game.  We can put Putin, Xi and to a lesser extent Europe in this axis.

Any way you slice it, We The People still get screwed.  We are still Step'N'Fetchits for one or the other gang.  Nothing changes but how the world gets divvied up and strip mined of its wealth, i.e. us and our labor.

It appears that the Trump gang is much more tech-savvy than the Clinton gang.  The Clinton gang was sloppy and over-confident and left a lot of their dirty laundry lying around.  The Trump gang apparently has a real handle on how the Net works and how to leverage their power with it.

And it seems to be working pretty darned good at the moment.

If you saw any of the recent Trump rally in Florida, the audience turned on the mass media, scarring CNN half out of its wits.  A large number of the crowd were wearing Q t-shirts and were obviously part of the underground network.

Most importantly, the Trump gang seems to have taken over the military.  Without the pop guns, the Clinton gang is toothless and running for cover.  Their only weapon right now is the mass media, and they are pulling out all the stops to discredit the Trump gang and get the pop guns back.

Ultimately, however, the existing power structure is still in place.  Nothing is really changing but how and by whom the levers get pulled and buttons get pushed.  Sure, heads may roll, Guantanamo Bay may fill up with former politicians and leading corpratists, and some nameplates may get changed around Washington D.C., but We The People will still be servants in a giant mafia-run playpen.

Whether Trump and the Q-Anons win or not, not much will really change down here in the jungle.  When the king dies, you get a new king and a few new faces in the ministries, but the serfs are still serfs.  The existing power structure, a.k.a. The System, remains intact.

When Q tells us to sit back and watch the show, it's because it's not our fight.  We are just spectators at the St. Valentine Day massacre and our job is to hide and hope we don't get hit by a stray bullet.  When the Big Boys are done settling their differences, we can all go back to the salt mines again.

If Q came out and said the 16th Amendment was never legally ratified and the Personal Income Tax is illegal and no one should pay it, I will sit up and take notice. 

If Q said Article 11 of the Constitution prohibits a standing army and that one cannot be raised for more than two years, and that the military would be disbanded except for the Navy and Coast Guard, I'd be really interested.

If Q said the election of Senators belongs back in the State legislatures, where it was originally intended to be, I'd jump on the bandwagon.

If Q said the Interstate Commerce Clause was never intended to attach federal laws to individual citizens, I would be ecstatic that America was being made great again.

In fact, Q is not a return to Constitutional rule.  Q is not pressing the rights of the States and the People over federal usurpation.  Q is not inviting citizens to be active participants in returning the nation to its intended course.  Q is only promoting a change in rulers and tossing a few bad apples in the grey-bar hotel.

In the end, Q is not about "patriotism" and the rule of law.  Q is a tool to help one mafia axis defeat another and take its place on the top of the pile.  Q is not about fixing The System - Q likes The System just the way it is, but with a change in command.

In the final analysis, Q is just a rally to change the warden and a few guards, but the prison remains intact and no one escapes.


  1. You think Qanon is fake. You think that all the patriots/conservatives/libertarians/tea party-ites/ 3rd party-ites/sundry Trump supporters who support Q are willing dupes. You probably think Trump is the swamp too. You are entitled to your views but like many, I do not subscribe to them. The fight against the Deep State preceded the advent of Q. He just validates and bolsters efforts! You sound like you prefer the already-trounced alternative.

  2. Well done and I concur with your conclusions. But I will add...Q is a propaganda tool to lend support to the push for total control of the dominant nation and military. Trump's entire cabinet is composed of mostly Askanazi sp? (False) Jews. Trump works for the Rothschild Kazarian Mafia.

    The truly awake see through the theater and propaganda, we know where Trump's allegences lay

  3. Finally, someone who can THINK about the underlying issues that have the most relevance to the matter of "Q", Trump, and, frankly, HUMAN NATURE. Great article.

  4. Anonymous5.8.18

    Q is a fraud and yes Trump is the swamp. Actions speak louder than even the loud mouthed Trumps words. He has had his nose pressed firmly right up against bug moneys butts since day one. Personally I would love to see him hanging from a light pole.

  5. I am only now beginning to pay attention to Q.Its weird for me because years ago on there was a person named Barbara Hartwell that every one was discussing and the Q postings remind me of things that she was posting about.Barbara Hartwell has a blog and she is a very private person , and I respect that because I am too.But I often wondered if what she was saying was true .If so wow .She may be Q .

  6. The phony fall of The Twin Towers is the litmus test. The perps got away with it and the tech they used is being applied burning the Californians out...and Trump and Q have said nothing. You have nailed it,I'm afraid.

  7. There is one major manifestation currently taking place that you are totally unaware of, since you never mentioned it. You will most likely consider me a nut-job but what I am about to tell you is completely true.
    There is a Creator God and everything seen and unseen was created by Him. The set of scriptures commonly referred to as the Bible is the Word of God.
    The Revelation of Jesus Christ given to John is not a series of supernatural occurrences and thought by Evangelicals but is a prophetic history of the Church from the time of John to the present and the future Millennial Kingdom of God. It is written in a symbolic or metaphoric manner and all has been fulfilled other than the final section prophesying of the destruction of Mystery Babylon.

    Mystery Babylon gets its name from the kingdom of Babylon of Nebuchadnezzar. It currently has several aspects or parts: the International banking system of the Rothschild’s including the Federal Reserve and similar organizations; various sections of so-called elites attempting to rule the world; pedophilia; human trafficking; pornography; war for profit; the accumulation of wealth; illegal taxes; usury; and many other items.
    Similar to Cyrus the Persian, who conquered Babylon, God has anointed (i.e. employed their efforts) several people that I am aware of: Donald Trump; Vladimir Putin. That does not imply they are Godly people but they are being employed by God to dismantle Mystery Babylon.

    The Trump storm will soon be unleashed. Although Mr. Trump, Q-Anon, and the patriot group cannot change the entire world, they will flush the swamp or Deep State down the tube. The Holy Spirit of God will open the eyes of the spiritually blinded around the world and a major reaction will occur which will prepare the earth for the onset of the Millennial Kingdom of God on this planet.

    You most likely will not believe a word I have written but it will soon take place, maybe much sooner than some think. Anyway, you and any other readers have been warned in advance.\

  8. Anonymous5.8.18

    Grim assessment - but probably right. Only way you might be surprised is if Trump exposes 9/11. Given his expertise w NY skyscrapers and NYC high finance and his clear emotionalism about the issue, this is not impossible. And if there is any swamp draining to be done, sucking up the molten steel certainly must be the first step. Failing that, yup, I'll walk back to the salt mine with you. hi ho hi ho.

  9. Why is Israel not even mentioned? We all know of their deep involvment... just asking!

  10. Thanks for posting my comment on your article Q, The Larp Carp. I believe some of your readers took my comment the wrong way.

    They should have visited the URL I posted:

    It is a very complex story. It is clearly, the greatest PYSOP in history. You are right about that.

    Condensing my opinion into a clear answer, I hope Q is real. He, she, or they are saying everything that I want to hear. I have “decades” invested in the research. The Q Posts have addressed every point.

    Some of your readers do not understand the definition of a Psychological Warfare Operation, PYSOP.

    PYSOPS prepare the people who will be collateral casualties, and they get your enemy to position themselves to your liking.

    The Q PYSOP is very effective. I have learned things , and that is a positive, because I have been “Red Pilled” since the last century. The “Normies” are learning things and that is positive. That is the purpose of a PSYOP, to condition the battlefield. That also includes disinformation.

    However, let us examine the Q July 31, 2018 deadline, by the end of July, “Conspiracy Theory No More”.

    What happened, on July 31, President Trump visited my home city of Tampa, and the Mainstream Media saw the Q signs and tee-shirts, and Q went Mainstream. The Media had to address “The Conspiracy Theory Embraced By The Deplorables”.

    Q is on target. Visit my Website. I was an AUTIST/ANON before there was a Q.

    Now, at the same time Q is going Mainstream, Isaac Kappy, a minor actor, begins making claims of a major pedophile network in Hollywood that has existed for decades and probably longer. It seems more than coincidence.

    My Website has been around for over a decade, and I have been waiting for this day. In my work, I call it The Great Scandal. It is a Western Civilization buster. Many people may wind up throwing their flat-screen TVs and Blu-Ray players out the window, and then picking up the pitchforks and lighting the torches.

    Concurrent with these events, you had an unidentified and unauthorized missile launch in Washington State in June. According to Q, the target was Air Force One.

    On August 1st, 2018, a 2.1 kiloton explosion occurred near the main Air Force Ballistic Missile Early Warning Station in Thule, Greenland. It was blamed on a meteor. A 2.1 kiloton explosion is the approximate range of a low-yield nuclear weapon.

    The American Coup has been in progress since 2016. Read the posts on my Website. It looks like now the two sides are exchanging weapons fire. This is what makes Q real for me, it is one of my predictions. But I need to see the evidence! Waiting much longer dulls the blade and delegitimizes the conviction of Q Supporters. It is a hard sell, I know.

    Q has to arrest these people before they start a war with Iran.

    If Q and Trump start pimping a war with Iran, than you can be sure that all of Q’s Crumbs were “limited hangout” and enough truth to turn people into fanatics. The NeoCon dream and big prize is a war with Iran.

    I will be a Q Advocate when he, she, or, they meet my standards, and that is producing irrefutable evidence for every Q accusation and Post.

    I have 11 years invested in my Website pointing to every aspect of The Q Posts, and 30 years of research invested on top of that, but I am still not ready to be part of a mob.

  11. well, that does it for me, this is a rothschild funded limited hangout.
    julian assange is a rothschild bastard child, he isnt working to expose the deep state, for the time he spent inside a south american embassy, he was working against the freedoms of people around the world, he is a joke. confirmed.

  12. Commie Welfare// Cappy Warfare. Neither helps the average Joe. At least B.Clinton balanced the budget. Obama cut the deficit in half. He also refused to attack Iran. Syria and Libya are on H.Clinton. Trump says the right things but the Commies and Cappy's will have their way.
    25% Tariff on ALL manufactured imports. Let's fight Chimexico. Cut Welfare AND Warfare. C'mon America, joo can do it!


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